New Conference Soon?

The Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 are expected to formally announce an alliance between the three leagues in the next seven to 10 days, according to multiple sources involved in the conversations, but the substance of that agreement remains in flux.

A confluence of seismic shifts within the college sports landscape — including name, image and likeness (NIL), playoff expansion, a Supreme Court ruling that opens the door to antitrust litigation against the NCAA and its membership, and the SEC’s addition of Texas and Oklahoma — has created a desire among the three leagues to find philosophical common ground to chart a path forward.

“Is that about philosophy, governance, scheduling?” one athletic director asked. “It could be all of those things.”


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  1. Honestly, I don’t care who we play, when we play, or where we play, as long as I can watch my Fightin’ Pitt Panthers…

    (I know, I know — I’m part of the problem! 😊)

    Go Pitt.

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  2. I’ve hated ACC football since I moved South 43 years ago and it was all we could get on local TV. Part of my love for college football centered around playing PSU, WVA
    ND and other assorted rival teams every year. If this merger brings that back, I will be thrilled.


  3. It is really good that these conferences are being pro-active.
    I would like to see each team be required to play at least one OOC game
    with each of the other two conferences. This would still allow one or two tune ups.
    Also a sharing of the bowls among the three conferences.
    This could strengthen all three conferences.
    Hopefully force ND to join preferably the ACC.
    The ACC really cannot afford to lose Clemson and this might help.


  4. Why would clemson want to play Ohio state or USC in ooc. Unless schools make more money, the alliance is doomed. This won’t prevent clemson or Florida state from joining the sec or breaking off from the NCAA and forming a super league.

    Pitt may get a chance at some better bowl tie in for mediocre teams. That’s about it. Penny state won’t be back on Pitts schedule. I’m fine with that.


  5. The SEC is minor league NFL. The ACC B10 P12 is pretending to not be minor league NFL even though they are. But they are trying to be more college amateur focused and they may set up some new rules and bowl tie ins. Follow the money.

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    1. I don’t watch SEC football now. And don’t plan on watching it anytime soon. Bunch of low academic anything goes schools, like Auburn & LSU & the other glorified community colleges in hick towns.

      And I’m thinking the other 75% of the nation, won’t either.

      Would be great, if this whole thing backfires on the sec.

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  6. ACC, B1G, & PAC 12 Alliance means this, more than likely.

    Some non-con games like:

    Pitt vs Washington State in Pullman, Washington
    Pitt vs Oregon State in Corvallis, Oregon. (hey we could visit with Herman Munster and thank him for wrecking our Basketball program)

    Cause you know we wouldn’t get matched with USC, Oregon, or any of the top programs.
    Although probably a good thing, as we’d probably lose anyway. And a Rout perhaps too !

    In the B1G….we’d probably see Pitt vs Illinois or Pitt vs Minnesota. Something on the order of that.

    I still don’t think Pedo State would go for a non-con, they would want one of the better programs.
    Florida St, Miami, UNC, Va Tech or Clemson. Plus they just don’t want to play Pitt.

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  7. Given the failure of the ACC (no Comcast still after three football seasons), I’m sure their negotiations will pay enormous dividends to the ugly stepchildren up North.
    Moreover,this rush to not-get-left-behind will not bode well for anyone…except, of course, for the Big Ten.


  8. In Austin now. My sons dorm is right next to the football stadium. We’re checking in at the baseball field before going to his dorm.

    Does Pitt use any athletic facilities to process students?


    1. I can meet you if you’re available at 12:15-ish in front of the south end steps of the Capitol tomorrow. I’ll have a bag of peanuts in my hands as I feed a group of squirrels near there on my lunch hour.


      1. We didn’t stay the night. But came away impressed. Couldn’t believe how close his dorm was to the stadium. Wish I had more time to explore campus. Austin has at least five new skyscrapers going up. Couldn’t believe the construction activity.


        1. You’re right: parking garages everywhere, highly dense urban campus yet UT finds a way for a stadium, a new hoops arena and built that hospital near the current basketball arena.

          Nothing but excuses at Pitt.


          1. The garages are well done. They blend in. Wouldnt even know it was a garage.

            Pitt fans have been conditioned to accept excuses. Posvar gets credit for Cas and Johnny. He also needs to get the blame for the Killer B’s. Pitt football went from being elite to being a laughing stock in just ten years. And then being the great visionaries they were, tore down a historic stadium for a rental off campus.

            Also couldn’t believe the construction downtown. Even Dallas and Fort Worth combined don’t have that many new skyscrapers being built. Cranes are everywhere. What companies are expanding or moving in?

            And building office space. Many companies have shifted to remote or are building campuses in the suburbs. Just found the activity odd given how covid and real estate prices have impacted businesses.


            1. One of those cranes is next to the state agency I’m currently working at right next to the Governor’s Mansion. Driving into work on Guadalupe I see nothing but cranes. I’m not sure where these people are going to park.

              I’m guessing these are companies moving in from California.


  9. And there’s no big open lot around any stadium down here. All parking garages. With the small independent open lot operators.


      1. Yinzers are so spoiled with the parking at Heinz. No big open lots around a 100k city stadium. Parking is done in various remote lots throughout. Everyone walks or takes a shuttle I presume. Yet I don’t hear Texas alums and fans complaining like pitt alums do. Texas makes an on campus stadium work in a very dense urban environment.

        In fact, the old Pitt stadium setup was near ideal. Better than Texas actually.

        My son has a good view of the stadiums west end. He literally rolls down the hill and he’s there.

