A Final Bit About Our Son…

One last post about Chance.

After his passing our family and his girlfriend went to the funeral home this Monday to do an identification (required) then to see him sent off on his way in a pretty cool Japanese style wooden box my wife chose for his cremation – which was his wish.

We followed the Hearse from the funeral home to the crematorium where we gathered again to say a final goodbye. Yesterday I picked up the lovely urn we had chosen with his remains in it – engraved with his names -and I knelt and presented it to my wife.

She cried, I cried… then all of a sudden my wife took a close look at it and said “They forgot ‘KOHBERGER‘ in the engraving!” No kidding, they actually did that. They got the ‘CHANCE REED TATSUO MANUOKALANI’ parts correctly but no last name. Even though his last name was in 16 different places on the contracts I signed (I counted) that slipped their notice.

You do kind of have to laugh about that… They are replacing it as we speak.

My thanks all of you who were with me and my family through this. It is with sadness but genuine relief also as we all move forward.

Ask yourself this – does this type of interaction and personal support happens on any other sports blog? I think not. But on The Pitt POV it was, is and will be truly in the nature of our readers and commenters to help out whenever and however they can.

For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart… and for being my true, in every meaning of the word, friends.



Pitt at North Carolina Game Thread

Is it three in a row? Or a return to normalcy. You decide.

Game on the ACC Network with an 8:00 PM start. Wes Durham and Dan Bonner calling the game. I like Durham and Bonner is a Avonworth HS grad. Also, on 93.7 The Fan.

Link to the Pitt Athlectic Department previewing the game. https://pittsburghpanthers.com/news/2022/2/15/mens-basketball-panthers-take-two-game-win-streak-on-the-road-to-north-carolina.aspx