2021 Season – Virginia Cavaliers

Pitt is coming off an overtime win against the North Carolina Tar Heels. Without rehashing the game details, my mental/emotional state started with anxiety. Moved to the joy of a blowout game. Later changed to “what is  happening”. Then concern over “what is happening”. Then the stark realization that we could blow this game and stomping off to get another beer. Praying for a stop and the sheer exuberance of a win and the joy of it all cascading throughout me. Pitt now stands alone at the top of the Coastal division.

This Saturdays opponent, the Virginia Cavaliers (VA, Cavs) is the stumbling block on the way to a Pitt Coastal division title. Playing without their starting QB (Brennan Armstrong), the Cavs lost 28 – 3 to Notre Dame.

ACC standings and Duke and Pitt’s year to date schedules.

Currently Duke and Georgia Tech will be spending the holidays at home. Of the remaining twelve ACC teams six teams are bowl eligible (minimum six wins – .500 record). Without checking the remaining schedule of each team, the other six could be bowl eligible. BTW, here is the link to the ACC bowl affiliations for 2021. 2021 ACC Bowl Affiliations – Atlantic Coast Conference (theacc.com) . Some new ones. Lost some old ones.

If you want to make comparisons of common opponents, go ahead. The problem is that there is only three- Georgia Tech, Miami, and Duke.

Here are the NCAA stats for team and individual comparison. Those highlighted in yellow are what I consider are Virginia advantages.

I believe this stat comparison has the fewest among of highlighted advantages. Virginia has a great offense but Pitt is better. Defensively, both teams wish they could be better but overall Pitt has an advantage.

On to the individual stats. Of course, starting with the QB’s I have shorted the list by only showing the individual game stats for the expected or (in Virginia’s case, their fingers crossed) starters – Kenny Pickett and Brennan Armstrong. For all others,  I am using a summary line combining all the QB’s and trick play gunners.

I will be highlighting transfer portal entries in green and those who have entered the portal in light orange.

The ever popular running backs/receiver category. ESPN stats and if needed adjusted to NCAA totals.

Keyaon Thompson is listed as a QB but lines up as a running back, wide receiver, and as a (direct snap) wildcat QB. On the Virginia athletic department football roster, he is listed as a “FP” – Football Player.

Devin Darrington is a Grad transfer from Harvard. He was a 1’st team Ivy league selection in 2019. The Ivy league did not play in 2020. Dontavious Wicks is the Cav’s Jordan Addison.

Games played and started for offensive linemen.

I am assuming the last three players listed on the Pitt side are walk-ons that played in the Duke game. Good for them. They have a memory and story to tell of their college football experience.

How are they protecting the QB and opening holes for the running backs?

IMO, Pitt’s Oline is better.

Some defensive individual stats. From ESPN team stats and compared to NCAA statistics for accuracy.

I used the top 17 in tackles for both Pitt and Virginia. Why, you ask?’ Because the Cav’s only have 17 players who broke double digits. The 18’th Virginia player only has seven tackles. In total, Pitt now has 45 and Virginia 48 players who made at least one tackle (solo or assisted)/sack/pass defended (PD)/interception/forced fumble(FF)/ fumble recovered(FR).

I did add some stats to compare the “chosen seventeen” to Team totals.

Of the 48 Virginia players with at least one defensive stat, 11 were identified as an  offensive player (QB, RB, WR, TE or OLinemen).  Pitt had 5 offense player make at least one defensive play. This finally makes senses to me if you look at the turnover margins.

In last Fridays South Carolina High School football playoff results, Nate Temple’s Abbeville won 49 – 34. Abbeville is on track to win their 8’th state championship in the last nine years. Of the other game of note, Davis Beville’s Greenville High beat defending state champions A.C. Flora 27 – 26. My brother and I were in attendance to watch my grandson’s high school football career end on a low note.

PITT Beats Virginia

The question is the score. If the Cavaliers start and play Brennan Armstrong 48 – 34. If Armstrong cannot play 42 – 13. H2P

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  1. I see Kenny P is now using Jamie Dixon’s hair stylist

    Just like the UNC game, this would appear to be a major offensive shootout. So, will it be or will it turn out like last week? In either case, Pitt does appear to be the better defense. That should mean something (I hope)

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  2. Richard – that’s a ton of good information. Appreciate you taking the time.

    But my favorite part was your first paragraph! Ditto for me on the Pitt-game emotions…

    Go Pitt.

