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  1. I don’t care who’s fault it is but this team is one of the most horrible in Pitt history. No fundamentals, half assed play, god awful shooting.

    Pitt cannot take another year of Capel. Make the deal Heather!


  2. Before you fire Capel be sure you get Hugley an extremely good NIL deal that applies only as long as he is playing BBall at Pitt


  3. I can’t figure this team out. Can they do anything well? ND shoots 58% from behind the arc. Pitt gives up 47 second half pts. I thought they played hard, but clearly this team is mailing it in at this point.

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  4. Mrs. Erie is stressed. I’m just rubbing my forehead in disbelief – every call seems to go Dukes way.

    My eyes must need checked cause I ain’t seein what the refs are.


  5. If you fire any coach, you must be sure that you have a better replacement and that replacement is signed to a contract before announcement.

    Moreover you must have money for the buyout or severance package.

    As far as I know, pitt has no suitable list of superior replacements. And Pitt has no booster money for the buyout.

    Pitt is screwed. And we fans are as well. Thus is the life of a Pitt fan.

    Now granted Pitt basketball is probably breaking even on the financials despite this mess. But the opportunity cost is most likely $15 million.

    Surely Pitt understands the business aspects?

    Surely my aunt Shirley knows that heather is over her head.

    You don’t get paid nearly a million dollars annually to sit back and spectate. Or can you at Pitt?


  6. If Heather is really looking at an on campus facility for football then Pitt should hang on to her no matter what!


    1. I believe the answer is yes. CMU has a small stadium now. Upgrades (major additions) could fit in the space (CMU engineers could design a cool, state of the art retrofit). Parking garages could be erected on existing land level parking lots like the Stillers are doing with Heinz.

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  7. Pitt baseball plays Campbell U today.

    Both teams played Army and tOSU the past 2 days. Pitt split those games and Campbell U is 2-0.

    Campbell U has 3 losses this season to #22 ranked Maryland. Come on now! Does anyone on this blog consider Maryland a southern school?


    1. If they thought they were southern, they would have stayed in the ACC. One of its founding members. But they bolted to a dairy conference.

      However It was all about money though. Damn the historical allegiance and rivalries. Their financial situation was similar to Rutgers bordering bankruptcy.

      Maryland’s weather is marginally better than Pittsburgh’s.
      Indiana, Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio state are the only Midwest schools I can think of that have fringe top 25 teams some years, not every. I can think of no northeast school and I’ll lump Pitt in there. Most of these schools play tournaments in the south until the weather improves up north. Kind of like spring training until conference play.

      Only way pitt baseball is to be successful is if the ACC split the season into a fall and spring schedule. But the southern schools would be dead set against it because they all know they have a competitive advantage today with the weather.


  8. Many in the media like pseudo journalists named Zeise said that Pitt had turned the corner after a three game win streak against the bottom of the ACC. I think most non Koolaid drinkers knew better.

    Only Oregon state with its 3 wins is worse than Pitt in the NET rankings. This system replaced RPI and is used by the selection committee.

    Pitt needs a new coaching staff, shooters and the money to buy the very best transfer guards. But does the administration think like Zeise?


  9. The longer this dumpster fire continues, the more difficult it becomes to put the fire out. The fanbase will walk away. Recruits won’t want to walk into this mess. Potential coaching replacements won’t pick up the phone.

    How can schools like BC, Syracuse and Pitt be successful in a southern conference? How do you recruit a kid from NYC, Philly or DC to play away from the northeast? Will an elite transfer be willing to wait two years until the foundation is rebuilt or will he want to win right away? Will a transfer overlook the dumpster if the NIL money is enough? And where is Pitt going to find the money without a booster club?

    At least the ACC tournament is in Brooklyn this year. But is Capel recruiting anyone from the City?


    1. Pitt and Syracuse … last 5 games .. same opponents, same outcome (1-4) .. Pitt beats UNC and Cuse beats GaTech. Grass always greener somewhere else. Do folks realize that ND was 28-46 (.378) over the prior 4 years. 22 year head coach, no turnover, national brand, loads of cash…. things go in cycles. we will recover..H2P!


      1. also .. what about Leonard Hamilton … 1st 6 years at FSU .. 37-59 (.385). Several years prior he was a UPI natl coach of the year and a 2x Big East coach of the year .. great recruiting spot, easy academic standards….decent booster money. heck, pitt fans would have fired him 3x during that stretch.

