Tennessee Hosting Pitt Preview (Updated & Current)

By Rich in SC…

Pitt is coming off a 51-7 victory over the University of Massachusetts Minutemen (UMass). A good tune-up game. The Minutemen game was announced 9/18/2019. It cost Pitt $1.3 M to schedule this “rent a win”. As Reed pointed out in his game day article, UMass is not very good. From ESPN:

“3. UMess (2020: 0-4)

The Minutemen lost their four 2020 games by a combined score of 161-12, but still enjoyed rubbing the noses of their archrival Huskies with the fact that they actually played games (sort of) while these guys did not…”

College football’s Bottom 10 is back — and as bad as ever (espn.com)

Enough about Pitt. We are here to talk about the Tennessee Volunteers (Vols).

Not much to correct or add from my “Preseason Look at Tennessee”. (I did read it again and noticed several spelling errors not caught by spell-check.)

The Tennessee Transfer Portal (TP) was still active up to the start of the 2021 season start. The below are the subtractions (Out) and additions (In) since the preseason article.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is t.png

With these latest TP activities, Tennessee has lost 32 scholarship players and added a total of 10 since August of last year.

Tennessee is coming off a 38-6 victory over MAC Conference opponent the Bowling Green Falcons (BG). Another good tune-up game. The Falcons game was announced August of 2016 – five years ago! It cost Tennessee $1.5 M to schedule this “rent a win”. If Pitt had played BG, Reed would have pointed out in his game day article, BG is not very good.

“7. Boiling Green in Northern Illinois by way of Akron (2020: 0-5/0-6/1-5)

Speaking of Terry Bowden, the place where he was most recently a head coach, Akron, leads a three-headed MACtion monster that combined to win one game in 2020, and that lone victory was by the Zips over Boiling Green. This season this trio will participate in an October semi-round-robin tournament of pain, when Akron travels to Bowling Green Week 5, followed by a Bowling Green trip to Northern Illinois seven days later. Sources tell the Bottom 10 JortsCenter news desk that the MAC has already licensed “Yakety Sax” to be played nonstop over the public address system during both games.”

College football’s Bottom 10 is back — and as bad as ever (espn.com)

Northern Illinois will not be featured in the bottom ten this week due to an upset win over Georgia Tech 22-21. Speaking of Georgia Tech, whoever is in charge of updating stats to the NCAA did not do their job. There are no stats for either Georgia Tech or Northern Illinois. A  total of 4 teams are missing NCAA stats.

With week one completed, ESPN has updated its weekly “Bottom 10” article. UMass comes in at #2 while BG is a tad bit better at #5

A Kansas win means there’s a new No. 1 in college football’s Bottom 10 (espn.com)

Unlike Pitt who covered the 38 point spread, the Vols fell just short of their 37 point spread.

I watched this game last Thursday night. A quick synopsis of the game by a total non-expert: The Vols started off briskly. The first two drives used the high tempo, upbeat offense that Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel used at Central Florida.

The first two drives (66 yards, 67 yards) ended in touchdowns. After that the Vols had three more first half drives (26,5,8) and no scores to close out the first half. BG dominated the second quarter. Using a short passing attack and timely runs, BG was able to kick two field goals. The half ended 14-6 in Tennessee’s favor.

The second half was different. Still up-tempo, upbeat offense. But it was run oriented. Only nine passes were attempted and only two were completed. The Vols completely wore down an out classed BG team with a punishing run game.

On to the stats…

Here are the QB/Team passing efficiencies for both Tennessee and Pitt:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is t2.png

Milton, in Tennessee’s first three drives, was 9 of 11 in passing for 94 yards. He ended the half 10 of 15 for 99 yards. He was 1 of 8 for 40 yards and a TD in the second half. Milton looked sharp for three drives but the Vols could have played any other QB on their roster with better passing results.

To me, and I am no expert, Milton seems to throw a hard pass with no touch when touch is needed. At 6’-5” and 240+ pounds, he is probably better at rushing the ball then throwing it.

Hendon Hooker only played the last Tennessee drive. He played about two minutes and his drive ended at the BG 24 yard line with a fumble by a running back.