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  3. —I’d feel better if Taysir Mack was available for this game.

    —I hope Coach Marion worked the WRs this week on coming back to the ball when KP is scrambling…

    —Also expecting to see KP dump the ball to the RBs and Bartholomew in the flat a lot this week, with UVA dropping into coverage like UNC did…

    Go Pitt.


  4. Hopefully, Stovall and JS-L are back healthy to give Kenny more options to throw to. Whipple needs to adjust if Virginia models what Carolina did after the first quarter.

    Defensively, keep tackling with discipline.

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    1. Seems like our opponents make adjustments to stop us or score more… they are evident for all to see… has anybody ever seen our coaching staff make adjustments..???


  5. Let’s see SEVERAL passes to Blue Mountain Bart…Interesting things happen when that dude gets his hands on the ball!!!!!! Rock’m..Sock’m….

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    1. Which begs the question of why Whipple never called another pass play for him past the 1st Q of last weeks game? The Major posted previously and I concur that there were many plays were our RB’s were open in the flat coming out of the backfield. And again almost no passes were thrown to them. We don’t have to keep forcing passes downfield when we have Bartholomew and our RB’s running free on many occasion.


  6. Looking at VA’s record, they lost most of their tough games. Their best wins came vs. Illinois and Miami.
    They got beat soundly in their losses and won some close games. Not that any ACC foe can beat any other, but I see why Vegas is where they are even if Armstrong plays. Their best wins came vs. Miami and Louisville by a total of 3 points combined.

    However, the game is for all the Coastal marbles and with Pitt…..


    1. The thing about Armstrong——one major hit and he’s done. He had cracked ribs–not sore ribs……..I don;t see him in the game more that one quarter before he goes dowm…….

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      1. Let’s hope that’s a fact. Their backup appeared to be in bad shape at the end of the ND game as well.
        Hopefully many of their players are worn down a bit, and our extra two days of rest pays dividends.
        Injuries a big part of the game, especially this time of the year.

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      1. Please stop it with calling for the running plays. That’s not what we do very well. Most especially when we attempt to run inside the tackles.

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      2. GC..your comment reminded me of VD’s performance against GT (I think) last year,,,at that point who knew he/we had a running game in ’em. Would welcome a strong running attack anytime!!!


  7. Just want to thanks to Mike (aka Michael, MM) for the tip on how to put the page break in my article. As a reader (especially using a phone), you can now go directly to the comment section without scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.

    Hopefully you read or scroll through the entire article before jumping to the comment section. (I do realize the comments are more entertaining then all the stats & my limited explanations of them.

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  8. Personally have watched a lot of Virginia this year ever since I started hearing about Brennan Armstrong and the RIDICULOUS numbers he started putting up as the season got going.

    For the lack of a better descript, Armstrong is a stud. Similar to Pickett, he’s very tough and probably a BETTER runner as hard as that might be for loyalists here to believe.

    In addition to his arm strength, what really separates Armstrong for me is his uncanny ability to throw with pinpoint accuracy with little effort. Think he would be deadly in a game of darts.

    He is without any serious question a first-round NFL pick despite the stigma of being a left-handed thrower.

    That said, if Armstrong were healthy (and he’s not) I would not be looking forward to what he might do to Pitt’s pass defense. Fair to say the over/under would be 400 plus yards.

    But one person who will be healthy for Virginia is another player I see as a potential NFL star.

    If you have watched Virginia at all, a No. “99” has certainly caught your attention. Listed on the roster as a Football Player, Keytaon Thompson is a PLAYMAKER!

    Simply put, there is not a player on Pitt’s Defense athletic enough to match up one-on-one with Thompson, a 6-4 FREAK of an athlete who was recruited as a QUARTERBACK.

    If it is third or fourth down and short, it’s a safe bet that “99” will be getting the ball either as a running back or as a receiver.

    Bottom line… it’s a good thing Armstrong will be playing hurt IF he plays at all. That means Narduzzi’s “lucky year” benefiting from the BEST Quarterback, at least statistically, in Pitt history… looks to continue for at least one more week.


    1. “Simply put, there is not a player on Pitt’s Defense athletic enough to match up one-on-one with Thompson, a 6-4 FREAK of an athlete who was recruited as a QUARTERBACK.”

      Overstatement of the year, LOL. Pitt has already faced TN, Clemson, Miami and UNC. Not overmatched yet. This game is all about the coaches. If Bates and Whipple game planned well, Pitt wins.

