A Thread to Talk about Virginia

#20/19 PITT (8-2, 5-1 ACC) vs. VIRGINIA (6-4, 4-2 ACC)

November 20, 2021 ∙ 3:30 p.m. (ET)

Heinz Field (68,400/Natural Grass) ∙ Pittsburgh, Pa.
ESPN2 ∙ Pitt Panthers Radio Network

PittsburghPanthers.com ∙ @Pitt_FB


√ Pitt can claim its second ACC Coastal Division championship in four seasons when the Panthers host Virginia at Heinz Field this Saturday. 

√ Pitt, atop the Coastal with a 5-1 ACC record, can clinch the division and a trip to the Subway ACC Championship Game with a win over the Cavaliers (4-2).

√ Pitt has one Coastal title to its credit, winning the division in 2018. Virginia captured the Coastal in 2019.

√ Pitt has won four of the past five meetings with Virginia. The Cavaliers, however, won the last encounter, 30-14, in the 2019 season opener played at Heinz Field.

√ Since 2015, Pat Narduzzi has directed Pitt to 34 victories in ACC play, the third-highest win total during that span. Only Clemson (51) and Miami (35) have won more.

√ Kenny Pickett is having an All-America caliber season. Pickett ranks fourth nationally—and second among Power 5 quarterbacks —with 32 touchdown passes. He has thrown only four interceptions this year. 

√ Pickett needs only 163 yards to set the Pitt single-season passing yardage record. He has thrown for 3,517 yards this season, second only to Rod Rutherford’s 3,679 in 2003.

√ Pickett is piloting the nation’s No. 2 unit in total offense at 531.1 yards per contest. The Panthers rank fourth nationally in scoring, averaging 43.5 points a game.

√ Wide receiver Jordan Addison is also producing at an All-America level. Addison is tied for the national lead with 11 touchdown catches, the most by a Pitt player since Larry Fitzgerald had a school-record 22 in 2003.


Television ∙ ESPN2

Beth Mowins (play-by-play)

Kirk Morrison (analyst)

Dawn Davenport (reporter)

Pitt Radio ∙ 93.7 The Fan & Pitt Panthers Radio Network

Bill Hillgrove (play-by-play)

Pat Bostick (analyst)

Larry Richert (reporter)

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Sirius Channel 158, XM Channel 193, SXM App Channel 955

WPTS Radio (Pitt Student Station) ∙ 92.1 FM

Online Audio


179 thoughts on “A Thread to Talk about Virginia

  1. Heisman is still wide open. I think voters would love to embrace Kenny Pickett coming from nowhere on a team with zero expectations. He got a nice bump with Mel Kiper and PFF showing love last week. This is the perfect day for a great performance.

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  2. I now live in Charlottesville. I was out last night with a group of people and then went to dinner. Everyone is talking about the basketball team. I did not hear anything about the football team—except for one young guy at a table near ours who was telling his date what went wrong this year when Brennan Armstrong was hurt.

    I am not sure that is significant. But, at least the fans seemed to have moved on to hoops.


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  3. 16 years old, 11th grade, upper st. clair high school, homecoming dance with Virginia. Oooops. probably not what Mike was meaning when he titled this “A Thread to Talk About Virginia”. My apologies. Will catch you with some football talk later!

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        1. If he was at wiltshire, it was mike moran! Mike had such a great football build and his brother Tim could ball with the best of em. Mike was an awesome dude! Great family, lots of brothers!

          Armon Gilliam and occasionally Mickey Martin would show up to play at that track as it was close to bethel Park and South Park. Wow, getting older every day!


  4. ACC Linebacker of the week SirVocea Dennis. That’s the 2nd time this year Dennis won this honor. I’m expecting VA. QB Armstrong will being seeing a lot of SirVocea this coming Saturday.

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  5. Pitt needs to come out hot and set the tone on D and O this week. Just like last week but carry it thru the entire game. KP has another big stage to shine.

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  6. I wish Kenny could win the Heisman. But quite honestly, we have so much more important things to accomplish. We have to go 1-0. Beat Virgina. That’s it. Stay focused guys.