        The stadium actually blends in nicely to the surrounding buildings and dorms.

        Just struck by the density of that area. Probably 2000 students in just two blocks. Dorms there no higher than 4 stories I think. Older dorms.

        Well played by Texas to have students check in across the highway at the baseball stadium. Well played indeed.


  10. The more I read about this alliance, the more it sounds as if it is a way to control the SEC influence within the BCS and the NCAA. This Group of 3 will decide how they want to do things and then vote accordingly in the various venues to make it happen. The SEC wants desperately to go to a 12 team playoff system where they get to place as many as their teams in the playoffs as possible. This alliance will vote to limit how many teams from a conference are allowed. They will also makes sure that all conference champions are in the playoffs.

    The remaining teams in the Big12 are the ones who are most damaged by this alliance. It does not appear the conferences in the alliance are planning to expand any time soon. The remaining Big12 teams now have to do battle with the AAC to see who survives. At this point the AAC is worth more to a broadcaster than the remnants of the Big12. The AAC needs to add TCU to their membership and then renegotiate all their contracts.

    For some huge news, Pitt’s Women’s Soccer upsets #15 Oklahoma State on their home field in Stillwater. It was not that long ago that Pitt Women’s Soccer was an embarrassment to the rest of the ACC! This once again proves coaching matters. Recruiting helps but first comes great coaching. Recruits sign with great coaches.

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    1. I told you this was the sleeper team this year.

      Coaching does indeed matter

      Narduzzi costs Pitt two wins each year.


      1. Prior to coach randy.

        And Pitt basketball was very good prior to heather

        It sucks now

        I’ll give you credit Ike, your defense of her is admirable.


    1. It would be nice to think so. However this writer probably isn’t aware of Pitt administrators suddenly deciding to sh*tcan the football program, as they had done thruout history.


      1. Pitt ran off two good coaches in Jackie and gottfried. Raised academic standards. Gutted the football budget. Then tore down Pitt stadium.

        Whatever dynasty Johnny could build, pitt would have destroyed

        Somehow Texas finds room on a highly dense urban campus to have a nice track, 100k stadium undergoing $200 million in renovations and a new 15-20k basketball arena under construction next door.

        Yet Pitt says no parking, too much traffic, no space.

        Pitt is playing many of you for suckers.


          1. Are you saying pitt didn’t run off Jackie. You do remember Bozik?

            Pitt unfortunately may always be afraid of sustained athletic success. Texas proves you don’t need to be. They invest heavily in athletics. Their academic ranking doesn’t slip. Their tuition didn’t skyrocket. And the Horns just won the Directors Cup dethroning Stanford for the first time in 24 years or so.

            Stanford also proves you can be excellent in both athletics and academics.

            Unfortunately Pitt doesn’t see it that way despite the countless evidence. Pitt just doesn’t have the will to be anything more than mediocre. They are a bad plain vanilla ice cream.


            1. Sherrill left to become the highest paid college head coach in history to that point. Seriously, how much pushing did it take?

              Gottfried had PITT on the verge of disaster with violations and internal strife. Saying he was pushed out is an understatement. He was fired. Wonder why Gottfried never took a head coaching job again?

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              1. What I am about to write is a summary/paraphrase from the mouth of Jackie Sherrill himself…I wish I could remember where I saw/read the interview so I could direct everyone there to hear it for themselves. Obviously, the narrative is going to project Jackie in positive light since it is his side of the story. Take it for what it is worth.

                He talks about the contract negotiations being contentious and that Pitt was not pro-active. He requested a substantial increase in salary of which a portion would go to bumping up his assistant coaches salary. he also informed the administration that the landscape in college football was changing…that if Pitt was to stay at the top, they needed to overhaul the weight room and other football facilities as well as an increase in the recruiting budget (more on that in a moment.)

                The administration was appalled and laughed at the proposal. As the season progressed, Jackie did not back off his demands. As other teams started to reach out to his agent, the possibility of Jackie leaving was passed on to the administration. They reacted as though it was a bluff/part of contract negotiations. They did not back down either.

                The season ended and Pitt was preparing for the Sugar Bowl. TexAM presented their proposal. Sherrill”s agent informed the administration that Jackie was prepared to accept. They thought he was bluffing. The expiration of his contract I believe was at 1159 on New year’s eve (I could be wrong about the exact day, but I could swear it was the day before the bowl game.) TexAM gave Jackie until 11 pm to accept. His agent approached Pitt with that information. Again they balked. Jackie accepted TexAM. His agent informed Pitt. Sometime between him accepting and the 1159 expiration, Pitt gave a counterproposal that Jackie says would have kept him at Pitt had he not already given a verbal to TexAM. However, being a southern man whose word meant everything, he could not reneg on his verbal.

                Jackie also indicated that had he to do it over again, he would have stayed at Pitt. That is how I remember the interview…take it for what THAT is worth

                About the recruiting budget increase mentioned above…That no doubt was due to the prevalence of “bagmen.” I would recommend- if you haven’t already- watching ESPN 30 for 30 story on Marcus Dupree. Not only does it show the cheating involved in college football, but it also speaks to what we all know already…Pitt was at the top of the football world in 1981. They were mentioned in the story as one of the top teams recruiting Dupree. One newspaper article even mentions that Dupree picked OU over Pitt and some other schools. I wonder if he would have picked Pitt, how that may have helped in Marino’s senior year?


              2. Which violations are you referring to? Banging the cheerleading coach? Wanting to put a winning football team on the field? Not being willing to kiss the fat butt of Dean Mary Briscoe who should never have been involved in the first place?

