A Preseason Look at Clemson

Pitt’s 2021 Opponents

I expect to lose this game, but I am going to go through my normal motions. Maybe there are some glimmers of hope, but expect gloom, despair, and agony on Pitt fans by the end of the game.

But first the stat of the day – Offense wins games. I put together the NCAA offensive stats for the ACC (and Notre Dame) for the 2020 season. The stats use yards per game (Y/G) as the basis. Here is the data:

That is a lot of numbers. Would a graph help?

Note: to make the chart more readable, I inverted the team rankings. For example, UNC is NCAA ranked # 18 in pass, #11 in run and #5 in total offense out of 127 teams. On the chart, those numbers are #110, #117 and #123 respectively.

What seems strange is the sudden dip in total offense ranking after the top four wining teams. Basically, NC State, Boston College, and Pitt are in a tie with Duke and only outclass Syracuse.

I have my ideas why but go ahead and speculate. I am thinking of an article on offense, defense, scoring offense and scoring defense. If possible, I can add any suggestion that you believe is a key to winning season.   Do NOT suggest a new coach.

On to the Clemson review.

Here is Clemson’s schedule:

Truly unbelievable recruiting (at least for the ACC).

Using Numerical Rivals Ranking (NRR) three of the five classes round to an average Rivals 5.9  4-star recruit, the other two classes are only 5.8  4- stars.

Any transfer entrees? Nope.

Names to know. They have a bunch. First are returning 2020 All ACC selections. The second list is from Athlon with additional names.

Quite a list of players. Hope you can remember all of those names. Justyn Ross(WR) missed all of 2020 season to injury. Tyler Davis(DT) missed most of 2020 season to injury.

That is all for recruiting, Transfer Portal players in and names to know. After reading the above, are you experiencing deep, dark depression or excessive misery? I am.

On to who are leaving the Clemson program – they did lose some players to the NFL draft:

Not as many as you would think. Any transfer portal (TP) entries? More than I expected.

DeMarkcus Bowman enrolled at Clemson so that his grandfather could see him play. Once his grandfather died, Bowman transferred back to his home state of Florida. Both Jones (honorable mention) and Kenrick (1st team) were 2020 All ACC selections. 

Kendrick had numerous disciplinary problems (he missed last season Pitt game amongst others) at Clemson. He also had an unfortunate incident where he was found asleep in his girlfriends car with a gun in his lap and some weed in his possession. (I am beginning to believe I should be a police blotter Journalist).

I promised some glimmers of hope, small and desperate but hope just the same. Here it is:

In my Virginia Tech article, I mentioned the fact that Clemson is presently down to a walk-on QB to back-up starter D.J. Uiagaleleia. Maybe he sustains an injury or illness prior to the Pitt game.

The second may be a lack of a potent running game.  Bowman was slated to be the next RB after Etienne, but he left. The top two rushers during the 2020 season (T. Etienne and T. Lawrence are off to the pro’s. The 4’th leading rusher (C. Mellusi) is now on the Wisconsin roster. That leaves 3’rd leading rusher Lyn-J Dixon (42 carries for 190 yards, 4.5/rush. The 5’th leading rusher is Darien Render (started his career as a walk-on and is a fan favorite. 24 carries for 137 yards – 5.7/rush).

To wrap it up – Gloom, Despair and Agony will be inflected by Clemson.

Special thanks to MajorMajors (John) and Annie (Annie) for posting and then identifying a comment that I blatantly ripped off in this article. With that, I am proud to say I saw the Hee-Haw cast members “The Hager Twins” perform at half time or intermission of the annual Jacksonville, Tx.  Rodeo Days Festival. So, take that you concert goers with your Stones, the Who and Led Zeppelin memories.

Hail to Pitt

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  1. Rich – awesome work as always.

    I think it is crazy that Pitt hasn’t had a 5 star recruit since Paul Chryst was here and very few 4 star kids – but Clemson has two 5* and four 4*s transferring OUT of their program.

    Here is a link about Clemson’s 2nd string QB – who Pitt fans pray will be the guy under center on October 23rd at Heinz.

    I once saw a Chuck Berry concert at Chatham College and the drummer was so drunk he couldn’t play so Chuck Berry fired him right then and there and asked “Is there anyone here who can play drums?” and my buddy raised his hand… and played a full set with a rock star.

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    1. Great addition of Narduzzi with his thumb up next to the transfer portal out explanation.


    2. Awesome story Reed! I play a lot of Chuck Berry riffs on guitar but never had the chance to see him live. I’m is awe you did and have a great story to tell about it.


    3. Awesome story Reed! I play a lot of Chuck Berry riffs on guitar but never had the chance to see him live. I’m is awe you did and have a great story to tell about it.


    4. There are no sharp salesmen coaches among Narduzzi’s mostly old archaic staff. And he..pffff…..is hardly silver tongued. If he strings together a couple sentences that make sense, it’s an accomplishment.

      A school like Pitt needs a salesman, like Majors, Sherrill & Wannstedt were.

      This guy ain’t it and never will be.


  2. Kenny Pickett has straight-up LAID AN EGG against Clemson the two and only times he’s faced them. No, we don’t beat them if he played well last year, but we also don’t get embarrassed if his first three completions weren’t to the other team.

