A Sloppy, Offensive, Peach of a Bowl

A good post-bowl loss (yet again) article from Erie…

This game started to have the feel of past Narduzzi lead bowl games in the 3rd quarter for me.  First there was the 11 point lead heading into 4th quarter that never felt safe.  The weapons that developed right before our eyes in 2021; Jordan “Air” Addison, Blue Mountain Bart, Jared Wayne and Lucas “Drop” Krull were way under-utilized.  Combined, these stars of the team had a total of 14 positive touches and NO touchdowns.  Remind me who the interim OC was and WHY?

The next was the deja vu feeling of back when we allowed Northwestern and Stanford to hang around while we dominated parts of the game that usually lead to a win.

The defensive line struggled to put pressure on the QB and thus we gave up a whopping 354 yards through the air with three touchdowns.  The Spartans were 10-21 on 3rd down and 3-4 on 4th down conversions – not many stops from our boys on D last night.  Well, Narduzzi put somewhat of a stop on them in the 4th quarter with his signature defensive timeout although the “pause” was for a commercial, not an actual in-game TO, and much needed stop.

Good, Bad & Ugly


Nick Patti’s 1st quarter command.

Davis Beville’s two minute drive to end the half.

Brandin Hill’s INT.

Cam Bright’s fumble scoop and score, sadly our last points on the board.

CB Woods 4th down defense of a potential TD in the 3rd quarter.


Izzy’s two yard kickoff return to start the game from the three yard line.

The drops were back again (to start the game).

Nick Patti injured on TD dive.

Lowest offensive point output in 2021 (14) besides the Spring Game (0).

Offensive Coordinator Whipple leaving for a lateral move to Nebraska.


TE coach Tim Salem as interim OC – ugly decision by Narduzzi – we all knew that when it was announced.

Opening kickoff – a sign that the team was not ready to play along with the dropped passes that shortly followed.

Sleeping on the fake punt, which all watching knew was coming, except for the Pitt coaches and players.

Burning a defensive time out on 3rd & 9 mid-way in the 4th quarter with your team up 11 points; next two plays by MSU resulted in a 1st down and then touchdown – ugly is too kind a word for a defensive minded head coach.

Calling a pass play when down three points on the 26 yard line with 50 seconds left in the game instead of running the ball to position for a FG or a breakaway TD.  Instead, we saw an interception that does not fit in the bad nor ugly category.

WR coach Marion leaving for a lateral move to Texas.

Losing the ball on the last kickoff after starting the game with a similar debacle – sign the team gave up and quit.

The final score could have easily been 41-21 (note from my MSU fan acquaintances) who predicted a 20 point blow-out.  Sadly, they were more correct than I want to give them credit for.

Slovis optimism at Pitt!

Adam Rittenberg on Twitter: "Former #USC quarterback Kedon Slovis announces  on IG that he's headed to #Pitt . Big pickup for Pat Narduzzi's team.  https://t.co/r9AGJZZs2C" / Twitter
Thanks Coach!!

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  1. Thank you for the honest evaluation which will no doubt offend the lollipop lickers on the board. There’s a good reason decent offensive coordinators can’t stand Narduzzi. When it comes to offense Narduzzi is an idiot.

    Salem and Narduzzi lost this game. Face the facts.

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  2. This is a topic that has divided our fan base unlike any in a long time. And I’m hesitant to speak because I know there are many people I respect and love who don’t share my opinion. But I’d still like to offer my thoughts.

    I had hoped that my disappointment in Kenny Pickett would wane with time and wished the bowl outcome would make that easier. Unfortunately, the two weeks since his announcement have only reinforced my opinion. A couple of days ago, I read an article highlighting the 6 or 7 quarterbacks likely to be taken early in the draft. Of those, only one quit on his team and opted out of their bowl game. Those saying Pickett’s decision was a no-brainer might want to tell that to those other QBs.

    I feel foolish because I was sucked into believing a false PR slogan. We not me. I feel foolish because it is the same blind buy-in that I have criticized our neighbors to our east for doing for years. Turns out it’s WenotMe unless “we” could have the possibility of costing “me” some money. In that case, “me” is outta here!

    Coach Narduzzi said Pickett made a business decision. Pickett may have said it himself. In my opinion, if you find a business decision causing you to forfeit your integrity, you are probably in the wrong business.

    I will continue to buy season tickets and be a fervent Pitt fan until the end. I doubt that it will happen, but I hope that the Pitt administration never contemplates hoisting a No. 8 banner in the stadium. Pickett does not deserve to be historically honored like those other players we look up to. He would be nothing without those other teammates blocking and receiving passes he threw. But he chose to abandon them in the final game.

    To paraphrase Sal Tessio: “Tell the Pitt fans it was only business. I always liked them.”

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    1. Its all good, Wolfe. Well articulated – as you always do. Some folks here could take a lesson from you.,

      As you know, I don’t see it that way and am OK with Kenny’s decision to opt-out/leave/quit (pick favorite folks).

      Today’s environment – transfer portal, transformation of bowl games to exhibitions, NIL, excessive amounts spent on programs, P5/G5 caste system….yada, yada, yada – makes it hard for me to view the elite players with an NFL future through the same lens as the kids who are simply there for the love of the game. The former belong in some sort of minor league system given today’s environment.

      Hard for me to hold players with an opportunity to help their familes (and their communities) to altruistic standards in the cesspool that is college revenue sports, ESPN and the NFL.

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    2. decisions have consequences

      I thought KP would decide to play right up until he said he wouldn’t

      your thought about his #8 jersey is appropriate

      fortunately or not, if anything, this game raises KP’s draft status as it highlights the “correct” decision(Patti injury) and reveals(except briefly Patti moving the offense) how KP developed and overcame his “average” o-line and the receiver drops(fewer this year) through his career

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  3. My take that it was mostly due to Beville’s inexperience. Most of the sacks he took were not due to poor blocking but to his inability to quickly go thru the progressions and make quick decisions

    As a result, the defense was on the field entirely too long And this is what happens when you give your opponents chance after chance

    Fwiw, it usually stays with me a long while when Pitt loses a close game or a game they shouldn’t have lost. That was not the case this time. Had no trouble getting to sleep whatsoever

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    1. Losses no longer bother me like they did back in the Wannstedt era. There have been enough of them to develop immunity. In the case of this bowl game there were two factors that dimmed by enthusiasm and lessened any surprise over a loss.

      First, Narduzzi doesn’t get his teams prepared for bowl games. That’s why he’s lost four. Second, Narduzzi named Salem OC. At that point the hand-writing was on the wall. Watching the bench through the game some guys looked like they had already checked out.