Here are the individual rushing and receiving stats (from ESPN) for Tennessee and Pitt:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is t3.png

Compare the stats. If a sign of a good offense is “chunk” yardage of 20+ yards, Pitt leads 6 (1 rush, 5 pass) to the Vols 3 (1 rush, 2 pass). I now have a better understanding of a “Team” rush – bad snap by the center.

Here are the NCAA stats for Tennessee and Pitt:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is t4.png

Compare and enjoy. Just remember, both first week opponents were bad. I did and Pitt wins 31 – 24. Here are Pitt’s Game Notes (56 pages of good info).

109 thoughts on “Tennessee Hosting Pitt Preview (Updated & Current)

  1. Great review and detailed stats – thanks for putting it together.
    I think that (again) the Pitt D – especially the front line will cause problems for UT. Best way to disrupt the up-tempo approach is to get in the QBs face as quick and often as possible. A few quick bursts into the backfield and hits on the QB will get in his head. We will need better play from the secondary and expect to see it.

    Pitt 28-17


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  2. Fwiw while Pitt should win, the one thing that bothers me is the hostile crowd. Thus far, home teams have done very well this post-COVID year in competitive home games. (Wisc is the sole exception )

    Pitt failed miserably in the last sellout hostile environment — VT in ‘19. It will be a great test for Pickett who didn’t do so well at Lane Stadium 2 years ago

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  3. I have no idea about this game and I don’t think Week One opponents are any sort of a guage to predictions. Back in ’18 we beat Albany 33-7 then lost the next game to PSU 51-6…so who knows? UT isn’t PSU though – I see this as a game within four points at the end.

    I do think that our DBs are a bit suspect so Milton may have a strong game against them. UT can stop the run pretty well and last season held opponents to 3.7 yards per carry (Pitt’s was 2.7) so any breakaway runs might be a game winner.

    Goes back to what I said a few days ago about downfield blocking – have to make those 4-5 yard runs 10-15 ones.

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  4. Good stuff, Richard!

    I’m terrible at predicting scores, but I’ll say Pitt wins 31-27. But we need the defense to either score a TD or set up a short one…

    I enjoy watching players who can run fast. I’d like to see Shocky and Barden find some open space. Two others I’m curious about, speed-wise, are Izzy and Hammond.

    Perhaps we see a couple of Coach Marion-influenced plays this game to spring a couple of these guys…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. what little there was of Hammond looked just right to me

      body type with power but burst and enough of a lateral step, kinda reminded me of last year’s UMD pickup DJ Turner who I thought might have made a good RB and even a bit Jordan Whitehead

      needs to add some thickness but hope he is here 3 more seasons to do that

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  5. They are still pushing season tkts…

    Good Morning Reed,

    Our Pittsburgh Panthers football team is off to a roaring start to the season with a decisive 51-7 home victory over the UMass Minutemen! Quarterback Kenny Pickett looked sharp with over 300 yards of total offense and 2 touchdown passes.

    The atmosphere was electric on Saturday, and we need you at Heinz Field this season to build on that!

    (Electric I tell ‘ya !!!)

    It’s not too late to be part of all the excitement this fall. Season ticket and mini plan packages are still on sale. This is your best opportunity to see your Panthers, and save vs the single game rate. With top teams like Clemson, Miami, and North Carolina coming this season, now is the time to lock in your seats!

    Below is my contact information – please let me know what questions you have about supporting our Panthers this season. I look forward to talking with you soon!

    Your Personal Athletics Contact,

    Julia Falcioni | Account Executive
    University of Pittsburgh | Petersen Events Center
    E: JFalcioni@athletics.pitt.edu
    O: 412.648.9698


    1. Dear Julia,

      This is Reed – thanks for your letter dated 9/9/21. I do have some questions about supporting ‘our Panthers’. Maybe you can help with these.

      Why should I support a team that has some weird guy’s name in the Head Coach’s title? It just seems so wrong and egotistical! What it should read is “The Pat Narduzzi Head Coach Pat Narduzzi” That seems much more logical and rolls off the tongue.

      How can we fans support the team and buy season tickets prior to the season opener when no one can get into practices to report accurately and honestly on how the team looks to be? I mean if I’m spend my hard earned dough on something I want to know what it is.