    A gentle reminder:

    22 for 39
    209 yds
    6 Sack
    29 Long
    97.8 Rate
    18.0 QBR


  3. In 2016 our offense could slug it out with the Tigers. We had a great offensive line that could block and pave the way for our running game as well as protect the passer. THe “D” literally stunk that year. We haven’t been able to get those kind of offensive lineman since Chryst and Joe Rudolph left. Clemson is loaded with studs on both sides of the ball along the line…We all saw what ND and Clemson did to PITT last year…gota be able to move the ball and score points….fingers are crossed PITT can pull off another up-set. Maybe we are undefeated going into that game…I can guarantee one thing-there will be as Tony the Tiger says a “GREATTTTTTTTT” tail-gate in Red5A…we need to invite a few Tiger fans passing by to share the good times. those people treated us so nicely when they hosted us in Clemson.

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  4. Just a thought-I don’t see a 4 or 5 star QB coming to PITT especially with our OC…no way a a quality QB recruit wants to run to the side-line every play….”that ain’t cool.”

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    1. BigB – we do have two 4 star QB’s on the current roster though. I say let them play – KP starts, but if the game is a blow-out, bring in the 4 star QB to see what he has. Or better yet, if KP is having a bad day, bring in the 4 star QB.

      Most every other team in the land would do that –

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  5. The summer after Pitt beat Clemson, I was teaching a class at the local community college. During a routine ice-breaking exercise, a student introduced himself as a Clemson student who returned home for the summer and was taking the class I taught because the class and grade would transfer. I introduced myself last, when I got to my education, I looked directly at the Clemson student and said I went to Pitt. He didn’t return my “you know what eating” grin. Priceless.

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  6. Excellent article, Richard. I like the attitude you took…

    Damn, it would be fun to be a Clemson fan these days. So much talent.

    I think we give them a game into the second half, but we just can’t stop their balanced offense and the big plays off those darn wheel routes…

    Go Pitt.

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  7. Great write-up, Richard. I really like your writing style. I would have expected a closer correlation between the offensive yards and win percentage. Especially in a Covid year where everyone only played conference foes. Not random by any means but, as you implied, you probably need to meld the defensive stats with offensive to see a closer pattern. Your analysis makes me appreciate even more the enormity of our win in 2016.

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    1. Thank you. I expected a closer correlation between total yards & wins.

      The covid year was a good time to do something like what I did. Something to take into consideration was who played who (or schedule). Six ACC teams where scheduled to pay both Clemson & ND. Only four actually played those two. NC State was the only ACC team with the original schedule that was not scheduled to play either. But you play who you play. But overall, you would have better stats (and probably more wins then if you had played at least one of the two.


      1. I think there is a high correlation between total points and total wins. Tell that to “Red Zone” Whipple.


  8. Pitt isn’t winning crap without a good run blocking scheme. Whipple likes them on their heels. Borbs needs more say in the room. Remember his reputation was a run block guy only. He and Whipple need to meet half way. If Narduzzi is going to insist on a pro style offense, then you must have a power run game.


  9. I think Pitt football will surprise this season … too much looking at last year. I give all of sports a pass for 2020. Not normal coaching or playing conditions. Kudos to those who didn’t miss a beat but it wasn’t an equal year for anyone. I’m glad sports came back but I’m not going to put much emphasis on the winners and losers, professional or collegiate. It was a year that was … and that’s all. Glory to the winners … losers you get a free pass from this sports fan.

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    1. Why?

      Wasn’t the playing field equal for all P5/D1 teams with the restrictions/illnesses due to Covid?

      Did Covid account for Pitt’s horrid OL and RB play?

      Did it account for the Defensive Wizard’s D giving up an 85th best 246 yards passing per game… or a horrendous 11.7 yard per completion (79th)?

      It is excuse making in the highest degree.

      I could see it if only Pitt had some problems but Covid hit every team in every conference – matter of fact Pitt had a whole lot less C-19 impact than most schools.

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    1. 2nd in this class. Liam Dick has also left the team.



    2. Not sure why Fugedi got cold feet, but another miss along the OL. Also lost the kid from Detroit who didn’t have the grades. My guess is Trey Anderson is moved to tackle if he already hasn’t done so.


      1. Fugedi’s Dad said Kyle was having anxiety and didn’t want to leave home…totally understand as I had anxiety too and wanted to keep my job at Woding’s Verona Tool works in Oakmont and told my Dad I did not want to go to college,,, and BigSherm replied, “Someone in this family is getting a college education and I chose you!” nuff said.

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  10. Superb write-up Richard, once again!

    Well, Pedo has moved up to #3 in recruiting. Pitt can’t catch a break. This running back they just signed had Pitt on his final list. Do we ever win one of these unexpected surprises?

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  11. Pretty pathetic when you rank above ONLY bottom feeder Syracuse for Total Offense in the ACC


  12. I just read the de-commit article … c’mon lol … I would not chalk that up to anything but dumb luck. The kid, which 18 year olds are prone to do, freaked out. Obviously, the team has known about this for about a month already based on him not showing up on June 13th … they also added a TE in the meantime.

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    1. Agree, the kid committed during covid. Feel bad for him that he waited to freak out. Hopefully he finds a school close to home.


  13. Everybody’s talking about Clemson’s talent (and it is extremely impressive) but I think they don’t get enough talent for player development. When people discuss recruiting here and elsewhere, they often lump Clemson in with Alabama but Clemson is really a tier below Bama and even behind some other schools that have a lot less success.


