A Preseason Look at Miami

Here is another interesting future opponent review by Rich in SC…

Head Coach Manny Diaz starts his third season at the helm of the Hurricanes. This game is the second of three that I believe Pitt will lose. But not as absolutely a loss as the Clemson game.

Fun facts. Since 2015, Miami has won as many bowl games and played in and lost as many conference championships as Pitt.

I am bringing back quarterback pass attempt and run snap counts. (Those names highlighted in blue are no longer with their respective teams). For Pitt and the first three Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) opponents, see the Virginia Tech preseason review.

D’Eriq King suffered an ACL tear in his knee in last years bowl game. He has supposedly recovered and as good as ever. But we do not know. He did play in the Miami spring game, but that game was a played with a “No Touch” QB rule. Miami fans are happy with their 4-star backups – 2020 Tyler Van Dyke and 2021 Jake Garcia.

On to the review – Miami’s schedule.

Two interesting points on this schedule. This is the first time since 2015 (or maybe before – I only went back to 2015) that Miami is scheduling two Power Five (P5) out of conference opponents. The second is the neutral site (Atlanta) game with Alabama. This second point is not about Miami but Alabama.

Since 2012, Alabama has followed the same scheduling format- one home game against an Football College Subdivision team, two home games against G5 teams and a neutral site game against a P5 opponent. 2021 is the last of that format. Starting in 2022, Alabama will play a home/away (H/A) series with a P5 team (Texas 22/23, Wisconsin 24/25).

But the big change for Alabama begins in 2025. In 2025, Alabama starts scheduling two “name” P5 opponents a year. They have already completed this scheduling change from 2025 thru 2034.

Florida and Georgia are following this change but are now scheduling a third P5 team in years after 2026. In fact, Florida has four P5 teams scheduled for 2031.

One other South Eastern Conference (SEC) team has gone all in on upgrading to at least two P5 OOC opponents. South Carolina, like Georgia and Florida, has a cross conference yearly rivalry with an ACC team. They have added a second home and away P5 game series starting in 2026.

No other SEC team is making a move to schedule a second or more P5 team in future years. Missouri has a few but theirs is to make room for H/A rivalries with Kansas and/or Illinois.

The SEC was looking to the future when these changes began. They knew that the 10 year college football playoff four team format was going to be expanded to six or eight and now 12 teams. The SEC believed that “strength of schedule” was going to guarantee two or three teams for whatever format was chosen.

The ACC, unlike the SEC, has a history of multiple teams scheduling two OOC P5 opponents a year. From 2015 to 2019 the ACC played 103 OOC P5 game or an average of 1.47 P5 games/team/year. The SEC played 79 OOC P5 teams in the same time frame or an average of 1.13 P5 games/team/year.

Looking into the future (2021-2030 seasons), the ACC as a whole has scheduled 206 P5 OOC opponents or an average of 1.47 P5 games/team/year. The SEC has scheduled 173 P5 OOC games or 1.24 games/year/team.

I did not expect to write as much as I did. Just one more item. I include Notre Dame and Brigham Young University as P5 OOC opponents.

Back to Miami. And as usual, I start off with recruiting.

In my opinion, Miami is the second best ACC team over the 2017-2021 recruiting period. Using Numerical Rivals Ranking (NNR), Miami has two classes which round to an average player ranking of a 5.8  4*. The other 3 classes round to 5.7  3-stars. Compared to Clemson’s three  classes of 5.9  4*s and the other two of 5.8  4*s, you can see why Clemson dominates on talent.

Miami has used the Transfer Portal (TP) probably better than any team in the ACC and probably amongst all P5 teams. Their TP entries dot the All-ACC teams. When I show a list of names, I include their old school next to their name. Look for some of these 2021 TP names to show up in this and future lists.

Another great TP class. Small but probably 3 starters – Johnson, Rambo, and Stevenson. Oluwaseun adds depth to the Oline.

Here are the names to know. The first group are returning 2020 All ACC honorees. The second group are additional names from Athlon not included in the first group.

Three of the 10 names came through the TP.

That wraps up the recruiting, TP additions and ‘names to know” section of the review.

Who did Miami lose?

They had some players move on the next level.

Three more TP entries to the Miami team.

Rousseau opted out of the 2020 season.

Miami thought so much of their kicker, they signed his younger brother (Andres – Rivals 5.5  3-star) in the 2021 class to replace him.

Of course, they lost a few players to the TP.

You may remember Tate Martell. He originally signed with Ohio State and was considered a huge get. He is currently a huge flop.

I posted this link in the Tennessee review.

Max Olson on Twitter: “Power 5 programs have lost an average of 12 scholarship players to the portal in this year’s cycle. @NicoleAuerbach and I talked to HCs about the need to increase the 25-man signing limit…and why it won’t happen soon: https://t.co/981NPa9StP https://t.co/pFO1cDRvzC” / Twitter

That tweet was posted 6/9/21 and numbers have changed.

To save you time, I copied this chart that Mr. Olson provided. According to the chart, Miami, Ohio State and Pitt have lost only 5 scholarship players to the portal. Only Stanford has less out of 65 P5 teams. 

