2021 Season – Miami Hurricanes

Pitt won another one last Saturday against the returning reigning but now reeling Clemson Tigers. Pitt remains atop the ACC Coastal division.

This week, Pitt faces off against the visiting Miami Hurricanes (the “U” or Canes). In a home contest, the U beat then #18 ranked NC State 31 – 30. They believe that they are back in the hunt for a  Coastal division title.

The ACC standings and year to date (YTD) schedules:

There are no common opponents. I will admit Miami played a stiffer Out of Conference (OOC) schedule. Playing Alabama probably earned the Miami athletic department a $4 or $5 million payoff. In my normal poke at stats adjusters, I wonder if the victory over the Canes’ FCS opponent (the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils) affected any stats significantly.

Here are the NCAA stats for team and individual comparison. Those highlighted in yellow are Miami advantages.

Those players in a dark blue are out for the season. Players who have entered the Transfer Portal (TP) are in a light orange (or pink). Those in green are TP entries. Players who may be out for the game are in a light blue.

Not many prior game stat comparisons for Miami to hang their hat on. The Canes do have a great punter in Lou Hedley.

On to the individual stats. Of course, starting with the QB’s I have shorted the list by only showing the individual game stats for the expected starters – Kenny Pickett and Tyler Van Dyke (the grandson of comedian Dick Van Dyke and his TV bride Mary TYLER Moore). For all others,  I am using a summary line.

If Jake Garcia does not make the trip to Heinz Field, Van Dyke will be backed up by Peyton Matocha (Rivals 2018 5.4  2*) and walk-on Ryan Rizk.

Did you notice I have both a total and NCAA total on Kenny Pickett’s stats? For some strange reason , the NCAA has credited Pickett with an additional four completions, five attempts, 35 yards and two touchdowns in his UMass passing statistics. Those additional stats may be reverberating into the team stats,

The ever popular running backs/receiver category. ESPN stats. Notice only 24 receiving touchdowns while NCAA stats have Pitt having 26.

Sprinkles of color. The TP (names highlighted in green) making a difference.

Some defensive individual stats. From ESPN team stats and compared to NCAA statistics for accuracy.

I again used the top 15 in tackles for Miami. Pitt has 16 due to a tie for the coveted top 15 listing. In total, Pitt now has 40 and Miami 43 players who made at least one tackle (solo or assisted)/sack/pass defended (PD)/interception/forced fumble(FF)/ fumble recovered(FR).

I did add some stats to compare the “chosen fifteen” to Team totals.

Where did the sprinkles go?

Oh boy, a new chart. Games played and started for offensive linemen. I used 3 games “played” as my cut-off. Just a decision I made. I can revisit if just one person wants to see the complete list.

TP entries seem to have more of an impact on the O-Line then the defense. Miami has eight players who started at least one game. Pitt only has six. Injuries? Bad line play?

How are they doing in protecting and blocking?

Pitt-better than average. Miami- a lot worse than average. Any ideas?

As to turnovers here is a comparison:

Another game of current reality versus future potential. I cannot deny the recruiting ranking imbalance of Pitt versus Miami. But Miami’s talent is not showing up on the field. Is it bad coaching? Is it Miami chasing “stars” instead of talent? Is it the inability of Miami to play the best player over experience (a charge that is leveled at Pitt coaches)? Whatever the reason, Pitt wins 38 – 17


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  1. Predicting a Pitt win at 37-26

    Pitt scores 6 times and Miami scores 5 times. It is a close, hard fought game. KP8’s revenge tour continues. The kicker from Erie County hits all 5 PAT’s and the 1 FG try for a perfect day. Brandon Hill has 2 INT’s and leads the band in front of a packed Heinz Field – most fans stick around to celebrate with this special Panther team.

    The burg is hungry for another champion. Pitt fans are hungry for a championship team.

    One game at a time. It’s ok to be nervous. Miami owns almost a .750 winning percentage vs Pitt.

    I have to see this win to believe.


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    1. KP8’s goal is to win a championship. In his 1st start as a true FR, he beat #2 and undefeated Miami. He won the Coastal Division, but his team had an average 7-7 record. In the ACC championship game that year, KP8 was embarrassed by a Clemson team that dominate every facet of the game and held the young QB to virtually no yards.

