Reed’s Update

My friends – as I have been keeping you all informed of my son Chance’s illness and how things were going with the family…

Chance Reed Kohberger passed on early this morning. While this is sad and a huge loss for our family it is, at the same time, a relief to us all also as Chance was in total body pain that medication could not help any longer and he had lost the ability to communicate. I was the one who realized what happened at first as I was reading a book in my chair next to him and could see his breaths getting shorter until there was none. Then I told my wife.

Our whole family came home and gathered around, my wife bathed him to send him off in a traditional loving Pacific Islander way and then we family shared breakfast together. This may sound strange to some people but we celebrated with him one last time both the life he lived and the release from his horrid illness.

After we had all said our personal goodbyes to him I called the hospice to get things progressing.

We will all miss him dearly but will also know that he’ll be with us in our hearts and minds every moment for the rest of our lives.

Chance Reed Kohberger