I learned two things, First, I did not know I could copy and paste from a tweet. The second was to read everything in something you consider important. Back in June, I just jumped to the meat of the chart. I did not notice he is using a “since 10/1/2020” as a start date. I use the 24/7 site start date of 8/1/2020. That explains most of the discrepancies between my numbers and his. I actually only have four Pitt scholarship players in the TP – Michael Smith, Carson Van Lynn, Will Gipson and Liam Dick. I think the fifth is “walk-on” Paris Brown who was rated as a 3-star by both Rivals and 24/7 out of high school.

That wraps up my review of Miami. I am going to leave you with one last fun fact. Since 2004, Miami has as many 10 win seasons as Pitt. Someone jog my memory. What team stopped them from getting an eleventh? Maybe that info will get the Hager Twins concert back into the shoe box in the attic of my mind.

144 thoughts on “A Preseason Look at Miami

  1. Thanks Rich, great stuff!

    While I have little hope for a successful football season 5-7, 6-6 best, Miami has seemed to kill Pitt in every sport, but especially football. I can remember Pitt playing them off their feet at old Pitt Stadium then losing on a fake punt or fake FG.

    The only exception was KPs first game.

    The reason we lose so often. Miami has 4-5 stars and Pitt has 2-3 stars.
    Even 2-3 stars with better chops are still 2-3 stars. It will be no different this year. Pitt’s only hope is that Miami laughs so hard at the lazy folly of our QBs running to Whipple to get plays, they get sloppy.

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    1. Kansas would add little to the already very good (at least according to the media) B1G hoops. And that’s the only thing Kansas offers.

      Football wise, other than 3 years of 8 years of Mangino, Kansas football is garbage. Since him they are 21 wins & 109 losses. Before him, they were a doormat as well going back to the 1970’s. Since 1969 they’ve had 11 winning seasons. Has to be the worst or close to it in college football. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.


    2. The big ten will gladly take the Kansas basketball viewership in exchange for another doormat of a football program and guaranteed conference win for the big (and even medium) time programs.

      Rich your analysis is great as always. Would love to see Pitt’s player centric culture “transfer” into some wins, but heck at least we’re not Tennessee.

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      1. basketball revenue is peanuts compared with football. why would the B1G want to divvy up their football huge revenue with a program that would be a drag on the conference in football. they already have a few of those. Already nationally B1G football is ridiculed for it’s doormats. That would add some more ammo for that.


        1. Kansas would be another P5 win for many in the B1G Joke conference and it would help puff up the conference rankings.

          Doormats have a place – ask JoePa and godFather Barry


    1. If the Big 12 implodes……..ACC adds WVU & ND hopefully. If not ND….maybe TCU or TT……adds Texas to TV contract.

      Pitt always asleep !


  2. Richard, Miami’s loss to PITT in 2017 didn’t count at that time, because the #2 Miami in the nation at 10-0, hadn’t been playing all that well leading up to that game (even though they were all wins). That’s what I remember some folks saying at that time?

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  3. To be candid, Pitt’s lone 9 and 10 win season came when they were still in the big east after some defections.
    Miami has had 5, 9 win seasons and a 10 win season in the ACC over that same stretch. Vtech has had 5, 10 win years and 4, 11 win years over the same stretch in the ACC.

    6 post season AP rankings for Miami since their time in the ACC started in 2004. 10 post season AP top 25 rankings for vtech.

    1 post season AP ranking for Pitt in the big east under Wanny simply because vtech and miami scooted like dogs with worms. I do think Miami and vtech have pit bulls in common.

    Saw WV poll on psn where like 80 some percent of supposed pitt fans want WV to join ACC and I ask why? They are better than us in football and basketball. Soccer will improve greatly with their new coach. Why would we want to bring them in, so we could be even worse or just so the AD can save on the travel budget?
    Penn State and WVU and OSU and Rutgers sure can recruit to their cold weather cities.


    1. Pitt had a 9 win season in 2002 when both Thug U and VT were part of the BigEast. COME ONNNN MAN……we’ve had so few 9 win seasons since 1984……we can’t forget them.

      Hey WVCC would provide a desperately needed,,,,full Mustard Jar. Perhaps if they embarrass us enough it will force Pitt to take the needed action to hire competent people.


    2. The fact that Miami has had one ten win season since 2004 is a true fact. You went the extra mile and put it in context. One-off stats need context and you delivered it. Nice research.


    3. Because the AD will get fired if Pitt can’t beat a rival. Bring on the Hoopies. Miss lyke better be polishing that resume for Sparty. Sell high Heather. Sell high.


  4. Richard — Thank you for all your work and digging to put these team articles together. A reminder that the season is coming fast…

    Only Pitt player who jumped into the portal who bothered me was Olineman Van Lynn. I always liked his ability to move his feet in pass-blocking, but I don’t know if he was strong enough for run blocking…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. John – Thanks for your kind words on my articles. But in reality, it is a lot easier then you think. They are just a regurgitation of lots of data in separate files. Build a template. Copy that data. Find or remember some fun facts and I have an article. It actually takes me longer to actually write an article then gathering data.

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  5. I think the P5 will become the P4 with the B1G, ACC, SEC, PAC12.

    I could see A&M and LSU leaving the SEC with TX and OU joining. Logical fit is for them to join the ACC. ACC would probably force ND’s hand and drop 3 schools … Pitt, GT and BC are the logical subtractions.

