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Pitt Leads 2021 All-ACC Football Team with 12 Selections

PITTSBURGH—Winners of 10 regular-season games for the first time since 1981, Pitt was fittingly recognized on the 2021 All-Atlantic Coast Conference Team with an ACC-high 12 selections.

The Panthers had three first-team All-ACC honorees, five on the second team and four third-team selections.

Earning first-team honors were record-breaking quarterback Kenny Pickett, wide receiver Jordan Addison and defensive tackle Calijah Kancey. Pickett is just the third ACC quarterback—and first at Pitt—to surpass 4,000 passing yards and throw 40 touchdowns in a season. Addison leads the nation with 17 touchdown catches. Kancey has collected 12 tackles for loss and seven sacks.

The Panthers’ second-team selections were defensive end Habakkuk Baldonado, linebacker SirVocea Dennis, safety Brandon Hill, tight end Lucas Krull and offensive tackle Carter Warren.

Baldonado (11 TFLs, eight sacks), Dennis (69 tackles, 7.5 TFLs) and Hill (74 stops, six pass breakups and an interception) are key performers for a Pitt defense that leads the ACC in sacks, tackles for loss, rushing defense and fourth-down defense. Krull has six touchdown catches, while Warren, a Senior Bowl invitee, has been vital in the run and pass games.

In addition to his first-team nod at receiver, Addison was a third-team selection as an all-purpose player. He averages 14.6 yards per punt return. Two senior stalwarts on the offensive line—tackle Gabe Houy andguard Marcus Minor—earned third-team honors as did placekicker Sam Scarton, who has a Pitt-high (tied) 108 points (16-19 FG, 60-63 PAT).

Nine additional Panthers received Honorable Mention: long snapper Cal Adomitis in the specialist category, defensive end Deslin Alexandre, tight end Gavin Bartholomew, linebacker Phil Campbell III, center Owen Drexel, safety Erick Hallett II, offensive guard Jake Kradel, cornerback Damarri Mathis and linebacker John Petrishen.

The ACC’s offensive, defensive and overall players of the year will be unveiled on Wednesday.

Winners of the ACC’s Coastal Division, the Panthers (10-2, 7-1 ACC) will face Atlantic Division champ Wake Forest (10-2, 7-1) in the Subway ACC Football Championship Game this Saturday at 8 p.m. The game, played in Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium, will be a national ABC telecast.

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  1. OT ACC coming to Comcast…and the best thing about that- you won’t have to listen(endur) to Beth Mowins!!!!! For those of you who disagree with me….

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        1. I listen to music when I watch games now, outside of a few like Hirbstreit or Gus or Bilas or Rafferty


    1. Because as I said (in my Syracuse article) Roscoe Cody from Syracuse is going to be 1’st team. The other 1’st teamer was a stud from Florida state-a Georgia transfer.

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  2. Not questioned by me … I tried telling y’all a few years ago the depth of the OL was excellent … they were just waiting in the wings …

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    1. All 5 OL made All ACC in 2018: Millin (2’nd), Morrissery & Herndon (3’rd), Bookser & Dintino HM.


      1. Richard, remember the vitriol aimed at that group before the season started? Especially Dintino and Herndon. Bookser for his off-field tomfoolery.


        1. Like it was yesterday. Millin was denigrated for being a MAC transfer. Dintino and Herndon-long time bench warmers. Morrissery coming into his own. Bookser was 4’th or 5’th best of the group.

          I believe Herndon was the honorary captain against Virginia Tech this year. I believe he had committed to VT in his freshman/sophomore year of high school.


    1. I was wondering the same thing, the opposite of fair weather fans.
      I know there is not much to complain about right now, but you would have thought that basketball would bring them back.


      1. Hey Mike, I know you’re a very busy man so this is just a reminder about a cool article you wrote last year around this time? Speaking of tomfoolery.


  3. Pitt’s D should have had 1 or 2 more First teamers on the All-ACC thingie.

    Since it led the conference in several defensive categories.


    1. Lets be serious there are quite a number of teams in the ACC and only enough slots slots for first teamers. It’s not about team statistics its about individual performance.

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  4. I hate to be negative about any of our players but how in the heck is Lucas Krull a second team ACC Selection? I would be afraid to have him over for one of my wife’s terrific buffet dinners. He might drop the plate on the floor.

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    1. Krull’s dropped some balls but he has 35 catches for 405 yds and 6 TD’s.
      Some very big and important catches, when the game was on the line.
      Not since Orndoff and Holtz have we had that productive of a Tight End.

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      1. GC we have one better than Krull now and his name is Bartholomew. I’m convinced if given the opportunity of playing the same position as Krull he would have exceeded Krull’s performance this year.


        1. I can’t argue that based on game performance, but we don’t see practices and the coaches do.
          Pretty sure if Whipple thought Bart should have played ahead of Krull he would have, just like Addison beat out all the other wideouts last year.
          Bart is a freshman, Krull is a super senior. Glad we have both. We will need another one for next year.
          Bart will be the number 1 guy for at least the next two years. Hope we find as good a second guy as he is.

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          1. Krull made tough catches in the middle of the field, Bart’s were mostly outside. We’ll see how he does in the middle of the field with the best linebacker on him next year.

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            1. Interesting discussion. I agree Bartholomew is clearly the better tight end, in fact I’d say he’s got a NFL future ahead of him; but putting aside Narduzzi’s senior favoritism, it may be that Krull starts because he has a little more knowledge of the plays/assignments than Bartholemew so PN probably just feels more comfortable with him for that reason.

              Regardless, we are blessed with 2 really nice tight ends, and I especially appreciate that after many years of drought at the position.


