Miami Game Day – Predictions and Threads

I dropped the ball on this one. I missed interpreted an email Reed sent me. Good thing I finally looked at the draft Reed had left.

I was supposed to add a bunch of stuff  but all I am adding is the Broadcast info. Comcast viewers know the drill on how to watch.

Broadcast Information
Television • ACC Network
Chris Cotter (play-by-play), Mark Herzlich (analyst), Jalyn Johnson (reporter)

Pitt Radio • 93.7 The Fan & Pitt Panthers Radio Network
Bill Hillgrove (play-by-play), Pat Bostick (analyst), Larry Richert (reporter)

SiriusXM Satellite Radio
Sirius Channel 133, XM Channel 193, SXM App Channel 955

WPTS Radio (Pitt Student Station) • 92.1 FM

Online Audio

These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Football Homepage

Pitt ESPN Homepage

Pitt Football 2021-22 Schedule

Pitt Football 2021-22 Stats

Pitt Football 2021-22 Roster

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

Miami Football Home Site

Pitt vs Miami Game Notes 

Miami Stats (current & historical info)

Atlantic Coast Conference 2021-22 Standings (w/ links to team pages)


Here is Pitt’s Two Deep for the game:


318 thoughts on “Miami Game Day – Predictions and Threads

  1. Thanks for this. So, they are listed on the Two Deep. Does that mean Izzy and Jordan are cleared to play


    1. Maybe today you are right, the defense couldn’t stop the Little Sisters of the poor today and I’m not sure if the Pitt offense can keep up because the pass rush with 4 linemen are getting to Pickett.


  2. Well here I am, getting ready to jump in my lounge chair to watch my team PITT play an integral football on Oct 20th. That’s a little different scenario than we are all use to. PITT has been 6-1 before then struggled late season with losses.

    Yet there is a difference this year. Other years PITT did not draw attention around the country but this year, Holy-mackerels, PITT is being lauded nationally and I’m really enjoying it!

    Goes to prove how hard it is to win 9 or 10 games in a season. Every game looks challenging and nerve racking. Here I am in no position to be wishing my days away to get to Saturday. At least it gives me extra strength to make it to game-time.

    I think this game really falls on Kenny’s back to defeat the weather elements and those ruffians from the deep south.

    Another great big shout out to Fran/Wolfe and the Tailgaters and all the people who help put together a place for the POVers to gather and ponder ways PITT will take down the Hurricanes. Good on you guys and Gals.

    As I started to climb out of bed this morning around 7:00 am I thought The boys are already setting up. Wow! Thank You!

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      1. LOL pmd, I’ve given Eli a couple PITT talks. < (get it) He looks like he has his game face on, more like a mug. Then again these early starts are rough on him. He’s a late sleeper.


    1. isnore99
      If you have a smart TV or Firestick, and a decent internet connection, do a quick free trial signup of YouTube TV. ACC network is there. And, to be safe, record it. Then if your power goes out or internet fails, it will be waiting for you to watch when you go into YouTube TV later. Then cancel the free trial and life is good.

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  3. I think that since Comcast serves no place in NC, the ACCN does not seem to care about a agreement with them.


  4. I keep saying this, but this is the week to unveil some new or trick plays. What ever happened to the Go Go (?) plays that coach Marian brought in? I don’t think they have been used and are on tape for opponents to look at. For me, this game, weather and all, has the feel of a 28-17 victory. This assumes one turnover by Miami. If Pitt forces 2 or more turnovers it could be a 2 TD win. If Pitt turns the ball over once or twice it could be a nail biter..

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  5. As a follow up on the lair it was reported that both Izzy and Addison are starting today. I wasn’t sure to believe Narduzzi on Thursday when he said both would be a game time decision.


  6. Pitt 34 – Miami 24. Looking over the last decade’s results, Pitt has lost to Miami by maybe 7-8 points on average (I didn’t do the actual calculation) which was less than I remembered (probably Miami-related PTSD made me think it was worse than that). This year’s version of Pickett plus Addison (if healthy) is worth at least two touchdowns beyond most of the other QBs we’ve had recently. Panthers pull away late for a double-digit victory. H2P


  7. Miami starting DT Nesta Silvera is out for the game. Non-Covid illness. He was left in Miami as reported by a Miami blog.