    Does the B1G make a play for Stanford and USC for a west coast presence? They probably drop Illinois and MN.

    The Big12 probably blows up with Baylor and Kansas going to the PAC12 to replace Stanford and USC.

    That leaves Pitt, BC, GT, IL, MN, WVU, Kansas St, Ok St, Texas Tech, Iowa St, TCU and WVU for a possible new Big12.


    1. wow man….what are you smokin or tokin….tonight. lol

      Please fedex me some too…btw.


    2. The only problem with your theory is the $$$. The sec pays out about $45 M per year in media rev. ACC payouts topped at about $34 M. Maybe $37 I can’t quite recall. Anyway what incentive would LSU and TAMU have to jump?


      1. Very little

        The Aggies hate being little brother. But they are. They need to just deal with it.

        It’s like pitt with penny state.


  6. The big ten needs to begin poaching schools with big names and big markets. I bet they approach Miami.

    This talk of Kansas and Iowa state is utter bull. Those schools bring little. Just like Pitt would bring.

    I’d say the big ten is already in talks with Notre Dame, North Carolina, BC, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Miami.

    The first four to sign the contract get invited.

    Is the ACC sleeping. If they can’t get the Domers, just add two schools and go straight to 16. Domers and some other school could make 18 or even a 20 school conference.

    I’d add WVU and Cincy.


  7. Tex – ND is contractually obligated to join the ACC until 2035. They’re the ones without a ball in the game. LA and SF are the big markets for the B1G to pursue. Stanford and Southern Cal. Education and athletics and money. A&M and LSU have the most to lose and will fight the hardest against TX and OU.

    The B1G will swing B1Gger than castaway schools that don’t have fan bases to match the locations.


  8. Good point about Cincy. In my guess above, I could see Cincy and Houston joining the new Big12 for a 14 team conference.


    1. The conference that acts first will be in the best position

      The ACC has poison pills for its members so another offer from another conference has to be really good. Plus they would have to be already in the black on their balance sheet

      I’d aggressively target at least four schools and go from 14-18 immediately


      All new markets


  9. Huff, Pitt fans want WVU in the ACC because it would be going back to a true rivalry the way CFB used to be based on before big time $$$ came into play.

    In other words it would be a slice of actual fun again. A rivalry that didn’t have obsessed hatred behind it like the majority of Pitt fans seem to hold against all things PSU.

    Also, WVU fans feel as strongly about the Backyard Brawl as Pitt fans do…unlike the ambivalent attitude PSU fans have with Pitt.

    Where I live in Maryland there are tons of PSU fans and when shopping or whatever and I see someone wearing Nitter gear I mention I am a Pitt fan. That leads to small conversations about the history of Pitt vs PSU.

    One thing I hear over and over is that, to paraphrase, ‘…it was fun but that’s in the past’. No real emotion one way or another.

    Talk to Pitt fans about PSU and the irate spittle starts flying.

    Our respective Pitt – WVU feelings are strong but in a way also respectful from both sides.

    Personally I think, or I wish more accurately, that Pitt would play WVU, ND and Navy for three of our four OOC games each season. This most probably can’t happen due to conference pressures, TV $$$ and other issues.

    But Pitt and Pitt fans want and need those three rent-a-wins we schedule instead on a yearly basis. If we did that we’d see more the true strength and weaknesses of the program as played out on the actual field instead of discussions on blogs and message boards.

    Give me good and solid opponents and let the wins and losses happen as they may.

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    1. Reed, I get your point, but did you really use the word “respectful” relative to WVU fans?

      I used to do a good bit of work in both northern and southern WVU and the local people I worked with were outstanding, but the word respectful just doesn’t apply, IMHO, to many of the WVU fans who show up in Pittsburgh for the Brawl…

      Go Pitt.

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  10. I agree with Reed that having WVU in the same league as Pitt would be great for us fans and with 13-9’s comment that having WVU in the same league may force Pitt to take hiring, recruiting, and I’ll add scheduling, more seriously.

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    1. May. Now that I think is a reach. 🤠

      This leadership regime is 💯 percent in Capable of taking athletics seriously and treating her as a business.

      Lou to the Rescue.


  11. Why can’t a conference be 20 schools?

    Five divisions of four teams. Each team with two permanent crossovers. And three rotational opponents each year from the remaining schools

    That’s eight conference games each year

    Top four division winners based on overall conference record play in ACC playoff

    I’d even reduce the length of the quarters for the playoff since you’d want teams well rested for the 12 team BCS.

    Or I wouldn’t even have playoffs and the selection committee can pick from the five division winners

    How’s that for thinking outside the box

    So the six schools I’d add would be Cincy, wvu, Tcu, Houston, navy and cfu.

    Pitts division would be BC, Syracuse and wvu

    It’s two permanent crossovers would be Cincy and navy.


    1. Wvu permanent crossover could be louisville and va tech

      BC could be Miami and Virginia or Duke or wake

      Syracuse could be Virginia , duke, wake or ga tech

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  12. Bear in mind that none of five opponents would receive an invite to a super league

    Pitt could find another five to play in a conference once this super league happens by playing Rutgers, Maryland, temple, Virginia and buffalo

    All schools within a driving distance and where large pitt alumni populations already live.