                IBTW, Pitt owed Gottfried a ton of cash (great job there Briscoe) and he didn’t need to coach.


          2. I’ll be taking a hiatus Ike. I’ll miss your yin to my yang. I don’t think reed will have this blog going next year. If needed, I can create a new one to encourage engagement and discussion. I think those things are critical for fans and alumni in connecting back to the school. I’ve always believed in establish strong bonds and connections. Hence my MPC concept. I hope you’re doing well and I’ll personally overcome hell and highwater to shake your hand one day.



  11. Construction zone around the football stadium. Son is about 50 yards uphill from it. The stadium is a good seven stories high. Texas HUGE

    There are at least three dorms to the immediate west of the stadium. Older dorms.

    I came away impressed with their front porch. Pitt could learn something.


  12. Weird, when Pitt’s records from 1964-72 are ever written about I never see anyone point out the crazy academic standards that were in place. I wonder if that is because writers and fans don’t care about that stuff. People look at the end all be all: wins and losses.


    1. Pitt’s 1970 team wasn’t bad at 5-5 considering where they had been in the Dave Hart era of 1 win per season.

      That Pitt team started out the season 5-1, before tanking the rest of the season.

      Pitt had climbed to #15 in the rankings at 5-1

      Pretty brutal schedule to end that year…..#2 ND, #20 Pedo State, an 8-2 BC team and a 6-4 Syracuse team.

      So even HC Carl Depasqua had a higher ranked (in season) team than Narsnoozy.


      1. I was there for every game and at 5-1 things were looking good and Pitt was ranked again.
        But an accurate description of the fold was that the black players on the team revolted (led by Brian Salter) and that dissonance caused Pitt the season.


      2. Denny Ferris…one of my favorite PITT running backs…I remember that season well with PITT on a roll until the injury bug hit…local boy Jack Dykes(Kiski Area) went down with a knee injury…if the team stayed healthy they would have ended with a winning season.


          1. Denny Ferris could motor. Was Tony Esposito the FB?

            I remember oranges being thrown on the field when Pitt was 5-1. Orange Bowl here we come!

            Remember the sign at the Pitt Stadium goal line:

            “Paydirt — No Visitors!”

            Go Pitt.


  13. I used to work with a professional tailgater in Austin. He got paid $35k a football season. It was his side huddle from the 9-5 job. They really do go big in Tx.


    1. The new basketball arena looks to be twice as big as the Pete. I know it’s built to expand out to 20k if needed.

      You’d be tailgating in remote lots and either walking or taking a shuttle.

      Most Yinzers would never attend a game if pitt had the same setup. Limited parking in the immediate area. Only garages. No wide open lots. No roof overhang to protect against sun. Huge climb up to seating if you go west side upper deck.

      Yet somehow despite being merely an ok program in the past ten years, they easily sellout a 100k stadium.

      Heinz has plenty of open lots and is very easy to get in and out. Stadium with pro amenities. Pitt struggles to get 30k to attend.

      Johnny could have won another two titles and I doubt pitt would have ever considered expanding Pitt stadium. They would have been scared of his success. The eggheads would have been jealous. Pitt would have killed a good thing.

      Actually campus today was humble looking. Didn’t see much Texas stuff. Yes things are bigger but it was tastefully done. And a very diverse student body.

      Proves a school can have both excellent academics and athletics. They both can work together as a team instead of competing with one another.

      Pitt has never understood that.


      1. Easy big guy, haha. I was staying out of the politics of the discussion. I thought it was crazy he got paid $35K for tailgating with beer and food provided. He had a corner, ground floor, spot in a garage that had a large grassy knoll on the other side of the garage wall. I remember him saying it was a hike but they provided an RV with a 100 inch TV on the outside too so lots of people never went into the game. They approached him because of the location and it turned into a 10+ year gig. I haven’t worked with him for 5 or 6 years and didn’t keep in touch so no idea if he still does it. He loved it though.


    1. I have Citizen’s Fiber here in Pleasant Unity. They did not carry the ACCN nor the Big Ten Network. They do carry the SEC because…you know…all of us in Westmoreland County would much rather watch schools we have no affiliation to.

      I saw this post and decided to check my stations with the four numbers. What do you know…there it is on channel 2134…THE ACCN!!

      As Mike Lange would say, “Well I’ll be cow kicked!”


  14. Glad that Comcast is now carrying the ACC Network. That should take care of 20 negative comments per article during football season! By the way almost all Pitt ACC volleyball matches are broadcast over the ACC Network or on ACCDN. Same usually applies for Men’s and Women’s Soccer. It may take several weeks before your Comcast sign-on works to get you access to ACCDN. It took Dish about 3 weeks after it started broadcasting the ACC Network. The ACC Network is only two years old. Based on the complaints about not having it, you would think some of you have been without it most of your adult lives. Oh, and it has always been broadcast in color, never in black and white.

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    1. I highly suggest watching well coached teams on the ACC network.

      Start with catching the number three ranked men’s soccer team. Then tune in to watch top ten ranked volleyball. If you want to see more, I suggest you watch women’s soccer and men’s wrestling for fun and good entertainment value.

      I highly recommend you turn off the TV if there is a football or basketball game unless you love seeing losses and bad coaching. And some just might thinks it’s must see TV given how some defend mediocrity at every turn.

      Now I named four programs to watch this year. There are 15 other ones. Most will hurt your eyes and upset your stomachs. Do so at your own peril.


  15. I believe Pitt spent around $12 million to be ready for the network. It’s anticipated to generate about $10 million in extra revenues per school each year.

