2021 Frankcan Cup Golf Outing UPDATE

HERE IS A LAST REMINDER – KUDOS TO BERNIE (BIGB) FOR THE TROPHY PHOTOSP/S: I kept the original comments and just re-posted…

Location:  Meadia Heights Golf Club, Lancaster, PA (where Jim Furyk played his junior golf)

Date:  Saturday, August 21, 2021

Time:  noon to 1pm tee times (lunch served prior to golf).

Format: Four (4) person team “step aside” scramble golf tournament (18 holes). 

Cost: $85 per individual (includes golf and lunch – the club’s 19th Hole will be open after golf for meal & drink – additional cost to you).

Lodging: DoubleTree Hilton, Lancaster, PA is within a few miles and numerous other hotel options in Amish Country, USA.

NOTE: The cost per player is the same as 2019.

Prizes: 1st place team gets to hold the Frankcan Cup for the year plus individual prizes for the 1st and 2nd place teams, longest drive, closest to the pin, straightest drive and longest putt.

Payment: Due today, August 1st – some have paid and others have alerted me that their payment is on its way. 

I look forward to another fun day of fellowship with good to great Pitt fans.

To those who could not attend this year’s outing, please know that you will be missed – we have always had a good time at these golf outings.

Editor: Here is a graphic and description of the “Step Aside Scramble” rules. Don’t worry if you can’t read this very well – Rick Caldwell will explain everything at the luncheon before play. I think I got them down correctly.

Step Aside Scramble Played as a normal scramble except that the player whose ball is selected ‘steps aside’ and doesn’t play the next shot.

On the starting tee all three players tee off. Player A’s drive is selected so only Players B & C play the second shot.

Player B’s second shot is selected and ‘steps aside’ while Player A & C play the third shot and so on until the ball is in the hole and the score for the hole is determined.

Whoever sinks the putt then ‘steps aside’ and only two players tee off on the next hole. Players may take their shots in any order as this is part of the tactics of the game.

Enjoy guys…. Maybe I’ll pop in for a drink or something…

108 thoughts on “2021 Frankcan Cup Golf Outing UPDATE

  1. Frankcan was one awesome dude. Capitalizing when angry. Challenging people to fight. He was a great character in the Panther Nation lore. I’m glad his memory lives on.

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    1. I always enjoyed Frankcan postings. He would always bring a smile to my face and still does to this day.

      Frank (if that was his real name) reminded me of a Central PA sports talk call in guy named Michigan Mac from the late 1980’s into the early 1990’s. His tagline was “you Penn State cry babies” – Mac always railed on Penn State and somehow would fit his tagline into the conversation every night.

      Mrs. Erie and I would often listen to Mac on our way to dinner or to our son’s sporting events and he would deliver some good belly laughs.

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      1. I loved FRANKCAN’s postings. I wish we had a bunch of them to read each year…He was a character, a classic who will never be replicated.
        I miss Emel too, another prolific poster from yester-year. Thinking of you Emel.


  2. Hats off to Rick for organizing this event. I’ll be “stepping aside” this time and will miss out on the fun… 🙁

    Go Pitt.

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    1. I’m thinking he had some health issues. He was VOR before VOR. He appreciated some of the raunchy verbal sparring. 🤠


  3. Great job Rick of keeping the golf-ball rolling and thanks Fran for all the help you provided. Make sure you-all wear two pairs of pants on golf day. You know, in case you get a hole in one. I know I tell that one every year but we must keep up with tradition. Sorry, I’ll miss you guys again. ):

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  4. On the football front: I just ordered tickets through the University of Tennessee for the September 11 game. My tickets are on the visitors side in row 48 section B (on the 25 yard line) , If you are planning on buying tickets (not through PITT) call the UT ticket office and ask for Zack.

    There is seating available in section B and he will try to get us as close together as possible.. Hoping we can get enough bodies to be vocal and, if needed, if we have to battle our way out of the stadium after we kick the Vols a$$.

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      1. Now did you sneak on and play like I did at the courses when I was a kid?

        I used to make my entrance on the 11th hole tee box. Was never got. Stupid golf rangers.

