The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY

Here is a piece on the game by Erie…

There are a lot of good feelings around Pitt football after the Clemson win yesterday.  Down a touchdown early after two 3 and out offensive series, the Panthers roared back and left no doubt who the better team was at Heinz Field. 

Next up is Miami, who is down this year, but not out.  The Canes have elite athletes who seem to have Pitt’s number, even when our “team” seems better positioned for a win.  Pitt should never look past UNC, Virginia looks to be a tough game and Syracuse beat VT yesterday (Uh-oh). 

The game everyone seems to already be penciling for a “W” is Duke – I wouldn’t do that yet – I’ve paid close attention to this program for the past 40-some years and no game is a gimme.  

The players, coaches and fans need to enjoy this win over the Tigers and move forward with a focus on one game at a time.  Yesterday gave us more good than the bad and ugly.  I’m trying to believe that will carry through to the end of this season.  Below is my list – feel free to add to it or comment on how wrong I am.


KP8’s numbers and calmness throughout the game.

S. Dennis’ pick 6 and all around play.

The win over Clemson on a national stage, of course it was a big test.

The rain went away and the Goodyear Blimp appeared to stay the whole game (along with Pitt students).

Pitt’s 4th qtr dominance of the game clock.

The 4th down TD to T.Mack

Addison’s play before getting turned upside down on a leaping sideline catch.

The Aussie punter redeemed himself with a good game.

The crowd was loud, engaged and inspiring.

The return of Shady McCoy – seemed to bring out the best in Izzy and Hammond.

Pitt now has sole possession of first place in the Coastal Division.


Cam Bright did not start, but he was the best defensive player on the field when he was on the field.

Izzy & Addison being placed on concussion protocols.

My voice is severally strained and nothing seems to sooth it.


ACC refereeing during the 2nd half.

The WMU loss earlier this season.

I want to believe, I like what I see, but I’ve seen SOP appear at the wrong time too often (that feels ugly to me).

There are a lot of Pitt fans who are seeing this Pitt team through “mustard colored glasses” – in otherwords, there are comparisons to past great teams.  That makes for fun discussions, but does not seem possible yet.  IF they finish the season without a win, then I will say those fans were right.  For me, I’m enjoying the entertainment, the excitement and the attention my beloved school is getting on the national stage.

Finally, midway through the third quarter I took a bathroom break and there was chatter going on about Penn State losing to lowly Illinois.  That, my friends, was the best ESPN report I remember getting in a long time.


  1. So nice to see all ‘good’ for the team and coaching. Been a long time. I’d add to the good the 150 recruits that we there. Let the stars shine on us.

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  2. Great win in a Heinz field that was more alive than I have seen in a long time…I second the compliment to our student section. They have been present and engaged this entire season. H2P

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  3. Great win over the conference bully.

    So many tough games left. Miami appears to have fallen backward into a QB and looks like a strong opponent again. Pitt will face its best tight end in Lowery and there are still receivers there despite some who transferred.

    Narduzzi has to have the team focused again at home. Hopefully academics for the players are put on the back burner and these kids can focus on the rest of the season because it has a chance to be a special one.


    1. “academics on the back burner” ???? WTF Yes, screw academics and just study football….let’s be
      Alabama. natebailey4 I think you might want to restate your comment.

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  4. Good article Greg. Thanks.
    Loved the “beauty in the struggle” quote.
    Funny I haven’t heard from any of my psuX so called friends yet…haha.

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  5. I would not call this game a make or break for Pitt FB but it came close. We survived and now must continue. The kids played so well and deserve much credit. We have produced many great players and yesterday we might have seen a few more. More H2P band playing is what I like.

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  6. Joy, utter joy. I’ll concentrate on Miami Monday!

    If you didn’t see the Penn State game, Illinois dominated the last 3 quarters and should have won by 14. They had 2 TDs called back on horrendous homer calls. That same ref then jumped on a plane and got to Pitt in time to homer the Panthers in the 4th quarter with 8 straight penalties! Even Todd Blackledge questioned three of the calls!

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  7. Two games in a row where there was NOT a moment in the game that I felt Pitt would lose. Expecting to win is refreshing. It’s nice to have relaxed 4th quarters. I knew after the Clemson TD in the 4th they would not get the ball back with enough time to score 10 points.

    Hopefully, Miami is not a let down game. It shouldn’t be since Miami owns us but you never know with college kids. UVA scares me. That has potential to be a shoot out.

    Two stress free Saturdays in a row … Ahhhhh … I’ll take it … I hope everyone enjoyed a “cold one” for Kenny.


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    1. Tossing – well I wasn’t feeling so confident when the Clemson guy dropped that wide-open pass that would have put the Tigers up 14-0.

      We played like crap on offense the first quarter- not helped by the poor field position.

      Against a team with the athlete’s Clemson has, I think I’d be telling my kickoff return guy to fair-catch every kickoff…

      Go Pitt.

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      1. Not a second of the game. Clemson dropping passes like that have happened all season. It’s part of their fall from grace. You look at it as that was lucky for Pitt but that’s how they’ve been playing all year. Pitt dominated that game. They looked like the better and more confident team from the first snap.


  8. Good: just about all of the final 3 quarters yesterday Bad: the back to back bogus holding calls especially Kradel’s Ugly: Clempsum’s QB play / we all share Erie’s mustard-colored outlook about SOP, and that Miami can beat us again

    Beautiful: Cam Hayward wearing his dad’s Pitt jersey yesterday

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    1. Not me.

      I’ve bought into Kenny and this team. I don’t need to see more to believe.

      But I get that I’m in the minority and understand and respect everyone else’s POV.

      Looking fwd to breakfast at Red5A on Saturday. Bring on the Canes.

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  9. Hammond is a beast. I don’t think we have a drop-off there.

    Also, can’t remember the name of the wide receiver that came in for Addy, but he looked pretty talented. I would say he’s our next star.

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  10. Excellent run-down, ErieExpress.

    Here’s something I posted at the end of the comments for the previous article…

    With apologies to songwriters everywhere:

    There’s something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man named Pickett over there
    You playin’ Pitt, you got to beware…

    When it comes to Pitt, there does seem to be “something happening here” this season. I mean last night, down 7-0, we score a TD. Then we “doink” the point-after off the upright. We’re all thinking – oh crap, we probably lose this game by a point. Cincinnati anyone? Same end of the field. We’re cursed!

    But wait, there’s a flag. Well it’s probably against Pitt.

    But wait, it’s not against Pitt. We actually get another chance at the PAT! And holy crap, we make it. The blunder is erased!

    The Fightin’ Pitt Panthers then take over the game and go on to win.

    Is the USS Pitt slowly but surely making that large, painstaking arc of change from mediocrity to something better? Indeed, is something happening here?

    Nah. Just a blip… 😊

    Go Pitt!

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    1. Stovall had 2 catches. On one he showed amazing instincts and anticipation as he actually changed direction while he was making the catch…. Allowed him to pick up maybe 15 more yards. An exceptional play.

      Go Pitt.

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  11. As Erie noted, hats off to the students. They were loud and awesome. The whole crowd seemed energized. (For a second I thought I had mistakenly ended up at a Steeler’s game.)

    We need a repeat next week.

    Go Pitt.

    PS: I was heartened last week when I learned that a nephew had a couple of buddies from New Jersey staying at his house. They had come to town to attend the Pitt game…👍

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  12. So PSU was a 24-point favorite over Illinois. How does a team score only 18 points in a game that goes 9 OTs?

    Does PSU have an Offensive Coordinator?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Go Pitt.

    PS: What in the world are Iowa and Michigan State doing in some peoples’ top ten???

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    1. That’s all setup ……so when they start losing to each other….they won’t drop to far in the rankings.

      It’s so obvious, it’s ridiculous. But then again, everything has been ridiculously absurd the last
      19 months.

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  13. So we will now be favored in the rest of our games but like I have said all year anyone can beat anyone in the ACC. Must continue to play them one at a time. Looks like Miami will be an offensive slugfest. Again most turnovers win. Two giant plays yesterday were the Mathis and Dennis interceptions. One saved a probable touchdown and one gave us an improbable touchdown.