    Narduzzi will be asking for another raise and extension.


    1. Understood. Just got to see how Pitt could have done things with different leadership. It’s eye opening. What squandered opportunities and horrible decision making since the Killer B’s.


  16. Wonder what the deal was that they finally settled on? You guys will enjoy having it. As John from SC said, one less thing to complain about.


  17. Change of pace comments here. Regarding good coaching versus good recruiting, I remember a televised Pitt-ND game with Urban Meyer as as the TV color guy. Game was close but Meyer kept saying that Pitt just didn’t have enough talent to beat ND, And Pitt did lose by a couple of scores. He said recruiting was the primary thing in successful programs. I remember many high school football coaches telling me as a high school administrator that many winning programs had big time talent. In many cases they said that winning HS programs cheated by getting great players to come to their schools by any number of shady if still legal reasons: certain academic programs offered at a school not offered at the home school, need to live with an out of district relative to be out of a disruptive home, and the like. In my 40-year public school experience, it only happened to talented athletes, not any other kind of needy kid, at least at public schools. I am talking about stuff that goes on now, not thirty years ago. Great coaching cannot make a slow kid outrun a good fast kid, great coaching cannot make a 160 pound guard pancake a good 275 pound defensive lineman, great coaching cannot make the impossible possible, at least according to Meyer and many other coaches. I know the ex-coaches on this site will challenge what I am relating. I am the messenger here, but for me at least it is hard to challenge these beliefs. The kid from OSU transferring to Pitt last week was a 4-star 300 pound lineman from Mentor, OH HS, one of the top public HS programs in OH. He is coming to Pitt because there are not three or four 4 and 5-star linemen ahead of him on the depth chart at Pitt as there was at OSU. And which program is better as a result of that situation? Coaches can coach up only so far. First there must be talent. Then comes the coaching. Johnny Majors didn’t make Pitt a winner out of a sow’s ear. He brought in silk purses to work with and coach up. The new tri-partite conference alignment can possibly improve a school like Pitt’s recruiting possibilities. To me there is more upside than downside. .

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    1. 100% agree. The better coach may make a difference when the talent levels are equal, but rarely does the less talented team win. Last years playoffs were a prime example. The biggest difference in talent is most obvious in quarterbacks. All other things being close to equal, the best QB usually wins. Tom Brady is the ultimate example.

      Look at Pitt last year, in all Pitt’s losses the opposing QB played a better game. No doubt the lack of a running game made it even more difficult. With the running game pretty obvious the difference was in talent level vs. coaching.


    2. As a former coach, this bait was impossible to stay away from so I’m biting hook, line and sinker. Here are my thoughts.

      Talented players make coaching easy as long as they take instruction without attitude. Some talent is poison. See pitt basketball. See AB and Steelers.

      Coaches are also responsible for those recruits. Recruits follow leaders and innovators. Yes packed stadiums matter and nfl pipelines and multiple other things but relationships, trust and comfort are important factors. People make the difference. Recruits often commit to an individual who recruited them. It becomes personal.

      Coaching is also about schemes, development and managing a staff. Don’t underestimate the management side of this operation. Coaching talent also varies greatly. Hiring a smart, hungry and creative staff who work well together is key.

      But yes in the end you’d rather have an athlete with tangible physical traits like speed and size.

      Here is how coaching has made a difference. Soccer and volleyball. These programs haven’t landed elite recruiting classes. But men’s soccer and I’d say women’s volleyball are as close to elite as you will get.

      That’s because coach Jay and coach dan are the best two coaches since Jackie. They recruit players for their system. They have good systems. They develop and motivate. They have good assistants that have complimentary skill sets.

      It really is that simple. Hire the right person the first time.

      Football might work a bit differently than these non profit sports. You get the elite talent by paying them. Pitt thinks that’s cheating and is dirty so it doesn’t play that game. So that’s when scheme, good innovative staff, development and recruiting players that fit becomes real important.

      Let me ask since I don’t have the answers.

      What scheme does Pitt run on offense?

      Name me some innovative coaches on the staff and who are possible head coaching candidates for other schools.

      What players have really developed and reached their full potential?

      And one has to wonder why Pitt is so mediocre?


    3. The OL from Ohio will easily be the best player on that line. He’s graded out as a late first round draft pick. I did my research. He’s an excellent pickup. Credit to whatever coach on staff recruited him over.


      1. I agree with much of this, but each sport has different ratio of talent and coaching needed to succeed at a consistently high level. Football probably requires a higher ratio of talent to coaching/management than any other North American sport. Truly innovative schemes may buy you a 4-year run, but teams figure them out eventually, especially when you step up in class, which is why so many mid-major coaching hot shots flame out in the Power 5.


        1. That’s why you need to keep on reinventing the wheel. Teams figured out Canada and the jet sweep. You move your strong safety up.


  18. Other than the football factories and the few that overachieve from time to time everyone is mediocre.
    Even your beloved Texas that has all the advantages has not been competitive on a national level for some time. Penn State?

    You really can’t compare Soccer and Volleyball to Football and Basketball where a coach can make a rapid difference. Basketball maybe, football never. Yes you can point to Cinci and a few other outliers. My guess is if Cinci was in any P-5 conference they would be middle of the pack at best.

    While no one should be satisfied with the results that Pitt has been getting, there is no magic bullet, if there was everyone would be buying one.

    By the way Jackie and Johnny’s records were never close to what they achieved at Pitt. While they were great coaches, they also assembled the greatest talent far superior to most. Dorsett, one of the greatest running backs ever and Marino on offense and Greene on defense at the same time. Many future pros that had stellar careers.