      If we lose more games than we win and our current head coach gets fired does the next guy have to have that silly title also? If so I think it will really narrow down the talent pool of available prospective head coaches and we’ll suck in football yet again. How do I justify to my family I support that decision making? Please advise…

      Do you know what SOP stands for? If so, is there discount for people who have lived the last 35 years as Pitt fans and been beaten down by SOP?

      If you have any questions about these questions, or any other questions for me please see EJ – he has my contact info.

      Yours in Spirit,

      Reed Kohberger

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  6. I lack any detailed individual defensive stats, ESPN had 32 Tennessee players make some type of defensive play (Tackles (total & solo), sacks, tackles for loss, passes defended, QB hurries & defensive TD’s). Pitt had 35 players make at least one of above defensive plays.

    Is anyone interested in defensive stats? If so, what would you like to see? Or are stats not your thing and you want even less not more?

    BTW – The Texas LB who transferred to Tennessee (Juwan Mitchell) started and had no defensive stats.

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    1. I for one like stats – at least the major ones like TFLs, hurries, sacks, passes defended and the obvious ones like total yards allowed, etc. sometimes the minutia is just that.

      Again, I think Pitt’s defensive front needs to (and can) dominate in order to determine the outcome of this game.

      Partridge and Bates seem to have so many blitz packages and front sets that it’s hard to see where and when people are coming from. That’s certainly as it appeared vs UMass!

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  7. I see Pitt winning 16-14 as BigB is shown on the jumbotron wearing his WUPs flag firing up the Pitt fans in his section.
    Izzy, seeing Biggies passion promptly bursts up the middle on a 37 yard to run sealing the victory.
    H2P and all the POVert Road Warriors.
    (not warrior in the true sense of the word of course…just a play on the old Mel Gibson movie)
    Bring us home a winner and stay safe.
    If Tex hooks up with Biggie all bets are off!!

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  8. September 9, 2021 at 9:46 am
    The team that puts up the most points wins, I know simple right? This has been Pitts problem that last few years. Saturday we find out if Pitt can score against better competition. KP has many more skilled players to go to this year. No one really knows how good or bad Tennessee is this year.

    In any case a huge game for both teams.

    As usual I have no clue who wins. Surprised that Pitt is favored though.


  9. Two things I noticed last week involving line play. Our front seven put up massive pressure, need to do that this week against much stiffer competition. Same with the O-line, provided excellent protection for KP, again will that be possible on Saturday against bigger stronger guys?

    Last year vs the better teams our lines were dramatically outclassed, we will find out Saturday if they are up to the task.

    One big difference should be that KP has tight ends to go to when the line breaks down.

    We will need big plays on both sides of the ball. The team that makes the most usually wins.

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  10. I agree with Gordon! The key for Pitt this game and per the rest of the year is how well their offense does. The defense is going to give up at least one long score for a touchdown against better teams and quarterbacks. There were plenty of instances last game where UMass’s QB had time and had receivers wide open and he simply missed them. Against P5 teams these will turn into chunk plays or TDs.

    Pitt needs to be able to score TDs, at least a minimum of 4 per game, to consistently beat non-cupcake opponents. This is where Mr. Charmin’s “brilliant” offensive mind should come into play. Again, I am quite skeptical on his abilities as an OC. Prove me wrong Mr. Whipple!

    I am becoming a big fan of Pitt going up tempo. It seems there were several plays against UMass where Kenny actually did not go over and visit with Mr. Whipple. Did anyone at the game notice that as well?

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  11. I consider myself a pretty positive person but what have you guys been smoking that think Pitt can win this game against UT? Can you remember the last time we have won a big time non-conference game other than Notre Dame over the past decade? I remember losses in the not so recent past to Utah (2 times), Iowa (2 out of 3 times), Michigan State (2 times), Penn State (3 out of 4 times), and UConn (thanks Potato Paul). Not much to write home about in similar situations fellas. This is a classic game where if we win, it would do wonders for the perception of the program…but there is a stench in Oakland and it reeks of SOP. Prove me wrong Nard.

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    1. It is hard to disagree with your analysis. Pitt only wins when you least expect it and not nearly often enough. I was against this series when it was announced because I didn’t think we would have a chance, and I thought we were playing WVU as well, but it really couldn’t come at a better time.

