2021’s Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Redux

I published this article without consulting Reed. I emailed him around 9:00 this morning and got on with my day. I can not figure out if Reed has something scheduled. It is now around 1:50 pm so I am taking a leap of faith.

Pitt is coming off a 77 – 7 victory over a team in Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), the New Hampshire Wildcats. This win ends Pitt’s Out of Conference (OOC) season at 3 – 1, (0 – 0 ACC, 3-1 OOC). Up next is Georgia Tech and the start of conference play.

The Georgia Tech (GT) Yellow Jackets are coming off a stunning 45 – 22 win over then #21 ranked North Carolina (NC). GT is now 2 – 2 (1-1 ACC, 1-1 OOC).

There was slight disgruntlement with head coach Geoff Collins after the Northern Illinois game. That restlessness disappeared after the NC win.

NC was the preseason favorite to win the ACC Costal Division. This win was preceded by a close 8 – 14 loss to then perceived preseason favorite to win the Atlantic Division, the ACC and make a run in the College Football Playoff – Clemson. Both are now 2 – 2. The Atlantic, the Coastal and the ACC is up for grabs.

From the ACC website, the standings:

All schools but North Carolina have played their FCS opponent. The ACC is 12 – 1 in these contests. Florida State has the honor of losing 17 – 20 to Jacksonville State.

The only addition to my preseason review is in the transfer portal (TP). GT picked up a QB transfer from Temple and lost a player to the TP early in fall camp. The QB did have at least one snap during the Northern Illinois loss (one run for one yard).

Here is a comparison of NCAA stats. Compare and differ.

To answer a reader’s question – The NCAA punting average is the total of the average for each game played. Christodoulou has averaged 44.5, 40.7, 37.3, and 47.0. Add them all together and you have the NCAA number.

On to the individual stats, starting with QB comparisons. GT loss starting QB Jeff Sims to injury in the first quarter of the Northern Illinois loss. He replaced temporary starter Jordan Yates during the NC win. His running and passing was instrumental in the win over NC.

I wonder if Jared Wayne is the all time passing efficiency leader at Pitt. He did surpass Aaron Matthew’s 2019  mark of 455.2 for being 1/1 for 3 yards and a TD against Central Florida.

GT would probably be 4 – 0 if Sims wasn’t injured in the Northern Illinois game. He adds a running threat to a rather below mediocre passing game. (At least compared to his 2020 stats). But then again he was a true freshmen in 2020. And as Pitt fans like to say, all opponent teams and players get better but Pitt and Pitt players never do. But he didn’t play against Northern Illinois. That is football. Stars get hurt.

What about the running backs and receivers?

A comparison of GT and Pitt.

Gibbs and Mason make a potent running attack. It looks like GT does not use a TE in their passing attack.

Some defensive individual stats. From ESPN team stats and compared to NCAA statistics for accuracy. The below is still to long for my taste. Any suggestions on cutting the length? Pitt has 36 players and GT has 31 players who made at least one type of defensive stat. I cut the list to the top 15 in total tackles.

On a per game basis, Pitt is ranked #5 with their 16 sacks for 132 yards. GT is #41 with 11 sacks for 68 yards. GT had 3 sacks against Kennesaw State and 8 against NC. They did not have any against Northern Illinois or Clemson.

In Tackles for Loss (TFL), Pitt is ranked #22 with a total of 30 for 161 yards. GT is #54 with 26 for 122 yards. (Note: sacks are included in TFL’s.)

I can not find data on individual offensive line (Oline) play. But a sign of their unit play are sacks allowed and TFL’s allowed.

Pitt is ranked #47 with 7 sacks allowed for 50 yards. GT is #103 at 12 sacks for 103 yards.

In TFL’s, Pitt is #88 allowing 25 for 87 yards. GT is # allowing a total of 22 for 118 yards.

You may be wondering why I color coded different names and stats. Those names in pink are transfers.

Those names in yellow (QB data) are against FCS teams. Yes, playing an FCS team can skew stats. It happened to Pitt but also happened to GT. Check out how Pickett’s and Yates NCAA passing efficiency rankings jumped after playing an FCS team.

I believe only 13 FBS teams (out of 130), who for various reasons, did not schedule an FCS opponent. To single out Pitt and say stats are skewed and should be discounted is the height of cherry picking. Especially if you then compare your adjusted stats against any of the 117 teams that did play an FCS team. All FBS teams did not blow out their FCS opponent. Some lost (looking at you Florida State) but they had a chance. If they did not take it, shame on them. You can not single out Pitt for doing what they were supposes to do.