      As a Pitt fan, losing bowl games is what we’re used to. Michaelson was 0-2; Harris 1-4; Now Narduzzi 1-4. Wannstedt was 2-1 if you count the game Phil Bennet won in the Birmingham Bowl over Kentucky. Chryst lost the Birmingham Bowl twice and won the Detroit bowl, just like Narduzzi.

      Our only bowl hero is Sherrill who won Gator (twice), Fiesta and Sugar Bowls.


  4. On the bad/ugly list, I would include the defensive players who did not play. I never saw a list, but there seemed to be lots of guys missing. Does anyone have a list?


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  5. What can any Pitt fan say? We certainly can find potholes or IUD’s where we should have expected them.

    Some of my observations on the game match very closely with Reed, however, we do need to look at the travesty that this bowl did to the Pitt season. Yes, it was a fine season, but instead of being top 10 or being set up for next season what do we have?

    The decision by KP and DM to sit out the bowl game. Bet the Bowl sponsors and local Chamber of Commerce loved that. Sure it is understandable that by allowing smaller injuries to heal and showcasing for the NFL combine will bring a bright future. But, what happened to “Team, not me?” As I’ve stated before that while I never represented professional athletes, there are insurance policies which will protect future earnings for athletes. By the way, I am not minimizing degree of appreciation for KP’s sticking with the program and developing into a top QB.
    Where was PN’s head? Look, I’ve reorganized companies and advised the C levels and BOT’s, you develop your successors! Too much devotion to one key earner or person will crush an organization if they move and there is no one trained to take up the slack. PN and the coaches did NOT provide sufficient game time experience for any of the backups at QB. Nick Patti was thrown into a starting role in the biggest bowl game for Pitt in decades. We know what happened. So, how was the next guy in line prepared to take over? I don’t blame the kids (I’m nearly 80 years old) but the shortsightedness of the coaching staff.
    A major criticism of naming the TE coach as the interim OC. I’m sure that he is a fine person and well liked by the team, but really what did his OC record previously look like? How was the last Pitt bowl game in which he was the OC? The answer is mediocre and not up to date. While many of us were not too happy with Whipple, he understood the passing game as he had coached in the NFL and he developed a strong relationship with KP. So that was a very big loss going into the crucial bowl game. Unfortunately Tim Salem was NOT the best choice to step into the role. Heck, I’d have named KP as the interim OC before choosing TS.
    Now comes a major slap in the face from PN to the Pitt WR Coach, Marion. Did anyone seriously think that a highly sought receiving coach that related very well with his receivers and developed them better than Pitt has had in years would just take the slap without leaving. Bad move! Why not co-interim

    I’m not angry, just sad that here we go again with a wet towel to the face like the Western Michigan Game.


  6. I think the KP issue might be a break along generational lines. People on here who went to Pitt back in the 70s & 80s are in their 60s now and look at what has happened in college sports and hate it. Younger generations look at grabbing as much money as possible as the be all, end all reason for doing almost anything.

    Pickett made the choice he did strictly for monetary gain. There is no doubting that at all. Both he and his head coach acknowledged that publicly. He went from being a teammate to his fellow students to being a nothing more than a mercenary in one decision – aided and abetted by the Pitt athletic department for their gain also.

    What other reason is there for Pitt to have a kid who just turned his back on his teammates sitting in the booth discussing the play of those same teammates? Anything to get more interest in the bowl game – in itself a money making venue.

    I stated earlier that I believe Pickett will play in the Senior Bowl which will make all his reasoning for quitting the team before the bowl game a moot point – in doing so he’ll be saying – “I’ll take an injury risk…just not for the University of Pittsburgh’s football team.”

    And again – for the fans who try to equate what he has done to players who chose to leave the program early to qualify for the draft you have to see that those players who chose not to return gave the coaching staff and their teammates a whole off-season to cover their absence instead of the two week period KP allowed.

    Forget about the full five year scholarship – all expenses paid – that he was awarded and took full advantage of because when final payback time for that scholarship came due – his chance to lead the Pitt football program somewhere it hasn’t been for 40 years (12 wins and a Top 10 ranking) – he said “No thanks.”

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    1. I won’t repeat my response to Wolfe here, but would add that you are probably correct about generational line… although Im 61.

      Most everyone here was delighted when Pickett decided to come back for another year. That was a business decision. And the school was happy to have him come back. Think everyone gets that option? Some kids are shown the door. Coaches use the Tessio line on players all the time. So, where’s the righteous indignation here when kids who love to play are asked to move on?

      Final payback time? C’mon Reed. I think if we took a real, fact-based review of it, he paid that back in multiples for the exposure (positive btw) the school and football program has received. Incremental fans at Heinz, TV coverage, fanwear sales and the future streams of those. And lets see if he gives back tot he school like Aaron Donald and others have.

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      1. I hope in this Pickett discussion we fans realize Pickett came back to work with Whipple. Whipple left and so did Pickett. Those who wish to bash Whipple need to remember he is the reason Pickett had a fantastic season. Pickett’s faith in Whipple raises Whipple’s reputation.

        Hopefully Narduzzi will show intelligence in his next choice for OC. If Chaney or Canada could have survived two years with Narduzzi, would their offenses had been as potent as Whipple’s?

        We know Narduzzi is making big bucks, but what about his assistants?

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    2. “Mercenary,” Reed? Really? I’m still not convinced.

      Isn’t the purpose of attending a university to prepare the student for the next phase of their life and their future? Isn’t that what happened with Kenny Pickett.

      I guess I just can’t seem to get angry at, or disappointed in, Kenny Pickett after all he’s done for Pitt and Pitt’s fans.

      But I am convinced that if Nick Patti doesn’t get injured, Pitt wins that 12th game without Kenny Pickett.

      Go Pitt.

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  7. And oh by the way. For those who always want to blame the coaches …

    Isn’t it funny how Whipple became a genius this year after 2 years of being washed up?

    And how about M Canada? Fired one year, then a genius in his one year at Pitt, and then a moron ever since

    It’s about the execution. You can call a great play but if someone misses a block, throws errantly or drops a pass, there is not much you can do

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    1. wbb – The only reference to genius and Mark Whipple that I recall is in your post.

      He is far from a genius – a putz, that I could agree on.

      He is smart to leave the Duzz coaching tree without KP8 being around in 2022.

      The way he left points to tension in the offensive coaches room.


    2. Again – the good result being Marion as the WR coach and not Whipple as OC. I could see an improvement in WR play our very first game of the season. Their routes were crisper, the safety ‘come back’ was executed instead of a WR standing in place waving his arms, and their downfield blocking was very good. Those things were almost non-existent over the last few seasons.