  8. Key today is tackling. They are not a great team but lots of individual talent in the backfield and at WR. We tackle, we win!


  9. That long pass looked like the same pattern Clemson ran with their RB last week when he dropped the ball. Just as open this week.


  10. Looking like WMU all over again, very poor tackling and pass coverage is in disarray


  11. Miami should not have had the ball to score. Pitt throws long on 4th and three. And now 2 sacks so far. Not good


  12. Miami had real trouble protecting the QB early in the season. They are controlling the line today. Nate’s has to find a way to get to him.

    Kenny is going to have to use his legs more today… like it or not.


  13. Trice we have 3 yards for a 1st down and they call for long passing plays. Get a quick out and get the 4 yards….or run the ball.


  14. Is our defense on drugs?? Decided not to play today? Pitt simply getting out played by better talent all over the field.

    Out schemed and out executed.

    I’ve seen this game many times before. Men against boys so far. Need to get running game going


  15. A reminder: Clemson started out strong as well. The OL needs to wear Miami down and the defense needs to make some plays.


  16. Defensive line getting destroyed by a line that hasn’t destroyed anyone else.

    D backs as bad as we feared, but covered up by a lot of pressure in prior games.


  17. They had to be partying in Oakland all week reading their press clippings, the defense today is going through the motions. The pass coverage is absolutely horrible and again the stupid penalties. Good to see Kancey is back in the game.


  18. Nobody can tackle on this team. Nobody.

    Kenny will have to win the game by himself.

    Stupid play by 7. We are acting like bigger punks than the U.

    Blame the refs all we want, but this D stinks today and we will have to score 45 points to win.


  19. Bad call on roughing the passer but never less horrible tackling, no defensive adjustments and the Pitt defense looks clueless.


  20. Ok last 3 refs calls were utter BS!
    So tired of having to beat ACC refs as well as opposition.

    No call on late hit in KP was ridiculous.

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  21. Those penalty yards are unbelievable. This is what reading the news all week gets you. Miami reads it as well and could see they were getting no respect.

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  22. A week of plaudits and praise for Pitt has Pitt believing the Press. Miami kicking the ego out of Pitt.

    Killer pick!


  23. Wow they are going to take an ass kicking today, looks extremely bad and whatever credibility they built up is being flushed down the toilet.


  24. Last thing Pitt needed was a bad sudden change. KP has done so much for Pitt but he cannot carry this team all by himself!

    Hallet has personally cost Pitt 17 points!


  25. Yes Jack. Exactly.

    The D line being dominated is showing how weak the rest of the defense really is. I am surprised we are being man-handled by these guys. They really haven’t protected well all year.

    Are we being out-coached by a staff on the hot seat?


  26. Really poor first half. Even Pickett didn’t play well. No one played well. 68 yds on penalties.


  27. First ….Miami is a better team than Pitt with a hot QB. Pitt cannot make another stupid or unforced error.

    That’s to get a tie in regulation!

    Anything else and this game is over!

    I’ve seen this same game over and over and over vs Miami and they are not done with the trick plays!


  28. The defense is awful and the offensive line is doing an awful job in pass protection. The odds for Pitt to win this game has gone down to about 15% at best.


  29. I wish we had a head coach that could make a halftime adjustment.
    But, it’s hard to adjust to getting your asses kicked by a much better team!


  30. Narduzzi needs to settle down his team. We will see in the second half if Pickett and the rest of the team are deserving of all the hype. Pickett’s interception was a killer! The Miami wide receiver screens to the edges are taking advantage of the rating differences in recruiting between Miami and Pitt.


  31. We haven’t beaten any good teams.
    And while we have a great/very good qb, we are only slightly better than mediocre in a down year for the ACC.

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  32. It’s tied. never expected that. Defense finally stepipng up. Miami missed tackles reverting to their normal (plenty)


  33. Narduzzis pass D has always stunk against better competition. Always without exception. His unwillingness to adjust is why this happens against good quarterbacks, including the awesome Western Michigan QB.


