Former Stadium Sites in Pittsburgh

This just sent to me by a friend (total old time Pitt fan). Take a look and if you are over 60 years old grab a tissue box… Note the 1:24 minute mark – the photo on the wall (from a Life magazine cover) shows my Dad standing – his head is the tallest one shown.

I used to go watch the rare weekday day games from there while my dad worked – you could see everything but home plate and the batter/catcher/ump.

Watching this video, seeing the photo and talking on here about past Pitt football games, both at Pitt stadium and at Heinz, make me very nostalgic for ‘the good old days’.

Which also makes all these earthshaking changes happening in college sports all the harder for me to handle. For me, and I don’t speak for others, but for me I just don’t see the all-encompassing fun that college football used to be happening in our future.

It is not just what happened over these last few months either. It started with the separation of athletes in football and basketball programs by being sequestered from the general student body and the slowly narrowing circle of involvements of the student athletes in university life.  365-day training tables didn’t help nor did the heavy dependency on tutoring vice attending classes because damn it! that just keep getting in the way of football!!

The shift to Power Five conferences kept it going with all the haves and have-nots being clearly defined and the driven stake in the heart by jettisoning the pretense of amateurism completely with the pay-for-play time we live in (and that is exactly what it is). Obviously the $20+K in-state and $33+K out-of-state tuition scholarships just were not enough for the kids.

This isn’t even like Chinese water torture – more like a series of car bombs going off and driving me away from what I used to truly love. When I turned the POV over to Mike in 2018 it gave me a real opportunity to take a step back and look at all this with a clearer field of vision – not being so intertwined with Pitt football and the POV.

Sadly, that clear vision is coming into crystal clear awareness that all ghee doings are not just the changing of the times, that I could live with, but more of a march in lockstep to a purposeful end to a once joyful thing.

Business is King! Long Live the King!

Maybe it was seeing Pitt’s average-at-best QB Kenny Pickett trademarking a personal logo today. Please… A GIF of him throwing a incomplete deep pass would have had more truth to it. But I guess that is just mean spirited on my part.

So, spare me the old saw of “But they are just kids out there doing their best” or “Don’t criticize them too much, they are students just trying to play their way through college.”

Nothing could be further from the truth at this point – they are now going to be, quite literally, paid employees of the University, choosing schools to attend by the highest bid offered for their services and I for one hope the IRS pays close attention to what that entails.

You know what – there is a reason Pitt fans leave the games in droves at halftime and it ain’t just because of the bussing. It is because after making a cursory appearance at the game they realize they have better, and more fun, things to do on a Saturday afternoon or Thursday evening – like drinking in Oakland, Shadyside, Bloomfield, etc… anywhere without having to watch prima donnas, with personal logos no less, playing poor football and being coached by a bigger prima donna who is so arrogant that he does not even realize his program really sucks.

Because if he actually did realize it sucked he would call the Offensive Coordinator into the HC’s office and demand his committing seppuku immediately. Then he would get someone into the position who knows what an actual running game looked like.

Ever wonder what Narduzzi’s personal logo is going to look like? Here my suggestion.

Anyway – have a great Pitt Day!

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  1. I would hope that the memories and dream of major college football at Pitt don’t just fade away. There are fixes that can be made if reasonable heads would just sit down and restructure college athletics in a way that is in the best interest of all college athletes. Some facts are hard to ignore. For example, it is still true that only 2% of players go on to sign a professional contract. Second, it is still in the players’ long term interest to stay and get a free college degree. And college athletics, including the minor sports, attracts new students to a school and remains a really important component of a student’s college life.

    Why should a few football machines like Alabama and Ohio State get to spend unlimited amounts of money when other smaller schools can’t? Is a championship that is bought and paid for really worth anything? I want to see Pitt take the field and win every Saturday, but not at any cost.

    If there are 350 colleges in the NCAA, then the NCAA should implement rules that let Ohio University compete fairly with Ohio State. Teams don’t need 15 coaches or Spring football. Recruiting budgets should be made public and limited in some way. Athletic departments should be audited by outside auditors. The NCAA and colleges should stay away from any involvement in NIL activities or support, and the NFL should set up its own developmental league.

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  2. Forbes Field also hosted big Prize Fights… they used to be termed.

    The Pittsburgh Kid, Billy Conn, defended his light Heavyweight title there.
    Fritzie Zivic defeated Jake LaMotta (Raging Bull) there, despite Fritzie being 10 years older.
    Jersey Joe Walcott knocked out Ezzard Charles for the Heavyweight title there in 1951.

