2021 Season – Syracuse Orange

In what seems months ago (because it was), I had predicted  that Pitt would be 8 – 4 in regular season play. At that time, I expected Pitt to lose to Clemson, Miami, and North Carolina. I also expected to lose one to either Tennessee or Virginia Tech. Totally happy to be wrong.

As we all know, Pitt clinched the ACC Coastal Division with a 48 – 38 Senior Day home win over the Virginia Cavaliers. Pitt is now 9 – 2 ( 6 – 1 conference). Three games to go. Play them one game at a time.

Next up is Pitt’s regular season finale against the Syracuse Orange. Syracuse is coming off a 17 – 41 loss to NC State. After the first nine weeks of the season, Syracuse stood at 5 – 4 ( 2 – 3 conference). Bowl eligibility was in sight. A significant improvement over their 1 – 10  2020 campaign. Head Coach Dino Babers hot seat was rapidly cooling.

Midway through the week 3 game (Albany), Babers replaced off injured but long starting QB Danny Tommy DeVito with transfer QB Garrett Shrader. Through the next six games Syracuse went 3 – 3 with all three losses by 3 points each. For a Syracuse football fan, life was looking good and the future looked bright.

Then came the bye week and the last two game where Syracuse was outscored 20 – 82. Fans are unhappy again. Babers is back on the hot seat. But can Syracuse afford the buyout. To add insult to injury, nine players have already entered the Transfer Portal (TP) since the start of fall practice. They include ex-starting QB Danny Tommy DeVito and one of the backup scholarship QB’s on the roster. (I believe the Orange now have only two scholarship QB’s plus walk-ons.) also gone are 2019 All ACC receiver Taj Harris and a 2021 TE recruit who did not want to block. In dramatic irony, he is listed as the 15’th best TP entry in the first 24/7 top ranking of 2022 entries. (Another Syracuse player is ranked #14. Taj Harris is #3)

College Football Transfer Portal: Initial Top 25 rankings for the 2022 cycle (247sports.com)

According to the above article, over 400 players have entered the TP since 8/1/2021.

On to the stats review. ACC standings and Syracuse and Pitt’s year to date schedules.

Nine teams now bowl eligible. Three more can make bowl eligibility with season ending wins (including Syracuse). Once again the ACC bowl tie-ins.  2021 ACC Bowl Affiliations – Atlantic Coast Conference (theacc.com)

Common opponents are Clemson and Virginia Tech.

Here are the NCAA stats for team and individual comparison. Those highlighted in yellow are what I consider are Syracuse advantages. I will be highlighting TP pick-ups in green and those who have entered the portal in light orange. A light blue/gray are injured players.

Syracuse rests their hat on a strong rushing attack and a stout defense. JaCobian Morgan (leader in passing efficiency) is the Orange backup QB.

On to the individual stats. Of course, starting with the QB’s.

If you believed Kenny Pickett was a bad or average QB in the 2018-2020 time frame, meet Garrett Shrader. He is ranked #104 out of 108 NCAA eligible QB’s. I do not blame Taj Harris for entering the TP. He wants to go pro and Syracuse offense does not give him an opportunity to showcase his skills.

On to the running back and wide receivers.

Shrader makes up for his current lack of passing skills by being a perfect companion to Sean Tucker in running the ball. I wonder if Shrader could become Syracuse’s version of Virginia’s “Football Player” Keytaon Thompson. Both have something in common. They were both recruited by Mississippi State (Thompson 2017, Shrader 2019) as QB’s.

Games played and started for offensive linemen.

How are they protecting the QB and opening holes for the running backs?

Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!!  New Chart Alert

Currently the NCAA considers “sacks” as a separate statistic. Sacks are also a component of the “Tackles for Loss” statistic. Both stats are ranked on a per game.

This new chart is not my own idea but is built off a statement a color commentator made in one of the games I watched last weekend. The announcer made a comment on the number of sacks a team had allowed. The color man said something like “it’s not as bad as you think considering how much they pass”. I checked into and these are the results.

Louisville has allowed the fewest sacks in the ACC. Per Chart A, Louisville and Syracuse are dominantly rushing teams. Pitt and Virginia are more pass happy. Virginia is more than pass happy, their engaged to be married.

Since the NCAA includes “sacks allowed” as a “run” attempt, I added sacks as a separate line item and subtracted sacks from the run column. This is shown in Chart  B.

