It’s Back! POV Golf Tournament! (Reposted)

After a Covid-induced hiatus Rick Caldwell (Erie Express) and Fran Lokar (Lastrowofsection4) have gotten together to do the preliminary arrangements for another POV Golf outing scheduled for August 21st in Lancaster, PA.

As you may remember each of these have been great fun and well organized. The golfing is good, the drinks are cold and the friendships, old and new, are superb.


Here are the basic details so that you can put this into your calendar to save the date. As things unfold I will keep bringing this post, updated with more details about the day or attendees, any changes to the tournament format or if Narduzzi gets fired, etc. stuff like that, to the front of the blog.

This is what we have so far:

Location:  Meadia Heights Golf Club, Lancaster, PA (where Jim Furyk played his junior golf)

Date:  Saturday, August 21, 2021 Time:  Noon to 1:00 pm tee times (dinner will be served after golf).

Format: four person team scramble golf tournament (18 holes) 

Cost: Approx. $85 per individual (includes golf and dinner – the club’s 19th Hole will be open prior to golf for meal & drink – additional cost to you). NOTE: The cost per player is the same as 2019!

Lodging: DoubleTree Hilton within a few miles and numerous other hotel options in Amish Country, USA

Below is a quick poll so that Rick and Fran can start doing some more detailed planning. This isn’t the final one – that will be done later.

Here are the 2019 attendees, 27 in all I believe, in full dress golf uniforms (Fran is the guy with the bad neck in the left front row). Note that people who actually hate each other on the POV are actually getting along for this one day.

Have fun…

138 thoughts on “It’s Back! POV Golf Tournament! (Reposted)

  1. The POV Golf Tourney is in great hands with ErieExpress and Lastrow.

    And I’ve had the pleasure of playing some golf with both of them.

    And I like ike!

    Go Pitt.


    1. Pitt isn’t gonna win with a bunch of 5.5 kids with weak offers from other schools

      And some say his recruiting is improving?

      I look at kids rated 5.7 and above. Narduzzi has never topped 30 percent for any of his classes even the last one that supposedly was his best. In quantity yes but not quality. Quality wins.


      1. This Tampa running back will be higher than 5.5 after his senior season. His film is pretty good and his speed is legit. As for the two-star kicker, well, if he is a legit four star does anyone expect Rivals to have studied a guy from Melbourne with eagle eyes?

        Jackson Brown was crystal balled to Pitt and his film is impressive for sure.


    1. Ron Cook loves watching Pitt firing coaches and starting over. He called for Wannstedt’s firing and the PSU scandal was the one thing that ruined his chance to sit back and enjoy watching Pitt have three coaches in three years.

      Why hasn’t this hack who calls himself a journalist never request to speak to the administration and ask the tough questions on why the school is afraid to win big? He never will because he wants to keep mentioning the three-plus loss season streak yearly.

      The Pitt administration is weak minded and is influenced by the Pittsburgh media. Pathetic so-called smart people listen and cave to what is said.


      1. I hear ya. Don’t like the man. It’s just a rare article that he does make sense. And of course it supported my agenda. And I’m very open and honest about my agenda. I want Narduzzi fired yesterday.

        The media needs to ask far tougher questions. Pitt is being let off easy. I personally have ten questions that pitt would never answer truthfully. They would obfuscate.


          1. If the next coach is on my list and he has the budget for coordinators, he will be gone in four years. Come year four, pitt will win 11 games and finish in the top ten. He’ll move on to Arkansas. I can live with that. I’ll have another list ready.


  2. You don’t win football games with four star punters from the land down under. 🇦🇺

    I agree he’s probably not a two. Only because he hasn’t been scouted. But if we’re already getting excited about an Aussie and some kid that looks fast on film, I think we’ll be disappointed with the product on the field two years from now.

    When Narduzzi gets at least 40 percent of his class rated 5.7 and above, I’ll be impressed. That should be the floor each year. Narduzzi has reached a 32 percent ceiling last year and then back in 2019.

    Heck even when Narduzzi gets a five star quarterback or running back I’ll be impressed. No transfers allowed. We know how they work out. 🤠

    Pitt is ranked 52 in recruiting right now with zero four ⭐️ But at least that’s better than 🏀


    1. Thank you for the reminder. I’ll begin ironing her. I recall being in grade school on this day before. Due to snow days and teacher strikes. I remember it being uncomfortable in those classrooms even with the fans blowing and windows open. That’s my memory of flag day as a kid.


