A Preseason Look at Virginia Tech

The next P5 opponent for discussion is Pitt vs Virginia Tech (VT). 

Justin Fuente enters his sixth year at the helm. His overall record is 38-26 (25-17 conference, 12-5 OOC,  0-1 conference championships, 1-3 in bowls). After a solid first two years (10-4, 9-4) with Paul Chyrst’s Frank  Beamers players, he has a solidly pedestrian record 19-18 (14-12 conference, 5-4 OOC and 0-3 in bowls. Hot seat???

Here is a VT’s  and Pitt’s schedules:

Not an ideal bye week – four games before eight after. Only Syracuse has a worse bye week placement. Two Friday games but the first is Labor Day weekend.  The second is at Boston College.

You are probably well aware of my love and use of stats and data. I am only going to show one stat. I know Reed and others worry about the snaps (Pickett) Pitt QB’s took and the wish that others had more. What do other teams do?

The charts list any QB who attempted a pass or ran the ball. “Others” are wide receivers, running backs, punters and the unknown “team” passes attempted. Those names in blue are no longer with their team.

Does anyone know what is a “team” pass attempt? I see it on both NCAA and ESPN stats. I do not have a clue how a pass is classified as a “team” pass.

Only Georgia Tech(GT) had a QB that did not miss games due to an injury. Pickett (Pitt) and Lawrence (Clemson) missed two games. Hooker lost four games to injuries. Uiagelelel (Clemson) had 85 of his 117 snaps during his two injury starts. The rest were in his seven mop-up roles during blowouts.

Clemson is already worried because 2021 back-up Phonmachach is potentially out for the entire season with an ACL injury. That leaves walk-on Helms as the only backup. In the incoming class, Clemson does have one QB and a second who played QB in high school, but fans are worried about them being first round selections in the upcoming baseball draft.

Back to the focus of the article.

VT Recruiting:

For those who actually look at these charts NRR is my take-off of available Rivals data. It stands for Numerical Rivals Ranking (NRR). It is just the addition of each 6.1, 6.0, 5.9 down through 5.2 plus 0 for unrated. Divide that sum by the total number of commits and you have an idea of the caliber of the overall recruiting.

VT’s 2021 class is impacted by one unranked (and unsigned) Juco  transfer. Maybe the Juco is waiting to summer camp to sign.

Recruiting is definitely on a down swing. I believe there is a problem with the Virginia high school coaches. He is signing fewer and fewer Virginia recruits.

In a truly senseless and tragic occurrence, a 2021 VT commit and early enrollee has a been charged with second-degree murder.

Any Transfer Portal (TP) signees:

I do like to color code important (to me) items. Here is the key for both in and out of the TP.

The best of the group is DT Jordan Williams from Clemson. Conner Blumrick from Texas A&M started his career as a QB. Johnny Jordan from Maryland will add depth and maybe start on the O-Line.

Here are the names to know. The first group are returning All ACC honorees. The second group are Athlon’s preseason 2021 selections. I have removed the names in the first group from the second group to shorten the list.

If the honoree is a transfer, his previous school is listed after his name. Tenula missed most of the 2020 season with injuries.

That is all for recruiting, TP in and names to know. On to who are leaving the VT program.

Virginia Tech lost some good players to the NFL.

I cannot find any free agent data on the last two name. Both were scheduled to be at the VT pro day. Ashby was a second team ALL ACC honoree in 2019. Johnson was an honorable mention selection in 2020. Farley opted out of the 2020 season.

Any portal entries – fourteen as of this writing.

I mentioned Blumrick starting his career at Texas A&M as a QB. He may be needed with the loss of Hooker and Patterson. The biggest losses may be 4-star O-linemen Nestor and Hudson. Nestor started. Hudson was first off the bench for injury replacements ( eight games, two starts). VT is now in the position of having to replace two starters (Darrisaw and Nestor) without having the luxury of their top replacement.

There was some talk of Fuente losing his position after last season, but the $12M+ buyout in a covid year may have been to much for VT to swallow. The first 6 games of the season may seal his fate, one way or the other.

Sorry no stories or background to share.  Just the facts, jack.

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  1. Thanks to Rich in SC for a great bit of research/writing as always. Like I said before I’m scheduling these to re-post five days before the game.

    BTW – Rich is the new patrol officer strolling through the comments section. He’s offered to share Admin stuff and I took him up on it.

    Thanks again…

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  2. It would make me a lot less grumpy if tech went 2-2 through their first four games, got blown out by Notre Dame and the “ugly toilet portal” Fuente got fired after losing to Pitt at home.

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  3. Good job again Richard…I appreciate the “just the facts, Jack” style.
    Quick question: does a POV Patrol Officer have a license to kill like 007?


    1. It’s more like a nun at a Catholic grade school with a ruler. Except I can only slap the ruler against my leg.

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  4. I will go ahead and put this one in the win column….excellent work Pitt-cocksfan. Please work on getting to Knoxville so we can talk stats over beers at the tailgate.


    1. Thank you.
      My wife warned against going to Clemson, Tennessee and Georgia, but that could be just a SEC & rivalry thing, and her feistiness when it came to defending her gamecocks.

      Thinking about Georgia Tech as my away game. Not sure of which Pitt home game to attend. I would love to share a beer or 4 with you and all POVerts.


  5. Hapyy 4th of July week-end POVerts…JeanieB woke me up early with patriotic music blasting from the kitchen..she got the spirit,,she married a now retired pyrotechnician!!! Which reminds me-this is my favorite part of any football game and has been since I played the game,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAyquyvlE4c


      1. Still working as PT but did not renew my NC pyrotechniques license…. According to our supplier Zambelli Int., my side- kick Dan Terryberry ( he’s came to the VT tailgate George Aston’s last year)and Medellin had the largest non- municipal fireworks shoot in the USA….

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      1. But if that meteor was headed towards West Virginia….?

        It would create a great fishing hole


  6. Very good writeup on Tech, a team that always seems to be overrated. I have noticed their recruiting slipping. Pitt generally plays them tough. Could be a good rival.

    Well the final standings of the directors cup are in. Pitt finished at 73, a whopping improvement over the year prior to covid when they ranked 137 and finished dead last in P5.

    That will be the headline. Wow pitt sports has gotten so much better. But you need to dig deeper

    Pitt just beat out BC by one point to barely finish out of the basement in the ACC. North Carolina has nearly five times more points than Pitt. I believe NC placed third nationally.

    Again the only way to look at these standing is to compare each school against their own conference schools. Many conferences cancelled certain sports or had abbreviated schedules or games only played within conference.

    Plenty of small schools had no chance to pick up any points in any sport since their seasons were cancelled. See Ivy League, mac, pac 12.

    Bottom line is only six sports at Pitt I believe received any points. That means 12 other sports received zero points. Not a good showing by Pitt.

    So don’t fool yourself with the jump. Don’t read the headline without knowing why.

    Oh, and who won? Well normally it’s stanford but they are Pac 12 who ended up cancelling many sports particularly in the fall and winter

    But this year it was a school in a republic that I know well. The university of Texas at Austin. Congratulations longhorns. Hook em.


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  7. Among P5 Pitt beat out BC, Kansas, Washington state and Kansas state.

    Congrats Pitt for not finishing dead last in P5.

    I feel an extension coming. 🤠


  8. Texas trivia, how did bevo get his name?

    Hint: a certain school to the north won with a score of 13 – 0.


    1. Ah, he likes NC all whites and navy blue. Not even their colors. The dude has no taste.


      1. He may like Pitts Icie whites this year

        I’d wear them during a snowstorm in late November. You wouldn’t even see Pitts players on the field. It would be like Pitt didn’t show up to play

        Kinda like that Domer game last year

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  9. Once again, an excellent write up, Richard! But over to basketball, with the immediate eligibility of Burton, Pitt now has what appears to be a pretty deep group of point guards, if they can sort out the 1s and the 2s. And with one scholarship left, it would be good if they could land Kofi Cockburn, who entered the transfer portal, if he doesn’t enter the NBA draft. This older group of players should set Capel up for a good recruiting year of high school players for 21-22. Reports of Capel’s demise are slightly overstated.

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    1. Unfortunately they are going to have another crappy record. How long do you give a guy that shows zero improvement? If he doesn’t sign a great recruiting class, he has to go.


  10. In the dog days of summer, discussions delve into scouting opponents, directors cup, best uniforms, best mascots, worst fanbases, best pizza places in town, two stars visiting campus, OCS.

    Few if anyone is around to view or even comment. Only the die hards or those like me without a life. I’m typing outside next to a goat and donkey now. A penny for their thoughts.

    But come Fall, pitt football is back and this blog is really a football forum despite these diversions.

    And when pitt loses to western Michigan, the Pitt POV will go from 50 comments per day, half written by Tex, to over 1500 comments and I’ll just sit back and read them all. I’ve said all I need to say about football. But I’ll share my meatball recipe if asked. Secret – I don’t use store bought bread crumbs.

    My MPC article will hit the press in late July


    1. Real bread, veal, pork, beef, fresh herbs, cooked in the sauce says NRS’s grandma from Ghivizzano, Italy.


  11. Tex be positive, good things are happening…

    AD of the year
    All white uniforms
    Whipple’s version of the GoGo offense, the NoGo.
    Capel’s land of misfit toys
    Exponential rise in Director Cup standing


  12. I’m hitting the bourbon early today then. Happy and safe 4th to everyone.

    Tex – who will only touch sparklers and not M-80’s at my age.


