Could this be a November to Remember?

November 12, 2021

Pitt arrived at Heinz Field on Thursday night ready to play.  There was no doubt about that.  Unfortunately, when we went in for the halftime break, a different team seemed to come out of the tunnel.  We had a good first half, a bad 2nd half and a very good overtime.  I have a hard time calling any win ugly, and fortunately we don’t have to discuss an ugly loss.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


  1. Another November win.
  2. Krull’s katch to score in OT.
  3. The timing of the rain.
  4. Devonshire and Bright’s defensive performances.
  5. Kancey was a beast all night long.
  6. Our two MLB’s – Dennis the Menace and Curious George – what a good 1-2 punch.
  7. The first two TD’s of the game.
  8. Blue Mountain Bart’s 1st half performance.
  9. One more step closer to the ACC championship game.
  10. Five sacks in the 1st half by the Pitt D.
  11. The Panthers defeated their 2nd top ten preseason team (Clemson & UNC).
  12. UNC was 1-4 on 4th down conversions.
  13. Kenny Pickett’s leadership and with another good statistical game – 


  1. Krull’s early drop.
  2. Pickett’s INT late in the game was very bad and almost cost the Panther’s a win.
  3. Magician Whipple’s ability to make the TE’s and RB’s disappear in the 2nd half, with a 2 score lead.
  4. Attempting FG’s when we were told at the start of the season by the HC we were going for TD’s.
  5. Our Erie County kicker – missed a PAT and 2 FG’s.  Many of his kicks looked bad.


  1. The overall 2nd half performance by Pitt players and coaches.
  2. Too many 3 and outs.
  3. The punt return where Addison was lift up during the tackle while another Tar Heel launched himself at Jordan like a missile.

Let us know your Good, Bad & Ugly observations.

Next up are the Virginia Cavaliers who are currently 1 game behind our Pitt Panthers in the Coastal division standings.  The winner next week has the best chance at winning the division and playing in the ACC Championship game in early December.  However, Miami looms closely behind, also 1 game behind with the tie breaker vs Pitt.


24 thoughts on “Could this be a November to Remember?

  1. Let’s Go PITT… JeanieB is so fired-up that we just got tickets/motel reservations for the UVA game… staying at the Oaklander on the hallowed grounds of the Syrian Mosque.. damn, will be close to a “ take me home country road” experience!!!”…… we are going to kick Virginia’s ass… Sweet Caroline is bad enough but how would you like to have a fight song played to the melody of “Auld Lang Syne“

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  2. For those of you desperately who want to watch an excellent Pitt team play tonight, Pitt volleyball is at Syracuse. The match starts at 7 PM and will stream on ACCNX. Pitt will be looking to revenge the two matches they lost at Syracuse last volleyball season.

    For those who are gluttons for punishment, Pitt men’s basketball will be playing West Virginia on ESPNU. You can tell me about the basketball game after the volleyball match is over.

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  3. The best GOOD of the day were the test results received today for Mrs. Erie – all good news! PTL

    Big B – We’ll see you both at the UVA game next week.


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  4. testing posting again on a different CPU, my last breakthrough was brief (F WordPress)

    liking reading but there are so many points I feel the urge to respond to

    appreciate the insight and opinions of many posts here but mostly MM, Iek and a couple others – enlightenment and mostly entertainment

    BigB, thanks, didn’t know Pitt ran the Veer. My dad coached HS back then and ran in from ’71 to about ’76

    ok, here goes, hitting “Post”
    hoping WP lets me stay or come back soon


  5. one thing I see little or no mention of is KP having a subpar night with some great throws and scrambles but a few bad ones both inaccurate and either floated or drilled or forced where they should not have been

    face it, there easily should/should’ve been 2 more interceptions including the one on Addison and the one Wayne fought back to defend. We’ll never know but had KP thrown that screen with a little touch or accuracy to Izzy, that last interception doesn’t happen and maybe Pitt grinds out another game ending drive.
    People criticized Whip but I LOVED that call as it was a high % completion play that goes against what UNC would have expected knowing the game ending drive recent history of this team.

    here we go again hitting “Post”,,,,, hoping/praying to return(against other’s wishes 🙂 )

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    1. tvax — that’s a great point about KP. He nearly cost us the game with the poor decisions/throws late in the game. I had the same thoughts earlier today – hoping KP can get back into the mode of making consistently great decisions in the last two games.

