A Real Quick 51-7 Win Recap

This will excite some fans as it was a blowout… First off the important part – Fran’s tailgate.

Here is a link to the Tribune Review’s Jerry DiPaola’s take on the game… I personally think this quote by Narduzzi is rather insulting to his opponent head coach and the UMass players – “This was a good scrimmage. Scrimmage No. 3. We only had two during camp,” but that’s just me I guess as I feel courtesy is still important in every aspect of life.

From Pitt’s EJ Borghetti:

Pitt 51, Massachusetts 7
Sept. 4, 2021


  • Pitt opened with a 51-7 victory over Massachusetts at Heinz Field. The Panthers’ point total and victory margin (44 points) marked their highest since last year’s opener (55-0 over Austin Peay).
  • Pitt improved to 6-1 in season openers under Pat Narduzzi. The Panthers are 86-44-2 all-time in openers, including 16-6 since 2000.


  • Junior defensive end John Morgan made his first collegiate start.
  • Senior cornerback Damarri Mathis, who missed all of last season due to injury, made his first start since the Quick Lane Bowl vs. Eastern Michigan on Dec. 26, 2019.
  • Hawaii transfer Melquise Stovall, a super senior, started at wide receiver in his Pitt debut.
  • Senior Marcus Minor, a Maryland transfer, started at left guard in his Pitt debut.    


  • Pitt compiled 222 rushing yards, the 25th time under Pat Narduzzi that the Panthers have eclipsed 200 yards on the ground. Pitt is 19-6 under Narduzzi when rushing for 200+ yards.
  • The Panthers had 597 yards in total offense, their highest since recording a school-record 654 against Virginia Tech on Nov. 10, 2018.
  • Three Pitt quarterbacks combined for 375 passing yards: super senior Kenny Pickett (272), junior Nick Patti (58) and sophomore Davis Beville (45).
  • Patti relieved a momentarily injured Pickett at 13:54 of the second quarter for one play and completed a 17-yard pass to Shocky Jacques-Louis. Patti then came on late in the third quarter and finished 5-of-5 passing for 58 yards. He added a nine-yard rushing score.
  • Super senior Lucas Krull scored Pitt’s opening touchdown on a five-yard pass from Kenny Pickett. It was Krull’s first career touchdown reception.


  • Pitt surrendered just 209 total yards to Massachusetts, marking the lowest by a Panthers’ opponent since Syracuse had 171 on Sept. 19, 2020.
  • The Panthers compiled five sacks against Massachusetts. It was the 17th time under Narduzzi that Pitt had at least five sacks in a game. Pitt is 16-1 in those contests.
  • Super senior linebacker John Petrishen had a career-high two sacks to lead Pitt.
  • UMass managed just 42 rushing yards (on 27 carries), the 28th time a Pitt opponent has been held to less than 100 rushing yards under Pat Narduzzi. Pitt is 22-6 in those contests.
  • The Minutemen’s 42 rushing yards are the fewest by a Pitt opponent since Boston College managed just 30 on Oct. 10, 2020.
  • Junior safety Erick Hallett was responsible for the game’s first turnover at 13:19 of the third quarter when he forced a fumble (from receiver Michael Fitzgerald) and recovered it himself at the Pitt 38. The Panthers parlayed the turnover into a touchdown to build a 30-0 lead.


  • Pitt had two placekickers make their collegiate debuts. Sophomore Sam Scarton took the lead on placekicking duties and tallied seven points, making his lone field goal attempt (35 yards) and 4-of-5 PATs. Redshirt freshman Ben Sauls was 2-of-2 on extra point tries. Sauls also handled kickoffs and had four touchbacks on nine kicks.

Here is the transcript of Narduzzi’s post-game press conference…

PAT NARDUZZI: It’s good to get number one under our belt. I thought our kids came to play. Early in the first half we did some things just to slow us down, whether it was a turnover, misalignment by a young receiver that can’t do it, just an unforced error. We had, I think, two turnovers and we had a snap go over the head in the second half.

But overall, the offense put up 51 points, and the defense was pretty nasty early.

Like I told the guys in there (locker room) , you make your biggest improvement from week one to week two, I truly believe that, and we’ll clean up a lot of things. I think some of the guys will find out if they should be a starter.