  34. That could be the game. KP simply cannot do it all. Our stalwart D needs a stop. We’re in big trouble


    ACC refs homering the hell out off Pitt!

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  35. Agree Pittdad. But the reason we are in this spot is our terrible defense against a freshman qb with less than 5 games under his belt.

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  36. We can talk about the refs or the miscommunication on one route by KP and Addison all day. But this loss is 100% in a terrible defense that can’t cover, can’t tackle and couldn’t rattle a young and inexperienced QB.

    The D is experienced but still fundamentally unsound at all the fundamentals – and always has been. Can’t tackle and never in the right position against receivers.


  37. I’m not drinking and have reviewed that safety 4 times. It was a safety all 4 times.

    Agreed that our defense has caused this disaster. Miami much the more talented team will go on to win the Coastal from here.


  38. KP was very good but his 2 ints cost us the game, especially that 1st one…that and poor tackling.


  39. Very disappointing loss they were on the cusp but again they failed, life goes on but SOP runs rampant.


  40. We win by 2 touchdowns if we tackle the RB or receiver after the catch. I’ll give him all those completions, but the annual and chronic inability to tackle cost this game. Period.

    So is it chicken or egg? Can’t tackle because they are poorly coached or because we only can recruit inferior athletes? I vote coaching.

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  41. Very disappointing loss! Pickett was not a Heisman candidate today and any talk of it ended with this game. Best Pitt can do now is to finish strong the rest of the season without a loss. They can still win the Coastal Division and the ACC championship! It is up to them how they respond.

    Pitt loss this game! Not the officials nor anyone else that Narduzzi will blame! They need to accept that and move on with the rest of the season. If they do not, they will end up at 7-7 again!

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  42. If you watch Hallett all year he has been terrible. Out of position, horrible coverage. Not just today.

    We must not have anything behind him.

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  43. Defense stinks out loud. 34 points should be enough. I fail to see how anyone can call Nar_uzzi a defensive specialist given these two losses. A freshman Qb looked like Tom Brady against this team.

    SOP lives on. It is the modern day Rasputin. Hopelessness and despair on the menu for dinner tonight.

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  44. It was fun being relevant for a few weeks and the topic of discussion, now we fall back into the also ran category.

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  45. North Carolina will have an easy week of preparation week after next. Put this film on. No D line pressure, get the ball to ANY skill player and let them run around Pitt defenders.

    Where is the feared D line?


  46. Miami had 428 yards passing with over 10 yard average per catch. What does that tell you? So on a day when the Miami QB is hot Pitt refuses to run the ball to use up time. Pickett throws long when 5 yards will do. Narduzzi and Whipple are in love with Pickett, and they use poor judgement when play calling. Everyone caused this loss today, although the defense truly stunk the place out..

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  47. We woke up a little in the second half but we had another turnover and that killed us. Hard to beat a team who did not make to many mistakes just like WMI loss. ACC refs need to go to school again but they were probably told to get better in the second half.


  48. Good point VOR. The coaches focus on the Heiman left a lot of time on the clock for the better QB today.


  49. Seems the LOYAL Pitt Alum and Poster from “Techus” who drove 600 miles to see his beloved Pitt play might have been right after all.

    Would be nice to hear/read what he has to say.


        1. I don’t like faithful alums using political statements in their comments, BTW, I am not an alum. I also don’t like commenters dominating conversations and constantly having to have the last word even when I call them out and prove them wrong. LOL LOL LOL
          So yes I am OK with it.

          I have nothing against commenters calling out Pitt. This game they deserved it. I also have nothing against Kool-Aid drinkers making excuses. Just like I have nothing against commenters making excuses when Pitt wins.


  50. I think DuzzWhip suffers under an illusion that this defense is good. Said it several times today “run the damn ball”!

    Voice said it best!


  51. Well, folks, this is Narduzzi football. We were out-coached and out-played by a team that knows were are prey, Let’s make the best of this season, four games to go, and avoid a Hackett or Wannstedt like fade. After all for those of us who don’t really care about Olympic sports, there’s the Capel traveling disaster show ahead. The big debate about Pitt basketball is will be finish last or 13th.