      2. He has bad hands and he doesn’t handle being hit well. That’s as plain as day. I don’t know any tight end with those skill sets that can be considered “good”.


  5. Congrats to all our guys that made the cut and especially to those that didn’t it takes everyone to make a team.

    Speaking of basketball for a minute. I get that we don’t have the players that can shoot, pass, dribble and protect the ball, that takes talent. But why can’t our coaches coach defense, that takes desire?

    I’m going to the Pete tonight, with surgery coming up might be a while till I return.

    Paul Zeise on P & D says that Jamie’s teams wouldn’t give up the points in three games to any ABC team at the Pete that they gave up in their last game. Remember when we used to complain about boring Jamie ball?

    Very sad state of affairs.

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  6. Pitt BBall’s problems are very simple. Even if our two starting guards hadn’t torn an ACL and punched a police officer, they were simply “good” not elite guards. In the ACC you need elite guards that can shoot and play defense.

    What’s left for Pitt are guards who wouldn’t start for Towson or UMBC.
    Tonight’s game with Minnesota will be a slaughter like the Steelers on Sunday. We just don’t have the talent to compete ! Capel is simply rearranging chairs on the Titanic!

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  7. Basketball is a disaster and not defendable right now. Arguably, in year 4, they might be worse than the Stallings team. MN is only a 2.5 favorite tonight. I’ve already told my gambling friends where to bet tonight. That line made no sense to me against a 5-0 MN team.

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  8. I’m pretty convinced if Stallings was still coaching Pitt BB his current squad would fair considerably better than what we are trotting out on the court now.


    1. There is no basis of fact that Stallings would be any better. What is there to say he would have recruited ACC level players. We need a young guy that can recruit and get players to stick around.
      I am not defending Capel in any way shape or form, he has made his own bed and the fact that he wouldn’t replace any of his coaches for some young recruiters gives him little chance of success.
      But Stallings was going nowhere.


      1. 1000% agreed. I said bottom half of the ACC. I would make the same move, again. I’m just saying the current state of the program is not better than the winless ACC season. We’d still be a middling program. Probably a little better but it’s hard to be worse.


  9. I’m reposting a reply from the Lair folks that I think you might enjoy. My apologies to Annie and other ladies that might end up reading this however.—–A poster on the Lair said he was going to Charlotte for the game Saturday because his wife gave him permission last night. Here is a response to that post from another die hard fan, “Is she going to let you take your balls from her purse and bring them with you?” 🙂

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  10. FWIW, I think I would take Beth Mowins over those 2 bozos we had on Saturday night.

    I see Coach Franklin lost his best assistant with Brent Pry taking the Va Tech job. He is not the HR hire that Fuente was, which means he will probably do good

    Tonight a Cary Grant movie is on TCM; the Dean Martin / Frank Sinatra Christmas show is on PBS; “Inside Man” is on HBO and “Scrooged” is on AMC. That’s all I have

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    1. Problem with all announcers is they never shut up and let the game be the show.
      To make it worse they talk about anything but the game and miss telling you who made the play.

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  11. Just turned on the FAN for a bit and got to hear them making fun of Coach Duzz being mentioned relative to the vacant ND job.

    I don’t think ND would consider Coach Duzz, but why is it necessary to deride Pitt and the Duzz because someone brought his name up?

    Then one of them said it’s just Duzz’s agent playing the game. Thought I read where Duzz doesn’t have an agent…

    Go Pitt.


  12. “Pitt Leads 2021 All-ACC Football Team with 12 Selections”

    This is what I’d like to see every late November. Or at least be a big part of the discussion.

    Singing to the choir I suppose…


  13. Duzz takes a page from the Jamie Dixon playbook. Delivers pizza to students in line for ACC championship tix.

    Saw the picture on FB. I would share it if I knew how.

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  14. I am not a gambler, however, I would be amazed if the Gophers come out on the short end of the spread.
    We have 3 games coming in the future, Colgate, Monmouth, and Cornell that in the past would be lopsided
    exhibitions…hmmm, do not count any of them as a sure win!

    It really hurts to be negative about a Pitt money sport, especially when our football team is playing for a championship. I don’t see a way out of the Capal mess….no recruiting. a team the DOES NOT BELONG IN THE ACC and a coach and staff that don’t coach. Our ball movement and turnovers are disgraceful. Do the players practice free throws? Defense///WHAT IS THAT?? The question and it is sadly a valid one is how long will Heather stay with Capal before she is forced to pay out a big buyout for a coach who has a sweetheart contract?

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    Caleb meet Pitt. Pitt meet Caleb …

    Let me tell you what Pitt has to offer, Caleb … A top 5 nationally ranked offense that produced a Heisman candidate and possibly number 1 QB off the board … An all American WR … A true freshman Honorable Mention TE … A loaded backfield returning … One of the best offensive lines in the country … and plenty of cardio running from the sideline to the huddle.



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  16. When you win and put up big individual numbers like Pitt and its players did this year, accolades should follow. Thankfully the ACC did right by Pitt.

    Krull has been the most confounding player on this team. Regularly dropping some passes and then making one of the most clutch catches in the rain in OT against Virginia. He’ll get a chance in the NFL but more than likely as a late pick or FA, his size and athletic talent is just too enticing for teams to resist.

    The 12 players named made me remember a very good article Reed wrote some time ago, suggesting that Pitt did not currently, nor have they in the recent past, had any truly outstanding talent and until they have such players they will always be a mediocre team.

    Well this season has proven Reed to be absolutely correct. KP8 and Addisson were top 5, and maybe better, in the nation at their respective positions and sure enough, Pitt put mediocrity on the shelf this year.


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