      Kenny is poised to lead this team where many Pitt fans have never been. Some Pitt fans have been there before, but are having trouble believing Pitt can ever get there again. Guarded, sure.

      With each week of winning, more and more are jumping onto the bandwagon. It felt good vs Clemson, not quite as good as beating psuX six years ago in front of the largest crowd ever at a Pittsburgh sporting event. Can that special crowd come alive again?

      I believe it can, but the weather must be cooperative. Overcast with rain showers at times won’t bring fans to Heinz for a Pitt game. At least not yet.


  2. really good interview of PN on the Cook and Joe radio show JoeL referenced on last thread

    a little tricky to load and listen so be warned but PN’s biggest critics would be hard pressed to have anything negative to say about the 20 minutes or so,,,,, other than PN misspoke and referred to Clemson rather than Tennessee at one point discussing coaching his kids hard after a win

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  3. Folks – was thinking about the weather for this Saturday and answered a couple questions…

    Bring Irish Coffee to the tailgate? Yes.
    Bring a poncho? Yes, just in case.

    The weather got me to thinking about a Miami game at Heinz the many (myself included) were convinced Pitt would win because of how freaking cold it was going to be… and bitter cold it was.

    During pregame warmups, the Canes came out shirtless in a total alpha male move and well, we lost that game.

    Anybody remember that one?

    I ask because I think mindset will play a big role on Saturday and while the U has the talent, I think our Panthers have a winning mindset and will overcome the loss of Addison and Izzy.

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    1. God, I remember that game. We were in the same seats we are now, on the visitor’s side, and watched the Canes hoot and holler and dance while the scoreboard played that new song by Outkast, “Hey Ya”, way too loud. Man, it was cold.

      Some things never change.


    2. I remember that game. Was convinced we would win but Chryst’s team was never in in until too late.


  4. That is a stats haven heaven. I will have to dive into that at some point.

    The biggest thing to be gleaned however is this, to me.

    The U Defense is giving up : 35 ppg in conference games. 30 ppg overall
    Also 417 yards per game on Defense.

    Pitt’s Offense is avg’g : 35.6 ppg in conf. games. 45.3 ppg overall.
    Also 485 yards per game on Offense

    Meanwhile the Pitt D is 2nd in the ACC in least yards allowed (323 ypg) & points allowed (15 ppg)

    I expect Pitt to trash the U on the order of 3 TD’s.

    My biggest concern is the U and their typical cheap shots. We need to get out of this game,
    with no more major injuries.

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  5. I am very worried about the cold and rain and that it can negatively affect the outcome of the game.

    Heavy rain and 54 degrees are the current forecast. 80%.

    Beating Miami will be tough enough. But the weather could take away Pitt’s passing game advantage and level the playing field. It also could take away Hammonds ability to shake and bake. No Izzy will not help. This may be one tough tough game to win!


    1. The report I’m seeing Dan is for an occasional shower, 57 degrees, light wind and variable. Chance of showers is 50%.

      RB Daniel Carter is a mudder. WR Jared Wayne is a mudder. TE Bartholemew is a mudder.

      KP8 is a leader on a mission.

      Pitt survives the hurricane. Sunny days ahead.

      Go Pitt!

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  6. Lots of calls…..on a National Basis….for OT rule changes….after the:

    The Abomination of Futility at Creepy Valley.

    Since the start of the 2017 college football season, the 130 teams at the FBS level of the sport have decided to go for two points following a touchdown 1,312 times, and 1,000 of those attempts came during overtime of Illinois’ 20-18 upset win over Penn State on Saturday. All right, it wasn’t 1,000 of them. It was only 14 but felt like 1,000.



    1. The ball should be placed at the 10 instead of at the 2-yard line. I have no issues with the setup. If everyone wants it back at the 25 then play just one overtime and bring the tie back. Nothing worse than Beer Guy on his couch who wants to see more football while kids are fatigued and getting their brains knocked in.


  7. I rewatched the Pitt Clemson game tonight and was amazed at the poise our Panthers showed. Clemson was the better team in the first quarter and there defense stymied the high powered Panther offense until about 3 min left in the 2nd quarter. Yet there was no panic by the team and they let the game come to them. Very impressive indeed. It seems that the players and coaches are maturing right before our eyes. Let’s hope it continues against the Canes.