Chart C brings it all together on which OLine better protects their QB. Louisville, of this group, is still #1 but Pitt is a very strong second. Virginia looks better than expected and Syracuse is just bad at almost 10% of adjusted total pass attempts resulting in sacks.

Pitt’s Oline is definitely better in pass protection. Now I need to refine Tackles for Loss (TFL) to show only the run portion of TFL.

Sorry about the long winded explanation. I like to show my work to get to a conclusion. And I like having fun with numbers.

Some defensive individual stats. From ESPN team stats and compared to NCAA statistics for accuracy.

I used the top 17 in tackles for both Pitt and Syracuse.

In total, Syracuse has 39 total team members who made a defensive stat. Nine of them were offensive players.  Pitt numbers are 46 total with six offensive players. Which team is getting more actual game snap players involved?

I expect Syracuse’s LB Mikel Jones and DE Roscoe Cody to be All ACC team selections.

Last but not least, turnover margins.

In South Carolina high school football action, Davis BeVille’s Greenville High School and Nate Temple’s Abbeville High School continue their march to state championships.

This year. marks the first time since the 1920’s that Greenville High has made it past the second round of the state playoffs.

This game will be a matchup of the stout Syracuse defense against the potent Pitt high powered offense. Syracuse offense is run oriented (#7 – 231 YPG). Pitt’s run defense is ranked #9 in rushing yards allowed per game. Syracuse pass offense is anemic gaining less yardage than Pitt’s rushing attack.                                                Pitt wins 38 – 13

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  1. As BigB pointed out last night, Ole Miss reached the 10 win regular season plateau for the first time ever. Somewhat amazing, considering both Archie and Eli played there

    And speaking of Ole Miss QBs, their QB is pretty darn good. I expect him to compete with Pickett for top QB drafted this coming year

    BTW, I’m so frustrated… I’m starting to believe maybe PITTino is the way to go. His 6-0 Iona Gails beat 10th ranked Alabama.

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  2. Incredible writeup. I haven’t seen detailed analysis like this in print or on line anywhere else ever.

    Big dilemma tomorrow. Tix for the UMBC game at 7. Pitt v Syracuse on TV at 730. These decisions are sooo stressful!

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    1. Thanks. I just figured that out. I thought that was the game time and then I Googled to check for sure and the first result said 7 pm. Pays to double check.


  3. Rich, thanks so much for this year’s articles.
    We really need this win and for Wake or NCST to come through on Saturday.

    I expect all close hard fought games. Pitt’s only blow out was New Hampshire.

    It is surprising that with this great offense, they couldn’t run away or pass away from anyone.

    The defense mostly wouldn’t allow it, and the offense stalled out many times when it could have just taken over.

    It has lead to a most exciting and pretty unexpected year.

    For some reason this has seemed like a long week and the night game makes it even longer.

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  4. As always, a thorough and stout analysis.

    And on an unrelated note, given that the Christmas season is upon us, I believe it is time for POVers to open their hearts to forgiveness and redemption…particularly when it involves Little Ricky Pitino assuming the role of head basketball coach and guiding our Panthers from the abyss of despair.
    And allow me to remind you, Let he among you without sin cast the first stripper…Er, I mean stone.

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    1. Funny Gasman. And, yes, we should believe that everyone has the opportunity for redemption. But, Pitino at Pitt. Please no.


      1. everyone deserves a 2nd(or 20th) chance so I’m forgiving Ricky 🙂

        but once here, he better not screw up!!!! he’s gone if he gets caught just 3(or a few more) times :>0


  5. Syracuse played well early this season with some very close losses. What ever happened its last two games is hard to figure. I’m expecting Syracuse to play us tough since they always seem to give us a tough game. And its really hard for me to believe that Pitt can get emotionally up for the game. Hope I’m wrong and Pitt gets an early lead and is able to substitute freely and stay healthy.

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    1. In Syracuse last 2 games, they have given up 9 of their 29 total sacks for the year and 22 TFL’s of 65 total. Is it injuries to the OLine causing Shrader to bale at first time of pressure. Cuse fans also think that opponents have figured out the Cuse pass attack is an annoyance not a threat.

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  6. Happy belated Thanksgiving. I posted 3 times yesterday but they all disappeared into space.