This is a good scrimmage. It’s scrimmage number three. We only have two during camp, and that was scrimmage number three, and you can find out when the live bullets are flying who’s going to make a play and who’s not.

So there’s a lot of great things out there. We’ll look at the tape and I’ll have more information for you on Monday.


Q. Vincent Davis out there in the second half, was that part of the plan?

PAT NARDUZZI: I said something to (running backs coach) Andre (Powell). He said, it’s hard to get them all in there. But when Vince got out there, he’s special.

Just going from what we saw in camp, and thought Izzy did some good things, I thought Rodney Hammond did some good things. Daniel Carter got in late and got himself a nice run.

We’ll look at the tape. Disappointed in that first fumble out of A.J., but overall good. I think just coach’s decision, and I think Vince is a good football player.

Q. What were you hoping to see out of Lucas Krull, him missing basically an entire year?

PAT NARDUZZI: No doubt about it. I don’t know when the last time we had a tight end in with five catches, and Gavin I think had two, so you look at seven catches out of that tight end. We’ve got to keep those two healthy.

I think Jake Zilinskas came in and gave us some good reps as far as just blocking. But it’s good to see our tight ends get out there and make some plays, and Lucas is a big target. Got to be great for his confidence. He didn’t start off that good a year ago, but he’s rolling. Right where he needs to be. He’s excited, and I think confidence is good for everybody.

Q. Your defense kind of overwhelmed the UMass offensive line. Who stood out for you on defense?

PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t want to sit here and say — the first guy I’ll talk about is Kancey. I thought Kancey did. Johnny Petrishen did some nice things. But we’ll look at the tape. I think they had three 1st downs in the first half, so a lot of guys stood out. It takes 11. One of their mottos is 11 as one, and it takes 11 playing together. I don’t like a couple of those drives at the end.

We had I call it a selfish penalty with David Green, who didn’t hit the quarterback late from the interpretation, but kind of the way he drove him into the ground that they didn’t like.

We haven’t had the opportunity to drive many quarterbacks into the ground, so we’ve got to clean that up. That caused a drive where they missed a filed goal, and then their only touchdown they scored was on a snap over the head.

Nick changed a play and Owen thought he said hike and I think it was on the first sound and he snaps the ball. That was their only touchdown drive off a turnover.

Q. Four sacks from linebackers; typically your defensive line has been the leader for you, especially your ends there, but you have a really experienced group of linebackers. Do you see this playing out this way with this team, those guys being able to lead the pass rush, as well?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, they’re going to have to. When we blitz them we expect to get home. Phil Campbell I thought played great. You’ll watch one of his first hits on the quarterback, if he just sticks a hand out here, knocks the ball out, a turnover on a quarterback is more important than a sack, counts as a sack as well.

But get the ball out down on about the 20-yard line. But we’ve got some experienced linebackers that are explosive, they’re fast, and we’ll get our pressure from them like we did a year ago, and our D-ends will get — I think we missed some plays. Our defensive ends there’s a couple times they got away, and we’re going to have to be a lot better against Tennessee.

Q. Talk about your offensive line progressing through the game, not only the 4th and 1 stop, but ultimately you guys got four different running backs with touchdowns in this game. How did you feel about that?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I wish we didn’t have the puppy in there. I think Rodney was in there. I don’t think he ran it as hard as he needed to. Probably a coaching issue there.

First we need to get him going, probably coaching mistake there. He just didn’t put his head down. I would hope he could bury it in there. Probably had some nerves going on and some butterflies flies in his stomach. We’ll look at the tape and find out why, but I thought they did a good job.

Started off a little slow, but you’ve got to run the ball to get a feel for it, and I think once you start running it and you go, okay, I was happy with the way they ran the ball, and we’re only going to get better.

Q. You called Kenny Pickett a warrior before he took a really nasty shot early on but came right back out. Can you talk about what you saw?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I mean, he’s a war daddy, warrior, whatever you want to call him. He’s tough. Again, just took a shot in the chest, I guess. I didn’t see it. My eyes were down the field.

Fresh information released about U.S. Army casualties in Iran missile  attack - Tehran Times

‘(Editors note: This is a warrior when ‘live bullets are flying’- not a player who got a bump in the chest).