    Hopefully we get another great crowd next week. What a home season! I still think Virginia has the best chance to upset our applecart, but if we win 4 of 5, no one can touch us.

    One at a time!!!!

    Great work Rick, it was great to see you and Rachel yesterday.

    Let’s go Pitt!

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  14. Erie – great post. You nailed it! I would add kudos to the OL! This clemscum DL is really good. And once again our OL had them worn down for a Q4 running game. I’d like to know: who are the subs that come in during the 1st 3 Qs to keep the starter rested enough to dominate Q4?

    Also: Royal Blue is the new orange!
    And: Clemson is modifying their colors. They are now Burnt orange!

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  15. From USA Today:
    Week 8 Observations

    Clemson meets its match and its ACC streak looks over. This wasn’t a case of luck running out for the Tigers after several close wins kept them with a feasible chance of winning the conference for the seventh consecutive season. Pittsburgh was the better team Saturday when it convincingly got a huge victory that stamped the Panthers as the clear favorite in the ACC. There’s still a potential path for Clemson to somehow win the Atlantic with Wake Forest unbeaten and North Carolina State losing to Miami (Fla.) in the hours after the Tigers suffered a second conference loss in a season for the first time since 2014. That’s just wishful thinking at this point because there’s little likelihood that even a likely rematch against Pitt would end any differently.

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  16. Major – did Ken Macha remember you?

    Selected pre-game BP readings:

    Tenn – 131/88
    VT – 131/80
    Clemson – 115/66

    As I said above, after VT, I’m all in on this team and Kenny.
    Just like Guinness …. its good for you! I’m living proof.

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    1. This PITT football team just has a different feel to it this year. Except for the kicking.

      Great job Rick, forgot you guys were in Latrobe. Safe driving.

      Again I can hardly believe all you guys have stepped up so big to keep the POV going. Need it for this season for sure.

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    2. JoeL – I don’t think he did, but it has been over 50 years — and I wasn’t a star player like he was… 😊

      I did tell his wife a nice story about him, which Ken seemed to appreciate…

      Go Pitt.


  17. Repeating my question for UPitt a couple days ago:

    Did you take Clemson and the points, lay off, or take Pitt?
    Same question regarding the Hokies game.

    Big time Laurel Highlands recruit was there yesterday and impressed as heck with our Panthers, btw.


  18. Erie – While Krull had a redemptive catch later in the game yesterday, his pre-snap penalty in the first drive and fumblerooski at a critical moment in the first half were bad.

    The optics of the holding calls may have looked like some sort of fiendish plot by Greensboro and I might have bought into that if Swofford was still in charge. But with Phillips in place and the nationwide buzz around Kenny (front page of USAToday last week Im told), making it easier for Pitt – and not harder – to win the game would make more sense.

    I just think that ACC officiating isn’t consistent and they have spotty talent on the crews. In any event, one could imagine Narduzzi will be calling Greensboro some time around Monday or Tuesday to share his view.

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  19. Another category: Mediocre

    The Panther head at midfield was a great choice. Should have been larger and painted brighter. But good on Pitt for getting something done there.

    Should we start a GoFundMe page to pay for replacement sod for the remaining games so the Steelers will be mollified if Pitt continues to go with something that doesnt fit in a white circle?

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    1. I like this better.

      Pitt #17
      Creepsters #20

      And yes Pitt is headed in a different direction. ^^^^^^


  20. Cam Heyward was seated near Mrs. Erie and my seats. She did not know who he was when I spotted the young Ironhead. The jersey was sweet.

    I listened to XM college sports radio on the ride home from Latrobe this morning – hardly a mention of Pitt other than Kenny is being over-hyped for the Heisman when the W_F QB Hartman and UVA QB are better in the commentators minds. They also believe W_F is better than Pitt.

    Focus taking care of Miami – HC Diaz is on a serious HOT seat and is fighting hard to keep his job. Syracuse was a loser of 10 straight ACC games when they beat VT yesterday. VT is part of Pitt’s resume, as is WMU and Clemson, who went toe to toe with the #1 team in the country, Georgia.

    Not much makes sense this season except wins. Let’s go get one more next week vs Miami.

    Go Pitt!

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  21. I admit again, I WAS WRONG. Beating Clemson was way more important than I thought. Even though the focus has to be on winning the Coastal, to hopefully get a shot at the ACC championship, beating the perennially great Clemson team in front of a national audience and showing up big time in the minds of many recruits who were either at the game or on TV was incredibly important.

    However, like our great 8 QB says, it’s now important for Pitt to go 1-0 next week beating the Canes.

    As for the G/B/U
    Hammond is going to be a stud
    Mack had a big comeback game
    Addisson is a beast, and uncoverable
    Kenny Pickett (actually GREAT) not good
    Dennis’ quick reaction catch and run on shovel pass
    The entire defensive backfield had their best day. . . . however see below
    Thank goodness for a couple of drops by Clemson
    Slow start, but absolutely great finish
    The ACC refs are an abomination

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  22. Pitt Volleyball wins the 4th set 25-22. Going to a 5th set. Louisville is 19-0 and ranked #2. Pitt is 18-1 and ranked #4. Quite a show.

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  23. Fourth and 5, and Kenny throws a 29 yard TD pass. That’s all you need to know about the difference in offensive philosophy this year. This Pitt team is strong in all areas, with definite improvements in the OL and TE positions. The major weakness in the running game seems to be improving, and Hammond gives them a solid runner for the future. But the defense came first, and should be sustainable in future years. I liked the stat that ESPN posted that Pitt leads the country by a good margin in sacks since 2019.

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  24. Early in the game, Annie’s husband, Kurt, mentioned that he recognized the Head Referee, and accurately predicted that there would likely be some questionable calls as he liked to make his presence in the games known. Very precient.

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      1. The fact that Pitt is winning ( and Kurt really likes KP8) coupled with inside seating if it gets cold is making him more of a Pitt fan haha.

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  25. Regardless of the volleyball game outcome, these are two closely matched teams. 13-13 in the 15 point final set.

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    1. Unless someone beats L’ville (GT?) we will not be able to win the ACC vb championship. We play L’ville again Nov 24 at home so the numbers don’t work unless they have another loss. There’s still the tourney for redemption- And I hope a good concentration on serving this week in practice! H2P!

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  26. Correction to my article: home from Pittsburgh now and my mind is not as altered as earlier this morning:

    IF they finish the season without a win, then I will say those fans were right. Should read, “without another loss”

    NOTE: The last time Pitt started 6-1 was Duzz’s first season – over the last 6 games he ended up with a 2-4 record. Just reporting the facts…

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  27. Interesting quote from Sirvocea that they spend extra time during the week working on defending plays that they have struggled to defend. Makes sense. He said the shovel pass had hurt them (UTenn) and they worked on defending it…

    I thought a “bad” area for us yesterday was our tackling in space. We got a couple guys down quick on the sideways passes, but overall I thought we gave up a ton of yards because of our missed tackles.

    Not that it’s easy to tackle someone out in the open…

    Go Pitt.

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  28. Well, Pitt lost to Louisville in volleyball. As was stated above, the teams were very closely matched. Kylee Levers had a abysmal day serving! Pitt played lights out in the 1st set and then Lever served terribly in the 2nd set to kill the momentum Pitt had! This match cost Pitt any chance of hosting a regional. This is the case even if they win out the rest of the year. Member-Meneh was Pitt’s best player by far in the match. Too bad she is a one and done transfer. We could have used Jordan Lockwood on the pins today.

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    1. Pitt plays UL again at home on Nov. 27. A win then could still have them hosting a regional since they have (had) the #1 RPI


  29. Sometimes you would think that Pitt is the only team that puts DBs on an “island” against receivers.

    -Addison’s TD was a great throw by KP. But how come the Clemson DB was all alone on Pitt’s best WR?

    -Mack’s TD was a thing of beauty – especially considering the circumstances. How come Clemson would leave a DB one-on-one in that situation?