Pitt wins 34 – 28.


135 thoughts on “2021’s Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Redux

  1. I think your predicted score is pretty close. I say that despite the “apparent” superiority of the teams GT has played. Here’s hoping we are both right (and happy Saturday afternoon). HTP

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  2. Anytime Richard and thanks! – this type of thing will happen more often from this point forward. Anyone who has something to write please do so and send it to me at rkohberger@gmail.com.

    Then…please put into a comment that you did so and that way I might see it better than just in email.

    We can always publish two articles at the same time – twice as much stuff to talk about!


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    1. Reed – that was my mistake. I forgot to give you a heads up that I was writing one and to expect it this morning,


  3. Since you mentioned UNC as the Coastal preseason favorite …

    The Tar Heels, which began as 8th in the AP, are now one of 11 teams of the original top 25 which are now unranked. And Clemson, which began as #3, is now holding on to 25th with 2 losses

    And it isn’t October yet!

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  4. Good stuff, Richard!

    Those GT sack numbers are puzzling – 8 sacks against UNC (impressive) but none against Clemson (okay) and none against Northern Illinois (hummm…).

    We need some defensive players to make some plays. Duh!

    I’m guessing a high scoring shootout. I’m getting anxious already….

    Go Pitt.

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  5. Do you have problems reading any of the stats on your phone? I do when I read on my Samsung. I can read the articles and comments w/out problem. But data is just to small.


      1. I forgot you can do that. When I read Dokish & Peaks twitter accounts, they do not stretch. I usually don’t read the POV on my phone. After checking, it does stretch. Thanks.



    Our Panthers Football Team is off to a hot start to the season, going 3-1 in the month of September. We look to continue the momentum into the next few weekends with road games at Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. We need your support at Heinz Field for the remainder of the fall to help bring our team an even better home field advantage!

    Saturday, October 23rd vs. Clemson, Time TBD

    Saturday, October 30th vs. Miami, Time TBD

    Thursday, November 11th vs. North Carolina, 7:30pm

    Saturday, November 20th vs. Virginia, Time TBD

    We don’t release all the available locations online so we still have great seats remaining in both the lower and upper levels. Groups of 15 or more fans can take advantage of special pricing for each matchup too. Please let me know what questions you have and how I can assist in having you join us for gameday in Pittsburgh!

    Thanks and Hail to Pitt!



  7. Pitt’s D last year limited this GT QB to only 14 yards rushing on 10 carries and picked him off twice.

    Pitt’s Offense is much better this year, despite the rushing. However we did thrash the Techsters for
    317 yards on the ground last year. So maybe we get that back in gear on a Georgia March
    to Atlanta.

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  8. Saw on the Home Page of the Trib…..New Hotel in East Liberty…..of all places.

    And there is more than Hotel. Amazing, since it use to be a very dangerous place for a
    long time.

    Nice that they’re trying to revitalize it….as at one time outside of downtown Pittsburgh, it had
    the biggest shopping, dining & theatre of any neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

    And yes Kelly’s bar is still on Centre, but it’s noted for it’s food now & hipsterism.


    1. Spent a night at the Hotel Indigo in East Liberty a few weeks ago. Dinner at cafe Zinho. I highly endorse both. It is a great area.
      Not your grampa’s EL.


      1. My only question……so what happened to the criminal element that plagued E. Liberty for many decades ?

        Did they relocate to Monroeville ?


  9. Reed, I got “free” tickets for the last home game through Pitt’s new vet vendor Veteran Tickets Foundation http://www.vettix.org. I put free in quotes because they charged $10 for administrative fees. Still a bargain. Their process is much more complicated than in the past but it benefits the Pitt ticket office since they no longer have to handle the tickets. The organization is national and has many tickets available besides Pitt fb.


  10. Hope the team that I saw in Knoxville shows up in Atlanta…JeanieB wants to make I road trip to Duke in November…I told her “Let’s see how the next few weeks play out.!” that all starts on Saturday at 12:00 PM in Bobby Dodd…PITT has the upper hand in experience, depth and playing under the “system. ” Time for Narduzzi and his players to quit talking the talk…I wanna see it on the field…..

