North Carolina (Raise Up)

… This one’s for North Carolina, come on and raise up
Take your shirt off, twist it ’round your hand
Spin it like a helicopter
North Carolina, come on and raise up

This one’s for you? Uh-uh
This one’s for who? Us, us, us
Yes, sir

Most of you probably won’t recognize the lyrics above, but some of you will. They’re from Petey Pablo’s 2001 rap anthem “Raise Up”, and because I graduated from Pitt right around that time, they tend to run through my head every time we play the Tarheels.

During my senior year, in 2000, 5-2 Pitt hosted 3-5 North Carolina at Three Rivers. It was a heck of a game. David Priestly and John Turman combined for 344 yards and two touchdowns through the air and future NFL running back Kevan Barlow averaged 5.1 yards per carry on 17 totes of the rock. The game came down to the wire as I remember, and as the shadows lengthened that afternoon, it was pretty obvious that Pitt could move the ball on the ground, but for some reason Walt Harris continued to go back to the pass. If you were there you already know the punchline: Pitt lost 17-20. On the drive home my exasperated roommate summed it up as only an undergraduate could: “You just don’t dump a girl that’s treating you good”. Given that Turman and Priestly completed only 46% of their passes and were sacked seven or eight times, I think everyone in the car agreed. (Although in hindsight Pitt lost three fumbles and were penalized eight times for 66 yards, so that may have had something to do with the playcalling.)

Since then Pitt has played UNC eight times and won exactly twice. Once in 2009, and once again ten years later. In between was a litany of close games that have frustrated the Panther Faithful to a similar degree as that year-2000 contest. Here is a list of the six losses.

  • In 2018 2-1 Pitt lost to 0-2 UNC by three in Chapel Hill
  • In 2017 4-5 Pitt lost to 1-8 UNC by three at home
  • In 2016 2-1 Pitt lost to 2-1 UNC by one on the road. UNC scored 14 in the fourth quarter. Pitt scored three.
  • In 2015 then-number-23 (6-1) Pitt lost to a 6-1 UNC team at home. Pitt didn’t re-enter the top 25 that year.
  • In 2014 a 4-5 Pitt team jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter down in Chapel Hill and went on to lose the game by 5 (UNC was also 4-5 going into the game).
  • In 2013 a 4-5 Pitt team more or less got boat-raced by UNC for three quarters at Heinz, before scoring 17 points in the fourth quarter to tie the game, and then ultimately losing by 7 on a Ryan Switzer punt return with 4:46 left.

So again, to sum it up, Pitt lost six games in a row lost by a touchdown or less, often to a UNC team with an inferior record.

I hate to say it, but the stage is set again. A 7-2, nationally ranked Pitt team will be hosting an underachieving UNC team at Heinz. The line is Pitt by six and a hook. ESPN’s computer gives us a 76% chance of victory. UNC has scored 34 points or more in their last five with wins over then-number-9 Wake Forest and (Panther-Slayer) Miami. Pitt is physically battered and coming off of a tougher-than-expected road win against Duke. Pitt’s control of their own ACC destiny hangs in the balance. So yes…North Carolina may well raise up indeed. Here’s to hoping they don’t.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

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  1. “I’m a Tar Heel born and a Tar Heel bred, I’m going to be a Tar Heel until I’m dead “

    University of No Class fight song!

    Heard it way too much over the years!


    1. Thats the Richmond fight song:

      Im Spider born and Spider bred
      And when I die I’ll be Spider dead
      So yay-rah for Richmond, Richmond
      Yay-rah for Richmond, Richmond
      Yay-rah for Richmond, Richmond
      Go Spiders Go!

      The Heels are thieves as well!

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      1. That’s the Fight Song…for every school….South of the Mason/Dixon.

        I think General Beauregard wrote it ! 🙂


  2. Maestro, I will choose to apply one of the big investing principles here: “Past Performance Is No Indicator of Future Performance…. “ (and I’m applying it only to the outcome of games with UNC, NOT to Kenny’s performance…..)

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  3. Grazie Maestro.

    In 1982, I attended the season-opening Pitt-UNC game at Three Rivers Stadium.

    Foge and Dan Marino eeked out a 7-6 win over the Heels on national TV which was awful given expectations for Pitt in Dan’s Sr. year and was a bellwether of upcoming disappointment.