      Coaching sure as hell does matter – it wasn’t the whole offense that got better under this year’s Whipple – only the passing game and Coach Marion made a huge difference in that.

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      1. I don’t think Pickett comes back without Whipple so I can’t discount the importance of his contribution to the Offense’ success this year and apparently neither does Nebraska/Frost. I do hate that he didn’t stay through the bowl though, and give credit to Marion for doing so.

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  8. A very well stated post…Too many mistakes by the Panthers. Very difficult to win a game with a 3rd string QB. Going into the season, most of us would have been well pleased with an ACC championship and an 11-3 overall record. However, if Kenny plays, 12-2 would have been well within reach and probably would have happened. Kenny had a great season and was the difference between a so so season and 11-2.
    Unfortunately, in my opinion, he elected to sit out the bowl game (Me and not We). He will go down as a all time great player at Pitt but his image will suffer as a result of sitting out the bowl game. Great status vs. Legendary status. Why Beville threw the pass right into the hands of the MSU player baffles me…UGLY….A lack of understanding of the importance of not turning the ball over/throwing an INT in that situation. Pitt was already in field goal range. College football needs to figure out a way to make the non championship bowl games more meaningful. Players opting out of games is ruining bowl games. Perhaps expand the playoff to 12-16 teams? Too many tough losses for Pitt teams in the past 10 days!
    Happy New Year to All!. H2P!!! forever!

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  9. One more thing… as far losing offensive coordinators …..

    Georgia, LSU and Nebraska. I want you all to compare how much freakin revenue these teams pull in next to Pitt

    And you can throw Texas in there also

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    1. Maybe Narduzzi should take a cut in salary for the hiring of better coordinators? Not sure what your point is here… Of course coaches go for better work when they can get it (although they stayed for the bowl game didn’t they?)


      1. Narduzzi stayed for the MSU bowl game when he was hired by Pitt to be a first time, unproven HC.

        Moose left Pitt without addressing the team to go back to Wisky.

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      2. Amen. Narduzzi should pay a good offensive coordinator big bucks even if he has to dip into his millions to do it.


  10. While Pitt fans are saying we’d have won with Pickett under center we tend to minimize what MSU would have gained with their fabulous RB Walker (1636 yards, 18 TDs and a 6.2 ypc average) playing. That would have been a great game to watch!

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    1. I’ve NO IDEA how good Walker is but the MSU run game didn’t appear to be close to breaking anything open whatsoever

      unlike a few plays for Shipley in the Clemson game for example

      whereas the vast, gargantuan difference THIS(and I’d imagine nearly every) 3rd string QB relative to a Heisman finalist is not arguable

      fabulous or super fabulous RB v QB, the RB would need to have been magical and have a carpet to ride last night

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    2. How about no Pickett, Mack, Mathis, Camp, Alexandre, Pine then losing Izzy.

      MSU had no Walker, but was missing just one other starter.

      This team went 11-2 and were the ACC champs in my book.

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    3. I am not sure we would have won with #8 based on play calling. I do think that we cold have done better if Mathis played though


  11. My point about coordinators leaving is that it is much much more about the dollars and it has very little to do with what they think about Duzz

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    1. Paul Zeise disagrees with you and said so in a column. Whipple and Narduzzi didn’t get along. The fact that Whipple was engineering his path away from Narduzzi is further proof. I don’t think Scott Frost called him out out of the clear blue.


  12. Good summary above.

    Agree regarding Salem, many of us called that, he was a poor choice and that’s on him and Narduzi, 3rd string quarterback or not (it’s not like there’s much of a dropoff between Patti & Beville anyway). The play calling was frankly painful to watch.

    I disagree re Patti’s command of the offense, he completed 2 of 5 passes, in fairness it’s hard to judge anything good or bad from that small of a sample along with being forced into bad situations due to the poor line play.

    I also disagree regarding Beville’s decision making, he had no time at all on most throws due to a pourous offensive line. That said, I wasn’t impressed by Beville regardless.

    What got exposed last night?

    #1 – In the end, Pickett’s decision not to play exposed our below average offensive line, because neither of the backups has enough athleticism (or anywhere close to it) to compensate for poor blocking. If I’m Slovis, I’d be worried, because he’s an average athlete as well. Obviously, this will not happen, but I’d fire Borbely, his line has still not made much progress despite having a senior group. Frankly, I’m not even sure he knows who his best players are.

    #2 – Our pass coverage has been our achilles heal all year, and with our best cover corner in Mathis out, Devonshire did not look good, to be kind. I don’t know how we fix this in a year, but if we do not get pressure on the QB on any given play, it is almost always a completed pass.

    #3 – QB position – I feel pretty comfortable neither Patti nor Beville is going to be a quality starter in the future, hence the need to bring in a transfer. I’d start getting Yarnell ready and hopefully work on getting him some quality snaps next year.

    All in all, great year by the Panthers. With Pickett, obviously we beat Michigan State, probably handily.

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  13. Rick:
    Your assessment is solid. I did not put nearly as much thought into the poor choice of the OC. However, the game was lost when Patti went out. Period ( No team beats a ranked opponent with a 3rd string QB with limited reps and game experience)

    The OC’s lack of talent did not help, and I wrongfully discounted it.
    The MSU qb had so many yards because Pitt only made 2 first downs until the last drive.

    The D played about as well as they could. They scored a TD. If they do not make that play, we would not have been pacing around the house hoping for 1 more stop.

    MSU could keep going on 4th down because they knew they would get the ball back in 3 plays. It was just the law of big numbers. MSU had a huge number of opportunities to score.

    They eventually did. The D broke down after playing all night.

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  14. Reed … I think that’s a pretty narrow point of view. Every previous generation looks down on the generations behind it. The complaining against progress is as old as time itself.

    What has happened is the college football landscape has changed … the money has changed … players have become more empowered … universities are being seen for what they truly are … employers … it’s been trending this way for at least 35-40 years and has been a natural progression, not a sudden change.

    The old model allowed for the things that happened at Penn State … and Michigan State … and Michigan … those things happened because the players were not empowered to defend themselves.

    It’s not all roses … actually IMO it smells like roses …

    The biggest reason for the cultural shift, however, has nothing to do with the new generation of players and everything to do with the current generation of leadership … they’re the greedy ones … and players started to take notice.

