26 thoughts on “Vandy at Pitt Basketball Open Thread

  1. Santos shooting threat gives Pitt a chance. Don’t know what’s going on w Hugley? Pouting maybe. He has the potential to be Pitt’s best player.
    I’d go Burton second half. Good D by Pitt but that can’t last based on late hot shooting by Vandy. Pitt has a chance to win a close one but a better chance to get blown out.


    1. Santos made a few 3’s against Towson. I think I could make a 3 against them.

      Tonite he was 1 for 8. So the jury is still out on him….although he does have good shooting form.
      So maybe some hope. But right now it’s just that…hopium.


  2. This is literally some of the worst basketball I’ve seen from college players and the coaching is non-existent (I’m referring to Pitt).

    Horrendous to watch. My eyes are bleeding 🩸 watching this monstrosity.

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  3. 23 looks out of shape

    11 has no touch on his shot

    2 gets beat on D every other time down the court

    Yet we are only down 3 with under 10 minutes to play


  4. 14 of 40 FG….seriously…do any of these kids practice shooting outside of practice,

    And it’s not only Pitt…across the nation, Just some real garbage basketball. Coast to Coast.


  5. Garbage coaching – Capel must go!

    I know the players play, but this team looks clueless. Not one player seems to execute fundamental skills. That is on the coaches. Vandy on a 55-28 run since the 10 minute mark of the 1st period.


  6. Jeff Capel and staff are an embarrassment to the university.

    At least Stallings’ last team had the highest GPA in team history and abided to the Mission Statement.

    I remember people trashing Danny Hurley after he turned Pitt down. At least he had his team playing like one should in year four of his tenure. Capel never moved forward and is going backward.

    This isn’t getting fixed anytime soon. This program might reach 10 consecutive losing seasons.

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  7. Vandy gave us Stallings and now they are giving us a butt whooping.

    And the free throw shooting is atrocious. 6th graders are better than this…


  8. So blow out it is! Typical of a young untalented team. They got frustrated and stopped playing defense. It will be like this all year. Get used to it.

    Vandy can shoot. They knew Pitt couldn’t, but no excuse for Vandy having 16 fast break points and Pitt 0. Well actually there is an excuse, Pitt is an untalented poorly coached mess ! As one who taught shooting for 16 years, this was unwatchable!

    So sorry for others who choose to


  9. Pathetic performance to get blown out at home. Well at least it wasn’t The Citadel.

    I didn’t think Jerry Stackhouse could out coach anyone. Wrong on that one.


  10. Capel had a 2 game winning streak……maybe Heather gave him another contract extension.

    Seems to be the trend. Results don’t matter….in Inversion World ! 🙂


  11. How about no reinforcements on the way in 2022. No one wants to play at Pitt because they know Capel is on thin ice. Empty seats galore for the sixth straight year, no recruits coming, no good grad transfers either, can’t afford a buyout. Year seven will be just as bad.


  12. OT — Rough night for Panther sports. Will likely continue tomorrow when the women’s BB team takes on Lone Star State A&M in the Paradise Jam in St. Thomas.

    A&M won the SEC championship last season and was picked to finish 3rd this season. Their Coach has only been there 19 years!

    We should not be in their “league” – so it will be interesting to see how well we can compete.

    On Friday, Pitt plays Northwestern. Saturday, it’s South Dakota State. Hoping for 2 out of 3.

    Go Pitt.


  13. did anyone laugh hysterically or have the most twisted(WTF) facial expression hearing one of the ACCN game announcers say this was a big “signature win” for Vandy over Pitt


    these announcer idiots must have a list of words or phrases that they keep in front of them during broadcasts and then get paid to fit into their far too often asinine commentary

    either that or they throw them out so that they can have belly busting laughs over beers telling stories to each other between games….. THAT excuse I’d understand 🙂

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