    Although the ensuing weeks brought much more lopsided Pitt victories, we underachieved that year, losing at home to ND, @ Penn State and looked flaccid against SMU in the Cotton Bowl.


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      1. Dan, I read somewhere if Pitt had made just the free throws it missed last night, we could have won.


  4. I have an extra ticket for the game which I will bring to 5A but you’ll have to sit next to me! Pitt fan only


  5. 2 thoughts …

    Pitt’s two losses came after emotional wins (at Tenn and versus Clemson). This would seem to work in Pitt’s favor since UNC won a thriller over undefeated Wake Forest

    But not so fast ….

    In the past 3 games, Pitt was outscored 40-14 in the 1st quarter. This needs to stop because the next 2 opponents never seems to slow down on offense. Getting behind early may be fatal

    Sent from my iPhone


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  6. Pitt has the better QB, offense and defense, if they stay away from pre-snap penalties on offense and win the turnover battle they win a high scoring game by at least by 10 maybe more.

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  7. Times are very strange indeed. I’ve run into 2 WVCC alum…..the last 2 days…and neither of them
    snarled at my Pitt Script Hat.

    Cats & Dogs living together. It’s gotta be The End !

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  8. I’m taking a friend who is going to take me to a Pitt basketball game as “quid pro quo”. I wonder if I can request it to be a Women’s Bball game.🤔

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    1. OT: I think that will be the straw that breaks the camels back. Capel will be replaced very shortly IMO. The Citadel game was all that Mintz had see for him to throw in the towel on Pitt and Capel. Heather will be soon to follow.


      1. It’s gonna cost Pitt a bundle to unload Capel + Brother + Friend$.

        I think I read he’s under Contact until 2026. Heather should HAVE NEVER EXTENDED a guy
        who has never had a winning season and finished last or near last in the Conf.


          1. That’s been my view of her all along. Extending Capel after any one of his seasons at Pitt is the work of a lunatic…or a lazy AD who pretty much can do whatever she wants.

            Who is the chief culprit in all of this? Gallagher. Gallagher. Gallagher hired Stallings, fired Stallings, hired Capel. What an idiot.


  9. Thank you, MM.

    We have made some UNC players a lot of money. Switzer and Trubisky come to mind.

    I hope Howell isn’t next in line…

    Go Pitt

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  10. Predicted a couple weeks, Mintz would de-commit, if no more top recruits coming in.

    Somehow I just don’t understand how he wouldn’t want to play with The Twig and the other
    stiff from the Transfer Portal. (sarc)


      1. Besides the losses which are surely coming, I have a very ominous feeling about this season. I fear more crime, more arrests, more quitters….it is going to be difficult to read about and even more difficult to live through.

        Long losing streaks are such negative events which, in turn, create negative behavior.


  11. Mintz leaving///Stallings Era II has just begun. I was very negative on the previous thread and I will continue to say that the only thing that will shake things up is season ticket cancellations. Capal is a dead man walking///no make that badly limping.


  12. ??? Jeffress is the mystery that I can’t understand. Heavily recruited, a player with obvious talent///comes to Pitt///and gets lost in the shuffle. If I was an advisor to this young man I would urge him to quickly seek a transfer to a program where he will be properly coached and surrounded with talented players.


    1. I think he finally made a the end of the game last night. Is HS basketball in Western Pa/Erie that bad now-a-days. Cause this kid was Mr. Pennsylvania in hoops I think.

      And he looks very tentative, unsure and lost…. pretty much on the court. And this is against Gannon & the Citadel…mind you.


  13. Maybe Capel came to Pittsburgh…to make sure the program never recovered from Otis Stallings.

    Sure seems that way !!!


    1. Or how to focus on and in shooting FT’s. Below 50% is something a team made up of 10 yr olds could outperform. lol


    1. Maybe Pitt is a basketball school after all, A WOMEN’S basketball school.

      “It was a team effort for the Pitt women’s basketball team, which used its superior size advantage to best Radford 82-63 in its season opener Wednesday night at the Petersen Events Center.”

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  14. We have NO recruits for next year. Zero. Very little talent on current team. We may win between 1-5 games this year…. Maybe!

    Now’s the time to make a clean break. It’s been 4 loong years.

    Please Heather, make a list. Time for a change! With two players in trouble with the law, you might be able to fire with cause. On recruiting failure alone.