    What is the Peach Bowl after all but a corporate sponsorship for a game with no stakes but has marquee matchups to draw viewers and make advertising money? By the way, that’s what it always was … a way for schools and conferences to make more money … it’s never been about good games … it’s always about who can bring in the most money … it’s also what killed the old bowl system …

    Everyone wanted one vs. two but bowls wanted matchups based on popularity instead of rankings … so we got the BCS … The BCS diminished a few of the major bowls by taking precedence … see the Rose Bowl … The National Championship stole their marquee teams or took the bowl for itself …

    Then, everyone wised up and didn’t like an arbitrary one and two so they created the playoff which rendered the rankings moot once the playoff rankings are released toward the end of the season … The last quarter of the season is teams jockeying for the top 4 spots …

    Once that’s announced, 5 and below don’t mean anything (The AP and coaches poll mean nothing by this point in the season … they did their jobs helping the playoff rankings). It’s the traditional bowl selection process with some contracts between conferences taking precedence.

    The next evolution of the sport will be expanding the playoffs … ideally to 12 but realistically to 8 in the beginning.

    Yes, greed is a driving factor but it’s not the current generation of players. They’re just wiser to the game. It’s the current generation of leadership that is driving it … they always want more, so of course the players will want some.

    The Peach Bowl literally meant nothing and means nothing …

    The ACC Championship is the takeaway from this season. The kid who came back to get a championship and became a Heisman finalist and most likely one of the top draft picks is the story … no one will care in 10 seconds that he didn’t play in a corporate sponsored bowl game that made the ACC and Big10 some money.

    This has been coming for a long time. I honestly don’t get the resistance to it. It’s literally been happening for several generations, now.

    Nike started changing the game in the early 80’s and it’s been a slow shift to this model since, well, Pitt last won 11 games.

    Sports stopped being sports with the rise in popularity of ESPN. Sports is entertainment. It’s viewed as entertainment. Players know this. Teams know this. The money knows this. Some fans don’t know this … even though it’s been this way a long, long time …

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      1. Erie – Those two things mean nothing in this era. Zero. Conference championships and a playoff birth are the only two things that matter in this era. Players, coaches, recruits don’t care about the top 10. Some fans do. That’s about it.

        Reed – I’ve been shaking this tree well before Pitt went to a “prestigious” bowl. Probably at least 10 years between the Blather and here. Players don’t opt out of games that mean something. It’s an exhibition game in every sense of the definition. Not sure how that is being an apologist.

        Players play to win. Coaches coach to win. I don’t doubt that. Look at Patti’s effort on the TD that hurt him … Pride is 100% on the line … but it also shows the consequences. You can’t go play a game thinking to protect yourself. If you suit up, you’re all in.

        The Peach Bowl means nothing in the context of the season’s accomplishments. ACC champs!!!!! That’s all that matters … losing a game with your third string QB a month after the season with a coach who hasn’t called plays since 2004 has no affect. The real games are played tonight. I seriously don’t get how people think that scenario is a game with stakes.

        Fake rage all you want … seems to me you’re looking for something to be angry about … All I see is a championship banner being hung up in the near future and a first round draft pick representing Pitt … I saw some great effort last night taking a good team to the finish with clear detriments.

        As I stated above to Erie … Conference championships and playoff births are what matter now. They’ve been losing relevance since the BCS was instituted and the playoff is killing them off.

        Bowl games are window dressing and dying for a reason … but, hey, don’t believe the trends and stick to a historical view of a sport rapidly changing.

        I’m so tired of the top ten argument … it has zero relevance outside of some fans who are clinging to the past.

        ACC Championship > Top 10

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        1. It means something to break the mediocre run of seasons Duzz and others before him have produced.

          Giving up 21 points in the 4th qtr screams mediocrity when carrying an 11 point lead into the final period.



  15. The Peach Bowl could have very easily offered Kenny Pickett money to play in the game as part of an NLI. If they really wanted his participation I bet they could have made it happen … but … they did not care one iota about that.

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  16. What a minute… you say bowls mean nothing?

    It sure as Hell means something to the players and the fans. If not, how does a blog like this remain popular even when a program has been as mediocre as Pitt has been over the years? Because we all talk about, hope and wish for that breakthrough season that most Pitt fans have never experienced. That, in this case, would have been12 win and Top Ten season.

    Isn’t that why we spend time, energy and money the way we do. To support and cheer on our team and players. Try telling the Pitt fans at the game it means nothing, or the players and their families who were there.

    But you are saying none of it matters except for maybe a conference championship. Well, we could have that with a 7-6 season and no Bowl win at all. Who wants that as opposed to 12 wins and in the Top Ten?

    Give me the latter thank you because 12 wins will be a bench mark for a long time whereas a n ACC championship is a footnote 10 years from now.

    Last night’s loss meant something and to pretend it doesn’t is an apologist belief and sour grapes.

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      1. I love Pitt and watched the game. It’s also the only game I commented on live because I didn’t mind being distracted. I had zero expectations about the game … The reason I didn’t post in the prediction thread. It was also the only bowl I watched … but I’ll watch both games tonight.


    1. I still believe that had Pitt been playing in the Sugar, Orange, or Fiesta Bowl fans wouldn’t have been as quick to defend Pickett’s mercenary decision. Accepting the Peach Bowl as equal to the other more famous bowls was a bridge too far for your some fans. The Peach Bowl is equal. That’s why it’s called a New Year’s Six Bowl.


    2. That trophy for being ACC champs will never be a footnote.

      Wannstedt won a bowl game to get to 10 wins and was fired less than a year later. Most fans wanted him fired and that bowl win did squat for him.

      Twelve wins would have been great, but look how awesome people thought PSU’s 11-3 season was in 2016 with a bowl loss. So why is Pitt’s 11-3 season such a downer?


      1. Because Pitt was a good HC away from beating MSU last night. The Duzz game day management is atrocious and his decision to anoint Salem & Pickett co-OC’s was a very bad choice that set the table for the loss.


  17. What troubles me about Pickett is that for his first 3 years Narduzzi coddled him and never wavered through 3 rather mediocre years. This loyalty was not repaid when it came time to notch a record tying 12th win.

    Beville had a sort of blank look for much of the game, and as I mentioned previously he was not effective in moving players into correct positions. Salem knew he was not ready. The final interception was probably a RPO where Beville didn’t sell the run enough and the linebacker guessed right to drop back. Again, Beville was not ready for this assignment.

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    1. In Beville’s defense, Duzz never gave him meaningful minutes until last night.

      He showed no pocket presence but that can be taught with work and reps.

      Let’s not forget, Duzz admitted he did not pay attention to the offensive side until recently.

      That is offensive to me as a fan.

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  18. I am not upset that Pitt lost as much as I would normally be. We were playing with a third string quarterback for most of the game. If Patti would not have gotten hurt, Pitt easily wins the game. As I stated in the comments section of the last article, if you want to blame a quarterback for this loss, blame Pickett.