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    1. Right biggie, JoeM is from the right side of the tracks like JoeL and Richman. JoeM is still a very big Pittsburgh fan through and through. So is Mike Biggs from Mike and Molly, better known as Billy Gardell from Swissville. Big Pittsburgh fan, literally around 360 lbs

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      1. I grew up in the blue collar part of Lebo. 😉

        Other famous Lebo alums:

        Mark Cuban (was there during my time)
        Kurt Angle
        John Frank (49ers TE)
        Keith Van Horne (Bears OT)
        The guy who founded Groupon – woohoo!
        The Jelics, of course… Ralph and his sons, Jeff and Chris.

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  7. Let’s see ,,,talk about Virginia,

    I like the state….use to live in both Arlington & Culpeper .

    The latter, not being far from Charlottesville & the prepsters.
    Needless to say, did peruse the campus bar scene.

    Had a couple pretty good looking Virginia GF’s. So no complaints about the old Dominion.


  8. As some know, I live in Virginia..(50 minutes SE of Charlottesville) and have a boatload of cousins who are Hokies.

    On my side of the family, there many Cavaliers… my father, oldest daughter and her husband….my youngest daughter (Pitt grad) is there now at grad school (Darden) and finally my wife, who after many years as an RN got her BSN at UVA 10 years ago when her hospital went to magnet status.

    I own Cavalier gear and wear it at times proudly…its a good school and I enjoy it on those few occasions when they beat Tech. Attend a BB game or two a year.

    That said, the UVA is held in contempt by grads of other Virginia schools for being elitists (which they are)… Hokies, Richmond Spiders, W&M… you name it. I’ve noticed in my travels its even worse in the legal profession. Many will root for Pitt as a result on Saturday.

    But being a Cavalier fan is about BB, soccer, baseball, lacrosse…. and not so much FB. I think its because as elitists they like being on top (at least in the Commonwealth)… which UVA FB has not been since the days of George Welsh. Despite having a great venue for games and a good tailgate atmosphere, folks havent bought in. They epitomize fair weather fans….the weather needs to be fair in order for folks to go.

    It will be interesting to see how many Cav fans show up for Saturday’s game. I expect fewer than Miami.

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  9. I wonder how ticket sales are going? Biggest home game in a long time… an exciting, winning team, Senior Day, upper 40’s with low to no precip, along with an attractive 330pm gametime to boot!

    Gordon – what are your contacts telling you?


  10. I know that vonteegoway is correct that the only thing that matters is Saturday’s game. But I can’t help but think about how, or if, this year’s success will help the program in the future. There has not to my knowledge been a surge in commitments for next year so far. If fact, one or two committed players have actually opened up their recruiting. Next year’s losses will be huge since there are so many super seniors on the team.

    And what are the chances that Whipple will return? He has been coaching the backup QBs for sometime now, and they may want to keep the continuity.

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    1. As much as Coach Whip can drive one crazy, college football has become a game of passing the ball. And what Coach Whip brings to the party, though it took a couple years, are passing-game STATS. Stats for WRs, TEs and QBs.

      I think that was the thinking when he was hired – that his offensive approach would help attract guys like Addison, Krull (the good Krull = Bartholomew 😊), and the next KP.

      These types of guys are looking for stat opportunities to get themselves noticed and talked about – an eventually drafted…

      Go Pitt

      Go Pitt.

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  11. While our defensive backs have struggled at times this season, I have been impressed with safety Brandon Hill. This guy looks like a big-time athlete.

    At 5-11, 195#, he’s fast and he brings a ton of energy.

    The good news – he’s a redshirt sophomore.

    Go Pitt.

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  12. I’m feeling relaxed tonight with with no thoughts of rushing this week along. I got a peaceful easy feeling.

    Whipple up for the Broyles Award, lol………. wish I could see some of your faces right now. 🙂

    Everyone should be whooping it up come Saturday night, everyone who wants PITT to win and the few who want Narduzzi to fail. You can include, Heather, Whipple and Bates in the last one.

    Don’t know which song to play. The Eagles of Jimmy Cliff?


    1. Patti probably has dibs. But I would expect Yellin to be much better and eventually be the starter, if not next year. The following year.


      1. Have to respectfully disagree PJ. I saw enough of Joey Yellen to know that he will not be our starter next year. It is more likely that he will hit the portal.

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        1. lol…no problem with disagreeing. I think I wrote it is more likely he starts the following year, rather than next year. It probably is Patti’s job right now…..as we know things can change. See pandemic.