    I’m just trying to understand…🤔

    Go Pitt.

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  30. This is a good team, let’s enjoy the season, Pickett is having a special year and he is leading this team

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      1. I can see them playing MSU or MICH…whichever team comes in 2nd in the B1G East. ND would be great.


          1. Would prefer not to play Notre Dame. Since we play them quite a bit. And we generally don’t fare well against B1G teams.

            Let’s play Georgia…..we’re undefeated against them in Major Bowl games !

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            1. So you are saying, if Pitt runs the table with one loss, the B1G Joke and PAC 12 have 2 loss champions, OK is a 1 loss champion, Bama beats an undefeated Georgia for the SEC championship and Cincy is snubbed while going undefeated.

              Probably in that scenario, Bama #1 and Georgia #2, OK #3 and (don’t laugh too hard, but…) Pitt #4.

              Pitt beats Bama (ikr) and Georgia stuffs OK to set up a NC game with Pitt vs Georgia.

              Oh, the Dogs will be barking when the Panthers out score the Bulldogs for our long awaited tenth NC.

              We can dream, yes we can.

              We have to believe first…


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              1. FYI, I know OK has not lost yet, but they sure should have. Baylor or OK State should do it in the next three games…


                1. OK’s have been riding the sharp edge of the sword all year….yea I expect them to lose.

                  Heck fcs like Kansas was beating them at halftime.

                  This is a extremely crazy year, as it seems any year Ohio Fake loses early in the season is.


  31. Pitt made a nice jump in the AP poll.

    Pitt now sits at #17, ahead of the Creepsters, who are almost assured of a continued tumble
    right out of the poll entirely,

    So Pitt at #17 in the AP

    Pitt at #19 in the previously better for Pitt Coaches Poll.

    Keeping on winning, the U up next.

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  32. The Good. Everything is Good when Pitt wins !
    Been a big non Heinz person. What with Ketchup Bottle that morphed into Mustard Jar.
    But when the place is filled up or close to it and everyone is wearing blue, the place rocks.
    It was Rocking yesterday and was a Home Field Advantage.

    The Bad: The Officiating kept this game from being an utter Rout.
    General Beauregard and crew were absolutely atrocious. ACC should be ashamed.

    The Ugly: Just about every tv commercial that had to be endured.

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  33. From Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports:

    Head coaches with multiple wins against Clemson since 2015:

    » Pat Narduzzi, Pitt (2-2)
    » Nick Saban, Alabama (2-2)

    Other coaches facing Clemson have a combined record of 6-79 in that time.


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      1. As well as Pitt leads the all-time series with Clemscum as well. 3-2

        And Pitt has 9 NFL Hall of Famers… Clemscum’s mere 1.

        And we have way cooler uniforms !


  34. Under the category of “Who Saw This Coming?”:

    Athlon Sports Week 8 Awards – Offensive Coordinator – Mark Whipple
    The matchup between the best defense in the ACC (Clemson) against the No. 1 offense (Pitt) went in favor of the Panthers. Whipple’s offense posted 27 points against the Tigers, with the unit averaging 5.7 yards per snap for 464 yards. Pitt had a significant edge in time of possession (36:07 to 23:53), converted 10 of 18 third-down attempts and scored on four of the team’s final five drives to put the game away.

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    1. The third down conversion comparisons have been impressive for Pitt.

      For all those years we gave up so many 3rd downs because of a great catches. We’re not seeing the great catches against us so much this season – at least so far.

      Still need one or two of the DEs to get hot on a sack tour…

      Go Pitt.


    2. Some of (u know who u are) can also put this in your pipe and smoke it! << This one here really makes me chuckle hard. Some may say I’m laughing my butt off! Whipple LOL. 🙂


  35. This game was a good argument for having a couple of good OOC games each year that will draw nice crowds. Even losing to WMU, Pitt is still in a nice spot as far as getting to the ACC Championship and a good bowl game. I would like to see some different teams come into Heinz so that instead of seeing Pitt pay out $500k for a cupcake they could play someone from the PAC 12 or maybe AAC or Big Sky conferences. The Big 12 is somewhat watered down now, and could provide a good match up or two. A resurgent Pitt could draw much better and maybe make some money from ticket sales and concessions.


    1. Pitt does have both West Bumf*** U and Leave-Your-Condiments’ Bottles and Golf-Balls at the-Gate-Tennessee coming to Pitt next year. I heard from a reliable source that the Heinz field concession stands will remove said bottles 5 minutes before the end of the game for “Fan Safety”

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      1. Thank god bottles brought and sold at games are plastic.

        Those 2 fan groups are still very timid to Philadelphia Eagles fans who threw glass bottles and even
        at Santa Claus.


    2. No no no, we’ve had this discussion before. The ONLY OOC games that would sellout are WVCC, Psux and ND.

      The formula in the near future for OOC games should be similar to this season, until way down the road
      if and when Pitt wins double digit games for more than several years in a row.

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves….let’s be reasonable ! 🙂

      Next year’s OOC is considerably harder anyway.

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      1. been saying easy OOC since steve pedo, 1st version. Know how to build a brand. Minimum 3-1, max 4-0. You hear noone on the national stage talking about the rent a wins for the top 10. But of course, our AD’s are smarter and no better…..not! We are back in the crap scheduling next year!


    1. And even if he doesn’t, his emergence into the discussion is awesome.

      Would be nice but – eyes on the prize – he prefers recognition in April 2022.

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  36. The Big Sky is a FCS conference btw. What are you tokin today VoR ?

    A resurgent Pitt only happens by having a manageable OOC schedule. Just about every Top 20
    team schedules a manageable OOC.

    Some examples: (of many)

    The Great Georgia. 2 of 3 OOC’s are Charleston Southern(fcs) & UAB
    The Greater Alabama. 3 of 4 OOC’s are Mercer(fcs) & USM(1-6) & New Mexico State(1-7)
    The mighty Oklahoma 2 of 2 OOC’s are Western Carolina (fcs) and Tulane (1-6)

    Now Alabama has been a powerhouse for quite some time and this is how they schedule. They have
    5 star recruits coming out their ears. So are the other 2.

    Why do people insist Pitt, who hasn’t been a powerhouse for 40 years, schedule the OOC differently.

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    1. Let’s also remember our Pitt Board of Trustees had state penn representation not too long ago. Scheduling harder OOC games was probably demanded by the BoT’s for all we know.

      Just sayin…

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      1. That is certainly true. And for all we know (and considering the results) they could have imploded the Pitt basketball program as well.

        Psux certainly is another example of scheduling W’s in the OoC.
        I think JoePedo invented that in the 1960’s.


  37. Great comments. I’m hurting and tired. I don’t know what’s up for me… It’s probably not good. But, let’s go panthers! I hope they can give me this.


  38. Anyone else have this thought, on their shuffle pass disaster.

    Marino…..been 40 years. Was he at the game ?


  39. No Florida teams are ranked. Now that is sweet.

    Pitt knocked Clemscum out of the Coach’s Poll Rankings. Too sweet !

    Changing of the Guard ? A turning ? A Pitt Rebirth ?

    Stay tuned to this Bat Channel. Maybe Dark Knight will make a reappearance.

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  40. Pitt 17th …State Penn 20th in AP poll. Am I dreaming?

    Great day here in Baltimore as Ravens routed and horrible secondary exposed!

    Don’t know who I despise most. Penn State or Ravens? Ok it’s Ped State !

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  41. Good: everything everyone said about the good things—team, coaches, overall crowd, student section, being covered on national TV, Erie’s great write-up, and apparently no heart attacks to any POVers.
    Bad—almost: Owen Drexel again with several bad snaps, with Kenny managing to grab both of them.
    Ugly: My mood when thinking about where we would be ranked now if not for the defensive unit taking a vacation against Western Michigan.

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    1. Nice that the Steelers didn’t play, so all they’ll have to talk about is Pitt for a couple days. Oh….and the pedos stinking up the place.

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    2. Cooke actually picked Pitt last week, but Starkey went with Clemson.