  52. We are our typical 7-8 win team, but with a good quarterback in a down ACC year.
    Put the lipstick on the pig, the donkey, whatever.
    I’m no more down this week than I was excessively exuberant last week.
    But Coach Pat is what he is.

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  53. Ok, I’m back from the game and had the whole ride home to settle down. Here’s my take:
    1) Sometimes being at the game let’s you see things better, sometimes not
    a) The first Pickett int he threw to the wrong gut. He had Addison( I think) wide open deep on the other side
    b) I’m sure someone at home saw the non safety better than me, we were at the other end of the field, but from our view, and all stadium replays it sure looked like a safety.
    2) Did ya notice it was the same ref that made all the calls, yup, same guy. Sort of reminded me of 3 man crew in hoops, one calls nothing, one calls everything, and the other guy is Switzerland.
    3) Man, how can you throw for over 300 in the first half, 500+ for the game and lose? Well easy if your d stinks.
    4) It was nuts seeing roughing called, but only one way. Ugh!
    5) REALLY undisciplined play, Miami baited them into a typical Miami game and they fell for it again.
    6) What the heck was going on with the 4 yd passes on 3rd & 4th and long?
    7) Duzz back to calling TOs on d again that never work.
    8) Was it only me or were there so many penalties and reviews called that I couldn’t explain the rulings to my wife?. Really strange.
    9) It is tough being a Northern team in a Southern league, and ya, Imknow they dislike the U, but they hate Yankees even more.
    10) Was this SOP, aw, maybe yes maybe no. The season can go either way, but now theDuzz is back on track for his 5 losses.
    11) I just think they found a way to screw the pooch, but at least no more playoff talk, and maybe less interviews and looking at social media.
    12) I thought 21 Mathis(?) was really,really, bad. Couldn’t cover or tackle, but there was certainly enough to go around.
    13) Immgoing to follow KPs advice, except I’m havin several clod ones.

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    1. Great comments Joe! I just rewatched (torture) the game and I think Mathis looked bad because he was trying to cover for Hallet who was out of position all day!

      This game is another damning indictment of Narduzzi and his staff. They seem to plan for and Coach the game they think will happen instead of the game that is unfolding in front of their eyes! If you realize you defense is simply outmatched then run the fricking ball! Take time off the clock! Pitt discipline was out the window after play number one on defense!


  54. Plenty of blame on the refs but really poor spots on our side cost us the game. Penalties, poor defense, picks, etc.

    The “U” is still a trash program.

    Out of the top 25…again.


  55. Pitt easily can lose to UNC, UVA and Syracuse with this defense and the legend (in his own mind) Narduzzi coaching.

    Miami baited Pitt all day with trash talking and Pitt lost its poise because of it. That’s on the coaching staff!

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    1. You’re reaching with the trash talking and taking the bait. Miami made more plays and won because of it. Nothing will ever change with this defense until Narduzzi is gone. Maybe four-star players would make it more effective?


  56. If ever there was a year when all the variables fell into Pitt’s favor this is it. To start with, the ACC is having a down year. There are no powerhouse teams in the league. Pitt has a Heisman hopeful, and had a top 20 offense and defense. Even the ACC Championship game is winnable with Clemson being out after 6 strong years. And the OOC was softer than usual.

    Everything was set up for Pitt to move to the next level and then have a really good recruiting year to build on and replace the graduating Seniors. And then they laid an egg giving up 31 first half points. ESPN will now stop talking about them..

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  57. Mel Tucker’s stock continues to rise, as it should. How many wins would Pitt need to get this year for MSU to be interested in Narduzzi?


  58. Oh, two other quick things
    1) Please don’t get the impression Immsaying we lost due to the refs
    2) We will now play 3 more qbs that will not miss wide open receivers, so I wasn’t kidding with the 5 loss stuff. Duzz’s d is exposed and really bad. We,just played the bottom qbs in the ACC prior to today’s game.