      2. Absolutely no, Yellen with little ability to escape the pocket is probably 5th on the Pitt QB list today. Behind even the freshman QB and maybe behind a couple of walk ons IMO>

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        1. Behind a couple walk-ons ? That ridiculous. He would have transferred out if that’s the case. Cause he has some talent, which was evident in the Miami game. Remember now, he played 2 of Pitt’s toughest opponents last year….Miami & ND. Teams where Pickett didn’t look so hot either, before this magical season.


          1. Yes. There were actually two when I was young. Now one, but there’s a casino now.

            My dad was a jockey. I am the son of a professional athlete. He’s gone now, though.

            It’s owned by Penn National now and boy did they mess everything up.

            Hit me up for stories.


              1. Grew up with horses, so I’ve always enjoyed thoroughbred racing. Which is why The Meadows nver interested me.

                Use to play the ponies at Charles Town in the mid 1980’s after doing some business with a horse owner/trainer. Very exciting times, fond memories.

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  13. Patti and Belville have been with Whipple for a long time. Cupboard is not bare. Plus we have guys that can run.

    But let’s worry about this year first.

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  14. Update…. Eliminated from the POV Golf Outing Prediction Poll are the following POV celebrities…

    Richmanfancom 7-5
    JoeL 7-5
    Danh72 7-5

    Also eliminated, one non-celebrity, my son Tyler (7-5)

    Thanks for playing boys.

    Still alive… Missing Wlat, Lastrowofsection4, and PittPT. Also alive, non celebrity readers (not posters) Al and Sam, who attended the golf outing.

    Can’t wait to be in my seat on Saturday.

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      1. I was watching the first minute and was like jeez I must have been hammered on Thursday. It took me a while to figure out it was last game.
        Of course
        UNC got to pick an away date and time to play.
        It must be nice.


  15. Ike, I’ll be the first Whipple basher to say I was wrong about Whipple this year. He has done an outstanding job. As with any OC, the talent has to be there. Credit to the staff for recruiting O talent better.
    That being said, Whipple is still a Pitt run stopper. We need a little bit more of Izzy and Hot Rod to keep it going. Doesn’t have to be 50/50, just a little more.

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  16. Addison is now #1 on the Biletnikoff fan vote…you can vote daily and I am able to register votes via cell phone(s) and my laptop…let’s keep him on top…,WE CAN DO THIS-TEAM!!!!

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  17. Someone said biggest game since Cinci and I agree.
    Why isn’t the buzz as big? Maybe because Cinci was more of a rival back then.
    Maybe because that was the Championship game.
    Maybe because Cinci filled a lot of seats.
    Maybe because of all the disappointment since then.
    Maybe because of the poor results last year.

    Obviously I don’t know, but this game won’t be a sell-out like that one was and it is a shame.

    It is for the Coastal and a chance to play for the ACC Championship, much more prestigious than
    a Big East Title. VA not selling many tickets, not as many as Clemson or Miami. It is their chance to win the Coastal two years in a row, a rarity. Make no mistake even though they did not hold up well vs BYU and ND, they are a very good team.

    It will be another strong crowd, at least by current Pitt standards. Best home schedule in many years.
    If you haven’t been, don’t miss this one. It will be raucous. It might be a while before there is as much on the line for a Pitt Football team.

    Kenny Pickett’s last home game should be enough of a draw. A huge senior night. The whole City will be celebrating.

    It’s not too late to be part of the celebration.

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    1. In 2009 we were #14 and Cincy was #5.We had gotten up to #8 before we lost at West Virginia. Plus we haven’t beaten any ranked teams in 2021 except FCS New Hampshire.


  18. A good question; is can Narduzzi leverage this into an upgrade in recruiting?
    Both freshmen and portal. The lines could use some help from the portal next year.
    Everything else needs re-stocked every year.
    A win Saturday and a possible ACC Championship could really help, but who knows?
    Finding more guys like Cancy, Dennis, Addison, Hammond and a big Tight End are what really has made a difference.
    Getting guys like Krull, Minor, Petrishen and Devonshire from the portal has paid dividends as well.

    But this year wouldn’t have happened without the return of KP and the many super seniors and that is a one time deal that has paid huge dividends, let’s hope there are residual benefits.