    As Major Major said, our Pitt ladies BBall team played well yesterday missing their best player. Tex AM is a very good team and will rank in top 20 next week. Pitt led off and on and was down only 2 with four minutes left. They just ran outa gas.
    I am very encouraged!


  7. Thank you for your incredible work all week Richard! Belated Thanksgiving or Happy Black Friday wishes to everyone. We all have much to be thankful for and the POV and the friendships that it has spawned are high on my list of things that I am thankful for.
    Based on Richard’s analysis to me Pitt would appear to be a lock as Pitt can stop the run and excels when facing mediocre QBs.
    Bernie mentioned the awful season ending game against a bad Boston College team a couple of years ago. I certainly hope this coaching staff won’t let that happen as that would reverse the positive momentum that has accrued leading up to Charlotte!

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  8. Richard, your efforts to make sense out of the avalanche of statistics is appreciated way beyond the
    smile emoji’s that are used too often to substitute for words.

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  9. Richard – a ton of info, thank you.

    “Marlowe Wax.” Now did you throw in a fictitious LB for the Orange to see if we were paying attention? 😊

    Interesting that their leading receiver has the same number of catches as Lucas Krull. Also interesting that between them, Krull and Bartholomew have 50 catches and 9 TDs. Hoping to see some more TDs this week…

    Syracuse always has a decent defense. I hope their RB isn’t the big freight-train type like BC’s Dillon. Dillon made our defenders look tiny and weak as he ran thru them. Our defense is built for speed, not tackling freight-trains…

    I expect the Orange to make it yet another Pitt football game full of drama…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Tucker is 5’10” 210lbs and has the chance to be the nations regular season leading rusher.

      The cuse D is ranked in the top 25 too.

      Recipe for a tight game full of drama.

      Pitt’s D is known for stopping the run and our offense is ranked in the top 5.

      Strength on strength – will Pitt be ready to be strong…


    2. No, Marlowe Wax is a real Syracuse LB. Actually, I was embarrassed by Ike’s catch and made up the fake name/stats rational.

      But the name Marlowe Wax does sound fake.

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  10. The stat that jumped out at me the most was sirvoccea dennis has 27 solo tackles. That seems low based on reputation but as I thought it through, the dbacks should always lead the team in tackles because most teams pass more than they run anymore.So are the DB’s really tackling or do they get credit for a tackle when they are the closest defender to an opponent catching a pass and running out of bounds or catching a pass while on the turf or falling to the ground?

    I don’t know the answer to that and don’t pretend to study stats other than W’s, and how often your running back gets TFL’D.


  11. Rich, as you’ve done all season, we are all thankful that you both enjoy working with numbers and are as excellent at it as you are. Great job.

    Sorry but I’m the contrarian view on the ‘Cuse game. No matter the score or who wins, Pitt wins if KP8, Addison, all RBs, the OL, Dennis/Bright/Mathis/Hill/Hallet are health at the end of the game.

    To me the only prize is the ACC championship, it’s something that the recruiters can sell and something that will be historical because it would be Pitt’s first (but hopefully not last) trophy of importance. If winning that game is the way Pitt gets to 10 wins, that is perfectly fine with me.

    Thus, I say bring on Patti, and all of next year’s starters. I think it would be a good idea for Dennis to get some licks in since he was only on the field for 3 plays last week. Also, let Petrishen play and be the guy who makes sure Pitt is in the right formations, and possibly Hallet in the d-backfield for the same reason.


  12. First things first, I was kidnapped yesterday, forced into our car and driven to our oldest sons house where I joined a bunch of my grand kids (5) with (2) MIA. Turns out I had a great day, who knew? It was good to get out of the house seeing my family together again.That’s without getting poked, prodded, stabbed, cut, and tested.

    Speaking of family, getting home early last evening I read the POV. I’ll never be able to thank the well wishers enough, just not enough words in the dictionary. Thank You all.

    Well a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

    Seems like we have too many POVers around here with serious health issues, hope you all feel better real soon. Never let it be said that POVers don’t play through pain.

    I sear, without actually swearing) that Richard is a miracle worker, crazy incredible. You guys figure what I just said? Thanks for your dedication and writings all year buddy. BUT! It’s hasn’t just been the bean counter show. Reed, I hope you all are hanging in there, while you have continued to run the show. Erie better known to me as Rick the psu enemy, also with weekly Good ,Bad and the Ugly. Great stuff RC. Hoping Rachel is still coming along well. Hey Rachel. JoeL with his random thoughts, not letting the POV to rot on the bush in between, while JoeL’s articles are well timed as well.