    Pitt has no real talent advantage over its current schedule, but it does have competitive talent. That is why with few exceptions it can win or lose most of its games.

    Was it coaching that cost Pitt its two one point defeats last year? Maybe, maybe not. Those teams are picked 2 and 3 in the other division. Joey Yellen was the QB vs Miami and ND, losses probably not due to coaching.

    Hey, I’m all for that mythical smart and hungry coaching staff, everyone should have one.

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    1. They also assembled some of the greatest coaching staffs. I judge a HC by his tree.

      I agree with everything you said.


  19. So here are the ACC Football teams (that we play) with better talent than Pitt:

    VA Tech

    It is the “Johnny and Joes”


      1. Florida state recruits well. Coaching is the problem there.

        And Georgia tech had a very good recruiting year. They are situated in a talent rich state.

        So I’d say five schools have the talent advantage on Pitt.


    1. But how much of a talent advantage do we have over GT, Duke even Syracuse?
      You still have to come to play and can’t look past any of them.
      You can’t make mistakes, turnovers, penalties, missed kicks can cost any game.


    2. There are yearly variations, but basically: Clemson is in its own tier for recruiting, Miami, Fla. St. and UNC are in the second tier (Fla schools have the potential to bounce back to Tier 1), and Syracuse, Wake, Duke and B.C. are in the bottom tier. Everybody else (including Pitt) is in Tier 3, some a little better than others, others a little worse but not a difference so great good coaching couldn’t overcome it.


    1. I respect Sandy a ton, but she’s reaching when she’s saying it’s more than just a revenue play.

      Sharing library resources? They can do that now without an athletic alliance if they chose.

      The alliance neeeds to create a larger revenue stream so that every school realizes a larger check

      And it must guarantee a certain number of schools per conference that are eligible for a proposed 12 team playoff.

      Better bowl ties is the cherry on top but just presentation.

      It is all about money and trying to delay the inevitable and anyone saying anything different is full of it.


    1. I’m stupid.

      Why again would clemson want to take on Ohio state if it hurts their chance at the playoffs.

      Will clemson personally make more money for this matchup. Will Ohio state?

      Who is going to watch pitt play Washington state?

      Eventually the elite schools in each of these three conferences are going to get tired of banding together and subsidizing the scrub schools.

      This alliance is a reactionary stop gap measure. It’s being positioned as offensive but it really is a defensive strategy.

      It only delays the inevitable.


      1. What would you say if Pitt played WVU and Penn State every year?

        That puts eyeballs on the TV and Butts in the Seats … and you know what? That’s $$$

        That’s the kind of thing that’s at play here IMO.

        Not Washington State

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        1. Penn state would never play Pitt. West Virginia is already on the schedule but they are in a dead conference right now thanks to Texas.


          1. Penn State would play Pitt if the “Alliance” thought it was in the greater good.

            WVU will be poached into either the ACC or the Big 10 as part of this. Mark my words…


            1. WVu would be a good get for the ACC. But penn state would demand a large cut from any made for TV game. And rightfully so. I wouldn’t share any of my keep with schools like Rutgers.


        2. I would love that. But the schools playing that matchup need to keep 100 percent of the revenues. I wouldn’t be sharing with Wake or Rutgers or Cal. And of course penn state would want to play at home and not at a neutral. I don’t think the Hoopies would be as arrogant and self serving.


      2. The new SEC has the same issue. It is all about money. The alliance, if they go big, could get the most TV money easily. No university will walk from that.


        1. We are five years away from 32 schools walking away from the NCAA and forming their own super league.


        2. That’s only if cbs and nbc value it that way. ABC/ESPN is holding all the cards. And they have leverage over the ACC due to the ACC network. Geniuses at ESPN. Cuthroat sons of Bees.


      3. If the alliance succeeds in capping the number of playoff participants per conference that would reduce the risk of a tough out-of-conference game for a team like Clemson since they could lose to an Ohio State, drop another game in conference (and possibly lose two in conference depending on the quality of the opponents) and still make a 12-team playoff. For example, in the last normal season, 2019, the #11 and #12 ranked teams in the BCS were Utah and Auburn, who finished with 3 and 4 losses respectively.


        1. That could be part of the rationale. There’s power in numbers. But every alliance has cracks. Schools are motivated by fear and greed.


    2. What PAC 12 schools can counter the combo of Oklahoma and Texas. It would take more than the entire PAC 12. That conference is garbage for football. And the ACC isn’t much better.


  20. I’m hearing that ALCO is not allowing tailgating in the Red Garage..
    Anyone know if this is accurate?


    1. Thanks Tex…
      Looks like the lots open 3 hours prior to kickoff instead of 5 hours.
      “You’re killing me Smalls”


  21. But why would Alabama want to take on Oklahoma or Texas? Is this a different rationale than adding Clemson to the mix? Tex, you make no sense. These teams are going to offset each other to some degree, and a late loss to a team that has 2-3 losses already could knock a team like Oklahoma, or even Clemson, out of the playoffs.

    By the way, any comparisons between football and basketball success, and the success of soccer and volleyball at Pitt is totally ridiculous! I love the head coaches and the success of VB and soccer at Pitt, but it is much easier to be a big fish in a small pond. If Pitt wants to be top dog in these areas it is much easier to throw in an extra million dollars to become good. An extra million in football would mean basically nothing. So statements that successful hiring in the minor sports (which is very important) implies that it should be just as easy in FB and BB are inane and nonsensical.