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  9. On the Pitt ticket site, still a few left in the lower bowl and club level, mostly on the visitor side.
    Plenty in the upper deck. Still not too late. Weather is cooperating.

    Get your butts down there. Support this great class of Seniors for what they have given us.
    Hopefully a historic Pitt win.

    Plus you get light up night afterwards.

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  10. Mich St has reportedly offered a 10-year $95M contract to Mel Tucker who is only in his 2nd year. This will make him the 2nd highest paid coach, only Saban makes more

    He is now the highest paid black HC — college, NFL, MLB or NBA. Franklinstein makes $7M and Tomlin makes $8M per.

    SEC and B10 continues to spend $$ like it grows on trees

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  11. VA won the Miami game when the Miami kicker missed a chip shot 3 pointer as time ran out. It hit the upright. Run the ball a lot and pound VA.


  12. Just my opinion,buttttttttt. Virginia’s d is a lot better than some here think. I think we are getting caught up in the hype of how good we are. Listen, this d got shredded by Western Michigan, please remember. And also by a freshman qb because the coaches wouldn’t or couldn’t adjust to one simple play.
    This qb is good, and even hurt he is dangerous. The wideout is every bit as good as Addison, and their TE is also a stud. Look for a ton of pass interference calls against us. Do NOT fall into the arrogance that we hate in others. Hurt or not, this will be a real tough game. Those who feel otherwise,well,,you were warned.

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  13. The Pittsburgh Food Bank will be on Art Rooney Drive collecting non-perishable food before the game. Let’s give thanks for what we have and offer some help to those less fortunate.

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  14. Pitt 42 Va 13 a blow out win. The only thing that can prevent that from happening would be a boatload of turnovers from Pitt in this game. Unfortunately, we have had a few of those turnover games in the past.

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  15. As per GC above, “Get your butts in there.” And get your butts in there early enough to honor the seniors.

    I hate it when the seniors are introduced and come out to their parents on the field to a sparse crowd and smattering of applause. They deserve a better send-off for all the entertainment they provide us fans…

    Go Pitt.

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  16. You nailed it Major…I expect to start tearing down the tailgate at 2:20 (actually, not me, but the roadies 😎
    I want to be in my seat by 3:00…sorry if this inconveniences the ultra late arrivals.
    I’ll see them at the post game victory party!

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  17. Nice gesture by Coach Duzz…

    According to Johnny McGonigal’s article, Coach Duzz stuck his head into the WR room and said to Jordan Addison “Call your mother.”

    When he called his Mom, she broke the news to him that he had been named a semifinalist for the Biletnikoff Award.

    Jordan said “It made me really happy because I could hear in her voice how proud she was.”

    Good stuff.

    Go Pitt.

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  18. I can see the line at 14.5 even with an injured Armstrong playing coupled with how bad Virginia’s defense is versus how good Pitt’s O is. I think Brennan is playing and VA will try to run it along with him throwing short with an occasional deep ball.


  19. Pitt’s Rushing offense isn’t as bad, as is led on.

    In Conference games, Pitt is middle of the pack, exactly middle of the pack…7th of 14 teams.

    Again in conf games, Pitt is avg’g almost 156 yards per game on the Ground.

    And for a passing team, with a QB setting records, in the Heisman chase, etc. That is a respectable

    Syracuse is Number 1 in Rushing at 250 yards per game and they are tied for last in the Atlantic
    Division at 2-4.

    NC State is Last in Rushing at only 98 yards per game. They pass as much as Pitt…..so again
    Pitt’s Rushing is pretty good, considering we’re a Passing Team.

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    1. Good info, but our OLine seems to be limping to the finish line.

      At least we have some better OLine backups than we’ve had in a while…

      Go Pitt.


      1. Yes they’re pass blocking was a little suspect against the Tarholes. Kenny was being chased out of the pocket way too much.


  20. Two freshman to keep an eye out for are Myles Alston WR and Javan McIntrye DB. Narduzzi on the FAN this morning named both for playing exceptionally well on the Scout Team. Another solid WR and DB might be just what the doctor ordered to fill in next year for some of our graduating seniors.

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  21. Pitt is a much better Rushing team than the Stillers. Not even close.

    Pitt is avg’g 158 Yards Rushing per game in ALL Games.

    The Stillers are avg’g a dismal 94.7 yards per game.

    26th worst of 32 NFL teams.