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  59. Couple of thoughts…

    i don’t really think the fix is in by ACC…it would be counter productive to do so. Your best shot for a playoff slot (excluding Wake Forest). It would make no sense. Get Pitt and WF to match up in the playoffs to determine a spot in the NCAA playoff

    Secondly, ACC would love to have a potential Heisman trophy finalist in Pickett. 2 losses not likely to happen now.

    I held off on “buying in” , it’s not because I don’t want to. I think many of us are so apprehensive because of the history (or curse) of SOP.

    That said I think it’s a damn shame that KP had a shot at the end and couldn’t come up with the TD.

    But I also, think (and moreso than the QB that threw for 500+ yards) that a coaching staff let him down in the end. I think a Heisman run also requires the best of a coaching effort when you have that off day (or two) they can gameplan you through it.

    Yes the D came up short, but where was the D game plan that could’ve been used to ensure that a 3 TD 500+ yard performance would’ve been one for the ages.

    Does not mean I am giving the D a pass, but I think the coach has to own some of the blame for this. My biggest problem over the last 7 years (it’s not just Pitt) is chest thumping “we do what we do”

    Finally, while I said I didn’t buy in, doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy this season. These are some good kids and I am going to love watching Kenny Pickett in the NFL. And btw Mark Madden…he will be a starter.

    Dave Dellett

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    1. Dave – KP8 missed his target by at least 5 yards and it was an INT.

      Nuff said. I’m not believing, almost did and the two keys to the game did not produce. KP8 and the D.

      Bad showing today. The refs were just a side show to the mess Pitt put on the field.


      1. Unfortunately for me I could not watch it as the Vegas area didn’t have ACCN coverage. So I followed along on Gamecast (which is sad I know).

        I guess that is why I stated it was an off day (even though it was 500 yards and 3 TD’s). You can’t have that pick at the end even if it is 2nd and 18 after a sack. late in the game down by 4 a Heisman candidate needs to shine.

        That said, my only point was you have a Freshman QB on the other side. Zone schemes are some of the hardest things to decipher for a young QB. I am assuming it was typical man on an island coverage with a zone here and there….so if I am mistaken I apologize for the assumption.

        I guess my biggest point is if you know going in you got a Freshman, shouldn’t you be trying to confuse the hell out of him?

        Let me know if I am wrong, but that is where I think coaching matters…and the very good ones put a gameplan in to exploit those things. But if I know our coach like I was the same old song and dance.

        Again if I am wrong please let me know.

        Dave Dellett

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        1. Dave: I was going to write something very similar. For a freshman quarterback, the hardest type of coverage to read is a zone scheme. Why didn’t Pitt do a lot more of that. They should have started the game looking like man to man and then dropped into zone. That would have confused they heck out of the quarterback! It would have caused loads of wasted time by the Miami offensive coordinators redirecting Van Dyke to change his reads. That is what a great defensive guru would have done!

          Alan Saunders posted a video on Twitter showing the so called safety play from his end zone seat. You can clearly see the upper part of the Miami runner getting out of the end zone. The call was correct.

          As I said above Pitt has to own this loss. Narduzzi has to own this loss. Pickett has to own this loss. Learn from it! If they do not, they are going to lose more games this season and more support. If that happens, Lyke will have an opportunity after next year to put her own football coach in place!

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  60. Not sure if yinz watched ESPN GameDay this morning, but in their profile of Pitt and HCPN they showed him speaking to the team last night. If his intent was to fire these young men up he sure failed miserably in my mind. He must have said “OK?” or, even worse, “K?” after every statement. It was embarrassing. Certainly didn’t have me hyped to run out of the tunnel the next day.


  61. All the things are true, too many Miami wide receivers running wide open, too many missed tackles on bubble screens. Pitt made many mistakes.

    BUT, the bottom line is our “Heisman” trophy candidate threw two interceptions at very inopportune times.

    Very little chance of winning when you do that.

    Until the film proves me wrong, that was a safety.

    Now we need to win the next four in a row, what are the odds?


    1. I agree, that was a safety. Odds are good we win 4 in a row IMO. I think this loss will bring them down to earth and refocus them. Plus, now we don’t have to talk about the Heisman trophy or the college football playoffs anymore. Those topics are major distractions.