      I think when they look at the tape KP will see that dumping the ball into the flat would have been a good counter to UNC dropping players back…

      Playing QB has to be the toughest job in sports. We need to remember, come next year, that even KP, with all his experience, made poor throws/decisions…

      Go Pitt.

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  6. sooo, maybe here for good(or bad)

    the fix is just pivot to another cpu

    personally have NEVER been able to post from my iphone which I think is what many here use

    my POV sign in from the phone is through Safari but never have been able to sign in to comment and not sure I can even hit any “likes” where even during this cpu WordPress purgatory I think I never lost the abilith to “like”

    F WordPress



  7. The only way I can post ( or even like a post) from my iPhone is to open on Google and sign in. My phone then keeps me signed in the next time I log on that way.

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  8. Sad to announce that the first POVert eliminated from the “POV Golf Outing Pitt Football Prediction Poll” is Erie Express. Predicting a 5-7 record, our beloved Rick apparently had no faith in our players or coaching staff, or maybe was just hoping he could spend the fall focusing on improving his skills on the links. There are several POV celebrities who predicted 7 wins. Stay tuned next week (hopefully following a win over the Hoos) to see who is eliminated next.


  9. I remember that Missing…pretty sure my guess was the German word for ‘no’…
    I also know I was drinking and could be mistaken.
    I remember you writing all our predictions on paper.
    Great idea!


  10. Kenny and Kayla are both solidly entrenched in 3rd place (out of 10) for the Senior Class Awards. Popular vote counts for 1/3 of their total evaluation. The things they have both done (especially Kayla) should help them a lot.


  11. Great news on Mrs Erie’s progress!!!

    Agree completely with Good, Bad, Ugly above. How can Pitt go practically an entire half and not realize that NC had made the 2nd half adjustment to drop back into deep coverage. Makes you wonder if WMG listens to the coaches in the box, or are they so clueless about what they are seeing? No matter which, a real problem to be addressed.

    Watched the replay and the screen to Izzy could have been a big gainer, with blockers in front and the NC defense in a bad formation. However, I am not confident that WMG would have reverted to killing the clock after the play anyway so maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference. KP8 threw high, hard, and behind, which has not been his norm all season, so definitely out of character.

    If Pitt can play defense like they did against NC and offense like they have most of the year, the should beat UVa. ACC should call UVa on the carpet for mailing in the ND game. Their QB will undoubtedly be fit as a fiddle against Pitt.

    Begs the question as to how the ACC determines it’s divisional winners. If it’s purely based on divisional record and head-to-head matchups within the division, are they watering down the importance of the cross-divisional games. For example, when Pitt plays Clemson and Pitt’s in a tight divisional race, should they give their slightly injured players a day off?

    Example 2, if Pitt beats UVa, should they rest their starters in the game against Syracuse since it’s more important to win the ACC than to get another win.


  12. ESPN’s Heisman Five

    Pitt QB Kenny Pickett

    Pickett has the Panthers on the brink of an ACC Coastal Division crown after he braved the weather and toppled North Carolina in overtime on Thursday. Pickett’s stat line now: 3,517 passing yards, 231 rushing yards, 36 TDs and four interceptions. In the past 15 years, only four other Power 5/BCS QBs posted a 3,500/35 line with less than five picks through 10 games. All four finished in the top four in Heisman voting, and two won it.


  13. If @seniorbowl made a Heisman ballot today based off tape it would look like this (no particular order):

    Pitt QB Kenny Pickett
    Alabama DE Will Anderson
    Michigan State RB Kenneth Walker
    Georgia LB Nakobe Dean (team representative)
    Michigan DE Aidan Hutchinson

    — Jim Nagy (@JimNagy_SB) November 14, 2021
    Note that Pickett is the only QB on this list. I don’t think he really has much of a chance even if they wind up as AAC champs, but……


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