    So let’s trash the…..Pitt doesn’t rush the ball enough.


  22. Great job Richard, as usual!

    I’ll sift thru the numbers a little closer tonite. One question, do you have Carter Warren as a transfer? I hate to question Mr Numbers stats though.


    1. Yes. I have Carter Warren as a transfer. Two explanations, pick one. First, I totally screwed up or second, I put a small error (misspelled/wrong name, unbelievable stat or ranking, or in this case made him a transfer) in every article.

      Congrats in either case for identifying. At least I know you read every word with bated breath.

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  23. Statistically…You have the Number 2 Offense in the ACC (Pitt) at 520 ypg & 38 ppg.

    Going up against the 2nd worst Defense in the ACC (UVA), allowing 490 ypg & 33 ppg

    And good football weather for the game, high of 50 with Sun…..3% chance of Rain.

    A good probability Pitt puts up at least 40 points this week. If Malone is sidelined, possible blowout.


  24. I am heading out to a meeting in Charlottesville, with a social hour beforehand. I will do my best to learn if anyone really knows how Brennan (Malone :-)) Armstrong is doing.

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  25. Really, using the Steelers as your example?

    Pitt has run the ball more than 40 times in all their victories.
    In their losses, WMU 24, Miami 23, and their close win last week 31 times.

    That includes 8 runs per game by KP, mostly scrambles on broken plays.

    A lot of the rushing yardage came in garbage time when the game was decided.

    Pitt ran for over 200 yds vs. UMass, NH, VT and Duke.

    Pitt doesn’t need to run that much more, but they should run on 1st down a few times more and

    Izzy and Hammond need a few more carries each game and VD a few less.

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    1. GC – that reminds me, I don’t know if we applauded enough the play KP made when he ran for that 1st down in OT. That turned out to be huge.

      And Kenny went flying around end and dove head-first to make sure he got it. Determined work by KP.

      Go Pitt.

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    2. Pitt wins when they run a lot for the same reason the Steelers and other teams do….it’s because they are way ahead and want to run out the clock. We just need a balanced attack. About 60-40 pass to run. Not 80-20 like the Steelers – Lions tie.


  26. Running the football has a secondary purpose and that is to give your defense time to rest.
    We have seen three times this year when our D was gassed. We lost two and narrowly won the third,
    thanks to a downpour at the right time.

    When you have two guys that are running for 5 + yd averages use them appropriately.

    A third advantage is that the defense that has to respect the run can’t rush the QB with abandon.

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    1. gc, when you have two running backs averaging over 5 ypc, in most instances, people would assume that they were being used appropriately?


      1. Between the 2 of them, they had 7 carries vs Miami in a loss. Not very appropriate by my standards.

        In the previous head scratching loss to WMU, both RB’s had 1 carry each.

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  27. Pitt’s Kenny Pickett Named Finalist for Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt senior quarterback Kenny Pickett, whose prolific passing has led the Panthers to the cusp of an ACC Championship Game berth, is a finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, it was announced today by the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Educational Foundation and presenting partner A.O. Smith.

    Pickett is one of five finalists selected by the Golden Arm Award Selection Committee. The honor is annually presented to the top upperclassman quarterback set to graduate with his class.

    His production this season has been elite. Through 10 games, Pickett has completed 68% of his passes (260 of 385) for 3,517 yards with 32 touchdowns and only four interceptions. Including his four rushing scores, he has accounted for 36 total TDs—three shy of the Pitt season record.

    Pickett—who recently was given the “QB1” designation by ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper and Todd McShay—is piloting the country’s No. 2 unit in total offense (531.1 yards per game) and No. 4 in scoring (43.5 points per game).

    Pickett has distinguished himself among the nation’s quarterbacks with top-five FBS rankings in total offense (third, 374.8 yards per game), passing touchdowns (fourth, 32), total points responsible for (fourth, 216) and passing yards (fifth, 351.7 yards per game).

    In addition to the Unitas Golden Arm Award, Pickett is a highly viable candidate for no fewer than five other prestigious awards, including the Heisman Trophy.

    He is a semifinalist for the Maxwell Award and Walter Camp Award (both presented to the college player of the year), as well as the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award. Pickett additionally is a finalist for the Senior CLASS Award, which recognizes excellence on and off the field.

    In addition to his athletic excellence, Pickett is accomplished academically and from a community and leadership standpoint. Pitt’s two-time team captain earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and is presently enrolled in the Katz Graduate School of Business. He has been nationally lauded for his NIL initiatives, which have emphasized philanthropy as well as his teammates.