      But Cooke just doesn’t get it. He starts an otherwise positive column today by referencing when Miami came in and beat Pitt and according to Cooke, ruined Larry F’s chance for the Heisman. Nice job, Ron.

      Cooke is definitely a hero worshipper, but I don’t expect to ever see him sucking-up to Coach Duzz like he did to Paterno and does to others. He’s Big-Whatever-the-Number is, all the way.

      Go Pitt.


  42. PJ, those colleges you mentioned can fill their stadiums when playing the Little Sisters of the Poor. That’s not Pitt. But it would be interesting to see an occasional team like Wyoming, or Colorado State for example, as a one time deal. Maybe Arizona or Utah State would be good. I think you could get 50,000 in the stadium for those games while still being heavily favored to win.


    1. Again, the seats will fill more, the more you win.

      Oklahoma State @ Pitt drew less than 39,000 and resulted in a beatdown loss.
      Does Pitt recruit in Oklahoma. No.

      Utah State or Arizona is not going to draw anywhere close to 50K at Heinz. And Wyoming and CSU would draw even less.

      Now maybe after Pitt went 11-1, 10-2, 11-1, 11-1 and 12-0.

      But not before then !

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  43. Doing some early scouting of the Miami Hurricanes. They have a safety who is 6’5” and 225lbs 🧐

    In 40 games played against each other, Pitt has won 11. Miami has won the last 3, so Pitt is due for a win every 4 games – this should be our year. 🤔

    But, I’m told Pitt FB has beat Miami 3 times in the past 45 years. NOTE: I have not been able to fact check that one yet (tried with no luck yet).

    Miami has lost 4 games this season – 2 to top ten teams and the 2 ACC losses were by a total of 5 points.

    Miami has a rather easy stretch after the Pitt game – GT, FSU, VT and Duke. The canes could end up being a 2 loss ACC Coastal team with the tie breaker with Pitt. I can remember 2 of the past 3 meetings where Pitt fans were confident that our Panthers were the better team, and yet we lost.

    Pitt’s last win vs Miami was in 2017 when the canes were undefeated and ranked #2 in the polls. Avonte Maddox had 2 sacks & a forced fumble while Rashad Weaver had 2 TFL, 1 sack and 1 pass defended. Weaver is currently on the disabled list with the Titans and would be a great candidate for honorary captain this Saturday.


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    1. I have the post game photo from Red lot 5A after the game. I don’t know how to post it here.
      Happy photo!


  44. Pitt beat them in Walt’s 1st year.

    When Voytik was the QB

    And when they were #2 in the nation

    And then you have to go back to the NC year of 1976,

    So 45 sounds about right.

    Pitt wins this Saturday….and that’s all that COUNTS !!


  45. Even though I hated to leave the Fran/Wolfe tailgate a bit early, I enjoyed the chance to stop by the Pitt Forever Panthers (i. e., Letter-winners) tailgate that Pitt held to help honor the Pitt HOF inductees.

    I wanted to congratulate my old baseball teammate Ken Macha and any of the other inductees I might see.

    Well the first HOFer I saw was Jackie Sherrill. What a treat to congratulate him and get a photo…

    Next congratulated Brandon Knight and told him how we miss the Big East days…

    Then Ken Macha showed up. We reminisced a bit – no, I don’t think he remembered me 50-years later – but then he knew I was authentic when I told his wife a nice story about him.

    Was surprised to see the great Billy Knight. But a bigger surprise is when I notice a small crowd forming so I move to see what’s going on. There, posing for fotos with some kids and with those caricatures of the Pitt greats – those guys who run those stupid races – was the one and only Tony Dorsett. And the cool thing was that Tony was having fun showing off his Heisman pose!

    Anyway, unlike the previous regime, HL’s athletic department has really stepped up the treatment of Pitt letter winners. Before HL, letter winners were invited to meet before the games in a curtained-off corner of the Great Hall. There was a cash bar and maybe they put out a bowl of popcorn. It was like a morgue. It was embarrassing. Now the events are under a tent by the river with good munchies and a couple of tickets for drinks…. Nice upgrade by the Athletic Department.

    (In fact, a couple of years ago at this event, my son and I got to talk to Iron Mike Ditka and I took a photo of my son with Iron Mike. My son treasures that photo…)

    Go Pitt.

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  46. I haven’t been on POV much since Maestro left, but it sure is fun reading positive comments – almost as much fun as Pitt at 6-1. I heard a comment by or about Whipple, where he said now that he has the weapons, he can use so much more of his playbook. And I gotta say, he is calling really good games this year.

    I think we all respect Miami, due mainly to their history against us. But I would love to read what they are saying about playing us next week!!!

    Also, is it too early to call the OL the Pickett Fence? Gotta win in the trenches – where have I heard that before?? I haven’t heard Coach Borbs’ name called out this year. Should be singing his praises every week that we put the game away in Q4.- which is every week!

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    1. After a recent Miami loss, I remember reading where their Coach said something like — “We came up short today, but we have a really good team in that dressing room…”

      I believe him. Like Clemson, they will have very good players – if those players are “on their game” next week, we will have a tough battle on our hands, IMHO.

      GO Pitt.

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  47. Possibly interesting factoid (with no actual significance): Of the four Pitt Panthers who have thrown forward passes this season so far, Kenny Pickett has the lowest QB rating of them all.

    Hmmm……y’all know what they say about statistics……….

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  48. Got an email from Pitt with the message “Pitt is bowl eligible!”

    Made me think that yeah, usually at this time of the season I might be trying to figure out what our chances are to get to 6 wins and a bowl game.

    That never popped into my mind this season. Nice…

    Go Pitt.


    1. I thought the same John…
      A good bowl game will do wonders for the program.

      Thanks for the update on the letter winners pregame festivities.


  49. I really like the concept that Pitt is 1-0. Another game coming up that is pretty much a must win. Pitt will only win with a maximum effort and if we get the turnovers. If we are without Addison and Izzy it will be even more difficult. Miami and UNC have close to the same level athletes as Clemson, they were picked one and two going in. Virginia has a QB on the same level as ours and is playing very well. Although it seems unlikely at this point even Duke and Syracuseare capable of an upset. So let’s no get ahead of ourselves.

    Rick pointed out what happened last time Pitt was 6-1. Lots of football left to play.against tough opponents.

    Clemson brought a lot of fans, my guess would be around 5000. Both Miami and UNC travel well. I think we will see a good contigent from VA too. Hopefully Pitt fans will match what they did vs. Clemson. It absolutely makes a difference.

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  50. A big reason for our success so far has been our play on 3rd downs.

    —Pitt has converted 47 of 103 for 46%. 👍

    —Our opponents have only converted 26 of 91 for 29%. Go Coach Bates!

    On 4th downs, we are 11 of 15 while our opponents are only 2 for 10.

    Pretty impressive stats, to date…

    Go Pitt.

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  51. Eleven point favorites over Miami? Are you kidding me?

    Yes, Pitt is an 11 point favorites over Miami. What the heck is going on… 🤔

    Go Pitt.

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  52. From Madden’s column, I don’t care for him but I think there is some truth to what he says. Pickett has time to prove him wrong, but I would take an ACC championship over a Heisman, and I think Kenny would too.

    “Also, Pitt beat Clemson over the weekend, 27-17. That victory vaulted the Panthers to No. 17 in the AP Poll and trimmed Kenny Pickett’s Heisman Trophy odds to +1200, according to Only three players are in front of Pickett on their odds board — Alabama quarterback Bryce Young (+150), Mississippi quarterback Matt Corral (+250) and Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud (+600).

    But Madden is still dubious of Pickett’s chances.

    “Kenny Pickett is an excellent quarterback,” Madden said. “I don’t buy that he is a Heisman finalist, let alone a winner. I don’t buy that he is a first-round pick. He’s a very good college quarterback. He’ll be a very competent professional backup. The problem is every time Pitt does something, after not having done something for so long, we overreact.””


  53. A couple things that may not have been pointed out. Our kicker made two pressure field goals while the game was still on the line. That do over on the extra point was huge.