But he’s fine, and it was good to get Nick Patti out there and good to get Davis Beville on the field as well. So we got three quarterbacks reps today, and Davis took them down for a touchdown, and Nick scored one himself.

Q. Patti, he seems like such a confident guy out there —

PAT NARDUZZI: He’s confident and made good decisions. He didn’t like where he was going to try to throw it, and then tucks it and goes, but he threw a nice first pass. I think he threw his first completion on an out to Shocky maybe. They’re all blending together.

But we’ll go back and look at it. Him and Davis had some nice throws.

Q. Jaylon Barden hit a long one downfield and then the kickoff return, as well.

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, kickoff return; I wish he’d scored. He should’ve stayed on the outside, I guess. We’ll look at the tape and see, but he’s explosive, he’s fast, and we saw good things out of him. Shocky, as well. Shocky had a nice second quarter.

Q. Were you surprised Kenny came back in after one snap?

PAT NARDUZZI: No. Are you surprised?

Q. I wasn’t out on the field.

PAT NARDUZZI: You know Kenny Pickett.

Q. How bad was he hurt?

PAT NARDUZZI: Not very bad. Just got the wind knocked out of him, I think.

Q. Your running backs only, I think, Hammond had eight carries and that was the most. Were you guys trying to spread it out and get everyone involved?

PAT NARDUZZI: We were just trying to find out what we got. A.J. started it off, like I think I told you guys on Thursday, and we spread it out and we’re going to look at the tape and find out who we’ve got to go, because we can’t play four backs all year, or five backs. I don’t know how many played today, but it’s hard to get them all in there. We will look and see what we like and go from there.

Q. Two kickers, they both kicked, like you said. How would you — obviously Sam missed one, but what did you think of their —

PAT NARDUZZI: I think, again, we missed an extra point, which only extra point I can remember was in Boston a year ago, so we can’t miss those. Those could become critical points next week in Tennessee.

I thought they both kicked well. We’ll look at it. First time both those guys going out there in live action. Good scrimmage for them.

Q. SirVocea started at middle linebacker. What have you seen from his progression as a linebacker in terms of knowing defense and being comfortable in those calls and that situation?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, he’s a smart kid, one of the smartest guys on our defense without a doubt. Wendell does a nice job, too. We’ve got two starting Mikes and Chase Pine can go in there, as well. Those guys are kind of floating from the money or the boundary backer in Mike and he can play it all, but Voss had a great week of practice and we gave him the start, but we feel great with Wendell, as well.

Q. In the second half there you had some of the starters come out, and having some of those guys come off the bench there, who really stood out to the in the second half there?

PAT NARDUZZI: I kind of mentioned to you guys about Jaylon Barden, just watching him catch that deep ball. Again, we saw the tailbacks, but that’s the one guy that came off the bench and had two nice catches, I thought, over on their sideline.

I didn’t know if he (Jaden Bradley) was going to look fast enough on that last ball. Looked like he was jogging down the field and all of a sudden he snatched that ball, but kept his feet inbounds so I would say him and then it’s hard inside. You had a true freshman, Terrence Moore, playing center, so I think he had a little penetration one time, but overall I thought you put a young freshman in there at offensive center, he’s got a nice future here.

88 thoughts on “A Real Quick 51-7 Win Recap

  1. We really learned nothing yesterday.

    Kenny looked good, but there were a lot of wide open receivers. Tighter windows next week. We do have some offensive weapons. Krull will be involved every week. Lots of good receivers.

    The offensive line remains a huge concern. Despite the impressive rushing numbers, they really weren’t opening holes.

    The secondary also has some issues that need to be buttoned up.

    The most important thing that happened yesterday is that nobody got hurt.

    Big game next weekend. We’ll learn a lot more about where we truly are

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  2. I watched until the beginning of the 4th quarter. Because of the opponent it didn’t mean much, but as bad as UMass is I think we’ll have troubles in pass defense his season. Their receivers were pretty wide open even when our first string was in.

    Other than that our TEs looked good. Didn’t do much in blocking for the running game though – that has to change.