    1. Pitt doesn’t have the right coach for football. He can be found for $3.5 million with escalating salary increases based on performance.

      Don’t over complicate things. It really is that simple. But for the true elite recruits, pitt has no booster organization to pay for them. Hence any pitt HC has to have a unique system, recruit specific players for it and have a quality staff good at recruiting and development.

      Texas won’t play bama unless in the conference championship. They won’t lump Texas in the same division. Texas would kill the Tide.

      I see the sec going to a pod format. 4 divisions.

      By my sons senior year, Texas will be national champions. I know something you don’t.


      1. Joe, I found the following explanation online just now: “The ACC Network appearing on Comcast last night was apparently an operational error on the part of the distributor (ESPN) in inadvertently putting it on an overflow channel. Comcast and Disney continue to negotiate new contract, which is expected to include ACCN.” I also heard negotiations is expected to be completed by August 31.


  22. OT —. Steeler’s game against Detroit showed the value of a tall, mobile TE in the red zone. The taller Steeler’s TE caught two TD passes over a shorter defender.

    Lucas Krull and KP should be able to do this.

    Go Pitt.


  23. Coaching does make a huge difference. We should all know that very well at Pitt.

    Jamie Dixon played with mostly marginal talent and regularly beat more talented teams like Uconn &
    Syracuse & Villanova.

    In football, most recently look at Matt Campbell at Iowa State. Iowa State’s 2020 class was #44 tied
    with Pitt (of all schools), yet they were ranked in the Top 10 last year.

    ISU’s previous recruiting classes were #47 in 2019 (Pitt was 49)
    #54 in 2018 (below Pitt)
    #44 in 2017 (below Pitt)
    #53 in 2016 (below Pitt at 29)

    As in most other jobs, you have Overachievers and Underachievers. Campbell is certainly an
    Overachiever……as for Narsnoozy….I’ll let you decide.


    1. Texas lost to Iowa state.

      Cost them a chance to play for the Big 12 championship. Texas had the far superior athletes. I watched the entire game. Texas was outcoached. Very easy to see.

      The Texas AD knew this. He’s not stupid. He found boosters and fired Herman. Texas now has a new coach.

      It is never this easy at Pitt.


      1. ISU got jobbed bigtime by the refs in the Big 12 Championship game. Pretty much recognized by all who watched, excluding OU fans.


  24. Although I hope otherwise, pretty sure the alliance announcement will be a big nothing burger. It is a philosophical and political agreement to stop the SECs power grab. Three against one. The universities want federal legislation on player compensation. They all will be fighting to influence Washington DC scum to mold the outcome in their favor. May the best lobbyist win.


  25. Additionally in both Coaches time at their respective schools.

    Matt Campbell’s ISU teams have been ranked in the Top 25, a Total of 27 times.
    Narsnoozy’s Pitt teams have been ranked in the Top 25, a Total of 8 times.

    All the while, that ISU had no recruiting class higher ranked than #44.

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    1. This stuff is going on more and more….and not just at football games. Even during airline flights. Ran into a flight attendant the other day in my neighborhood….and during the course of our conversation…
      she mentioned she quit her job as a flight attendant…..because of all the fights on flights.

      Despite what you hear on this, you see the guy pushed the girl, which prompted the slap by the girl.
      She then protected the older guy who had been dazed/knocked out by the thug.


      1. I’m purchasing plane tickets now to head home for the clemson game. If some jerk reroutes my flight for arguing with a flight atttendant, I’ll personally throw him out the door at 30,000 feet.


  26. Walt Harris was another example, took a team that was 12-33 over it’s previous 4 seasons and
    took them to a Bowl game, in 1997.

    Turned a backup, forgotten Senior QB on the roster….into Pistol Pete, who will be forever remembered for
    the most memorable 41-38 win over the #22 Hoopies at Pitt Stadium.

    Walt Harris had 6 Bowl Seasons in 8 seasons, had a 9 win season, two 8 wins seasons and never had highly ranked recruiting classes.

    Walt Harris could coach up the marginal talent he had and Overachieved at Pitt.

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  27. Good/great coaching can have a major effect. Huge.

    Case in point: Iowa State, preseason rank #8, recruiting class #52 (all 3 stars, no 4s, no 5s).


    1. If you think they will finish at #8 you’re deluding yourself. Although they do have an All American RB and TE, both areas where Pitt is lacking…


      1. All-American pre-season team out today, Notre Dame & Iowa State lead, with 3 picks each on 1st team.

        Pitt…..nowhere to be found on either 1st or 2nd team. In year 7 of Narsnoozy.


  28. Great coaches can make a difference. Great coaches win consistently, however, with great talent infusion. See Saban. Bowden. Johnson. Meyers. Paterno Swinney Rockne Sutherland Royal Switzer Leahy Hayes Parseghian Schembechler you name a consistent big time winner. The consistency part of long term winning has to include talent. See Steve Spurrier at Florida. Blg winner with the FL talent. Not successful winner with University of South Carolina talent. Coach, staffs, and schemes all are big helps. The final decider is talent. Football needs the most. .

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    1. Schemes can be figured out over time. It’s tough to consistently overachieve and surprise. You do need talent. And a good coach has a good staff of recruiters.


  29. I agree with John in SC’s points and offer some of my own in addition…

    Believe that an alliance like this could be further reaching than scheduling, but revenue optimization would certainly be one goal. Leverage over the CFP and the SEC is another. Also gives the schools a chance to improve the overall OOC schedules (at the expense of other schools, such as MAC or FCS level).