    The coaches need to tell kick returners that if they don’t fair catch the ball they will sit the bench for the rest of the game. The risk reward on that play is non-existent. Chances of getting past the 25 are slim and starting on the 10 or 15 is a killer at the start of the game.

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    1. With you 100% on starting at the 25 with a fair catch, GC. Said that throughout the game, even when Clemson reached between the 25 and 30 a couple of times on kick returns. Any kick inside the 10 should get a fair catch wave and started at the 25. I would love to see some national stats on the average starting point when a team tries to run back a kickoff.


      1. Yes, really too bad he didn’t stay another year, would have set records that would never be broken.


    1. Wow – a lot of QBs. Good to see some OL as well.

      So far this season, the students have done a really nice job of showing up for games. Good for them and they are being rewarded. I anticipate they will keep showing up – even for a noon-time game. Its Miami after all and a chance to beat another blue blood program.


    2. I saw two from Canal Winchester, Ohio, 15 minutes from where I live. Wish there was one from here in Pickerington, a perennial powerhouse in Ohio.


  54. Madden is a fool. It’s not Pittsburgh overreacting, it’s the nation then. Kenny Pickett is getting a lot of national publicity. I’d ask Madden why Pickett is just a good college QB. It’s not arm strength. He has an NFL arm. It’s not mobility. It’s not height and weight … he has prototypical size for an NFL QB. His drawback was always accuracy … which was hard to measure with Pitt leading the nation in drops two years in a row … and winning big games. He’s fixed the accuracy problem … and is starting to win some big games. Pickett has always been seen as pro-potential at the NFL level, even by NFL executives, it was always if he could put it all together.


    1. Well Picket will never win the Heisman vs those guys. ACC vs. SEC and Big 10 QB’s.
      No doubt KP has elevated his NFL status, but a huge jump to be an NFL starter.
      Not saying he can’t or won’t and love to see him do it.
      No doubt accurracy and consistency have improved dramatically and he is the Number 1 reason for Pitt’s success by far and away.

      However there are tough games ahead.

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  55. Why do we always talk about attendance? Smh.

    Just enjoy the season. We’ve talked ad nauseam about Pitt’s shortfalls. Have some fun. Embrace it while we can have some.

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  56. I am testing this. I used to be (actually still am) omdH2P. But, have not been able to enter comments for over a year. I am hoping that I have fixed the problem with WordPress. Wish me luck.

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    1. Phil, I am having the same problem with ‘word Press. It won’t let me post on my normal screen name…frustrating. Still trying to work on it.


  57. You’re right about the Heisman and so is Madden. I think I heard over the last 10 years the Heisman winner has come from a playoff team. That won’t change.

    The exception is if Pitt can get into the playoff which is very unlikely. We’d have to win the ACC but also win out. Two losses won’t get in. We also need Cincy to lose and they have a very uninspiring schedule ahead of them. We also need the SEC and Big 10 to continue to cannibalize themselves.


  58. It is in my Pitt Class of ’63 blood to never take Miami lightly. Back in the 60’s the Canes had a terrific QB, George Mira who could really sling the pigskin. Pitt played Miami almost every year and we as I recall broke even with them under Coach Johnny Michelosen. I want us to CRUSH them this year because they have been running over us in recent years…..enough is enough!

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    1. Great memories…. we played a very difficult schedule every year////no. Delaware’s, WMU’s, Villanova’s, etc. Both Army and Navy were powerhouses and Syracuse was loaded. And of course, we always faced WVU and PSU. No easy pickings. H2P !!

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  59. I am now really back. Figured out that I am the one who messed up—not WordPress. What a shock.
    Now, even though I don’t have much to say of value, I am able to say something.

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      1. Well, it turned out that I have two WordPress accounts. One for here and one for a non-profit website that I handle. I was trying to use the password for the other WordPress account and not getting into POV. I now have the same password for both accts. Even I should be able to handle that (most days).

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  60. You know I wonder what Mark Madden said about that 6th round pick from Michigan back in the 2000 draft. I guarantee Madden wouldn’t have even identified him as a “competent backup”.

    No I am not saying Kenny Pickett is the next Tom Brady. I am saying Mark Madden doesn’t know squat about such things. His job for the most part is to play contrarian.

    I understand that there is a better likelihood that he is right, but looking where this kid started (and I had to agree with much of what Reed originally wrote about KP) to where he is today is a universe apart. Just as Tom Brady was from that combine picture to today.

    I am saying…I saw the heart of a lion in that kid when he made those two first downs on that final drive. I still may be reticent (and believe me I have tried) to buy in to Pitt, but I have bought into Kenny Pickett.

    Dave Dellett

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  61. Brandon Hill nominated for the Jim Thorpe Award this year. He is one of 12 that was nominated for the best defensive back in college football. From where I’m sitting now Hill and Hallet are playing as well if not better than the Pitt combo of Hamlin and Ford from last season.

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  62. I guess I just got caught up in the moment, but I admit that I was mildly disappointed that the student section didn’t empty onto the field as the clock ticked off the final seconds of the game. I know, I know, “act like you’ve been here before, yadda, yadda, yadda.” But, man, that felt like a time for an on-field celebration.

    Of course I’m old enough to remember goal posts being torn down and carried out of stadiums. Big wins are to be savored and enjoyed.


    1. Lol me too. In fact that 1987 10-0 Pitt win against PSU on Nov 14 I was one of those who stormed the field and tore down the goal post. Damn that thing was heavy as we walked it across the field.

      Hopefully, the statute of limitations has been met 😉

      Dave Dellett

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    2. Yes it was Clemson but it was an unranked Clemson that had 2 previous losses on the season. And keep in mind the oddsmakers made Pitt the favorite for the game.—–OT: Pantherlair is now offering a free subscription for the remainder of the season to anyone not yet a subscriber. To say its a good deal for any diehard Pitt fans would be an understatement.


  63. I hate this Miami game. We’re coming off two big wins in a row, we always seem to underperform against the ‘Canes, the Canes played well this weekend and upset a ranked team, we’re a double digit favorite at home….I don’t like reading those tea leaves.

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  64. I’m a biased, unabashed Kenny Pickett fan. Have been since he came here.

    I’m all in on this Pitt team…
    Finally have depth and talent in the skill positions.
    Defense got the message after the WMU game and is playing “we, not me” football
    OL went from being THE question mark to a solid unit

    Bring on the Canes.

    Thats my story and Im sticking to it.

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  65. BTW, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’ front page yesterday had this top-of-the-page headline:

    “Pitt rocks Clemson.”

    Along with a photo of the student section celebrating…

    The lead article was written by Jason Mackey, who had lots of quotes from Pitt tailgaters, but somehow missed talking to Fran and Wolfe…. Good article, but come on, Jason Mackey! 😊

    Go Pitt.

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  66. Referencing GC’s post above about kicking, the good news is that Sam Scarton has only had to try 6 FGs; the even better news is Sam is 6 for 6…

    After that PAT problem against Clemson, I was totally shocked that Sam was able to go 2 for 2 on FGs.

    Though that second FG looked like it was about an inch inside the left upright. Whew!

    Go Pitt.


  67. I’m not worried about Miami … if they haven’t owned us, I would be … but Pitt should want to beat this team. Normally, it would be a terrible game with trap potential but based on history, I would expect we’d want to come out strong … plus, them coming off of a big win makes the game a little more appealing. We put the nail in Fuente’s coffin … Let’s put the nail in Diaz’s too

    The UVA is the game that scares me the most. UNC on a Thursday, too. I don’t recall much success with Thursday games under Duzz.

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  68. If Miami wins this weekend I think they will take the Coastal Division. Miami remaining ACC schedule fairly easy not so for Pitt. Another loss for Pitt beyond the Miami game is very likely and Miami would win the Coastal tiebreaker.


  69. News update: Warren ACC Offensive tackle of the week and Dennis ACC Linebacker of the week.—-Bad news for Miami and most probably good news for Pitt, Miami safety and leading tackler Bubba Bolden out for the season. The kid is a 6’3″ 205 lbs safety considered a top 25 ACC player going into the season. And it looks like he played like a top 25 to this date.