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  3. War Daddy and warrior are terms used all the time to describe people in sports, industry, etc. I understand your background, but came across as a cheap shot although it may not have been intended that way. Offensive line was underwhelming considering the opponent, but I liked the no huddle offense.They had very few mental mistakes running it, covering up Lucas is the only that comes to mind (ok the bad snap). A lot to work with and a lot to work on.

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    1. Cheap shot? When sports uses terms that hold true life or death meanings to describe playing a game that bothers me, and many, many others.

      Come with me when I work with injured and disabled veterans and ask them…

      And truly, I don’t believe that what others do regularly makes it OK.

      A true cheap shot is calling a game in which the beaten opponent gave their best efforts a “scrimmage”.

      That devalues all the UMass people and their work they did prior to the match.

      But we all have our opinions…

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      1. Pitt only had two scrimmages in camp as opposed to the past when it was three.

        It was a blowout and lots of kids played, so it was a scrimmage.

        UMass got paid, so the comment was really not much of anything.

        I know I’ll be coming on here less after wins to stay away from the negativity.

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  4. Thanks to Wolfe and Joe L and his crew for doing ALL the grilling at the tailgate.
    I just drank and watched 😎.
    Those guys made it happen.

    Great to see most of the old gang back together…a great bunch of people.
    Thanks for making it fun!

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  5. Was great to see the gang at the Fran/Wolfe/JoeL tailgate. Those guys, and others, put a lot of work into making this a very enjoyable part of the game experience. A tip of the hat and a thank you.

    I spoke to several people who said they don’t check in on the POV so much anymore. That’s too bad.

    While there were positives and negatives in watching the game, a few positive notes:

    —KP looked confident and threw the ball well. Made some nice decisions on runs too – especially the slides…
    —That rockie RB Rodney Hammond has some nice wheels.
    —The new player I was most impressed with was TE Bartholomew. He moves really well. I actually thought he looked a bit more explosive than Krull – but they both looked good.
    —Nick Patti has an odd kind of three-quarters throwing motion, but he was on target yesterday.
    —What I enjoy about blowouts is the chance to see the backups play. Maybe the highlight play of the day for me was seeing Davis Beville drop that long pass right over the shoulder of true freshman WR Bradley. Very nice.
    —We had a true freshman Olineman, Moore, play some center. That’s impressive, I don’t care who you’re playing…
    —Finally, we won by more than the experts said we would win by…👍

    Go Pitt.

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  6. One of the POVer criticisms of Narduzzi is that Coastal Division games (meaning those ACC games that count in the Division standings) are more important than non Division games. That’s his perspective and there is no right or wrong to that view. Its not mine (to me a PSU game is the most important game whenever it occurs). I believe he meant it in that way. For 6 years plus now I have listened to Narduzzi praise without exception the quality of Pitt opponent football teams. His use of the word “scrimmage” can fairly be seen as an exception to this but in fairness to Narduzzi leading up to the game he praised the quality of the UM team. I just believe Narduzzi was not as careful as he always is in his effort to be respectful to an opponent. This is not to say he was disrespectful. He used a descriptive word that allowed what he said to be interpreted a certain way. That doesn’t mean he intended to be disrespectful. As for his use of “warrior”, people in the military are naturally going to be sensitive about such usage. We all understand why that is so and to the extent a military person or anyone who has had a family member wounded in action found its usage demeaning to what real warriors do for our Country, I am truly sorry for that. But again, in Narduzzi’s defense, the word “warrior”, etc. is a common usage in sports and that is not going to change at least not in the near and reasonably distant future.

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    1. Again, everyone has opinions. Personally I would never talk an opponent down in that way. It doesn’t matter what he said leading up to the game. It is the lack of graciousness after the game when the opponent tried their best that bothers me. In the heat of the moment or not…

      Its like when I’m at Heinz Field and call a great play by an opponent player by what it is, a real show of talent in game play…and get screamed at by drunken fans.

      Again, I also hand write thank you notes and respond personally to hard copy letters (and yes, I’m old fashioned and proud of it).

      That said, that is enough on this for me.😉

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  7. What a great day yesterday! Thanks to all who attended the tailgate. It’s the best part of the day for me. Good food, plenty of drinks and really great people! Couldn’t ask for more.