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  19. Getting way ahead … Pitt has a lot of returnees on defense next year, with the exception of OLBs. In these times, the transfer portal comes into play here

    Keep your eyes on Va Tech’s LBs after the season. Pitt and VT often recruits the same players

    Sent from my iPhone


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  20. Seriously Gordon, I don’t know of any diminished excitement? Do you hang around a bunch of duds? (jus kidding) but not about this… You could have included the dam covid in your reasons of a possible lower attendance?

    You’re right on one thing though. We don’t know if the stars are aligned for a victory but what a set up for a game of this magnitude. It’s got it all including home coming.

    PITT will competitive next year as well.


    1. I agree that the excitement is there, just that the Cinci game was sold out and this one looks like maybe 50,000, great by Pitt standards, but you will still see too many yellow seats on TV.
      Good point on Covid, does have some impact.


      1. Cincy had a lot of their fans at that game, hence, full stadium.

        I got my tickets through StubHub… I could only find a few seats available in club seating on the visitor side… That tells me there are going to be a lot of people at the game( by PITT standards)… I’m guessing the bowl will be full….Really looking forward to being a participant in this great event… Time for a blowout

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      2. You do realize Gorden that classes are done on Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thus I’m not expecting the same level of student participation at this weeks game.


      3. Pitt was ranked in the Top 10 for 3 weeks prior to that game. So that probably got many more eyeballs on Pitt and some bought tickets.

        This year we’ve been scraping just to get into the Top 25

        Although on the flip side of the coin, we have a legitimate Heisman candidate, who’s a QB and Pitt
        is among the highest scoring teams in the nation. So that should induce a bigger crowd, you’d think.


  21. As I get my game face on prior to heading to the Pete, I note the following under the heading Misery Loves Company: Penn State basketball lost to UMass by 25 last night.

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  22. Let’s talk about next year in January, it’s time to go 1-0 for the season.

    NC showed how to stifle Pitt’s pass rush in the 2nd half so it’s now time for Bates & Co to make the adjustment to what NC did. Short, quick passes to the areas where blitz was coming from was effective. Pressure from the only the front 4 with LBs dropping into coverage?

    As for the offense, as the initiator of Whipple Must Go (WMG) I do admit that he’s been a very good OC with some players having break-out years (KP8, Krull, O line, Izzy/Hammond) but it all goes for naught if he can’t get Pitt across the finish line, to the ACC championship game, and hopefully to the ACC crown.

    No matter what I still think it will be time for the 66 year old to move on next year, but again, that’s a discussion for NEXT YEAR.

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    1. I disagree taxing, you don’t sit back and watch at QB with sore ribs or a rookie freshman QB and hope they are ineffective. You blitz on every down at least one man and on occasions more than one man. Pitt for the most part is not very effective playing a zone defense.


  23. Article in Pittsburgh Magazine on Light Up Night. I just scanned it, but didn’t see any mention of the Pitt game.

    Did say the Roberto Clemente Bridge will be closed Saturday.

    Go Pitt.


  24. On the Field Pass video looks like Stovall rolled his foot badly as he ran after that nice completion. Hope he can play this week, but it looked nasty…

    Go Pitt.


  25. Gentlement, can any of you point me in the right direction for PARKING on Saturday? My main concern is leaving in the traffic, in the dark, without a lot of experience doing it there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  26. From your post, I assume you do not have a parking pass and will be looking for a cash parking spot. The Red 5 Garage right next to our Red 5A tailgate has both reserved parking for pass holders and $20 cash game day parking. The entrance is from General Robinson street. I recommend you park there and walk out to meet us at the tailgate. We are the tailgate adjacent to the side exit of the garage. There is a large green elevated electrical transformer box next to us.

    As for leaving after the game, I recommend that you have a GPS unit in your car, be patient, and just follow the traffic. I don’t know of any way to avoid it.

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      1. 1618 — good advice from Wolfe, but one caution. One game when I parked in that garage, when I exited after the game I had no choice but to go on the HOV lane north on the interstate. If that works for you, it’s a great place to park. Otherwise either be careful which garage exit you take, or there’s also a 20-dollar garage right across Gen. Robinson Street. There, they take credit cards only…


    1. One more question Farmers: Do you know what a reasonable time to arrive at Red 5 would be, to avoid getting there when its filled up?