      Totally agree that like you say this is the classic game you refer to and we have wet the bed so many times under similar circumstances. But as they say in investing past performance is not necessarily a predictor of future results, at least that is what we are all hoping for, but not necessarily counting on.


  12. Kenny Picket was interviewed this morning on Packer and Durham. Well spoken and good sense of humor. No controversy, no verbal flubs, no revelations.

    A much better interview than any I’ve seen from the Duz.


  13. Reed, why don’t you send Julia a copy of the letter with POV ideas that you sent Heather. Maybe she would be in a position to implement a few of them.


  14. I’d feel better about this game if we weren’t the favorite. It seems to me as though Pitt actually does somewhat better when they’re the underdog and can play the “nobody believed in us” card.


  15. PITT wins easily by 23 points, dominating Tennessee on both sides of the ball!

    PITT wins by one point, while Tennessee dominates both sides of the ball and they miss a chip shot with 2 seconds to go in the game.

    Either and/or anyway PITT can pull out a victory on the road against a SEC team. PITT needs this win to catapult them into a really good season.I don’t care how they do it? Hell, even my good buddy Big DAN says PITT has no chance. Hey Dan, I know you play that reverse physiology with PITT or maybe you’re playing it on the POV?

    It’s gotten to the point where it’s not PITT alone that drives to want PITT to win their games………….

    We ALL WE GOT!

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    1. Agreed, Pitt should win but;
      1.Pitt is still coached by an incompetent idiot with zero game day skills other than stomping up and down the sidelines huffing in anger

      Pitt O line is awful
      Pitt D backs are on an island and need to guess correctly to be effective. Hueple will carve them up on Saturday.
      Even with defections, Tennessee still has 4-5 stars players vs Pitt’s low to mid 3 stars.
      Pitt’s kicking game is again shaky at best!
      DuzzWhip still coaches Pitt

      Tennessee 37-16 in a rout!


  16. BTW, Pickett doesn’t run all the way to the sidelines for a play and never really has, he jogs over part ways, although he may have hobbled part way once or twice? Closet he got to Whipple was when Kenny was pushed out of bounds right next to Whipple. IEK

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      1. The K State Owls are a very good FCS program. Only been playing football since 2015(so probably why you’re not familiar)….but already have been in 3 FCS playoffs (think North Dakota State or Sam Houston State).
        They play in the Big South conf and have finished 1st twice winning 12 games and 11 games (twice).

        FCS Montana beat PAC 12 traditional power Washington last week……so anything is possible,

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  17. Whatever happened to our “dot your i and cross your tt;s” march by the band? Pitt. Or have I missed it.

    TN loss probably means either 8-4 or 7-5 and perish the thought of 6-6.


  18. Boy, I’d love to see a win, but I think we’re gonna get crushed. This is, however , one of those games that if I was still betting I’d say They’re giving me money”. I think the spread is not only off, but has wrong team favored.
    Against the fighting Bostonians we simply could not run the ball. Unlike the Villanova game when we were vanilla we ran effectively up the middle and showed nothing. Last week we had to show quiet a bit just to move the ball.
    How many games in the past have we played a team which is a hot mess, only to have them wup us good? The fighting bloodhounds by 17. Ouch!!

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      1. Bernie, I know we will be well represented with you in town. Ya, all is well, hope to see you at a game or two. Once, just once I’d like to see us win a game like this. I have some great Johnny and Jackie stories to share that you’ll chuckle over.

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  19. Hey Biggie, Georgie Jones is an oldie but a goodie. Didn’t he turn out to be a rascal though?

    You, Jeanie and the whole gang have a blast down in Tennessee, wish I were there and sending my best to ya all.

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  20. The game line is holding a Pitt minus 3. Pitt being the favorite to win. (actually giving 3 points)

    O/U has dropped to 56.5.

    Previous comments from yesterday vanished. So maybe this was answered.

    A Vegas suckers bet ?

    Don’t see Pitt winning unless we score 30 points or more.

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  21. Unless it becomes a turnover filled game. Then 21-17 or 28-24 could win.

    I’d be more comfortable if Jackie Sherrill was made HC for Pitt for the game.