    Public Service Announcement: Our undefeated Lady Panther Volleyball team is playing at undefeated Tennessee right now. The match is broadcast on SEC+ and can be viewed on Watch ESPN. After winning the tightest of matches yesterday against No. 9 Baylor, the ladies are in another tight one in Knoxville. Nearing the end of the first set, Pitt is up 24-23.

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  8. Football has always used terms of warfare. It’s a battle, he blew up that play, killer defense, long bomb etc.
    I am sure you can think of many more.

    I do think that Narduzzi should have refrained the scrimmage reference. Even if true. Dabo could have referred to us that way last year.

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  9. Pitt Volleyball is in a barn burner. After multiple set points for both sides, Pitt prevails in Set 3, 28-26. Pitt now up 2 sets to 1.

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    1. When it comes to Vegas there are no gifts given voluntarily given to the betting public. But if you feel so inclined you should place your bet on this game early.


  10. Lady Panthers lose the fourth set to send the match into a 15 point final set. Pitt wins the fifth set and the match, 15-10. 7th ranked Pitt is still undefeated!

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      1. I was holding my breath the whole time. These ladies are amazing. There’s no quit in them, although I wish they wouldn’t go to 5 sets so often. I swear I’m on the brink of cardiac arrest sometimes!

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  11. So much cynicism here after a dominating win. Understandably this was a mis-match but the great majority of D-1 teams typically start out with a cup cake. Always been that way and probably always will (and who’s to say it’s not a good strategy).
    I could not support a team who had the “win at all cost” mentality and search out the biggest “cheaters” to coach their teams. Win with honor, lose with honor. Just be sure to put in the effort.

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  12. Pulled this from PSN in their 5 Takeaways from yesterday’s scrimmage:

    “What Pitt needs to do is to be able to run the ball for three yards when it needs three yards. We didn’t see that on Saturday. There are some reasons to think that might change with less running back rotation, but there are also reasons to think it won’t, namely the inability to do the same thing for most of last season. It’s too early to panic, but it was not the strong showing one would have hoped for.”

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  13. Did I see UMass stop us on 4th and one… if I did Duzz and Whipe should step into the “Bull in the Ring!!!”


  14. KNOXVILLE update…. POVert groupies are heading to the Johnny Majors Classic…Nothing formal planned but BigB/ /JeanieB will load a couple of coolers with fresh limes( no food planned YET)…
    a bunch of us are staying at a hotel ( forgot the name- maybe starts with Hampton) address is 618 W Main St Knoxville Tn…

    I don’t care if you are a positive, a negativo, or a whiner – get your butt there and let’s help our gridders get win # 2 on their way to playing in the BCS PLAYOFFFs !!!

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  15. Have fun in Tennessee – I know many Pitt fans who are going to the Johnny Major’s Classic. Bring home a win.

    Regarding our kicker issues, I watched closely as the special team kickers, long snappers and punters warmed up. The Aussie was booming 50+ yard punts over and over again. The back-up was hitting weak 25 to 30 yarders.

    Observations from a paying customer. I wonder how much to buy another Aussie punter?


    1. Think I read somewhere Pitt already has another Kangaroo punter lined up from the same training school….Christodoulou came from….Down Under. Who is NFL bound.


  16. —Watched a bit of the UCLA – LSU game. UCLA looked good. As in they had the best looking uniforms I’ve seen in a long time. But their team looked pretty good too…

    —Good news – Oregon State lost!

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Watched some of that too. UCLA’s Lines dominated both sides of the ball. You know those vaunted SEC Lines.

      LSU only had 49 yds rushing while the Bruins rolled up 210 yds.

      I see Pitt’s Lines doing the same thing next week against the Vols.

      The Flea will be on the loose on Offense.

      And our D-Line is gonna create havoc.

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    2. Love the old UCLA uni’s…also the original Chargers unis… 2nd best ever right after the Johnny Majors Jackie Sherrill “Mustard” and we ain’t talking’ yell at Heather…


      1. Right……… the John Hadl to Lance ‘Bambi’ Alworth Charger uni’s. (even though I was always Darryl Lamonica in the schoolyard touch football games)

        And the Gary Beban/Mel Farr UCLA threads. Far out Mannn !


  17. Ike, you can feel however you want to about the game and you can feel however you want to about surrounding issues. But in turn you should respect what others on here think and say.