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  5. I used to golf but gave it up becase of defective golf balls. I’d hit’em and they’d find water, high grass, woods, and adjoining fairways, they’d go anywhere except where I was aiming. I don’t know how companies stay in business with such defective products. No quality control, I guess. PS. Glad to read all the good news about folks health.

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    1. Hobie, I like to use my old rotator cuff surgery or my thoracic spine ankylosing spondylitis and the just recently diagnosed “baby cataract” as part of my bag. I don’t know if the number of excuses one can carry in a game is limited like the # of clubs but the older I get and the worse I play there are several options (and growing yearly) in my bag to exploit..

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      1. BigB – I used to think that if I didn’t leave the ground with my swing, I wasn’t swinging hard enough. I have tendenitis (sp?) in my left hand hand now so I can no longer grip it and rip it. Getting old am I. 😊


    1. That is crazy. I’ve combed all the internet and can’t find any. And I’m pretty sure camp begins this weekend.

      This lock the gates thing is utter bull.


  6. Penn state number ONE

    Pitt number 53

    This is really setting Pitt up for a bunch of 5-6 win seasons.

    Again why is Pitt paying someone $5 million for these future expected results.

    Read that Miami article. That writer is a coach. And he’s spot on.

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  7. Dan, glad to hear that you have out foxed the medical establishment once again! With you and ike on the rebound, this is great news that lifts spirits, that is until we start talking about Pitt recruiting…

    Is anyone awake in the Pitt athletics dept.? Where is the pre-season publicity? Nothing in the PG today. Every time I try to give Heather the benefit of the doubt she fails once again (I’m starting to think like Tex). But must admit that ike’s old golf joke had me smiling!

    I received an email from the Pitt Alumni Association, but as for the rest of the athletics dept administration, I guess the publicity gates will be locked until they break out the Fanta in game one.


  8. Why all this doom and gloom, PITTPOV’ers?
    There was a time, and not too long ago, when we believed in the magic of fireflies, and the hope of Santa sliding down the chimney and the blind faith that we were headed towards an UNDEFEATED SEASON.
    Well, I’m here to tell you that Coach Pat, in his lucky seventh season, is going to deliver.
    Forget that soon-to-retire Whip has his focus on bingo and cruise-ship shuffleboard.
    And never mind that our receivers led the free world in drops.
    And our inability to run the pigskin…that was last year.

    We are in the dawn of a new day. So what the hibernating marketing folks have neglected to generate any preseason enthusiasm whatsoever and our recruiting ranks just above Slippery Rock’s and some goofs predicted abject disaster. So what indeed!…because by Christmas we will be staring at a double-digit number of victories and a low-level bowl against a bottom-dwelling MAC team, all orchestrated by our AD from her bunker.
    9 wins!


    1. Santa only delivered coal and onions to my stocking in some years.

      Tex – I was a bad boy.


    2. I think you need to turn that 9 upside down and your result is – 6 – which will be the win total (or possible 5 or also possibly 7) but I don’t see PN ever coaching a Pitt team to 9+ wins with his recruiting.

      We just don’t have the offense for it. Last year we were 111th in rushing, 107th in Tackles for loss allowed and 80th in Sacks Allowed. Our RBs coughed up the ball to the tune of losing seven more turnovers then creating. With this season O-Line two deep I see more of the same if not worse.


    1. I wonder how many more offensive plays PITT could execute if K-eighty wasn’t running back and forth to Whipple….we are a team that doesn’t score that many points on the “O” side of the ball….makes sense to me that you need to try to get as many plays in as you can in the game.


      1. The fewer snaps O by Mark Whipple –

        — the fewer dropped passes.
        — the less time the D has to be on the field.
        — the least amount of time the HC has to think about offense.
        — the lesser the risk of K8 getting injured.
        — fewer INT’s given up.
        — less run plays needed in the playbook.
        — saving trees by printing fewer pages for the playbook.


    2. I wonder if that was his offensive innovation….the qb not naked, without ball, skip to the sideline on two….ready, break! Nardstop says to Charmin ” you are a genius, noone ever has called that play for a quarter, a half, a game, a season, WOW!!” Now I know why I never question or even look at the offensive side of the ball and get a full salary for overseeing 1/3 of the game.