    And frankly I’d rather play these schools than ga tech, miami and Carolina schools each year

    Because mainly historic rivals and easy to travel to games


    1. That doesn’t sound very exciting bro.

      Buttgers, the Twerps, Temple , UVA & Buffalo (?) know you went there….but yikes.

      This grouping would generate minimal ticket sales and vast vast swaths of Yellow.

      A huge collective yawn….most even would sklp watching on TV. Like me !


  13. More stuff from ESPN.

    Notre Dame also has an agreement with the ACC that, should it choose to join a conference, it has to be the ACC. The agreement is in place throughout the length of the current grant of rights, which runs through 2036, a source confirmed to ESPN.

    “They know the ACC’s interest,” Phillips said this week at the league’s media days. “It’s been less than bashful. They know where we’re at. Who knows where the future’s going to go. I love the schools we have, but you always have to be ready to add.”

    More likely, according to multiple sources around the ACC and Pac-12, would be an even bigger “alliance” that could result in something as simple as the Pac-12 and ACC teaming up to work toward a new TV deal and help balance the power commanded by the new 16-team SEC or perhaps a merger that could lead to a 32-team super conference. Those same sources said the moves by Texas and Oklahoma might signal the first steps in a breakaway from the NCAA.


  14. If B10 is talking to Kansas, it’s all about TV sets. I doubt Iowa St is in the mix because Iowa covers that for them. This is the conference that added RU to get their TV sets. KU at least brings a high end BB program. I could see WVU in the mix. Small addition of new market with decent FB and BB programs.


    1. Well it use to be about just TV sets,,,which is how Buttgers got into the B1G, as you said. Not so much anymore with millions dropping Cable or will drop Cable….since Streaming is the new deal. You don’t need cable to watch games anymore.

      WVCC will never get into the B1G since they’re low academics and not AAU, even their own fans on their blogs admit. And a good portion of them don’t think they will get into the ACC either. Alot think either a reworked Big 12 which would be hard without UT & OK or they might end up G5.


  15. I really have no interest in WVU in the ACC and clearly the ACC has felt the same.

    They went to the Big 12 which was has been a tenious conference for years. Let them stay in whatever is left with that.

    LSU is not going to leave the SEC. No way. A&M, maybe. They have to be really pissed right now.

    BTW, a funny rumor on Twitter (so read through that lens) is Penn State having interest in the ACC if ND joins.

    I don’t see that as plausible other than they haven’t really been able to own the Big 10 like they thought and may have a Florida State moment of thinking that it may be a better path outside of it, assuming the money is there.

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  16. Right now there is a $17 million difference between big ten and ACC checks per school

    So if a new deal plus a newer deal adding Notre Dame and penny state makes up the difference it makes economic sense then to join.

    But you’d have to factor in penalties and loss of media rights for possibly some years

    The ACC contract is undervalued now. They were terrible at negotiating the first deal
    Now a second is on the table without Domers and Nitters

    Add those two and you most defintely have a deal that at least matches the big ten

    Penn state also gets rivals back and easier path to the BCS.

    Plus they will not be in anyone’s shadow. Don’t underestimate their vanity.

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  17. If the ACC added Louisville, they can add wvu

    It’s all about adding a passionate fanbase and new TV sets.

    That’s why I like expansion into Texas – dfw and Houston.


  18. I would just break from the NCAA and form a 32 team super league. Bypass the next round of conference realignment altogether.

    Pitt gets extended an invite based on one condition – the construction of an on campus MPC

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    1. He is still working out a deal with the local Chevy dealers as the official Malibu spokesman.


  19. What schools would get invited to a super league before Pitt. Here are the ones I think should. Some may not accept but I think 95 percent of them do. The $100 million per school is tough to pass up.

    Texas A&M
    Notre Dame
    Ohio State
    Florida State
    South Carolina
    North Carolina
    Virginia Tech
    Penn State

    These are 36 so four would be cut

    Probably cut California, Utah, Minnesota and either Missouri or Kentucky.

    But I don’t see Pitt on this list

    It would be a candidate in the next tier of about 20 schools.

    You can see that the vast majority are the states team

    You start looking at the biggest tv markets next. Meaning that Tcu, SMU and Houston get the nod over Pitt.

    Rutgers, Illinois and northwestern. BC. Maryland as stronger possibilities.


  20. Why is this so difficult

    Go from 14 to 18 teams and then ESPN will be forced to renegotiate

    Add Tcu and Houston. The fifth and sixth largest tv markets.

    Add Cincy and WVU. Both new markets and states.

    If you go to 20 which I think is really needed, you add cfu and navy.

    But be prepared for poaching by the big ten

    So I’d have a few schools in my back pocket


    1. Probably more Horns down fans in both DFW & Houston than the local schools. Certainly more passionate ones.

      Cincy has a 40k stadium that is maxed out. Houston & Cincy are 2nd rate academically.

      ACC needs to think bigger(or better) than these schools if it wants to be a ‘player’.


        1. Houston is ranked lower than Cincy….at #178……UC #143,,,,,,both lower than Alabama, that beacon of academics. lol


      1. But the pickings are limited. The better and bigger schools are already members of the sec or big ten. So you need to look at new markets and those with the most TV sets. That’s why Texas schools make the most sense plus Cincy or Florida schools from Orlando and Tampa – UCF and south Florida.