    1. Speaking of M80’s. Was at a July 4th party hosted by a penguin all star back in the day with about 8 Pens and summer prospects. A quaint gathering of about 20 folks and player wives. Canadians had access to a better firecracker back in the day and after consuming some Canadian beverages (also better), we start throwing little firecrackers at each others feet, resulting in funny dance moves. All fun and games, hysterically funny actually. Unfortunately, one toss was heading towards the captains private area and he slaps at it and it goes off next to his hand causing a decent burn. He loses it, grabs an M80 and drops it into the open sunroof of the tossing players sports car, the m80 explodes and catches the vehicle on fire. Police and fire department called. Party ends abruptly. No citations issued. Much jocularity for years!

      Be careful this weekend folks!

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    2. Agree, Tex. Don’t mix M-80s and booze. A high school friend had an M-80 go off in his hand. We all were drinking and having fun until that happened. Took several surgeries that night to save his hand. Yoi and double yoi.


  13. I believe stanford Had a 25 year winning streak. The cup takes your best 20 programs. Pitt only had 18 this past season. Lacrosse makes 19.

    Stanford has 35 roughly. Some with little competition like beach volleyball and sailing and water polo. So easy to rack up the points.

    But stanford was pac 12 and that conference cancelled or delayed sports. The cardinal lost points through no fault of their own. Texas benefited. Nothing ever really closed down here and it’s big 12 country.

    Hockey and rowing could help pitt point. Just sayin.


  14. I liked the large banners that used to drape over the Pitt Stadium perimeter, and also some of the old classroom buildings. The students were so much more involved in those days. Pitt has lost the students with the move to Heinz, and needs to find a way to bring that old spirit back. They will never be big donors if there was no school spirit to create the memories. It might be that the only way back is to build the MPC.


  15. Any new venue design has to incorporate past elements. Can’t be too modern or futuristic. Has to connect with past generations. Be reflective of tradition, history and character. Has to look like the neighborhood. Good architects understand that.

    A MPC could be such a vehicle to connect everyone back to history, back to campus and back to the future…with a new AD and coach.


  16. I’d really like for someone to ask Tom Richards point blank: Will the BoT ever support construction of an MPC?…


  17. Rich – thanks for a great analysis of the usually overrated Hokies program.
    Being the nouveau-riche that they are, I expect quite a bit more frustration among the fanbase here in Central Virginia this fall.

    I went into the lab and came up with two scenarios for Pitt’s matchup with VT this fall. (Don’t be a math teacher and ask me to show my work) Here we go:

    Pitt starts the season 3-2 with losses at Tenn and GT. They then rebound with yet another beatdown of the Hokies in front of dispirited faithful in Blacksburg.

    In the other scenario, Pitt starts out at 5-0 (having beaten a Vols team in transition and showing the GT coach that there are consequences to disengenuous handshakes after a game) and soils the sheets in classic PItt style. This scenario might also play out if the Panthers are 4-1 with only a loss at Knoxville.

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    1. I see the 2’nd scenario (4-1) as more likely. Especially if VT is 2-3. At that time, VT is playing for Fuente’s job.


    1. It is possible. I only see 3 definite losses – Clemson, UNC & Miami. Even the last two have chinks in their armor. But I believe Pitt will lose a 4’th game & it could be to anyone not named Duke or Syracuse.

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  18. Virginia Tech is a pretty good example of the difference between a program on a great run (usually with one coach) and a great program. Great programs can sustain their excellence through multiple coaching transitions and even some of some those universities struggle with it (look at schools with cushy situations like Texas, USC, Florida, Miami, FSU, etc.) VT was a consistent top 15-team for a generation and now they hang out in Pitt’s neighborhood. Life comes at you fast.

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  19. Ike / 73rd and complimenting Heather is like saying we are one of the prettiest of the 16 fat girls no one wants to talk to. Don’t even bring the standings up unless we are top 30/40 especially in the Corona year when most schools didn’t even compete.


    1. Instead of being dead last, pitt did beat out four other schools in P5. Wash state was pac 12 so they don’t count given conference cancellations. Both Kansas schools stunk this covid year. Pitt only beat out BC by one point.

      The big thing to notice is that only about 25 percent of Pitts programs pointed. Meaning they are above average. Doesn’t mean championship caliber. But nearly three out of four programs were mediocre to poor.

      North Carolina had the most points in the ACC. They finished fourth in the nation. They had nearly five times as many points. Nearly every one of their programs is good to excellent.

      But people will see in the headlines pitt improves from 137 to 73 without knowing it’s actually something not to brag about in a covid year.

      Pitt is still a very poor performing school from an overall athletic performance perspective. Combine that with very weak financials, a high subsidy percentage, and you can make any easy case to change leadership

      Did you see what the Texas AD said. He doesn’t want above average programs. He wants championship caliber ones. Texas beat out stanford for the Cup and ended their 25 year win streak. They get rid of above average football and basketball coaches. Pitt gives them extensions.


      1. Tex, Texas football program is one if not the biggest underachiever in college football. You should fix the holes in all your former schools (some by proxy) I guess, before rejoining PITT football discussions.

        ike and Jimmy Stewert………….. who’s very discouraged right now.

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        1. Texas football is a huge under achiever. I won’t argue with that. But they make quick changes and take calculated risks under the new AD Conti. They are proactive. Their focus is on winning championships and not participation trophies and saving kittens.

          When Texas decides to spend $250 million for facilities, they focus on two programs that make money. They build a brand new basketball arena and make significant upgrades to their on campus football stadium. They don’t worry about obtaining loans to do it.

          When pitt decides to spend $250, they focus on programs that lose money and don’t have any fans. Then the chancellor is so spooked by the massive amount of debt required that he says publicly this project could be a mortgage on Pitts future.

          I worry far more about Pitt. The Directors Cup champions are in good hands with their AD and President.


  20. 2nd Annie on that, keep firing and reloading Iek!!!
    I and many others got your back 🙂



  21. Thanks guys and looky here. I got Mark up and posting. Not too many people can say they can do that. I know I know Mark, when PITT does something good it’s called the Darrin Hall run.. 🙂

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  22. Thanks for the article, Richard. Some good stuff to ponder (but no mention of The Citadel…😊).

    Maybe it’s the ugly uniforms that have finally caught up to VT???

    Go Pitt.

    PS: Hope you’re feeling better each day, ike. And hope the Fightin Panthers have a good season for you to enjoy. Football’s coming fast…

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    1. Thanks – Sorry you asked about The Citadel. They did not receive a single Director Cup point.

      Grandson is missing the attention other H.S. players (baseball, football) he knows are receiving from colleges. He says that college baseball coaches back off contacting prospects once they commit. Is that true? I do know that no school has contacted me offering me $ to convince him to commit to their program.


  23. The tar heels had 22 top ten finishes across their programs. Pitt had just two.

    One school takes sports seriously and is a very good academic school

    The other school is Pitt.


    So Tom, what explains the disparity?

    It’s real simple to me. Pitt has made the determination that sports is not worth the money, time and dedication.

    So Tom, show me how y’all came to that conclusion.


      1. Just this year. He was like 40 last year. So, now, you can argue he’s paid like a top 30 coach and should have top 30 teams … Funny, how they look like they could be a top 30 teams this year … interesting how that works out … we’ll see if “look” and reality blend at the end of the year


        1. Then Pitt better be ranked come seasons end if Narduzzi is to earn that paycheck.

          I know that’s a simple way to look at pay and performance. There are other factors.

          Moreover there’s always the question of whether Pitt can afford him and if some of that money could be better spent elsewhere.

          That’s the more important question to ask pitt leadership


          1. You forget … I don’t care about pay … free market … get what you can … worth isn’t objective … you’re worth what you make … Murica … capitalism … n’at


            1. It’s good for Narduzzi but it can create issues. Such as little money left over for quality staff. And the eggheads being jealous. He must have something on heather.


  24. Good and very recent article on NIL – name, image, likeness


    It’s all about their brand and getting noticed and making some coin. But how do you protect your brand?

    Will athletes begin suing the media or fans for criticizing their brands and inflicting harm.

    So if Kenny helps promote fences or battery chargers and he just stinks up the joint, I still have free speech rights. Can these athletes or their agents now go after me for slander or libel or defamation. Because it now could impact their income.

    Any lawyers out there?


    1. These kids are now open to criticism for performance on the field. I was never one to boo amateurs, and still won’t, but a drop, bad pass, missed tackle …. definitely now can say that the kid choked or just stinks. It comes with wanting more, more, more.


  25. Kids can now quickly lose their endorsements if they screw up on or off the field.

    Plus they all now need a good tax accountant and CFA.

    And it might influence how they play the game. I need more carries this game or else my car tire company will drop me


  26. A fumble here, dropped pass there, an interception over there, an unfortunate injury, etc. and your sales suffer. Beware the market pressure.


    1. not just for your own bottom line, but now you will see qb’s light up receivers for wrong routes because the incompletion cost them a higher completion percentage and an endorsement. Qb’s and wr’s will always want to go for it on 4th and whatever so they can pad the stats too. The kicker will get mad if he doesn’t get as many opportunities. If you think the bickering is bad between the realists and the koolaid drinkers here, wait til the bickering starts in the huddle and on the sideline and in the recruiting process when a receiver will only sign when you guarantee him playing time, number of targets per game plus a whole bunch of other crap.

      leave it to our AD to say NIL will not mean much for the pitt athlete student. It means as much to them as any other place and player. Free market! She is a dunce!


      1. I sleep well at nite knowing she will be Spartys problem in less than two years. I’ll bet my Tardis on it.


  27. These college players already spend too much time on social media. Now, they will be worried about creating their brand and earning money off of it. I sure hope that after these things, and maybe even a little classroom work, they will still have some time to work on their sport… This can’t bode well for college sports, where a player earning nothing must go out and block for a player who he just watched advertising for a car dealership or energy drink.