    Look, this has always been what this blog is about. If you want a strict football, kool aid take on things there are other message boards and blogs that lean that way.

    Its rather funny that you all mention over and again how people are turning to other sites to discuss Pitt football…yet you are still doing it on here and criticizing other readers’ comments. This is the most inclusive and, in a sense, democratic, blog around… on any subject.

    Show me what other blogs actively seek out other commenters to be article writers to contribute to starting in-depth discussions? Can anyone name one other than the POV? Do any other blogs allow articles that go, sometimes, directly against what the owner of the blog feels – without censorship?

    All that and it costs nothing to you. No fees, no stupid and distracting ads, just straight talk and give and take.

    Anyone realize that one of the more negative and incessantly vocal commenters isn’t on here and no one notices? How do you think that happens and believe me it is the last thing I want to do. Yet we have readers crying in their beer because this blog is “negative”. I have said this many times. If what you read on here bothers you then quit jabbing that stick in your own eye.

    Plus, Narduzzi looks like has bad breath so that’s another reason he should go.

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  18. Reed, I don’t think I was being disrespectful to you or anyone else. I was merely pointing out how I feel your comment is a non story. As far as Pat’s breath goes? You’ve been a lot closer face to face to him than myself so you tell me how his breath smells. I know Tex would say it smells like capicola and he’s never met Narduzzi.

    I know what this blog is about better than most on the POV Reed, just like this comment, I’m not affected by it at all, I know you well and expected a comment on my comment. I know the rules and I try my best to abide to them. I’ve never try and censor anyone to quit posting, I only try and express how I feel about certain comments.

    Reed, this question is kinda in jest, it seems to me that you gave the same first impression to Narduzzi as he gave to you. I would love to be there if and when you two meet again, face to face that is.

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  19. FL State taking it to ND and “Cryin” Brian Kelley.

    Seeing the crowds at Tallahassee and Hootersville this weekend get me excited for more. Those traveling to Tennessee will get a taste of what a packed house feels like.

    Winning programs have a hunger for more wins. Can Pitt fans get that appetite back? Miami, Clemson and UNC all home games this year. Win and fans will show up?


  20. Missed watching the game since ACC and Comcast can’t reach an agreement before the sun explodes in 4 billion years.
    And I refuse to pay Hulu again.
    Why did Morgen start?
    Where’s Baldonado?
    Are we leading the country in drops yet?
    And has anyone put out a missing persons report on TEX yet?


    1. Morgan started in place of SR Captain Deslin Alexander – Des never saw the field yesterday and no explanation given. I’m searching different interviews of the coaches but no reporter asked the question why Des did not play.

      Baldonado started at DE and had a ho-hum day – no sacks and 1 tackle. Again, it was a scrimmage. No big deal.

      The official stat is not out but I saw 7 drops – 3 by Addison.

      I had a few e-mailing exchanges with Tex. I’m speculating, but I think he is drawing up the paperwork to get naming rights to the Texas FB HC position. I could be wrong…


  21. I’ve seen some of the ND-FSU game off and on. There seems to be a lot of taunting and it’s not being called. Does anyone know if there has been a rule change?

    Wasn’t that Tex who posted above three hours ago?


  22. I am not missing Tex. If he had been blogging there would be at least 15 comments about yellow seats and Heather’s awards. Sorry, I can’t say I miss his comments. As one of 7 kids, I’ve always spoken my mind. I just don’t need to do it 15 times in one article- unless I’m reporting on a volleyball game. Speaking of that- I’m loving those cardiac kids on the VB team!

    Also, another great tailgate in Red 5A yesterday. Thanks to all involved. It was good to see the old gang again.

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  23. I like Tex.
    Good natured controversy and conflict keeps one young.
    Life is too boring otherwise.
    And, Pitt is now a women’s volleyball school.


  24. Florida state pen having the same problems since Shameus Jameis got chased out of Tallahassee.

    No QB who can throw.


    1. Forgot they even had him. They should have put him in earlier…..although we might have a Storybook ending here.

      Don’t like seeing FSU resuscitated from their recent decline 😦

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  25. What a game between FSU and ND…FSU HC Norvell panicked on that 4th down call from his own 28 or 30 in the 3rd quarter.