    1. Not really sure what you mean by player development. I do know from seeing some of Dabo’s interviews, he plays a lot of players during games. I remember two interviews in particular. The first was after playing and beating Alabama, he stated that on average Clemson played 74 different players a game that year. After last year’s Pitt fiasco, he stated that Clemson used 94 players during the game.

      Also of the 18 names in the “players to know” section, two were Rivals 5.4 2-stars and another 6 were either Rivals 5.5 or 5.6 3-stars.

      As to Clemson being in the same tier as Alabama, You are correct. Other schools do have better overall recruiting over a period time. That may be due to roster churn (3 year pro, more TP entries, flunking out, dismissals, etc.)


  14. Everybody’s talking about Clemson’s talent (and it is extremely impressive) but I think they don’t get enough talent for player development. When people discuss recruiting here and elsewhere, they often lump Clemson in with Alabama but Clemson is really a tier below Bama and even behind some other schools that have a lot less success. Clemson’s 5-year average recruiting ranking is #10 and they are unquestionably the #2 program in the country over that time and regularly outperform schools that recruit better than them (Georgia, etc.) A cushy conference has something to do with that, but have to give credit to the Tigers for overachieving.

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    1. I’ve been meaning to write a column about this and still hope to but Alabama is recruiting at a level that has never been seen before in college football. They are in a league of their own. Next level down is Ohio St. and Georgia. After that, you could argue the next 10 are pretty similar which makes the fact that Clemson has separated themselves from everybody except Alabama and maybe Ohio St. even more impressive.

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    2. Is Paul Zeise dizzy yet?
      Will Pitt ever be Top 20 or better under Capel and/or Narduzzi? Which one has the best shot?
      Zeise: I think Pitt has a great chance to be a top 20 team this year in football. If they aren’t doing yay could be a problem. This should be their year. Capel is a few years away


  15. Over the last four years (including 2021 so far) Alabama has averaged 3rd nationally in recruiting and Clemson 6th.

    When you get into the rarified heights of Top Ten recruiting that is almost the same level.


  16. So far Rich has done four (count them – 4!) opponent “Pre-season Looks” articles:

    VT and

    I have put reminders in my calendar to re-post them on the Wednesday before the game – and I hope Rich will follow up with his actual pre-game pieces like he did before.

    I also hope that someone steps to the plate to do more Post-game recaps for us. That would be nice.

    I spoke with EJ and we’ll have POV media access again this season – so I’ll probably come up to at least a couple games. Won’t touch the Clemson home game – the press box will be standing room only for that one… and probably Miami also.

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    1. I hope this means we will see you at the tailgates for those games, Reed. I had also hoped we would see Michaelangelo this season but his absence here has me concerned that it might not happen.


  17. Just a thought Reed… you should consider re-posting Richard’s articles during game week …. “Know the enemy.”


  18. Liam Dick had some decent offers based on his visits to some P5 schools. As Pitt fans like to say “Well, he’s a 2* now but when his season is over Rivals will bump him up to a 4* kid!”

    BTW – I’m sitting at my computer listening to Edith Piaf – anyone else like her singing?

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  19. I think what puts these programs a cut above everyone else is the number of 4 and 5 star recruits. These programs have more 4 and 5 star transfers out than most programs have 4 and 5 star commits. They can lose a player to graduation or the transfer portal and there is always someone to step in.

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  20. After Reed’s comment, I went back and looked at the numbers again to see if my comment that Alabama is in a league of its own holds up. As with most things, it depends on how you slice it. Alabama’s five year recruiting average is 2.4. That’s not even the best in the country since Georgia’s recruiting average is 2.0 over that same time. Bama is dragged down by one disastrous recruiting year (2018) when their ranking fell all the way to #7 nationally. The horror! BUT … Bama has also had the #1 recruiting class in the country 8 out of the last 10 years (Georgia was #1 the other two years). No one has ever had a run of dominance like that since recruiting rankings became “a thing.”


  21. Excellent article Richard! Keep up the great work!

    The OLine recruiting is very worrisome. I don’t see how this turns out well for Pitt in the future…

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  22. Or how Narduzzi does in the future. Pitt’s recruiting performance in PA is nothing short of a disaster. Their strategy is probably not to prioritize PA because their focus is on Florida, Georgia, NY, MD and touching on a few other states. They must be afraid to compete hard with Pedo on the occasional good players to come out of PA. As I mentioned before, last year’s 6-5 record was much more harmful than expected, especially in PA, where they were never very good at recruiting the Eastern half of the state.

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  23. You see this is how it is for me…………Not only do I root as hard for PITT as any PITT fan but I also have a good understanding of what it is that PITT is missing and holding them back and make a bigger impact in the P-5 football world.

    I don’t need to be bonked over the head several times to grasp the fact that PITT fields a football team with a few hurdles they need to overcome. So understanding any problems for PITT going into and said season makes everything alright for me. Keeps expectations real.

    I love my PITT Panthers and can’t wait for each season to start. PITT football just got me through 6 months of pure torture and hell and they aren’t even playing yet. Ladies and gentlemen we can’t always get what we want but somehow PITT football gives me what I need. Starting with something to look forward to and ending with so much pride for so many outstanding players, coaches and administration that fields a team to be proud of everyday of the week.


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    1. Ike – you sound like you’re doing pretty decent?? Hats off to your Doc and your MediBot…

      I like ike!

      Go Pitt.