      1. I would say two to three hours before game time to be safe, and there is another lot right across the street. If you are heading east after the game, consider station square and the clipper across the river.
        With light up night it is going to be pretty congested after the game. If we win the Red 5A party will last
        until the traffic dies down.

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            1. Thanks guys for the great feedback. I need to head Turnpike East after the game, almost starting to sound like that lot across the street that only accepts credit cards may be the way you guys are leaning?

              I wish I had the confidence you guys have. My fear is of course that the QB, Armstrong, will play, and rise to steal our big moment. But hey, whoever said winning a division would be easy?


  27. So glad me n JeanieB will be in attendance… won’t have to listen to Beth Mowins call the game!!! Outa be a law…. announcers are terrible these days… there has to be another Keith Jackson, Lindsey Nelson , Bud Wilkinson, Chris Shenkel, Frank Broyles, Ars Parsegian out there… even someone who could do their impersonation would be better than what we got ….

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  28. Light Up Night is a downtown traffic nightmare. But the good news is that the game should end before the festivities do, which will be approx 9:30 to 11

    My advice is parking somewhere on the north side. Near the community college or Western Ave or Allegheny Center

    Sent from my iPhone



  29. Prior to the Saturday night football game, our Pitt women’s volleyball game has a big match at 4 PM in Atlanta against Georgia Tech. One of two of Pitt’s losses was to Georgia Tech at the Fitz. The match went to five sets with Georgia Tech prevailing 15-9 in the fifth set. Pitt had to win the 4th set to get to the 5th.

    The match will be on the ACC Network. If Pitt win they still have a chance to host a regional if they get that far. A win would also lock up the second spot in the ACC Volleyball standings. Georgia Tech is the only other ranked team in the ACC besides Pitt and Louisville. Ga Tech was on an incredible run until they ran into Louisville last Friday. Louisville defeated them in 3 straight sets.


  30. Joel – responded to your wiltshire park reference when the thread started. I will bet that we know the same dude if he ran at Wiltshire. I put his name in the response. I want to say he was a psych major, but not sure. If the right guy, i knew that family since first grade! Well….since my third year of first grade, but that’s another subject altogether…..


    1. Actually, I was thinking of another Mike… Caine, who was a Dayton Flyer after USC.

      BUT!… I went to UR with Mike Moran and we rode home to Pgh a couple times. Yes, big guy and on the Spiders football team. We also had another USC Panther named Jim Cuppelli…. think he was USC class of 78. Small world, huh?


      1. I know Mike Caine well and yes he was a Flyer. I think he now lives in Cincinnati area. I did forget that he came to wiltshire. He never saw a shot he didn’t like and I always forced him to go left!!! I was a few years behind those guys but competed against anyone in hoops. MikeM was a terror rebounding…..Big dude!

        Don’t know Cuppelli….dang, small world just got bigger for not knowing. A bunch of my elementary school friends went to Dayton.

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  31. Pitt a 7 point fave vs UNCW tonight.
    I like Pitt if Burton plays and is healthy. Femi can move to the 2.

    If Pitt doesn’t win this one, it’s really going to be a long season! We

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  32. Looks like Pitt may play PSU in ——————— Soccer…

    They both got first round byes. If they each win their first game, they play each other…

    Go Pitt.


  33. Be there at 10:30…
    Bring your voice…
    Bring your attitude…
    Biggest game in many years…
    If you don’t get it I can’t help you…
    And yes, it’s only Tuesday…

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  34. Great Article: From Yahoo Sports titled Kenny Pickett’s Reward for Staying at Pitt. Some great insight on just what Narduzzi promised the Pickett family a couple of years back.

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  35. UNC-Wilmington Seahawks fly into Pgh. this evening…fresh off a 77-68 thrashing of the mighty Guilford Quakers. ikr

    I’m assuming they must be in Guilford County, NC. Heck if I knew any Quakers were there. But they must have come down with all the other Pennsylvanians who migrated into the Carolinas in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s.

    Henceforth, York, Lancaster & Chester, South Carolina. And of course Keystoner John Clemson.

    Today’s History Lesson on the POV.


  36. Did anyone see ACC Insider David Teel on Packer & Durham today? He’s projecting that Armstrong wont be able to play for the Cavs. If the kid really broke three ribs on his left side, I have to wonder how he’s going to be able to throw a ball.