  62. TRUTH is… this game came down to ONE play. It was Kenny Pickett choosing to throw left into coverage for an interception instead of looking right and throwing a TD to an OPEN Addison. At that point EVERYTHING changes.

    But the rest of the TRUTH is that a truly GOOD Head Coach rumored to be a “Defensive GURU” would have still found ways to win the the game.

    Not complicated.

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  63. Anyone who points fingers and bitching about someone being banned from this site should look directly at me and not anyone else. That “loyal Pitt fan” was given many chances to change his ways on here but refused.

    Too bad about the loss… I think we’ll see two more for a 9-4 final record (with a bowl loss). I’ll be surprised if we are ranked but it would be nice.

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    1. Actually it’s “faithful Pitt Alum” and of course you’re the one to be looked at. But also ANYONE who somehow believes cutting off someone’s ability to speak is the solution to anything.

      Fact is, there’s been a LOT worse posted here over the years that has been tolerated.

      It’s funny too how since the banning of the “faithful Pitt Alum” more than one Poster has taken over the role of relentless and redundant posts. But, since they are deemed to be “positive” and “not offensive” to enough of the other regular Posters, it is allowed.

      I get that our “faithful Pitt Alum” was often OVER the top in terms of the number of daily posts and the redundancy in the points being made. But banning was just as much over the top.

      There is just something wrong about it. I think something along the line of a “daily limit” of posts on ALL POV Posters would have been more in line with the ideal of free speech whether here or anywhere.


      1. Ball crossed .. feet were in the end zone…

        The ole “Pitt Special” with a different out-come… should have put Tre in- he was a QB in HS and 1-1 with the PITT special…


        1. Do you see the ball or are you making an assumption? He doesn’t have much forward lean and he was hit hard. You might be right but they didn’t confirm the call just said it would stand.


    1. I agree. Not enough carries by Izzy, and they three two passes to Hammond, and maybe one run?
      When your defense has no answer why not run the ball and the clock a little.


  64. Yes, Whipple asked his graduate assistant to run and get him a cup of coffee. Next play KP threw the killer INT and Whipple told his assistant to run and get him a crying towel.

    Back to back runs in the staff box!


  65. It is not a coincidence that in the two games that the Pitt defense came up short KP threw interceptions, and Pitt lost.
    No doubt Pitt would be no where without KP, but I’m sure he would agree you can’t turn the ball over in those games.
    Pitt had plenty of opportunities to score more points today, Two turnovers and penalties cost too many points.
    In today’s game you have to outscore the other team.
    Yes it was a poor defensive performance, in fact Miami dropped balls that could have made it worse.

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  66. Before I left to attend a HS football game, I saw Pitt score a touchdown. “Off to a good start,” I thought. When I returned from the game to check scores on ESPN, I saw Pitt lost. I looked again, because they were off to a good start. Then, I deleted the recorded game, “I don’t need to watch Pitt lose,” I thought, “I’ve seen that game too many before.” I’m glad I didn’t check ACC scores on my phone at the HS game, it would have ruined a nice afternoon watching the high school my son attended beat their arch rival. Now I’m scrolling backward through the comments to see why I deleted Pitt. Yep, good move by me. Yoi and double yoi.

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  67. Krull could have run for a touchdown on that botched gimmick play.
    Just one of many blown opportunities.


  68. Somehow Miami managed to put in a flea flicker for its Freshman QB. Teams know how to beat Pitt now. Get their WRs in open space and Pitt can’t tackle.

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  69. My brother-in-law: Are you crushed that Pitt lost?
    Me: I expected it.
    My brother-in-law: But they were 6-1. They were going places…a magical season!
    Me: I’m old enough to know that just because the Vicky Secret model is talking to me at the bar, it doesn’t mean she’s going home with me.

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  70. Think the team has shown it’s a winner when it plays smart… something it did not do today.

    Pitt beat themselves. There’s a lot of examples of how, but to me it came down to having the right mindset. I expected them to play with more discipline.

    I believe the team can still win the next four games… but have to acknowledge there’s a good chance they could lose another one or two.