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  19. NC St coaches, head and assistants, lost opportunity to benefit GREATLY if they’d have won their bowl game

    TT sees and understands it for what it is

    like it? NO, it’s why I stopped caring about and watching NFL and NBA first and much of the Olympics once it became obvious it wasn’t “amateurs” competing


  20. More lovely news…

    It appears that Pitt wide receivers coach Brennan Marion has coached his last game with the Panthers, as Matt Zenitz of On3 reported during the Peach Bowl on Thursday night that Marion was set to accept the same position on Steve Sarkisian’s coaching staff at Texas.

    “Texas is set to hire Brennan Marion as wide receivers coach and pass game coordinator,” Zenitz wrote in a Twitter message. “He’d received interest for multiple jobs recently, including at least one Group of Five OC job, but is ultimately set to land at Texas.”


  21. “You go to war with the army that you have, not the one you wish you had!” Don Rumsfeld.

    Anyone else up last night replying that pick 6???

    I am not and never will be a Narduzzi fan but I respect his accomplishments this year and the results. I think he has built a solid program for years to come with terrific talent left behind! But it’s obvious he’s a pain in the ass to work for.

    Having been through 11 company mergers in my life, it has always amazed me to see who is loyal and who jumps ship at the most inopportune time to save their own backside! One thing you learn in business, “no one is irreplaceable !”

    So on we go, disappointed with last nights results and misfortunes but not surprised. You know the phrase “being from NY means you never have to say your sorry!”

    Well Pitt’s phrase should be “Never say “what else can happen!” Because it will

    H2P. Happy New Year to my fellow
    Pitt Brothers and Sisters! H2P

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    1. I totally disagree with your take on people “jumping ship to save their own backsides.” Times have changed and there’s no reason to be loyal to a company for multiple reasons. #1 You stay too long and you fall far behind in pay compared to comparable jobs at other companies. #2 Companies / corporations will chew you up and spit you out to make sure they make their quarterly revenue / profit targets. Shareholders are king. #3 Companies / corporations used to give pensions. That meant they were loyal to you for life. Now we’re required to put our own money away. Funny how this was normalized to us.

      What is my point? Universities do it too. You can’t tell me that Pickett’s scholarship equates to what the university made via revenue and exposure (future revenue) from his play. Keeping him in when he was playing bad was an investment.

      Also, coaches jumping ship for more money is the name of the game. Remember that corporations, companies, universities, etc defined the rules. We all just have to play by them. I fault no one for trying to have financial security now and when they’re too old to work.

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    2. I had no issue with the pick 6. It was a great defensive play against an inexperienced player. Hell, experienced players fall for the fake blitz. Had he completed it, there was some room to run.

      Never be loyal to a company. A company is not a real entity and cannot return the loyalty. You can be loyalty to people … in this case, coaches and players … but like you said … do not ever think you’re not replaceable. Your replacement may not be as good but you can be replaced.


  22. Not sure KP left before or after Whip but maybe KP second. We definitely need more money for coaches or we may not get back to championships.

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  23. hey, I heard Slovis is rescinding his decision after seeing the game

    realizing KP overcame far more than it seemed, poor coaching on both sides of the ball, horrible o-line(run and pass blocking), terrible scheme(s), drops, unreliable defense, etc…..

    I think the band sucked last night too

    all while going 11-3


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  24. Everyone knows it was a great year, and I’m sure most know we would’ve beaten Mich. St. with Pickett, but the staff is making huge money and they need to learn from their weaknesses and try to improve. Again, much like the Miami game, our OL got exposed, as did our pass coverage scheme/personnel. Learn from it and get better.


    1. It has taken 7 years to get to where we are learning-wise.

      Give Duzz a few more years and then we take off the “training wheels”.


    1. I think you are absolutely right. Should Marion have been named OC and given a nice raise? I see complaints about his moving around a lot, but you can’t move around unless people want you.

      The most important decision facing our program in the next month is who will become the OC. Narduzzi knows squat about offense.


    1. hmmmn, seems there is soooo much more to consider

      seems like the headline but nothing of the story

      maybe I’m an idiot,,,,, again


  25. So here is my take on the OC decision for the game…Narduzzi knew Marion was leaving if he wasn’t going to be the permanent OC which he wasn’t, while worried about offending Salem if he named Marion OC for the game, as Salem would be more accepting of an outside OC higher after the game. Not saying it was the right decision, just that he was looking ahead past the Bowl game. BTW, it always seems in these bowl games that Pitt is facing a team with an intact coaching staff while Pitt is using a skeleton crew of coaches 🤔.

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  26. Not one mention of PITT playing with their 3rd string for over 3 quarters?

    Beville didn’t have the full playbook to work with.

    Salem knew Beville didn’t have the full playbook to use.

    When the “other” team knows a teams passing game is limited they stop the run.

    When a team can’t run, they don’t control the clock.

    This isn’t hard folks.

    If anyone thinks Beville was ready for prime time last night, re-watch his interception again.

    The rest of the sports world understands what PITT and Beville went through last night. Many on the POV on the other-hand?

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    1. Ike,

      As I mentioned on the game thread…

      I was so excited when the kid got them into FG range, and thought they have to play for the win…this kid is gonna do the impossible!

      I saw how broken up he was…and I know people are disenchanted on we not me, but I saw his teammates console him.

      They knew what this kid was doing was Herculean in nature and they appreciated it.

      So did I…not for a participation trophy, but for giving his all.

      David Dellett

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      1. Davis Beville seems like a super teammate. Throughout the season, he’s been the first guy off the sideline to greet the guys coming off the field. He seems to always be encouraging his teammates…

        Go Pitt.

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      1. Huge difference between knowing the playbook as in memorizing the plays and actually running them. How many reps do you think he’s had – in practice – with the first team – running the litany of plays?

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      2. Didn’t say Beville didn’t know the playbook. He didn’t have the reps to execute the full playbook. So he didn’t have many of the plays to work with.


      1. I guess I watch games a little different than you Tony. All I know is that PITT playing the 10th ranked team in the country with their 3rd string QB and a lead with 3 minutes in the game. I really don’t think PITT needs me to offer any apologies for them.

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  27. it was and often is many things that change a game and as H3 correctly points out, all things from that point in the game are unknown as to how or if…

    yet blame and fault is assigned all over the place with certainty

    glad I NEVER fall into that trap 😉


    humorous for sure

    if not, how about “madden”ing

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  28. So while I agree with the generational narrative – I think societal change aligns to those changes.

    Part of it is a function of the playoff system (as stated by many here) has made bowl games meaningless.

    However, I would postulate even if there were no playoffs a #12 team would still see its QB “opt out”.

    So what is it?