    Pittsburgh use to be a huge fight town as Duquesne Gardens also hosted many many prize fights.

    Not so much anymore.

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  3. VoR – we are going to disagree on a couple points, but it is all in good debate. The NCAA does allow for OU to compete with OSU. OU chooses not to do so and stays in its own comfortable lane. OSI is on the Autobahn and OU is driving like miss daisy. These are all choices.

    Win at all costs no longer applies. Pitt can win big if they had the right people steering the ship. If Pitt had the right AD who is personable, understands the new student athlete and how to maximize their income, Pitt could win. I found it comical that so many applauded our AD for being all over the NIL shenannigans, when in reality, most all P5 and non P5 schools had already signed up with Opendorse. We get enamored with wanting to win so much that we forget the basics. Hard work, likability, salesmanship, and connections brings you a winner. I would not describe our AD or Football Head Coach with those terms.

    Every year that goes by with more mediocrity, the less I care. The less I care, the less my 4 children will care. The less they care, the less chance Pitt has to bring them in as fans. My kids have not been involved with professional sports since that turned political (except hockey). Pitt had a chance. I am now getting them involved in golf and bowling because they can all play and spend their disposable income on themselves instead of in support of programs that don’t care whether they are mediocre or great.

    Reed – great stuff! I remember going to Pirate doubleheaders and buying general admission tickets for .65 cents. Between games, my buddy and I would go to the gate that separated GA from the box seats that always had ticket checkers there and you couldn’t get in without a legit ticket. As older couples were leaving, we asked if we could use their tickets if they were going home. Not a game went by that we were not successful with that strategy. My brothers and I were just talking about going to Forbes Field to see Juan Marichel and Willie Mccovey and Mays. So did the Posvar building replace Hillman Library? Been so long since I have been to campus because pitt plays at Steeler Stadium and I have lost connection. We also went to Crosley Field in Cincy. Great memories and thanks for sharing them.


  4. Sent to moderation for using a word…….oh well. Don’t worry oversight team of Reed or Richman (lol), it wasn’t a bad word.

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  5. Reed, your article hurts because there is so damn much truth to it! At the same time there have always been some pretty wild excesses, at least according to the stories–Jock Sutherland’s players living on riverboats, boosters and other fans allowed into locker rooms after games and at South Bend thrusting dollars into the N.D. quarterback’s hands after a big win, rapes covered up at various schools and on and on. What is different about this time is that what is happening is sanctioned and deliberate and fundamentally changes the character of college sports (football and basketball for sure.) It is not that the kids making money is bad (think of the old days when the kids had part time jobs and summer jobs.) And they were still expected to take the same courses and even labs as other students and meet the same requirements. If my memory is correct there were strict limits on the time they could spend on sports so as to make the student part of student athlete very primary. Remember the old 2 hours of study for each hour spent in class? That was real and applied to athletes as well as other students if my memory is correct. Ok, I’m sounding like an old fart who doesn’t like change. H2P Soccer Gramps

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  6. arrrgh things aren’t the same as they used to be. Arrrgh.

    Or are they? Soccer gramps’ post above was a good one. I’d also encourage you to read “Carlisle vs Army” since you seem to be into old timely things. Money has been the e of the game in college football since the early part of the 1900’s. The whole reason that Carlisle played Army was because of the payday. So don’t go telling me that the almighty dollar has changed the game.

    Getting back to modern day – Reed is correct. NIL is a monumental shift. But guess what folks. THINGS CHANGE.

    Can Pitt compete with the Alabama’s and Ohio States of the world on NIL stuff? Heck I’m not sure anybody can. I’m hearing reports of Bama’s expected starting QB pulling in close to six figures in NIL deals and he’s thrown like one pass. But I can tell you this, if Pitt’s alumni base wants to, they can make Pitt very competitive in this area.

    How many ACC schools churn out as many successful doctors and dentists as Pitt? Not many I’d wager. And a lot of them probably run their own practice – which means they own a business. Are the dots connecting here?

    I’ll paint you a picture: let’s say Doctor “B” down in bum****, NC runs a nice little proctology practice. He’s a Pitt alum but loves living in the south. Donates a few thousand a year to the panther club (maybe more). Doctor B can now stroke a $1000 check to Davis Beville (who is from a town just an hour or two away in SC) just for Beville making an Instagram post about Doctor B’s proctology practice! Now if you multiply that by all the Pitt Docs and Dentists out there … well yes it’s absolutely the Wild West. But hey talent flows where the money goes. It’s just all out in the open and legal now.