    The tough thing is that Miami has a cream puff schedule rest of the way – GT, FSU, VT and Duke. Pitt has no margin for error to make it to Charlotte. The odds favor the Canes and UVA.


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  71. Oh well,

    Pitt was never really as good as the hype and certainly not as bad as some were saying. In fact they’re a pretty good team and would be competitive against most other good teams.

    The truth is without KP, they would be below average in my opinion and more or less what we have generally been seeing over these many years.

    Think about it for a moment, without the COVID year, would Beville or any other QB inserted into the offense perform anywhere near what Pickett has? Of course not and we’d be our average middling team once again.

    That unfortunately is what I expect to see next year and so on and so on…

    This was a true once in a generation opportunity to take advantage of a unique player and team and HCPN just couldn’t pull it off. The WMU loss was horrible. This was bad but they were in it and could of/ perhaps should of won.

    From my perspective, Kenny played pretty damn well and I enjoyed watching him. A couple of mistakes were always on the horizon but is part of the deal for even the elite teams.

    The defense just did not seem to be ready for the beginning of the game and overall the number of missed tackles is infuriating and for sure frustrating. That has to be coaching, or, maybe we just weren’t able to play enough exhibition games to get them ready…

    In the end, a good year is still there for the taking and I’ll be pulling for them to make it happen.

    But, my fellow diehard Pitt Brethren, this is as good as it is going to be for another xx years…UGH!


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  72. The more I watch today the more certain I am that the Duzz will lose his 5 again. Can’t see them ever stopping an accurate passer, and we face 2 more in ACC play, plus who knows in the Duke Mayo bowl. It’s not said with anger, nastiness, or hate of anyone, it’s just what I see. Until I see different I’m betting on past performance. He is a very stubborn man.


  73. I expect Pitt to not be ranked tomorrow. All puffed up and the balloon was burst.

    Disappointing performance from an undisciplined team and the Miami loss had nothing to do with poor refereeing. Five losses are probable – UNC, UVA and a bowl loss.

    Many expect the Duzz to be extended – I believe Heather already did give him an extension – we’ll find out in the off-season after another 5 loss season.

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    1. BTW, that could have been one of the key losses Pitt would have need to sneak into the final 4… Sorry, what was I thing????



  74. Penguins thoroughly beaten by a bad NJ team. Also playing no defense. Steelers in big trouble tomorrow. Anyone out there have a witch friend to put a curse on PSU and Cleveland?


  75. We went out for dinner with old friends after the game today. The young greeter at the restaurant saw from our Pitt gear that we had been at the game.

    He said Wow, never saw that coming.

    I said You obviously haven’t been watching very long.

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  76. The difference between last week’s Clemson presser and Narduzzi’s today is huge. Narduzzi never seems to take responsibility for not having his team ready to play. He said it was “crappy tackling” which is basically saying they had a lack of effort. His job is to get them ready to play, not give up 31 points in the first half.

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  77. I expect Pitt to finish 8-4. That’s better than my preseason expectation of7-5. I guess that should make me happy but it doesn’t.

    Any good QB will beat Pitt. NC and VA have good ones.

    A decent QB having a good day will also beat Pitt. That might be Cuse.


  78. Today’s game outcome is why I haven’t been able to fully buy in to the hype for this team. I love KP, but he showed that he is human and makes mistakes too. The defensive problems continue and penalties just killed us. We will not ever be considered elite until these issues are resolved.

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  79. Right now I’d be worried about Duke. That QB has had a few good days. Our secondary couldn’t stop a high school team!


  80. When one day we look back upon Narduzzi’s tenure as head coach at Pitt, the most glaring enigma that will confront us is how in the world can a man, known as a brilliant and accomplished defensive specialist, not address the question of tackling. This inability of our defensive backs and linebackers to TACKLE the man with the ball is simply inexcusable after 7 years. If a defensive player misses tackles on a semi-regular basis, he should ride the bench. No exceptions, period. Nothing does more to deflate a defense and ignite an opposing offense as much a missed tackles. It should be the number one requirement of recruiting a defensive player. This loss and our inability to perform fundamental tasks will hurt our team in so many unforeseeable ways, I’m afraid.