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    1. Never thought I would read the words “Warren ACC Offensive Tackle of the Week!”

      Carter Warren could barely move laterally 2 years ago. I remember being shocked back then when Coach Borbs made a statement about Carter being our most athletic Olineman. I just did not see it.

      Heck of a job by Coach Borbs – don’t know what Coach did, but it’s working!

      Something nice for OLine recruiting too…

      Go Pitt.

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  70. Wasn’t Pickett’s first game the upset of #2 Miami? I’ve been to at least 11 Pitt Miami games. Several games were won by Miami on trick plays …. Fake punts, fake FGs.

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    1. Yes, and what a game that was. We need to not think about the 11 point favorite status – we need to focus on history. Miami wins 75% of the time vs Pitt.

      Beat Miami and this team gains the confidence it needs to climb into the top ten. From there, anything is possible.


  71. Miami is still a contender for the Coastal as is VA. We would have to lose three for VA Tech to smell a chance.

    Lots of difficult games for Pitt, one at a time, but I agree with JRN need to put Miami down Saturday.


  72. Agreed GC – this is Miami’s biggest game for them to have a shot at the Coastal. When they lose, they will be out of contention.

    Listened to Dabo as I was out of town for the weekend. He said Pitt played well but that his team was short 17 players. I almost felt sorry for him….not!! He didn’t really elaborate on that but mentioned it 3-4 times in the interview I listened to (may have been their local media). He also ranted about Shipley missing a sure 14-0 pass and had he made the play that he was set up to make, the play calling from that point forward would have changed. Although I agree with his two points, I say…..too bad!! As posted earlier in the week, Ugly Ugly Olay didn’t perform to his star. He is over-rated and has been. College and pro football is a qb league, period.

    We need to keep acting like we have been here before. Don’t be poor winners! Remain humble. And, go get Miami.

    As far as big10 rankings, their coaches are required to vote in other big10 schools into the top10 so that they get at least two in consideration for playoffs as they start beating each other at the end of the season. Had Dairy High taken care of business, they would have at least 5 in top 10, with a 6th at 11. It is such a scam. With any luck Dairy gets knocked out of top25 with a loss to OSU this weekend. Franklinburger totally mis-called the starting qb for the week. Will be interested to see if he switches starters this week or waits a week.

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    1. You’d think all coaches would favor their own conferences in the voting. Makes them look better…

      Unless there’s a certain Coach they really don’t like…🤔

      Go Pitt.


    2. I’d have replied “Liked” but that word doesn’t sufficiently express how much I liked your comment, Huff III.


  73. Lastrow mentioned he had not heard from his pedo state fan contingent – I heard from one. He said “well Clemson’s not very good – I reminded him that the Tigers played #1 Georgia tough and then reminded him of Wisconsin’s record, Iowa’s pitiful loss to Purdue and that the state penn wasn’t very good themselves. Oh, and all four teams were ranked in the top ten in the first half of this season.

    He shut up and went on with his day. Go Buckeyes! 60 – 3 would be sweet.

    Need to get Izzy and Addison healthy. Both should be in good physical shape and could sit out of practice all week if needed.

    The crowd was too big for Mrs. Erie – we may not make the trek back to the Miami game. I want to, but need to be smart.

    KP8 being in the discussion for the Heisman is a good thing -for the national perception of Pitt FB – if he continues his consistent play, and Pitt wins out, he may have a seat in NY. The OSU QB has a tough road ahead, Ole Miss will lose again and the Bama QB is in the driver’s seat until the Georgia game (SEC championship).

    Go Pitt!

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    1. The more the Pitt Blue & Gold shows up on national sports programming, the better. More and more people becoming more aware of Pitt due to K8P’s case for the Heisman and the winning season. Those uni’s are truly distinctive on TV. HS kids and folks from other media markets. Its good stuff.

      Gonna channel my inner-Ike here for a moment and note that only a couple weeks ago HCPN was getting criticized for the Heisman-touting. Yeah, yeah, yeah…. I realize that on the heels of the WMU debacle (which was almost as bad as losing to Illinois in 9 OTs – giggle), the criticism was warranted. But at the same time, its fair to acknowledge that he was part of priming that pump.

      One thought on the Heisman….if that was Kenny’s main goal he could get closer to it by playing more “me” than “we”. This kid wants to settle scores and has a team mindset. He will win the long game (the NFL draft) and if Heisman voters want to act provincially by awarding it to the best player in a blueblood program, so be it. The fix has been in for years for those programs.

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    2. Yesterday I listened to a TheFan radio host ranting on about the new OT format. Thought psu fans should be upset about losing a game in a 2 point conversion shootout.

      How about being upset that your top 10 playoff contender gets taken to OT by unranked Illinois?

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      1. Not just to ot, but 9 times!! Talk about awful offenses! That is terrible. Dairy High should be complaining about their inability to get 3 yards only once (very close), in 9 attempts. I only saw the highlight of the time the refs said they got in and i swear, it should have been reviewed and double reviewed. The angle they showed looked like he was short, but they needed it to tie Ill.

        That is like going to a hockey shootout and making it through the entire offensive roster…….

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      2. More than unranked Illinois. Try one of the worst P5 teams in America, Were ranked #101 by CbsSports pre-game.

        Virginia murdered them 42-14

        UTSA (who) beat them
        Maryland beat them
        Wisconsin layed a goose egg on them
        Mighty Purdue beat them.


  74. Couple Pitt stats maybe of interest:

    Sacks: Pitt 22; Opponents 11

    Red Zone TDs:
    Pitt: 28/37 (76%)
    Opponents: 14/24; 58%

    TDs scored: UP 43; Foes 18

    Time of Possession/ game:
    UPitt 33 min
    Foes 27 min.

    Go Pitt.

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  75. From Pittsburgh Sports Now (PSN)

    Carter Warren / Sirvocea Dennis honored as ACC O -Linesmen/Linebacker of the week.

    Another Noon – ACCN broadcast for @ Duke game Saturday 11/6/21

    Abanikanda and Addison “Real Questionable” for Miami.

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    1. Unfortunately, that reads to me that Izzy and Addison will be without a helmet for an undisclosed amount of time. Next man up for the RB and WR positions. I name Hammond and Stovall. Both looked good in the 2nd half vs Clemson.

      T.Mack, Wayne and Shockey need to make big-time plays this Saturday.

      To date, the injury bug has not bite us – testing the depth that has been tested already in 2021. Not a bad thing except you want your best to be suiting up against the U. This team and it’s leader (KP8) should and can overcome those two lost teammates.



      1. Maybe we see Bartholomew more involved too.

        Would like to see a deep ball to Shocky – he can fly…

        Go Pitt.


        1. Shocky yea can fly….but he’s not dependable. He’s a decent 4th Receiver, but he’s getting close to even losing that spot.

          His speed hasn’t resulted in much, on those WR reverses either. Only 5 yards per carry.

          Maybe he’ll rise to the occasion this week playing a home state team. Let’s hope !


          1. I agree that Shocky can be shaky catching the ball. But he’s one of those guys who’s just fun to watch run. Like watching McCutchen in his prime go from first to third…

            Have Walt come in and show Shocky a nice double-move and let KP air it out…👍

            Barden looks like another speedster…

            Go Pitt.

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  76. This from a poster on yesterday’s PSU blog “Black Shoes Diaries” after their epic battle with BIG10/11/12/13 powerhouse, the Fightin’ Illini (whatever that is):

    “I watched the Pitt game after the PSU “crap” show.
    Thank Gawd that series ended. They would literally beat us by 30 this year.

    Posted by rodney20 on Oct 24, 2021 | 9:49 PM”

    So take a moment and send a little sympathy to your ailing PSUX fans

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    1. Dion – I think you are new on the POV. I edited your comment and took out the heavy swear word. I think the thought gets through the same.

      No real crudity, sex, religious stuff or politics on here. Them’s the rules – but welcome aboard.