  21. I think there will be 4 sets of 16 teams totaling 64 teams including Pitt. That means ACC, B10, SEC and P12. Anything smaller will draw less TV programing, diversity, viewership, rivalries and broadcast money.


  22. If your Pitt sports team is suffering from a case of mediocrity. If you’re sick and tired of Same Old Pitt. Call Lou to the Rescue. You’ll have a top ten program in no time.


    1. Big Lou is just like you…..he has high blood pressure too !

      Anyone that’s had to watch Pitt football…..does too !


  23. The ACC was poached a few years ago by the B1G. It’s time to return the favor. And the 2 teams that would vastly improve the ACC’s football image are ND and as much as I hate to admit it, Creepy Valley State.

    Plus adding these 2, would greatly increase the ACC’s tv contract, more on par with the others.

    ND’s schedule pre-pandemic was 50% ACC already and polls indicate PSU fans are not ACC prohibitive.
    Many PSU fans believe they are the ‘red-headed stepchild’ in the B1G. Time for the ACC to exploit that like the SEC exploited the same feeling at Texas A & M.

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  24. “Sources told The Athletic on Thursday that the Sooners and Longhorns are prepared to wait until the grant-of-rights and media rights deals expire in 2025 before moving to a new league. That would remove any possibility of legal action from the current Big 12 members.”

    Doesn’t seem that easy assuming Texas A&M doesn’t make a stink and Oklahoma State clings to OU. How different it is here in the East…Pitt just as guilty as Penn State in breaking ties with WVU. Did Pitt sue Penn State for refusing to play? No. Did Baylor threaten to sue Texas when the Longhorns flirted with the Big 12? Hell yes. Which section of the country takes their football more seriously?


    1. Pitt didn’t have the legislative clout to entertain legislative action like the Texas schools did when they stopped the 4 from going to the PAC 12 in 2011. Plus Pitt was in the BigEast since 1991 for football when independent PSU joined the B1G. The schools didn’t play in the 2 year run-up to PSU joining the B1G and the 2 years after.

      Now had they been in the same conf. when PSU decided to leave, Pitt would have had more of a legal argument. However things were drastically different in the early-mid 1990’s than 2011 in the whole scheme of college athletics.

      Added in to the mix, when this all occurred in the early to mid 1990’s, Pitt administrators were in one of their football ‘deemphasis’ modes. And probably had some Nitters on the Board.


      1. Pitt playing penn state would be good for the state but I don’t think it does either program much good.

        Those schools don’t need each other

        The only thing a school needs these days is their conference check.

        Realignment is all about money. Nothing else

        The ACC should protect themselves by expanding now into large tv markets. I would expect the big ten to approach at least four ACC schools

        I wouldn’t sit back and wait. Be aggressive and fire the first shots.

        Better be happening this weekend. But I’d offer Cincy and wvu membership immediately. Two new markets.

        And I’d seriously consider expanding to 18 teams. Add the fifth and sixth largest tv markets before the pac 10 does

        Tcu in dfw and Houston.

        The ACC can then renegotiate their severely undervalued contract

        ACC will be making more than the big ten
        Your 19th and 20th schools would be Notre Dame and penn state.

        Back pocket schools if the big ten poaches would be navy, UCF, temple, and south Florida. All big tv markets or with navy a national brand and following.


  25. I’ve been watching the Olympics and looking at all of the colleges represented on the U.S. team. Florida, Stanford, and yes the Nitters are represented along with many others. It’s sad that so many universities have minor sport programs that contribute to the Olympics and get this national publicity, but not Pitt. Could Pitt athletics ever be good at something?? For a university that supposedly strives for excellence, athletic performance apparently doesn’t count for anything.


  26. The olympics provide the same entertainment enjoyment as a pitt football game.

    Bunch of empty seats devoid of any atmosphere

    The Olympics aren’t like they used to when it was the USA vs the USSR. I used to wake up every day to check the medal count in the newspaper sports section.

    I’d now rather do anything over watching the Olympics.

    I’ll wait for the World Cup.


  27. Listening to ESPNU on Friday, one talking head said he doesn’t think Texas A&M or Missouri will oppose Texas and OK joining the SEC because its not the coaches or ADs that vote, but the college presidents, who’s greatest consideration will be the increased revenue dollars the expansion of the league will bring to their schools.


    1. Let’s hope Gallagher says yes to wvu then

      Cincy would be next in line

      However I do like adding Tcu and Houston. Houston is on the gulf in swamp land just like Florida.

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      1. Technically 45 minutes from the gulf coast line

        Horrible humidity

        I call those Texans swamp rats.

        But it’s a huge tv market

        Let’s just hope the new ACC commish is being proactive

        I’d love to poach the big ten
        Maybe get Maryland back


  28. Yeah, PittofDreams, I was watching the Olympics for a short while before I came to my senses. I must admit, when I saw the ladies soccer team members all kneeling, it was a total turn off. After all the support from Americans and donors to get where they were, it was a total slap in the face. It’s easy to see why the ratings are tanking.

    On the other major subject that seems to be dominating the conversation on this site with endless speculation, the ACC will be very judicious when adding more teams. There will be teams to choose from as other conferences adjust. In the meantime, could everyone just take a break from the endless drivel of nonsensical speculation of how many different combinations of 64 teams could possibly occur? Tex, please stick a cork in it for a while, it doesn’t matter which teams are chosen to beat Pitt in some hypothetical conference expansion!