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  24. Football season coming fast – Pitt Kickoff Luncheon announced for Friday, August 27th at the Westin next to the Convention Center.

    Guest Speaker will be Jimbo Covert.

    Go Pitt.


  25. Reed, Edith Piaf is awesome…she is recently know for at least 2 popular commercials…. Dove bars and i think Allstate insurance.

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  26. I listen to Edith Bunker.
    She lived in Chambersburg and her husband was a director at Allenberry, in Boiling Springs. One of his actors…John Travolta, before he found fame and fortune on Welcome Back Kotter.
    More unnecessary information than you needed to know.
    And anything less than nine wins is terrible.


    1. Well, prepare for terrible things coming our way then. If, with the defense we had last year didn’t drag us to 9 wins then forget that target for this season.

      I firmly believe that with Whipple as OC we will never have the type of offense that can 1) score points and 2) grind out a come from behind win while still running the clock out in the 2nd half.

      That is how good teams win. When going into the 4th quarter behind in less then seven points most teams go for a quick score (as Pitt / Whipple does). But good teams have total confidence that their O can move down field getting as many 1st downs as possible, then score seven to take the lead and leave virtually no time on the clock for the opponent to score again.

      But you have to have a strong OL and decent RBs to do that. We have neither.

      On top of that we had a defense that gave up a ton of passing yards last season – especially big passing plays sometimes. That isn’t the right mix of talents (or lack of) to get you those two or three wins we lost in closer games.

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      1. Maybe Pitt should have paid to keep Matt Canada since offense is so important in college football. If $800,000 more was too much to spend by our administration, along with some of our own fans who were glad Pitt didn’t get into a bidding war, then being stuck with Whipple is the reality.

        Whipple and the players shouldn’t be trashed. It falls on the ones who are responsible for the past 40 seasons for the product that’s not living up to yours and everyone else’s expectations. The current school leader single-handily destroyed basketball.


  27. Talk about no respect for Pitt football. I don’t see many of Pitt’s players having the reputations to sign endorsement deals.


  28. Part of being a popular destination for recruits is having a winning football program. I went to the Gator Bowl in 77 and watched Pitt take apart a good Clemson Team.

    Clemson floundered around .500 ball until about 14 years ago when they started having huge winning seasons. Recruits want to see that pattern before the 4 – 5 stars commit.

    Pitt has not had one of those huge winning seasons in years and will never have one under the bumbling DuzzWhip. Thus Pitt is stuck in the 2-3 star cycle of recruiting as long as the coaching situation stays as it is. After our coming 5-7 season maybe we’ll finally see a new HC. It’s our only hope if we are to escape this cycle!

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    1. A new head coach who’ll be the same old boss we’ve seen for the most part since 1982.

      Idiot Gallagher will have that fake smile at the new conference, only happy that he has to pay a coach $2 million on the famous old “prove it” contract. Canada proved it and we saw what happened there.

      Whenever Pat is fired, take his $4 million and tack on another $2 million and get yourself a real coach. Not at Pitt though where sports is put into “perspective” by its leaders and most fans.


      1. U mean $5 million and tack on one.

        You know I’m known as very positive and have been labeled a Koolaid drinker on the Longhorn blogs.

        Funny how that is.


          1. When I move my son in to UT come Fall. We should try to meet up sometime. I’ll bring UPitt and Dallas Mike. It will be a blast.


              1. I just want to run into Matthew McConaughey at a game. Do shots with him. Have him wear a pitt hat. And get a hook em selfie.


      1. I’m not a bit frustrated, just realistic.

        Pitt could be 6-6 but no better. Have you actually watched the last 6 pathetic years of Narduzzi? What have you seen that gives any indication that Pitt would be better than5-7. 6-6?

        Duzz can’t coach on game day, recruit worth a damn vs our competition, can’t organize and enforce team discipline like a football CEO should, refuses to be involved in the offenses and leaves his corners and safeties on an island vs superior competition.

        I’m not making this up? It’s an accumulation of history over Narduzzi’s tenure at Pitt. Again, what magic makes you think this year will be any different?


        1. Well, in his 6 complete seasons he has won 8 games 3 times I believe…so there’s that. Also, he has a super experienced QB returning, a skilled and very athletic WR corps, a TE who appears to be much more than just serviceable and what looks to me like a pretty decent overall D returning. The OOC schedule is not as tough as it has been in recent years. All this seems more like 8 or 9 regular season wins to me. Anyway. I am going to have fun watching our Panthers strive for that and maybe more this season. Granted he did go 5-7 one season but I certainly don’t see a repeat of that this year.


          1. Special K – I ran my predictions about a month ago and only came up with 5 wins too. I was at Pitt when Marino was QB, so I’ll always set the bar high at 10 wins – it is what I desire to see from a Pitt team and it is what I cheer for as a Pitt fan.

            Let me run through the schedule again and see if I can find more than 5 wins.

            UMass – W
            Tenn – L (down year for the Vols – Duzz plays it too conservative and SEC talent proves too much for Whip’s 3 star, no run game offense)
            W. Michigan – L (more talented than E. Michigan with a roster littered with starters from 412) Proves to be the worst loss in the Duzz HCing era.
            New Hampshire – W
            GTech – W (Collins and Duzz fighting for their jobs and Whip sneaks in a trick play to help save the season)
            VTech – L
            Clemson – L
            Miami – L (in front of 42,000 yellow seats – que up Yellow Submarine)
            Duke – W (good game to go to in most years)
            UNC – L (it pains me to type that, even more painful to watch)
            Virginia – toss-up so I’ll pick W
            Syracuse – toss-up W to get a bowl bid (I vote we don’t accept the bid for different reasons than the coaches – I struggle with rewarding mediocrity)

            There, I squeezed out 6 wins. I want 10, will be happy with 9 and disappointed with 8 or less.