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      1. But what is fair compensation. different salaries for different positions. Starters versus reserves. Amount of playing time. Performance based. Seniority based.

        How does Minor league baseball do it.

        I personally wouldn’t pay a kid a penny until he paid taxes on his $50,000 per annum gift from Pitt. So fork up $5k and we can talk.

        I really don’t feel sorry for these spoiled little brats. Entitled generation. Thanks boomers.


        1. Entitled? Lol. Previous generations were just stupid. I’d rather be entitled than stupid if that’s how you define entitled.


    1. Could sponsor the video game grand theft auto. Or the movie fast and the furious. 🤠

      What kind of endorsements can a player make in morganhole though

      Sheep farm
      Corn cob pipes
      Fake degrees
      Musket rifles
      Road kill
      Ancestry dot com


        1. I am John and I endorse the club! Not only does it protect your car from theft, it can keep you eligible to play hoops for a full season.

          Remember those? I had one for my Geo.

          Cardale Jones said we ain’t here to play no school. He was a thought leader. Actually, he led with that thought it was his only one.


    1. A Hoopie player has far more opportunities in rural Appalachia than a city slicker in Pittsburgh. I envy them.


  28. Can a strip club sponsor a kid? Gambling? Marijuana? This is getting out of hand. Are they going to cover uniforms with Good and Plenty Logo?

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      1. Hey, I liked Breezewood Sheetz!
        My first Little League Uni had a funeral home as sponsor! Across the back. Now kids actually have their own names on the back and baseball cards to match!


    1. Auburn QB Nix is the new endorsing spokesperson for a brand of sweet tea down south and Alabama fans are flushing what they have in stock and boycotting the brand.



    1. Two of my favorite bannersers: “Cream the Seamen” and “Puncture the Trojans”. Oh if we could ever play those teams again! 🙂


      1. A very non PC one is ‘hit the showers’ for penn state. I’m just reporting what I saw.


  29. Off to see the fireworks in Mansfield. Should be a good display since last year was cancelled and nobody embezzled the funds. Pop open a shiner and sit back on my lawn chair on the 4 th hole of Mansfield National right down from my Hoopie in laws. Hope y’all enjoy yours. But we do things bigger in Texas. Just in our nature. 💥 💥 🌟

    Tex – I’ll be back and big GW and BF Fan.
    🤖 🇺🇸


  30. Community College commitment yesterday for penn state – O-lineman JB Nelson from Mt Lebanon verballed and a tweet appeared showing 412 -> 814 and a large yellow bridge running into beaver stadium.

    More evidence Franklin doesn’t consider Pitt a rivalry.

    That tweet was a shot over the bow for today’s announcement from 4 star DE Tyreese Fearbry from (Perry Traditional Academy) Pittsburgh who will pick between Pitt, penn state, Auburn and Kentucky.

    I’d rather see a cage match between Partridge and Franklin with a locked gate.

    Go Pitt!


    1. Franklin has never respected Pitt. Why should he. He blew Pitt out in two games. Pitt was fortunate to win the one at Heinz. Penn state doesn’t need Pitt. That’s true.

      And Pitt doesn’t need Penn State at this point. What Pitt needs is a change of leadership so they aren’t left out of the super league coming in 2026.


  31. Recruiting news from Chris Peak off of his Rivals site:

    “No quarterbacks have taken official visits to Pitt this month and none seemed to even really be considered for visits. Beyond that, there aren’t really even any clear and obvious targets at the position.

    According to the Rivals database, Pitt has offered 11 quarterbacks in the class of 2022. Eight of those 11 are already committed. Of the other three, Henry Belin committed to Duke yesterday and Zion Turner and Davin Wydner don’t seem to be targets for the Panthers any more.

    So there’s not much happening, and I think it’s understandable to wonder why. I mean, it’s only the most important position on the field, a position where Pitt has been caught – multiple times in the last decade or two – short-handed due to not just mis-evaluating but straight up under-recruiting. A position where Pitt hasn’t really had a game-changer since…”

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    1. Peak does go on to say more about QB’s including current depth and years remaining, a “watch” list and of course the transfer portal. This is the link to the “FREE” article that Rick used. He posts his 3-2-1 column every Friday and it’s FREE for all to read.


      I am not a PantherLiar subscriber but do enjoy reading the free articles and the free football/basketball forums.


  32. What QB wants to play under a whipple system.

    Pitt could land multiple 4 stars if they hired a young guy known for running the RPO. That’s the future predominant system in the NFL. And actually have QB’s swap certain series…not all the time.

    The NFL really needs well prepared QB’s coming out of college for this. Hence the push for a semi pro league, super league, that I think they are open to subsidizing or at least providing specific resources

    Pitt could get ahead of this by making the switch to RPO and by conducting a feasibility study for a MPC.

    But that would require Pitt to be proactive for once.

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  33. The NFL will have a say in which colleges break off to form a super league. There will be private discussions in smoke filled rooms.

    Pitt can build their case by running the RPO, having an on campus stadium that has two playing surfaces, one artificial and one natural grass, having insiders among nfl executives, and making sure the program is financially healthy

    The nfl doesn’t care about attendance. They care about your facilities and coaching staff. Moreover, they want to make sure your program is well run…like a profitable business.

    Pitt checks none of these boxes today under this regime and outdated thinking.

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  34. As long as the stadium looks good on tv. Full capacity. So pitt can build a 40k venue and be just fine even during the years they stink. And there will be some of those years.

    Tv will be the driver of revenues. Not fans in the stands. Good for Pitt since it doesn’t have the fans even in good years. And Pitt is one school that seems to always get good tv ratings. People around the nation like to watch pitt. Maybe it’s the colors or the nostalgia from 40 years ago.

    Have I converted anyone over to the MPC yet?


  35. I have always been for a MPC, Tex. Another thing we agree on. An on campus facility is essential to bringing back Pitt’s student population FB tradition. Pitt has always put its share of players into the NFL, which is another plus in their favor if there is ever a reshuffling of teams and conferences. But the NCAA, which is the college’s own organization after all, is not going to push this anytime soon.

    Rather than pushing to bring in more money, they can more easily come up with ways to cut costs so that fewer teams walk away from Division 1 football and basketball. However, they will take all the TV money they can get since this revenue indirectly pays for the minor sports, but that doesn’t mean they will want to imitate the professional leagues.

    Actually, I don’t think the NCAA even likes the NFL and NBA much, since they are the sources of many collegiate sport problems.. I doubt they would voluntarily cooperate with them much.


    1. This super league will have nothing to do with the NCAA. Even the bowls or BCS today aren’t associated with the NCAA are they?

      I’m penning my MPC article this afternoon old school on paper like Hemingway. I’m the old man yelling at clouds. Before his sea novel.


      1. The super league will not happen, Tex. The major reason is the minor sports. If teams break away from the NCAA, they would probably not be permitted to compete with other NCAA schools in the minor sports. If fact, many schools could drop the minor sports altogether, which would almost certainly start Congress looking at legislation to reign in the big schools (remember Title IX). Remember that FB and BB revenue support a strong minor sport environment which also feeds the Olympic teams. The Olympic Committee would probably lobby congress to stop this from happening since the FB and BB revenue are what pay for the minor sports.

        I still think that common sense will prevail, and the opposite will happen. The NCAA will not go quietly. There will be a weakening of the P5 and more schools will be able to compete against the big boys on a level playing field. TV revenue will be allocated differently so that smaller schools get a bigger piece of the pie. Look for the Fordham Rams to once again rise up and beat Alabama (as they did in 1933)!


  36. Now for something completely different. A segment of an article in the WSJ’s (July3-4) issue reminded me of the POV. The article, written by a Brit who became a US citizen gives 6 reasons why he became a citizen. Reason 2 is: “Joy can be found even in defeat.” He learned this lesson watching Bum Phillips’ New Orleans Saints and the folks in the stands wearing bags over their heads (the unknown fans) and calling themselves the “aints.” He writes, ” … I learned that sports could be something more … than just winning. It could be an excuse to drain light beers, consume vast quantities of sausage-based bratwurst products and make joyous collective memories in the process.” This made me smile and think of the POV. Pitt ain’t been about much winning since the mid-seventies to mid-eighties, but the POV brings us all together to talk and laugh (at times) about it. I love when there’s a good discussion going on about Pitt’s potential or lack thereof. And I would be damn glad to sit with any POVer and drain beer, or any other adult beverage, and eat vast quantities of sausage-based products, which some do. Happy July 4, POVers and H2P-POV.

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    1. Nice little find but written 10/2011. It is interesting to see who was considered a “bad” team & got left behind. Also who was considered a “good” team and made the grade.

      Left off the 2011 proposed realignment are current conference members – Colorado, Washington State, Rutgers, Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Boston College, Louisville, Virginia, Duke, Wake, NC State and North Carolina. (14 in total)

      Added to make 4 conference of 16 – Hawai’i, Air Force, Nevada, Boise, Fresno St., BYU, SMU, Southern Miss, Houston, South Florida, Army, Navy, Cincinnati and Notre Dame.


  37. Where is Pitt in this? My iPhone can’t open bleacher report. Please tell me we’re in with penn state and wvu.


  38. We’re never going to have an MPC because the administration simply does not care about athletics.
    Lucy holding the football.
    The lack of donations and the paltry showing of fans in the bright yellow seats reflect, not a disdain for Pitt, but the apathy of the BOT and their minions.
    Approaching 40 years of football oblivion , vacant front porches and a non-existent commitment to excellence…and the only folks who seem to care are on this site.
    I truly wish it was different, but there comes a time when you got to admit that even our toothless neighbors to the south have a better grasp on athletics and it’s significance than we do.