      Where else but at pitt can you tire out your own quarterback and let the opponent defenders rest up for the next snap!!

      If Charmin really had it going on, he would put the offense on the line and then have Kate (K8) trot over to the sidelines and have the center direct snap the ball to the “flea” for a three yard gain instead of two.


  9. Lol … that’s why you have intermediaries … kind of like a coach saying he never talked to another school about a job … technically, true … but some may have represented him …

    Have to think if that happens, USC and Oregon are reaching out the SEC next … right?

    B1G better not drag it’s feet … they could also go after USC and then also ND and Stanford. ND would probably be able to get out of the ACC contract if FSU and Clemson bolted.

    It’s happening …


    1. When the big 12 and ACC are no more, there are no damages since nobody has standing and is left to be harmed.

      Tex – who stayed at a Hiliday Inn Express last night.


      1. started laughing when i interpreted that as Hillbilly Inn. Thought that was for our friends in the great pittsburgh suburb of west virginna. Then i put on my readers….not as funny, but still a chuckle.


        1. Well the hillbilly inn might have been more fun. I mean moonshine, guns, banjos and the occasional sheep.


  10. Pitt needs to bundle themselves with BC and Cuse.

    Build that MPC

    And give Tepper an offer he can’t refuse.

    Pitt cannot afford to be passive or react or sleep through this.

    Please Heather come back from OBX. Please stop living in the basement.

    Gallagher, please start counting Benjamin’s instead of atoms.

    BoT, please stop being risk adverse and obstructionists and living in a alternative reality using alternative facts.

    I own the Tardis and not you.

    Fools you are


    1. I think they’re tied to the ACC until 2036 when the TV contract runs out. I read that they would owe the conference in excess of 100 million if they left now. I don’t know how they would swing that , but I also don’t know all the legalities of such a move. It will be interesting for sure.


  11. We’ll see if there is an upside to the ACC’s grant of rights which lasts until 2035. Any conference member who leaves before 2035 will forfeit television revenues to the ACC. I don’t see the SEC making another move at this time. Reports that OU and Texas have been talking to the SEC for six months seem to indicate if there is anything else out there, the media would report it. The SEC, and particularly ESPN, look like they’ve been rolling around in the cow pasture. Greed does tend to offend people.

    The difference between Oklahoma and Texas and the ACC? OU and UT refused to extend the television deal which is up in 2025. The ACC’s deal is not up until 2035.

    So heart-warming to see a golf tournament named after the best Pitt Blather poster ever – FRANKCAN – and Emel. I hope they are both in heaven’s vast reach if they aren’t kicking around somewhere on planet Earth.


    1. Challenge the legality and enforceability in court.

      And if the ACC is no more, no school has standing.

      No damages.


  12. The Nits now have the top recruiting class in the country.
    And we have one in the top 50…no, not quite.
    Well, we have our own stadium…oops.
    How about a coach who engages the fan base….sorry.
    But we have a marketing program that whips up enthusiasm…scratch that.
    What about a recent string of bowl wins?…nope.
    A 9 win season in the last decade?…unfortunately, no.
    An athletic director who tolerates nothing short of excellence…false.
    A BOT who cares about the front porch…not in this lifetime.
    Well, we at least have a start of fall camp, though no one at Pitt is saying when that is.

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    1. but Gasman, we do have our expansive ward-robe with a new “Nitter white” to look forward too…. ADHL must have the Oregon Ducks in her sights!


  13. If you predicted 6-7 wins for the last 20 years consecutively, and put down some nice skin in Vegas, you’d have enough money to buy Heather a beach house in OBX.


    1. So that is the answer to all this mediocrity.

      I wonder if Heather rents out the OBX property to Pitt fans.


  14. It’s a mediocre beach house. It’s about five houses back from the dunes. Houses in front block the ocean view.

    Have fun y’all at the golf outing. May few balls be lost and many cold drinks consumed.


  15. So let’s see. A bunch of supposedly sophisticated POVers are going to spend 7-8 hours out in the hot sun chasing down a little white ball (or probably several little white balls), that were hit with a stick while possibly getting bit up by mosquitos or coming up with a case of poison ivy, just to put this little white ball in a small hole with a flag sticking out hundreds of yards away.

