Georgia Tech Gameday Thread & Predictions

Here is the Gameday Thread for PITT football as we play the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets at Bobby Dodd Stadium at 12:00 noon. Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win. 

These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Football Homepage

Pitt ESPN Homepage

Pitt Football 2021-22 Schedule

Pitt Football 2021-22 Stats

Pitt Football 2021-22 Roster

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

Georgia Tech Football Website

Pitt vs Georgia Tech Game Notes

Atlantic Coast Conference 2021-22 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

Georgia Tech Stats (current & historical info)

Here is Pitt’s Two Deep for the game:


332 thoughts on “Georgia Tech Gameday Thread & Predictions

  1. Not sure about this game – each team has strengths to match up to the other’s weaknesses. Might be pretty high flying but I think the Panthers come back to earth after those three easy and one semi-easy opening four games…

    GT 37
    Pitt 34 (with a missed extra point).


  2. Trailblazer Bobby Grier to be Enshrined in Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame

    Grier will join his fellow inductees at the October 22 Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame Dinner.

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt football letterman Bobby Grier, a two-way standout for the Panthers who made history in 1956 when he desegregated the Sugar Bowl, has been selected for enshrinement in the Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame, it has been announced by Director of Athletics Heather Lyke.

    Grier will join his fellow inductees at this year’s Pitt Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner set for Friday, October 22, at Heinz Field. The entire enshrinement class will then be honored at the Pitt-Clemson football game on October 23.

    “Bobby Grier is a richly deserving honoree in our Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame,” Director of Athletics Heather Lyke said. “While Bobby enjoyed a highly productive career on the field, the courage and strength he showed in desegregating the Sugar Bowl continues to resonate well beyond the game of football. Bobby is a tremendous source of pride for the University of Pittsburgh as he represents the very best of our institution.

    “This is an extraordinary group of honorees. As Pitt’s director of athletics, I always greatly look forward to Hall of Fame weekend, and this year promises to be incredibly special as we welcome back such a decorated class.”

    A fullback and linebacker, Grier was a three-year letterman at Pitt (1953-55). He led the Panthers in interceptions as a senior and was the leading rusher in the Jan. 2, 1956 Sugar Bowl against Georgia Tech. (For more on Grier’s historic participation in the 22nd Sugar Bowl Classic, read The New York Times’ Grier Integrated a Game and Earned the World’s Respect.)

    The newly elected Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame class:

    · Jennifer Bruce (Women’s Basketball)

    · Donna DeMarino Sanft (Gymnastics Student-Athlete and Coach)*

    · Chantee Earl (Women’s Track and Field)

    · Bobby Grier (Football)

    · Craig “Ironhead” Heyward (Football; Posthumous)

    · Brandin Knight (Men’s Basketball)

    · Ann Marie Lucanie (Volleyball)*

    · Ken Macha (Baseball)

    · Curtis Martin (Football)

    · Bob Peck (Football; Posthumous)

    · Pat Santoro (Wrestling)*

    · Jackie Sherrill (Football Coach)

    · Arnie Sowell (Men’s Track and Field)

    · Glenn “Pop” Warner (Football Coach; Posthumous)

    *Formal Induction in 2022

    Tickets for the Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame Dinner are now available to purchase online. Individual registration is $150 and a table of 10 is $1,250.

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  3. 40-27
    better Vax guy, school. and this year football team wins

    no way Narduzzi beats a good Sims today

    I’d love to be proven wrong


  4. I’ll be the first this AM to pull for Pitt
    Pitt 34
    GT 24
    Since xfinity doesn’t carry ACC I’ll be listening from Nashville on Pitt radio w Hilgrove and Bostic. That adds some entertainment value. 🤣

    HTP and here is to not having to pull out the liquor too early!

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    1. Hey Q buckle up for that old-time PITT experience. Had to “watch” the game on the radio last week and here is one of the funnier Billy moments.

      Billy screams out during a play while he is exalting himself that a flag has been thrown. All the while as Billy went on and on about the need for the red flag he was being interrupted by Bostick and finally told that it wasn’t a flag but a strip of a cheerleaders pom pom had fallen off. Billy said “OH” then dead silence for a moment and then on with the game….

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  5. I’m just not sure how anyone who has seen our defense and our running game in the two “real” games we’ve played this year, thinks we can win this game.

    That said, I think that Kenny and the receivers give us a chance every week.

    Until proven otherwise, I have to go with gut over heart.

    GT 38
    SOP 31


  6. Mentioned in last thread but I’ll take Pitt 38-32.

    Big win for Iowa last night. I have said it before but while I don’t expect Pitt to ever return to the level of success we had in the Majors/Sherrill era, or that of Alabama, Georgia, Clemson now, I would like to see Pitt be on the same level of success/respect as Iowa. Is that too much to ask?


  7. In a miserable year for the ACC, Pitt will plod through the schedule with win after win (except when the Western Michigans show up on the other side of the field).
    We will end up with a respectable record, preventing Coach Pat from getting the boot.
    Bottom line: Even when we win, we really don’t win.

    Pitt 38
    GT 34

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  8. Pitt loses by over one touchdown. Tech 42 Pitt 34. Sims runs wild on Pitt.

    As an aside, #18 Georgia Tech volleyball lost to unranked Notre Dame last night in Atlanta 3-2. Tech won the first two sets and lost the last three in what is known as a reverse sweep. Notre Dame may have saved their season with the win.


  9. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. When does our punch in the mouth come? Hopefully not on the first possession, like a blocked punt.