    So yea. A change. But I’ll tell you what. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The rules have changed. You can complain …or you can adapt.

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  7. Major Majors, congratulations buddy on your Hall of Fame induction.
    ..of course we always knew you were HOF material.
    Loved Lemont. Wedding rehearsal dinner and many other family events held there over the years.

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  8. FYI. Per a Pitt reference book I lost in a flood, Pitt Stadium had footers deep enough and strong enough to include a second level/deck if the situation arose in the future. The need never arose. ,

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    1. That is correct. But the entire interior would need gutted for chair back seating. Making it very costly to renovate. But she had good bones.

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  9. Very few players will cash in on the NIL.

    I do worry how this impacts team chemistry. I worry how it impacts play calling. I worry how it impacts relationships with coaches. I worry how it impacts recruiting.

    But football hasn’t followed the scholar athlete approach at Pitt since Pitt Stadium was demolished

    How often do you see players on campus?

    How often do you see players in the cafeteria?

    How often do you see players in a regular students dorm?

    How often do you see players in class?

    You rarely do these days

    These players have always gotten special treatment but their connection to campus was also severed when games started being played at Heinz.

    They might as well wear and advertise PPG on their jerseys because they don’t represent Pitt anymore.

    They don’t share the same college experience as regular students.

    Might as well just call them semi pros and stop with the charade and the NCAA class requirements.

    Now I have no problem with Pitt having the football program become a minor league team. it advertises the university. The players get paid but their focus is 100 percent on football and no class.

    I also don’t have a problem with a real scholar athlete approach. Knowing pitt will never get elite talent. The money from football will be less than today forcing pitt to cut some secondary sports. And Pitt will have Rutgers and Maryland back in the rotation and will never play clemson or Miami again.

    I think this option fits pitt the best given the mindset, culture and general ambitions of its leadership.

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  10. Volleyball and wrestling will be Pitts best programs. Both are top ten.

    I do expect men’s soccer to slip a bit but they’ll go to the playoffs. I expect women’s soccer to surprise and also get into the playoffs

    Baseball loses pitching and valuable experience. Gonna be a rough year like usual.

    I think Capel surprises and gets a NIT invite just missing out as a bubble team.

    This is the make or break year for women’s basketball.

    Narduzzi surprises nobody. 8 wins and a bowl loss.


      1. I haven’t followed softball since pitt lost to FSU in the ACC championship game and then found a new head coach who has a fondness for basements because that’s where Pitt softball has been for the past two years.


    1. Tex: For once I think you are being overly optimistic about our football team. 8 wins during the regular season? Hope you are right about that. Remember who are “offensive” offensive coordinator is!

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  11. It is really hard to project how the NIL will affect different teams. Will it help urban teams, or rural teams who have no NFL competition most? I can see where players in the South with no NFL competition could make out well since they are the local heroes, but in the cities there are more car dealerships, insurance companies and restaurants available to sign players. This issue is truly a shot in the dark right now.


    1. Correct

      But business only wants the best to represent them

      What happens if Kenny throws four picks one game

      What happens if Kenny fumbles on a critical third down in FG territory at the end of game

      What happens if Kenny stinks up the joint and is replaced as a starter

      What happens if Kenny doesn’t like handing the ball off.

      What happens if Kenny is caught eating at a competitors restaurant or caught driving a Lexus instead of an Audi.


  12. Can big time recruits sign up with a booster business before they decide on their college?. NIL pay for play. Many Pittsburgh businesses should step up. Can POV sign up a recruit or player?


    1. He could help market a POV Koolaid type drink to generate dollars to keep this site running. 🤠

      Reed, Don’t let this NIL get to you. This season it all shakes out. We’ll see what works and doesn’t.

      Things will change but players getting paid outside the school is here to stay. This legitizes what already was going on. But this time it has a big social media component.

      kids these days are all about marketing themselves and their brand. It’s a generational thing given media platforms and today’s technology.

      However, Personal branding has consequences to the team or school brand. I can see the Wild West becoming regulated.

      And anyway It should be a privilege to wear the uniform. But I’m afraid the sum is no longer greater than its parts.


  13. Pitt does have a decision to make in the next five years even before the lease with Heinz expires.

    Does Pitt want to go all in with football?

    You either go all over in or fold. You dont raise only to be re-raised.