    In most cases, several different sticks will be used. Some will try to use one of these sticks to hit this little white ball out of some water or sand, thereby exposing themselves to some live hazards such as snakes or gators. Are you guys crazy? Are we then supposed to believe that you have come to your senses when talking Pitt football?

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    1. Voice – have you ever hit a 6-iron to 8 feet and sunk the birdie putt? 😊

      You take 80, 90, 100 shots, but you only need a few really good ones to put in your memory bank and bring you back.

      Maybe that makes golf, for many, analogous to Pitt football. Lots of poor, mediocre and average efforts, with an occasional super effort for the memory banks…

      Go Pitt.

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  16. Poor shots result in lost balls. Eventually you run out of them. The brutal beat downs last year offset any memory of good shots. And then you have two bad beats in NC State and BC. Pitt did beat Syracuse last year though. Pitts nine iron to within ten feet of the hole on a par 3. The putt for birdie lipped out. Par again.


  17. My fav was a Long Island ice tea. I always told the ranger that it was just ice tea if he asked and if he didn’t believe me to taste it then. Never took me up on the offer. I was 17.


    1. Yea that was always a good ploy. Used that one and a similar one. A bartender friend of mine would make this concoction of many boozes and mix it with Tahitian Treat and then pour back into Tahitian Treat bottles. He called it Rocket Fuel and we took it to many Steeler games including the coldest Steeler game ever…..vs the New England Patriots and Matt Cavanaugh was their QB that day.

      We were one of the few in the original gametime crowd…..who were left at the end of the game.
      Due to the Rocket Fuel no doubt !

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  18. Was reading some of the earlier comments about hopping on Golf courses for free when we were young & mostly poor.

    There was a little 9 hole course called Twin Oaks right along McKnight Road, where they eventually built the Showcase Cinema’s North. I could walk down the hill from the family house, not so much to play golf, but to hunt for golf balls and I would take along an airline duffel bag with me to fill up.

    Also use to hop on the back 9 of North Park golf course at Number 11 and play thru to Number 17. Nobody ever bothered you even though the County Park Police had to have known what the car(s) were parked along the side of the road were for and where the car owners were. lol

    The Good Ole days.

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    1. Loved N Park GC. Played several tourneys there and used to sneak on at night. Ditto S Park. Still think I know every blade of grass on all 27 holes. Ah the memories.


      1. Too funny….use to sometimes play the last hole or 2 in the dark, shortly after 9pm. Hit some amazing shots in the dark….since you were almost forced to keep your head down at impact. Seems to get dark earlier than it use to,

        Saw that you also played Butler’s in Elizabeth…..we use to play that every Friday in the late 80’s
        after a business meeting. That was also a very nice public course(s).

        And speaking of Butler…use to play a lot of the many public courses on Rt. 8 going up to the town of
        Butler. Lived in many states…..Pittsburgh I believe has the most public courses of any place besides
        a resort place like Myrtle Beach.


  19. I always liked finding golf balls in the woods. Especially the expensive ones. Always used to sneak on as a kid. That’s why I say don’t grow up too fast. That’s why I’m looking forward to Knoxville. To be a kid again.


    1. There is art to finding golf balls…..as you know bro.

      Never grow up if you can….if only the body extremities would go along.


  20. After reading about all your experiences and great stories, I take it all back. I can see now that is is not about putting that little white ball in the small hole hundreds of yards away. And Major, I do remember hitting that lucky shot to within a foot of the cup; it was a long time ago, but the memory lasts!

    Tex, you reminded me of the same experiences as a kid, but no one would buy the balls with the cuts in them. So I would have fun just teeing them back into the woods! Now, I’m not about to pick up a bag and head out onto the links again, but I do appreciate the good memories it produces. Have fun at the Frankcan cup, everyone! 🙂

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  21. I used Schenley Parks’ golf course. When older I played the 18 hole golf course the Coast Guard built on Kodiak Island, AK. A requirement was that at least one person in the group had to have a rifle with them in case of bear attack.

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  22. I read where Rashad Battle is working at safety now. Kinda makes sense since he’s 6-3 and 205#.