  10. Tech 55
    Pitt 41

    Tech puts up 700 yards of offense with 500 on the ground

    Pitt puts up over 600 with 500 in the air

    A very entertaining game

    This will be a season where pitt will win games it shouldn’t and lose games it should win.

    A 5-3 record will win the Coastal. I expect a four way tie.


  11. Congrats to Ken Macha for getting into the Pitt Hall-of-Fame. 👍

    We played baseball together at Pitt – and we were both in engineering. With his long career in the Bigs, I don’t think he ever had to resort to any engineering work….

    For some reason I have yet to get the HOF call…. 😊

    Go Pitt.

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    1. He built good baseball teams. The Pirates drafted him and then after he retired from playing and became a manager, the Bucs didn’t hire him to manage the team in 2005 after talks. I’m guessing he wanted to be paid…. They are still being run by idiots to this day…

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  12. After 4 games, it’s hard to know just what this Pitt team is really all about. Is the passing game that good? Against a strong pass rush, it could turn ordinary pretty fast. The run game cannot take up the slack based on past performance against decent teams, and they still cannot run in the red zone.

    And then there’s the defense. Going into the season, the defense was supposed to be the strong point, but either the players are under achieving, or the defensive coaching is pretty bad. The sacks are okay, but they are giving up tons of yards and big plays. Camp, Alexandre, and even Kancey, have disappeared, and the secondary is giving up huge yards down the seam. Narduzzi refuses to adapt, and GT has been studying the successful RPO performances against Pitt.

    Overall, if things go well, if the OL blocks, and Pitt gets ahead early, then Pitt could win by 2 touchdowns. But GT has a score to settle, and they hate Narduzzi’s arrogance, so there could be some energy on the GT side that Pitt will not match. I think Pitt does squeak this one out, but they could also lose by 2 TDs. I’ll say Pitt wins 24-21.

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  13. You know it’s gameday in town when the F 16 fighter jets are circling your home. Four of them just now flew over finally after one waited for them for ten minutes above my home. Flew west towards Fort Worth and TCU.


  14. I won’t know about this team until after this game. Not sure about the defense, but I know Narduzzi is clueless about stopping triple threat QB’s.


  15. So the game is 10 minutes old, each team with a possession and Pitt w an int. Radio is still in pregame. Only at Pitt. Now Pitt has scored and we’re still in pregame! WTF?


  16. Great tip by Alexandre for a Pitt interception! Their receiver was wide open for a big gainer if executed. Pitt then takes advantage and punches in a td by Izzy. Solid running there.

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  17. Pick 6 – Petrishen. He got hit by habbakah! Ball floated up and out about 10 yards. Receiver wide open again….couldn’t execute. Start of game reminiscent of the game a couple years ago when Pitt turned the ball over to gt 5 times in a row to start the game. Pitt has 2 ints on two possessions. 12 minutes left in first quarter.


  18. Ugggh, deep touchdown by gt. Long pass. Not even close on coverage. The only issue was whether the dude was going to catch it or not. He made the catch for a td. 14-7. What’s the over under again?


  19. Our secondary has been a big weakness all season. We are lucky on both of those ints as guys were wide open.


  20. Pitt picks up big 3rd down after a one yard run by flea and an incomplete WR screen to 3. Pitt bounces back with a long first down pass to 3. In gt territory.


  21. TD 3. Addison has been wide open all day. 5 receptions 92 yards in first quarter! Their db’s need help. Pickett has had a bunch of time….except…when he hasn’t. !!

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  22. Assuming everybody now has livestreams from Jack so I will stop play by play…. GT looks a bit like deer in headlights and will start second quarter with a 3rd and about 17? Pitt has been winning on first down defense! Makes things alot better!

    GT really not pressuring Qb. Can’t tell if they are bringing pressure and our OL is picking it up or whether they are being more conservative.


  23. Unfortunate that we had to take a timeout there on defense since we had them on their heels. But I’m guessing we had a serious personnel issue so ok.

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  24. Haven’t seen the Freshman TE so far. Maybe they are saving him for the second half. They need to go back to the running game with Izzy.


  25. The link provided looks dangerous….the shame of it is that we are playing well. Listening to Billy
    is extremely painful. Disgraceful that Comcast still has not worked out a deal with the ACC.

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  26. The Pitt DL is getting pushed around inside. They really relaxed on that GT drive. Not good to give GT some offensive momentum.


    1. One of the games that Tennessee needed to win in the SEC to become bowl eligible (6-6). Other 2 games are Vandy & the Gamecocks.


  27. If Pickett played for the pedos the Steelers would take him in the 1st or 2nd round. They wouldn’t even take Marino in the 1st round when Bradshaw was gone.


  28. Reed, thanks.

    No coming back to earth unless its Willie Nelson’s ‘ Angel flying to close to the ground’.

    Maybe getting punched in the mouth was needed.

    Pickett is very special. A great QB, and he is playing great, can win a lot of games. make up for lots of sins.

    Maybe, just maybe, this may be a special year after all.


  29. Defense looks like they made some adjustments.

    Great road game so far.

    Addison and Pickett both pro caliber.

    O line giving a good showing. Looks like it has jelled.

    Not much to not like.

    Making us nay sayers eat some crow. I’m ok with that. Wow.

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  30. I think shocky went out of bounds twice on that…and all by himself! Ugggh.

    GT only rushing three and not containing picket from going right. Should set up well for second half…..hopefully.


  31. Looking great so far, but we need to finish this thing. Remember 2 years ago when they came out flat every game for the 2nd half? Finish, finish, finish.


  32. In an Air Raid offense, you only run on occasion, which Pitt does.

    The Short Pass and YAC is considered a run.