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    1. Thanks – I would love to be in Durham for that game. Duke seems to be a surprise team so far this year. But, I have already made plans for that weekend.


  11. Funny… The only thing “Gold” on the field Saturday will be Georgia Tech whose “Yellow” actually looks Gold.

    The side-by-side comparison could be interesting.

    Hopefully Heather will notice the difference.


  12. Very nice article. Having done some work for GT, I have been on their campus many times and seen their OCS. Perfect and what we need. This could be a nail biter game with the winner having the ball last. Let it be us.

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  13. My favorite line from our resident statistician and accounting professional…

    “To single out Pitt and say stats are skewed and should be discounted is the height of cherry picking.”

    Thank you Richard!


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  14. Exactly JoeL and Richard btw (another wonderful job Richard!) Disallowing positive PITT stats while not touching negative stats and not bothering with opponents stats at all tells a tale within itself. imo

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  15. I expect a bit of a chess match pitting two HCs with defensive backgrounds against each other.

    GT QB and Pitt QBs will test each other’s defenses…
    On paper, Sims strength is running and Kenny’s (this year) is passing.
    Which is exactly why Sims will have a great passing game and Kenny will show he can run too.

    Turnovers and penalties will decide the game.

    I have no idea who will win and by what score. And I don’t even feel good about setting an over/under.
    Giving up my Saturday 18 holer to watch live… hope Im not regretting that later.

    And since I am feeling so bold, I will predict one more thing… my Mrs. will leave the house during the game to go shopping because I am yelling at the TV.

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    1. Agree on turnovers deciding who wins.

      Wasn’t it GT who we played at Heinz when we fumbled like the first 3 times we had the ball? Ugly stuff…

      Go Pitt.

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      1. We all need all our bad Pitt memories…..erased .

        Spoke in one episode……does the Vulcan Mind Meld on Capt Kirk who just had a heart rendering
        loss of a love.

        You will forget……you will forget….you will forget …..sure enuf he forgot !

        Maybe we can get a Group Discount !

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      2. Five times in the first quarter! It was homecoming. Then Connor ran 78 yards for a TD but dropped the ball before he entered the end zone and it rolled thru the zone for a touchback! Other than that, Pitt played well!


        1. I will never forget that game. It may be the only one in my life I’ve ever left early Boyd fumbled, Conner fumbled, the Coke vendor fumbled, I fumbled my change at the concession stand. Only Pitt could have pulled that off.

          Was Chad Voytik the QB in those days.

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          1. I ususally stay until game’s end as well, but I was so p-o’ed, I walked out in the the 2nd qtr. after the 5th turnover.


          2. If you ever want to see something amazing watch in slow motion Tyler Boyd’s fumble in that game. You will see why he was and is special.


    2. I’ll be yelling at my golf ball on the golf course this Saturday.

      I’ll catch the 2nd half of the GT game. Nothing about this Pitt team excites me.

      I do like Baldonado, Cam Bright, center Kradel. back-up RB’s Carter & Sibley and safety Hill.

      KP8 is a gritty, gutsy QB – hoping he has 7 more wins in his last college season.

      Note to Duzz – let all of your 4 star players on the roster travel AND play this Saturday before they transfer.

      Reed – as always, you and your family are in our prayers.

      Be safe!

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  16. I’ve watched every game of both teams

    if I were betting it’d be big on GaTech
    Sims will shred PN’s vaunted defense differently than WMU and his dumbarse will not adjust to deal with it

    imo, hope for a Sims injury but I see us missing tackles and getting shredded

    THE real chance for the Pitt D to survive is if, and big IF but possible, Sims has a bad throwing day
    he has been inaccurate this year UNTIL the last game versus UNC where he was amazing

    hope he reverts but not confident Pitt defense can CAUSE that

    not certain what gear I’ll be wearing
    well, not prior to the game anyway
    Pitt visor and Connor during


    very best hopes, wishes and prayers for Reed and son and family

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    1. I’m afraid I have to agree with tvax in this game. Pitt has had real difficulty in defending running QB’s in the past. And although Simms doesn’t have the size he will be very difficult to get a hold of if he gets past the Pitt front 7. I can see him easily running for well over hundred yards in this game. Pitt will need to put up a “Michael Vick” defense tomorrow and force Simms to beat you with the pass. Hope I’m wrong but I cam see GT beating Pitt by greater than 2 TD’s. GT 38 Pitt 17.


