Happy Thanksgiving from Joe L.!

Reed`s note: May I add that it has been heartwarming to see everyone chip in to keep The Pitt POV up and running. As Joe says below; it is hard to describe to someone who isn’t already a reader on here. Just this afternoon I was in a gym and got into a conversation with a guy who went to Pitt. As I introduced myself he looked a bit startled and asked if I wrote a blog. He then told me he has a college classmate who calls him all the time to talk about the POV articles. He was really happy so I asked if he wanted to buy it! My thanks on this day to you all…and to my son, who is a true fighter and a great friend.

Its hard to believe that we are approaching the final regular season! Seems like just yesterday a group of POVers were sitting on the patio at Meadia Heights Golf Club in Lancaster, regaling one another with tales of monster drives, putts rolling off greens and fortuitous bounces…then turning to prognostications about the upcoming football season.

Well, no matter how the next three games go….

Wait just one minute! The BS detector in my office just started chirping. Its either a bad battery or  sharp as it ever was 😉

Actually, how the next three games go is of vital importance in determining just what kind of season we’ve all witnessed this fall. Coach Narduzzi said it perfectly yesterday in his press conference when he said something to the effect of not walking into a living and bragging that the team was ranked in November. Its how one finishes that matters. Even his harshest critics must concede that he’s on the mark there.

I was (and to be honest still) a bit concerned that he is glancing past Dino Baber’s squad. Hopefully his remarks to the contrary have permeated into the minds of the entire staff and players.

Otherwise, we will see something akin to the Boston College loss in 2019 when AJ Dillon marched right through Pitt’s nationally ranked rushing defense and Kenny Pickett had zero TDs. The highest scorer for Pitt in that game was Alex Kessman. Anyone else remember that dung-heap of a game?

This year’s Syracuse team bring that same kind of game and like BC in 2019, it needs the game to become bowl eligible.  I hope our guys are getting in the right frame of mind as they enjoy Thanksgiving together before heading north. I understand that Jordan Addison’s mom is coming to Pgh to cook for Jordan and his buddies… guessing there will be other moms doing the same, thankful to spend time with their sons and teammates.

Im very thankful to have “spent time” with Jordan and his buddies this fall. What a season it has been – so far. But, also thankful for:

  • This space, where we gather to share thoughts, joy and disappointment with one another. Thanks to Reed, Richard, Erie and Maestro for keeping it going. It’s a unique place – one that is really hard to describe to other people without getting a puzzled stare in return.
  • The health of many of us who have encountered and endured health challenges in the past year. A wink/hug to Brother Ike and prayers/appreciation for places like Johns Hopkins so that folks have a chance to win their fights.
  • Red5A and its cornerstones, Fran and Wolfe. They are the type of fans you want to hang with. But then, if you have been there you know what I mean. The Red5A regulars who show up game in and game out and make games a can’t miss event. Gordon, Major, Annie, Rich, Bill/Lisa, Scooter, PittPT, Erie and his Mrs., Kman&co., BigAl and LizL… who’d I miss?! The  UVA pregame was nothing short of a Fransgiving. Nice way to finish the home season.
  • The POV celebrities & others who make the journey when they can. Dan, Richard, The B’s: Jeannie and Biggie, Mattintheville, AtlPanther and newly retired ChrisL…who’d I miss?!
  • Those cinnamon rolls that Farmers has been feeding me. Not exactly in line with the ideals of my intermittent fasting regimen, but everything in moderation – including moderation. Weekdays are for salads after all – haha
  • The conscience posters of the POV who keep it real and ground us when we’ve ingested too much Pitt helium. Can’t debate a point without other POV’s. And thankful for the adult-like debate that germinated post-lockdown this fall.
  • The return to relevance of the FB program. Its nice to be part of the national discussion again.

And thankful for the best tweet of the year…

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families.


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  1. What happened to the other comments?

    Fun watching Weaver and Jones again.
    I think Jurkovec is going pro. Down year for QB’s.