  33. I’m gonna answer a previous question about who is blessed. That is Addison. No doubt. Pickett has worked hard for everything he has achieved. I’m not saying Addison doesn’t work hard, but I see a special talent there that developed earlier. Kenny has cultivated his talent.

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  34. GT had 254 yards at half, pitt like 363. Turnover points got Pitt 10 and GT couldn’t finish. We need a solid second half so Nardstop can bully Jerry into putting pitt in top25. I hope he leaves him alone this year and learned something.

    Solid first half. Let’s back it up here! Habba got a rib problem it looks like.


    1. Pitt will have to go 6-1/7-1 to get in after that home loss to a midland MAC team. Bad losses have consequences.


  35. 2 gt wr’s injured on 2 nice receptions in a row. Too easy for gt. Let’s go! They are on about the 10 yard line already after a minute and 13 seconds. We gotta tighten up coverage.


  36. Defensive stops might not be in the cards… Looking tired. I agree that we’ll need some scores.


  37. GT shoots itself in foot and forced to try fg from 35..blocked by Dennis.

    GT Pressured Pickett left. Missed high by alot. Can’t complain about his game today at all.


  38. Great opportunity to get playing time for the 2nd and 3rd string guys. Not much drop off on D.

    Why get starters hurt?


  39. I wouldn’t mind trading touchdowns for touchdowns the rest of the way. Gotta keep the starters in against Simms.


  40. Well the score should be safe, but never forget Houston.

    Can Pitt do this against the two darlings of the ACC – Clemson and UNC?

    Look for conservative play calling for the rest of this game. It’s about to look ugly…

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    1. Is this really the Pitt offensive line? Best game by the OL I can remember in a really long time.


  41. I’m sure the temptation for the coaches is to just run the ball and try to use up time. And that might work even with three and outs. But, man, that will be some very non entertaining football. I know, I know, a pick-six and this thing gets hairy in a hurry.


  42. Who is Shockey mad at on the sidelines? He was yelling and pointing fingers with coaches pushing him to the bench.

    Pitt has a FG kicker indeed – nice day for the young right footed kicker from Erie County.


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  43. I thought it was crazy when KP said that the offense’s goal each game is to score 50 points.

    KP not as crazy as I thought…

    —Weird how many times our DBs have fallen down today – at least according to Billy H.
    —Lots of missed tackles.
    —Sounds like the drops are back…

    Go Pitt.

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  44. Hammond needs more touches next game. Better instincts than Davis. Must be in the dog house for pass blocking?


    1. Yes that is the same feeling I have watching Pitt play football. Our defense can give up a lot of points in a hurry! Today they gave up lots of yards but clamped down when the Tech got inside the ten! That was the difference.


  45. The Pitt offense looks really good, passing game is clicking and they can sprinkle in the run when needed.

    The defense isn’t dominating but they make plays when needed.

    It could be a good season, let’s see how the handshake goes because the Panthers laid one on GT today.

    A very good showing today.

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  46. GT is moving the ball….Pitt’s D is stopping them a lot in the Red Zone…where it counts !


  47. Way too early to say this but I’ll do it anyway. If we can somehow get by VT, oh what an epic prime time tailgate we would have for the Clemson game. Bernie et al. Still praying for an Ike appearance.

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  48. Man, Hammond looks powerful running the ball. Wish he had scored there…but we should taken the knee. Was surprised to see Patti in the shotgun.

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  49. Overall, a great win for Pitt. No major concerns with the offense, but the defensive secondary still is bad. They gave up 342 yards of passing to GT. The passing defense will cost them another game this year.

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  50. Hmm, maybe Heather passed my letter to Narduzzi and Whipple and told them to get their crap together…
    Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Nice win for the boys. KP is a good QB. It seemed like our receivers had more drops today than all season so far. Hope they get that fixed. H2P! Now I can go to my class reunion and be happy.

    BTW, another impressive VB match win last night. Men’s soccer wins in double OT just before time runs out. A good weekend for the Panthers. Turn on the victory lights!!

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    1. Annie — Have fun at your class reunion.

      Perhaps we’ll look back at your letter as the turning point, ha ha! Maybe Duzz will mention “Annie” in the post-game presser…😊

      Go Pitt.

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    2. I really don’t think heather cares for fans like you. Unless you stroke a million dollar check, you’re placed on ignore. I mean did she come through for you on tickets to Tennessee?

      I place my trust in Zach. Good ole boy and Volunteer.


  51. Kudos to Pitt today! I was one of those who predicted them getting beat by more than a touchdown.

    The Pitt defense gave up 21 points and got gashed time and again. They held Georgia Tech twice on 1st and goal without a point. That was the difference. If I was Georgia Tech, I would have run Sims a lot more.

    Pitt has two weeks to get healthy again. As the announcers stated they will be favored in all the remaining games except for Clemson. Narduzzi is going to be unbearable until at least the Virgina Tech game.

    Apparently bookies know a lot more about football than I do. That is why I do not gamble! LOL!

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  52. Bye week … Can Tex survive two weeks of chatter by fans who root for the team to win regardless of who is coach? Inquiring minds want to know …

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    1. I can surely survive. I admit my wrongness in prediction but as I mentioned the doghouse is recharging the batteries and undergoing an extensive remodeling.

      Was at the TCU v Texas game in Fort Worth today. Will be at the Red River Rivalry next week in Dallas.

      Good win by Pitt. But I know Fools Gold when I see it.


  53. —Got to feel bad for anyone who had GT plus 30 points today…. 😊

    —I was surprised by how confident Duzz sounded on the pre-game…. It was like he knew something.