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  22. I can’t get past Dan’s comment that Duzz is an incompetent idiot…
    Hope not! 😎
    What do I know…


    1. His record proves at best he’s mediocre, his game management and lack of self control proves my
      other point. 4th and one against State. At worst you leave Em on the 1. Thus my point.

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  23. Rich In SC,
    I know you meant to say Kenny Pickett when you refer to, “Milton seems to throw a hard pass with no touch when touch is needed.” So yeah, KP.
    But did you see the touch when needed by Davis Beville vs UMASS? (Not bad, duder.) Really want to see more of Beville. I have no qualms however with Nick Patti as backup however.

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  24. Watching the Cowboys vs Bucs ( very good game BTW ) – Chris Collinsworth just said Jordan Whitehead is pound for pound the toughest guy on the bucs ; just showed Aaron Donald looking like an absolute specimen in a commercial ; Brian O’Neill just inked a 75 million contract extension with the Vikes ; Louis Riddick always super razor sharp as an ESPN analyst – I am dumbfounded how Narduzzi or any coach does not have Pitt # 1 in recruiting ? Alabama , Georgia , Ohio St & Penn st. players are not as visible as the panthers alumni after college football !!!!

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    1. It takes a heck of a lot more than some good players and a guy on TV to have the type of program that pulls in #1 recruiting classes.

      Did you know if the Football Gods came to Pitt in 2007 and said “We’ll give you Nick Saban, national titles, a plethora of wins and draft choices but you have to spend X amount on coaching staffs, X amount on new facilities, X amount on recruiting all the while academics for these players will be an afterthought and Saban will run the school” the Pitt administration would take a step back and say “no thanks.”


  25. Heupel knows Nardo’s defense having played it two times while he was HC at UCF. 1 crushing of us and 1 Pitt win on the Pitt Special trick play with 56 seconds to go, on 4th & goal to win 35-34.

    And Nardo knows Heupel’s offense (or at least should) going 1 & 1.

    Game Number 1……the 45-14 UCF rout, UCF had 568 Total Yards (240 Rushing 5.3 ypc)
    Game Number 2……the Pitt Special win 35-34….UCF had 423 Total Yards( only 85 Rushing 2.5 ypc)

    So that would appear to indicate Nardo learned how to better defend Heupel’s rushing offense,
    As UCF’s passing yards were almost equal in both games. (328 in the Rout & 338 in the Pitt win)

    Tennessee appears to be Rush oriented so this could bode well for us.

    Tenn’s QB, Milton is a redshirt Junior after 3 years at Michigan, where he lost his starting job
    after going 1 win & 3 losses last season for the Wolverines. In total he has thrown 6 TD’s & 6 intercepts
    in his 4 year career.

    Again Tenn’s QB Milton….. avg or below avg. play to date….plays into Nardo’s defense.

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  26. Tennessee’s D is going to give Pitt’s O some fits. Their secondary is better than ours with back-ups who probably start at Pitt – one CB back-up is a 4 star transfer from Alabama and the other back-up is a safety projected to be a late round NFL draft pick. I predict Pickett struggles unless there is actually a run game present against the Vols 4-2-5 defensive scheme.

    Where does a run game come from? For one, Pickett will be quick to tuck and run once he is frustrated by the coverage he sees early in this game. Remember vs UMass, our receivers were well covered most of the game. That was UMass – Tennessee has a SR CB projected to be a 3rd round NFL draft pick.

    Another option for the run could be a combination of Izzy, Sibley and Carter. All three had impressive, albeit very limited action vs UMass. If we rotate these three tomorrow and ride the hot hand when and if they get hot, Pitt will have a legitimate 200+ rushing yards.

    This strategy should keep the game close until K8 is replaced by a back-up late in the game to help win the game. Patti or Beville will come in with one or two drives left in the game, down one score to help resuscitate a frustrating afternoon by our passing game.

    If our struggle starters are replaced, Pitt wins 19-17 on a late TD. If the struggling is allowed to remain in the game, Pitt loses 17-16 with a missed PAT being the difference besides poor play by our offensive starters.

    I’m looking forward to an entertaining game, hoping for a win and preparing to have plenty of mind altering activities to keep me occupied if Pitt loses.

    Go Pitt – win one for Johnny!