    I’m worried about the safeties. Seems like in the Pitt defense the safeties – even those with experience – have a tough job to do…

    And the 5’9” and 175# Williams is running first team at cornerback… Let the gripping begin… 😊

    Go Pitt.

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  23. Just finished watching the Pitt vs VT football game from last year. I forgot what a beat-down it was.


  24. RIP RKB. One year ago. Miss the old curmudgeon with a big heart! Perhaps a toast at the Frankcan Cup festivities. Actually, there should be a toast to all those that we lost this last year.


    1. I remember meeting RKB at the very first POV event in the Pittsburgh area (Quicksilver Golf Club in Midway, PA). He was dressed in knickers, with a Payne Stewart style hat and I believe his Pitt outfit was an acceptable color match.

      A toast will be in order, yes indeed.

      There are still a few stragglers with commitments for this August 21st event. It is Friday, August 13th…

      I’m looking forward to a fun weekend.


  25. Back to FB:

    I watched some video that was released regarding camp – looked as if our OL and DL were hugging and dancing. Then I went to search for our latest 2-deep and found the same June 5, 2021 version. However, many teams across the country have an updated camp 2-deep. Let’s not show too much for fear of giving the competition too much of an advantage.

    Auburn, with their new coach updated their 2-deep yesterday and Duke last week. Didn’t one of our OL guys transfer thru the portal to the Blue Devils? Guess what, he did not show up on their 2-deep. Is that a sign that shows how bad our OL depth really is or is the young lad injured. I’m hoping for neither answer, but one is probably true.

    I know many programs are private about their dealings and goings on, but they win too (Alabama, psuX, to name two mentioned recently). Pitt doesn’t hold that tag line as a winner, nor do we fill seats at any stadium besides games with wvcc, psuX and nd.

    A psuX co-worker sold his Auburn tickets for $500 each. How much do you think I’d get if I sold my club seat home tickets right now? Please don’t answer…


    1. Rick – I am looking for two club level tickets for the Western Michigan game. For my brother and me. He will not sit anywhere else. Of course, Of course, I will pay.


      1. I’m pretty sure I’ll be attending the W.Michigan game – I have that game circled as an upset on my season predictions.

        My hope (not prediction) is we pound them 45-10 after they scare the Michigan Wolverines in their season opener.

        If Pitt loses to UMass, I’ll gift my tickets to the WM game to you and your brother.


  26. Rick, I’ll trade you a 6 pack of Iron City for your tickets…haha.
    Just kidding.
    Sleve of used Callaway balls?
    Joking again…

    Actually my tickets came yesterday and got the old juices flowing…
    The GOOD juices…

    Get out of the gutter…

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  27. The opponent doesn’t gameplan against a particular player from our squad so it’s best to keep the secret weapons, secret, as we have been doing for the last couple of years behind the gate.


  28. Pitt Five Spice


    Combine those five spices and you get Pitt football.


  29. Heard on the radio that Dion Lewis is retiring. Awesome runner. He and Ray Graham should be the models for who Pitt recruits at RB. Not these straight line guys.

    Changing direction at speed doesn’t seem like that difficult a move. I don’t understand why so many runners can’t do it.

    We’ve had some of the elite runners in all of football in changing direction without losing speed:

    Tony D.
    Curtis M.
    Shady M.
    Dion L.
    Ray G.

    Go Pitt.


        1. Swervin was a great dude. He had some family issues. And his mind wasn’t 100 percent on football. But in a perfect universe, he was Pitts best since TD. His talent meter was 11 on a scale of 10. Very nice person and humble.


            1. Barlow was a very good back. In my day it was swervin and Curtis Martin. Very spoiled I am. And billy Davis who had more raw talent than both of them.


  30. James Conner is in a battle with Chase Edmonds for the No. 1 running back position on the Arizona Cardinals. From what I saw, they’re like running 1A and 1B.

    However, James was just placed on the reserve/Covid list due to possible exposure to the virus. Apparently he’s not been vaccinated, which seems odd…

    Best wishes for James C..

    Go Pitt.


  31. Lamar Jackson is said to be refusing vaccination and he’s already had it twice. What I wonder is if the player misses a game or two because they have Covid and have to quarantine will their game check be withheld because they chose not to get vaccinated?

    Do that and it should solve the problem of players holding out…

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