  3. I can golf if location was changed to the South or Pittsburgh. I can’t do much if location is in middle of the state but just an idea for more golfers.


    1. In Pitts case yes for the punter. But if you had a goood offense, you really don’t need a punter.

      A field goal kicker and kickoff guy are important.

      I’d just rather invest in a O line first. Does Australia have any 300 pound rugby players that play guard or tackle.


  4. Rarely do 4 and 5 star players commit early. It is more likely with Baily that Narduzzi told him he had to commit early to be considered. PN must know that he will get no more that 4 or 5 4 stars, and will end up filling the rest of the class with 3 stars. So he can take a chance with some early commitments (with speed and potential).


  5. Voice – regarding 4* and 5* recruits commitment dates; over the last decade of full classes we had a total of 28 4* and one 5* recruit.

    Around 22 of those 29 committed in July or even before with most being before.

    It is the big stars – the 4* and 5* kids who are nationally rated in Top 250 etc. who wait until the season starts the commit to the next class. The ones Pitt get are committing earlier than those guys. Again, mostly…


  6. Tex – that uniform ranking should be titled “most Iconic” or some thing – you can’t tell me that Alabama and PSU have nice uniforms in the solid colors – iconic, yes, Best – no.


    1. As is my forte, let me disagree..

      “Best” is a subjective ranking, especially when it comes to aesthetics. As for me, I would certainly include ND, MIchigan, PSU, Alabama, etc. among the best uniforms in college football. If I wanted to see bright colors, silly number fonts and hokie “nods to tradition”, like the Cathedral arches on Pitt’s uniforms, I’d watch arena football or the XFL.

      Carry on..


      1. I’m not a huge fan of the colors but the Pitt script is classic, iconic, and just groovy.

        Ugliest has to be Pitts anthracite colors thanks to the woman who gave us Fanta’s, yellow blouses, and OBX vacations.


  7. Actually – the link Tex provided goes to another that is rather fascinating reading – they do this every so often and I wrote an article a while back about it. This one is from 2015/16 but everything is pretty much the same now.

    This lists us #54 and that’s about correct as how recruits outside of the Tri-State are view us. We just really aren’t on any bigger, nationally recruited kid’s “Wishlist”.

    They might end up at Pitt but that is always because Pitt makes the move toward the player & family and not the other way around.

    Recruits who pretty much know they will be in D1 ball most often reach out to the schools they want to be recruited by at the end of their SO year and all though out their JR years – usually by their HS coach or other people with that school’s connections.

    The kids who do that with Pitt are usually 3* or 2* kids without the Big schools offering them. Not always but usually.

    Note – if you want to see how Pitt makes $$ with Athletics this 2020 EADA Report shows Pitt (+) and (-) finances for each sport and per capita – very interesting reading.

    You can see that we pulled in only $38M in football ($55M total) which doesn’t even put us on that chart listed in the other link.


  8. If Narduzzi is going to real in some 4 and 5 star recruits in June or July, it is going to have to come from these two on campus recruit visits that had, I think, 8 and 10 recruits respectively. How many of these 18 recruits were 4 and 5 star rated?


  9. Based on the news reports available, three were 4 star recruits.

    I’m heading to the OB with the misses – many 4 & 5 stars at the beach. 😉

    Coach Pat will be in Pittsburgh with “the misses”. When was the last legacy recruit that was signed by Pat.


  10. Interesting article by Brian Batko on Oh Canada in the PG today. Canada played no football after high school. Started coaching at Indiana while he was a student there.

    According to the article, Canada’s strengths are his creativity and his teaching ability. We saw the teaching ability at Pitt when his offensive, even with all the motion, played like a well oiled unit with few penalties or mistakes.

    Go Pitt.

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  11. “Smoke ‘n Mirrors” is what Orgeron and his coaching staff actually ended up calling Canada’s Offense.

    Seems someone here said the same thing while he was still at Pitt.


      1. Hilarious. Ogeron actually stripped Canada of his play-calling duties halfway through his “one year stint.”

        Try looking up the name “Joe Brady.” That will tell you all you want to know about Canada.


        1. Look-up Ogeron: dumb down your offense. LSU started 3-2 with a loss to Troy in Baton Rouge. Players couldn’t grasp the offense with numerous pre-snap, motion penalties, offsides.