  15. I had a thought this morning. It’s sure most of us are familiar with the story of Robert Johnson at “The Crossroads” where he sold his soul to the devil to become a master guitar player.
    Perhaps Heather Lyke was at “The Crossroads” where she was offered a deal whereby Pitt’s FB would be in the Top 25, Men’s Soccer and Women’s Vball would be in the Top 10, and Wrestling and Women’s Bball would also be on the rise.
    However, the price for this success wouldn’t be her soul, it would be that the Men’s B-ball team would be epically awful for another 4 years.
    Did she make that deal? Would you?
    I would.

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  16. I’d wait until the end of the season top proclaim a top 25 ranking.
    I think UNC is going to clean our clocks.
    And I think UVA will give our defense fits, too.
    Hope I’m wrong.

    And I miss Jamie.
    Who allowed him to leave without a buyout?
    That be Herman Munster…after Gallagher signed off on it.

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    1. Technically yes…..but the class is mostly ‘picked over’ by then. Mostly chopped liver left.

      And he didn’t show any prowess in the Transfer Portal at all. Twig & other stiff who were
      invisible against even lower 3rd rate conf, Citadel.

      They’ll basically useless against legit teams, other than to give Fouls.


  17. I say Capel needs to get some cash flowing to recruits, get some of Pittsburgh’s finest hookers, cars, jewelry, etc. Time to go Rick Petino mode. 😆


    1. Can’t give them a Free Eats at the Big O card anymore. No more free beer or cocktails at Chances R or Zeldas or The Keg. or Peter’s or Luna or Thirsty’s or Mitchell’s or Haddon Hall. Yikes where do they drink now ?

      Free Food at Ritter’s is only option left. Even the Courtyard Marriott in Oakland at Baum is closed, for the hooks.

      And anyplace over in Sous Side….seems to spell Trouble.


  18. Jalen?
    Jalen Hood-Schifino?
    Coach Capel here.
    Hey, bud, sorry for that lil mix up in the summer, when we canceled your visit.
    Anyway, how about coming down this weekend for a look see?
    We’re thinking we might have some playing time available.

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  19. See this is the problem…there are no places to drink or next to no places to drink on Campus.
    Where you can limit the potential problems with the Campus Police.

    They have to go over to the Sous Side and then you can’t do anything with the Pgh Police, when the
    inevitable trouble happens.

    I got into plenty….but it mostly always on Campus 🙂


  20. Is Capel aiming too high for every recruit? He had Mintz, he should have gone for sone top 200 players to fill the class. He isn’t going to get all top 100 players. Look at Huggins classes.
    How can you not get transfers, there are tons of them?


  21. Just watched Capel’s interview and the Femi, John interview. First, love what the players had to say. Didn’t realize that Capel moved players to different positions/role this week because of the Nike and Horton loss. That explains a lot.
    WVU will kill them, but hopefully they show improvement.

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  22. Who is going to step up and buy Capel out? It would be hilarious if Sean Miller is the booster who donates the money to turn around and take the job.

    Mintz was not a program changer but he was needed for next year’s class. I live in the DC metro area and it’s been a string of bad luck after the other down here. Pitt needs to stop recruiting this area.

    Aaron Thompson … decomits to Butler
    Manigault … transfer
    RJ Davis … decomits to UNC
    X … transfer to IU
    Dante Taylor … never lived up to expectations

    Sam Young was the last hit in the area I think … Actually, James Robinson … I’d classify him as a hit but he was a polarizing figure and that could be it’s own thread. haha.

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        1. Maybe if Pitt invested the money they made off the basketball program the preceding decade … but that investment never happened. Pitt didn’t spend money to make money. Assistants left. Recruiting fell off. Facilities aged. Dixon eventually said forget this. Pitt being cheap prevented any sort of pipelines from happening …


  23. This thread was originally intended for a football discussion and it has morphed into a dirge for once-proud Pitt Basketball. The huge buyout facing Miss Lyke (is it Mrs ?) is going to cause some serious consternation considering that money no longer flows at The Pete and football attendance is pathetic.

    O.K. this basketball year is absolutely gone and with NO RECRUITS for next year a carbon copy catastrophe is being etched in stone.

    My question to the POV is how long will it take Heather and Co. to be forced to terminate Capal?