    And Happy Fourth, everyone.


    1. What does Tom think?

      We need to ask him. And he needs to be honest and not evade and not talk in PC language.

      Pitt is at the nexus of time and space. Pitt’s choices made in the next two years will determine its sports fate. I highly doubt Tom elevates himself. Although I bet his children would.

      I believe it’s a generational thing. Sorry Boomers.


  39. The BoT didn’t elect Tom as their leader because he would challenge the status quo, be a risk taker, a maverick. They elected a conformist. Don’t get your hopes up.

    He’s not the agent of change. It will take some blue and gold smoke to make that happen. It’s possible if you have hope. Old people and old ideas eventually die.


  40. With Pickett coming back, why in the world would a half decent grad transfer QB want to come to PITT? If PITT couldn’t land a high school QB who fit their wishes then they should have refrained. In these times a team is never too far away from filling a position of need and now we have even a less of an idea of what will happen in the near future.

    Tex, it’s not only the old that die and btw some ideas have been around from the beginning of man.

    What’s PITT’s plan for the land in south Oakland they bought.

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    1. Some old ideas are good. But a old and outdated mentality permeates the BoT. There will be a super league. What is Pitt doing to get in. Nothing right now that we the public know of. Pitt will unfortunately react and it will be too little too late.

      And Ike, you have at least 20 more years to go before I consider you old. You are very young at heart and in soul.


  41. Narduzzi lost out on possibly his only 4 star recruit for 2022 and he’s a Pittsburgh guy.

    Anyone know of any other 4 stars Pitt has a legitimate shot at?


    1. It’s time for Narduzzi to go ! If you can’t get a 4 star recruit 10 miles from your school then how can you expect to get a 4 star from another state. PSU is making Narduzzi look like the clown he is. Pitt has to decide if they want to be big time. Maybe it is time to shut the program down.


    1. Yes, along with a long list of other 4 stars.

      The nits may have more 4 stars than Pitt has verbal commitments.


      1. When you wish for a four-star,
        makes a difference what team you are.
        When you wish for a four-star,
        your dreams might not come true.


  42. Better sponsorship opportunities in happy valley

    I would list them but some are X rated and highly inappropriate.


    1. Adult diapers
      Paterno Laundrymat
      Soap on a rope
      Clean Shower
      PA Milk Marketing Board
      PA Agricultural Board


  43. Pitt recruiting Rivals comparisons for 2022:

    Arizona 9 commits 48 ranking (with new coach)
    AZ State 6 / 52
    Arkansas 14 / 14 (with new coach)
    Cal 9 / 40
    Cincy 12 / 29 (with a 4 star from OH)
    Colorado 9 / 40
    Duke 11 / 49 (with NY, OH & PA players)
    GA Tech 11 / 27
    Indiana 9 / 39
    Iowa 7 / 49
    Iowa St 11 / 49
    Kentucky 11 / 22
    Maryland 11 / 34
    Mich State 12 / 32
    Minnesota 13 / 30 (with a 4 star from OH and a DE from central PA with a 5.7 rating)
    Missouri 11 / 18
    Nebraska 7 / 56
    NC State 11 / 41
    UNC 9 / 28
    Northwestern 12 / 36
    OK State 13 / 16
    Oregon St 9 / 55

    PITT 11 / 53 (with no 4 stars and not one commitment from OH)

    Purdue 13 / 25
    Rutgers 14 / 12
    Tennessee 8 / 44
    UCF 7 / 56
    UCLA 10 / 34
    Virginia 9 / 45 (with a 4 star OL)
    Washington 7 / 45
    wvcc 11 / 38 (with a 4 star QB)
    Wisconsin (11 / 33) (with a 4 star OL, one commitment each from Pittsburgh& NJ)

    Recruiting at Pitt currently seems to need help in OH, PA and NJ, with a few 4 star players.

    I just showed you 31 compatible schools that Pitt should be on par with and who the Panthers are competing with for a spot in the polls with.

    Anyone with any insight on who the next batch of recruits might be and are there any 4 stars among the group?

    EE who plans to have a similar list for the August 21st POV golf outing…

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    1. Thanks for the comparison. Interesting but the numbers only matter on signing day. Long way to go.


      1. Agreed – and the only rankings I care about are the polls.

        I read somewhere that if Pitt had kept their original regular season schedule in 2020, they would have won 10 games. I don’t see that happening, but we will never know.


  44. Tex, I was reading over Pitt’s strategic plan. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see one mention of sports. Maybe it is limited to academics and there is a separate plan.


    1. I didn’t see any mention of it either. I guess victory Heights stands alone.

      The most important thing is the rec center for students. Pitt is at least a decade behind most schools in that regard.

      It’s a student experience and quality of life thing. It’s also a powerful recruiting tool for applicants and retention.

      Ridiculous that Pitt builds a 300 meter indoor track before they build a 400 meter outdoors

      Ridiculous they leave Fitzgerald standing and incur costly maintenance

      ridiculous they build a tiny high school arena for volleyball and wrestling.

      Ridiculous they are thinking about building a separate lacrosse facility.

      Ridiculous that they’ve only raised 4 percent of the total projects cost yet it’s been greenlighted and will be massively funded with debt.


  45. Erie, Pitt is ranked 54th in recruiting at this point, but 80th in average star ratings at 2.36.

    Yes, those 0 star guys will get stars in time but the recruiting results so far are underwhelming.

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    1. Reed – their ranking slipped one spot since I finished my first cup of coffee this morning.

      Underwhelming is a kind description.

      Also, someone commented that the Duzz is ranked 45th by The Sporting News among all D1 football HC’s. Let’s not forget he was ranked 40th last year and produced a 6-5 product on the field.

      When you peel back the onion, it will make you tear up 🥲

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  46. Last year was a giant class and not a lot of kids left plus it was a free year of eligibility so 5th year seniors had the option to stay for a 6th year. This is a filler class. Depth building. I would not read too much into this one … it will probably be much smaller and more focused.

    Being from Virginia, too, there was not a fall season and my understanding is that the recruiting services did not scout the spring leagues. Three popular recruiting areas for Pitt … NY, VA and MD … did not have fall season and Pitt has 3 recruits from NY who are probably not accurately rated. They just added one from VA for last year’s class … TE but there was no film on him as a TE so he was a 2 star.

    They’re adding speed and depth on a team without a lot of holes … Next year should be a huge class.

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        1. Last I looked a their kennywood pictures, those tubbies have plenty of tons. Doesn’t mean they can open a hole though.


  47. This is the time in the Narduzzi cycle where he should be bringing in mostly high ranking Freshmen who would red shirt for a year before playing even on special teams. There is room for that occasional “project” who could someday develop into a good player, but he shouldn’t be relying on these types of recruits when the core of each class should be 5-6 four star athletes by year seven.

    Last year’s 6-5 result has come home to roost. The 8 win seasons, and the Coastal title, are becoming distant memories, and Narduzzi needs to find some new strategy to bring in the recruits if he is ever going to move to the next level. Pitt could get 8-9 wins this year, but a bowl loss would be devastating to what will be a critical recruiting season as they then attempt to rebuild after Pickett. This year’s class would have helped to soften that transition, but the results do not look good.


    1. A 4 star QB would have been a nice addition, but I don’t think Whipple recruits nor does Duzz pay attention to the offense. They’d have a great pitch to that stud prospect – KP is in his last year and we need a new General to run our offense (and run to the sidelines for play calling instructions, ikr?)

      I believe all four QB’s on the roster not named Pickett are serviceable back-ups, but is one of them 1st string material?


    2. Last year was a COVID year … Way too weird to judge a team on … and I know the argument everyone had to deal with it but it’s still just too bizarre a year for me to judge on. It was not an enjoyable season as a fan … I could not imagine being a player or coach … everyone, every team, gets a pass by me … Pitt doesn’t have any excuses this year, however … yet, anyways … The table is set to have a decent year.


  48. Based on average star, pitt is at the bottom of the entire ACC. Behind even duke and Syracuse.

    The quality just isn’t there with this clsss.


    1. There is still time to bring that average up, but where are the prospects – who is recruiting them and when will they visit Pitt’s campus.

      Is all that information locked behind the gates of Pitt FB?


  49. Pitt just doesnt engage with fans. Have real honest discussions with them. Keep them connected.

    It strikes me as protective, secretive and arrogant.

    I don’t like this type of culture that heather brought in with her.

    It will lead to fan frustration and apathy

    It will lead to fans not renewing tickets.

    It will lead to more types like me

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  50. The ACC and several ACC schools made public announcements via twitter, the press and their websites within hours after the directors cup final standings were released. The ACC has plenty to brag about.

    I have not seen anything from Pitt or any other pitt related site besides this one in over three days

    What does that say?


  51. I’m no fan of this disconnect either…I only get contacted to renew tickets or try to sell some new gear.
    And I’ve had multiple season football tickets every year since 1973 and hoops since 1978.
    The Secret Society crap is the exact opposite of what should be happening.
    I’m willing to wait and see how this year plays out but after that I need to do what’s best for me.

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    1. I only got contacted by South Carolina when it was time to renew Gamecock Club renewals or time to put up $ for season tickets. Pitt is no different.

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  52. There are 13 four stars in PA. Very good year for elite talent in the state.

    Penn state has already gotten the commmitments from five of them. Will probably pick up two more.

    Pitt stands at zero and none of the uncommitted are interested in Pitt.

    So how is recruiting getter better under Narduzzi. His recruiting is aging like rotten cheese. Not fine wine.