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    1. I largely agree with your synopsis. Our corners are very good, especially Mathis, but the safeties are obviously a big concern, and I for one do not believe we have much of a running game (and again, I’d fire Borbs & Whipple if this holds true and we lose vs Tenn).

      And finally, if after 7 years, Nard can’t beat Tenn with a first year coach (though a good one), I would say its likely time to move on from Narduzzi.


    2. Actually the two RB’s who had the best results in the first game were Hammond and Flea.

      Hammond avg’d 5.6 yds on 8 carries, a team high. 45 yards, again a team.

      Flea avg’d 5.3 yds on 6 carries. 32 yards.

      Only taking into account RB’s who carried the ball at least 4 times.

      Pitt’s Rushing Attack got better in the 2nd half when the above 2 played. It was pretty stagnant
      in the 1st half other than Davis’s TD jaunt near the end of the half.

      I don’t see Carter & particularly Sibley getting much PT vs Tenn. As they are hole hitters and I don’t see many holes in the forecast vs the Vols.

      Since Pitt plays with no FB, you need RB’s who can make the first tackler miss. RB’s with wiggle.

      Those would be Flea & Hammond.

      And yes win one for Johnny….and Jackie !


  27. Mentioned in the last thread before it came down but this game is huge for Pitt. If Pitt has improved over last year they win. If they have improved as a team they win, if they have stayed the same (SOP) or regressed, they lose. This game sets up the rest of the season.

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  28. Tennessee QB throws jump balls all day against our DBs, up and down the field they go.

    Pitt’s OL dazed and confused. KP runs for his life (once again).

    Tennessee 27, Pitt 13 (yes, another missed extra point).


  29. James Madison beat Moorhead St last week 68-20. Why do I mention this? Because it was the first game for new offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan

    Sent from my iPhone


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  30. JeanieB and myself just came in from our scouting trip of the UT campus…. From our observation- A lot of tightly packed buildings, minimal parking with a beautiful 102,000 capacity stadium( “smack dab” “dag gum” “ whoa Nellie” “holy cow” ) right there in the mix.

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  31. Pitt Women’s Volleyball takes down High Point in 3 sets to none. Announcers were speculating if Kayla may be hurt. She did not play in the 3rd set at all. Hopefully she was rested out of caution for tonight’s match against BYU. Without a healthy Lund, I do not see us beating BYU. Without Lund High Point took the Panthers to 25-23. High Point had a 17-14 lead in the 3rd match before Pitt came back.

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    1. Was not able to follow the match. Did Serena Gray play today? Fisher might be resting the big guns because they will be needed tonight. Good strategy.

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      1. Annie: Gray played in all three matches. Starks, Lund, and Lockwood had one set off. Vazquez Gomez played only in the last set which Lund had off. Fairbanks served in 2 sets and Flood served in the other. Nwokolo played the middle in one set and the pins in the other two.

        The announcers were discussing Lund going over to the trainers and having a long discussion with them when she came out. It was their discussions that prompted my note.

        BYU made short order of Bowling Green winning easily in three sets. Hopefully the students will turnout for the match tonight!


  32. 27-16 Vols, Heather fires Narduzzi Monday and announces Brennan Marrion as the interm Head Coach, who in turn fires both Whipple and Borbs. This cataclysmic string of events leads to the POV’s highest traffic since its inception.


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    1. Has Pitt EVER fired a HC during the season ? (not counting between end of season & bowl game)

      Even Dave Hart was allowed to plod along with his 1 win seasons. 3 times.


  33. Pitt should be able to move the ball through the air, with Pickett getting around 250 yards passing. The running game will net 100yds. If Pitt gets at least one turnover they should win by a score of 28-21.


  34. Georgia Tech win or lose any game does not fully represent the overall strength or perception of the ACC. Not surprised that I see some groundwork being done just in case PITT wins a lot of games this year.


  35. In a comment above MarkPT “Jerry DiPaola must have been reading the POV…” great call Mark. It’s not the first time where a see a widely discussed topic on the POV then subsequently featured in the mainstream media.

    For those of you POVers out there, Mark and his family are suffering through a very tough time right now. The POV is known to have surprising powers of prayer. Keep the Faith Mark!

    JoeL, your picture popped up on my EMAIL, Imagine that, really cool pic. You can take a fan away from PITT but you can’t take PITT away from the fan……………..