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      1. Got it! I wrestled with whether I should edit it but incorrectly thought that since I was quoting it would pass. I appreciate what you have done over the years (still really miss your Spring practice onsite posts) for us Pitt fans. Won’t happen again.

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  77. Watched the replay to see what I thought of the refs calls. They may not have met the definition of targeting but they were really dirty hits, intended to injure in my opinion. I get that they are big tough guys and football is a violent game, just tough to lose two of the top offensive weapons for next week. The one guy definitely launched himself at a defenseless player, even though his helmet hit shoulder it jerked the head back.

    Anyway some of the holding calls were totally bogus, which cost us one or two probable touchdowns.

    Luckily it did not matter.

    Hope our guys get through this soon, but since concussion damage is cumulative best that they take as much time as needed.

    Great seasons happen when guys step up for those that go down. Our receiving corps is deep and Hammond looks very good. With the line now opening holes we have others that could produce as well.


  78. I went on line to get some tickets, the lower bowl is pretty full already, much earlier than last week. People want to see the show. Hopefully it is not too many Hurricane Fans.


    1. The modern day fighting dentist was the GREAT Brian Generalovich (spelling?) a terrific basketball player in the 60’s who passed on the NBA to be a dentist.

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  79. A slow start vs Miami will not cut it. They give up a ton of points but they also score a ton. They ahve also played Alabama and Michigan St, which didn’t help their stats by comparison.

    They have been playing a lot of younger guys lately, hopefully our experience and depth is worthy and of course KP needs another brilliant game. Watching the replay shows how truly brilliant he was in that last game.


  80. can they please improve the microphone system with PN’s pressers, this is 2 or 3 now that my cpu volume on max and I still have trouble hearing everything he says

    my kids would say it’s all my hearing but I’m only taking half responsibility,,,,, for now 😦

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    1. And I thought I was the only one who had trouble listening to his pressers. I now need to apologize to my laptop.

      I posted a link below his video presser that has Pitt’s transcript,

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  81. Pitt volleyball remains #1 in RPI and #4 in the AVCA weekly polls.

    Testing to see if comment with no negative comments about Pitt’s Louisville volleyball game gets posted! Already have 3 other comments get censured and not posted.

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    1. BigB – I enjoy these perspectives from our opponents that you provide.

      Here’s a telling paragraph from this article:

      “At the same time, we must state the obvious: that Clemson has a more talented roster than Pittsburgh and it’s not particularly close. According to the 247 composite, this is the fourth-best roster in the country going against the 36th. Stars suggest the Tigers in a rout, production favors the Panthers comfortably.”

      Will be the same this week — going up against a more starry Miami roster…

      Go Pitt.

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    2. haha comment EARLY on their gameday thread:

      “We get to play spoiler for a change!
      Hopefully we beat Pitt with shovel passes”
      Posted by Tigerfan06 on Oct 23, 2021 | 3:36 PM

      there were some good follow ups added postgame – 🙂

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  82. From CBS Sports (funny the national media likes Kenny better than some of these local putz’s)
    (wonder why ?) (well we know why…right) And they see the Pedo’s for what they are.

    College football winners, losers, overreactions in Week 8: Pitt is the ACC favorite,


    Pitt: Clemson might not be “Clemson” this season, but the Tigers have still won the last six ACC championships. All the pressure was on No. 23 Pitt to prove it belongs in the AP Top 25 and taken seriously as the new favorite in the ACC. The Panthers passed with flying colors in a 27-17 win. Pitt outgained Clemson by more than 150 yards and got another great game from quarterback Kenny Pickett, who threw for 302 yards and two touchdowns in the win. The Panthers defense put so much pressure on Clemson QB D.J. Uiagalelei that coach Dabo Swinney benched him following his second interception. Pitt — yes, Pitt — is officially the ACC frontrunner. And Pickett is staking his claim as a bona fide Heisman contender.


    Penn State: Illinois came into its matchup with the Nittany Lions ranked No. 101 in the CBS 130 — 30 spots behind Northern Illinois. The Illini had lost its four games against Power Five opponents by an average of two touchdowns, not to mention a home loss to UTSA. On Saturday, that team traveled to Happy Valley and handed the No. 7 team a 20-18 defeat after a FBS-record nine overtimes. Penn State flew close to the sun in one-score wins over Auburn and Wisconsin, but mustering just 227 yards against the No. 84 defense according to SP+ is nightmare fuel for a program that hoped to earn its first playoff trip just weeks ago. Those dreams are dead. Now, all Penn State can hope for in James Franklin’s eighth season is playing spoiler.

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  83. the best follow up to the shovel pass comment:

    shovel pass against the Shovel Pass Masters of the Universe does not work.”
    Posted by Tigerfan06 on Oct 23, 2021 | 5:36 PM



    btw, more pissed about that cheap shot v Abanikanda if he can’t play Saturday

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    1. We’ll be alright bro…..we have Hammond and The Flea. And added depth with Carter & Sibley.

      Another group of ‘cheap shot’ artists are coming into Heinz, so we need to come out unscathed
      and with another Big W.

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      1. I feel same but reading some of the comments on the Clemson crew justifying the late hit that imo could’ve been held up as targeting

        refs were not good and not only one way, questionable both ways during the game


        1. The Refs were ridiculous. Gave Clemscum their only TD of the 2nd half.

          And took away at least another 2 TD’s from Pitt, with some ridiculous holding penalties, after
          which Pitt had to settle for FG’s.

          So in other words, those Southern Fried Refs stopped it from being a Pitt Rout !
          On the order of 35-10.

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          1. I was home watching on TV and thought several were phantom calls. As I always do, rewatched the game yesterday and yes, they were not even close to holding!

            Also, no zone defense by Duz but no complaints here. Their QB and receivers were so bad, it would be a sin and a gift to play zone.


  84. seriously entertaining Clemson game commenting

    lots of praise for KP, heart, accuracy, poise, leadership, etc

    some praise for our WR’s, o-line, etc

    lots of concern Clemson about to lose their recruiting class with the s-show they have going on this year

    guys spouting off about winning on betting against Clemson because they know their coaches can’t/won’t adjust to address their failures especially at QB and overall their OC for the disastrous play calling

    funny thing is the guy that bet and won a new fishing boat is the same guy who had the shovel pass comment early

    likely the fishing boat’s an old row boat,,,,, about ready to sink


  85. Somewhat concerned ( a bit) if Jordan Addison can’t play. After all, he’s by far our best WR with 39 catches for 670 yards, which equates to a 17 ypc. Plus he has 10 TD receptions of Pitt’s 23 TD receptions.

    So someone or someones are going to have to step it up bigtime, if he can’t go.

    Did just see, Miami has lost their best secondary guy for the rest of year, he’s their leading tackler as well.
    He’s their best Safety & supposed ‘Glue’ guy, so hopefully Whipple and crew will be able to exploit that loss.

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  86. Pitt just added a de-commit from Temple, Kyle Lewis a 200lb very speedy linebacker. Lewis had offers from PSU, Maryland and WVU //// a 3*** athlete

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  87. ESPN weekly college football Roundup.

    College football Week 8 takeaways: What we learned about Oregon, Pitt, Ohio State and more

    Pitt is getting a lot of pub now (mentioned in the same breath as ohio state, my dear)…..most I’ve seen for quite a while. At least since Wanny time, And we were really good, 40 years ago, espn was an it’s inkling stage and there Was NO Internet. So this might be the most national pub we’ve EVER gotten.

    As I mentioned way back during Tennessee game, something vastly different about this Pitt year.

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  88. We had 2 couples who were Clemson fans stop by at the Fran/Wolfe tailgate. One of the women had gone to school with PittPT.

    Anyway my parting words to them were “Enjoy the game. I wish your team ‘mediocre luck’ today.”

    Seemed to work out that way…😊. The Clemson fans didn’t have much to cheer about.

    Go Pitt.

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  89. starting to wonder what’s in that jug you’re drinking there jugger


    Saturday will be tough, very and no way am I seeing this as -11.5 like the bookies have it

    did you watch any of their NC St game? qb is very good

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  90. Miami will be a very tough game with a chance for them to win the Coastal with a win against Pitt and another ACC loss for Pitt going forward. I was hoping NC State eliminated them from any consideration for a Coastal title last week. That didn’t happen and as such we will be in a battle come Saturday absent Addison and Izzy IMO.