    1. Gordon – the earlier version of the article was posted by Pitt-Cocks. Reed’s comments got added and Richard’s editing – which included adding “GC” in the Red5A regulars for me was inadvertently dropped.

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  2. Watching this replay is a reminder of how many great players went pro last year.
    Makes this season even more amazing.


  3. Well
    We have all watched some horrific games. That is why we are like abused spouses. My favorite is when the guy missed the 23 yard field goal against Duke.
    Duke was ranked and dominated the game. I leaned over to my wife and said I cannot believe we are going to win.
    We didn’t!
    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  4. Here are the last bunch of comments from various articles – sorry but can’t find deleted ones from the previous article posted today:

    Pitt PT

    In reply to ike.
    ike, if you are jonesing for some eggs I’ll bust through the embargo to get some eggs to you😎


    In reply to JoeL.
    Sort of OT. I lived in Hershey across the highway from the Reese’s plant, which was on the hill about the sewage treatment plant. On Wednesday nights, they roasted the peanuts—which was OK. But, on those nights when it was foggy and no air was moving, the mixed smell of the peanuts and the sewage plant ruined me for ever eating a Peanut Butter Cup.


    In reply to Erie Express.
    Don’t forget Gavin Bartholomew from Schuylkill Haven


    did anyone laugh hysterically or have the most twisted(WTF) facial expression hearing one of the ACCN game announcers say this was a big “signature win” for Vandy over Pitt


    these announcer idiots must have a list of words or phrases that they keep in front of them during broadcasts and then get paid to fit into their far too often asinine commentary

    either that or they throw them out so that they can have belly busting laughs over beers telling stories to each other between games….. THAT excuse I’d understand 🙂


    Wishful thinking is all that I can say about anyone who thinks Pitt BB has a good chance to win any game this year. Will they actually be favored in any ACC game this season?


    At least the weather will be nice in St. Thomas!


    OT — Rough night for Panther sports. Will likely continue tomorrow when the women’s BB team takes on Lone Star State A&M in the Paradise Jam in St. Thomas.

    A&M won the SEC championship last season and was picked to finish 3rd this season. Their Coach has only been there 19 years!

    We should not be in their “league” – so it will be interesting to see how well we can compete.

    On Friday, Pitt plays Northwestern. Saturday, it’s South Dakota State. Hoping for 2 out of 3.

    Go Pitt.


    How about no reinforcements on the way in 2022. No one wants to play at Pitt because they know Capel is on thin ice. Empty seats galore for the sixth straight year, no recruits coming, no good grad transfers either, can’t afford a buyout. Year seven will be just as bad.


    Capel had a 2 game winning streak……maybe Heather gave him another contract extension. Seems to be the trend. Results don’t matter….in Inversion World ! 🙂


    Santos made a few 3’s against Towson. I think I could make a 3 against them.

    Tonite he was 1 for 8. So the jury is still out on him….although he does have good shooting form.
    So maybe some hope. But right now it’s just that…hopium.


    Crazy but it really makes you miss X. At least he was entertaining at times.


  5. Dennis Dodd causing a firestorm on Twitter today

    Duzz’s camp is probably leaking stories to get a pay raise after seeing Franklin and Tucker

    I highly doubt this is anything except propaganda

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    1. Thanks Fran. We’ll certainly need something…as we’re part of the Pitt Walking Wounded.
      Day to day basis. Some days I can and some days I can’t !
      Happy Turkey Day to you & yours !


  6. Happy Thanksgiving POVerts from BigB and JeanieB… I am holed up in this God- forsaken flatland of eastern NC with a sacrifice-iliac joint that won’t behave!!!! Only the 2nd Thanksgiving I have missed going home to Pennsylvania in 47 years… folks, there is “ no place like home!!” Anyway, got to nurse this back so I can come off injured reserve and be in the POVert starting line-up in Charlotte on December the 4th….Gang, we got a 2 game losing streak going into Saturday’s game with a VB and BB losses… the Syracuse game will have so much to do with what these PITT gridders have going on between their (eers)… this is the toughest game the will play all year… the Orangemen will come out ready to punch the Panthers in the mouth… guaranteed…..as always we will be on the edge of ours seats until the final whistle…. Another week another stress test- PITT football shows me weekly my heart is strong- if they could only fix my aching back!!!!