          Actually, Canada was the third choice. Ogeron wanted Steve Emslinger to stay after the Les Miles firing & his taking over as HC. He didn’t. Ogeron 2’nd choice was Lane Kiffin then OC at Alabama. Kiffin wanted a HC job & took Florida Atlantic HC job. Canada took the job.

          Not surprised at someone taking over the play calling. Once the HC says “dumb down your offense”, the kiss of death is on you


  12. The article about Canada is excellent. Batko is the only good writer in the Pittsburgh papers.

    Also an article about the USFL, the Maulers and return of the league. Sam Clancy hit the nail on the head. A second pro league has to have NFL backing. It can’t try to compete with the NFL.


  13. Pitt is severely lacking a young and innovative OC

    A new scheme and QB to run it are the best short term solutions at this point.


  14. I really thought Narduzzi would make this list

    Maybe after this year when he has another melt down on the sidelines or has another brain fart on a fourth and goal or gets blown out again, or he blows up during post game interviews or when his arrogance is on full display or when he bad mouths fans or when he throws his players and coaches under the bus or when his excuse for mediocrity is the world is out to get me.

    Not the world King Pat, just Texas.


    1. First laragraph- ” Whether it’s not excepting blame…” and Steve Spurrier not ” enduring” himself to fans…. me thinks the writer should have proof-read the article before submitting it! Must have gone to wvcc…


    1. First laragraph- ” Whether it’s not excepting blame…” and Steve Spurrier not ” enduring” himself to fans…. me thinks the writer should have proof-read the article before submitting it! Must have gone to wvcc…


  15. The Canada article failed to mention the rift between Narduzzi and Canada when Narduzzi recently trashed him for being disloyal. I guess that Narduzzi thought a last minute better offer to retain his OC services should have made Canada jump at the offer and return to Pitt, and he labelled him as disloyal when he didn’t stay (a cheap shot).

    Batko is a good writer, but he avoided controversy and journalistic responsibility by not exploring this subject with its obvious interest in the Pittsburgh community. In fact, he stayed away from discussion of Canada’s time with Pitt, and didn’t include any quote from Narduzzi (it’s possible PN wouldn’t comment, however). Like many Pittsburgh writers, Batko seems to avoid controversy or criticism of Pitt athletics to retain access. Say what you want about Mark Madden as a sports writer, but at least he has some backbone.


    1. I think Batko was writing for Steeler fans who wouldn’t give a crap what the Duzzer did or thinks…

      Go Pitt.


    2. Madden doesn’t go to press conferences because he’s too much of a coward to look the people he criticizes in the eye. Zero backbone.
      He just sits his fat butt behind the mic and throws shade to get listeners.

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    1. For the record Jimmy Scott is from NY just south of Buffalo. He had a terrific offer sheet if you could believe all the offers were firm.


  16. At least our coaches are getting the kids to come to campus. Signing a few, more to come.
    Buying hoops tickets, what could go wrong?

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  17. Would love to come for the golf… I am the “Keeper of the FRANKCAN CUP”… things are touch and go with me 90 year ole mum… but hey, I’m 69 and blessed to have a mum.. the cup will arrive with white gloves and tuxedo when one team has 3 wins.. oops wrong sport!!! have to get the “wieners” from the 2019 tournament engraved and the fill the cup with a HUGE Dark and Stormy at lastrows house and “ down the hatch… testing for leaks……ie, you are invited…BigB will pick you up and deliver ya back to Sngie!!!!

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      1. They just widened the section of leaving Fran’s house at River Forest country club in Freeport. Still an 8 mile winding drive back to Apollo.

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  18. Reed – cannot see the photo from 2019 (that might be a good thing – haha). Im using WordPress and don’t know if that is just me?


  19. If you want to learn and appreciate soccer, the euro championships are being televised on ESPN. Pits nation against nation from Europe. 7 of the top 10 teams are European countries.

    The USA is ranked 20 in the world and has a young, exciting and promising team. When was the last time you used those words describing Pitt football?


  20. Say what you will about Ron Cook, but at least he tells it (somewhat) like it is. He is no fan of Pitt, but will occasionally criticize the Pirates, Steelers and Pens when they deserve it.


    1. He’s no fan of Pitt but I’m no fan either with heather and Narduzzi in charge. He makes good points about Pitt football. He doesn’t even open the discussion of whether Narduzzi is a good ROI. Or if pitt can even afford him. They can’t.