    —Pitt was 5 for 5 in the red zone today. That’s 5 TDs…

    —Pitt had seven plays over 20 yards today.

    —Big key today – no Pitt turnovers…

    Go Pitt.


  54. Just home from watching game. Haven’t had a chance to read posts but can’t imagine this will differ much:
    1) Not much to complain about unless you’re really, really picky
    2) That said, the db’s are shakey.
    3) Wow, 2 weeks in a row I ciould kick back, relax and enjoy
    4) Wise guys took a bath.
    5) What was KP still in the game for?
    6) If the Duzz and Whipple made some of the calls their coach made I’m sure everyone, myself included, would have lost their minds.
    7) Great game, Atlanta is ours, and fairly won!

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    1. Vegas had Pitt favored and the line hardly moved.

      Patti played the last 8 minutes.

      And there is absolutely NOTHING to complain about unless you really aren’t a Pitt person.

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          1. It wasn’t directed to you. It was to the mafia.

            You can’t qualify what makes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ fan by the nature of comments.

            I want what’s best for Pitt. It doesn’t mean I can provide constructive criticism even after a loss.

            That’s my point.

            I wasnt happy with the Texas win today. Their first since 2013 in Fort Worth. But I saw enough good to like their chances next week.


    2. Pickett marched through Atlanta like Sherman.

      Petrishen – what a pickup. Remember when some Pitt fans made fun of Narduzzi for working the transfer portal? 😉

      All that big money wagered by the smart guys…

      I fully expected to be on edge during the game and instead enjoyed watching Pitt take the game over from the get-go.

      Multiple friends have expressed frustration with Comcast for not carrying the game in Pgh. Drop them and pick up YouTube TV or Fubo. It’s easy and you will save $.

      VT is off today and hosts the Domers next Sat night. Our game with the Hokies should be prime time – at least at 330pm based on the matchup. Looking fwd to it.

      Finally… the night before the UMass game I took Pitt to win the Coastal at the Meadows sports book. Full disclosure- a small bet and took it because I liked the payout vs other options. Wish me luck!

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  55. We roll along with almost 600 yards of Offense and 52 points…and nobody can complain it was
    New Hampshire.

    Pitt are Road Warriors !

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      1. I still sing it in my sleep. It never escapes your mind.

        Whereas with Diamond, I just think of touching and feeling hands and how they will get you arrested these days.


    1. That can’t be the same Tennessee team that many of the POV posters listed asa a very poor SEC squad can it?—-I must confess I was very happy to be so wrong on my prediction of a GT win. That said the Pitt defense scares the hell out of me every game I’ve watched them this year. I think Narduzzi knows he has got a big problem this year with this D. i noted he was in contact with I assume Bates almost every time Pitt was on D.


        1. Thinking and knowing are two different things. My doghouse will be out of the shop by that game. You and I can both know. How close are you to DFW?


          1. Love how you make excuses if you’re wrong on a bet even before the game is played. Tx says, I’m taking GT but the doghouse is being refurbished?


            1. I’m not making excuses Ike. What’s up is down and what’s down is up this year. But if you bet on Pitt winning the Coastal, the ghost of a hungover Dungy will disappoint you. I already know. Don’t bet against the Doghouse.


              1. The last time the Coastal was up for grabs Pitt won it and finished the season 7-7. LOL. Lighten up, Tex. Very doable.


        1. Throwdown now. My chamber is always full.

          All I’m saying is that if you bet on pitt to win the Coastal this year, you will lose ALL your money. Joe should have just donated to charity.

          Better bet is with Texas.


          1. Well, like I said it was a small bet and I was fishing for a decent payout. I liked the over on the wins but it wasn’t available, so did that.

            Lots of football to still be played. Lots.


      1. Bevo will make delicious Southern BBQ/Brisket for all the sec schools.
        Much like Arkansas does.


        1. Now don’t be bringing in our beloved Bevo into this conversation. But I have first dibs on his ribeye when he dies.


  56. By the way, TCU has some really nice and classy fans as well. It’s a private school like Pitt but smaller. A City school. With a on campus stadium. In Fort Worth. And I much prefer Tarrant over Dallas County. I think most Yinzers would as well. Good time was had by all. I’m sobering up now. Drinking copious amounts of Doctor Pepper. No Fantas allowed.


      1. It’s state related. Only gets six percent subsidy from the commonwealth. For all intents and purposes it’s private. You really think a $20k tuition is public. Texas is truly public and only $12k. Far better school.


    1. Well, at least the fans didn’t sing “eat poop orange” or “eat poop seminoles”. Therein lies the problem! LOL!


  57. Tx panther, can’t you just shut up! You have got to be the most obnoxious read on this (any) blog. Today’s string was going well until you finally joined in towards the end. My whole mood changes when I see something you write. Frankly Reed is no better. I’m done with some in this group. Will search out some better reads about my school.

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      1. Well I’m sober now. Hitting the highway. Enjoy your sipping of Koolaid. Just remember who your coach is and who he isn’t.

        Tex – I’m not old to be stupid.


    1. nah, you’re wrong there OPG

      Reed is far better

      enjoy the win

      throw something back if you desire(with civility)

      maybe I look like I’m flip flopping this year but this team, while I didn’t expect this today, looked like it had potential early and with a very good but inconsistent QB with another year experience maybe all the talk here about setting up the schedule properly is really going to pay off for the entire team in 2021

      obviously Heather got Tenn right but missed perfection the next weekend

      I can’t imagine how heads would be exploding here if somehow the WMU game had finished better

      there’s parity in CFB, I think PN said that a few times in pressers, and Pitt is proving to be right in the mix

      enjoy the ride

      special IS still on the table and it continues with VT

      at this point though, I wouldn’t(and shouldn’t) bet on anything!!! 🙂





      and again, best to Reed and family, way more important than anything above!!!!!