    1. He was REALLY good. The most elusive back in Pitt history. Because of his short tenure, maybe not as appreciated as he should be.

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      1. Even shorter tenure, but arguably the best since Dorsett when it came to elusiveness and everything else.

        Brian Davis was the only one who people thought actually reminded them of Dorsett.

        If he just had McCoy’s tenacity and HEART.

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        1. I’ll never forget the late scoring drive against WVU in 13-9 where they fed McCoy the ball almost every play. No passing game, everyone knew he was getting the rock and he delivered anyway.


    2. We had Curtis Martin too, but he got hurt a lot. Then he went to the NFL and didn’t miss one game in his first 10 years in the League. Figures…


  17. Two articles from the SBNation (SBN) site “From the Rumble Seat”.

    The first is a S&P+ stat article. I am not deep into S&P but do understand the broad concepts. I miss reading Bill Connerly free articles when he was at the SBN. He still writes but he is behind a paywall at ESPN. Aren’t you glad I am not literate in S&P. Sorry – I don’t know what the S or P stands for.


    The second is just a small background take on Pitt – Georgia Tech. Love the only comment – Nickname for Pittsburgh.



    1. The first article was very interesting. Really good quantitative analysis… not surprising from a school with a strong engineering program.

      With the 3-3-5 the Jackets deploy, I’m expecting TE play for Pitt will be key to moving the chains. Still SMH over Shawn Watson’s refusal to use them in the passing game.

      I sure hope Whipple doesn’t start the first offensive drive with the bubble screen stuff (unless of course it works) 😉

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  18. Shady, Dion, Dorsett and other Pitt great running backs (not all) had tremendous vision (anticipation), combined with quickness, speed and great hips. Yeah, all runners have hips, got it!

    Hey Juggernaut, I know you dig on tex regarding stats etc., but you mentioned Christoduolou had never had a punt blocked until Tennessee. You might want to check your stats. He had at least two others blocked that I recall, One was to ND and the other was to VT or Virginia. I want to say VT. I understnd that 90% of un-researched stat quotes are usually made up on the fly and the other 30% are usually close. Yours was off by at least 200% LOL!


    1. Well it’s nice to know….tex has someone…..that has his back. Hopefully you fact check him too !

      I don’t recall those blocks…..and I thought I heard the game announcers say it was his first
      punt blocked.

      Regardless….it was a freak play ! LOL


      1. Not sure I have anyone’s back except for Mr. Ed’s when he was a kicker. He used to say I wanna kick the pigskin, so I got to be friends with him fast so he wouldn’t get any ideas. On the farm it gets boring so I typically watch each game a few times before Nardstop gets to starbucks on his way home, so things tend to stand out.

        Game announcers love Nardstop and his ferocious reputation as a defensive guru! lol! I think they are given talking points and don’t stray into reality.


    2. Pitt’s had some great backs. I always like to insert Swervin Curvin into these conversations. And I still wonder what Ray Graham would have become without the injury. That change of direction …


    1. A lot Backs can move laterally. Think you might mean CUTTING without losing speed.

      This becomes even more critical in the NFL and is why some really good, even great, college Backs never see the same success at the next level.

      The perfect example is Hershel Walker. All the speed in the world, but what hurt him was that he always had to slow down to make a cut.

      That doesn’t work in the NFL which is obviously a much FASTER game.

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    2. And not Hall. LOL. I was covering for Reed on that one!!

      Barry Sanders had great hips too……Herschel and Bo Jackson were very similar backs and should not be confused with the ones mentioned today. They were big power backs with straight on speed. I’m sure we are missing some. Kevan Barlow was a little of both if I recall.


  19. What’s ruined baseball is analytics or at least an over reliance on it. Sometimes we get hung up in numbers. Lost in the statistical weeds. I don’t discount quantitative analytics but understanding context is key. Normalizing data is important. Having intuition and feel for the numbers is another layer to fully grasp what the numbers are saying. Having experience and common sense about what you see is also valuable in getting to the truth.

    My first impression I value more than anything. I have two eyes and use them. I look at the entire field and the relationships and interdependencies that you can’t find in raw black and white numbers. There’s a reason why film is still used.