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    1. No I didn’t but that’s very good news and a very good break for us.,,,if true.

      Maybe that’s why the Vegas spread is 14.5. Ya think !


  37. The line on this game continues to get crazier and crazier. It’s now up to 14 1/2 , with one site having it at 15!,! WTH? I’m stunned, even without Armstrong that’s pretty high. It is getting to the point where I wonder. It’s a stay away game if it stays there. That makes me very, very nervous. You see strange results with this type of line.
    On a brighter note, I hope I can convince Mrs. JoeKnew to leave early due to parking concerns and somehow steer her to tailgate. As you all know she’s not a big fan of tailgating, which explains my absences.
    As an aside, my UVa grad (son) did not attend a single bball game in 4 yrs. He also only went to one football game, the one we dragged him to when we lost with Shady. Strange huh?


  38. UNC-Wilmington’s HC is a Kevin Keatts(previous UNCW coach now at NC State) disciple. And up & comer in his 2nd year as HC, rated as one of the top recruiters in the nation. Let’s see where have I heard that before.

    Anyway UNCW has not had a winning season since Keatts went to NC State. 2016-2017 season.

    Since then:

    7-10 (corona year)
    1-1 (lost to Illinois State 63-68)

    Leading scorers are Guards, but they do have several 6’8″ & 6’9″ guys who can score on occasion.

    Pitt has 1 guard, 1 portal guard debuting supposedly this evening, 1 Big man and several stiffs.

    Should be interesting in a Dark Comedy sense.


  39. Hey all. You guys are crazy. I missed like 24 hours and I’m way late on stuff. This site is the best. Give us some likes if you think this is the best Pitt site.


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    1. Insanity comes with the deal of Pitt football and now basketball. Crazier yet, we have several other sports that we’re actually really good at. Like volleyball & soccer. What next…..Archery ?


  40. For you younger PITT fans, this weeks attention given to the Virginia game is what the older guys reminisce about and yearn for those days to comeback soon. Back then for a short period of time, PITT was almost treated as well as the blue-bloods back then. < Very close.

    This week is exactly what the debates were all about. Take notes and remember these days.

    GO PITT GO!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Lastrowofsection4….is the Chief in Charge of parking lot festivities. I’m sure he’ll allow you to bring additional booze though. Just a hunch !

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  41. Someone correct me if I’m wrong please. The way I see it is if CLEM beats WF on Saturday they (Dabo’s boys) win the Atlantic division. This means if PITT wins the Coastal division, they will have the opportunity to beat JCLEM twice this year.


      1. If Wake loses to Clemson it then must lose to BC the week after this week for Clemson to surpass Wake. If Wake loses both of these games NCS will win the Atlantic if it beats Syracuse. Clemson wins the Atlantic if Wake and NCS both lose all scheduled ACC games hereafter.


  42. Lots of ACC news today. Fuente out at VT, the AD out at Miami, and Sam Howell announcing he will not return to UNC. BTW, Mark Packer skewered Jimmy One Finger on his afternoon ESPNU show today.


  43. Beville was a 4-star I think, but not sure that really is relevant. He’s been in KP8’s shadow for so long I’m not sure he knows how to play QB anymore.


  44. Patti reminds me of a Trocano type QB…he contributes every time he gets in a game….should be fun to watch these guys compete/develop…get them to Manning”s QB school….Whip’s proved he can develop a QB and showed all of us that a few more moving parts had to be added before the end-product was where it needed to be to be a scoring machine. I changed my opinion 180 degrees and hope Whip sticks around…it was the CEO’s fault the O lagged-too many coaching changes and lackluster recruiting. Lot’s of scoring and throwing the ball all over the field…continue to improve the running game please…..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think the improvement in the O-line is the largest contributor to Whip’s success.
      KP gets most of the credit, but without the improved protection none of this would be happening.
      Of course Addison, receiving corps and tight ends have added to the success, but without that line improvement everything is harder.

      Even the improved run blocking although not used much is another weapon that hasn’t existed since Whip started. Better backs make a difference as well.

      As always better players make coaches better.


      1. That being said, the O-line is pretty beat up, hopefully our depth comes up big. We need lot’s of touchdowns.

        The D need to play like last week and Clemson, not like Miami and….


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