    Then there is Mike, The comeback part -time kid. I hope you stick around even if you only pop your head in once in a while. Hey Eric Wlat I never will forget about you. Use to be a Latrobean, wait a minute he still is a Latrobean (sp) He is the dedicated hitter or pinch hitter for the POV. Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone. This comment has been a work in progress with me walking away a few times.

    Every bit as important are the Frans, Wolfie, Markpt, Majors, Annie, BigDan72, VoR, TT, Jack, John Scooter, GC, K-man, Nate, PDaddy, jrn, Huff, isnore, pmd, Gasman, wwb, NRS, Tim and Frankmd….. and I know I missed a lot of you guys and gals some are obvious, sorry. << Don’t do this at home folks, I’ll never forgive myself after missing someone..

    OMG, The forever lurking— smiling Richman, << One of the biggest PITT fans around.

    Lastly my buddy Biggie-B / BigB and his great wife Jeanie B. Don’t even try and beat me Bernie with your ailing back. You know where to go if you need Therapy? I hear Markpt is one of the best. God bless you all ike/iek.

    I feel like I sold old my soul and health for PITT and 10 wins.. H2P!

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    1. ike— great post!

      And great to hear you were out visiting. All the best to you and your family.

      Hail to Pitt!


    2. Ike, always look forward to your POSITIVE posts. Glad you got to spend time with family. Nothing better.


  13. This ‘Cuse game has all the makings of a trap game, with Pitt showing no emotion and getting behind early. And then the ‘Cuse running game takes over… I suggest we start a rumor that “Cuse thinks Pitt is way overrated..

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    1. Buffalo has a really good secondary – Dane Jackson played yesterday because the starter Smith tweaked his knee.


  14. ACC opponents ranked NCAA running backs against Pitt:
    Games NCAA Against Pitt
    Name School Played Att Yard Rk Y/G Y/R Att Yds Y/R
    Sean Tucker Syracuse 11 233 1,467 3 133.4 6.30
    Mateo Durant Duke 11 233 1,173 11 106.6 5.03 24 89 3.71
    Ty Chandler UNC 11 167 1,004 28 91.3 6.01 14 42 3.00
    Garrett ShraderSyracuse11 157 783 63 71.2 4.99
    Jahmyr Gibbs Ga. Tech 11 141 745 72 67.7 5.28 10 (10) (1.00)
    Sam Howell UNC 10 152 726 77 72.6 4.78 17 28 1.65
    Will Shipley Clemson 8 112 556 130 69.5 4.96 10 52 5.20
    Rakeem Blackshear VT 11 103 550 130 50.0 5.34 7 18 2.57
    Kobe Pace Clemson 9 85 532 142 59.1 6.26 7 33 4.71
    Jaylan Knighton Miami 7 132 510 103 72.9 3.86 17 80 4.71

    Knigton’s (Miami) had a 40yard TD early in Miami game.


  15. OT — Inspirational story in the PG by Johnny McGonigal about a kidney transplant. Here’s the opening:

    “Mary Beth George, a strength and conditioning coach for Pitt volleyball, gymnastics and softball, was running errands when she received a call from her co-worker, Molly Trott, last month. At first, George didn’t believe what she was hearing.

    “How would Danny like a new kidney for Christmas?”

    George’s 4-year-old son, Daniel, suffers from Stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD). George and her husband, Bobby, had searched for a living donor match since May. And when their hopes were answered with a phone call from a colleague, George’s initial response was one of disbelief.”

    So it turns out both the donor (Molly Trott) and the mother (Mary Beth) of the boy getting the kidney are athletic trainers at Pitt.

    missingwlat pleased!

    Hail to Pitt!

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    1. Pitt VB did a fundraiser for Daniel at one of their games to offset the cost of surgery. Such a nice ending to what must be one of a parent’s worst nightmares.

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  16. Thanks, Rich for this post-grad class in fb stats.
    No surprise that lots of us have health issues considering that most of us are old enough to remember the Pitt golden years.
    Wishing yinz the best of health!