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  29. Tex, I’m ALMOST willing to hear more of your thoughts on MPC feasibility instead of this subject… well. almost..


    1. This is better than watching the US men’s basketball team lose to France in the Olympics.

      America doesn’t even send their best anymore

      Might as well chosen an all star college hoops team

      Olympics is a joke. Much like college football.


  30. The conference speculation is fun. I like folks providing the various article links. Saves me from bouncing around the internet.


  31. Any new school added has got to generate at least $50 million in extra revenue to the conference. And that only gives every ACC school an extra one million each year.

    The only ones that could probably generate in excess of $100 million as stand alones are the Domers and Nitters

    What the ACC needs is to guard against the poachers. And that’s the big ten. But the ACC can’t renegotiate their rights unless they add and keep all current schools.

    I do think an expanded big ten is a better fit for Pitt. And I know Pitt is near the top of their expansion list.

    Will Gallagher pick up the phone and say yes if offered. I would in a heartbeat. But i’d want BC and Syracuse to come along.


    1. We could add hockey in the Big.
      Premier hockey conference.
      Hockey East
      The 2 best hockey conferences.


      1. An extra $20 million for joining the big ten. A conference that fits. A conference that has hockey. Bring along friends like BC and Syracuse. No brainer to me.

        Chance to pee on State. Priceless.


  32. Admittedly, my numb mind and crystal ball are opaque when it comes to predicting the future of college sports, with realignment, athletes in provocative markets getting seven -figure deals, multi-purpose venues, etc.
    But I am smart enough (barely) to realize that none of it bodes well for lil ol us.

    9-wins-this-year and H2P!

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    1. Go outside. Breathe the fresh air. And what do you smell? I’ll tell you what you smell. 🤠

      It’s the smell of money. Money is driving all of this.

      And if pitt thinks money is dirty and smells like dog poo, they have no business being in a business.

      Pick up the phone today Gallagher and say a resounding ‘YES’


  33. Color me crazy, but I thought college sports was supposed to be about the college athletes. What would Pitt do with an extra $20 million per year? They would probably remodel the student union, or add another research room to the library.

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  34. I think I needed ikes help to post this one. Damn a guy 20 years my senior who knows technology better than me. 🤠

    Well this song by Petty is appropriate given the circumstances.

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  35. I think this is fun speculating what will happen…last week I never thought of Pitt in the Big 16 or whatever it would be.
    I would post The Stones “You can’t always get what you want” to cover any outcome once the dust settles.
    IF it settles…

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    1. Pitt is in a good place. Much better than WVU right now.

      Pitt is a top attraction for the Big Ten. The ACC needs to keep Pitt

      So if I were Pitt, I’d begin negotiations. That’s what business people do. Pitt has leverage at this point. Please don’t blow it Gallagher.

      Think like a capitalist.

      Tex – Pitt Econ major who knows Russia.

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  36. When did D’Eriq King get presumably very good or great to be in the (far to early) Heisman conversation? He may be above average but no where near a Heisman candidate.

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  37. On another note with the growth of the SEC into “the” super-conference, the ACC and B1G should merge and become the second super-conference. Pretty big upside for both conferences to merge.

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  38. Still no smoke coming from the chimney announcing the new and improved SEC. While we wait, hopefully the ACC and Big Ten are in discussions to join forces. That combination would be a 30 team super league to take on the SEC. Notre Dame has no choice to join such a league. Insert whomever you please for the 30th team. The two commissioners could jointly run the league for awhile until the dust settles. The league would be the best survival strategy for both leagues.

    The only thing preventing this from happening is that both commissioners are not very experienced in their jobs. This sort of merger requires a lot of backbone and self assurance. This is when it would be great to still have Swofford in charge.

    If the ACC does not join with the Big Ten, I can see where it would be wise for the PAC 12 to join up with the Big Ten. They would have a east west split with Iowa being the dividing line. The PAC-12 is presently the weakest remaining of the four power conferences left. The Big 12 is toast, in my opinion.

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    1. Then there’s this proposal:

      “So..what if the ACC offered Texas, Baylor and TT. And released FSU from the GOR to take Texas’ place in the SEC?

      Here’s the genius of this… all the ACC has to do is float this out there so that the Texas legislature is on the spot. Every politician in Texas that is loyal to A&M, Baylor, or TT would have to line up behind this idea over Texas going to the SEC. Make no mistake, Texas politicians aren’t going to be able, or interested, in really forcing TX to stay in the Big 12. They might make some noise, but they’ll eventually be able to say “what alternative is there really?”.

      Well, now they’ve got an alternative, and it’s going to be real hard to acquiesce to Texas to the SEC, when there’s a deal on the table that save Baylor, TT, AND mollifies Texas A&M.

      ND could sweeten the deal with a sixth ACC game, to be an annual game against Texas.

      The ACC Network with full carriage in Texas would be a huge windfall for ESPN… after all, the SECN is already on there. Especially with an extra (half) ND game…they could significantly pay up.”


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      1. Texas could call the shots in the ACC. Florida state is the one school close in total revenues but they run in the red.

        Texas wouldn’t need Oklahoma. I’d bring Tcu, Baylor and Houston. No Tech.