  24. Capel will be here until 2024-2025 at least. Our only hope is if he does something very shady and is caught doing it. His buyout is just too big for Pitt to swallow, especially after the Stallings fiasco. Lyke losing support of Pitt alumni for the boneheaded contract extension last year!

    Pitt volleyball had no early signings today. This indicates Coach Fisher must have some transfers coming from somewhere.

    Hopefully Pitt football will come out fast tomorrow and never look back! Hail to Pitt!

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    1. Zero chance Capel is the coach next season. The empty seats and embarrassing losses to come will force Pitt o make a change. Too bad Pitt would never hire Pitino, but that would fill those seats up quickly.

      The chancellor would never allow it. He is responsible for the wrecking ball done to the program and doesn’t have the spine to hire Pitino.


  25. Back to football (sorta) from Paul Zeiss:

    “Not for nothing but I’m fairly certain that Pitt would score more than 63 points against The Citadel in football …..”

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  26. Hopefully he does something really shady and doesn’t get caught and we get that recruiting class we’ve been waiting for. 🤣


  27. OT — Was a the Pitt women’s BB game against Radford tonite. This Pitt team seems to do more than any other to try to engage with the fans. Tonight they had a Welcome Back chalk-talk before the game. Associate Head Coach Mitchell talked about the game prep and took questions.

    As for the game – this is clearly the best team Pitt has had since Suzie’s first year when Brianna Keisel ran the show. Coach White’s first recruiting class are now juniors, plus they added a couple nice transfers.

    Jayla Everett can flat out shoot. She was 8-14 and 3-5 from 3. Emy Hayford played a surprisingly excellent game at PG. Her first 2 years she was high-energy out of control. Tonight she made good decisions all night, no turnovers and 15 points.

    The “bad” was poor foul shooting (10 for 20), 17 turnovers, and many missed shots, especially from in close. In so many cases they just don’t put enough air under the ball and leave no margin for error.

    Pitt played aggressive defense the whole game and won the rebound battle something like 58-23…

    Oh, and two of Pitt’s better players, a top scorer in Harris and a top rebounder in Cynthia, did not play. Both are rehabbing from knee surgeries and will be back for ACC play.

    Will be interesting to see how competitive this team can be in the ACC…

    Go Pitt.

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  28. Pitt women will be very good this year. Top third in ACC. Coach White will prove his worth this year. Veteran team returning with several terrific transfers.


  29. The PITT football program just have to win tomorrow night to keep the pover’s mind on the good sports programs.

    Not a big Capel fan but there has been some bad luck and at the worst times. Too early to give up on Capel just yet for more than one reason. Money and who else would be willing to be given a cup of water to put this raging fire out?

    Yet one more person offered me a ride, a ticket and a night at the residence Inn for tomorrow nights game. Practically killed me to refuse. It was from my oldest son who was also bringing my second oldest Grand-Son along. SOB it hurts not to join them and all the POV festivities. 😦

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    1. I was still thinking of driving but again decided to give us a chance and will stay away to avoid screwing up a 3rd game this year 🙂

      visions of watching an exciting Pitt win tonight then getting out early tomorrow am to bow hunt with brother down eastern shore – he was a Pitt grad a few years after me, SAE pres one year iirc

      would be great to celebrate then get a big one

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  30. Look fwd to seeing football fans at Red5A tomorrow around 4pm.

    I’m hoping the football team isn’t as enthralled with the dumpster fire at the top of Cardiac Hill as we are here. Need those guys to be ready to play and for the D to play the game of its life.

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  31. A note for Richard:

    Richard, I listened to Billy Hillgrove’s call of the men’s BB game yesterday. When the Citadel hit a bucket to go up 12-2, Billy said: “Wow! The Panthers have run into a juggernaut!”

    I kid you not. I was shocked that Billy pulled “juggernaut” out of his repertoire…. You can check the tape (though that would be incredibly painful)…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. I get what he’s saying. Like I always say, one class can make all the difference. He has to hit on that one class though and he hasn’t yet. He’s been close but we know all the cliches around being close. Pitt is in a position where they will have to go after someone like Sean Miller I think. It’s the only way to resurrect the program quickly. No one will tolerate a slow build. We’re already 5 years post-Dixon. The think I like about Capel is that he’s trying to not be average. He’s been epically awful but at least it’s not average. Lol. We either hire another guy like Capel or go after a big fish trying to resuscitate his career like a Pittino or Miller. Two guys who could have Pitt in the top 15 in two years without breaking a sweat.


