The POV’s Way Forward

We got the results of my son’s biopsy late yesterday and the news wasn’t good – cancerous lymph nodes in his lungs. Obviously that will take up my time and energy until we understand what is ahead of us and start the treatment process. I will attend to his needs above everything else.

Here is what I’ll do for the time being on here: I’ll open the blog up and post the Game Day Threads each week. I have done some in advance and the rest will not take up a ton of my time.

Here is what I need from you: First someone to look for Pitt football articles on the internet and post as many links in the comment section as you can daily (The Tribune Review is my best source with Pitt football’s home page and the Pitt News used a lot also). That really helps out fans who want to discuss things each day. I usually do that in the morning if possible.

Second I need you all – everyone – to truly understand that I do not want to have to play mediator or babysitter with comments that are sent to approval. If I get those I am going to bulk delete them.

I’ve been asked why I care about the standards of commenting so much and I say this: my name and reputation is on that blog. While that might not matter to some it means a ton to me. I have worked hard to be the man I am and so I care about keeping it that way.

Third I need to know that what is posted on the POV comments is written for all commenters to read and enjoy. The problem we have on here with obsessive commenters is that you readers 1) read the comment the guy(s) wrote and 2) engaged with his comment with one of your own. Doing that plays right into the bad commenter’s hands and is exactly what he wants – to control the flow of comments. Non-engagement cuts that down.

I’m sorry that this is happening in what may be (surprising to me) Pitt’s best year in a long time. I’ll do what I can to keep this blog up and running for you readers to enjoy the wins.

Thanks for understanding – if it looks like I’ll have time in between doctors’ appointments and his course of action / therapy I’ll post again asking others to contribute articles. But I do mean this, the POV cannot be a source of negativity for me.