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  36. On a Pitt men’s Basketball note, Milan Brown has been promoted to Associate Head Coach. He had been coaching Pitt guards. He was a Head Coach at Holy Cross and St Mary’s before joining Capels staff 3 years ago. Anyone who worked with Pitt’s stubborn and selfish guards the past 3 years deserves a promotion!


    1. What a crock !

      After the last dismal 3 years and the other team disruptions and defections….Heather
      should have insisted some heads roll.

      Noooo….what do we get…..promotions of these clowns !

      Talk about things being inverted.


    2. If Capel’s brother is still coaching at Pitt . . . . . it’s going to be a lonnnnngggg season. No excuse for him being there.


      1. He’ll still be there! It isn’t even worth 5 points a game who the coaches are! It’s all about are our guys better than your guys! In the ACC that’s about 3 teams. Long year ahead…….again!


  37. There is a report on SBNation site Rocky Top Talk (RTT) that Tennessee RB Tiyon Evans (leading rusher against BG (16 carries/ 120yds/ 7.3avg,/ 1TD) may miss the game due to covid complications.


    In another article from (RTT) but written today, it does talk about his potential replacement.


    Nothing free on 24/7 to confirm or dispute. Same with Rivals. Tennessee Rivals site doesn’t have a free board like PantherLiar.

    BTW-Not all SBNation sites are like Cardiac Hill. A lot of them are actually good.

    From what I understand, if a player tests positive for covid, he is out. If a Player is named in contact tracing, he is out for 10 days. If vaccinated and tests positive, a player can play if he has two negative tests.
    Feel free to correct me on any of the above.


    1. Well…that’s sounds promising…..hopefully his roommate is or he hangs out with the other RB who also gained 100 yards last week. Jabar Small. And Small is literally smaller,,,,,about 20 lbs smaller than the one you mentioned.

      Maybe their O-line will be contact traced as well !


  38. That also mean$ Milan Brown got a pay raise.

    That is beyond criminal.

    And he can’t recruit either !

    Unless the much ballyhooed class from 2 years ago, suddenly gets much much better,
    this season is going to be another near or in the ACC basement.


  39. I’m expecting to see quite a few LB’s coming on blitz packages tomorrow. This is probably the best group we have had in many a year. Campbell, Dennis and Petrusian looked great last week. Let’s see what they could do against Tennessee tomorrow/


  40. One of my betting sites, has changed the line on the Pitt game to…..Pitt -3.5 from -3

    So something could be up with the report by Pitt-cocks.

    ESPN is also listing him as Questionable.


  41. If Milan Brown is now the Associate Head Coach, then Capel’s brother must report to him. This may be how they are dealing with the issue of Capel reporting to Capel.


  42. Milton must have lost his starting job at Michigan for a reason. BTW, we know he has a strong arm, but is he a slow runner, and what about his release? I’m betting that Pitt’s LBs will give him a hard time in the pocket while the DEs will seal off the edges. Look for about 5 sacks tomorrow.

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    1. Yea….well they were 1 win 3 losses and the last 2 losses were blowouts.

      Milton threw 2 picks against Indiana in a blowout loss in game 3
      And 2 more picks against Wisconsin in a blowout loss in game 4.

      This dude is big however….6’5″ pushing 250 lbs.

      Which is bigger than all of our LB’s. So they are going to have to grab and not let go until down.

      He did run/scramble 14 times last week.


  43. PITT wins 31-24. After the game national draftniks start the murmur of Pickett and Krull possibly being Day 2 draft picks. Everyone agrees that LB Dennis is indeed a Menace and our kicker(s) execute a flawless performance. You can’t slap the smile off of Duzz’s face. The Victory Lights seem just a little brighter. H2P.


  44. Pulled this from the Pittsburgh PG:

    “Pitt has one of the older offensive lines you’ll come across. Carter Warren and Gabe Houy are 22 years old and have a combined 36 starts. Owen Drexel is a redshirt senior who studied under all-ACC center Jimmy Morrissey for three seasons. Maryland transfer Marcus Minor and Jake Kradel, meanwhile, have played in 48 total games.”

    This Old Line better be ready to run AND pass block well tomorrow in front of 102,000 loud SEC fans who are crazy mad for a win over a mediocre ACC team.