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        1. But Hamilton had four winning seasons in his first six years and made four NITs.

          Capel would safe if he had two winning seasons and two NITs after this season and we wouldn’t be giving him so much grief for his ACC record.

          Next year is going to be catastrophic if Capel and his staff return. There will be at least three transfers and no recruits or good transfers joining the program.

          Another empty arena, blowouts. Pathetic. Pitt fans can talk about the polio vaccine during the blowouts I guess.

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        2. I don’t remember seeing your posts before, TJ, but it is curious that you come on the spout optimism when this dumpster fire has been burning for six year. Are you Lyke’s friend? A Pitt employee? Feigning optimism is not helpful


      2. Well, TJ, we’re going to get to see if you’re right because no change of coaches is coming.


  10. Is firing the current coach a bit like tying the bell around the cat’s neck? Great idea, but what mouse is going to successfully do it

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  11. So it was written on the Lair that some Pitt grad who has a trucking empire wanted Dixon gone and got his wish. Well, have this Larry write the check for the Capel buyout. After that, hire Sear Miller since he’s sitting around and will be cleared this summer from that FBI investigation that did nothing to fix college basketball.

    Let Miller use the NIL to bring in kids and get the Pete rocking again. And no “he can’t coach,” BS.

    He can coach. Since when is making the FF easy? I’d love to read some of those answers.

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    1. Dixon saw the writing on the wall with the ACC. His style and recruiting pipelines wouldn’t work on Tobacco Road. Or maybe it just required some tactical changes and more effort. And Dixon didn’t want to start that new project.

      Plus every good thing comes to an end. It was time for him to move on. And he just lost his friend and biggest supporter in Steve P.

      Barnes screwed up his replacement. Lyke screwed up after the divorce and buyout.

      Capel has had plenty of time to show progress. What we see is regression. At least with Narduzzi after four years, you had some hope he could figure things out with the right schedule and QB.

      Does anyone here really think that Capel and his staff will ever figure things out?

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      1. At least Narduzzi got us two 8 win seasons right off the bat and although there were problems and bowl losses, you never thought he had lost the program. We questioned his decisions, his hires, and his in-game coaching. Better coaches almost always beat him. He won a bowl game in 2019, the 2020 season ended with good offensive performances, and I think we were hopeful.

        Other than two 8-game win streaks there wasn’t much with Capel. The player out-outs and end of season losing streaks have persisted throughout his tenure.


  12. One suggestion is to get former big east schools like nova, UConn, seton hall, Rutgers, Saint johns, providence and G-town back on the ooc schedule. Maybe even create an annual tournament in NYC or Philly every year. A creative and strategic thinking AD could do that.

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    1. Good point. But why haven’t we done that? I don’t think Villanova would play us because they hold grudges and we get them out of the Big East football, but Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall, and certainly Temple would. At least we played St. John’s this year.


  13. Is the trucking company magnate story real, or does it fall into the category of …

    Dan Marino is on drugs

    Pitt will become the 10th member of the Big 10

    Tom Bradley has been hired to succeed Todd Graham

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    1. Pitt is replacing Lyke with Riddick

      Sean miller will be the next HC

      Pitt is building an OCS

      Narduzzis new contract pays him Saban like money

      Pitt will launch a new hockey program next year

      Pitt plans to change its colors yet again

      Gallagher is leaving his position to be US ambassador for Ireland.

      When is April Fools?


    2. Dan Marino was like any 19-22 kid back in those days. Of course he did drugs. But not, I think, to the extent some NFL scouts said he did.

      Don’t hold your breath for an OCS. It isn’t going to happen in Oakland where the land is too scarce and valuable to build something that generates less money in the long run than a university building.

      But this topic comes up every 3-4 years and nothing ever comes of it. Also, don’t get wrapped up too much in the past 11 win season. As nice as it was, Pitt sure isn’t going to bank on it happening on a regular basis. To equate 11 wins to an OCS is a pipe dream.

      What sport is up next for Pitt fans? Spring Practice I suppose.

      I just looked at the Pitt baseball website – 6-4 isn’t all that bad but how weird are those first four games results?


    3. I’m thinking you’ve nailed it because it was posted by someone no one knows, anonymously, on a board where you can post almost anything.