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    2. OPG – lighten up, skip over those you don’t want to read because your mood swings.

      Grow up!


  58. Old Pitt Grad, don’t bail on us, now. It is a constant challenge to limit Tex’s comments to a half dozen a day. Reed has threatened him with complete isolation, but to no avail. Tex, since you are a betting man, if Pitt beats Clemson, will you agree to stop posting for one whole month?

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    1. Voice,
      I will never compromise with our guaranteed right under the constitution. You have read it have you?

      Because I’m not overly giddy with this win, I’m crucified. I wasn’t borne to be a martyr.

      I’m somehow the bad guy in this for not drinking the Koolaid.

      I’ve congratulated Pitt and it’s solid performance but urge caution against reading too much into this one game.

      But now some old fart from god knows where(and y’all know where I live) throws down the gauntlet on me. Well voice, you and your luvers of that sugary drink, will rid me forever. I am done. I hope your version of censorship is what you think America is all about.

      Go rot your teeth.

      Tex – it’s better to burn out than to fade away.


      1. Tex, are you talking about the right to be an annoying pain in the butt to many posters? I’m not sure what section of the constitution that is in..

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      2. Big difference between voicing one’s view and a stream of consciousness spam. And you know I appreciate your insights, but c’mon with the freedom of speech drama.

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  59. As usual (before the pandemic) we will attend an away game. Never been to Syracuse but not going to drive on the holiday w/e. Just reserved Fri-Sun at Duke. Lots of hotels sold out but there are some IHG sites available. I booked the Staybridge Suites Durham-Chapel Hill-Rtp. Looking forward to the tailgate, Fran and company.


    1. I think you were closest on the predictions frank. I had 42-31. cudos

      You get to name your cut of bevo…..ribeye, porterhouse, or filet ?


  60. Seriously it looks like anyone can beat anyone on any given Saturday.
    That is the best O-line day since the Canada year. If that can be sustained who knows.
    Kenny with all day to throw was very sharp. Funny how some point out the drops, how about the fine catches, of which there were many.
    Lots of ball left to play
    Tex, how about some cheese with that whine?
    You can’t give it a rest for one day when our kids play great? Sad

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  61. Disappointed in the Trib’s Headline about Pitt game on their Home Page.

    “KP leads Pitt to victory against GT, 4-1.”

    Should be something on the order…..KP leads Pitt in Rout of GT. Pitt crushes GT. etc.

    They do something on the order of those when Psux wins big.

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    1. We had a these quick draw mcgraw scoring drives in the 1st half.

      2 plays for 58 yards in 33 seconds

      2 plays, 55 yards in 15 seconds

      2 plays, 45 yards in 39 seconds

      We saved the long scoring drives for the 2nd half, when we needed to eat clock.

      11 plays for 77 yards in almost 5 minutes TD

      12 plays for 60 yards in almost another 5 minutes. FG

      And then ate the whole last 8 minutes of the game, 11 plays, 76 yards. End of game on 1 yd line


  62. And the Hoopies lose in Hooterville to TT. And some were talkin them up last week.

    Now if the Pedo’s can lose tonite…the day will be complete. The world will be right !

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  63. —Eleven different Panthers caught passes today.

    —One of them was RB Daniel Carter. Yikes!

    —BTW, Daniel Carter is listed as 5-10 and 235 pounds – apparently he was in as a fullback. GT probably not expecting a pass to him, I’m guessing…

    —I only saw the game on the radio (as ike would say), but it sounded like Sirvocea was more involved today. We need him to make noise at MLB.

    Go Pitt.

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  64. First off. What time is the VT game?

    Today’s game continued to bring up more questions. Can PITT really score pretty much at will? If you take that one long catch and run by GT’s Gibbs, GT didn’t do that much and blew the opportunities they did have.

    Was PITT’s defense really good? or not?

    OT and excuse me, I still get the feeling that some of you would like to see PITT lose this year. Not a guy like Big Dan who is a real crazy PITT fan. imo, Dan is super superstitious? But for some who want changes at PITT seemed to have very little good to say about PITT these days.

    A little advice, stay with your hearts, root for your team and don’t let the reverse carpetbaggers talk you into not liking YOUR team. ike

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    1. You figured it out Ike, didn’t you?
      Always go with a streak. Already Picking against Pitt next week … and they aren’t even playing!

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  65. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the OL played. The running game is starting to show some life as well. This team seems to be gaining confidence, and maybe the WMU loss wasn’t the worst thing that could happen.


  66. Uncle Iek, dont see a time set for VT yet…but I’m going to the game with my nephew and his crew.
    Couldn’t be happier for the team and Pitt fans.

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  67. We should all take time to appreciate KP! Wisconsin would be 5-0 with him at QB. Instead they lost again today as their QB fumbled one off his knee (you learn not to run like that in Jr Hi!) threw 3 picks and missed wide open receivers all day. He is truly rancid!
    Pitt would love to have their D!

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  68. Gotta give some love to Whipple…Pickett and Addison are a hell of a lot of fun to watch in this offense…As for the defense, I am less concerned about the coverage in the secondary than I am about the overall poor tackling- bad form, even no form in some cases, and a lot of bad angles. The only consistent sure tackler I saw today was John Petrishen.