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  45. If our OL can create some space for a decent run game and if we can hold their running game in check the Panthers win. I do not believe Milton is the type of QB who can carry his team with a good passing attack. We hold a big advantage at QB UMO.

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  46. Big win by the Pitt Volleyball Team tonight as Erie Express stated above! Coach Fisher used multiple players during the match starting with one group of players and then making key moves as the match continued. Kayla Lund looked perfectly healthy! BYU had some service problems which helped the Pitt cause. BYU was ranked #12 coming into the weekend and had easily trounced Bowling Green earlier in the day!


  47. #15 Pitt Men’s Soccer Team trounces #3 UNC 4-0. Good night all around for Pitt. It is up to the football team to keep the momentum rolling.

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  48. The PITT crew has taken over a bar in Market Sq in Knoxville … just like my frat days 98% males …. I hope they don’t leave “it all” at the bar and have nothing left for game day…. I told those young bucks NO SEXTONIGHT… conserve!!!

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    1. I was with my Pitt crew bar hopping tonight. Met some nice volunteer students and had a great conversation with some pitt fans from Carolina. Will be drinking mimosas tomorrow morn with a former Tennessee cheerleader and her girl friend. They are renting the house below us. Knoxville is a great gem and very cool college town. Better than any pitt bowl I’ve experienced. Drove 14 hours same day to get here on one hour of sleep. Adrenaline and caffeine keeps me going. Hope to see some of you before or after the game. If you saw a guy in a pitt hat and ostrich cowboy boots, it was me tonight. I told mum I’d behave myself so nobody got arrested and nothing burned.

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  49. Bernie, don’t know how to post videos on here from my phone. Did you run into JoeL or Richard yet? Or anyone else from the POV?


    1. Great minds think alike, I posted that at 10 this morning. Hope he follows with a nice contribution. A great move by the coaches, Narduzzi and Canada. Worked out for everyone, especially Brian.

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  50. Pitt does have a very good showing down here. Vol fans and students were very welcoming. The scenery is great here. I’ll leave the interpretation to you.


  51. Two big name wins for Pitt sports last night by teams coached by our better stock.

    The volleyball team knocked off 12th ranked BYU to remain undefeated. Coach Fisher has maneuvered his highly ranked team through a tough OOC schedule to position themselves at a run through the ACC toward a NC.

    Our men’s soccer team may have righted the ship last night by destroying the 4th ranked UNC tar holes with a 4-nil dominating revenge win. Coach Jay found a way to motivate his cast of European student athletes to get back on the hunt for a return trip to The College Cup, soccer’s version of the final four.

    Now it is football game day of The Johnny Majors Classic. Pitt will be playing a prominent name in college sports, the Tennessee Volunteers.

    Jackie Sherrill is the honorary captain and will give the pre-game speech. While his age will cause a rough delivery, it is September 11th (NEVER FORGET) and this is the great former Pitt coach who strung together three straight 11-1 seasons, recruited the likes of Hugh Green, Dan Marino, Ricky Jackson and had a back-up on one of his early teams name Chris Doleman. All four of these Pitt greats are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Pitt will be lead by a coach who, by many accounts (mine included) has delivered mediocre results over and over in his 7 years as the Panther head man. There have been a few great moments, Clemson, psuX and the Coastal Championship, but never a significant win total and always at least 5 losses. Today could be his pivot point that launches his team and career towards a double digit win season.

    Let’s not lose sight that this game is supposed to be “entertainment”, fun and not the end all, based on its result. Today is September 11th and the 20th year anniversary of the day our great nation was attacked by terrorists, with many lives lost. LET US NEVER FORGET!

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  52. Let us also remember that on 9/11/01 to 9/12/01 the US Coast Guard commanded more vessels (thousands of private boats from rowboat to huge yachts) and moved more people off the island of Manhattan then the British did at Dunkirk.

    That was probably the most intense work of my career, with the month I spent doing Search and Rescue planning in Louisiana during and after the levees topped during Hurricane Katrina coming in a close second.

    (Bragging a bit about Coast Guard missions people might not have known much about…during Katrina we had over 33,000 lives saved – mostly off rooftops and tops of flooded & stranded cars.)

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