  53. OT – NIL

    Eventual analysis will show playing for certain schools benefits elite athletes the most with respect to pay for play. Pitt being in a city with thousands of times more small and large businesses as say, state college, should eventually be able to attract more of these players based on sheer numbers alone. Pittsburgh versus state college businesses.

    Question, do donations to colleges count as tax exempt? Could a 503b be set up to handle player payments as a non-profit?

    I guess Fearbry really, really, REALLY liked the white uniforms.


    1. Pitt has icie whites this year. Just sayin.

      Overall, Creepy Valley is just too white for me.


  54. I get what you’re saying but penny state has some broad based appeal. They are a national brand. And the number one brand in philly for colleges.

    Moreover Pitt doesn’t have the elite athletes that companies crave. Amazon, google, Microsoft and Gm could be located in Pittsburgh but they wouldn’t want their name tied to any pitt athlete. Companies want excellence not mediocrity.

    Kenny will be lucky to sponsor Hornyak’s Pickett fences in Aspinwall.


    1. Or Edwards Brothers Locksmith on Grant Street.

      RB Flea Davis could pick up a gig with Sani-Products Pest Control Exterminators on East Ohio Street.

      SirVocea Dennis could be a spokesperson for Con Alma Restaurant & Jazz Bar on Penn Avenue.


  55. The humour around sponsorships and this stupid era of NIL is warming to my heart. And my funny bone appreciates it.


  56. Guys, we’ve already discussed this … Pitt does not want to be a national brand nor do they have to be. Prime real estate and UPMC make Pitt more $$$ than athletics ever will … Penn State, however, needs football … If football fails, admissions go down, donations go down and it starts a slippery slope … Pitt does not have these concerns.

    Penn State is the 27th richest University in the the US … Pitt is 28th … lol … without an elite athletic program … 10th and 11th richest P5 schools … 14th and 15th if you count the UT/A&M/Souther Cal “university systems” that include their branch campuses … which I call BS on.


    TL;DR … Pitt is absolutely fine. Lol. Throw out athletics and, hell, even academics, and Pitt is a top 30 school in America in the most important thing in capitalistic society … money … Pitt is rich. One percenters.

    Athletics do not define our distinguished university … It’s also why if Pitt wanted to be, they could turn the lights on and be elite very quickly … it’s by design that Pitt is not elite athletically …

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    1. Well it’s by design then that pitt is tied with Florida state in academics. That’s pretty bad from my perspective. Pitt has a $4.3 billion endowment. Of which $2.6 billion can be touched for anything. 4.25 percent of that amount per year can be withdrawn. That’s about $100 million. Of which a small percent (10-15 percent) I’m sure is already subsidizing sports.

      In my day pitt sports was better and academics was worse. Now it’s the opposite.

      Pitt was a leader in big east sports. It’s academic ranking was around 70 overall. Today pitt sits near the bottom of the ACC only ahead of BC by one measly point and its academic ranking is 56. US News.

      Pitt chooses to be mediocre in both academics and athletics today. I do agree that if they want to be excellent, they have the money.


  57. How is 56 mediocre Lol? FSU is known as an excellent university so being tied is not bad at all. Not sure where you’re coming from, Tex. There are 5300 universities in America. I don’t want to hear about the arbitrary rules of the endowment. If they want it they could figure out a way … but, that’s ask why our BoT is set up the way it is … can’t let one interest outweigh another. Pitt is rich. They spend money wisely, not flippantly. Pitt is a top 30 school in wealth without being top 30 in academics or athletics … seems like they’re doing okay.

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    1. Florida state was no better academically than West Virginia in my day. Since then they’ve won at least two football championships. Pitt has been ranked once.

      And please pitt is not spending money wisely. $250 million for victory Heights. Supporting programs that don’t make money and have no fans. Scared Gallagher enough to publicly say it could be a mortgage on Pitts future.

      I’ll donate to longhorn academics and athletics. Number 4 chem engineering school and number 1 in overall sports.


  58. Tex,

    Both Florida State and Pitt are fine academic institutions and FSU was a very good academic school in the 90’s. You don’t rank schools academically like you do athletically. Lol. C’mon.

    Maybe, you don’t think the athletic department spends money well but the school is way bigger than the Heather Lyke. Wasn’t that mostly fundraising too? Earmarked for that project?

    Like I said, take athletics and academics out and Pitt is a top 30 richest school. I’d rather be rich, personally. They’re doing okay there.

    Reed – you’re buying that coaches New Balances. Haha.


    1. Tex,

      Please have a bourbon in hand when you read this poll! I wish I hadn’t given up scotch when I read it. Wonder how much Duzz paid for that article or.,, Maybe it’s just our negativity !


  59. Did anyone else see the rating of all ACC Coaches? Narduzzi ranked 6th with very positive comments about how tough an image he’s created with Pitt Football. Unreal.

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    1. Shows how bad the conference is with its coaches. A case could be strongly made that Narduzzi should be third ahead of Bronco, Clawson, and Cutcliffe. I guess when looking at conference records he should be over those three.

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      1. Well he’s won the third most ACC games. But again that’s not saying much playing in the very weak Coastal. The weakest in all P5. And having Syracuse as a cross over game every year. He’s a mediocre coach in a mediocre conference

        He couldn’t hold a Big 10 job. Nobody is busting down the gates wanting to poach him. He’s not the next best coaching thing. He’s on no lists of highly sought after candidates. He’s Pitts problem.


  60. This writer says Narduzzi and his team display toughness. That’s their identity. Well maybe tough luck.

    I see a different team. One that is mentally weak and undisciplined.

    How tough is it to not take 15 yard penalties every game at the worst possible times

    How tough was it to come down with fake cramps just two years ago against CFU.

    How tough is it to see receivers not drop the ball

    How tough is it to see some pancake blocks and holes by your O linemen.

    How tough was it to go for a TD instead of a FG on fourth and goal at Penn State

    How tough is it to fire your OC and find a young innovator who runs the RPO

    How tough is it not to get blown out by clemson and Notre Dame

    How tough was it to win by one instead of losing by one to BC and NC State

    How tough was it to forego your bowl game and blame it on the players wanting to go home to see mommy.

    How tough is it to be humble. Those five millions have made him all the more arrogant and unwilling to listen.

    Tough crap with all the excuse making

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  61. Does the program make the coach. The coach the program.

    Beamer made Tech. I don’t know if Fuente is the answer. His recruiting stinks

    Now Narduzzi isn’t going to make the program. Pitt has history and tradition. Pitt has the facilities and budget. Narduzzi has changed the culture to one of paranoia and secrecy though.

    And the program has supported him and gives him everything he needs to consistently win seven games

    Does the program need to give him more money to reach eight. How much more. How would it be spent.

    What else can pitt do to help the man

    Nothing really. The program isn’t hokding him back. He’s the reason why pitt is mediocre. Let’s not blame the BoT or culture.

    The BoT is responsible for the overall mindset. The promotion of mediocrity by keeping mediocre coaches like narduzzi around and then overpaying for them. The lack of a sports mission statement. Not treating sports like a businesss. Playing at a rental off campus. Not engaging with fans. Hiring people over their heads. I can go on.


  62. Pop made Pitt. Then the administrators ignored the program

    Jock continued Pops work. Then the administrators drove him out

    Johnny made the modern day program. Jackie continued it until the administration wouldn’t support him

    Walt helped save the administration because pitt football was probably one vote away from being dropped

    Wanny brought the pride and passion back

    Chryst stabilized the program after the forced resignation of Wanny and two bad hires

    Narduzzi has a stable and well funded program with administration support. He’s got four more years remaining on his contract. He’s on easy street with no incentive to be anything more than clean and mediocre.

    So who can make the administration. Is it Tom

    Again, I don’t think he’s the agent of change needed to make structural and mindset changes.

    Like running sports as a business
    Conducting a feasibility study
    Creating a new national hockey power
    Restructuring the board and bylaws
    Being proactive and leading the effort for a super league


  63. Walt, Wanny, Chryst and Narduzzi all had one assistant pulling them down.

    Walt – Tom Freeman
    Wanny – Cavanaugh
    Chryst – heck, entire defensive staff
    Narduzzi – Peterson and now Borbley

    Three are O-line coaches, where this program has missed the boat for the most part since 2000.

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    1. Pitt used to have solid, NFL grade linemen year in and year out.

      Joe Moore was one of the greatest OL coaches in the history of college FB.

      Pitt fans deserve better than the meatballs we’ve been served lately.


    1. Why do you care about next year? Lol. Don’t live in the past or future, man … if you look at history, we’ll have 5-8 wins this year and next year. 4 and 9 our outliers so you’re calling for back to back season with outlier records … nah, man. Stick with 5-8 wins is the safe play.

      Now, if Pitt was ever set up for an outlier year, this is the year for more wins. You could say the same for next year dropping too just based on roster turnover but I think the depth is better than you think. If we have an outlier year, we’ll probably drop back to the mean next year.


      1. And Pitts baseline is 7 wins under this coach. Range of 5 to maybe 9. That’s the ceiling.

        So is this product worth the price of a ticket?

        Is this coach worth it?

        Legitimate questions. From my perspective both the answers are resounding NO’s.

        The disconnect is with how I think and believe and how the administration does. There’s a big gulf and will be extremely difficult to reach consensus.

        Unless of course Narduzzi takes a pay cut and pitt hires an OC who runs the RPO and is an excellent recruiter of QB’s.

        Pitts offense is boring. Few fans come to watch a game of field goals and shutouts.