    Going all in means you are part of a minor league system, a super league conference where the players are paid and no academic requirements. A MPC becomes critical component.

    Or do they want to fold and have football use the traditional student athlete model just like every secondary sport. Knowing that football now becomes a secondary sport at Pitt.

    Few if any televised games. No elite players. No overpaid head coaches. No more playing clemson, Miami, Florida state or penn state. Say hello to Rutgers, temple, Maryland and Cincinnati.


    1. I like Pitt playing comparable teams. So that takes us out of the elite league, IMHO. I’m okay with that — I just want a fair fight…

      Go Pitt.

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      1. Same here. It’s no fun getting blown out by clemson.

        I want a fair fight. Like minded schools. Rivalries based on history and geography.

        Pitt football would have a competitive advantage in a student athlete conference. Most schools would be looking up to Pitt.

        Moreover the players would actually represent the school and be part of the study body. That’s very important.

        Maybe a smaller 30k on campus venue with wide seating works better in that scenario. 🤠

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  14. Speaking of Kenny Pickett, er, K8, I Hope he realizes how much Pitt has invested in him. And I’m talking about the most precious commodity available to a football player, especially a QB, which is playing time. KP has started 36 games. That’s a huge investment. Time for KP to deliver some big returns.

    KP has had his moments, but then never took them to that next level. I know the OLine and drops have been a problem, but we need KP to be the difference-maker for us in every game this season.

    Pick up that 3rd and long; read the weakness in the defense and find that open guy; limit turnovers; THROW TD PASSES!

    The OLine should be better, the TE should be better — no excuses…

    Go Pitt.

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  15. Tex… That’s absolutely the point you and I and a few others have been making for years.

    The only way Pitt Alumni and Fans will ever know Pitt Admin is “all in” on football is if they FIRST commit to an OCS.

    Everything else is just another trip to a Pizza Bowl.


    1. I have a feeling they will fold. Just too much hard work for them if they go all in. And they tend to be risk adverse and passive.

      Pitt doesn’t have the leadership, culture, fanbase, resources, commitment and will to do it.

      And personally I’m fine with pitt playing other like minded schools with true scholar athletes.

      In 2026, we’ll see how Pitt plays their hand. Right now they are only holding a suited King-Nine. Also known as a Michael Vick.


      1. I wonder if Lyke and Gallagher were at the helm in 2011 could they, would they have navigated their way to the ACC? Methinks not.


  16. I’m reading where Judah Mintz, Coach Capel’s class of 2022 four-star recruit, is tearing it up this summer. He’s 6-4 and listed as a shooting guard. Apparently has a good pull-up jumper, can shoot the three-ball, and is excellent defensively.

    His stock is rising (uh oh! 🤔)…

    Go Pitt.

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  17. Reed – agree with you. Including the cheap shot on Kenny.

    Guessing there were guys in our age group that lamented the end of football when face masks were adopted as well. Won’t be the same game we grew up with not was it the same game our grandfathers knew.

    As the world turns…


  18. Tex will prove to be the most prescient poster on PittPov with his super conference warnings. Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC would be a big leap toward the super conference. But there is one big problem: the LongHorn Network, the Frankenstein created by ESPN and UT. The SEC would not give this unpopular network the time of day. And don’t forget about cry-baby Baylor who threatens to sue whenever big daddy UT wants to kick them out.


  19. I hope college football implodes. Don’t care if Pitt, WVU, etc. are left out of a super league. Bring back an eastern football and basketball conference and I’d be happy. The elite schools will destroy what is left of college athletics.

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  20. Quite sad to see what is happening.
    We all know where the Pitt train is headed and that the bridge is out.
    That said, weak schedule and some talent…9 wins or bust.


  21. I’ll take Kenny Pickett. KP is a tough and gutsy PITT man through and through. He’s a winner, period.

    Week in and week out all I heard last year was the bemoaning from PITT fans (including me) upset about receivers dropping passes. Sport Stats lots of the time are liars. (Hey Richard) 🙂

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    1. A Winner? He won 1 bowl game against a MAC basement dweller. Jesus Ike, your standards can’t be that low.


      1. Hey Mark, How about KP only lost one bowl game? That was a one point loss against Stanford. The PITT win against EMU was a 4 point PITT win making KP’s bowl record 1-1. Yes, I can live with that.

        btw, KP voted MVP in PITT’s bowl win.