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    1. Watching the highlights, KP’s deep pass to Mack was thrown so effortlessly and stress-free. Very impressive.

      I heard KP say that when he saw the defense he knew that Mack would be open on that play. Then he said he just didn’t want to miss him. Turned out he hit him perfectly in stride…👍

      Go Pitt.

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  8. Richard – Wow! You are just chocked full of info in this article. Thanks for taking the time.

    Something that jumped out at me was it looked like only one Miami defensive lineman has any sacks – and he had two. The rest of their sacks were from LBs and DBs. If Kenny can read the blitzes, could be some big plays for Pitt. Course the blitzes put pressure on the Pitt RBs…

    Another good stat is the number of games played by OLinemen. Great to see Pitt getting the younger guys some playing time. I remember seeing Branson Taylor come in as an extra OLineman on short yardage. He looked rather large…

    (Hoping KP’s gloves work on a wet ball…. And if they do, maybe the receivers should wear them too…. 🤔)

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Nice pick up on the sacks. I look at so many stats that I really don’t pay so much attention to the details. I’m always amazed that their are few D-linemen making the top 15 based on tackles. I first thought it was just Pitt and the type of defense they play. It’s all teams.


  9. Just watched the local 11:00 o’clock news – weather forecast for Saturday is a high in the mid-fifties with “scattered, light showers…”

    Go Pitt.


  10. Really great article, stats, etc. thanks for the effort that went into this – great read.

    I’m still on the Pitt train 🚂 and headed there for parents weekend hopefully another great Pitt football 🏈 win…despite the weather.


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  11. Pitt cannot afford anpther slow start letting Miami gain any confidence. Hopefully Pitt fans show up in a drizzle. Another week where it is the biggest Pitt game ever. A loss means Pitt would most likely need to win out which would be extremely difficult. If Izzy can’t go maybe Sibley and Carter pick up the slack. With Addison out more opportunity for the other guys.

    Pitt needs to continue to get better every week.


    1. Are the Panthers tired of Miami pushing them around? Notre Dame and Miami are the two teams Pitt never seems to get the best of. I’m seeing predictions of Pitt-Notre Dame in a bowl game. Wouldn’t be my first choice.


  12. Sibley seemed to contribute in the few appearances/opportunites given to him. Carter is a stout dude as well. I could see us pounding the ball at the end of the game to use of the clock…PITT has done that 3 times this year starting with the Vols, then the Hokies and last week against the Tigers with one of the best defenses in Div1…what has gotten into these boys !!!!! I am sure as heck lovin’ it….Keep kick’n ass and taking numbers…..

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  13. Three of the next 4 opponents feature qbs that are good. They will not miss wide open receivers that blow by dbs left on an island. I think these games will rest on KP more than previous ones.
    I for one never thought that highly of King. Thought he was severely overrated. Gee, a qb that’s accurate passing and runs rpo. What could possibly go wrong?
    This has always been a stretch of games that most fans felt would be the most challenging, and nothing much has changed. I’m very concerned about Addison and Izzy. Much bigger losses than you think. Addison was Kenny’s security blanket, and Izzy was solid.
    Weather looks better than first reports, but it’s weather so who knows. KP still has bad history in rain so hoping it’s dry.
    Couldn’t agree more with not letting Miami get any momentum. They are a totally different team when front running. TOTALLY different, and very, very, very dangerous.
    Question what our record would be vs Miami’s schedule. Just sayin.

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  14. Anyone heard who the Honorary Captain for the game will be? I thought Dan Marino or Dave Wannstadt would be interesting options since they have history in both cities.


  15. Funny “major” because I too looked at the sacks and was interested that Miami’s DL has 23.5% of their teams stats and Pitt’s DL has 52.9%. I also thought it was weird that Miami awarded a half sack to one player and the other half is not accounted for. I call this the Sunseri sack, where the qb runs out of bounds three yards behind the line of scrimmage instead of throwing the ball 5 yards out of bounds. I credit half the sack to the closest defender and half to our qb, but I digress.