  64. Rivals recruiting rankings for select schools

    4 penn state
    8 Boston college
    14 Rutgers
    21 Virginia tech
    25 West Virginia
    32 Cincinnati
    36 Maryland
    48 Pitt


  65. Thinking one person can control a board is naive. Pitt has a board to protect itself against one person’s interest.

    As Tex showed, when Pitt is all in, they’re elite … Pitt is the way it is by choice … We have a Chancellor … which is a VP of a branch campus … We do not have a President that can sway ideological opinions

    The board will always make decisions from a business point of view (not academics or athletics) … Athletics has their budget and they can spend it how they wish but strategically Pitt’s board protects the University’s interests … and they do not think athletics is a primary interest.

    Love this … If Pitt cared, this is an easy fix for the program … but only if 😦


    1. The article said the U has 90 players who will receive the $6,000 payments.

      How is it that Pitt only has 85 scholarship players then?


      1. EXCLUSIVE: American Top Team plans $540,000 commitment to Miami players
        All 90 scholarship players for the Hurricanes will be offered $6,000 annual endorsement deals


  66. Throughout history there are plenty of examples where one person did make the difference. They are called leaders and they often go against headwinds, sabateurs and those afraid of change.

    Tom could be that guy. I’d ask his son and daughter if they think he is that guy. They know how he thinks. They know where his passions lie.

    Does the man want to be an agent of change, a maverick for his legacy. He’s in the twilight of his career. One last chance to make a difference and not enable the status quo and be a conformist.

    He can start by asking tough questions and demanding answers.


  67. Questions often lead to unsatisfactory answers that beg more questions. And answers that lead to more deep dive questions.

    I’d like to know what is Pitts plan for when the Heinz lease expires

    I’d like to know what new sports programs are most viable

    I’d like to know if there is value in writing a sports mission statement

    I’d to know if there is a plan to get pitt athletics out of the red

    I’d like to know the scenario planning involved based on the hypothetical super league. At least the plan for when the tv contracts expire in 2026 which could very well be the impetus for another round of realignment

    I’d like to better understand the hiring process in athletics

    I’d like to know the plan to increase athletic donations. Is there even a plan for that? Why not?

    All these questions and then some identify gaps and opportunities. Forces you to be proactive.

    The public should have some high level answers to these questions. Taxpayers have the right to know.


  68. Tom Richards may be the man to lead Pitt to the promised land… or not. The point is, we don’t know. However, the BoT. like any large organization, is probably filled with people who are there for the status, and are not going to be leaders or even make waves. If Tom is a strong leader he could make a difference.


    1. Yes. Leaders lead. He could pursuade others to follow. But we know very little about his sports vision. We know at least he understands playing sports at a high level and is a Pitt man. He also understands business.


  69. I saw the comments about Asst coaches holding back HC’s and the team in general because they have some deficiency in coaching skills.

    I’m here to tell you that is BS!

    Players make coaches, not the other way around. I can teach a talented basketball player fundamentals and game skills but if the guy across from him is a better player/athlete
    it really doesn’t matter. It’s all about recruiting period! This is where DuzzWhip has really pulled the wool over our eyes.

    We think by volume, he’s recruiting better but compared to our competition, it’s not even close ! Same with Capel.

    I’ll still never forget taking a team of undefeated AAU HS All Stars from little Harford County MD to Washington DC for an AAU tourney and being down by 35 after the first half. It’s all about the “Jimmy and Joes”!

    Narduzzi’s biggest flaw isn’t his coaching, it’s his recruiting!


    1. Don’t you remember Cavanuagh’s poor playcalling and not knowing the width of the hash marks versus Ohio? Two wrong passing calls resulted in pick-sixes and a loss.

      The WVU game in 2008 when Matt called a pass at the goal line that resulted in an INT? He had Shady in the backfield!

      None of those other coaches could coach a lick, but their respective recruiting was so poor they didn’t have a chance. Bad hires all around.


      1. I really enjoyed the angst and utter hatred toward Cavanaugh when he personally ruined the Ravens. Now there’s a horrible OC!


        1. One little feather in Matt’s cap, it was reported years later he put a third-round grade on Tom Brady. So glad the Ravens didn’t listen to him.


  70. Here’s the irony.

    The board may be focused on that mission statement. On academics. On ROI but I question a bunch of bureaucrats knowing much about Finance. And Pitts a non profit anyway.

    Moreover sports only comprises 4 percent of Pitts $2.4 billion operating budget.

    But sports is very much the Pitt brand and identity.

    Pitt sports is found in more google searches, tweets, discussions on blogs and coverage on tv and radio than any academic topic at Pitt.

    But how does pitt manage all this and a panther nation of followers?

    Well it had an AD that was in hiding for 15 months.

    It literally embraces the slogan lock the gates.

    It fails to effectively engage and connect with over 600,000 fans of the program. That’s nearly twice as high as the number of living alumni.

    It allows and rewards a mindset of mediocrity to slowly creep into other areas of the university.


    1. In all the years I have followed Pitt football, I have never seen the level of ennui around the program. Last season Narduzzi complained Pitt wasn’t ranked. Of course, a 6-5 record and blowout losses to Notre dame and Clemson made him look like a fool. One publication predicts 5-7 and, at best, Pitt could be 7-5. I am weighing making the 2684 roundtrip to Pittsburgh to catch a game, but thoughts of going to Heinz and showing support to a coach I do not like slop me. This is Heather’s creation and the buffoon Gallagher who has to be the most worthless chancellor ever employed by the university.


  71. So PITT goes 6-5 with two one point losses and a postponed game against lousy GT. Not the greatest and no excuses for the losses to BC and NCST but that’s the way the PITT administration looks at last years season. In the back of their heads they count one point losses as being close unlike the “PITT” fans. PITT has their man and they are happy. So don’t let me break up your MPC/fire Narduzzi party.

    The sky is falling philosophy does wrangle me personally as it’s the PITT fans that show a lack of guts not the team. No worries, I got their backs. Go PITT


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    1. Narduzzi shows lack of guts
      Players have shown lack of discipline
      Fans have shown great patience to a undeserving program
      Administration is playing the fans for fools

      And you’ll come around to the MPC after my article. You’ll be one of the first to donate to the cause.


      1. No James, I would never tell you or anyone how to spend their hard earned money or try and silence or censor people. I also fully understand the frustration of all PITT fans. It’s just when PITT fans want to point the blame at some people who are hardly to blame. Heather was being bashed before her plane touched down from Ypsilanti.Vent your frustration just make sure it’s directed at the right people.

        PITT is as good or better right now as they have been the past 35 years. A bumpy ride that I have been on the whole time.

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  72. ‘Forged Here’

    Webster’s has two definitions. Which one is it?

    Definition of forged
    1 : formed by pressing or hammering with or without heat
    especially : made into a desired shape by heating and hammering
    forged blades
    a cold forged sword
    2 : made falsely especially with intent to deceive
    forged signatures
    a forged document
    Pitt’s new NIL program


  73. When I saw the Pedo recruiting article in today’s PG I nearly puked. They are ranked #4 in recruiting so far, and as Tex mentions, Pitt is #48, which is pathetic for a coach in his 7th year. Dan is right, it takes players to win, and Pitt is not getting enough of them. I am trying to theorize a scenario where Pitt advances to the next level in the next few years, but looking at all of the objective metrics I just can’t see it.

    They will do okay this year, probably 8-9 wins. But after that, I don’t see the younger players that are good enough to carry a new QB once Pickett is gone. ike, you’re the man, and if you have a plausible theory that gets Pitt to a consistent 8-9 wins after Pickett I’d sure like to hear it. They just don’t have the horses to ride through a QB transition, especially with the QBs that are currently on the team.


    1. All you need to do is compare football budgets. Pitt isn’t in their league.


  74. The only scenario for sustained moderate that I could see is, if Pickett and the team would have an exceptional year, perhaps Coach Marion could reel in a serviceable QB transfer to take over.


  75. Anyone want to be kind enough to explain how WVU can out-recruit us?
    How can they athletically outperform us?
    How can they, on a National stage, outshine us in not one sport, but two?

    One would believe the BOT would experience an epiphany and, looking at our neighbors (OSU, WVU and PSUcks), come to the conclusion we’re not going to be mediocre (and worse) anymore.


  76. NIL opportunities expanded:

    Primanti Brothers could contract with the offensive linemen to wear t-shirts promoting their eatery.

    Bayer could give each of Pitt’s scholarship players $600 each or $50 per month. The advertising slogans could be endless –

    Bayer aspirin wipes away the aches and pains of seasoned football players, imagine what Bayer can do for you.

    Bayer aspirin helps relieve the pain your favorite football team creates with its excruciating one point losses, numerous unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and coaching blunders.


  77. An NIL update for WVU athletes:

    Gabe’s is a discount department store headquartered in West Virginia.

    On average, employees at Gabe’s stay with the company for 2.1 years. Employees most commonly join Gabe’s after leaving McDonald’s. When they leave Gabe’s, they most frequently get their next job at Walmart.


  78. Okay. PSN and everyone else including here does an article that everyone applauded when Heather Lyke talked about NIL (no pun). How prepared Pitt was and how we got the jump on everyone else. First of all, that was a lie. Companies have been doing this for years and colleges were all aware of this niche business. What noone mentioned was that Heather Lyke said that she didn’t think Pitt student athletes would really not be impacted and have money making opportunities because of NIL. Mr. Franklin takes that AD message and gives it to Fearbee and says, she does not believe you have marketable talent and does not believe Pitt has marketable talent. “I do believe in you son. Please commit to me and let me show you how real athletic departments run a business”.

    She should be fired, but everybody keep thinking she has it all together gents.

    In other news, I mentioned a story about the 4th of july and fireworks scenario above. I read in disbelief, the same type of incident that took a young hockey stars life this weekend. My last words were be careful folks. Athletes generally believe we are indestructible. Life teaches us we are not.

