Some Bits From Camp

From the Tribune Review:

Center Cal Adomitis:

DC Randy Bates:

QB Kenny Pickett:

DB Damarri Harris:

WR Jordan Addison:

From the Post-Gazette:

Defensive Line:

Same Old, Same Old

Try to get it right this time:

58 thoughts on “Some Bits From Camp

      1. Right…he wouldn’t be on it….unless they knew he wasn’t.

        Prove me wrong…Jimbo !


      2. Gee, I don’t know Nate….

        A member of the Pitt football teams form the Sherril era…. first-team All-American (consensus pick)
        College Footbal HOF and Pitt’s All-Time Football team. ANd now the Pro Football HOF.

        Successful in the NFL (All-Pro three years in a row).

        Successful in his business life after football… executive roles in the healtcare industry.

        He’s a straight talker and a very good public speaker.

        Point is – he’s got credentials and gravitas that not only make him attractive to his alma mater, but he is respected for his accomplishements.

        If you think there are better alum to put on the BOT – folks who who have the gravitas, money and athletics experience, bring it on.

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  1. Coach Bates! Love his quote about playing the eleven on defense who play the best as a team, versus playing the most athletic eleven…

    But Coach, please find a way to defend the wheel routes better!

    Go Pitt.


  2. As we learned from the Sackseri days (if not before then) it’s easy for offenses to get gobs of yardage between the 30 yard lines. As defenses allow the short passes to defend the long pass quick strike TD’s.
    Long drives based on dink & dunk passing only require 1 penalty on the offense to blow up the Drive.

    If however that offense starts to get to the Red zone area, that’s when the defenses have less yardage to defend, the field is condensed and they stop allowing those soft short yardage plays. Pitt incarnate.

    You have to have a very accurate passer that can throw into ‘tight window’s, especially in the Red Zone.
    Something Pitt rarely has.

    The answer is: Recruit better QB’s. Duh

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    1. Meant to add this:

      Long drives based on dink & dunk passing only require 1 penalty or sack taken on the offense to blow up the Drive


  3. I don’t think Coach Bates was following his own advice when he played Ford last year. No one ever questioned Ford’s ability, but team player? NOT! The NFL apparently didn’t think too much of him either…

    As for JP’s comment on the previous thread, sorry you feel that way, most of the people who post on this site want Pitt to win in football and basketball. Maybe you aren’t as old as many of us, but for many the frustration has been building with Pitt football for a long time. I do agree that with Capel there are people on this site who want to give him the quick hook, but most do want him to succeed.

    There is much fair criticism of Narduzzi and his performance over 6 years posted on this site, especially in the recruiting area. Even our man ike, I think, feels a bit disappointed over Narduzzi’s performance, but he still tries to comment on the positive side. If you exclude Tex’s comments from the POV, the criticism is probably pretty fair and balanced, with equal criticism directed at the university and AD, as well as Narduzzi. Here’s hoping you stay with the POV and interject some positive comments into the dialogue.

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    1. He must have missed all the positive stuff Tex had to say about Pitt soccer and volleyball.

      Selective criticism !

      Capel btw has finished in last place twice and near last the other year. He is 15-39, a .2777 winning %
      in ACC conf games. And the ACC hasn’t been near as strong as previous era’s.
      And this season will be another cellar dweller, based on the incoming stiffs.

      So how long is long enough in the cellar ?


      1. So who has to get pissed off at Capel and demand change? What happened to the influential group who ran Stallings out?

        I agree. I see nothing in Capel’s repertoire to suggest a winning record and a bottom finish in the ACC.


  4. Pitt is a soccer school now for sure with a number three nationally rank and favorites to win the ACC.

    And women’s volleyball should be ranked between 5 and 10 in preseason polls.

    Football will most likely again finish with 6-7 wins and a bowl 🍲 in Anchorage. Basketball will be lucky to win 6 ACC games.

    Regarding the Tennessee game, where are pitt fans being seated? I hear you don’t want to go thru Pitt and you don’t want to sit in the official visitor section. That’s the consensus.


      1. My bourbon will be consumed outside in plain site. In the parking lot and in the stands. I plan on showing those Tennessee fans what real Texas bourbon tastes like.

        Balcones Brimstone is excellent if you like a smoky sweet bourbon. $50 a bottle.


                1. Correct…..a lot of folks think Jack Daniels is a bourbon. Nope….a Tennessee Sipping Whiskey,
                  Crown Royal, CC & Seagrams VO are all blended Canadian whiskeys.
                  And I see Balcones also makes a Rye Whiskey…..which is making a huge comeback.

                  And then you have all the Scotch whiskys.

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    1. Brimstone is worth the $50. I’m typically in the $30 dollar range. But that smoke taste is something you’ll remember. Almost scotch like but better. It’s liquid smoke with a kick.


  5. If Gallagher is forward thinking he will not allow any coaching extensions be entered into by the AD at this point in time IF she has disclosed interest in Michigan State. This is where the BoT (Covert) can step in and begin influencing how athletics is run properly. AD’s tend to try to take care of folks on their way out just in case they need a favor in return if things don’t go well at their new stop.

    Bits and pieces are great, thank you. Sad that the fan needs to go outside the university for a football fix.

    The proof is in the flask he be bringing….wrong proof?


    1. I just believe every thing I read on the internet. 🤠

      Nearly all say to go thru Tennessee and not Pitt. That’s sad.