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  69. Watched a bit of an ESPN highlights show today and they were talking up the athletes that Tennessee has and how they trampled Missouri today.

    At one point one of the guys says “They almost beat Pitt!”

    The way he said it, it was a nice compliment to Pitt. Be nice to get to the point where almost beating Pitt was a big deal…😊

    Go Pitt.

    PS: I saw where Texas Tech was without their leading WR and RB today and still managed to beat the Eers… 👍

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  70. Dear Reed and others:

    Kenny Pickett is an excellent college QB. He is showing that more this year because his offensive line has been much better, and he has better weapons. Including a tight end that makes other teams game plan for him and the superstar player (Addison) that you have been wishing for.

    Our defense is going to drive us crazy all year, because our secondary is terrible. So thank god for Kenny.

    I’m not a kool aid drinker and won’t overreact to one game, but your 7 win prediction is in jeopardy.

    Your friend,


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    1. I got excited about Kenny from the moment Reed reported about his talent at his freshman Fall Camp.

      His success this season is a perfect example of the fact that kids grow and develop while in college – one of the fun things about college football. And it certainly helps to have the right players around you as he does this year.

      BTW – if you are in the WMG crowd… Kenny took away your pulpit for a while.

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      1. Joe:

        If Reed would be kind enough to repost it… I covered the Spring game for the POV back in Kenny’s Freshman year. I raved about him, and recall saying that he was the best QB on the field that day.


        1. A-ha…

          Im glad he is getting his due. And to his credit, he is handling it really well.
          Im sure NFL scouts are noticing that.


  71. I see where Kent State crushed Bowling Green today, after Bowling Green beat Minnesota last week. They play some pretty good football in the MAC. BTW, I see where Michigan State’s 4 star CB Kalon Gervin entered the transfer portal this week. Could he be Mathis’ replacement next year?


  72. To keep the Pitt win in perspective WMU won again against Buffalo. But Buffalo held them to just 24 points in the game. So I think tells many about i see Pitt problems will come from going forward.—-Can the Pitt offense play better? Yep, I think so if you replace Krull with Bartholomew and Izzy and VD with Hammond.


  73. In perspective, this was a very good win that positioned Pitt for a possible run to the Coastal division crown.

    Let’s give them credit, I went out last night with my Pitt hat on and a lot of GT fans graciously congratulated me on the win and we’re very impressed with Pickett.

    Was it a perfect win?

    No, but give credit where credit is due.

    The GT fans recognized that 52-21 was a blowout and convincing victory, now onto VT.


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  74. KP8 continues his exceptional season, a lot of fun to watch..

    Bartholomew reminds me of Heath Miller of the Steelers.

    The defense is getting better, luckily their qb was inconsistent

    .GT played several freshman on offense and defense, Pitt has many seniors,
    redshirt seniors and super seniors playing.

    Looks to be a fun year to watch this team and see how far they can go.


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  75. I’m thinking everyone should stay here at the POV

    yesterday’s game while great for the koolaid drinkers had a second half where Pitt only won 10-7 so trending downward

    great KP but drops returned a bit

    disruptive offense but looking at the stats you’d not think the game was anywhere the near blowout the score indicates

    thinking about stats, during the 3rd and even 4th qtr it seemed GT was running the ball more than they should considering score, down and field position
    he and students around us were yelling “what are you doing running down 28(or whatever) points?”
    I wouldn’t have known for sure but for POV

    TOP, right? trying to come back in at least THAT statistic
    thankfully Pitt held them off 🙂 , 35-25 or so,,,,, oh, yeah, we won big too

    sooo, not sure if KP is throwing with the ball point wrong again but there’s that and a couple drops resulted, first>>>>second half trending looks bad, there’s the ever present lack of an OCS for Pitt that the GT experience highlights and it was a great experience imo, etc

    looking forward to game summary and mmqb
    with everyone here and commenting

    it’s too early to run,,,, work with some of the above and wait to see maybe if VT goes well and real difficult begins about extensions and the beauty of yellow

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    1. Well the TOP 35-25….was in large part due to the last drive. Pitt held the ball for 8 minutes, going 76 in 11 plays….all the way to the GT 1 yard line. So tossup other than last drive.

      As far as only winning the 2nd half 10-7….when you’re up 42-14 at the half…..any win in the 2nd half
      is good.

      And Pitt took the air out of the ball, as besides the aforementioned drive, Pitt had 2 other long time
      consuming drives(both around 5 minutes), that both resulted in points.

      Which is exactly what you want……..No ?

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    2. ****edit – disruptive DEFENSE

      among other edits needed but that is the most glaring one 😦

      English – my 3rd language, unfortunately not 😦

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  76. So far, Mr. Whipple has done a great job. Over 40 points every game. The run game is showing signs of life. I love that Pitt ran the ball in the red zone. Picket is more accurate so far this season.

    If you watch any college ball besides Pitt, it is obvious finding a good QB is very hard. Pickett is way above most D1 QBs.

    Also obvious is the amount of big plays in college football. Pitt’s D is like every other college D. This isn’t the NFL. It is what makes college football the best sport to watch.

    Pitt’s OL pass blocking was ridiculously good yesterday. They are a huge reason for KP’s success.

    Pitt crushed another ACC team yesterday. Great win period. PN’s problem is consistency. Time will tell.

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  77. A few observations;

    It was only one game, although a great one. It doesn’t wash the bad taste from the WMU game in fact in some ways it makes it worse. What the heck, how did that happen? Makes it more difficult to understand.

    However the game does forebode that a good ACC season could happen.

