Believing is Seeing, But There is Nothing to See

October 31, 2021

Here is another spot-on piece by Rick Caldwell


“I appreciate all the Pitt fans yelling about the officiating. There were bad calls all day. But if you’re Pitt, you can’t play that poorly on D and make critical mistakes on offense with multiple chances to take the lead – bad officiating or not.” – Andrea Adelson of ESPN

Oh, the buzz that was in the air around Pitt football. Miami walked into Heinz Field and punched our Panthers square in the mouth as Pitt never lead in this game. Our Heisman hyped QB was outplayed by a FR QB. Pitt’s response to all that was disappointing to say the least.

This was an entertaining game yet very frustrating at the same time. The U owns Pitt and Pat Narduzzi. The former defensive assistant turned head coach now has a worse overall win percentage against the canes than the historical numbers. Neither are good, so I’ll move on.


1. It is just a game.

2. The rain never happened during game time.


1. Pitt is not an elite team. Elite teams don’t lose to western freaking Michigan. This is a slightly above average team that has been able to beat average teams 6 out of 8 times in 2021. This is an 8-4 team, 8-5 after their bowl loss. It’s sad but it is what it is.

2. KP8’s (Kenny Pickett) two INT’s in this game.

3. KP8 as a guest on various sports talk shows everyday this past week – I wonder how much game film was watched in prep for the Hurricane that ripped through Heinz Field.

4. Narduzzi kicking a FG again when he needed a TD.

5. #31 (Eric Hallett) was beaten like a drum – pass coverage, missed tackles and costly penalties – you have to show up and do your job or be replaced by the 4* teammates behind you. I believe #31 played the whole game. Where was the depth?

6. Our RB’s carried the ball a total of 13 times – six each by Abanikanda (4.7 ypc) and V. Davis (7.5 ypc) while Hammond carried ONCE for 6 yards.


1. Giving up 31 points in the 1st half to a team with a 3-4 record and a true FR QB.

2. 68 yards in penalties in the 1st half.

3. Play calling by Whipple on the Miami 5 yard line in the 4th quarter which resulted in a FG when we were down by seven (maddening).

4. A lot of missed tackles (16 on one series – multiple per play).

5. A defense-minded coach loses a potentially monumental season by giving up three TDs on the first three drives to a FR QB on just 10 plays.

6. As the author of this article, I edited out numerous BAD and UGLY lines to shorten the read and make this less frustrating for Pitt fans. Get ready for the “same old” as this season unfolds. This was a BIG win for Miami and an even BIGGER loss for Pitt.