      Madden also has some good takes but tends to be a shock jock and full of himself. He really needs to shed some pounds. He’s a heart attack waiting to happen.


    2. Anyone can tell it like it is, but when will Cook go to the Pitt higher ups and ask the tough questions?

      He has never seemed to worry about the program not getting a fair shake for most of his existence, but he was literally worried the death penalty from the Sandusky scandal would kill the businesses in Happy Valley.


      1. He’s a Nitter lover without doubt. Those Nitters should have gotten the death penalty. But the coverup actually made them stronger and more steadfast in their arrogance and denial. I would personally disown any of my children if they went to Creepy Valley. They can all burn in Hell.

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  21. If your employer ever says the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, counter with the grass is dead here. I’ve personally used that. Ties back to the words of wisdom article from a week ago. Now off to watch France versus Germany in soccer.

    Tex – be loyal to yourself.

    God, Country, Family/Friends

    Everything else is mashed potatoes.


  22. And now I’m drinking a mighty fine Shiner outside in my breezeway or Porte Cochere and I’ve got 50 flies on me. I’ve checked my boots for 💩, I recently showered, I’m wearing a pitt shirt and cool script hat…did a Hoopie curse me? Am I lord of the flies. I think only Ike knows the answer. 🤠


  23. Seriously I’ve never had flies swarm me like this. Is this end of days or just end of pitt football as we used to know it?


  24. And Ike you tell that doctor, who of course is severely underpaid in relation to narsnoozi, that the surgical robot is to not go near your pitt heart and soul. I hope the damn thing has gps. You’re a very fine supporter. And we’re basically cousins, five times removed, with the distance between Indiana and Latrobe.

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  25. WR, Addison Copeland, commits to Pitt. Former Rutgers verbal who holds offers from Notre Dame, South Carolina and Penn State. He must be pretty good if SC is sending someone up to Buffalo to recruit him.

    Rivals forecasted him to ND before his camping at Pitt over the weekend. I guess he liked the new receivers coach a lot.

    One more verbal yet to be announced.


    1. Don’t look now but Rutgers has the 5th rated class for 2022 and a 4* WR from Florida.

      Pitt is ranked 42nd with NO 4 star recruits.

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      1. They are doing a good job at chopping wood.

        When will Narduzzi chop those locks off the gates?

        This lock the gates slogan is a turn off to recruits.

        Pitt is being lit up by Rutgers in recruiting. I never thought I’d live to see the day.


  26. Tweet from Rich Cimini:

    Two draft picks who haven’t gotten much pub — CB Jason Pinnock and LB Hamsah Nasirildeen— have impressed this offseason. Both working with the first team. #Jets


    1. Players that decommit pretty much never recommit.

      Capel has hosted a lot of players and have been CB’d with a shooting guard named Mintz. Also hosted a point guard from Columbus bit I’m not sure of his interest in Pitt.

      I think Capel has now learned, and far too late IMO, to not waste time on kids who he knows he isn’t going to get. Hood-Shifino is looking for a bigger and better offer and Capel cut ties.


      1. I think Capel operated under the misleading impression that if he offered all these 4-5 stars, it would mean a lot to other recruits.

        Now he knows unless he cheats/pays…. its meaningless.


        1. Dixon was successful recruiting in the big east. Does it take a different recruit to succeed in the ACC? Maybe more skilled and athletic but there’s still plenty of those kids in the City, philly and dc metro. Dixon was able to do pretty good getting top 100 to 200 players. Not sure why Capel thinks he needs to land top 50. Don’t those kids come with a price?

          And why not go the international route?


  27. Stanford, Wisconsin and Virginia are good programs to emulate. I don’t know why Pitt doesn’t even try. Heather can choke on her anthracite.

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    1. Great academics and great athletics can be done. Those schools prove it. Pitt just doesn’t have the will. And if you don’t have the will…


  28. Tex – I don’t know why you get hung up on the AD. Pitt’s problems go way beyond the AD. She’s about as successful as every AD here … more so when you look some of the programs on the rise. Yes, not all hired by her but the success happened under her reign so like it or not she gets credit.

    Pitt’s problems go beyond coaching and AD’s … we have approaching 40 years of data to back my statement up. Some call it SOP … it’s SOP for a reason … I very much believe in the mantra that you create your own luck … Pitt has not been luck (outside of peak Jamie Dixon) for a reason, and it has nothing to do with AD’s or coaches or student athletes or boosters or donations or Penn State or anything … Pitt does not care about athletics.