    The 2021 Unitas Golden Arm Award winner will be honored by the president of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Educational Foundation—John Unitas Jr.—at the Golden Arm Award banquet and celebration in Baltimore on Dec. 10.

    Pickett has led the Panthers to an 8-2 overall record and first place in the Coastal Division with a 5-1 ACC mark. Pitt, No. 18 in this week’s College Football Playoff rankings, hosts Virginia on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. The Panthers can clinch the Coastal and a berth in the ACC Championship Game with a win over the Cavaliers. The game will be nationally televised by ESPN2.

    For tickets, go to PittsburghPanthers.com or call (800) 643-PITT.


    1. My baseball Catcher’s name was Jimmy Katz. No it can’t be him. My dad played semi-pro football with Johnny U for the Bloomfield Rams. It was him !

      I could have been a contender…..

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  28. I believe it was the Va Tech game when Pitt had a 10 minute 4th quarter drive that consisted of all runs and 1 pass. This is when Pitt runs most effectively, after the opponent’s defense is pretty much worn down. They even did it at the end of the Tennessee and Clemson games.

    There was a graphic on Packer and Durham this morning showing that Kenny Two-Gloves had the 10th best QB rating in the 4th Quarter among ACC QBs. And that of course is a result of Pitt having a pretty big lead and being able to run down the clock against a tired D.

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    1. Just realized this may be behind a pay wall. All four Virginia-based writers picked Pitt. None are confident Armstrong will play.


    1. In late August, i put down $20 for Pitt to win more than seven games. Next time I am Cherokee, I will cash in my ticket for $34.40.

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  29. Pitt wins regardless of UVA QB – with Armstrong Panthers 54 Bad Hoos 48

    With a back-up UVA QB Pitt wins 54 to 23

    Looking forward to the trip to Pittsburgh with Mrs. Erie – attending a fun event with friends near CMU tomorrow night. Saturday we will be tailgating with friends and then being entertained by our #18 Pitt Panther FB team, lead by Kenny Pickett and Cam Bright. After winning the Coastal title at Heinz, we will “light up the city”.


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  30. Roll call…

    Anyone not a believer yet? Still waiting?
    Still worried about getting killed by the RPO?
    Worried about Pitt-ing?
    Afraid to get too comfortable?

    The kids are going to have tons of family and friends in for this one. Hope they stay focused on the goal. An emotional night for the seniors and super seniors. Can they handle the pressure?

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    1. My biggest concern is play calling on all sides of the ball –

      Will Whip balance the run with the 2 best RB’s while airing it out with KP8?

      Will Duzz kick FG’s instead of going for TD’s?

      Will Bates play Johnny Zero instead of Cam Bright?

      Finally, will we call more than 2 defensive time outs?

      If the answer is yes to any of the above, look for a very close game and possibly a disappointed home team fan base. 🤨

      *** We should be blitzing to start the game to test some ribs.***


      1. My biggest concern is our cornerbacks falling down! 🤔

        Twice this season our corner has fallen down and our opponent scored on a long, uncontested TD pass.

        Make them earn everything…

        Go Coach Bates!


  31. According to NCAA statistics, In 10 games, Pitt has 790 offensive plays. They have 407 pass attempts (51.52%). Pitt is credited with 383 rush attempts (48.48%).

    The NCAA records sacks as a rush attempt. Pitt’s 22 sacks allowed is 2.78% of offensive plays. Do with it as you may. Add the 22 sack (2.78%) to pass attempts and subtract from rush attempts. Or ignore sacks & let it be. Or do what I like to do and have a sacks as a third component of offensive plays.

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  32. We’re going to need a wide angle lens to capture a photo of all of the POV celebrities who will be at the Red 5a tailgate on Saturday. Just to name a few, I’m figuring: Farmers, Lastrow, JoeL, MajorMajors, PittPt, Erie Express, Richman, Annie, BigB, GordonConn?, JeanieB, Mrs.Erie, and Ike (in spirit, but he’ll be as present as anyone who is physically there). Who am I missing? Roll call please. I’ll be there…

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    1. Wish I could be there. Getting soaked last Thursday aggravated my 4 weeks of bronchitis. I’ll be watching from home.

      Have fun and bring home a win!