    @Tossing – a strong Board Chair can definitely be impactful to the brand. It usually takes one to change course. I sit in 8 board meetings a year. In executive session, the real leaders emerge. It only takes one.


  79. I’m sure Heather had no preemptive plan for competing against deep-pocketed donors at other universities.
    Any buffoon could have seen this coming.
    Alabama and Tennessee and Texas are going to smatter kid’s faces on milk cartons, pens, popsicles and probably even rubbers.
    USC is going to get kids into movies.
    Kids can’t do alcohol ads, but what about CBD?
    On and on it will go.
    And Heather, from her bunker, will simply shake her head.


  80. Just looked at Narduzzi’s Twitter page where he made the comment “ great telephone call tonight.” Heather must have extended him!!!


  81. Ike – I hope you are healing well after your visit to Cleveland.

    As a tribute to you my friend, I will reveal my “way too early” 2-deep on the D side of the ball…

    DT Calijah Kancey (pre-season AA RS-SO) -> back-up David Green OR Elliott Donald (4 star FR)
    NT Keyshon Camp (4 star RS-SR) -> back-up Devin Danielson OR Tyler Bentley
    DE Deslin Alexander (RS-SR) -> back-up Habakkuk Baldonado (RS-JR) OR John Morgan (RS-JR)
    DE Dayon Hayes (4 star SO) -> back-up Nahki Johnson (4 star FR)

    MLB Chase Pine (RS-SR) -> back-up Wendell Davis (RS-JR) OR Brandon George (JR)
    Star LB Cam Bright (RS-SR) -> back-up Bangally Kamara (SO) OR Solomon DeSheilds (SO)
    Money LB Phil Campbell (RS-SR) -> back-up SirVocea Dennis (JR) OR Naquan Brown (4 star FR)

    CB Damarri Mathias (RS-SR) -> back-up Marquis Williams (RS-JR) OR Jahvante Royal (4 star RS-FR)
    SS Brandon Hill (RS-SO) -> back-up Judson Tallander (RS-JR) OR PJ O’Brien (FR)
    FS MJ Devonshire (4 star RS-SO) -> back-up Erick Hallet (RS-JR) OR PJ O’Brien (FR)
    CB Rashad Battle (4 star SO) -> back-up AJ Woods (JR)

    That places eight 4 star players in the 2-deep (4 starters).


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    1. Thanks Rick, hope you and Rachal are doing great. Good luck with the golf outing, I’m sure it will go off like the Masters Championship.

      Love your two deep, looks like a dam good defensive team.

      Step and a half forward and one step back. Opener is my goal. BTW, Cleveland Clinic kicks butt though you may need a GPS to get around. Valet parking as well.

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    2. Erie — a post about Pitt players! Awesome! And so radical… 😊

      Couple thoughts:

      —Like the Dline, but I suspect our man Baldonado is going to be tough for the younger guys to pass up…

      —Can’t believe Chase Pine is still around. Been a long time since we had a real hammer at middle linebacker.

      —If SirVocea doesn’t start, then this is one heck of an outside backer group. I’d like to see them try SirVocea in the middle…

      —Safeties are a big concern – even with two very athletic safeties, we still gave up too many big plays. So what happens now? Scary.

      —Can we find a way to cover receivers out of the backfield? Seems like our OLB have good speed, but can they, along with the safeties, read and anticipate those plays.

      Good stuff, Erie. Thanks!

      Go Pitt.


  82. As much as I dislike the constant negative favor of this site, both PITT’s football and men’s basketball teams need to up their recruiting. I kind of have given up on the football program making the top 20 for while. Football needs superman recruiting to get started in the right direction which we don’t have. also Rutgers and BC new coaching staffs are hurting sooner than I thought

    Basketball with the right disciplined coach and players should be competitive within 5-6 years. The key word is “discipline.”

    Lyke is doing a fine job with the minor sports


    1. Maybe when pitt decides to become something other than a mediocre product you will get more positive feedback. But the negative vibes is because pitt has a over valued product. It’s over priced and of average quality. How can you be positive about that.

      Pitt gives you Fanta
      I want Texas bourbon


  83. Not sure how you can say heather is doing a fine job with Minor sports when only 30 percent of them pointed in the Cup (4 out of 5 of them pointed in my day) and all continue to lose millions in front of more dogs than fans in attendance and few if any supporters provide financial gifts. See dismal support for victory Heights, a project for secondary or minor or those Olympic sports.

    A fine job would be donations are up, attendance is up, and the programs make the playoffs and point.

    The AD’s from Texas and North Carolina are doing a fine job. Heather isn’t even in the same universe.


  84. The Oklahoma women’s softball team has won National titles 5 time including titles in 2013,16,17,& this year. They have also made the CWS in 2014,18 & 19.

    In 2017, they announced they would renovate their stadium. In 2018, they said they would build a new softball on-campus stadium on open land. The cost was projected at $25M (10% of Victory Heights). Construction was depended on fund raising. Construction has NOT started.

    Oklahoma was #24 in 2021 directors cup standing. $160+M in revenue, a male AD, a packed softball stadium (1,300+) lacking fan amenities. What is Oklahoma’s problem? Is Oklahoma’s AD not fine?


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    1. Nobody cares about secondary sports. Even at these sports factories. They care about one sport in the south. Football. That program gets all the money

      Granted their minor sports are well attended by Pitt standards but the love for them is nothing like football.

      I suggest Okie state finance it if they want it that bad. But why can’t they just renovate and expand? Why build new? Moreover they are winning without playing in a shiny new park. It’s well attended playing in a old park. What gives?

      But their brand is football. All the money, focus and energy needs to be on that one program. It subsidized everyone else. It (football) and it alone will determine if you get into the super league invite

      Heather raised $9 million for a $250 million project. Why because nobody cares at pitt either about secondary sports. And she probably doesn’t have a good fundraising team. I never got marketing communications. Was never engaged by pitt for this project. Never saw enough of her speaking about it. Selling it. Telling me (personalizing it) why I should give and why it’s so important and what’s in it for me. Never gave me updates on construction , etc, etc

      Pitt flat out doesn’t know how to communicate and fundraise

      Again scared Gallagher so much he’s thinking this project could bk pitt or at very least limit its ability to spend money elsewhere because all the money is tied up in one project that will produce negative cash flows

      You go into debt to go more into debt. That’s financial insanity. I would have never greenlighted this project


      1. Oklahoma has only raised $3M in 4 years. The AD has been there since the 1999. He is the one who said a new stadium. He can’t raise donations at a school that values all sports. Obviously the AD & Oklahoma can’t communicate and fundraise.

        The rest of what you say is just deflections from the questions I asked.


        1. Who cares if they can’t raise funds for girls softball. Can he raise money for football. That’s all that matters. Softball loses $3 million each year there. I’d cut the sport if you ask me.

          Football pays the bills. Football is the brand.

          Pitt is flat out stupid for spending that much coin on money losing programs that don’t have fans

          Pitt needs a track first



  85. I think you will find nearly all on campus construction was put on hiatus for the last year and a half except for major projects that had already commenced such as hospitals, etc. Universities were not sure of the money switch due to uncertainty around enrollments. Every university handled it differently from the calls I participated on.

    The constant, was major sport. The P5 played their major sports such as football, mens and womens basketball. The smaller conferences didn’t necessarily. Using minor sport as an argument for funding is silly in my opinion. Shows noone cares about the minor sports in my mind. Sure, did we get a kick out of Pitt’s volleyball team and soccer team this year? Hell yeah! Why? Because we are starved for a winner!Watch WVU soccer take off. Their new head coach has the same international recruiting footprint so it will be interesting to watch that competition.

    Pitt-c: I respect alot of what you write, but the insinuation that the disdain on the Pitt AD is because she is a female, is disheartening and flat out wrong from my perch. It matters not the sex of your AD. Competence is the most important part of the job. She is not competent, sorry. The proof is in the pudding. Watch as WVU pulls in at least 10 4 stars this coming year. I know, the koolaid will still blame the weather, the city, the pro teams instead of where the angst should be directed….the coach, the AD, the Chancellor, the Board. Quit fighting so hard for what’s not there.It’s not about sex. You are allowed to say someone is incompetent because they are. Candor is great. False accusations are not. I work with a female CEO every day and if she was incompetent, I would say so. If I was incompetent, she would say so. Painting people with broad strokes is dangerous.

    Erie’s projected 2 deep is telling. More 4 stars are impactful. The more you have, the better chance of team success. Sure, some 3 and 2 stars make it and that is because of the pure numbers but many must agree that the more 4 stars, the better. Dare I say, the more 4 stars you have, the chances of bringing in a 5 star every once in awhile increases!

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    1. So what would have to change to get more 4 stars and maybe a 5 star heading our way ????.I don’t see that happening under this administration or Coach…

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      1. Running the RPO for one

        Hiring assistant coaches that excel in recruiting first. Coaching second

        Doing what Texas does with NIL. Not helpful when heather says she doesn’t expect pitt athletes to come out ahead on this and then Pitt puts forth a half hearted effort.

        You are correct a change of leadership is needed for elites to come Pitts way. All schools around pitt now have gotten at least one four star it appears.

        Talent wins you games. Elite playmakers in skilled positions. Pitt is way too heavy in D linemen. That’s the only position Narduzzi knows how to recruit.


      2. Pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered

        But I’m having a hard time finding where Pitt even keeps the bacon.


    2. I’ll. Trade heather for penn states AD any day. And I’ll throw in a 2 for 1 football, cash considerations and a bag of marshmallows.

      My best managers in life have all been women.

      Heather is just an incompetent fool. We are experiencing the heather principle.