    I believe it’s how the NFL prioritizes/values leadership, selflessness, team – we not me vs tangible skills.

    If back in the day Fournette and McCaffery opted to not play caused their draft stock to plummet because of the intangibles above has ginormous weight to NFL teams, you damn well believe guys would play.

    I think if Marino played today, he would’ve done the same thing. I know that is sacrilege, but it is what it is.

    Dave Dellett

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    1. totally agree about the #12 team kids or really almost all of the highly rated draft guys even potentially on the higher ranked teams deciding to opt out if they think/know there is little upside and have proven enough in their regular season

      the idea of somehow the bowls themselves incentivizing in some way is interesting but will get very costly for the highest rated players


      1. To add to my original post…hypothetically whatwould happen to say a #1 draft pick opted out of playing for a potential national championship to avoid injury?

        My guess is NFL teams would avoid him because his lack of leadership and commitment to team.

        But if or when it happens and the NFL still drafts that phenom QB #1…wow college FB will have a seismic catastrophe on their hands.

        Very hypothetical not sure it will happen, but whi knows for sure.

        Dave Dellett

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        1. yep, lots of “business” decisions to make that change life for individuals, families, generations when we are talking about MILLIONS of dollars for a 21-24 year old


  29. very OT but any commentary about integrity and the Tenn/Purdue game with the Purdue players on defense sitting down nearly every other play to slow down the T hurry up?

    far more than the KP slide, THAT needs an immediate rule change

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  30. Tennessee was hosed in every way possible in that game. HC Heupel, who I’m not a big fan, but was rooting for him yesterday.

    I loved his face to face eye contact and facial expressions with the ref. There was no COVID social distancing going on. I don’t think he liked to no TD call in OT that was clearly a TD. Clearly as mass exit of offensive coaches from Pitt.

    RB coach Powell rumored to be retiring.

    Did Slovis see this coming? Or can he just jump back into the portal?


    1. Slovis is salivating to get to work. He’s a 1st string QB. He knows what happens when you have to rely on the 3rd man up. Any talk of him reconsidering his decision is nonsense IMO.

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  31. If Marion had been named OC before the game, I think he would have eventually pulled a Canada and bolted for the first higher paying OC job that came along. His work history shows him to be a carpet bagger of the first order. Good riddance to Marion.

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  32. As for coaching changes, notice that so far all changes are on the offensive side of the ball. So Narduzzi must just hate offensive coaches! Seriously, with the change in QBs, and with Whipple deciding to move on after being maligned here for years, it is not surprising the other offense coaches are getting opportunities due to Pitt’s success, and have chosen to move on rather than get eliminated later by the new OC.

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  33. hey Reed, I think you need another Zoom meeting so that someone here can help everyone else here understand everything

    make sure to get the right guy/girl though

    not sure how much time THAT session will require, but please remember to hit the record button

    who’s volunteering?

    who’s Reed going to pick(not allowed to pick himself)

    would be interesting to have a WordPress poll question and allow voting

    but only 1 vote per POVite,,,,, no Epic or Brave browser stuffing the ballot box 🙂 , some of you sharp IT dudes/ettes probably can figure out a workaround 🙂


  34. Now we’re left with Capel’s hoops program. John in South Carolina: which Olympic sport will you be following and writing about?

    Anyone know the prospectus on this year’s Pitt baseball team? When does baseball season starts?

    Cheers, mates.


  35. Trevor Lawrence got $13M in guaranteed money last year …

    How many players, or people here, would opt out if someone said I’ll pay you $13M not to play? The NFL also has the worst contracts out of the major sports leagues because of the low guaranteed money.

    It’s insane to expect someone to play with that hanging over your head … People asked if Kenny regretted not paying last night … Nope. Zero. I bet he slept well.

    I don’t care about insurance money … it’s not giving you $13M and it will find every excuse to try to not pay you.

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      1. The guy drafted DIRECTLY after Trevor Lawrence played in his bowl game for BYU. KP is not getting drafted 1st or 2nd. Nice try but FAIL


  36. Salem was clearly overwhelmed and overmatched. Passing when we were in field goal range is just one example.
    Marion was a great addition and despite his self-promotion, I am sorry to see him bolt.
    Finally, I asked the Pittpovers a week or so ago if Pitt would be paying for Kenny to go to the game? All agreed emphatically NO.
    So why was he in the booth? While I understand and support his decision, why was he there? That makes no sense to me.


    1. Narduzzi blamed Belville for the now infamous Pittsburgh sweep. He said Belville checked down and called the play while Belville insisted Salem was the moron…🤬

      From the PG “With six minutes to go in regulation, Pitt led, 21-16, and faced a 3rd-and-1 at its own 31-yard line. Get a first down, and the Spartans need to burn their timeouts. Get another first down, and a win is likely in the bag. But on that play, Beville tossed it out to 5-foot-8 tailback Vincent Davis for a run that lost 2 yards. Pitt punted, and Michigan State scored two minutes later.

      Narduzzi said the halfback toss was a check at the line of scrimmage by Beville, whereas the quarterback said it was the call the whole time from Salem. Either way, it was a poor decision — especially when Rodney Hammond, Pitt’s freshman who’s closed games out before this year, was available.”

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      1. interesting and if anything in the game is CLEARLY questionable and identifiable as an obvious mistake, it is that call

        and now there is controversy as to who made it

        must’ve been play #3 and Salem’s poor old eyes saw a #8
        happens all the time to old guys with OTC readers
        or young guys with contact lenses fitted poorly looking at the playlist card 🙂

        or did Beville get the call after a run to the sideline and have to hear the call through a covid mask?
        maybe Salem yelled “sneak”, Beville heard “sweep” ? nah

        my call was 2 QB sneaks in a row at the time,,,,, even though Beville’s first sneak was weak with him never reaching out the ball but the ref’s seemed to give him a good ball mark 🙂

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      2. Beville said it was the play called. He could have audible out of it but they had the look they wanted.


    2. I understood he went to ATL on his own and not on PItt’s dime…which was your original question.

      Its obvious to anyone that wants to look at it objectively… he was welcomed in the booth by the coaches and players. They were glad to have him there. Duzz knows he is/was a team leader and has a lot of friends. Its that simple.

      BTW – had a good laugh at all your “stories” last night. Erie should have included those in the “Good”

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  37. I love what Kenny did as a player at PITT. But, after he opted out, I thought it odd that he would be in the booth. Kind of awkward I have to say.