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    1. looks like both teams fans are screaming for them to stop running the ball 😉

      tied at 21 now

      38 run plays v 11 pass plays for Nebraska


  17. And Iowa storms back for the win. 27-21

    I saw that Dayton upset Kansas in Mens BBall. Why can’t we go get that coach? At least he won’t sit back and think his name will sell the program ala Capel. He will actually go out and sell recruits in person! Maybe hire real assistant coaches vs has been former HCs.
    I cannot find 6 games this team will win?

    Pitt ladies taking on NWestern tied early. No Everett. Ugh.

    Heading to a sleezy bar tomorrow with other Pitt Fan Comcasters to watch Cuse. Hope we get out alive!


    1. Positive football vibes Dan, positive vibes. 😁🍸

      As for basketball, please explain to me Capel’s offensive sets. To me, it seems like his scheme is pass the ball around the perimeter until the shot clock is at 10, then rush a shot or pick and roll at the top of the key. Whatever it is, it stinks.


      1. More and more I see little aggressiveness in Pitt’s offense.
        Agree with your analysis. But….
        Pitt is simply not athletic or talented enough on offense so they need to use much clock every time down the floor. If they attack aggressively early in the count, they’ll get blown out 9 out of 10 times. It’s a very sad/bad situation made worse with no Hope to n the horizon!


  18. This is a good game for Danielson and company to stuff the run. LBs need to hold their gaps. Safeties can’t cheat to get tackles.


    1. Our best safety will be on the sideline for the first half watching (#9 Hill) serving his targeting penalty.

      Need to see good tackling and offensive TD’s instead of FG’s.

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  19. Pitt women’s BB beats Northwestern 72-60. Impressive win for Pitt as they were missing top scorers Jayla Everett and Day Harris.

    Pitt has become a fierce rebounding team. Out rebounded NW 49 to 27.

    Liatu King is becoming the Kenny Pickett of the women’s team. She only had 23 points and 19 rebounds tonight.

    This team has some potential, especially if they can find a way to cut down on the turnovers – still 22 tonight in a 12 point win against a good team.

    Go Pitt.

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    1. BTW, Liatu King is a 6-foot sophomore.

      A tidbit – Liatu’s mother is deaf. The first language Liatu learned was sign language! An impressive young lady.

      Go Pitt.

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  20. Richard – thanks for the post and for all the work this season. Appreciate you stepping up.
    Interesting sacks allowed stat – and another indication that the OL has improved over last year.

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    1. You’re right about that OL, JoeL. I believe it is also set up favorably for next year. I read OT Warren Carter has 1 year of eligibility remaining. I also read most draftniks have him going in the 3/4 round range. Who knows, maybe he’d like to return to improve his ranking ala #8. We shall see; although I believe he has developed into a very good left tackle.

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  21. Going to be down to Wake, think we’re going to see Clemson. If you want to be the Champ you got to beat the Champ, twice!


  22. JoeL – Coach Palko has Mt. Lebanon football rolling thru the playoffs like a juggernaut.

    Beat Erie McDowell tonight 47-14.

    Go Pitt.

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  23. I don’t think BC has the defense to stop Wake Forest. They certainly don’t have the firepower to match the Deacons in a shootout.


    1. We can beat NC State if we play well.. Will have to watch the Wake game to get some idea on how we match up with them. Let’s just say I didn’t want to have to face Clemson for the second time after watching them dismantle Wake last weekend.


  24. Switched from the UNC- Nc St game for just a few minutes when it appeared the Tarholes were going to win it.

    Glad that Clemson is out, but the Pack is balanced.


  25. Dan72, leave my alma mater’s bball coach alone, also he’s a former UD basketball star, who hopefully wants to stay where his heart is.

    UNC is a flaming dumpster fire, blowing the onside kick and giving up 14 points in 26 seconds to lose the game. Mack may be a great recruiter but leaves alot to be desired as a game day coach. Nothing about NC St’s team scares me much. Their defense is aggressive but so many yards given up rushing and their QB is wholly unimpressive. Don’t think he threw a pass more than 20 yards downfield until the TD at the end to win.

    Pitt would be a big favorite against them, but then again it was a big favorite over VA and we know how that went.


    1. Leary is the same QB who relaxed the starter at Heinz a couple of years ago and led the Pack the length of the field to score a winning TD with little time on the clock…..we have very few wins vs the Pack in FB… State’s coach was the D co-ordinaries at Wisky prior to taking the Raleigh gig… he has gone up against Narduzzi guise a few times…


  26. Rich,
    Love the stats! The % protect is a really good O-line stat. Wonder what the national rankings are on that one.