    I like data, analytics and modeling as much as the next geek but I won’t let it convince me that this Pitt team has some serious issues. Like a offensive line that can’t run block. A very one dimensional offense that is susceptible to blitz packages and zone coverages. A secondary that can’t cover receivers man on man. A scheme built to stop the run first as opposed to the pass. A special teams unit that isn’t special in any way. And still far too many penalties at the worst times.

    I don’t see pitt beating Tech this weekend. I’ll go with my gut feel on this one.


      1. I would have used the doghouse but it’s having it’s batteries recharged and undergoing a remodeling. Going back and forth in time uses plenty of energy.


  20. As for the Georgia Tech “Gold” Jackets this Saturday, in order to BEST their chances at beating the Blue ‘n Yellow they might only have to focus on a couple of things.

    Offensively… No real secret. It would be to PASS the football, early and often. And try not to miss the OPEN Receivers, which there will probably be a few.

    Defensively… Simply stick with what’s been working. Rush THREE and just sit back and wait for Kenny Pickett to throw the football. You won’t have to wait long.

    It would be nice to think Pitt would counter by pressuring and containing Tech’s Quarterback on Defense… and mounting a solid Running attack on Offense.

    But this might be asking too much.


  21. Despite Pitt’s obvious shortcomings (i.e. Offensive Line, Defensive Backs, Offensive Playcalling, etc.), the biggest challenge tomorrow is that, for the first time this year, Pitt is going to find itself up against what looks to be a MORE athletic football team.

    It starts with Tech’s Defensive front which is why they were able to get away with many times rushing just THREE against North Carolina.

    Then there’s Tech’s Quarterbacks… BOTH of them.

    Going to be interesting, hopefully not painful, to watch.


  22. A note to the cynics …

    Both NC State and BC are undefeated and ranked. Yes, they won’t stay that way but anyone thinking that last year’s two 1 point losses were ‘cheap’ is simply not paying attention.

    NCS finished 8-3 last year playing mostly with their 3rd team QB. Now their starter is back and had a pretty good game in the win over Clemson. And BC beat Missouri without Jurkovec

    PS —.I have 2 words for you cynics: Tyler Boyd Last night – 9 catches. 118 yards

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    1. I feel your pain, Pitt if Dreams. I guess the day of more Larry Fitzgerald’s in the NFL may be over???? (and nearly in the college game as well, it sometimes seems)


  23. Speaking of great Pitt backs. A great one, maybe most elusive outside of TD…..before he got hurt.

    Was Ray Graham. He was avg’g around 6 yards per carry his junior year before he got hurt, after avg’g 6.2 ypc his sophomore year.

    Which was Dorsett like in ypc.

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    1. I agree. Ray Graham was amazing. I still have that picture in my mind of him being carted off the field in tears after that terrible injury. Heartbreaking it was. I think he did make it to the NFL and played a few years, but his career would have been so much more without that injury, I hope he is doing well.

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  24. Hey lookie…..Pitt isn’t the only team with super seniors. Imagine that !

    What’s made Wake Forest great is a strategy not only based on talent. These guys are old.

    Miles Fox a Defensive Lineman, in his seventh year of college, is indeed an anomaly among his peers but is less of one these days, in this still-strange era of pandemic college football. About a year ago, when most Division I schools forged ahead through virus-related postponements and cancelations and games played in empty stadiums, the NCAA decided to give athletes an extra year of eligibility.

    All of a sudden, seniors — fourth-year seniors, fifth-year; even sixth-year seniors, like Fox — were not faced with the specter of an end. They could live out the plot of many a frat-boy comedy film and extend their college days just a little bit longer, if they chose. Fox and eight of his Wake Forest teammates whose eligibility would have otherwise expired decided to come back.

    It’s one of the primary reasons why the Demon Deacons are undefeated and nationally ranked entering the weekend. It’s also one of the primary reasons why, as the calendar turns to October, there’s a reasonable, defensible argument to be made that Wake Forest has emerged as the favorite to win the ACC’s Atlantic Division.


  25. That is why Pitt has a chance to do some damage this year…..and you too tex! We have to be one of the oldest teams along with Wake. This is why I have said for years that during the first 5 weeks of the season, vegas tends to favor the teams with most returning starters….even if they are sixth or seven years.


  26. Pitt beat GT fairly handily last year. Is Pitt better or worse than last year’s team? Too early to tell, but I’ll take Pitt 38-32.