  38. Just a couple of points:
    The fake blitz by the linebacker plus the inexperience of Belville made the interception a probability. It took five years for Pickett to have the game ‘slowed down’ to pick such a tactic. His ability to see multiple receivers
    and awareness of the defenders is a function of experience.
    Why are we seeing Whipple as such a genius when for four years he called half the passes to the back or receivers behind the line of scrimmage.
    The ideal of the student athlete hasn’t been valid since the overwhelming power of the profit motive for college sports , the advent of twenty bowl games, the pro football industry and the lack of any long term care for the athletes who are damaged by the experience. No loyalty there. The pros are ready to strike against extra games (they appreciate the risk) yet colleges want an 8 team tournament after the season.
    I think Pickett had real conflict over missing the game. He has been advised by many including Peyton Manning to understand how it is a business decision for elite athletes.

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  39. I understood Duzz’s second half strategy. Play conservative, no mistakes or turnovers, and Hope MSU continued to make mistakes on offense.

    To me, Hope is not a strategy. I’d rather play aggressive and lose than sit back and trust karma to win it. I’d rather Beville throw 3 picks trying to get the ball downfield than that last soul crushing pick 6 to lose the game.

    Frankly when the game got to 30 seconds and Pitt with the ball…. In grand Pitt tradition, I expected a missed field goal. I’d of been a lot happier with that outcome. But… hindsight is always 50/50!


    1. I was glad that we appeared to be going for the win. We had a drive going and there was no guarantee another would be produced in OT. All one has to do is look back at how many we had to that point in the game.

      I think it may be more accurate to say Narduzzi hadn’t seen enough offensive production to that point to give any comfort the lead would be padded by the offense.

      Have no issue with the play call… some have astutely noted that Beville simply missed that the LB showing blitz had dropped back. What a shame because it would have been quite the story if the pass was complete and we had a couple cracks at the end zone.

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      1. Completely agree, Joe. Play to win in regulation and settle for OT if you have to. If we are down by 2, we have an entirely different discussion.

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        1. Yep, going for the win imo the right call. Two things, Sam Scarton has never been confused with Mr Automatic from any range. Most everyone thought PITT would run the ball that last play drawing up the linebackers. Beville wasn’t experienced enough to see the play wasn’t there.

          PITT wins with Patti.

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  40. The deck was already stacked against Pitt once Patti went down. MSU continued to gamble on 4th down because they knew they could stop Pitt’s offense. The MSU QB didn’t start to hit some passes until it was already clear Pitt’s defense was dragging.

    And the number of Pitt opt outs and injuries was impossible to overcome. But this game will show up in next year’s record. Some bench players saw some important action, including that kid I never heard of (Brima?) who got the second half sack. On the negative side, some players with high expectations failed to do well this year. Shocky, Camp and Deslin Alexandre are examples. (what happened to Shocky this year?)

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    1. Players are going to have short leashes regarding injuries in bowl games, especially star players. I would not read much into it.


  41. Just saw in the P.G. that Patti’s injury is a broken collar bone. I feel for the young man both because gave his all while he was in the game (that touchdown dive was one for the books!) and because he clearly wanted to give his all to complete and win the game. However if that had been Kenny Picket we might be discussing his potential loss of millions of dollars in an NFL contract and the greediness of universities and the college football system rather than that of these young men who finally get a chance to profit from their extraordinary skills. Something to think about.
    By the way I think Belvile gave a hell of an effort even if imperfect.

    Happy New Year everyone. H2P

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    1. So, I tinker in the athletic injury space. Most injuries to elite athletes occur during their workouts and are deemed “no contact injuries”. I haven’t run across any QB’s that suffered career ending injuries in a playoff game or bowl game that I can remember. There was a ND linebacker a few years ago (5+) that was projected as a top 5 pick, that blew out his knee in the Sr, Bowl or Bowl game. He got drafted in the 4th or 5th round.

      Insurance does pay and he would have been underwritten with the guaranteed money of last years overall number 1 qb plus additional limit. That said, I understand why he did it. Most don’t understand the true risk. Using Patti as the example is not a measuring stick. Who knows what would have happened, had Pickett played.

      Time place and circumstance awareness is so critical in sport strategy. Pitt coaches did not have that when calling a 5 yard pass. Look at the replay from the sideline. Every one of Pitt’s receivers cut their routes at 5 yards. If no first down, over the middle, clock runs or you use your final timeout. Use your final timeout and you never get a field goal kicked unless you can spike the ball.

      Most embarrassing coaching moments: Pitt fails to catch not one but TWO kickoffs and let’s the ball stay in the field of play. Awfully awful for whoever coaches special teams, or just coaches. How is that not drilled into the special teams from day one. That was not a pickett not playing problem. That was zero discipline and zero coaching about the basics.


    2. Right on Gramps. Here is the lead on the Rivals story if the game:

      “Davis Beville was one missed read away from being a hero.
      Late in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s Chick Fil-A Peach Bowl, the redshirt sophomore quarterback, filling in as the top signal-caller in after serving as the No. 3 all season, was in the process of leading Pitt’s offense on a huge drive………..…..So it was that when the Panthers got the ball with 2:51 on the clock, they needed a game-winning drive – and they nearly got it from Beville, who completed five consecutive throws to open the possession before the fateful interception.”


  42. Some of the observations I noticed without Whipple …

    The quick perimeter screens were essentially removed from the game plan. I only recall one or two. People would complain about them but it was intended to keep the LB’s and safeties honest.

    The RPO offense struggled mightily. Kenny had mastered freezing the delayed handoff and the LB’s and safeties could not be as aggressive.

    I was not a fan of the toss sweep. There were one or two decent runs but I don’t think it set anything up. In fact it probably backfired on 4th and one. The defense knew Pitt wanted to get outside and we all saw how that played out. Really? I formation and you do a pitch? C’mon.

    Not keeping the LB’s honest kept the OL on their heels. I don’t think the OL played poorly. I just think the play calling did not do them any favors. Whipple’s play calling did a good job keeping teams from being too aggressive. Kenny lead the country against the blitz for a reason.

    Beville clearly played better in a hurry up. You could see Kenny miming in the booth to hurry up. The pace of the offense was concerning from the beginning of the game. It’s no surprise that Beville’s two best drives came at the end of halfs.

    I had no issue with the pick 6. I really did not want to go to OT against them. I can see how Beville was fooled. Credit to MSU on that one. They got the young signal caller.

    That freak play at the beginning of the game bothered me. If the ball goes into the end zone but comes out, is it the same rule? Does the entire ball have to go into the end zone? It looked like the tip hit the goal line.

    I’m curious why they went with Beville instead of a QB who has actually played in a meaningful game before … I used meaningful … don’t jump all over me.

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  43. Of course it was a business decision for Pickett…just as it was for every other SR on any team playing in bowl games who would go in the 1st round of the draft…yet very few chose to not play for fear of injury.