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  91. All is not settled at the top of CFB – why not Pitt? While I agree we have a tough match-up with Miami this weekend, I took a peak at the top ten to see what the possible run could look like in this opportunistic world.

    The loss we all enjoyed this past weekend for Penn State was a precursor to the Panther’s win vs Clemson, we just couldn’t fathom it would take 9 OT periods. On top of that psuX loss, another top 10 team, Oklahoma State, also suffered defeat. The wild weekend of college football also had plenty of near upsets. Kansas nearly beat Oklahoma, holding onto the lead heading into the fourth quarter. Cincinnati needed a late interception to beat Navy, a now 1-6 team. Alabama also had a shaky first half against Tennessee before pulling away in the fourth qtr.

    Within the top 10, Alabama, Cincinnati, and Oklahoma all faced first-half deficits while being double-digit favorites. Right now they are the front runners to join Georgia in the elite playoff four grouping. Oregon was also in a tough game with UCLA. Those are the same Ducks who beat tOSU in Columbus a few weeks ago.

    From Pitt’s win against Clemson and Wake Forest still going strong, the ACC is not out of the playoff picture. There is a lot of football to be played.

    Pitt players, coaches and fans have a revenge game to tend to this coming Saturday, at home, vs a national CFB blue-blood team in Miami, who on paper has better talent and a historical record of owning Pitt. It’s time to change the course of history. Some have said Pitt will never sniff another CFB naty. There appears to be a chance, but we must take care of business with the canes first.

    We can’t win it all this weekend, but if we don’t just win this Saturday, we can’t win it all.


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  92. It is unfortunate that many of you don’t have the ACCNT channel, lots of good analysis yesterday on all league games, including Syracuse beating VA Tech.

    Reality check, each game will get magnified in its importance as we move on. It is really cool that we have three great home games to look forward to. Although Miami and UNC have underachieved so far, they are formidable as is Virginia who if you watched the ACCNT program is very tough.

    Playing the devil’s advocate, Clemson beat themself as much as we beat them. Yes Pitt made great plays, but many were aided by mistakes. The Mathis interception was a poorly thrown ball, Shipley’s dropped probable touchdown was huge. The shovel pass to Dennis was as much a poor decision as a great defensive play. Lucky for us they did not capitalize on our mistakes like the Krull fumble and our miss on their fumble.
    But rewatching the game it obviously could have gone the other way.

    Things are looking good, but there is a lot of football left to play, 5 more games, each one with increasing importance. Gut check time Saturday against a team that has really had our number.

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    1. THAT is the game I watched GC

      100% agreement without rewatching it 🙂

      generally things breaking our way, of course our QB having a strong influence toward that happening

      watched first half of 2020 Miami game and we sure shot ourselves in the foot several times and of course without KP the anemic red zone offense was offensive

      I highly recommend people consider streaming as I think I mentioned it here that we switched from DirecTV a few weeks ago and it is far superior

      weather front that rolled through last night made our internet slower and power went out momentarily a couple of times so the router needed to reboot but otherwise it’s been excellent

      if anyone wants info, lmk,,,,, you need very little tech savvy but some and basically smart tv’s and/or streaming devices with connections like roku/firesticks/etc


      1. The ACCNetwork is available on YouTube TV. We used to have DirecTV and YouTube TV is way better. If you are recording, it is done in YouTube TV lala land, not on a received at your house. So no worries about losing the game if power goes out. Plus, I start watching the recording about 45 minutes after the game starts. I can skip the ads and eventually catch up to live action.
        And, no, I do not work for YouTube TV.

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      2. Like tvax1, I moved to YouTubeTV early in the year. Its great!

        That said, I understand that AT&T SportsNet is not provided through them in the Pgh market, but Fubo has it. But it does offer the NHL Center Ice package and baseball fans can do likewise with the MLB package.

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  93. Saturday weather forecast 60 degrees and showers. 47% chance of rain. Maybe we’ll get lucky again.


  94. Ok, things have finally settled down and I’d like to share a few thoughts:
    1) The atmosphere on Saturday was great, but we are still learning how to do this. We really haven’t had experience in any games with filling or rocking the stadium other than games where visiting fans helped fill it up ( PSU, ND, WVU).
    2) The pure joy ( and honestly some amazement) of the fans around me with that win was palpable.
    3) Every single game forward will be a test. Each with a chance to revert to SOP, or be a springboard to greater things. Focus, focus, focus.
    4) Most importantly we will face at least 3 qbs that will NOT miss wide open receivers in the next few games. Honestly, we haven’t really faced accurate qbs all year ( with the painful exception of WMU). This should get all player and coaches attention.
    5) The line is falling big time. 12 was crazy, it’s 10 now and I could see 7 1/2 or 8 by game time.
    6) I feel this team is like the kid crossing a lake with no idea how thick the ice is. So far, so good. Could be solid, could fall in. Guess that’s typical of the 40 year scarred Pitt fan.

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  95. Excellent post Randy…totally agree with every comment….if I am Narduzzi, I get a big cage, put these PITT Panthers in it and “lock the gate” Saturday before the game and poke them repeatedly with a stick named “WESTERN MICHIGAN!!!” Turn’em loose at game time !!!
    PITT is susceptible to the deep ball. Always have been and always will be(under Duzz). We will face 3 QBs who are accurate passers going forward…better get more pressure !!!

    Missed you Saturday !!!

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  96. GC – Clemson beating themselves has been their theme all year … It’s their identity. Neither Pitt or Pitt fans should care about Clemson shooting themselves in the foot. They’re the ones who did it and they’ve been doing it all year. Pitt was not an outlier. If Pitt was an outlier, then maybe it’s luck but you create your luck … and Clemson has created a bunch of it for themselves.

    Pitt dominated that game. I did not feel worried about the outcome of the game once. We were playing a team averaging 12 points against their P5 opponents. Pitt was always going to outscore them minus mistakes … and Pitt hasn’t made many of those this year so reason to worry about them making one.


  97. Mel Kiper is a stooge but Kenny Pickett is now his #1 QB on his Big Board. 16th ranked overall prospect. That’s not Pittsburgh media over inflating Pitt … that’s national media taking notice.

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  98. A J Davis has entered the transfer portal today its been reported. My guess when Pitt sent in their freshman RB to help run out the clock was what finally convinced him to move on.


    1. Another 4* talent leaving the Pittsburgh Panthers.

      Feels like there have been just as many 4* players leave early as those who stayed. To boot, the total numbers are small to begin with.

      Best wishes AJ Davis –

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      1. It looks like A J Davis was never red shirted and its my guess he would be used in spots if Izzy was going to sit out a few games. That would have used up any chance he would have had for a red shirt season. Thus the decision to move on was probably a smart one for him to save that year of eligibility.

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        1. Whether Davis is a 4 star, 5 star or 1 star is completely irrelevant. The bottom line is he did not have the ability to crack the lineup. He was a reliable back who could catch the ball out of the backfield and was a pretty good blocker in past protection; he put his time in and deserves an opportunity elsewhere. Best wishes to AJ! And good opportunity for Pitt with an open scholarship.

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      1. Agree, Joel. But it is also, I think, a big part of the reason why there is so much churn among the top teams in power 5.

        The blue bloods that have corralled most of the top talent and park them on the bench are no longer able to hang on to high talent players who want to see game action. Beneficiaries are middle of the road teams like Pitt.


  99. Pitt gets its first commit for the 2023 class Zion Fowler athlete from St Peters prep in Jersey City. Looks like he was at the Pitt camp this summer and he was offered then.

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  100. Clemson had a 5 star QB playing in the wrong system…his computer just doesn’t have the speed needed to make the quick decisions to run/execute a RPO offense..all those reads then have to deliver an accurate pass takes a certain physical and mental skillset..I bet he enters the transfer portal and looks for a system that needs a pocket passer at which he will excel…

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