    (Formerly “LA Panther”)

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    1. I have no idea on national average.
      I do have ACC stats on run/pass breakdown for the 2019 & 2020 seasons and will have for 2021 once season ends.
      I can do the sack % thing sometime after January 2022 at least for ACC. I also plan to add the %protect stat to future upcoming game review.


  27. Richard thanks for your excellent articles this year… ya just can’t get that kind of detail on a regular basis ANYWHERE… no wonder the POVert Nation is the most informed and intelligent fan (sub-base “)in the nation…. anything ya need to know and a POVert can render a correct opinion 100% of the time…”Bring on Clemson!!!” Haha…. Hope we get Wake..not State

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  28. I’ll try posting for the fourth time in four days. None of the others made it to print. Frustrating.

    First, thanks to JoeL for the wrap-up of the tailgating season. Makes me sad that it is over.

    Richard, as others have said, great job all year. I have no idea where you come up with all the stats. Unless you are just making them up.

    Finally, I’m glad the Lady Panther basketballers snapped our minor losing streak yesterday. Volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball all stumbled this week. Lots of action today. Men’s basketball at 2. Men’s soccer in the third round of the NCAA Tourney at 4. Women’s basketball at 5:45. And of course the football game at Syracuse at 7:30. Will we go 4 for 4? Probably not.

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    1. Farmers – Thanks. I find all my stat info on two sites. NCAA statistics (team & individual) http://stats.ncaa.org/rankings?sport_code=MFB&division=11

      or ESPN team stats using “statistics” https://www.espn.com/college-football/teams

      Some stats I use an excel spreadsheet (QB stats), other I just copy & paste into my spreadsheet.

      The hard part for me is reading whatever I can find on an opponent blog(s) site and tying into the stats to come up with some interesting background and factoids.

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  29. No matter who we play, it is always a tight, close game that can go either way.
    I expect that again tonight and next week.
    It is a shame that with such a great offense we never blow anyone up or out.

    Changing subjects, you wonder if a lot of guys from UNC will hit the portal, so much talent,
    such poor results. They sent a home crowd home like we have been sent home many times.

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  30. Wake game at noon on ESPN2 for all of you POV scouts
    Another year with no Comcast deal for ACCN. Really unacceptable.
    Love to know the details on why?

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        1. I have Hulu+Live and it saved me over $100/ mth from cable. Just got a notice they are increasing rates nominally but will add some channels (Disney+ so I can watch the Beatles 3 part series)!


    1. Comcast is the worst….I have to succumb to those tyrants for my internet. Won’t use their TV package. I use OTA with a roof antenna and don’t miss any of the other trash they offer. Have been for the last 30 years.


    1. Heather needs to keep this coaching staff together since Basketball is a disaster, although she better be doing her due diligence. Stability has finally paid off for one season.

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      1. Just think if Narduzzi imploded this year too…no wonder he’s so happy KP came back for another year. (Heather too for that matter).


  31. Just read NC State has ONE ten win season in their history. No way WF loses to BC today.

    Bring home our 10th today!!! Hail to Pitt.


  32. Never going to happen but I’d like to see our tight ends especially Bartholomew used more today as well as the running game. With Whipple it will be the KP and Addison show, hard to argue with that, but our defense is going to play a physical team tonight, and keeping them on the sidelines as much as possible would be a good thing.

    Need that 10th win.

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  33. So, while we are waiting for tonight’s game and maybe watching the Wake/BC game, what are your thoughts about which assistant coaches we may lose after this season?


    1. Too early to talk off season. Chance for 12 wins, ACC championship and year end high ranking. 😀


  34. Note that this has been an ACC season of last minute wins. In fact, Pitt would have needed to win today had not Miami lost to FSU in the last minute when it looked they had the game wrapped up

    I keep telling you all that head-scratching losses is not just a Pitt Phenomenon. It happens everywhere.

    Be glad you’re not a Cornhusker fan. Nebraska just lost to Iowa 28-21 having giving up only one TD on defense. And, they finished 3-9 with ALL 9 losses by single digits (including OSU). They were 1-8 in the league despite the fact they scored the same amount of points that they gave up.