    Don’t make this out like it was a common decision or that anyone in his situation would have done the same – that just isn’t the case.

    Which makes me wonder just when would it have been OK for Pickett to quit earlier? What if he looked at the ACC championship game and decided that the money was more important than risk playing that game? Halfway through the season? After all it only takes one play right?

    The fans saying it is perfectly fine to bag a bowl game would be spitting their beer out of their nose if Pickett decided to quit weeks earlier – but the premise still remains – $$$ or team?

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    1. I would not. Always do what’s best for you. I’d be bummed but I respect everyone’s decisions. The NCAA is a terrible model for athletes.


  44. Nate – for some reason you keep insisting that Wannstedt was fired because he wasn’t winning championships…if that were the case Narduzzi would have been fired already. DW was fired because he lost control of his players and along with the (true) SI article it was horribly negative press for the program. It was that simple.

    And I got that directly from the guy who fired him…(and it wasn’t SP either).

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    1. Come on, I never said championships. He won his bowl game to break the 10-win drought. Sounds like it should have been a big deal to this fan base.

      He was fired because Pederson hated the respect Dave got from the Pitt bureaucrats while Steve got zero. Everyone knew Steve P was a bum, except Nordy. Nordy, what a disaster at the tail end.

      That’s why he got fired. And I heard that from the then video coordinator who is the head guy with the Arizona Cardinals.

      The SI article that stated “22 player arrests” yet failed to mention any. That is some journalism right there. No wonder that magazine went down the tubes years ago. If something was written to make a buck, then it has to be true.


        1. I just messaged the author asking for all names. I’ll post anything I receive, which I doubt. He just finished a book on the Patriots, so he should have plenty of time to get back to me.


  45. Pitt lost because Patti got hurt and they were down to third string. It had nothing to do with a typical PN bowl performance. The fact that they almost won shows they were plenty prepared.

    I agree the OL played fine. The QB held the ball too long and was not good at moving around the pocket which is understandable because he had zero experience.

    Patti is slower than Picket, but fast enough to get some yards. Beville is slower than Patti, you all see how painful it is to watch a Slow(vis) QB. Remember it next year.

    Salem could have been more aggressive before the end of the game but we never will know if it would have paid off.

    The theory that coaches don’t like PN is bull. Look at the staff and the guys that have been on it a long time. There are many. Coaches move around all the time. Just go read footballscoop.com, hundreds of coaches on the move.

    Marion didn’t take the same job at Texas. He will be passing game coordinator also. Another step toward becoming an OC for him.

    Still an amazing year for Pitt fans. H2P.

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    1. That is just a title. Whatever Marion says will go through one of Sark’s ears and out the other.

      Sark is doing it his way. Amazing Narduzzi allowed dinosaur Salem to call the plays and not Marion.


  46. Considering the stated goal before the season (and every season) was an ACC Championship, not a Peach Bowl victory, it would have been weird if he had opted out of that.

    And he surely would have lost money for it. The NFL wouldn’t like that, but they don’t care about kids opting out of their bowl games.

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  47. I’m curious who Pitt goes after. I keep seeing Chris Beatty but I don’t get that one. I wonder if he’d look at Ken Dorsey with the Bills.


    1. The OC has to be a good recruiter – most Duzz OC’s have been dud recruiters.

      The past two WR coaches were very good recruiters.

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      1. yet somehow the Pitt offense puts up historic numbers with those dud recruiters recruits

        must be some awesome coaching ’em up coaches I guess


        1. I believe the position coaches were the primary recruiters – but you are right, the OC’s called the plays, coached up the players that produced record numbers.



    2. Yeah, big, big decision by Coach Duzz on the OC hire.

      Need someone with a good reputation in the passing / QB-coaching areas…

      Go Pitt.

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  48. From our seats, it appeared that Beville watched the pass rush rather than the receiver routes. There were many open receivers he didn’t see. Mainly an experience issue in a big game against a high-ranked team.


    1. And bad: Pitt being unprepared for MSU’s snaps early on when they were “muddling” around and Pitt’s D was looking to the sidelines for a play call. Good: they got that fixed for the 2nd half.


  49. Shocky and Sibley moving on helps open some spots. Too bad Shocky never worked out – all that speed kind of wasted.

    Sibley showed flashes too.

    Wishing them both to find good spots…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Agree. Not sure why Sibley didnt appear to get more touches. Sounds like he holds an offer from Albany already.

      WR room might get crowded if the Akron kid comes on board as predicted. So understand him leaving.


  50. I think one Good missing from any discussion thus far was representation at the game by Panther fans. And I could hear “Lets Go Pitt!” on the TV many times.

    A shout out to Annie for getting down there. I understand that Richman was also in attendance and guessing AtlPanther made the trip across town. Anyone else?

    Another Good… amongs the ashes of the game thread here were hilarious tales spun by or own Gasman. Charlie Brown, The Waltons and a couple others. Good stuff and made me laugh.

    On the bad side, the TV announcers. Not wild about RGIII’s act, but then I dislike most of these folks that ESPN foists upon us. They all suck.

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  51. Michael Dowell, the transfer from Mich State, is 6-1 and 215 pounds. Sounds like he’s a tweener in the John Petrishian mold…

    Dowell is from Ohio and Pitt recruited him out of high school…

    Go Pitt.

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  52. So I have read a lot of comments wherein the poster indicates that we did very well against a highly ranked team. Well folks, we too, were a highly ranked team. Perhaps it is just years and years of not being ranked, let alone highly ranked, which leads to a feeling that we don’t belong……….but we do!

    Lots of things aligned this year including a way down coastal and ACC generally. We may have been the best of the worst, but we were the best. Enjoy that. A bunch of new head coaches coming in so we may have a chance to win the coastal again whilst building their respective franchises.

    Happy New Year to each of you and may 2022 bring you great health, love and prosperity. And a 4 star or three!

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  53. Pitt was down to it’s 3rd string QB due to an injury and the starting QB quitting the team. And we get a post complaining and criticizing Narduzzi. Par for the course for this blog. The most miserable collection of Pitt fans anywhere.


  54. Bitching about not getting a double digit win season for years, we finally get an 11 win season, and you’re still bitching. Great fanbase. Give me a break. If this season wasn’t fun and reason enough to stop bitching, find something new to watch.


  55. kinda with you Hank

    how’d you feel about the 3rd and 1 call?

    THAT one bitch I’m clinging to

    and let me repeat, I’d have advised my kid to “quit”

    and then been FULL of pride and a slight bit fuller love when he decided to play,,,,, like Matt Corral

    who btw if is anywhere near an equal talent in the tangibles, without a doubt gets my pick ahead of someone with less intangibles


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