  14. I don’t buy this argument that basketball players are different in different sections of the country, or that Northeast teams can’t recruit Southern players needed to win in the ACC. That all falls into some outdated stereotype that players don’t feel they can compete in other sections of the country. Narduzzi has done well recruiting Florida and Georgia football players into the cold weather of Pitt, and Pitt toughness is already proving to be a winning strategy over the “soft” nature of ACC football.

    It’s more about the COACHES who don’t feel comfortable recruiting in certain areas. What if Pitt, BC, ‘Cuse, VA Tech and maybe Miami were recruiting tough guys like Sam Clancey, Maurice Lucas and DeJuan Blair who were beating up the Tobacco Road softies and winning the ACC every year? People would be saying how outsiders came into the league and destroyed the “gentile” nature of ACC basketball. The Tobacco Road image must go, and It’s time to change the makeup of ACC basketball. The Northern teams can do it with the right coaches.

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  15. So Vinkevus Pierre visited Pitt yesterday. He’s a 6-1, 190# safety/linebacker recruit from Florida. Pitt was his first offer.

    We need Vinkevus to continue the great names of Pitt football players. SirVocea hands the baton to Vinkevus…

    Hail to Pitt.

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  16. Read where Mathis ran a 4.39 at the combine.

    Another Pitt DB to the NFL… 👍

    Go Pitt.


  17. Stallings got canned after two seasons of losing hoops — first year not good but showed signs…second season was sabotaged by nearly every meaningful player transferring on him, which may have been his doing but how can anyone coach in the ACC after that? And, he won TWO SEC Coach of the Year awards, so he wasn’t a total doofus.

    Capel has had four straight stinker seasons and the program is getting worse not better…and he can’t keep his recruits either. Why then does he get four years, and probably at least two more, and Stallings got sh*t canned after two? Because he went to Duke and is buddies with Coach K.? Can’t we find some mid-major guy who’s kicking butt somewhere and let him grow with an ACC opportunity? Even more psyched for Pitt football than before — also, tired of Capel never really taking responsibility.

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    1. I’m not supporting Capel, I think he should be fired, but I have no idea how you can compare Stalling favorably. To anyone. The Stallings’ hire was roundly criticized by Pitt fans and neutral media immediately, everybody realized it was a disaster of a hire, and everyone proved to be correct. Stallings’ first year, with a decent roster, he went 16-17, then in year 2 he managed a record of 8-24, which included a remarkable 0-18 in the ACC. As bad as we are this year (and we are bad), we have 6 wins in the ACC. Stallings’ offense at Pitt consisted of passing the ball around the perimeter and heaving up a 3 point shot before the clock expired, and I am not sure that he coached defense at all. He fell asleep at a recruiting event, and had other character failures on display. Maybe 25 years ago we was an “offensive genius”, but I’m not sure Pitt made a worse hire in any sport, in my lifetime.

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  18. Congrats to three wrestling ACC Champs for Pitt! And 4 that are going to nationals.

    Way back when 1968-72 when Pitt Football was putrid and Pitt Basketball made up of football players was worse, my buddy John and I would traipse up to the Field House to watch Pitt Wrestling. The one team that was competitive and had a few champions. Ralph Cindrich, as good as a football player was a better wrestler.

    I still love Pitt Wrestling!

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  19. A few thoughts:

    I got nothing… my mind has gone blank… how much more can we take… then I think, is it all the tribulations that help us keep our perspective in life… is this really necessary…. Let’s Go PITT!

    We All We Got
    We All WE Need


  20. I am glad the basketball season is over….again! Six years running. I truly enjoy sport but do not enjoy sport as it is played on the basketball court for either of our teams. The men’s roster is in shambles and Felton cannot blame the university for not giving him enough years to promise a player and his parent(s) that he would be with the program until graduation. So check that excuse.

    No more bagmen play in this space, check that excuse.

    NIL is the game and nil has been the response in deals for our basketball athlete students.

    The portal potty allows teams to gather talent quickly, however, the talent in the potty should support or enhance the talent already on the roster. Say what you want about our guard play and three spot that supports big john, but to me, they are not consistent. Flashes of any kind are great but consistency wins.

    The AD needs to do something here. We are going on 7 straight years of extremely poor results. This is nearing a lost decade of potential fans and butts in the seats are really important. Pitt should be positioned to capitalize on the Steelers trip to mediocrity for a few years as they find a qb. There isn’t one on the roster that gets them to the playoffs next year. Pirates, same. You don’t make a change without knowing you get something better. Who steps in for Felton? It’s the hiring season…….are we prepared?


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