  33. Back to the big game tomorrow, sadly see Howell running over and through Pitt’s D and when the safeties lose their eyesight discipline throwing for a few long TDs. NC’s RB looked awesome against Wake, but then again Wake doesn’t even try to play defense.

    Maybe it’s a close game and our newly found PK Scarton wins it for us but I don’t see anything good happening for Pitt with them losing on national TV. HCPN on his way to another 7-8 win season.


  34. Someone may have already pointed this out – I’ve been a little disconnected this week –

    From PFF (Pro Football Focus) – Pitt’s offensive line is ranked #4. Who would have thought?

    My opinion – if the Panther’s don’t run the ball tonight, having their most carries and most yards for 2021 to date, we’ll probably lose the game. UNC is susceptible to the run as they rank in the lower 3rd of all D1 FB. Kenny will get his numbers because the run game clicks, as the passing game pierces the end zone.

    If I was Duzz, I’d use Scarton for PAT’s only unless their is a chance for points before the half or it’s a game winner at the end of regulation. Use your weapons – they are more than plentiful, even with the injuries. Oh, and Blue Mountain Bart can be your leading receiver tonight and UNC won’t know what hit them.

    Go Pitt!

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  35. Uncle Iek, I know how you feel.
    I’m most likely out tonight also…been sick since Monday. Can’t shake it.
    I HATE missing these type of games.
    And thanks for the Allman Brothers track.

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    1. I’m hoping your post is intended to lull UNC into complacency, Fran, and you are going to surprise them with a game time appearance. But I’ll load an extra table into my car just in case.

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      1. Way to go my man Wolfe!! Next man up. Hope it’s not the …./Wolfe tailgate.

        In any case Fran, hope you’re feeling better. How much better would you feel if we get a PITT win tonight?

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  36. Need to play our absolute best game tonight.
    UNC like Miami has had our number, yikes!
    We did beat them in 2019, let’s start a streak.


  37. Narduzzi apologized to Carson Van Lynn, no joke.

    UNC’s comeback from a deficit of 45-27 means Pitt better keep the pedal on the metal for 60 minutes.
    No field goals unless it is third and long.

    Run the football down their throats with Izzy and Hammond to shorten the game.

    We have lost two shoot-outs this year, learn from your experience.

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    1. Well, at least carson van didn’t go telling every reporter, coach, referee, fan and upitt that nardstop apologized (see nardstop handling of gt coach). Deflated after pitt bball loss.

      Pitt players telling the media that all the positions were changed because of personnel issues is just a bunch of excuses and general bunk. It’s not like femi played center, or hugley played guard. Where was the impactful switches of positions? Defense is just effort spelled differently. When you have better talent than the other team, you should win. You can’t play sport without emotion. You can’t forget to compete. You can’t forget to make changes. You can’t forget to replace the people who set you up to be embarrassed.

      That said, hoping that the west of virgina game brings out the emotion needed to compete and we see a different result. It is early…..

      When will we all understand that there is no brown bag deliveries any more. NIL brought that out into the open without penalty.


    2. Boot to the throat tonight.

      I’m going to where my boots just to keep stomping this point home.

      There is NO give up in this UNC team.

      Never forget Houston! NEVER! EVER!

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  38. Read where UNC has allowed the most sacks of any Power Five team.

    Encouraging, but once we get in there we can’t let Howell duck out of a sack and then throw a TD pass. Good tackling is the key tonight….

    That and scoring TDs – I agree with an aggressive fourth-down offensive approach when we’re anywhere on UNC’s side of the field…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. If Cam Bright is our spy on Howell, this will be a key to victory tonight. Cam will have 3 sacks himself. The problem is Bates and Duzz play Petrishen more than Cam for some reason. We’ll get smoked if Johnny Zero is on the field in place of Cam. Mr. Bright should play the entire game and come out only when he taps out.

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  39. Spying on him is one thing but getting him on the ground is quite another. He is a big boy with good speed and hard to tackle.


      1. He is a tough kid, that’s for sure. I love Kenny’s moxie, but Sam Howell has a healthy dose of it himself.


    1. I see Kenny being available in the last 10 picks of round 1, so I see the Steelers going deep into the playoffs and getting an intriguing prospect Who’s good enough to start year 2.