  33. Q. Ollison is up from the practice squad and playing for Atlanta tonight.

    So far, he had 8 carries for 35 yards. But on a fourth-and-one, he just got stonewalled…

    The Pats lead 13-0 end of the 3rd Q.

    Go Pitt.


  34. I’m packing the cooler, the car and the barbecue rib sauce – planning to eat and discuss ribs all weekend.

    Speaking of ribs, I want to share my special recipe with HC Duzz and DC Bates for tomorrow’s game with UVA before I trek across PA to the grand ole’ city of Pittsburgh – yinz know there is a big game at Heinz for all the 2021 Coastal marbles, right?

    Defensive game plan (suggested) – start Haba, Kancey and Cam Bright and don’t take them out of the game until they “tap out”. Blitz early, often and on every play until the QB is hit at least twelve times (12 is for the number of wins we want this season). Avoid stupid penalties and limit the celebrating until after the game. Make sure yinz are ready to play from the first whistle to the final one. Absolutely no let up. You should limit your use of time outs when the cavs have the ball too.

    For OC Whip -> Offensive game plan (strongly suggested) – start Izzy at RB and make sure he and Hammond get at least 20 carries between them. The last of the Davis’ is the best blocker of the RB’s so he needs to spell the other two, and not just on passing downs. Allow Kenny to take charge and be large. This is his game, he can lead the charge and bring us a win. Be sure Blue Mountain Bart, Wayne and Addison are targeted often – they have proven to be the best three receivers on the roster.

    Special Teams plan – you told us TD’s not FG’s in the preseason and you delivered on that promise for the first half of the season. You have deviated from that promise in the last few games – the Miami loss was maddening because of that and UNC was almost kicked away as well. Focus on TD’s – resist the FG unless it is to get points at the half with no time left or to win the game in the closing minutes.

    See yinz all tomorrow!

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    1. Doggone it Erie. I hope Bronco doesn’t read this blog—you just gave away my game plan.

      The Duzz


  35. Ithiel Hortons lawyer…
    ”Just because someone expressed their freedom of speech rights in perhaps a derogatory manner, does not permit officers to attempt to arrest someone when that is the initiation of the arrest,” he continued. “There was no threatening language.”

    So his defense to get the charges dropped is that his freedom of speech rights were violated because they initially tried to arrest him for yelling and screaming at the cops. It’s the cops fault for not letting Ithiel be belligerent.

    How about the fact that he should have just let his car get towed, that would have prevented escalation. How about respecting the police officers who were there to help a tow driver getting verbally attacked by a pedestrian for just doing his job? How about not resisting arrest, he’d probably be playing right now because the charges would have been of a lesser degree. Look in the mirror, it isn’t always the other persons fault. If this were my son, he would know he screwed up royally. Note to self, write down the layers name, his defense is brilliant in today’s world, LOL.

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  36. I’ve got to say that their little newspaper does a heck of a lot better job than our two pieces of excrement.

    This will be a tough game, going to go down to who wants it more, and the usual breaks of the game.

    I thought Woolfolk actually looked pretty good vs. ND and we’ll see him for a few years if not tomorrow.

    If he does play tomorrow it will be different in Heinz Field with a loud crowd.

    Hope some of our guys remember how the ACC screwed us (as usual) when they scheduled favorite VA in Whipples first Pitt Game. Hopefully payback time.

    Wonder what nonsense the ACC refs will come up with tomorrow. If we get the same jerks as the Miami game look out.

    Our lines need to be better than theirs tomorrow.


  37. I’ve had enough from the ink stained wretches…time to get a good workout in.
    We’ve been training all year for this moment! Haha.
    Whoever wants it more will win…I think WE do!

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    1. I nominate the duo of Lastrow and Scooter to hype-up the Panthers with a fiery pre-game speech!

      “I want to see pancakes!”

      Go Pitt.


  38. Anyone have an extra $1000 i can borrow?
    Scooter needs to make bail.
    Some bogus charges related to some stolen pancake batter from a local Eat N Park..

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  39. Thanks big-time Michaelangelo Monteleone (btw, both your first and last names are spelled incorrectly) (:

    PITT should have their players watch a documentary on the POV and how this band of brothers sisters has persevered through resiliency, determination and teamwork. Pulling it together in the toughest of times just so we can all enjoy one of PITTs finest years in a decades. For some…. their whole lives!

    C’mon boys, you can do it!

    Hang in there Reed, ironic how Narduzzi is occupying some dark times right now.

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