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  7. While I’m not Down on Duzz like a large handful of others, I can’t imagine him going anywhere. He just doesn’t seem to fit in to where any of the openings. Especially since Tucker re-upped with Mich St

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  8. Duzz needs to deliver on at least 2 if not 3 victories in the up- coming games… that will give leverage from the drivers seat… reminds of the military bowl when he had the opportunity to get win #9 … ( shoulda pulled Nate and plugged in Chad)… coulda been a game changer for the program early on … that’ s water under the under bridge…just win Panthers…. It’s (almost) a special season IMO… if I am Narduzzi on Saturday evening I scream at the team “ Remember Western Michigan… let’s play that game over TONIGHT!!!”

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  9. The POV has been therapy for me//the good, bad and ugly of Pitt sports. I am still recovering from a broken hip in June (don’t break a hip folks), however, I am showing major signs of improvement.
    I will be with my children and granddaughter for Thanksgiving Dinner with an empty seat for my wife of 51 years lost to Alzheimer’s.

    It is no secret that I bleed Blue and Gold and although I am not a frequent poster like many on the POV I truly love the give and take of the amazing Panther fanbase.

    Reed, Ike and all others in need of G-d’s medical help I hope that this Thanksgiving brings hope and joy to you and your families .

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    1. isnore… always good to hear from you… hang in there with that hip…hope you continue to progress.. most of our group is of the age that we need a repair shop to keep moving forward… but that’s the name of the game, eh??? Push on… Happy tThsnksgiving to you and your family.

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    2. Amen! I was able to drive my car this week but still need the leg brace for another 5-7 weeks. God is good.
      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  10. Best wishes, ike. Whatever you are doing (or cooking) on this holiday, we POVers wish you nothing but the best and a speedy return to good health. To say you are the backbone and a key member of the POV’s success is an understatement! Hopefully, you are enjoying a nice Thanksgiving with some turkey and maybe a special dish or two. And are enjoying the success of this Panther football season!

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  11. JoeL – that’s an outstanding, well-written article. Hats off to you 👍

    I’m thankful for many, many things including getting a couple of grandkids in my old age.

    I’m thankful that the POV celebrities – and you know who you are – have managed to remain humble and approachable in the face of all the adulation they receive. 😊

    I’d like to thank Reed for his vision of a POV where members would not only engage on this site, but would be able to meet face-to-face to talk Pitt football. And the guy who stepped up to make that happen was Fran – who invited all POVers to his tailgate. And as a bonus we got Wolfe and Scooter and George Aston and Dave Havern and so many others…

    Thoughts and prayers for Reed and his son.

    Go Pitt.

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  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Please wait until the season is over Heather before you even think about giving Narduzzi an extension. It is laughable that people think LSU, USC, Miami, or anyone else with more money wants him. It would be best for all if you wait until after next season before you do anything. I am willing to take my chances this is all a bluff to get more money! Do not be like PUS and do something stupid!

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  13. I am on oven duty at the present, so this post will not fully articulate how thankful I am for the POV and its brethren. I won’t name names, but you all know who you are. Only a little over 2 years after my kidney transplant, I remain very thankful every day for all of the blessings of life, and I absolutely consider my POV relationships to be one of those blessings. A special shout out to Reed, Ike and any other POVert who is facing current health challenges.

    Looking forward to seeing many of you on Friday, as Panther Nation will be taking over Charlotte.

    Hail to Pitt!!!

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    1. Seeing you at the POV Open in Lancaster blew me away. You looked great (and still do).

      Folks, this guy was crushing the ball as well that day.