        Just go straight to 18 schools

        But that leaves out wvu.


  39. Recruiting ranking update – Pitt with 12 recruits, no 4 or 5 star commitments and a ranking of 51.

    SMU has 10 recruits, two 4 stars and a ranking of 49.

    Cincinnati has 15 recruits, one 4 star and a ranking of 30.

    Boise St. with 12 recruits, no 4 or 5 star commitments and a ranking of 57.

    GT with 13 recruits, five 4 stars and a ranking of 33.

    Indiana with 13 recruits, four 4 stars and a ranking of 21.

    Kentucky with 11 recruits, six 4 stars and a ranking of 32.

    Maryland with 11 recruits, two 4 stars and a ranking of 45.

    Minnesota with 13 recruits, one 4 star and a ranking of 41.

    Missouri with 12 recruits, six 4 stars and a ranking of 20.

    NC St with 10 recruits, four 4 stars and a ranking of 47.

    Northwestern with 15 recruits, two 4 stars (one from MD) and a ranking of 26.

    OK St with 13 recruits, four 4 stars and a ranking of 25.

    Oregon St with 11 recruits, one 4 star and a ranking of 57.

    South Carolina with 16 recruits, four 4 stars (2 from PA) and a ranking of 12 with a first year coach.

    I think we all get the point and yes, there are 5 months remaining in the recruiting process.


  40. Back when the ACC first poached the Big East and the Big East was threatening to sue, I wrote a comment on (the great sports journalist [sarcasm]) Bob Smizik’s blog- or whatever it was called back then. My comment was that I thought the two conferences were being short-sighted. The expansion was driven by each conference wanting to imitate the precedence the SEC set by having enough teams to play a conference championship ($$$$$$) game. I suggested that the two conferences should merge and form a super-conference. My argument was that the networks would eat this idea ($$$$$) up, force the rest of the conferences to follow suit resulting in four super-conferences that would send their champions to a playoff to crown a national champion ($$$$$).

    Smizik ripped this idea on multiple fronts and said the University Presidents, AD’s and Conference Presidents would never go for such extremism- in so many words. The only idea of mine he liked was the following…I suggested that the Big East should approach the Big Ten with this idea if the ACC was unwilling. The two conferences could merge and be renamed the Mid-West and Eastern Collegiate Conference of America….M.E.C.C.A….for short. He liked the conference name.

    I am wondering if I should trademark the idea now…you know, just in case.

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  41. Good to see the Pirates will most likely sign PSU and Clemson football recruits to rookie baseball deals. We’ll see if Franklin and Dabo can match the millions the Pirates are going to give them.


  42. AQuirk – your question about the Miami King on the Heisman list…

    If you look at King’s stats from last season they were pretty good – 13 yards per completion with 23 TDs and only 5 INTs for a QB rating of 152.7 (22nd nationally). I think Heisman watchlists always look at potential. King has the potential to bust out his SR year so he makes the list even though he was injured last season. He missed half the season and still tossed 23 TDs.

    Pitt fans think Pickett is all that but his numbers – in efficiency measures – were not that great – 13 TDs and 9 INTs with a poor QB rating of 129.6 (67th nationally). He threw for a lot of yards but that is a catchy stat that many times means nothing – look at the Pitt leaders in passing yardage. Van Pelt & Sunseri have tons of yardage…


    1. I believe King tore his ACL in December. That’s a fast turn around to start the season. I would think it will impact his ability and maybe playing time.


      1. Too bad we don’t play them until Oct 30th…

        I didn’t realize the Hurricanes were 8-3 last year with a close bowl loss (without King for 3/4 of the game). That’s an ass kicking in our future I think.


        1. I think you are correct if King recovers and stays healthy. He is on the smaller side.


        2. ^^ Sounds like the Northwestern bowl game without the credit to PITT for playing a good game without key players.

          Reed, my apologies that I didn’t see the news concerning your son. Hope all is well with him and the family.


          1. Let’s also give credit to stanford. They played without seven starters. And still won.


    2. Didn’t make the comment as a promotion of Pickett for president. Just sincerely surprised by the admiration of King when there are many others out there. But look what that did for Larry and Hugh…


  43. Some useful PITT comments: Our beloved school is now rated/ranked the 19th public school nationally and 58 overall. Not bad.
    I’m watching Fordham Basketball for the next couple of years. So should Heather Lyke. They’re new BB coach’s named is Kyle Neptune. Leigh grad; coached for Jay Wright at Villanova. He Hired Ronald Ramon (away from PITT) and Tray Woodall as assts. They are all NYC guys. I like what metro NYC recruits do for our men’s basketball program. Capel doesn’t have the right contacts in the City. Think Metro based guy to replace him.

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    1. So pitt is tied with Florida state?

      A school thirty years ago that was an academic joke

      Now granted a school should be looked at by discipline. Education, medicine and engineering are all top notch.

      Not to get on my high horse and I will, pitt really needs to focus on its core competencies. It tries to be everything for everyone. That’s stupid.

      Pitt could probably eliminate 70 percent of its programs and become highly profitable and its brand equity would increase.

      Pitt tries to wear far too many hats and few fit.

      Same goes for pitt sports. There are some programs that just aren’t good fits and lose millions. Some that need to be strongly considered.