    Just 20 years ago, Nebraska was elite

    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. Excellent point, WWB. Same goes for coaches mistakes. They all make them. It is only when we are watching another ACC game with implications for Pitt that we question calls by other coaches. Coaches have seconds to decide on a play. We have all day to critique it.

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  35. PMD – I will go one step further and suggest that the loss of Chris Beatty will be felt for this class and next years class for sure. Not sure if Nardstop and the AD allowed for a tag team recruiting duo to work the VA market.

    I would rank our best recruiters as Charlie P, Brennan M and Archie Collins, Manalanc. I just don’t see east coast, VA/DC/NJ ties, except for our old guys. My concern is with Hafley at BC and Schiano at Rutgers. Those two can recruit and have deep ties along the east coast. Our new guys aren’t established in the recruiting hotbeds….

    This question in conjunction with the Fab22 caused me to look at the state and I saw State Penn leading the way for recruits, but that Schiano made some in-roads out east too. We can pooh pooh recruiting rankings all we want, but at the end of the day, the teams that consistently recruit high ranked classes, perform really well each year. At some point we need to hit on a recruiting superstar as we did with Charlie P.

    Not really sure if it matters to me who we lose as an asst coach as I did not see any one coach that isn’t replaceable with another similar coach.


    1. We need to keep B Marion as WR coach. He finally has our guys running good routes and CATCHING the ball! We no longer lead the country in drops.


  36. Cutting the ACCN cord after the Cuse game tonight. The ACC is the laughing stock of college football conferences for not having a deal with Comcast. It is the ACC’s gift to the non North Carolina northern football fans. H2P

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  37. Richard – great write up, as usual! You make my head hurt reading your analysis! (My problem, not yours.)

    To comments above about lack of blowouts this year – or ever. When Nard thinks he has a “good” lead approaching Q4, he values clock, more than more points, and brings in a fresh Rodney. Our OL has usually worn down the opponent’s DL, and Nard and Whip figure they can run successfully, and that the D can hold the point margin.there have been a few games (think unc and UVA, and WMU & Cuba – I mean miami) where the Q4 score required more offense, but Nard likes to ram the ball down the opponent’s throat whenever he gets the chance.

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  38. Question for the POV IT team:
    Why can I “like” a comment only if it has not any other “like” attached to it?
    Never happened before…

    Plans today are to fill up a Dumpster post home addition, drink some beer and tailgate for the psuX and Pitt games with the neighborhood unwashed masses.
    (Kind of like an outdoor dive bar on the river) 😎

    Post game its back to the Dumpster for a victory cigar and another photo op glancing to the future with a pensive look..🤣🤣

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  39. UNC’s coach Mack Brown has really not been the world beater everyone thought he would be. Great recruiter but makes poor use of the talent. NC State is a dangerous team! I am hoping for a Wake Forest win today.

    Good luck to all four of Pitt’s teams competing today!

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  40. Good news? It’s being reported that BC may have 10 players out with the flu. Not sure which ones

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  41. The article for the FB thread is written by UlteriorMotifs and is a fun piece to read. I think you’ll enjoy it this evening and I hope he decides to contribute more often…

    Maybe a piece on why PN left Pitt for the head job at Cincinnati.

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  42. Post season awards beginning to roll out – PFF All-ACC Team:

    ACC Offensive Player of the Year – Kenny Picket

    First-Team All-ACC
    QB-Kenny Pickett
    WR-Jordan Addison
    DI-Calijah Kancey

    Second-Team All-ACC
    ED-Habakkuk Baldonado

    Third-Team All-ACC
    TE-Gavin Bartholomew
    LG-Marcus Minor
    RG-Jake Kradel

    Honorable Mentions
    LT-Carter Warren
    LB-Phil Campbell III
    LB-John Petrishen
    CB-Marquis Williams
    CB Damarri Mathis

    Interesting that our two best LB’s are missing (Cam Bright and SirVocea Dennis) – how can that be?


    1. I just noticed they (PFF) even spelled KP8’s last name wrong as the Offensive POY – now that is offensive…


      1. It would be great…if Mike Tomlin made South Bend…..a destination. lol

        But the Stillers seem content being saddled with him.


        1. Interesting because I doubt Tomlin wants to do a re-build at this point in his career – especially since he never had to do one – but that’s certainly what the Steelers’ need…

          (I think I read where Tomlin makes $8 million a year with Steelers. Peanuts for colleges!! 😊)

          Go Pitt.


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