  27. Reed, I am late catching up this week on my reading. Thoughts and prayers for your boy. He will make the refrigerator prayer list as a few others in our crew have as well.

    I will say that Pitt wins this game. I will do this because our guys are older. An awful way to pick a game but I am going that way. I will say that the final score will be the average age of our Super duper seniors 27 (lol) versus the number of times Nardstop said that the other guy apologized this week, 24.

    I also will go with the under because both teams have under-performed for years. Should be an entertaining game nonetheless as GT will force our qb to scramble left where he struggles with accuracy to date. H2P

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    1. And the hillbillies will NEVER GET OVER…….13-9.

      Or being rejected by Pitt and ending up at WVCC.


    1. Anything Neil Diamond doesn’t not belong !

      Every choice they make concerning piped in music….sux. Whoever is in charge of that.


  28. Athlon Sports Experts all like Pitt

    College Football Picks: Expert Predictions for Every Game in Week 5

    Steven Lassan Mark Ross Ben Weinrib

    Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh


  29. I predict a 38 on the front nine and a 43 an the back nine – best round of 2021.

    Now for the game in Hotlanta – Pitt wins 38-20. Close game most of the way with Kenny and Barden hooking up multiple times in the win. The D plays well enough to satisfy the Duzz for another week.

    Go Pitt!


  30. Per TribLive.com Drexel will start at center. I don’t know if that’s a positive or a negative. I still have visions of snaps sailing over KPs head. Or does that make the o line stronger overall?


    1. Didn’t the hoopies lose last week to Oklahoma on a bad snap inside the RedZone late in the game.

      Kradel played well and the team deserves to ride that good train of “no bad snaps”.

      This is what is maddening about the Duzz. Let’s hope TribLive is reporting the wrong news.


  31. Pitt up 2 sets to none over Duke. Pitt playing a little sloppy. Pitt had SIX service errors in the first set, 25-20 win. In the second set they were down 11-6 before coming back and winning 25-19.


  32. A little late to post this but Pitt Volleyball is playing Duke (10-3) at the Fieldhouse. The match is televised on ACCN+, viewable through Watch ESPN if you have access. Pitt won the first two sets and leads the third 5-3. Looks like a short night for the Ladies.

    I keep watching for Annie in the crowd but the place looks to be 3/4 full with all wearing masks.


  33. Ray Graham injury at home against WVCC infuriated me. He was hit running into the middle of the line and two Hoopie players held him standing up in his place while three others put late hits on him. Refs never blew the whistle. Play should have been stopped after his forward momentum was halted. He was screaming in pain. One of a thousand reasons I don’t care if we ever play WVCC again in any sport!

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  34. The kids picked Sweet Caroline and seem to embrace it.
    Its their thing… their tradition… not yours.

    Don’t like it…. don’t sing a long. Save your contribution for Hail to Pitt or the Alma Mater.
    Me… Im glad they have something. Its part of their college experience.
    Someday when they are oldsters – like most of you, they will whine when a newer group of kids changes to something else. Just like you are now.

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    1. do you think there may be some sort of connection or similarities between the two groups of realists? (song/people who have it all figure)

      It only takes one dropped pass for everyone to figure out with much certainty that the receiver coach sucks. One stuffed running play to see the O-Line coach sucks. This blame game swiftly moves up the inverted pyramid to the higher scaled “idiots” It no great wonder PITT hasn’t had a ten win season since 1981. PITT fans are smarter than the people who run the football program.

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      1. Ike, your last sentence is not a compliment, but it is most likely true over the last 40 years. You actually answer your hypothesis concisely and I appreciate that. I view Pitt football especially like the movie trading places. You could take most here on the POV and probably have better success, with less expense, then the so called subject matter experts running the program over the last 40. Obviously, that can never be proven, but what an experiment it would be.

        Attendance and Gameday experience (except red lot 5A, is awful…and in slow decline over the same time period. Absent the fudged attendance announcements of course.

        Joel, who you calling old farts? Neil Diamond, really? When given only one option jammed down their throat year after year, what should the students do?? Sheep do, what sheep are told to do. Pitt athletics and marketing is old school and its 80 year old musician choice is almost older. Let Duke, and NCSt and NC and Wake and the ACC have the carolina tune! BigB convinced me of that when he posted the WV Gameday link. Pitt was mocked incessantly by the WV fans (expected) but more importantly, by the gameday cast! Embarrassing!