      Drop gymnastics
      Drop baseball

      Add women’s rowing
      Add men and women’s hockey.

      Remember the feasibility study from the NHL said it was feasible. But Pitt doesn’t want to roll up the sleeves and work hard and be creative and passionate.

      The pitt athletics department is the modern day version of the Politburo.


  44. CBS ACC poll just out predicting Pitt middle of the pack behind NC / VA Tech/Miami. Ahead of GTech, UVA and Duke. I don’t see us that high. Losses to all 3 upcoming.

    WE ARE…..Mediocre!!


    1. I see pitt losing to Western Michigan and Syracuse. I’ve already put money down. And yes I’ll bet against Pitt. I bet with my mind and not my heart. Also helps to keep a Tardis parked out back.

      Within ten years my sports bet winnings will be enough for a substantial down payment on a MPC. With plenty of money left over for 7 cases of the finest Texas bourbon.


  45. Pitt will remain rated middle of the pack until they prove otherwise on the field. Right now, outside observers can just slot Pitt in the middle and be pretty accurate without a lot of time spent. With 15 starters returning you would think they would be getting more respect, but this also shows that Narduzzi gets no respect.


    1. Nard could be the reincarnation of Knute Rockne but even Knute couldn’t win with Duzz’s 3 star recruits. We are being out recruited year after year by our competition! There lies the problem!

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      1. How in the world is that a bad look for Narduzzi? I don’t think you really believe PITT will lose to W MICH and SYR. And I don’t think you put any quid on those games either. I realize you’re a contrarian and love to scream FIRE!!, but a lot of your statements are pretty far fetched.


  46. I saw where the men’s gold medalist for air rifle was from Kentucky, and the gold medalist for ladies fencing was from Kentucky. Even Kentucky gets into the act for Olympic medal winners. Pitt is no where to be found. They may be the 19th best public school academically, but the athletics just don’t show similar excellence.


    1. If there was an Olympic event where either one ingested the most fries on a salad or one made the best recipe with fries, a Yinzer would win hands down.

      The actual school Pitt might medal in partipation trophies or best form sleeping in a yellow seat.


      1. Air rifle, ladies fencing and athletics? Aha VOR, like I told you in the email, you’ve been hanging out with Tex a little too long.

        Speaking of best form sleeping Tex, isn’t there one form of “air rifle” where the “athlete” is laying face down on the ground? It takes more athleticism to BOO PITT than it does to lay down on the ground and pull a trigger.


    2. West Virginia would win the musket category of rifle.
      West Virginia could win plenty of gold medals 🏅 if the Olympics became more modern day and relevant.


  47. Why is it so important to have schools that are accredited? Big ten is big about that. Is it for pooling and sharing research dollars for federal grants?


  48. It will be interesting to see how Pickett compares to the other top QBs in the ACC. Several are being touted as Heisman candidates, and Reed is right that King could have a big year if he is healthy. But Heisman chances depend a good bit on the overall success of the team. It wouldn’t matter if Pickett threw for 4,000 yards with 30 TDs if the team finishes around .500.


    1. He’s as tough as Tino. But a better leader.

      Still I don’t see more than 8 wins. I’m assuming a bowl loss as usual. Unless Pitt lucks out by playing a bad school with connections to the AD.


  49. Kenny’s Tubbie linemen will actually lend him a hand and lift him off the hard turf after a sack unlike Sackseri.

    And coming back from that ancle surgery…I mean injury.

    Call me impressed with his recovery. UPMC has technology and science thats more than just ordinary medicine.

    Heck, if you’ve ever gotten lost in the deep basements of the Cathedral, you’d encounter some things that would blow your mind.

    Tex – who was lost for three days


  50. Since this article is about Miami…..here’s some trivia concerning Pitt and Miami,

    What do the 2 football teams have in common since 2004 ?

    They both have had only one 10 win season each.

    Hey we’ve found an even bigger underachiever than us !!
    (especially even more so since Miami, generally has Top 10 to 20 recruiting classes)


    1. They underachieve like Texas but aren’t afraid to make head coaching changes. At some point they will strike gold.

      Pitt is fine digging for river rocks and then rewarding the coach when he finds a nice round one.


  51. Re: Twyman

    “Twyman did not need surgery and has been expected to fully recover from the exit wounds to his arm, shoulder, buttocks and leg, his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said at the time.”

    Those pesky entrance and internal wounds might take a bit longer though I assume… Honestly, even we amature POV writers are better than that.

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    1. If you read the PSN article that Pitt of Dreams linked (yesterday at 1:44pm), it says:

      “The Minnesota Vikings announced on Monday that per NFL procedures, they’ve moved Twyman from their active roster to their reserve/non-football injury list and must first subject him to waivers. Should he clear waivers, he will revert to the Vikings reserve/NFL list.”

      It is now obvious that “those pesky entrance & internal wounds” take longer to heal than Twyman’s agent said soon after the shooting.

      Since Twyman is not physically able to play & contribute to the Vikings upcoming season, they had two options- cut him totally loose or place him on reserve/ non-football injury (NFI) list. But to put him on NFI, the Vikings per NFL procedures had to put him on waivers.

      The Vikings think Twyman can contribute or else they would have just cut him totally loose. To say it is somehow a blemish on Narduzzi is quite a leap .

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