      1. Your choice Indana-Tex…I have ordered from PITT in the past and never ever cared for “the view” I like to see the game unfold> PITT’s always got their hand out for many ways to hand over your hard earned cash but for me, I will try to get on the visitors side with as many PITT fans around me as possible and when it’s just Annie and Scooter with me. we can shake down the house,

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        1. Well I’ve been known for demolishing houses so I’m in. I’ll be traveling the 13 hours by car. My former college roommate is working on the tickets. But Zach is the guy we need to call right? Tennessee office.

          I will be dressed in cowboy hat and boots. I have to look the part.


          1. Zach is the man at the UT Ticket office…tell him to put you near our group..he has my name..Bernie Blystone


      2. Nothing sad at all about it Tex.

        Its a very large SEC stadium. Ive been there several times. Alabama fans are placed up in the stratosphere, just like Pitt.

        I just personally don’t want to sit up there. Did it once and that was enough for a Vols – Miss game.
        Im down behind the Pitt bench and near the families.

        And I did that by calling the Vols ticket office. They (not Pitt) have control over their ticket inventory. The visiting schoold gets a block in the hinterlands and one near their team bench which is normally given to families of players and season ticketholders with standing.

        Its normal. How it happens everywhere.

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  6. I’m still mad at the previous chancellor for giving that golden parachute to Steve. BoT has to approve it and they did.

    Now if heather leaves, she still would need approval from her boss and he from his boss. But I think the BoT is just a rubber stamp. Mere formalities with known conclusions.


  7. I did find out Tennessee does have some Club Seating but it’s not available via per game purchases.

    EAST CLUB PREMIUM SEATS (also a West Club as well)
    The East Club offers Volunteer fans the opportunity to enjoy games at Neyland Stadium in one of the finest premium seating areas in all of college sports.

    Undercover, luxurious 22-inch leather chairback seats with armrests, an adjoining indoor private club area, all-inclusive food and refreshments, and flat screen televisions showing college football games from across the country provide you and your guests a special place to spend fall Saturdays. A football parking pass in Priority I is included per pair of club seats.

    Undercover outdoor seating featuring luxurious 22-inch cushioned chair back seats with arm rests, cup holders and expanded leg room
    Upscale private club room access with comfortable indoor seating and flat screen televisions
    Away and postseason ticket purchasing priority
    Opens 2 hours prior to kick-off
    All inclusive pre-game and half-time gourmet buffets and non-alcoholic beverages
    Private men’s and women’s restrooms with flat screen monitors
    Panoramic view of downtown Knoxville and the Tennessee River

    With my various physical ailments from multitudes of previous sports injuries,…..i can only sit in seats
    with chairbacks/armrests.

    Anybody on the PoV, with connections at UT ?


  8. I think Pitt fans will be treated real well in Knoxville

    So is section B on the visiting side the place I want to ‘B’?

    And may I ask the ticket price? Trying to get a posse of mine together.


  9. My bud says thru Pitt ticket office, the price is $75 but they couldn’t tell him what section. Seriously? I would never and I mean never buy a ticket that way. That’s like buying bait at a store in advance and thinking you’re purchasing worms but you get maggots. Big difference.


    1. See my comments above. Pitt – like all other visiting schools – are given a block of seats. When those are sold, UT Vols sends the tickets to Pitt. Pitt has then to dole them out. Nobody knows beforehand. Its how its run. Exactly why I go to the home team’s ticket office – every time.

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      1. That is one screwed up way of doing things.

        We’re otdering their TN. Not UT.

        And not Pitt. I don’t want them to touch any of my money.


    1. I’m hardened by left field at the old rangers stadium. Nothing can compare. I really mean that. Tennessee sun will be a small dwarf.


      1. If ur talking TN. Same applies. Later games, East side gets most sun, west side ur back is to it.


    2. Yes – section B, where many of us will be sitting is on the east side. The home side is on the west side. I think many schoold have it set up that way.

      With a noon kickoff, everyone is gonna get the sun.

      Lets hope its scattered clouds, sun and temps in the mid-70’s.


  10. So Pitt just announced a great recruiting class in soccer for this year, headlined by a starter from Notre Dame. A starter. Could anyone here imagine Pitt football getting a starter to transfer IN from ND?

    Hail to Pitt Soccer!

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  11. Haven’t been here in a couple months. Can I get a roll CC all of POVerts heading to Knoxville? I’m contemplating the trip.

    Buy from UT or the secondary market. The tickets through Pitt are going to be in Nashville.. That’s how I always buy my away tix.


    1. Jay – welcome back. I know I will not be making the trip to Tennessee. I’m hoping to road trip again in 2022.

      Will you be at the opener vs mighty UMass?



  12. So I see on PSN that AJ Beatty from Central Catholic is in the transfer portal after one season at UNC.

    He posted this: At Carolina, I averaged around a 3.4-3.5 GPA and made the ACC Academic Honor Roll. Currently, I am [6-foot-5], 305 lbs with experience at DL and OL.”

    So he’s bragging about his GPA at UNC? 😊

    Also, Pitt was his first big offer but we didn’t make his final seven.

    Maybe he’ll look at BC or WVU?

    Go Pitt.


  13. As much as many claim the academic superiority of Pitt, UNC Chapel Hill is far stronger in that regard overall.

    Outside the Ivy’s and a couple of handfuls of others, undergraduate academic rankings are virtually meaningless. I’m not saying UNC is one of those in the handfuls but Pitt is certainly not.


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