POV Related Odds and Ends

Just a few things that I did in my spare time over the last few weeks.

I am going to start off with Pitt roster management. At this time, I believe Pitt currently stands with 88 “potential” scholarship players on the roster. The problem is that the NCAA scholarship limit is set at 85 including Super Seniors (SS).

My 89 number consists of returning or incoming recruits.

  • 2022 recruits – 12
  • 2021 recruits – 22 (signed 23)
  • 2020 recruits – 15 (signed 18)
  • 2019 recruits – 15 (signed 19)
  • 2018 recruits – 12 (signed 20)

That is 76 recruits. To that we need to add the announced new SS’s  from  the 2017 class. Those are OLinemen – Warren, Houy, and Drexel.

That brings the number to 79. But that does not include 2017 recruits Deslin Alexander and Grant Carrigan. I cannot find any announcement one or the other on their future at Pitt.

Pitt is now at 81 scholarships if Alexander and Carrigan return. (That is why I am using the ‘potential”.)

To that we add the returning or new transfer portal (TP) entries – Yellen, Minor, Devonshire, Jacoby, Slovis, Dowell, and Mumpfield. Those seven TP additions brings Pitt’s potential roster to 88 (76 recruits, three 2017 announced SS’s, two potential additional SS’s, and seven TP entries).

Pittsburgh Sports Now says Pitt scholarship count stands at 89. Maybe I am missing a walk-on who was awarded a scholarship. One more thing to add to my tracking for the future.

Pitt will make the 85-man roster limit, but some current eligible players will be leaving.

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