    Of the Top 50 TV markets in the US, the “new” SEC has particpating schools in 18 of those markets, translating into about 30% of the overall top 50 market. The alliance has particpating schools in 38 with access to 80% of the viewership. An alliance like this is impressive and helps prevent the SEC from clogging up primetime slots.

    I don’t agree witht the comment above that Pitt would have games vs Washington State or Oregon State. They don’t optimize revenues (i.e. they are not accretive) . Doesn’t mean those match would never happen, but I believe it much more likely to see Pitt vs Maryland, PSU or Ohio State. More interest from Pitt fans watching TV and a school such as Ohio State needs to replace a MAC warm-up school with someone.

    Because its school Presidents overseeing this, one could see a number of AAU member schools in the different conferences matching up in addition to the regional schools.

    Penn State may not want to play Pitt, but in an alliance, they may not get to make that call. The ESPNs and Foxes might see that as a matchup that improves the overall revenue vs Pitt playing UMass and Penn State playing Ball State and the schools are told.

    Would be surprised if they matched up the Clemsons and Ohio States because both teams compete for the NC. But guess that depends on how the alliance views the CFP process. Its possible the alliance could kill the proposed CFP expansion to 12 teams and hold their own playoff system. It would mean extra money for the alliance – not to be shared with the SEC. Could happen. Perhaps a return to one championship game based on … god only knows.

    If the alliance did kill an expansion to 12 teams or limit the SEC’s access to x # of slots, that could be just the thing to get Notre Dame to re-assess its independence.

    Interesting times.

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    1. And that’s why it won’t last. Because elite schools won’t want to be forced to play another team due to dollars unless they personally benefit. No elite school wants to subsidize a mediocre one. Every school for themselves.

      Nail hits coffin.


      1. Funny cause these universities are all run….by those…that they promote subsidizing the less fortunate in society.

        Or at least, that is what they mouth.


      2. That is where time will tell if you are right or wrong Tex. The call
        on playing these more challenging games between elite schools won’t be made by school’s ADs or coaches but by the President’s who will go along if they believe the greatest revenue generation will come from playing these games.


  30. You all are forgetting money in the coach, talent debate. You need money to get both.

    Compare records, recruiting rank by athletic budget. The rich get richer. Except Texas, lol. Some schools with lower budgets catch lightning in a bottle once in a while. Majority of the time the money wins.

    Pitt won’t be elite unless their budget matches the likes of PSU. I think it is a third of PSU at the moment.


    1. It takes shadow boosters. Not just official budgets. Budgets buy you facilities and coaching staff. Boosters buy you players. Pitt won’t be elite until the Golden Panthers are reinstated.


      1. Or until Tepper…..realizes……hey I went to Pitt undergrad….and they play in the ACC…where I own several major sports teams. Do I want to be associated with an also-ran ?


        1. Can’t get a good feel for him. He donated to CMU before Pitt. Maybe he’s full of vinegar like me.


  31. Here’s a hypothetical.

    Do you think the big east could have been saved if it had merged or formed an alliance with the current aac, not ACC, and the big 12?

    I still think pitt and Syracuse would have answered the phone and said yes to swofford.

    I just don’t see how any alliance works unless the payout per team substantially increases and the elite schools gain more influence.


  32. Just wanted to publcicly thank Rick and Fran for the golf outing. Great effort and always nice when a bunch of us can get together.

    Although Lancaster hardly seems like the correct spot for a Pitt related gathering, Meadia Heights GC is a really fun, shotmaker’s course. It borrows features from some of the reknown courses from over in the UK… postage sized greens, undulating fairways, blind tee and approach shots (although no bells?) and criss-crossing Par 3’s. All cut into a rocky, hilly terrain.

    The members and staff were just great and glad for us to be there. We were treated very well, even though it appears they have plenty of business already. A bartender with character at 19 as well.

    Really enjoyed seeing Dan and chatting about all kind of things, inlcuding the hinged knee brace he had going while hitting balls…. although I am now a bit depressed about BB season (haha).

    Matt in the Ville…. guy travels further than most to come to a bunch of these things. He should have his name on a part of the Cup.

    In addition to frankcan, rkb’s passing was acknowledged (RIP).

    I finally learned where Ike got “we all we got” from at the 19th.

    A very healthy-looking MissingWLAT crushed the golfball… many times past Richman’s and always straighter than mine. Really good to see you looking so good, Eric.

    A really nice community of like-minded people who met on the internet of all places.

    Thanks again guys.

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  33. And…. I am already working on my upcoming report on Pitt Basketball.
    In talking to one HS Coach and one college scout, I’m hearing the same comment about two of our new recruits. “Great player, great kid but don’t think they can play in the ACC”. Much more to come. The reason JoeL is a bit depressed is I predicted no more than 4 ACC wins in this upcoming year.

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    1. Good thing Pitt has a solid nucleus at guard with Femi, Nike and Burton: all strong and older. Anything Pitt from Horton off the bench is a bonus.

      Jeffress and Hughley are the keys up front, which is sort of scary due to age and inexperience. Looking forward to the non conference but conference play will be awful again. Too many Blue Bloods and cheaters in the ACC.


  34. Tex, that Tardis pic you sent me looks an awful lot like a dog house! I think if a vote were taken a majority of POVers would think you belong there! 😆


    1. No surprise that the Pac 12 is leading this. They’ve missed out on additional monies by being excluded from the BCS. They want a 12 team expanded playoff with automatic bids to conference champions.

      These schools may share some common academic values and goals but there is a huge degree of difference between schools in their value of the front porch.