            Can Pitt beat Tennessee, W.Mich, VTech and UNC? Sure they can and that spells 10 wins, but if you are a Pitt fan who is a betting person, hang on to your wallet and you’ll be somewhat happy with either.

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  29. I’m going to pry my ass out of Florida and go to this game.

    I’m going to wear my autographed number 13 Pitt jersey and bring my 4 leaf clover. Two items that have never seen a home Pitt loss.

    Pitt better give them a game because if they don’t I’m not going to venture up north again.


  30. Fran, when you said that Edith Piaf was in an Allstate commercial, I assumed you meant the voice of the hood ornament singing the Pet Shop Boys song. Then I Googled her and saw that she died in 1963. So it wasn’t that commercial. Speaking of, every time I see that commercial that song stays in my head for hours.

    I know we have a few sales and/or marketing folks on here. Can someone help me understand how a college athlete’s name/image can sell a product? What makes an effective ad? We probably all remember a beer commercial where two young guys are in a checkout line with a six pack of beer and toilet paper. They only have enough money for one, so they keep the beer. When the bag boy says “paper or plastic”, they both say “paper!” We all remember that commercial but most people I know can’t remember the beer brand. Contrast that to Mr. Whipple saying, “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”. Easy to remember that product.

    So how do you make an effective commercial tied to an athlete? I can remember Hines Ward advertising for C. Harper Chevrolet. But only because he did it for years. And Joe Nameth wearing pantyhose. But I couldn’t tell you the brand of pantyhose. So not an effective commercial?

    I have a hard time seeing this change as anything more than a way to put money into the hands of kids you want to entice to your school.

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  31. Farmer’s – The already rich will get richer (Alabama, tOSU, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU), the innovative 2nd tier teams will benefit by securing more 2nd tier players (miami, Auburn, Texas, Texas A&M, Florida, UNC, Wisconsin, USC, Michigan, psu) and 3rd tier teams who get a few 4 star players will get even fewer (Pitt, VTech, OK State, wvcc, Iowa State, Indiana, Michigan St).

    Bottom line, this is just another way to pay players to come the their school – it has always been the case, just different means. Pitt has chosen to not participate in the bagman game the past 35 years. No sign of that changing with NIL. Example: miami, Auburn, Wisconsin to name a few have publicly reported several successful NIL programs for their players. Pitt announced they have a program and nothing more has been said…some on here touted the efforts of Pitts “Forged” program – when I read the details, they were lacking specifics and most of the layout was generalized terms that mean nothing.

    I’m looking forward to reading about the first Pitt player to lock into a deal.



  32. Could someone please explain to me the meaning behind the hood ornament singing the Pet Boys Shop song? That commercial is about the driver saving money on insurance. So why is the hood ornament singing??


  33. This is Madison Avenue advertising at its best. We like the music and it fits the commercial perfectly. By the way I like this FB team. The BB team not so mush.


  34. Re: Top 25 recruiting, here are #s 13 through 17.

    Rutgers (14, 0, 5, 9)
    Boston College (22, 0, 2, 18)
    South Carolina (15, 0, 2, 13)
    Missouri (11, 0, 6, 5)
    Arkansas (15, 0, 5, 9)

    Location has zero to do with college ball recruiting. For years Pitt fans have been moaning about how the WPA football players are not as talented as in the past.

    So what? No one can tell me that NJ and MA has such great HS football that it propels Rutgers and BC into lofty recruiting heights.

    It’s all about the HC and staff being honest and persuasive enough to get talent onto the roster.

    Aside from a handful of decent defensive kids Narduzzi has been a terrible recruiter.

    Can anyone tell me of one offensive star he’s gotten to commit to Pitt? None. Folks, Pickett is the second coming of Tino Sunseri – big numbers with nothing to show for it.

    Other than him not one PN commit has done a thing on offense for us.

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    1. Well we did have several 4 star recruits on offense at skilled positions – RB, WR’s and TE’s who all chose to leave the Pitt program under Narduzzi.

      Do you think it has anything with Duzz not paying attention to the offense?


  35. While is seems that most players stay and like playing for Narduzzi, is that so called “charisma” transferring to high school players. Do potential recruits come away saying “I really want to play for that guy!” I don’t think so. I think he initially comes across poorly and as they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


  36. Please correct me if I’ve misinterpreted what you said.
    No offensive recruiting of note because he can’t recruit those players?
    Or are you saying the career assistant comes to Pitt after a big promotion, does nothing to engender fan/media enthusiasm…then, gets to choose his boss, thereby netting a contract extension and a big raise. So, there’s really no motivation for the man in his 50’s to go beyond his comfort level and attempt to earn the money which he is paid?
    Is that why we are behind such football dynasties as BC, Arkansas, Rutgers and Missouri?


  37. Wolfe, it’s the Allstate commercial where people are driving around with all sorts of stuff on the roofs of their cars…goldfish in bowls etc.
    It’s on YouTube.


    1. I’m guessing part of the interest in these songs in commercials is that due to their age the music is in the public domain and therefore no royalties for there usage have to be paid?