    In prior years it seemed that Miami had stud DL play and safety’s/Lb’s got big sacks because the DL was effective early and garnered the attention of the OL. It doesn’t look that way anymore. Speaking of DL’s, D. Alexandre needs to step up his game and I think he does well this weekend in the TFL space.

    Speaking of TFL, that was an interesting stat. I looked up flea’s runs for losses a few weeks ago and he led the team. Not sure what is going on there but if you look at the raw data on yards per carry, he is well below the rest of the stable. Maybe the coaches are waiting for that 250 yard game to strike, since they looked at the tape.

    Miami needs this game to stay alive in the coastal. Pitt needs this win to keep the team football momentum and as importantly, the media momentum. Bring home another victory ladies and gents.


    1. Huff – I only show the top 15 defenders for each team unless there is a tie for #15. Miami has 43 & Pitt has 40 players making at least one defensive stat. I also have the team totals at bottom of each team. The missing half sack is in team totals.

      If I listed all 88 players, it would more then double the space used.

      Reed pays me by the chart, not the word. I tried put a chart for each team but Reed called foul. (I’m joking, I do it all for the enjoyment of the game.)

      I would like to learn to put a page break so that those of you who read by phone would not have to swipe as far down to access the comment section. Of course, phone users should at least read the article once.

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      1. Got it and it makes sense for sure. I liked my explanation better however, although yours is accurate! LOL!! Thanks for putting this together as usual. I get a good feel for what I think is going to happen by reading comments and articles, even though I typically can’t watch or attend on weekends. Hockey at 2pm which means I gotta have player there by 1pm which means I leave around 12:30pm.

        Hockey has been cool for the kids but it takes away most weekends except Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is for family. I am not complaining one bit, but I haven’t been keeping up on football generally for the last three years due to overlap in season.

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  16. Don’t know why this thought popped into my head, but maybe for those who weren’t at the Clemson game, I just wanted to mention that Pitt added a couple in-stadium touches against Clemson: they had some sparkles fired up for the players entrance; and then they shot off some modest but nice celebratory fireworks from the top of the stands a couple times.

    Go Pitt.

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  17. Feels good strutting around in Pitt gear the past few weeks…haven’t seen much psuX gear out and about.
    I love it that the chumps are in hiding.
    Off to golf North Park…haven’t played there in about 10 years.
    See yinz Saturday for breakfast 😎😎

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    1. Fran and Wolfe did an awesome job at the Clemson game tailgate, as usual. Between getting to Red 5A early, having the pre-game tailgate, watching the Fightin’ Panthers, and then doing the post-game celebration, they had themselves a long, but happy, day…

      And there were POV celebrities in attendance who were fun to see and talk to — I won’t name names…😊

      Go Pitt.

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    2. I ran into 4 guys 4 guys at the Coinjock Marina located on the Inter-Coastal Waterway while eating supper last night they were take one of the guys boat from Annapolis to Charleston…I had my PITT script shirt on…let me just say 2 of them noticed…they were both Clemson fans….Had a great time BSing them…too bad we don’t have the Tigers yearly..IMO,it would be good for PITT….great fans and a great program…gotta bring your best and we are 3-2 vs the Tigers.

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  18. Packer and Durham had a nice segment on Tre Tipton this morning. Some insights on the personal side of the game.

    Tre has had a tough road and shows a lot of character.

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    1. For those of you who don’t get the ACC Network, you are missing out on the Packer & Durham show. It’s on for 3 hours. Starts at 7am & ends at 10. Repeated again at 10am to 1pm. They love Pitt but discuss all ACC teams.
      I’ve gotten into the habit of watching the local news, watch the highlights of nation news and then switching to the ACCN about 7:15am.

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      1. Agree with you Fan. Pitt gets a pretty fair shake on the show. Considering that Packer and his kids are all Clemson alums that’s refreshing.

        They cover in game stuff but also do a lot of extended interviews with coaches and athletes. Puts a personal touch on sports.

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    2. Like to see Tipton make a couple of catches. He made great play on punt coverage.
      Also like to see Barden make up for his performance last week. Without Addison he can be the deep threat.

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  19. This game is a tougher matchup for Pitt’s D than Clemson for one main reason. Miami has a QB that can actually throw with accuracy. Clemson’s QB is another example of a super athlete that can’t hit the side of a barn. Much like the TN QB.