        1. Huff – the kids were asked what they wanted a d they picked that song. It wasn’t a Soviet election.

          If we start to worry about how the Hoopies use their moment in the sun, we may as well change to the WUP name, because long before Sweet Caroline, the Hoopies and Pedos played off the Pitt name. All we old farts know that.

          I’m not saying it would be my choice, but if they like it – and they do (I ask them), then we oldsters should pipe down.


  35. Pitt defeats Duke in three straight sets, 25-20, 25-19, 25-20. Some other players got some playing time in the third set.

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  36. Pitt men’s soccer beat cuse in double OT 3-2.

    With the euro-Panthers up 2-1 late in the match, cuse scored on a penalty kick to tie the score.

    A win is a win, but this team is a shell of it’s 2020 team after losing (1) player, a defender to boot.


    1. Pitt misses Bryce Washington. He helped captain that back line. He’s American. Need more of them.


  37. Pulled this from Cardiac Hill –

    “While I think everyone feels a little better about Pitt after they dropped 77 points last week, it did come against an FCS foe, and Pitt’s schedule starts in earnest now. Pitt has yet to play a single ACC game yet and is favored by some metrics to win the Coastal, which is frankly amazing and a statement on the state of the conference. Pitt controls its own destiny entirely. That statement will likely terrify any experienced Pitt fan.”

    My comment – “terrify” is a bit dramatic. How about we use two words uncomfortable and disbelief.

    Come on Pitt FB, make me a believer again. I can deal with uncomfortable.

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  38. it is dumbfounding that after what we saw vs. WMU that Pitt is favored this week.
    It did not appear that the WMU game was a fluke when their offense manhandled the Pitt D all
    day. Other coaches now have that film with a blueprint of how to beat Pitt.
    The biggest concern is if they can’t stop the run they are in big trouble.
    They also always have trouble against QB’s that can run.
    I am not feeling very positive, but that seems to be when Pitt surprises the most.

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  39. This game will mark the beginning of the end to the Terrible Reign of King Pat.

    But in typical Pitt fashion and as a testimant to the mediocrity of the conference, pitt will have a chance to win the Coastal if they beat Syracuse at the Dome to conclude the season. However SOP will sadly prevail.

    Tex – who’s cousin is Lucy.

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    1. You mean for the team or this blog?

      Team, no

      This blog? Let’s see the held comments and names but probably still no, if adult bar is maintained

      Maybe I come close to not meeting at times 😬 but not now idt


  40. Chas used to just block bad seeds on the Pitt Blather but that requires a level of effort that I think Reed has made clear he’s not committed to.


    1. Chas was great…wonder what he is up to…would like to swear from him periodically…Blather was great.


    1. Wide receiver Jordan Addison leads the nation in touchdown receptions (nine) and is ninth with 524 yards receiving. PFF also notes he leads the team with 41 targets and four drops.

      Through five games, Pitt’s passing game has earned Pro Football Focus’ top grade (93.7). Only five other teams are graded in the 90s. Currently, he (Pickett) leads the Power 5 with a 145.0 passer rating on throws of 20 yards or more, according to Pro Football Focus.


  41. #10 here:
    and WMU about #64, so take it for what it’s worth,,,, nothing

    tell PN he’s ranked #10

    cool #’s from above:
    Pitt with .9% chance to win NC, 2.9% chance to make the NC final, AND a 9.3% chance to make college football playoffs!!!

    KP for Heismann!!!!!!! Get your votes in now, beat the rush!


  42. Tossing – Reed is damn committed to blocking commenters and has done so on more than a few occasions.

    But let’s be honest – we are discussing one main commenter on here. The problem is that he uses different email addresses and VPNs to keep posting after he is banned.

    The only way to ban someone is by email address or IP and you can make up any email address you want because WordPress doesn’t check to see if they are actual working addresses. You can use VPNs to get around the IP block.

    Trying to block a commenter’s name on here doesn’t work either – that is the easiest get around there is.

    Thus, you cannot ban anyone unless they use only one address or only one IP all the time. So only honest commenters get banned.

    I have even tried Plug-ins to help with complete banning but no joy there.

    I could ask people to register to use the blog – but that will cut down on readership so much it might not be worth doing articles, etc..

    As of now we get around 750K-900K readers per year. If I limit it to registration that number will most probably drop pretty drastically. If I’m doing this for only a few registered readers and the 20-30 commenters who comment, that is a ton of effort for only a few people to enjoy.