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  38. Narduzzi had a good recruiting class last year. That needs to continue.

    WVU is picked to finish sixth in the Big12. They are in the same shoes as Pitt and most of college football that doesn’t have the 100 million dollar budget for football.

    Time to stop complaining until we get that first loss of the season. I’m with Ike, time to get our hopes up for the 2021 season. Nothing better than college football.

    I thought PN or at a minimum Whipple should have been fired after last season. It didn’t happen, out of my control so it is a waste of energy at this point. I’m joining brother Ike in being positive and optimistic.

    Pitt wins 10 this year. Whipple learned offensive linemen play better taking their first step forward, not backward. Narduzzi ACC coach of the year. Tex hangs a poster of Heather above his bed. 😁👍🏼☀️ It’s all sunshine and puppy dogs or it’s the hangover talking.

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  39. That’s some dream you had there, notrocketscience. I’d like to have the same dream, but reality beckons. I’m still counting on 9 wins, which is a pretty good year. Can Pitt clean up all of the mistakes, dropped passes, penalties, etc. from last year? I doubt it. But if they can just get their running game and red zone offense going they will score more points. I’m not yet at the ike level of optimism, but they could have a good year. Afterwards, I don’t know…


  40. These over/under totals generally follow Vegas. Pretty much every article by outsiders regarding the ACC has pitt at seven wins. Most are actually taking the over and predicting 8 given a weak schedule and fifth year QB.


    So possibly nine with a bowl win

    Narduzzi will never win ten games. And I personally believe he will never win more than eight. Even once he’s fired and coaches at Youngstown state.


  41. I expect 9 that includes a bowl win…
    I don’t drink kool-aid with my Tito’s but Cherry Cranberry Tito is a pretty sweet drink. 😎
    (less sweet? Go sugar free Ocean Spray)
    **Disclaimer: Hoping Ocean Spray or Tito can sponsor a tailgate.

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    1. I’m serious. I’ll call Tito’s in Austin and see if they are receptive. I’ll see if I can get some swag and bottles. They get promotion at a game outside their market.

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  42. That over/under of 7 games sounds correct to me. I think we lose to the good QBs of Miami (PFF’s Top 50 Players – #23 King) and NC (#12 Howell). They will pass all over us, King three 4 TDs against us last year.


    Over/Under 7 wins

    Wins: UMass, at Tennessee, Western Michigan, New Hampshire, Miami, at Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, at Syracuse

    Losses: at Georgia Tech, at Virginia Tech, Clemson

    Analysis: The three teams unquestionably in the top tier of the ACC in terms of win totals are all on Pitt’s schedule, and if you scroll through the slate for Clemson, North Carolina and Miami that date against the Panthers looks awfully threatening to any hopes of a chance at the College Football Playoff. I’m letting Pitt live up to its chaos team reputation with wins against its two division rivals, predicting that the balance is created with back-to-back road losses in October against Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. The scientist says there’s no way Pitt should be two whole wins ahead of the number but the artist knows it’s not an ACC offseason without a heavy dose of Pitt hype.

    Pick: Over 7 (-115)

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  43. I’m not sold on a Stallings: right

    I think we’ve turned the corner on pitt football: wrong

    I used he for the next AD: very wrong and wrong


  44. I just proved I strike out more often than I get a hit in regards to SOP.

    Ike – how did you do. I’m sure you commented at least once. There was nearly 400 on this topic alone.

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  45. Reed,

    To your question up above about why everyone gets a pass for last year … and, I said “kudos to the winners” … I made sure not to discredit the ones who found a way …

    But, because, I choose too. Really that’s all. I was very careful to point out that “I” give everyone a pass … I didn’t project my opinion onto anyone else.

    To dig even deeper … from an entertainment perspective, it was not a fun year for sports. 2021 has, thankfully, been different …

    You had some leagues (Big 10) not even start until late Oct/November and still make the playoff. Cancelled games. Players forced to miss games. Players opting out. Players quitting midseason across the entire sport, not just with Pitt.

    I mean, everyone was given a free extra year of eligibility by the NCAA for a reason … it was not a year to take seriously. Some people adjusted well. Others did not. Different states had different rules. Different leagues had different rules. Different schools had different rules. Some leagues allowed fans. Some did not. Some states allowed fans. Some did not.

    Outside of collegiate athletics, you had an NBA season where the playoffs were played 4 months after the season was over with no true road games. You had an NFL season where a WR started at QB in a game with playoff implications. I don’t like MLB or the NHL so I have no idea how they went … nor do I care.

    I watch sports for entertainment … I mean who watches for actual competition when only 5-6 teams in every sport have a realistic shot a title … and it was not an enjoyable year for sports. A year without fans is kind of like if a tree falls in a forrest … does it make a sound? … does it matter? Nope.

    It was a year in sports that just was … it happened … but did it matter? I don’t really think so.

    So … everyone gets a pass from me. Last year was a lost year and does not count. I really don’t think much can be gleaned from last year. Too unique to have anything of substance to base this year off of.

    A nice clean slate from this sports fan …

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    1. Got it. I kinda feel the same way in that it was a year of sports that I just didn’t care about.

      But we did have fun with the BB team and the “minor” teams.

      Maybe now that I’m back with the POV I’ll care more about football…but, really, with PN at the helm it just feels like same old, same old, at least to me.