  40. Hopefully, the defense doesn’t take a half to show up, again … Luckily, I get to miss a good chunk before half picking up the oldest from HS basketball tryouts and first cuts … that’s the only W and L I care about tonight.

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  41. NC won a very emotional game against WAKE last week. Maybe they’ll have a bit of an emotional hangover like PITT did, IMO, after the CLEM victory. I don’t think they’ll spy Howell with #0; he’s a step too slow. Bright or Sirvocea are better choices. I think they’ve got to run tonight to gain a bit of a mental edge against NC. As always ball security and very minimal pre/post snap penalties will go a long way to illuminate the Victory Lights this evening. H2P.


  42. Amazingly it’s currently 71 degrees in both da Burgh and da Hell……Chapel Hell that is.

    Looks like some showers possible 10pm-ish.

    So take your yellow rubber rain garb & yellow Maid of the Mist hats. Yellow works at Mustard Jar.


  43. Just watch the condensed version of the Pitt basketball loss. Holy no defense. Pathetic effort and coaching. Players just standing around. I would have scored ten points against Pitt with flat footed threes.
    I did notice Santos has a nice stroke.


  44. I’m a little worried about tonight’s game since the Holes have had our number since we joined their conference. And make no mistake…’s their conference.

    Thankfully we did WIN the last game played between the 2 and got that monkey off our back in 2019.

    Their emotional win over #10 Wake Forest, by the identical score of Pitt’s first win in the ACC, 58-55
    had their fans pouring onto the Field. So again…. pretty emotional high there in Hell.

    And funny enough the Tarholes were pre-season #10 ranked and beat #10 Wake….. by the same score Pitt beat Duke by in the aforementioned Pitt first ACC game, 58-55. And how about that….Pitt and Duke
    were indeed playing again at the same exact time as UNC/Wake last week, Which wasn’t even counted as a
    ACC conference game.

    So what does this all mean. I have no idea….but strange is strange.

    The Tarholes have only played 3 Road games to date this season AND LOST THEM ALL.
    Including a clobbering by Georgia Tech 22-45.

    So I like Pitt to win at Home and the Holes to continue losing on the Road.

    Pitt 48 tarholes 40

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    1. I have a similar prediction for the final score (Pitt 51-47) and I hope this author is right about the pass rush (I have a lot of respect for College Football News). To me, one of the biggest differences between this year’s team and last year’s (aside from Pickett’s huge leap) is the pass rush. Only Baldonado brings the heat consistently and there’s not as much push up front. People say harsh things about the secondary but their task is a lot tougher than it’s been the past couple years.


  45. Juggs – I like your line of thinking – I’m hanging on tonight until the last whistle.

    I expect to see a lot of hard hits in the tar heel backfield tonight.

    And I also expect a great game from our highly rated Oline (ikr) – ranked 4th in the latest PFF.

    Go Pitt – beat the tar out of the heels!

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  46. Kenny is firmly entrenched in 3rd place in the Senior Class Award race. The dude from Georgia has over half the votes. Kenny, the Hate tOSU guy and the Georgia entry together have over 90% of the votes. In the Volleyball race, Kayla Lund is precariously holding in the third place and could use some more votes. You can vote as often as you have time for.


    1. According to my massive meteorological talents… appears to be a very slow moving weather system.

      However if there is a gazillion passes in this game and the game becomes a 4 hour ordeal…..Weather could become a factor….later in the game.

      Talent on loan from Bob Kudzma.

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  47. Most times I think games will go one way they go the other. I’m not counting on a lot of sacks, we just seem to underperform when attacking a teams perceived weakness.
    Also, I think I’ll stop at the Rivers and bet the under, yup, the under. Just feels right. As for the outcome, man, after the Miami debacle I’m tempted to lay a few on the Heels. Loss of Mack will hurt, and I just see Howell killing us running on 3rd and long.
    As an aside, college hoops has always been my favorite, but now…….. If Heather did in fact extend JC, well, how many times can we eat bad decisions. If the Duzz folds again, and Capel tanks, her seat should get pretty warm very soon.


    1. Does anyone know, for sure, if Capel was extended? I certainly hope not, but it will take a coaching Houdini to get PITT back to respectability.


  48. isnore is right, may not start till 10 or so but it’s gonna hit hard, not good if you’re looking for a 4th quarter comeback.