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      1. Glad Duzz and co. Recognized Van Dyke’s talent… at least he tried… winning 9-10 games a year could go a long ways in “ curing what ails us!!!”


  20. Just read this, and it surprised me:

    “Kancey has the 5th-best pass-rushing grade among FBS defensive tackles, according to Pro Football Focus.”

    Need him to be disruptive this week…

    Go Pitt.

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  21. Let’s combine that with some DE hits on VanDyke…. With the exception of Haba I haven’t seen much pressure from the rest of the DEs

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  22. “KP has a bad history in the rain “

    This is why I’m worried about rain.
    KP has size 8.25 hands, very small for a QB! Rain is his enemy. Avg. size for a good QB is 9 inches.

    In the rain …. Size matters!

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    1. I could never get a grip on a wet football…tendency to shot-put the slippery pigskin.
      BigB size 8 15/16 “


  23. Pedo State comically lost the Longest Game in FBS History.

    Watched some lowlights of the game, and the B1G studio announcers were in hysterics
    in how dreadful the game was. They were laughing thruout.

    Pedos had a 10-0 lead against one of the worst P5 teams and got gouged for 357 yards rushing.

    Illinois only won a Road Game against a Ranked team for the 3rd time in 50 YEARS.

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  24. Here’s an NFL Legend.

    Jim Druckenmiller (11.25 in)

    Jim Druckenmiller has the largest hands measured of any NFL quarterback.

    Bet ya they work better on beer & bourbon bottles though.


  25. It’s time to thrust Pittsburgh Panthers quarterback Kenny Pickett into the spotlight of the Heisman Race. Facing Clemson, the 6-foot-3 senior delivered a sharp performance. He threw for 309 yards, his fourth 300-yard game this season, finding the end zone twice. The Panthers are rolling and Pickett’s 23-1 TD-INT ratio is the big reason for the win streak.

    Kenny Pickett stats: 168-of-244 (68.8%), 2,236 passing yards, 23-1 TD-INT ratio, 9.16 ypa and three rushing touchdowns

    Pickett’s next start comes in Week 9 against the Miami Hurricanes. The Hurricanes’ secondary is quarterback-friendly with 14 passing touchdowns allowed on the season. Considering Devin Leary just dropped a 300-yard, two-touchdown performance on Miami, it’s reasonable to think Pickett could do something similar on Saturday.


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  26. Looks like we’ve got Shocky, Barden and Stovall to try to fill Addison’s shoes. Big shoes, but these guys are all capable of big plays, especially with the speed of Shocky and Stovall.

    But given his experience, I’m looking for Stovall to shine on a cloudy day…. And if it’s cold outside, he’ll bring the month of May. My guy – Stovall… 😊

    Go Pitt.

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      1. Don’t forget about Wayne, I’d put him right up there with Addison. I’d like to see us go back to our TE’s more this week too, if they can get open.

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  27. Yes John, there was one in particular from a southern state who is (was) a big PIA on this blog but actually was a nice guy in person. I would have worn my yellow Pitt shirt for him if it hadn’t been a blue-out. Of course Big B and Jeannie were also there. So much fun!

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  28. Chanticleers are on ESPN2 at 7:30 tonight….if you have never watched these boys play then you have been missing out…..highly entertaining and only a 17 point favorite after a close loss to App State their first of the season…

    Wonder what uni’s PITT will be wearing on this Halloween week-end…I say stick with tradition and put those galvanized garbage can threads where they belong ! I also wonder what “Scooter” will be wearing ?????

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  29. Here’s a factoid….

    Only three schools with Top 20 offenses AND defenses:

    Alabama (duh)
    Oklahoma (ditto)
    Pitt (dang!)

    No Georgia, no Cinn, no Wake, etc…. think about that for a second.

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    1. I’m surprised about Oklahoma being on that list. Typically, defense has been their achilles heel in the past.


  30. Whipple II?

    Just read a weird story about Coach Whip’s son, Spencer. Spencer is 32 and an assistant WR Coach for Arizona.

    In spite of these credentials, when Arizona’s Head Coach and play-caller Kingsbury got COVID, Kingsbury picked Spencer Whipple to call the plays in their game against the Browns!