      Modern medicine is really something.

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  14. One quick follow up….

    Additional eliminations from the “Meadia Heights POV Golf Outing Pre Season Pitt Football Predictions”, following our win over the Hoos: Lastrowofsection4: 8-4. Thanks for playing Fran. Also “Al”, who is a regular reader, not poster, picked 8-4.

    Still alive: Sam (non-poster, also my father-in-law), myself and Pitt in the Ville (previously incorrectly identified as PittPT).


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    1. Let’s pull for Mike Leach ( one of my favorite” character”coaches) to upset Ole Miss in the egg bowl tonight… will give PITT room to move up if the TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. Saturday……!!!!!


  15. A factoid that illustrates how difficult it is to hire the right football coach — according to Starkey, over the past decade, FBS schools have paid more than $500 million in dead money to fired coaches…

    Go Pitt.

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      1. My kid said to me after I gave him the “do you think money grows on trees around here” statement. “Well dad, techinically, money does grow on trees”.

        He got a 10 minute misconduct……

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  16. I am not one for commenting here, so I will make this short. I am thankful for each of you daily, despite our diversity of thought at times. Thankful that we all can share and not be canceled. I am thankful for all those that are still with us and grateful for those that are no longer with us, but helped our community prosper. Enjoy the day, everyday!

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  17. The PG’s annual Fabulous 22 football players list shows how far W. Pa has fallen in recruits. Maybe five or six of the 22 are going to big-time schools.

    The one sophomore on the list was offered by Pitt as a freshman.

    Pitt commit Sean Fitzsimmons is on the list – “one of the best defensive linemen in the state”…

    Go Pitt.


  18. I think its a virtual certainty that Duzz gets a contract extension and a healthy raise after this surprisingly successful season.

    And in a fair world half of his raise should go to Kenny Pickett. If KP8 doesn’t come back this is a 6 win team and Duzz’s seat gets warmer.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Pitt fans.


  19. I did bet Ike that if PN won nine regular season games he’d take a better job offer. I still think that the belief is that if he can win nine plus games at Pitt, who nationally is not highly regarded, then he could thrive at better recruiting schools.

    We’ll see.

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    1. Narduzzi has the job he wants living in the region he wants. He doesn’t move the needle for the fan bases at any of these openings.


  20. Targeting should be replaced with an unnecessary roughness call with a 15 yard penalty.. just my opinion… just saw a Raider make a hit on a Cowboy receiver just like we witnessed at Heinz last Saturday


  21. BigB, get to the chiropractor for that bad back! Until then, a little turkey and stuffing should help get your mind off of it! Hopefully, you can get to a TV that is carrying Saturday’s game unlike us poor souls who have Comcast..

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  22. Miss State with 3 dropped passes in a row that would have been TD’s. Their FG kicker then proceeded to miss his 2nd of the half.

    Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving weekend! We have a lot to be thankful for…

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    1. WOW… 1st time Ole Miss has won 10 games during the regular season in school history… who woulda THUNK!!! “10” is a very nice number… 10-2 is so much nicer than 9-3 … Get 10 PITT!!!

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  23. OT – The women’s BB team lost by 11 to Lone Star State A&M in the Paradise Jam in St. Thomas. But it’s not as bad as that sounds.

    —Pitt played without their top scorer in Jayla Everett. Why she didn’t play, I don’t know.

    —In a low scoring slugfest, both teams shot under 30% for the game, Pitt took the lead with 4 minutes left to play, but then A&M hit some threes and pulled away.

    —Without Jayla, Pitt was 0 for 6 from 3.

    —Liatu King – who I’ve been hoping would play more — had 10 points and 19 rebounds. 19 rebounds!

    —A&M is ranked #23 and won the SEC last season…

    Going to be tough for Pitt to win if Jayla is not on the trip because this team otherwise struggles to score. Turnovers remain a big problem. Day Harris had a good game but she is playing limited minutes as she comes back from knee surgery.

    Go Pitt.


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