    Until Pitt reorgs as something different than what they currently are … it will not change.

    New AD’s, coaches, student athletes … they change all the time and the results don’t … Pitt’s problem is institutional … complaining about anything else is a waste of energy.

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    1. A leader can lead. You don’t have bosses when you show leadership. You are the boss. Heather is too scared of her boss. And he’s too scared of a BoT that is no longer controlled by Nitters. Heather is no leader. She is timid and afraid. She is risk adverse and too eager to please. She is devoid of soul. And that’s the absolute worst insult you can get from a Russian Minor at Pitt.


    2. And heather gets credit for the 15 other sports programs at Pitt that are mediocre at best. How’s that?

      Pitt sports is still losing millions each year and its brand is equivalent to a lump of coal given by Santa in your stocking. It’s also much like the onions I used to get in my boots come Saint Nick. Pitt stinks.

      Leaders play by a different set of rules and on a different landscape.

      Tressel would have been that agent if change. You think a lowly BoT member would have challenged him. You think a career bureaucrat would have brought up the atom defense. Please. Tressel would have broken the stupid norms and conventions at Pitt.

      One strong man can change the system.

      No apologies for using the word man


  29. You are so right, Tossing. But as Tex and PittPT mention, Stanford, UVA and Wisconsin have shown that sports and academics can co-exist. It takes the right Chancellor and BoT to have the vision, and now maybe we have a Chairman of the BoT that has the right frame of mind. The current Chancellor could come on board if there is positive reinforcement by the Bot. So maybe lightening will strike and things will change.


  30. Actions speak louder than words. We’ll see if this new businessman and former athlete is a leader or follower of sheep. You’ll know within the first three months. I don’t expect much from him. He was chosen for a reason. He’s no maverick. Apologies to McCain.

    Tossing – all it takes is one man. One man can take down the system. Takes a strong man though. A man with a will and a way. I’ll follow that man.


  31. The last of three verbals is now official: Ryland Gandy out of Georgia. Offers from Arkansas, North Carolina, ND and PSU to name a few.


  32. Tex/VoR – I agree but that man or woman is not at the AD or coach level. It’s higher. I highly doubt one person can change the direction of the board. It’s very design prevents a takeover. Pitt has UPMC to generate revenue. They don’t need athletics. Plus, the academic alumni/other fundraising generates a lot more than the athletic side of the house.

    Those other schools emphasize a balanced collegiate experience. Pitt does not. Pitt emphasizes academics, medicine, and a cultured urban experience.

    I truly believe Pitt could turn into a National power over night if they wanted to. We’ve seen what happens when Pitt goes all in … and that was before Pittsburgh had the cool factor. Pittsburgh is a sports town. Pitt has money. Western PA, Eastern Ohio and Western NY all have athletes.

    The ADs and coaches seriously don’t matter in Pitt’s current design. 40 years of proof. Same results across all administrations.


  33. Welcome Ryland Gandy – glad to have you on our Pitt D. Only 2 of the current 7 recruits are on the offensive side. The other P5 team in PA has the opposite – heavy on the offensive recruits and most have 4 star ratings.

    I live in Central PA and so far PSUx has 3 commits from the Harrisburg, York and Lancaster areas – all offensive 4 stars.

    Hard to win with defense when your offense cannot score TD’s nor run the football.

    Whip it good!


  34. The ACC has announced that Pitt will host the 21-22 softball championship, May 11-14. Guess that facility is not so bad after all.


    1. Paul lost me when he says what Narduzzi’s record is versus the Power 5 and not wanting to count the Ws versus YSU, Akron, etc. Meanwhile, Walt , Wanny, Chryst lost to those teams and those DID count when discussing their careers. Funny how the PIT media works.

      Also, no talk about how honorable it was for Pitt to be playing tough nonconference schedules under Narduzzi. Ridiculous. His record should be better but Pitt fans would rather lose to ND, Oklahoma State and PSU than beat a cupcake.


  35. Narduzzi’s newest commit Ryland Gandy is a player to keep an eye on.

    Fits the mold of those things that make a really good Cornerback.

    Six feet tall, long, athletic… SILKY smooth.

    Think Narduzzi might have found one here. Goes along with the player I see being a future STAR who will be joining the secondary this Fall.

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  36. I am 90% on for the golf outing. For those staying in Lancaster…are you staying the night before or the evening after? Also, when is the commitment date? Thanks.


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