    2. I like Pickett. He’s better than average. I think he would be a star with a good OC.


  22. Check in every couple days for a read and a comment or two. Been swamped in the NIL business. Still see my comment on this vine is in moderator cloud. Good grief!

    Reed – is there a guidance manual to follow? At this point, the comment is not timely, so please just take it out of pergatory. Thanks, huff n stuff.


    1. How can a coach build a program culture with kids in and out? You rely on kids being in your program and learning the culture and expectations over a few years. Takes a certain type of coach to handle the new way.

      Watch how Calipari handles it. He mastered the one and done first and pissed people off doing it. He adjusts well and manipulates the system.


  23. When Pitt had an away game and CMU / Tech was playing at home I’d watch them play and had just as much fun.

    Good football is not dependent on division levels. It is all about what happens between two teams out on the field of play. All the trappings of D1, P5 levels are just what the schools want for financial purposes. It has nothing to do with the actual playing against another team in a game.

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    1. Army and Navy is the best game to see in the country PERIOD (IMO as I have seen 2 of there games) and they are small potatoes compared to the rest of the D1 schools…..You gotta be a student first who happens to love the game to be accepted at those institutions-stars don’t matter but you better be able to solve physics problems.


      1. if you see the TV ratings on professional sports through the years the numbers show the interest is in a significant decline…same will probably happen to “college” ball as time marches on…


        1. Maybe

          Streaming will have an impact

          But if these super conferences became a super league of semi pros, a minor league system for the nfl.

          I’d think you’d get ratings through the roof.

          Throw in the concept of relegation and then you maintain interest down to the last game of the year. Allow four schools each year to fall in and fall out.

          Include the concept of transfers and loans. Pitt could sell Alabama some player for cash. Pitt could become eligible for the league by placing top 4 in their sub league.

          And 80 percent of these schools aren’t competing against any other pro sports team in town.

          Pitt unfortunately has three but one doesn’t count


  24. So the ACC is 15 now with Notre Dame. The Domers know it’s a better fit for them than the big ten for their brand.

    I’d say force them to join for football now. And then add wvu for a 16 school conference. Create 4 divisions of 4 schools.

    Domers will get schools in all the major markets. BC, Miami, Ga Tech

    Pitts division would be Syracuse, WvU and Louisville.

    Texas is a huge pickup for the SEC. large fanbase. High power brand. Very profitable overall sports. Treat sports like a business.

    The Aggies hate it. That’s why I love the move.

    Texas could be in a division with the Aggies, Sooners, and razorbacks.


      1. Yes it does

        And Pitt could get the old big east back in the ACC by adding wvu

        If Notre Dame joins, no school will leave. If they remain an Indy, then I can see the big ten poaching at least three ACC schools in large markets. NC and Ga Tech would be top picks. Possibly BC and Miami.

        But again like Nate says, the ACC can get DFW and Houston, both top five tv markets. Thats 12 million people right there. And growing fast.


  25. These moves are all business moves. About the money

    I can see 4 major conferences of 16 schools

    If for some reason the Domers say no to going all in for ACC, I’d grab two schools to make to get to 16. Wvu being an obvious choice. I’d stay away from Florida since it’s already got two ACC schools.

    Maybe add navy. Maybe approach Maryland or penn state.

    You think penn state would leave the big tens millions with penalties for a potentially larger future payoff in the ACC.

    I love plans within plans. And three dimensional chess.

    Tex – good at checkers


  26. This reach out by Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC is a good example of why college football is being ruined by a few of the bigger colleges that just can’t get enough money, prestige and dominance. The NCAA should flat out reject this. The public will get tired of a few colleges taking turns winning it all every year. One exciting facet of basketball is that there are so many upsets in the NCAA tournament. What is the point of setting up a super conference that dominates and rotates the football championship among a few colleges each year?


    1. This is all so much fun. It was inevitable.

      Would you rather be talking about Narduzzis recruiting? 🤠

      Or how Kenny is gonna make millions off of K8


  27. Would Syracuse be interested in the big ten

    Would pitt be interested? Pitt is a better fit in the big ten than ACC.

    What four schools could they add. notre dame for starters. But the other three?

    Syracuse for the New York market. Wvu? Cincinnati? The Kansas schools. Iowa state

    I’d think they would be interested in big tv markets

    So they might reach out to BC, ga tech and Miami.


    1. Correct. It’s either ACC or big ten. There’s a reason why Notre Dame has all sports except football in the ACC today.

      I’d reach out to penn state. With them and the Domers, you have a conference that could pose a serious threat to the sec.


  28. I think ND is set as an Independent since it agreed to be the fifth seed if it was the No. 1 team in the country for the 12-team playoff.

    I want the ACC to add WVU and or Cincy/TCU if the B12 implodes. Not sure how the conference survives but TCU would bring the DFW television sets.

    I do want a northern presence in the ACC with Pitt, WVU, Louisville, Syracuse and BC together again. Then maybe Wake, GTech and Clemson.

    I actually wouldn’t care if the B10 poached North Carolina and another ACC school as there have been rumors of the conference interested in the Heels for a while. Its basketball brand means little these days with football being king and the money getting bigger and bigger.


    1. The big ten will go after big markets and brands. Carolina is a good one. And again possibly BC, GaTech and Miami.

      ACC is in a good position. They could add wvu, Tcu, Cincy, a Florida school like UCF and possibly Houston or Baylor. Tcu will want a travel partner.


      1. Houston and TCU would bring major television sets to the ACC. Those two are the ones that really make the most sense.


  29. ND won’t budge from independence any time soon. They rake in money. Plus, the more they hold out, the sweeter the pot gets for them when they finally choose.


    1. A conference could force them to budge.

      They could in theory wait another four years. But they will have less leverage then. They are in a position to dictate terms today.

      I think the ACC or big ten is negotiating with the Domers today. The offer won’t get any better.

      The Domers don’t have the cache like they used to. They haven’t won since the early 90’s.

      If the Domers can land in the ACC, I say you target penny state and it’s over. Until the big ten poaches but they will be in a weak position then.

      Need to be proactive and aggressive on this. Don’t sit back and wait.


  30. ACC commish:
    “The old kind of quip is, Notre Dame loves two things: one is being Catholic, second is independence. Sometimes those things get in reverse order. Sometimes they like independence even more than being Catholic,” joked Phillips, who has a son and daughter who attend Notre Dame.”

    Well I have an old quip that wouldn’t get past the moderator here.


  31. I’m not Irish (part Scottish) but I am catholic. And I always resented Notre Dame bringing my beliefs into their football. They are most definitely not my team.


  32. And yes as as Scotsman, I can’t stand scotch. I’d rather have Ike making me take Koolaid shots.

    Tex – bourbon is America’s liquor


  33. Now you might think I’m a margarita fan being a Texan. But my favorite drink is a bourbon whiskey sour. And I can’t for the life of me come anywhere close to Pappys recipe. Not whipple but my grandad.


  34. So Huff tell me, what is the probability of pitt building a MPC AND becoming a member of a football super league.

    Given the stats classes I’ve taken at Pitt and UB, it’s got to be 1000 to 1.

    Worse odds than Syracuse winning the ACC championship this season.


  35. ND likely to go to Big 10. They play hockey there now. The Big gives them everything they need.


    1. ND also fields a lacrosse team which is big time in the ACC… I think it trumps hockey… maybe PITT gets off their ass and does the right thing- form a men’s ice hockey team… throw in BC add Syracuse then you got a start.


  36. Tex, you don’t need a shot of bourbon or kool-aid, what you need is several liters of reality pumped into your veins by IV. Then maybe your daily gallon of bourbon to wash it down?


  37. OT — Read an article today about an aerial tram system in Portland that carries 2.2 million passengers annually and is a critical connection to a health center. The article went on to state: “In Pittsburgh, Port Authority said last week in a draft of a 25-year plan that a suspended cable car system was one possibility for a new transit corridor. The plan gives top priority for establishing a corridor from the Strip District to the Hill District, Oakland, Hazelwood and across the Mon River to Overbrook/Carrick.”

    No mention of the MPC… ☹️

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Cory Geiger from central PA did a poll and surprisingly it was quite close between people wanting PSU staying in the big ten or moving to the ACC. Penn State’s administration would have to be nuts to make the move from a revenue standpoint but their fans are getting tired of playing second second fiddle to Ohio State.

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      1. Exactly. And if Notre Dame joins along with penn state, the ACC will make far more than today

        Moreover the ACC network is a fledgling with huge growth potential and is smart about its growth and is prepared to coexist with streaming

        And penny state gets to tap the south for recruits

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  38. I see where 92% of the Pitt FB team has been vaccinated. Which sounds pretty decent, but why isn’t the figure 100%?

    I see the ACC is shooting for 85%…
    I just don’t get it.

    Go Pitt.

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  39. ND and PSU will never join the ACC. Why would they? The Big Ten earns much more with TV rights now than the ACC, so why would ND join and PSU switch to the ACC? Not gonna happen. ND will join the Big Ten if it loses its status as conference Notre Dame with its TV sponsor. Also Pitt will not be invited to the Big Ten. The Big Ten doesn’t need Pitt. That said, hoping the best for Pitt when the realignment happens.


    1. Because the acc will be renegotiating soon. They got a raw deal originally but now the contract is up.

      If the Domers and Nitters join, the new deal becomes better than the big tens current deal.

      There is no team that can replace the Nitters if they leave. But the big ten would go after Carolina. And I think Georgia tech and Miami.

      Domers will be forced to Join a conference or they will get left out. Conferences could very easily erase the Domers from their schedules. And the ACC could boot them out. That forces them to the big ten. ACC knows Domers prefer the ACC.

      I’d add Tcu and Houston.

      ACC tv contract explodes even without the Domers. Fifth and sixth largest markets.


  40. OT: Mrs. Erie received her medical procedure test results (performed Tuesday) back late last night and the news was great.

    Best win for this Pitt fan in 2 years.

    Thank you for your thoughts & prayers.


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  41. Way to go Rick and Ms Rachel!!!

    I don’t know about you all when it comes to branding, but when I see a K followed by an 8, my first thought is Kate. Just saying.

    Dairy High will want no piece of the ACC. Why trade uncertainty of big paydays and big personal contracts, with the certainty of what you have now. It is all risk-based. Some say the grass is greener on the other side. Some say that if you water it, the grass will grow even better on the new side. I say there are brown spots on both sides.

    Tex – working on solid rebuttal and support of MPC and mega conferences. One you will like. One you will like….less.

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    1. I can’t wait

      A study should be a no brainer but I know this would obligate pitt to create a business case and pitch it. Who at Pitt wants to sign up for that

      And it would be great if Notre Dame and penn state would join the ACC but I know this would be short lived.

      I still believe the super league is coming. Pitt will be left out. I’m fine with that. But maybe they have a chance at some point through the concept of promotion and relegation.


  42. Thank you all for your well wishing – it is amazing how much more focused I am at work today. I’m not sure that will be a good thing for my employees, but I will engage them with a smile on my face, for sure…

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        1. Bad things come in three’s too….Gallagher, Nardstop, AD, BoT.

          So what, I wasn’t a math major!


          1. Bad things do also come in threes. Father in law and my uncles husband for starters along with another individual I know.

            Protect your heart people

            The widow maker just isn’t a name given to a soviet submarine.


  43. Great to hear the very good news for everyone

    While the good news is flowing like Niagara Falls 💦 how about the following

    BOT approves a feasibility study for MPC
    Pitt releases the secret findings of the NHL/Penguins feasibility study for Pitt hockey
    Capel lands a four star big
    Whipple suddenly resigns saying he needs to spend time with family
    Pitt is in secret negotiations to join a football super league
    Narduzzi issues statement that says ten wins this season or he resigns
    Free beers, not Fantas, given to all adults of age at the end of every first quarter this season
    OBX becomes a multi million dollar sponsor for Pitt football
    The ‘O’ is coming back to Oakland
    Lou Riddick has been spotted in Gallagher’s office


  44. I can see this concept working well with a football super league

    The bottom 4-6 teams out of 30 get relegated each year. They are kicked out and forced to drop down.

    4-6 teams from a sub league would get promoted based on either winning their conference or through a playoff system.

    Prevents a bad super league team from tanking to just get the nice check. Allows new teams to enter which keeps things exiting and fresh.


  45. PSU just got s 5* DE out of Maryland. He is #11 player in nation and #1 DE in the 2022 class. They have 13 kids over 3*s in a class of 21 so far and are currently #2 recruiting class behind Ohio State. This after Pitt just put two DL in the draft in the last two years.

    62% of the PSU recruits are 4 or 5* players in this class…coming off a 4-5 record in 2021.

    Pitt has zero 4* recruits coming in so far and are ranked 49th in recruiting by Rivals. But don’t worry, Rivals will make one or two of our kids 4*s after their senior season…unbelievable. PN has averaged 38th in recruiting since his full classes started.

    Why exactly do Pitt fans feel he’s still the guy we have to have as HC? His W/L record is mediocre, his recruiting is average and his attitude toward the media and fans suck. But he’s still the best we can do?


    1. Way to rub it in Reed. 🤠
      You need to get off the vinegar. Just sayin…NOT.

      Tex – if I go to my grave as being labeled the most negative Pitt fan in the world, so be it. No regrets.


    2. Of course Narduzzi is not the best Pitt can do, but we expect Pitt’s leaders to find the guy who’s taking us to the playoffs, or to being a 9-win program? Look at Heather’s hoops hire. That has been nothing short of a disaster and with how Gallagher runs athletics from his front porch, hoops is looking at a SIXTH consecutive losing season under him.

      Pitt can always find a highly thought-of assistant like Chryst, but what if he is a lazy recruiter like Paulie? On top of that, the Guru of quarterbacks recruited Voytik, a kid from Ohio who ended up in D-III and another from Ohio who beat up his girlfriend. His recruiting on defense would make one vomit.


      1. Pitt is depressing Nate. You and I should meet up in Austin to see Texas football. We’ll probably witness a loss but so is Texas. At least they are willing to make changes. Not willing to accept mediocrity.

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    3. PsuX now has three 4 star DE’s and one 5 star DE.

      One of the 4 star DE’s is Fearbry from Pittsburgh. Some have said Pitt is not done recruiting this young man.


  46. I think there was more to Pedo’s 4-5 record than is generally recognized. They were lacking in some talent, with some recruiting misses, so as a result they have actually tried to recruit this year. Their #2 recruiting ranking shows what can be done when recruiting is actually made a priority.

    That said, a one year recruiting bonanza will put pressure on the upper classes and give the Freshmen more playing time. So look for the transfer portal to be full of Nitters in the next year or two. The key is to have solid, if not spectacular, recruiting classes every year.

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  47. Pitt is a solid 5.5 rating from Rivals each year. Solid equals mediocrity at Pitt.

    Thank you Gallagher and lyke for the mediocrity and comedy each season.

    I really have nothing and I mean nothing good to say regarding their business or sports acumen.

    Texas would have fired both of them in less than 15 seconds.

    Texas – directors cup champions. That’s champions pitt fans. You are definitely not used to that nor shall you ever see it under this leadership regime.

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    1. Gotta disagree with you Tex! The Texas hiring committee wouldn’t have looked at their resume’s because they wouldn’t have made it past the lowest hr screening team.


  48. The Cleveland Guardians!

    I thought that had to be a hoax. Guess not. Really rolls of the tongue!

    Go Pitt.


    1. The Guardians of Cleveland. 🤠

      Seriously, I’d let Cleveland be stolen in plain sight.

      Good luck finding anything valuable.


      1. I’m probably biased, but I think “The Pitt Panthers” is one of the best team names out there! 😊

        Go Pitt!

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        1. Nothing better than a cool cat.

          I mean penn state has a mascot that doesn’t even exist. It’s a fake beast. There are no mountain lions in the nittany mountains.


      2. I’m guessing “Guardians” may be a tip of the hat to the Insurance Industry, which is big in Cleveland?


  49. Would be forward thinking to have Guardian Security pay for the team naming rights over a twenty year period at a plus $25M per year. Better than a stadium naming right as you are on the jersey. In twenty years, you can start political pressure as to why Guardians is bad….and then cancel it out for a new name!

    I’ll be candid. I hope the Washington Redskins keep their name as the Washington Football Team, instead of picking some bojive stupid az name like guardians.

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  50. Many will ask what the team is guardians of? I bet this name will be a laugher for the Mistake by the Lake!


  51. Ever thought about exactly what being named to a pre-season award list means in college football? Well, nothing actually.

    Pitt just had a TE, Krull, with exactly one (1!) catch for six (6!) yards named to the Mackey Award watch list 2021. Oh, but wait! two years ago he had nine catches where he averaged 12.0 yards per catch… for FLORIDA!!.

    I understand that TEs do more than just catch the ball though – his blocking helped Pitt to get to 11th out of 128 schools in rushing offense in ’20.

    Honest to God – sometimes I wonder if Pitt fans even recognize that the national media throws teams like ours old bones every so often just to keep us happy. Talk about participation trophies. Between Pickett, Addison and Krull we may as well go to the Salvation Army to get new uniforms.


    1. Agree that pre-season awards are meaningless, which is why I pay no attention to them.

      But I’ll take a TE who is 6’6” and 260 pounds, and who can run well, anytime. I’m glad Krull’s here.

      Sure it’s all “just potential” now, but that potential is high-level, IMHO.

      Go Pitt.

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