    I said that Pitt needed turnovers to win, they happened and may have been the turning point. Beyond KP, the O-line and receivers stellar play, Whipple finally starts Izzy who played the first half and made a huge difference with two touchdown runs. It also looks lie Hammond is going to be a good one. Davis just doesn’t have the power to break tackles and move the pile that those guys have.

    I like Bartholomew too, but Krull is really good and is just what this offense has needed for years. Great to have them both.

    Whipple sure looks a lot better now that he has the guys to execute his plays.

    As I have said all along QB’s look so much better when they have time to throw.

    Regarding the defense, good lord some of you are tough. They played a fantastic game getting turnovers, and making some crucial stops, never letting GT back in the game. There is no perfect defense against today’s offense. It certainly doesn’t have to be when the offense plays like yesterday.

    Narduzzi played lots of guys on both sides of the ball, even in the first half. Glad to see he did not run up the score, although Hammond gave it a shot ( and who can blame him).

    I don’t expect this kind of dominance to be routine, but it was sure nice yesterday. Pitt’s success will count on winning some close ones that is where the difference lies and it does look like we have a kicker to do that, lets hope he performs under pressure when it counts most.

    VT is the next challenge, and Clemson looks eminently beatable this year.

    Pompeani said Pitt is fun to watch come out and see them, lets hope someone was listening. .

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  78. You stole my thunder, Tvax when you mentioned the TOP towards the end of your post. You mentioned only out scoring GT 10-7 in a negative light. Firstly, they could probably have scored a TD or FG if they had needed too at the end, played the final 8 minutes w their backup QB, and in my mind winning TOP in the second half was probably more important for their future development than scoring more quick drive points. If you think about it, winning the second half scoring 10-7, actually is pretty huge as the onus on scoring is clearly on the team so far behind at that point.

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    1. you might know I was kidding with some/much of my post, using facts but twisting and spinning a bit 🙂

      then I was throwing some small jabs and twisting the knife a bit with some

      but if not, I understand as I’ve too read my posts after submitting and wished OFTEN I could edit and/or on first try make it seem like English IS my first language 😦

      does any of that ^^^^ make sense? 🙂

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      1. Sorry, Tvax, come to think of it, I missed your subtle humor one other time too. I can be Captain Obvious at times, lol.


      2. Guess I should have read the whole thread before commenting.

        But then I might have forgot to comment at all !

        Well maybe not !

        H2P can mean the regular or Hail to Pickett !

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  79. Last year after the Louisville win, PN was pining for Pitt to be ranked. The cards turned out to be not so good and the same could be said for Pitt.

    Yesterday in the postgame presser, Duzz mentioned KP8 as a Heisman candidate.

    Just win football games like you are paid to do and let the other stuff take care of itself. Rankings and postseason accolades will come the way of winning programs.

    Make me a believer!

    I was on the golf course for most of the 1st qtr. I was pleased with the game as I saw (heard) it – on to the next Tech. Would enjoy making that a road trip.


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    1. 100% on your critique of PN with his mention of KP for Heismann parallel to last year’s top 25 stupidity

      just win, just play KP

      especially last year for the TEAM you need to keep their heads in the right place and imo that far better place is very close to HUMBLE and UNDER the radar rather than dead center

      IF, and I don’t expect it, KP gets in his head the idea of playing towards a Heismann chance, it does him and the team no good and far more likely harm

      is PN stupid for mentioning this? I’ll definitely say no on this as it certainly has been done EARLY before by other coaches but I’d have waited and hoped/expected it to happen organically and it probably would’ve as it came up on the blog here and almost simultaneously during yesterday’s game when my wife returning from concessions said she heard some older Pitt fan shouting out “Pickett for Heismann” repeatedly and she was kinda chuckling about the absurdity of the obviously DRUNK Pitt guy – clearly a POV koolaid guy or if not certainly not from Texas 🙂

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  80. About the old PITT grad comment far above, don’t come down him too hard. When Tex shoots off his mouth about things he really doesn’t know like certain things he would like us to believe he knows. That one Tx comment may lead into another dozen comments way off topic… Plus he has habits like an old man with dementia, consonantly repeats. I get along with Tex and can see good in him (plus he writes very good) Also, he appears to be a redhead, now there is born trouble there.

    Hang in there oldPITTgrad, hope PITT keeps winning and the sour undertones will slowly go silent.

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  81. Tex…is it the Texas heat, the smell of cow manure or do you just hate Pitt/life…can’t you just enjoy a good win, yes Western Michigan happened, if it didn’t Pitt would be at least top 15 with a QB that is playing out of his mind

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    1. the great thing is that KP is playing IN his mind,,,,, this may just continue because it isn’t likely to fall apart imo


  82. Saw some highlights after only listening to the game. Some thoughts:

    —That’s the second time this season where KP and JA hooked up on a slant-pattern TD pass and again both the throw and catch were exceptional. Like NFL worthy.

    —The catch JA made while on the ground was also exceptional. This kid certainly has the “it” factor.

    —And yes, Lucas Krull, mocked by some, can play. That TD catch running along the end line was pretty sweet. (I do think Bartholomew has a chance to be even better…).

    —The Pitt offense is actually looking “clever!” On the play where Izzy scored running to the right, there weren’t any defenders over there. And on Daniel Carter’s TD, the GT defenders clearly didn’t have a clue that he might sneak out for a pass…

    —My eyes aren’t so good, but it appeared to me that Scarton’s FG grazed the inside of the left upright. Regardless, I’m glad he made it for future confidence…

    —Many excellent, thoughtful comments posted above. I type this because I no longer can “like” comments after about 30 comments have been posted.