  86. What’s all this talk about recruiting four stars? Four stars, four stars, we don’t need no stinking four stars. “Rather, we need to round up and recruit every vicious criminal and gunslinger in the west. Take this down: I want rustlers, cutthroats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, bandits, muggers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, and Methodists. Pitt don’t need no stinkin four stars.

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    1. The university wants you to believe that. His players got into no more trouble than previous coaches. Then Pitt cracks down hard and only wants mediocre coaches who are puritans and choir boys for players

      Pitt over reacts all the time

      And then doesn’t react until it’s too late


  87. The NIL legislation will be the death of competitive athletics for many schools.
    Autograph signings.
    Playing videos with your favorite college athlete.
    No limit to the creative endorsements schools will find to ensure top athletes pick their program.

    Schools like Pitt, which don’t seem to care about athletics, will be pushed aside with marginal recruits as the WVU’s of the world explode with kids thinking they could make thousands.



    1. These kids will spend more time marketing themselves than attending class or studying the playbook and watching film. They will be more interested in monetizing their personal brand. They will become a bunch of JuJu’s.


  88. The one catch is that they better perform on the field or those endorsements will evaporate faster than a Pitt national ranking…


    1. True. Their brand should be dependent on a large part due to their performance on the field.

      They will now be getting into fights with teammates and coaches. I’m not getting enough carries or targets. This system doesn’t help elevate me. It’s all about me. The team concept is destroyed.

      Just pay the damn players so there would be less incentive to make money the NIL way.

      And coaches better come down hard on those players missing practice, film day. For any conduct detrimental to team. Accountable for performance. Attending class. Paying their taxes.


  89. Comparing Pitt to PSU or Texas is ridiculous. Comparing Pitt to WVU is legit. I believe athletic budgets are comparable but who really knows because they all report it differently.

    Recruiting: Last year Narduzzi came out on top, the year before WVU was ranked higher.

    Neil Brown is 5-7 and 6-4 so far. He isn’t reaching Holgorsen’s success level yet and his offense hasn’t surpassed 27 points per game. He’s suppose to be an offensive guru. Jury is still out.


    1. Budgets are similar since revenues are about the same. Wvu has slightly higher revenues given their big 12 check and higher attendance. Both schools are most likely $40 -$50 million dollar operations.

      But one school has far more pride and passion. And that school really hates the other.


      1. Unfortunately WVU has many starters back on D and O. There D was good last year. We’ll see who ends up with a better record. It better be Pitt. I see WVU getting to eight wins at a minimum.


  90. Here is how PA recruiting should be done.

    Six of PSU’s eleven 4* recruits are in-state. 4* DE Fearby, out of Pittsburgh, is a big miss for PN as he was our #1 target this recruiting cycle. He made six (6!!) visits to Pitt the last one being June 16th.

    Then, two days later he takes one single visit to PSU and is sold on the Nitters.

    That my fellow Pitt fans is embarrassing as hell – especially as the kid was a DE.



    1. Fearby took an unofficial to PSU before his official. Tough to lose but this will have no affect on the team in the near future. We’ll know if he was a big miss by 2024.

      Yellow seats still an unhill climb for this program.

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      1. Just always hurts to lose elite talent. Someone from backyard. Someone to the Nitters. It’s a bad loss. Not a program killer but still bad. Can’t lose like this.

        And believe you me heather poisoned the well by saying our athletes aren’t gonna get rich on NIL. Who the hell says that.


        1. I’d say after the Western PA defensive line sweep by Narduzzi last season that Franklin was going to do whatever it took to get Fearby. Maybe some promises and shenanigans? Possible, but this is the new world of college football. I know our administration wants no part of being dirty.


          1. His money for NIL is much higher than Pitt. Penn state is the number one brand in the northeast. That’s boston, New York, philly and DC

            Pitt just has Pittsburgh.


  91. @Huff … Pitt’s board has 36 voting members … Pitt’s board is constructed in a way to avoid big swings in ideology … To get 19 votes vs 5 or 6 is a big difference. 12 are appointed by the Commonwealth of PA … so you are presumably starting with 12 votes already against you. Now you have to swing at least 19 of the remaining 24 … Yes, leaders rise to the top … but they also have to have a forum to rise to the top …


    “The Board of Trustees oversees all charitable, scientific and academic activities at the University of Pittsburgh. The board consists of 36 voting members, including 12 who are appointed by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania officials, as well as ex officio, special and emeritus trustees”


    1. The size of the board is a hurdle particularly with the 12 appointed by bureaucrats. Just makes things a bit more challenging. But not impossible.

      I’ve long advocated for a smaller board. And frankly a separate board or sub board just for athletics.

      One way pitt solves this problem is by going private. It only receives a 6 percent subsidy from the commonwealth today.

      Forces an immediate reorganization of the BoT structure and new bylaws.


    2. @Nate – there is no dirty any more. Perhaps I will pen an article on what NIL actually entails. For those wanting the golden panthers back, it is open season. Athlete students as of 7-1-21 are able to be compensated for use of their NIL, in addition to normal employment compensation. Any compensation cannot be contingent on athletic participation or achievement. Getting tricky here. Athletic performance may enhance an athlete students NIL value, but athletic performance cannot be the “consideration” for NIL compensation (they are trying to keep gambling out (i.e. scoring 2 points when you average 20 and have turnovers, etc.). In addition, it is up to the individual athlete student to report NIL compensation. Schools just need to perform due diligence. The NCAA gave us a pure BS tracking/reporting form that will not be followed by athlete students. A joke.

      At Toss – Easier than you think. From the Pitt BoT site. “The Board of Trustees delegates general administrative, academic, and management authority to the Chancellor of the University. The Board retains ultimate responsibility for all University affairs, however, and reserves its authority directly in at least three areas: selection of a Chancellor; approval of major institutional policies, particularly those related to the fiduciary responsibilities of the Board; and definition of the mission and goals of the University.” The Chancellor has more control than the Board for most things. He refuses to use it. As previously indicated, you will not find a mission statement from any suggested sports powerhouses that even mention athletics in their mission statement, yet athletics gets full support and then some from Presidents and Chancellors that know how to run a business.


      1. But many programs have separate mission statements for athletics. Texas has an excellent one. I’ve posted it previously. Pitt has none. NONE


  92. https://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2021/07/07/vukovcan-lookout-for-pat-narduzzi-and-pitt-in-2021/

    The comments are getting so negative and repetitive that I will be joining wbb on hiatus until there is actual football talk. Anyone that doesn’t know you guys would think this is a site for trolls, at least a bunch of angry old men, with the exception of Ike.

    Life is too short, especially at my age to have such a downer attitude. Any prospects that come here to learn about Pitt and it’s fanbase will turn tail and run as fast as they can.

    Luckily I know a lot of fans that are looking forward to the season with reasonable expectations, not setting themselves up for failure thinking anything short of nine wins is failure.

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  93. Well reasonable is seven wins. Might get lucky and win bowl for nine

    Then next year probably 4-5 max with new QB

    That’s not negative. That’s just reality.

    Wait until pitt loses to Western Michigan at home if you want to see trolls like the one who lives under the tarentum bridge

    I’m calling this upset now. It’s a bad matchup for Pitt

    Pitt will Also lose up in the carrier dome to finish the season. Pitt loses to clemson. Loses to Miami.

    That’s 8-4. Good enough for third place in the Coastal.

    That’s real but not sustainable. Particularly with Narduzzis recruiting and old pappy as OC. That’s real. Truthful.

    That’s not negative opinion.

    I refuse to say heather and Narduzzi have clothes when they are both at least half naked by any honest outsiders perspective when looking at the facts. Empirical data.

    Pitt is the definition of stable mediocrity in the college football landscape.


    1. ⭐ disliked

      Haha.( I remember someone asking how to dislike a post)
      Mainly based on the bs that some are realists and truth tellers and others are not.
      Pizzas me off.

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  94. Gordon, our small group of tailgaters will be raring to go by the opener…always optimistic until proven otherwise.
    People scream fire everyday and pretty soon you think you smell smoke.
    My biggest concern is keeping up the pace of 12 hour days for tailgates.
    Training 2 a days starts Monday! 😎

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  95. Had a pool guy come in today. We connected based on sports. His parents are from meadville originally.

    Sports helped forge a business relationship. I now have his name as a contact. I now can cut out the middle man. I’m Pittsburgh mike on his phone. Not Tex

    My point is that connections are key to forming relationships. How does pitt connect with fans. How do fans connect back to campus.

    Heather completely does not understand this concept. That’s not being negative.

    You think I’ll be negative when Lou is the AD. That man knows connections. And has them. 🤠

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      1. True

        The POV is a forum to connect. That’s what makes it special.

        What does pitt do to engage and connect.

        How can you engage and connect when your AD literally hides for 15 months

        GC, wbb, others. I don’t think you have the answer. Nor do I other than she’s scared and in way over her head.


  96. Heather being in over her head is the ugly truth. You can close your eyes but I’ll keep my eyes wide open.


  97. For me, this forum has become virtually unreadable. The 24/7 bashing of all things Pitt is not my idea of a fan-friendly site. Everything is bad: the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, the AD, the coaches, the players, the recruits we get, the fans who buy tickets, the students and every decision ever made by anyone associated with my school. When someone does have the nerve to post a link to an article that shows outside recognition for our AD or coaches, some are quick to ridicule it and label it as “subjective”. Like their own opinions are not subjective.

    Folks blast our own players like Xavier Johnson and Champ. Outsiders list XMan as one of the top 10 transfer pickups out of the hundreds and Indiana is touting him as a great add to their program. But we know better because he was one of ours. When one of our players signs as a free-agent, some can’t wait to say he won’t make the roster. