2021 Season – Miami Hurricanes

Pitt won another one last Saturday against the returning reigning but now reeling Clemson Tigers. Pitt remains atop the ACC Coastal division.

This week, Pitt faces off against the visiting Miami Hurricanes (the “U” or Canes). In a home contest, the U beat then #18 ranked NC State 31 – 30. They believe that they are back in the hunt for a  Coastal division title.

The ACC standings and year to date (YTD) schedules:

There are no common opponents. I will admit Miami played a stiffer Out of Conference (OOC) schedule. Playing Alabama probably earned the Miami athletic department a $4 or $5 million payoff. In my normal poke at stats adjusters, I wonder if the victory over the Canes’ FCS opponent (the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils) affected any stats significantly.

Here are the NCAA stats for team and individual comparison. Those highlighted in yellow are Miami advantages.

Those players in a dark blue are out for the season. Players who have entered the Transfer Portal (TP) are in a light orange (or pink). Those in green are TP entries. Players who may be out for the game are in a light blue.

Not many prior game stat comparisons for Miami to hang their hat on. The Canes do have a great punter in Lou Hedley.

On to the individual stats. Of course, starting with the QB’s I have shorted the list by only showing the individual game stats for the expected starters – Kenny Pickett and Tyler Van Dyke (the grandson of comedian Dick Van Dyke and his TV bride Mary TYLER Moore). For all others,  I am using a summary line.

If Jake Garcia does not make the trip to Heinz Field, Van Dyke will be backed up by Peyton Matocha (Rivals 2018 5.4  2*) and walk-on Ryan Rizk.

Did you notice I have both a total and NCAA total on Kenny Pickett’s stats? For some strange reason , the NCAA has credited Pickett with an additional four completions, five attempts, 35 yards and two touchdowns in his UMass passing statistics. Those additional stats may be reverberating into the team stats,

The ever popular running backs/receiver category. ESPN stats. Notice only 24 receiving touchdowns while NCAA stats have Pitt having 26.

Sprinkles of color. The TP (names highlighted in green) making a difference.

Some defensive individual stats. From ESPN team stats and compared to NCAA statistics for accuracy.

I again used the top 15 in tackles for Miami. Pitt has 16 due to a tie for the coveted top 15 listing. In total, Pitt now has 40 and Miami 43 players who made at least one tackle (solo or assisted)/sack/pass defended (PD)/interception/forced fumble(FF)/ fumble recovered(FR).

I did add some stats to compare the “chosen fifteen” to Team totals.

Where did the sprinkles go?

Oh boy, a new chart. Games played and started for offensive linemen. I used 3 games “played” as my cut-off. Just a decision I made. I can revisit if just one person wants to see the complete list.

TP entries seem to have more of an impact on the O-Line then the defense. Miami has eight players who started at least one game. Pitt only has six. Injuries? Bad line play?

How are they doing in protecting and blocking?

Pitt-better than average. Miami- a lot worse than average. Any ideas?

As to turnovers here is a comparison:

Another game of current reality versus future potential. I cannot deny the recruiting ranking imbalance of Pitt versus Miami. But Miami’s talent is not showing up on the field. Is it bad coaching? Is it Miami chasing “stars” instead of talent? Is it the inability of Miami to play the best player over experience (a charge that is leveled at Pitt coaches)? Whatever the reason, Pitt wins 38 – 17