    —Nice to have two weeks to ponder a win…😊.

    —Now we need some good news for Reed.

    —I like ike!

    Go Pitt.


  83. Tex – Can’t you just enjoy a good win? Two in a row. Pitt is number two in the country in scoring. Relax. Haha. It’s unlikely Pitt will run the table so you’ll get to be mad at Duzz again, I’m sure.


  84. In my mind GT players seemed quick but undersized. VT seems the same but they have good linemen. Also I think WMI played an almost perfect game against us. Not sure how far we can go but …

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    1. funny thing is we had good seats for yesterday’s game and after the first couple td’s I was thinking the Pitt players were looking bigger than ever!!!

      confidence and optimism can do GREAT things!


    1. Have him grow a mustache and identify as his twin brother…. or just wear a mask and change his name 😷

      I’m guessing he wants paid next year tough….


  85. Listened to the GT Coach Collins presser after the game. He had high praise for Pitt – and lots of it.

    “That Kenny Pickett kid is a really good player.” Said no matter how many guys they sent, KP was able to maneuver to find time….

    Said our defensive front is really good. Said our OLine is good. Said we did things formationally that caught them off guard.

    After listening to him, you’d think Pitt has a really good team and good coaches. But alas, Pitt fans know otherwise… 🤔

    Go Pitt.

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  86. I submitted a lengthy comment that hasn’t shown up, but I mentioned that there are some excellent, thoughtful posts above. For some reason, I can’t “like” comments anymore once there’s more than about 30 comments.

    But I liked a bunch of the comments above. 👍

    Go Pitt.

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    1. John, when I can’t “Like” a comment, if I hit refresh and try again, the “Like” usually takes. I have no idea why.


  87. Two observations from the lopsided win yesterday. First, the two quick turnovers really deflated GT, and Pickett was quick to capitalize on it. This is where his experience is really valuable. Second, I noticed a significant relaxation on the part of the Pitt defense whenever Pitt scored. They don’t seem to play with the same intensity at all times.

    Against WMU, the defense seemed to feel that the offense would eventually bail them out until they realized after it was too late that even 41 points aren’t enough if you lose your edge and slack off. I think that an unmotivated defense that expects 40 points a game from the offense will not be able to turn it on at a crucial time when a big stop is needed.


    1. Pitt’s Island D… dependent on the pass rush. You don’t have to sack the enemy QB on every play
      but you do have to constantly pressure him, harass him and get in his head.

      And with the way offenses are designed today… are going to give up yardage and big plays.

      But let them have it between the 20’s and get after them in the Red zone……where it counts.

      Pitt did that yesterday. Old school line was……Bend but don’t break.

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    2. unflattering comment but related in that I’ve observed some of our WR’s seeming to take plays off and especially Taysir at times when their block or effort could’ve made a difference

      maybe I’m wrong about this so grain of salt but your comment made me think of seeing that in him at times

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  88. Pitt has moved back into the Rankings….we’re up to No. 29 in the Coaches Poll.

    Clobbering teams is good for business !

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  89. Watched my late night PAC 12 game…..although i was disappointed because my favorite color analyst, Petros Papadakis wasn’t doing the game 😦

    PAC 12 games just aren’t the same without Petros.

    Anyway the game was UCLA/AZ State and my how the Bruins have fallen (like out of the Top 25) since
    their big win over LSU the other week.

    AZ State won pretty much going away 42-23 and controls it’s own destiny in the PAC 12 South.

    Fresno which also upset UCLA after the LSU game, also got upset, losing to Hawaii.
    Lots of chaos everywhere….pretty much like society in general.

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  90. CBS Sports
    College football winners, losers, overreactions for Week 5:

    Winners (only 3 made this category & other 2 are teams)

    Pitt QB Kenny Pickett: All Pickett has done for the past five seasons is complete passes, throw touchdowns and get overlooked. But while playing a Georgia Tech team that took Clemson to the wire and beat North Carolina, Pickett decided he needed a showcase game. The senior completed 23 of 36 passes for 389 yards and four touchdowns in a dominant 52-21 win. A frustrating loss to Western Michigan feels like ages ago. It’s time for people around the country to realize that Pickett has been the best quarterback in the ACC this season, and among the best in the nation.

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  91. Haven’t read the video releases yet, just wanted to express my surprise as to how many people are surprised at how good Kenny Pickett. You see what happens when you watch a PITT game all the while you’re muddering “Fire Narduzzi Fire Narduzzi Fire Narduzzi” ? You miss a lot of things when you’re not focused.

    Of course I can’t blame people when they read an article with Narduzzi in a clown face exhibited. This is fair and balanced reporting on PITT football? Then the ensuing pregame article rips Narduzzi most of the read. The POV has essentially become a den to fall back on when you want to spew your displeasure at a player, coach, administrator or the whole program.

    I feel the same today as I have every Sunday since the season began. PITT could possibly lose every game the rest of the season and I would still feel the way I do about this PITT team then as I do now. A team that is on the same page with the same goals in mind. Just like most teams. Very few and slight differences between PITT and the rest of the football world.

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  92. Jesus Christ! When the very last thing I need to be doing right now is babysit adults on here. Just back from the hospital and find two comments, both pretty damn ridiculous, waiting for approval. I don’t know how many times I have to ask you all to act your ages.

    Well, try this on for size until I feel like dealing with you guys again. I’ll put zero effort into this blog until I get every other things that are way more important to me squared away.

    You all really don’t get it do you? This is, and has been, a gift from me to you and you just keep assuming things on here happened by magic…

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