  26. Man we are a tough bunch. Pitt won their opener against a team we were supposed to win big against and we did just that. Our defense held UMass to 67 total yards at the half. No major injuries that I have heard of. Backups came in and played pretty well.
    Was it perfect? Of course not. I would challenge you to find any opening game that didn’t have the coach saying there was a lot to clean up.

    We’re the comments by Duzzi inappropriate? Of course and I’m sure this morning he wishes he didn’t say them.
    Pitt is 1-0. On to a step up in competition at UT.

    Hail to Pitt

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  27. there are things to clean up and there are signs of problems and weakness that should be pointed out

    starting each half’s first possession going 3 and out is a problem and points to poor coaching with how each of those played out

    first and goal from very close and not scoring a TD is a problem against a weak UMass team with how each play was called and executed both blocking and running

    both reflect coaching AND personnel problems

    next Saturday will be a legit test and I’m not feeling all warm and fuzzy after this quiz

    ps. the battle/war vocabulary used by PN while observing its ubiquitous presence over decades imo makes it understandable if not totally acceptable when used appropriately with no clear intent to equate the incomparable

    we should never intentionally mix the two, meaning war and death and getting hit and injured in a football game, and it appears the use here didn’t either but at the same time I totally respect someone’s sensitivity to it

    my high school is the WA “Warriors”, does that need to change?

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  28. Thank goodness that weaknesses were seen. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t know what to work on and would have a false sense of security.

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  29. If ever the table was set in Pitt’s favor it is this year after the way things went down in Week One.

    Question is whether Narduzzi and his staff are up to the task?


  30. I’m still not convinced Pitt has fixed their red zone problems. Running between the tackles was nonexistant. I didn’t see a TE crossing pattern in there either. And 7 dropped passes is way too many, so that problem is not completely fixed. The defensive secondary was a disappointment with the UMass receivers running free. I’ll give Battle the benefit of the doubt that he is not as bad as he looked.

    And any information as to why Deslin Alexander didn’t play would be appreciated.


  31. https://pittsburgh.rivals.com/news/need-to-know-pitt-tennessee-game-week

    I believe this is in the free section of the Lair. If not, here are some interesting stats for this week:

    Notes of note
    – Pitt is 2-0 all-time against Tennessee, having defeated the Volunteers 30-6 in 1980 and 13-3 in 1983. Both games were on the road.

    Including those two games against Tennessee, Pitt is 12-3-2 all-time against current SEC teams. The Panthers’ last SEC game was the 38-17 loss to Ole Miss in the 2013 BBVA Compass Bowl. Pitt’s most recent win against an SEC opponent was the 27-10 win over Kentucky in the 2011 BBVA Compass Bowl.
    The last time Pitt beat a Power Five (OOC) opponent on the road was 2008 when the Panthers defeated Notre Dame in four overtimes. Since then, Pitt has lost at Iowa twice (2012 and 2015), at Oklahoma State (2016), at Penn State twice (2017 and 2019) and at Notre Dame (2010, 2012 and 2018).


  32. 3rd string defense was rotating in, in the first quarter. I would not worry too much about open wide receivers. It was a glorified exhibition game.

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  33. From TeamRankings:

    Pittsburgh Football
    Predictions Update
    Sep 5, 2021
    • After beating U Mass 51-7 yesterday, Pittsburgh is now projected to finish the regular season 8-4 (4-4 ACC).
    • We currently rank the Panthers as the #7 team in the ACC (and #35 team in the country).
    • Next game: Sat, Sep 11 at #74 Tennessee. Our power ratings give the Panthers a 62% chance to win.

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  34. That is not exactly a resounding endorsement of Pitt football. A 4-4 record in the ACC means a loss with Clemson, Miami, NC and VT. They are not predicting even one upset of these teams. And a #7 ranking means they are in the middle somewhere, yep once again mediocre in the eyes of the public.


  35. Tennessee fans seem convinced we are going to kill their QB and generally have our way with them

    We seem convinced our OL is going to be a turnstile and we will get out-athleted by their receivers and RB

    I predict a 0-0 game that goes 87 overtimes before they call it

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  36. However there may be a few teams that will have difficulty in covering Krull and Bartholomew this year. I think Kenny can look to both more often in check down passes.


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