  49. We need to have the lead, when it starts possibly raining in the 4th Q….and then do one of our famous clock burning 4th Q 10 minute drives….to bury the Holes.

    Bury the Tarholes !

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  50. i think 10 minute drives would have been a great pathway to victory the last few times we played those southern belles, but we couldn’t do it……

    downpour in cbus heading your way



    11/11/2021 2:00:00 PM

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett has been named a semifinalist for the Walter Camp Award, annually presented to “the nation’s most outstanding player,” it was announced this afternoon by the Walter Camp Football Foundation.

    This is the fifth national award to select Pickett as one of its premier contenders. He previously was named a Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award “Top 10 Candidate,” Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award semifinalist, Maxwell Award semifinalist and Senior CLASS Award finalist.

    Pickett Walter Camp Semifinalist

    The recognition has been well earned. Pickett is the only FBS quarterback to rank in the nation’s top five in passing yards (3,171) and touchdown passes (29), while having fewer than five interceptions (three).

    Including his four rushing scores, Pickett has 33 total touchdowns on the season. He is piloting the nation’s highest scoring offense at 45 points per game.

    Pickett was the subject of a Thursday feature by ESPN senior writer Chris Low. The piece quoted renowned quarterback mentor and Duke head coach David Cutcliffe, whose Blue Devils were undone by Pickett’s 416 passing yards and four total TDs.

    “I was blown away by how accurate he is,” Cutcliffe said. “Oh my goodness, he puts it right where he wants it to be. He throws about as good a ball, as catchable a ball, as I’ve seen.”

    Added legendary Pitt coach Jackie Sherrill: “Kenny’s one of those players who’s really, really good, but doesn’t act like it because he’s never taking any of the credit. It’s always his teammates that he’s giving the credit to. As a player and a coach, I’ve been able to be around some great ones, and I’ll put it this way about Kenny: If he were at Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State or anywhere, he would be the starter. That’s the best compliment you can give him.”

    In addition to his athletic excellence, Pickett is accomplished academically and from a community and leadership standpoint. Pitt’s two-time team captain earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and is presently enrolled in the Katz Graduate School of Business. He has been nationally lauded for his NIL initiatives, which have emphasized philanthropy as well as his teammates.

    Five finalists for the 2021 Walter Camp Award will be announced on Dec. 2. The winner will be unveiled during ESPN’s live telecast of The Home Depot College Football Awards on Dec. 9.

    Pickett has led the Panthers to a 7-2 overall record and first place in the Coastal Division with a 4-1 ACC mark. Pitt, ranked in both major Top 25 polls this week, hosts North Carolina tonight at 7:30 p.m. The game will be nationally televised by ESPN.

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  52. Pitt’s going to have to stop the run tonight. Last week Ty Chandler’s ran for 213 yards, the Tar Heels compiled 358 rushing yards and scored six times on the ground. Sam Howell ran for 104 of those yards. I’m really getting nervous…


  53. Part 1 of a 3 part series starts tonight. We will find out how good Pitt is tonight then each of the next two games to follow because the margin of error is very likely zero. This game and each of the games to follow could be the most important games of the Pitt Football Program in more than a decade.

    Its all in front of them until it isn’t.


  54. As with the Miami game, my “blink” response is “Pitt loses.” Still, I have the long-time belief that Pitt should own the ACC Costal; a down year would be two losses in conference. This doesn’t feel like a down year, so I’m thinking, if not this year, when? Pitt 54, Ugly Blue 47.


    1. What a wonderful tribute and great to see the memory of a great man, and of course Pitt man, come to life once again.

      Thanks to all who have served on this Veterans Day and to all of those who have had loved ones make the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms that we continue to enjoy!


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  55. Keys to the Game:
    1. Get pressure from someone other than Baldonado
    2. No worse than -1 in the turnover column
    3. Control big runs up the center of the defense

    Final score: Pitt 51 – UNC 47


  56. The flags at Heinz are starched. Blowing to the north — from the scoreboard to the closed end…

    Couple of old Panther footballers at the tailgate. QB Dave Havern and WR Steve Moyer…

    Go Pitt.

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  57. Long lines. No staff at the gates. I’ve got buddies who got here 39 minutes ago that are sitting in ling lines to get in. Way Marie gates open for all prior home games


  58. New thread up. Sorry, I didn’t realize a new post was in the works. Got home in time to welcome my brother for the weekend.


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