    The only other route to take would be doing a subscription requirement on here but I really don’t want to get money involved.

    Last point – how many times have I practically begged readers to volunteer to be co-administrator on here? I also said I would be glad to either hand it over completely…or take the time and effort to help someone start their own blog.

    I asked this over and over and while people seem to love the POV and keep it a part of their Pitt fandom – not one swinging dick has stepped forward to actually do the admin help/work I’ve asked for. I very much thank people who write the articles but even then I have to take at least 30 minutes proofing it, adding graphics and formatting it for publication.

    If you all haven’t realized this yet I am sick and tired of the POV and at this point in my life I really want to put it way on the backburner if not shut it down.

    BTW – please don’t talk to me about any ‘commitment’ Chas had on the Blather – once I started writing for that blog Chas basically retired – that went on from 2010 to 2016. When I stopped writing he went into seclusion for a year almost.

    So – I’ve been doing a ton of work and expended a ton of time and energy writing about Pitt football – yet when I ask for real help….


    1. Probably a dumb question but is there a way to register people that want to comment but leave the site open for those that just want to read?


  43. joeknew…what is your email address in case we know longer have this venue available. Always enjoy your in-put and you were the 2nd POVert I met…JoeL will always be #1….


    1. Bernie, I give Reed my permission to give it to you, if he can’t then I’ll see you at the Clemson tailgate, OK? You and Reed were the first guys I met walking down that street in Annapolis. I still have that magnet on the fridge 😀😀


  44. Reed – to expand further, that wasn’t meant as a comparison between you and Chas either. I am 100% supportive of your decision. I really was supporting your decision as you’ve told us more than enough times to be respectful. You’ve made it clear that you do not want to babysit us. I was supporting your commitment that you’ve made here after semi-retirement from the blog.

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  45. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32333455/a-new-heisman-contender-ohio-state-resurgence-more-week-5-takeaways

    Pitt’s QB turning heads
    Before the season began, the preseason buzz at quarterback in the ACC centered on Sam Howell at North Carolina — so much so that Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi wondered whether everyone had forgotten about his veteran returning quarterback, Kenny Pickett.

    Five weeks into the season, Pickett is making sure nobody forgets. In Saturday’s 52-21 win over Georgia Tech, Pickett threw for 389 yards and four touchdowns, putting himself in pretty elite company. In his last three games, Pickett has thrown 15 touchdown passes, breaking Dan Marino’s school record for most TD passes in a three-game stretch (13 in 1981).

    In addition, Pickett has thrown at least four touchdown passes in three straight games, the longest streak by an ACC quarterback since Russell Wilson did it for NC State in 2009. Pickett ranks in the top five in the nation in seven different statistical categories, including passing yards per game (346.2), pass efficiency, passing yards (1,731), passing touchdowns (19), total offense (374.6 YPG), Total QBR and touchdowns responsible for (21). Oh, and he has only one interception.

    With 15 touchdown passes in his last three games, Kenny Pickett broke Dan Marino’s school record for most TD passes in a three-game stretch (13 in 1981). Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire
    Pickett made the decision to return to Pitt rather than enter the NFL draft. As it stands, Pitt (4-1) is the current ESPN FPI favorite to win the ACC. The biggest reason is Pickett and the offense. Pitt has now scored more than 40 points in five straight games, a first in school history.

    “This is what I expected to come back and do,” Pickett said in a phone interview with ESPN on the team bus after the game. “I thought this would be the most talented, most veteran team that I would be a part of, and it’s shown. All the work we put in is paying off, so we’ve got to keep it going.”

    After the Georgia Tech win, Narduzzi mentioned the H-word when discussing his quarterback with reporters.

    “He should be a Heisman candidate,” Narduzzi said. “It’s what he is right now. The guy is so smooth, he’s so calm. … He’s a smart football player, and it takes time to get that where you want it to be. He’s put the work in and he deserves what he’s getting right now.”

    Pitt has not had a Heisman-caliber player since Larry Fitzgerald in 2003. When asked whether he deserves to be in the Heisman conversation, Pickett chuckled.

    “You guys can figure that one out,” Pickett said, referring to the media. “I’m just going to keep playing. We’ve got seven games to go. I want a championship. That’s why I came back.” — Andrea Adelson

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