The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY

Here is a piece on the game by Erie…

There are a lot of good feelings around Pitt football after the Clemson win yesterday.  Down a touchdown early after two 3 and out offensive series, the Panthers roared back and left no doubt who the better team was at Heinz Field. 

Next up is Miami, who is down this year, but not out.  The Canes have elite athletes who seem to have Pitt’s number, even when our “team” seems better positioned for a win.  Pitt should never look past UNC, Virginia looks to be a tough game and Syracuse beat VT yesterday (Uh-oh). 

The game everyone seems to already be penciling for a “W” is Duke – I wouldn’t do that yet – I’ve paid close attention to this program for the past 40-some years and no game is a gimme.  

The players, coaches and fans need to enjoy this win over the Tigers and move forward with a focus on one game at a time.  Yesterday gave us more good than the bad and ugly.  I’m trying to believe that will carry through to the end of this season.  Below is my list – feel free to add to it or comment on how wrong I am.


KP8’s numbers and calmness throughout the game.

S. Dennis’ pick 6 and all around play.

The win over Clemson on a national stage, of course it was a big test.

The rain went away and the Goodyear Blimp appeared to stay the whole game (along with Pitt students).

Pitt’s 4th qtr dominance of the game clock.

The 4th down TD to T.Mack

Addison’s play before getting turned upside down on a leaping sideline catch.

The Aussie punter redeemed himself with a good game.

The crowd was loud, engaged and inspiring.

The return of Shady McCoy – seemed to bring out the best in Izzy and Hammond.

Pitt now has sole possession of first place in the Coastal Division.


Cam Bright did not start, but he was the best defensive player on the field when he was on the field.

Izzy & Addison being placed on concussion protocols.

My voice is severally strained and nothing seems to sooth it.


ACC refereeing during the 2nd half.

The WMU loss earlier this season.

I want to believe, I like what I see, but I’ve seen SOP appear at the wrong time too often (that feels ugly to me).

There are a lot of Pitt fans who are seeing this Pitt team through “mustard colored glasses” – in otherwords, there are comparisons to past great teams.  That makes for fun discussions, but does not seem possible yet.  IF they finish the season without a win, then I will say those fans were right.  For me, I’m enjoying the entertainment, the excitement and the attention my beloved school is getting on the national stage.

Finally, midway through the third quarter I took a bathroom break and there was chatter going on about Penn State losing to lowly Illinois.  That, my friends, was the best ESPN report I remember getting in a long time.