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  81. Deflating to say the least.

    But I took a nap after that emotional roller coast ride of a game and don’t feel too bad anymore.
    These games all seem very exhausting, Heck the 1st half took a toll.

    You can’t let any team come into your House and let them score 31 points in the 1st half and expect to win.
    Although Pitt did come back and tie it 31-31, and you thought this game might be ours after all
    the many penalties, missed tackles and other mistakes.

    But then on the ensuing series Pitt let Miami go 85 yards on 8 plays and let them retake the lead
    38-31 and whatever momentum we had tying the game….was lost.

    Well the ride to the near top was fun, being mentioned as a possible Playoff team was fun and very
    unexpected. I know as much as anyone the history of this program, but I was willing to
    go along and put myself out there.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    To say that many came out of the woodwork, after the loss, would be understatement.

    6 other ranked teams lost already today, not counting Michigan. And 2 more could also lose,
    those being BYU & SDSU. Which would bring that total up to 8.

    We could still be ranked in the AP, after today’s carnage.

    Let’s Go Pitt !

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  82. Wow, carnage! 9 top 25 teams went down! Too bad we were one of them. The more I get into Pitt football the more “older brother “ defensive I get. The only one who can bash them is me(us). Really hate when others do it. Just kinda surprised I’m not more miffed (I like that word, instead of one I’d usually use).
    Even though I kinda knew this was coming it WAS fun for just a little while seeing what life was like at a big time, successful program.
    As far as the day after reflection, well, I have never forgiven the Duzz for losing 5 games with the James Conner team. I mean, if he did that with them why would it be a surprise if he does it with this team? He just reminds me of the guy with the flip phone, “ why would I ever want to change?”


  83. a few thoughts

    funny anyone blaming anything other than the defense for this loss

    related – you don’t try to establish a run game when you’re down big early, you mix it in to keep them honest and Pitt did that and imo you do count KP runs in the rush attempt total even if not designed, maybe 50% anyway

    Whip called a good game and we had many wide open receivers on most plays and KP had good time on most(maybe all) plays when Miami rushed 4

    the biggest deserved criticism of the offense was the few times the ball was thrown well short of the sticks on 3rd and long and receiver had no real chance to add yards – blame on KP and maybe others there

    KP didn’t have a great game but one thing I’ve not read mentioned by anyone here on the first interception was TM not becoming any bit a defender with the ball thrown behind him,,,, needs to happen, even if it results in interference as you can’t allow a turnover

    Krull didn’t have a great game and COULD have if he runs in that trick play

    if you watch the Live Wire post game interviews of the players, they are very mature in their responses, far more than some here

    if not for the last posession we’d have won TOP, it virtually never matters in how you call a game and IS an outcome stat that is a result, not a goal

    I clearly don’t know of or agree with the rule but the fact that they ran clock on the reviewed fumble out of bounds at the end that resulted in an extra 40 seconds lost makes no sense

    any out of bounds play after less than 4 minutes remain the clock STOPS but because there were 2 injuries they run the 40 seconds as if the ball did not go out of bounds

    the placement of the ball roll/bouncing out of bounds was incorrect, yet truth is it “looked” like you could logically guess it went out ahead of the stick, BUT similarly the views of the non-safety looked like it was a safety,,,, I’ve not seen what some above are referring to that CLEARLY show he(the ball!!!) got out of the endzone
    if ^^^, then neither should’ve been overturned

    lastly, if anyone’s to blame for yesterday I’ll admit it, I’ve been to 2 games this year
    yep, me


    oh, ps, glad jugger is back here, thought he/she might disappear

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    1. Thanks bro…..Not going anywhere !

      I don’t remember being the kid on the losing team, that quit and took the only ball with him.


    2. Additionally….funny they didn’t have a camera on the goal line….or if they did, it wasn’t used.

      2 of the camera angles, the refs were conveniently blocking the view. hmmm

      So we got only 1 camera angle which was from the 10 or 15 yard on the sideline, angling
      towards the play. Which gave no conclusive evidence.

      I can almost guarantee you, had that been a Pitt RB….it would have been called a Safety !


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