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      1. We had fun with BB? If fun is watching another flameout under Capel and seeing players bail, then yes. Then we watched another way-below-the-line ACC recruiting class inked.


      2. I’ve been off the Duzz train for a couple of years now. He had 4 years. I also think firing coaches to fire coaches does not set you up for success. If I truly trusted Pitt could hire someone better I’d be okay with it but firing him to hire someone else to go 8-5 just doesn’t interest me.


  46. Anyone with insight into who the latest Pat Signal is for?

    Interesting there is very little buzz while other schools in our “area” are killing it (wvu, penn state, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Maryland and BC).

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    1. Sounds like a lineman named Mann. D-end in high school, Pitt is recruiting him for offense. He is 6’6” 260 pounds and was crystal balled to Louisville but now changed to Pitt. He’d be another good addition to the line, like the Florida kid who is now a three star.

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  47. In the win first or recruit first cycle, I think it starts with unexpected wins from a good coach with average talent. Then the recruiting comes around. A new coach only gets one shot at this before other coaches begin to take notice and prepare. Duzz had this with two 8 win seasons with Chryst’s players, but he screwed it up with poor recruiting and now I don’t know if he can get the buzz and excitement back.


  48. I hope you guys like 3000 word articles because that’s what my MPC piece will be. I’m a third of the way done typing. There are some good links and of course pictures. Unfortunately, it might be the only feasibility study done on the topic. Until Lou arrives. I cheated with my Tardis on that one.


  49. I’m at a 8th grade readability level which is perfect. Most Poverts function at a 10th grade level. Our former president spoke at a 6th grade level. Just the facts. I know I’ve got to convince the masses. My audience isn’t to the eggheads in the ivory tower. They are at a 16th grade level.


  50. One of the worst things to happen in Pittsburgh was when UPMC tore down the Syria Mosque. I saw almost every rock concert there from the time I was 13 until I left Pittsburgh in 1978. Spent about an hour talking with Jackson Browne and watching his kid play in the Mosque’s basement during sound checks before his concert there in ’75 (had a part-time job doing some backstage bartending before and after some concerts):


    Talk about a perfect venue for music – here is who played there before it was closed.


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    1. Right Reed, it was the best place in the area for concerts. I saw Deep Purple there and ZZ Top when they were promoting their Tres Hombres album among others.


  51. I saw ( jn separate shows) Alice Cooper, Howie Mandel when he still had hair, and Martin Mull at the Mosque. Great venue!


  52. I remember seeing Chuck Berry, The Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughan as outstanding shows.
    Show dates probably between 1965 to 1986…best guess.


  53. Since we are still on the Clemson review, here is a link to a 24/7 article talking about three 2021 recruits who could go high in the upcoming baseball draft. Two are from Clemson. The other is from Psu.


    The two Clemson recruits would bolster Clemson’s QB room that is currently down to D.J. Uiagaleleia and two walk-ons.


  54. Tex, when you’ve completed your piece on the MPC, I hope you are willing to render an opinion as to whether or not Pitt should build an MPC… 🙂

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    1. The question becomes is it feasible. I’ll do my best to provide a free assessment in just 12 hours of work. Professional studies take a full year and cost in the millions. But I guarantee you that my conclusions will not differ from a professional report free of bias and sabotage. I’ve spent eight years thinking about it.


  55. He visited army, Louisville and wake

    He’s probably high character and smart.

    He’s 6’6’’

    I’d make him into a tackle on the O line


  56. It’s defintely braveheart in length. Must change film after 2000 words. My directors cut is 4300 words.

    I could write 43,000 words on a MPC but I won’t go Stanley Kubrick on you.


  57. Pitt has released the volleyball schedule for this year. For us in the southeast, there are plenty of opportunities for us to watch are lady Panthers in person. The weekend before the Labor Day weekend Pitt will be playing their three opening matches in Columbia, South Carolina. They also play two matches in Knoxville, Tenn. as well as two matches in Morehead, Ky.

    Coach Fisher, as usual, has given the team a difficult out-of-conference schedule. Pitt opens up with Rice in Columbia. Rice probably could have taken out PSU in the tournament. Unfortunately Rice came down with Covid and had to forfeit the match. Pitt also plays BYU at home and Baylor in Knoxville.

    Once Pitt finalizes their roster I will write an article on the team and their schedule for this upcoming year. The roster is going to be interesting when it comes out. If all the committed players for the coming year stay, Pitt could field two teams, one with championship aspirations and another one that could still compete for an NCAA tournament berth.

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  58. I have a huge favor to ask.

    I’d like to have three Poverts proof read my MPC article. You’ll get an advance before the article is published. I’d appreciate feedback so I could clean up lose ends and elaborate further if needed.

    So do I have any takers? Just post your email or you can contact me directly at mcandra2691@gmail.com

    It might get nominated for an Oscar or Emmy or Pulitzer, but it’s not quite there yet. I need a good editing crew.

    My Texas gratitude.


  59. I really need people who will be critical. To hurt my feelings. To tear the script apart. Because I’m high on Koolaid writing this piece. I’m 11 on a ten Koolaid scale. I’ve been bitten by rattlers before. I can take it.


  60. Sorry Tex, I can’t help you out. We all know just by reading my stuff I post on here that I don’t even proofread my own comments. I’m sure you will be fine with big Ed and yourself moving forward.