    AZ scored on all 5 first half possessions. Kyler Murray went 20 of 30 with four TDs.

    Now it would be fun calling plays for Kyler Murray, but this is a pretty darn impressive assignment for a 32-year old assistant WR Coach…

    Go Pitt.

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  31. Three articles from the SBNations site – State of the “U”

    Week by week review of Manny Diaz hot seat.

    Miami “film review” of Pitt. Two things. The POV needs someone to do film review. I love them. Is a “Pittsburgh Salad” a real menu item under that name in Pittsburgh?

    Fire the AD – where have I heard that before?

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    1. Interesting line from the film review article:

      “Pitt has nine different receivers who have caught a TD this year.”

      Go Pitt.


  32. Men’s Soccer local commit info:

    Eben McIntyre, Charleroi Senior forward. Committed to Pitt over Penn St., St. John’s and many others.

    His season goal total, so far, is 70. That’s not a typo – SEVENTY goals this season! Said to be second most in Wpial history.

    Factoid: Eben’s great-uncle is former Pitt running back Marlon McIntyre. I remember seeing Marlon play a basketball game as a senior in HS – he had some seriously big legs. Not the legs of a HS kid…

    Go Pitt.

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      1. Thanks for clearing that up. I sometimes (and I mean sometimes) order a steak salad. It wouldn’t upset me to have to eat a Pittsburgh salad if I lost a bet. Maybe a different dressing then ranch.

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  33. Nuts, looks like a really crappy day Saturday, high in low 50s with showers turning into a steady rain. Well, if Pitt can beat Clemson maybe KP can overcome his history of terrible rain games.


  34. From Shakin the Southland Clemson blog yesterday:

    RB Kobe (Pace confirmed out with COVID-19) for this Saturday.

    He was in the Pitt game for 22 snaps last Saturday at Heinz Field. 😷🤒🤢🤔


  35. Another take from the Clemson blog:

    “We lost to a team that lost to Western Freaking Michigan. And Pat Narduzzi said this was “karma” for us not taking a knee or something last year. Look dude, you just got a win against the team that usually runs the ACC (albeit on the absolute worst down year possible) and you really want to draw attention to the fact you got pantsed 52-17 last year? Weird flex, but okay.”

    I’ve shielded myself from most Duzz speak by not listening to any of his press conferences, pre nor post game and especially mid-week. I’m feeling better about the team because of it.


    1. Pat N. eats, sleeps, sweats, walks, talks, and breaths football 24/7. He’s one of those guys that if you’re not with him, you’re his enemy.

      I think his fierce sense of competition leads him to say awkward or downright stupid stuff about our opponents. Pat’s looking to be tough or to be clever but he usually ends up missing the mark. He should replace his brain-to-mouth filter way more often.

      But his attitude of us versus the world certainly seems to work with his players. A thoughtful sounding guy like Sirvocea said recently that when he first got to Pitt he was kind of scared of Coach Duzz – but now he thinks the world of him…

      Duzz should chill a bit and not always be trying to sound more clever or tougher – he’s just not good at it.

      My $0.02.

      Go Pitt

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  36. Pulled this from a Miami FB blog:

    “from his weekly presser, Manny Diaz said that Miami won’t sign anywhere NEAR a 25 man recruiting class, stating the ability to improve the team more dramatically and immediately through the Transfer Portal necessitates leaving spots open for older players rather than HS prospects.

    And, he also took a shot at fans who are upset with the performance of the team, noting that it’s harder to recruit when people talk negatively about the program.

    Well coach, if you started winning more…..“

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  37. Another pull from a cane blog:

    “Pittsburgh leads (the canes) 3-2 all-time when they are ranked and Miami is unranked. The unranked Miami football team defeated number 24 Pittsburgh 24-3 in 2018 when the Panthers won its only ACC Coastal Division Title. Ranked Pittsburgh teams defeated unranked Miami in 1963, 1970 and 1976 when the Panthers (won their 9th National Championship).

    Pittsburgh joined the ACC in 2013 and was assigned the Coastal Division. The Hurricanes and Panthers have met every season as Coastal Divison Rivals. Miami has won six of the eight meetings as ACC Rivals.”


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