      Schools like California, Purdue and Pitt don’t take football as seriously as penn state, Oregon and Florida state.

      The alliance will fail because schools are not like minded in regards to athletics.

      A usc, Ohio state or clemson will quickly grow tired of subsidizing this alliance.


      1. Your statement defies common sense, those schools enjoy being the big dog with an easy road to the playoffs. Even in the SEC no one really challenging Alabama’s dominance.


        1. They don’t like doing all the hard work and sharing their money. Clemson is sick and tired of bailing out the ACC each year. Yes their path is easy since Florida state can’t get their act together and no school in the Coastal has the talent or the coaching.

          So if an alliance makes it more difficult to get to the BCS because you are forced to play an elite team and if you don’t primarily benefit from that tv matchup with dollars (aka you share revenues with scrub schools) why would the elite schools support the concept.

          There is no disincentive for a school to tank on purpose and just collect the revenues. They would be a welfare school. In soccer, this is prevented with the concept of promotion and relegation.

          I recommend the ACC relegate three schools every two years. You can’t have schools like wake and Syracuse who are terrible in football continue to make $30 million each year while a school like va tech who is consistently good makes the same.

          Give a school like Cincy or cfu a chance.


  35. FYI, I was staying at a hotel in Blairsville this past week-end and watched HBO’s Hard knocks Dallas Cowboy was on and it feature DiNuch and Micah Parsons. Hope the kid makes in the NFL.


    1. Just heard on The Fan that this year’s Hard Knocks has the lower viewership ever….and its the Cowboys.
      Guess that show has run its course. Hope the Steelers dodge it until it gets cancelled.


    2. You might have been the only person in Blairsville watching – haha.

      Speaking of Blairsville, Im told that the Chestnut Ridge golf courses are still in good shape. Really enjoyed playing Toms Run a number of years back.


    3. blairsville was Indiana highs version of West Virginia. Indiana was the highlanders of Appalachia.


  36. The fact is that Texas WILL play Alabama, even if it is a cross divisional match up, because TV will demand it. Somehow, these teams will all end up playing each other.

    And the most likely reason that the other 3 remaining major conferences are working with each other is that a) they know the NCAA will be giving up responsibility to the conferences and they want to set the rules, and b) they are not going to let the SEC dictate terms by threatening to withhold scheduling. There should be plenty of game match up opportunities to satisfy the other 3 conferences through a scheduling arrangement..

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    1. Then Texas will just have to put them in their place with a smack down. Alabama will end up fearing this matchup every year. They will become cowards like penn state and begin demanding a two for one or coming up with lame excuses to avoid playing. Watch for it.


  37. I used to look forward to bowl match-ups when I was young just to see the different conferences?traditions and their “styles” compete meet on the field of play. Same went with the major league ALL-Star game when it was the only time during the year, with the exception of the World Series, that I would see my American league baseball cards come to life before my very eyes…It’s amazing how greed/money continue to screw up the world. I pipe-dream about the return to the glory days of college sports. Glad I’m getting older and don’t have to witness too many more decades of the demise.

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  38. When the sec decides to form a super league, all the other schools from the other conferences will stand in line waiting for their number to be called.

    Until then, The sec isn’t done expanding. Clemson, Florida state, North Carolina and va Tech will be getting a call soon

    This will be the precursor to the super league. There will then only be about 12 invites left.


      1. Yep. I can see both pros and cons with expanding the playoffs. But the pac 12 really wants a seat at the table. Its just that Oregon, usc and Washington can’t make that next progression. Pacific coast football is just not worth watching. And that time zone kills tv viewership. Football reigns in the South. Or plains/SW. did I say how impressed i was with Texas. Probably a million times since Sunday right. 🤠


  39. Tex, I am absolutely amazed at how you know everything about everything (or at least think you do). You sure don’t lack confidence in your opinions….

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    1. I was the creator of jeopardy. 🤠

      Seriously, I read the encyclopedia britannica from A to Z as a kid.


  40. Cliff Clavin and I squared off once in a charity event. I took him down with my answer to a philosophy question.


  41. It’s a presentation. Optical illusion. Hoping that power in numbers matters when dealing with ESPN. It’s reactionary. Defensive strategy. Praying that cbs or nbc will shell out big bucks. But remember the ACC is tied to ESPN. The pac 12 is driving this. I’d let them rot. Only two or three schools from that conference are worthy of super league. The end of days is near.


    1. Awesome choice, Ike.
      Sat right next to the stage for their show at UVA’s Scott Stadium in 2005. Watts was helped off his stool by a young assistant, who put a cardigan on him. He looked frail then. But you wouldn’t know it from his playing.

      Gotta believe that’s it for the Stones.

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  42. The Stones are on tour right now I believe or will be and coming to the Burgh. The tour was scheduled without Charlie participating.


  43. LSU will require anyone attending Tiger Stadium who is 12 years of age or older to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within the last 72 hours, the school announced on Tuesday.

    LSU, which became the first school in the SEC to outline such a policy, cited a rise in COVID-19 cases and the “highly transmissible” delta variant.

    The policy will go into effect in time for LSU’s home opener against McNeese State on Sept. 11.

    Those younger than 12 will not have to show proof of a negative PCR test. However, masks will be required for children between 5 and 11 years old and encouraged for those younger than 5.

    Good thing I’m only 10.


  44. Just read the PSN article on Rivals top 30 recruits in Pennsylvania. Franklin is handing Narduzzi his ass! I thought PITT was a Division 1 Power 5 school. Piss poor job by PITT on selling the program within our own state. Damn embarrassing !


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