    Speaking of this article I’m 110% sure it will be a great read.Tex knows what he’s talking about as he researching everything on his fact finding missions. He leaves no stone un-turned while providing nothing but the facts. He probably will have the architect already lined up and it won’t be George Costanza I can tell you all that.

    Tex articles are always well written and well received and can be very persuasive in changing people’s minds. So lets see if he can change the entire PITT administrations minds as they don’t have one bone in their bodies that support a MPC.


  61. I’m so cool with edits. I want to convince the movers and shakers to pursue a feasibility study. I’m perfectly fine sharing the limelight. I want to be there at the Pulitzer party. When the trophy gets accidentally dropped in a ten foot pool. I’ll be smiling like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland. With a 🥃 in hand.


  62. Read a long revealing article about Damar Hamlin by a Buffalo writer. The title is: “Why Damar Hamlin is exactly what the Buffalo Bills need.”

    Explains about Damar’s father going to prison for 3 years when Damar was a kid; Damar’s friends getting killed; Damar going to Pitt so he’d be around for his little brother; and Damar’s medical problems when his “sports hernia” was not initially treated correctly. A reminder that these players are going through things that us fans know nothing about…

    Worth a read — but it’s a long read…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Buffalo is a good organization. Has good fans. Plus they are building a new stadium. Their current one is oval in design much like old Pitt stadium. With no track.

      Sunk deep into the ground so it doesn’t have a high profile. Stadium is surrounded by a sea of parking lots. Nothing like the north shore. And placed in a rural area south of buffalo in the snow belt.

      The field for the longest time had a huge crown. You literally were running downhill if you started near the fields center and ran towards the sidelines.


  63. Tex – I would enjoy helping you out, but my wife is having a medical procedure next week and I have a business to run in the midst of this pandemic.

    Both situations are fragile and need my focused attention.

    EE who is ready for some FB.


    1. No worries. I understand. Hopefully this article will be a nice diversion for you. A possible stress reliever.


    1. Thanks. Just send Your email to mcandra2691@gmail.com

      Not looking for word smithing. Looking for constructive criticism on the idea. Any issues or concerns I might have missed. What more would it take to convince you. Things like that. It’s written for a POV audience so it does take a few jabs at leaders in my Texas style.

      I don’t want to answer if pitt should build it. That’s up to a feasibility study. That’s my desire. I just had some fun mocking up what a study might look like and conclude.


  64. For those who help Tex out with his article review – please keep in mind that this will be read nationally, internationally and by many different types of people, organizations and media outlets.

    With that it is fine to include POV-specific thoughts but the thrust of the work has got to stick to the topic at hand so that anyone who reads it can understand the points made.

    Thanks for helping…and I’ll have a recruiting article up by the end of the day.

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  65. Four of you guys have the directors cut. It will be worth something some day. Back to my edits to make it PG 13.


    1. Thats actually known as a pre-release cut, Tex.

      A producer then makes the editor and director squeeze the film down to 2 hrs in the editing room. Sometimes it makes things more clear; other times it obfuscates.

      After commerical release, the director – if the film is successful – then gets to do a directors cut.
      Coppola just did his on Godfather III – 30 years later – as the commercial release suffered from a bad script, bad acting and editting. Its renamed Godfather Coda. Doubt very much it will end up on the AFI 100 list.

      You have 4 editors working on this project Tex and a producer who is willing to give his director a lot of leash and has promised wide distribution.

      The fan score on Rotten Tomoatoes is important, but in this case its the critic’s score that will determine the effort ultimate success or failure. Good luck!

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  66. Tuition hike…glad I am long graduated…was hanging out withy my Tarheel posse this past week-end at a wedding…couple of them were pissed that the university is taking fewer in-state kids-looking for those big bucks from foreigners…

    Hey Reed, Kiski prep doing the same thing. A huge tuition and lot’s of foreigners.


  67. Why does tuition always seem to outpace inflation by 2-3 times? I hold an economics degree and can’t explain that one.


  68. Easy government student loans.
    Free money
    Schools just add more and more worthless bureaucrats and suck money from the kids.
    It is trickle up economics from the kids to the spoiled professors and administrators

    They live the good life and dump many kids with worthless degrees into the workplace with 200,000 in debt.

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  69. When money is easy or debt is cheap, businesses often get lax with efficiency and cost standards. ‘Free’ money often leads to poor business decisions. Many businesses just don’t have the discipline.

    Even if Pitt became private, I don’t think things would really change. Still would be relatively easy to obtain student loans.

    And speaking of international students, I believe that one out of five freshmen at Pitt come from foreign countries. Many have never experienced American football. Many will not remain in the States upon graduation.

    And I think only around 60 percent of this years class is from PA.


  70. The Pirates land two 4 star high school football players. Bubba who committed to Clemson and White committed to psu

    Rick, good call on Carter as #1 RB. He was dinged up all last season but like you saw a nice runners lean.

    Feeling better about the PITT football team this year. Maybe some PITT fans end up with egg on their face?

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  71. And 30 years of waiting for bringing football back to campus will make it that much sweeter as well. 🤠

    Check your email Reed


    1. Craig Meyer wrote that you “start seeing half-baked plans for a new Pitt Stadium.”

      Craig if definitely not referring to Tex’s ideas. There’s no question that Tex’s plans are fully baked! 😊


  72. Met two recent Pitt Pharmacy grads at a Sonoma Wine tour yesterday.
    Both with jobs in the Carolinas.
    Also some other ACC folks, small world.

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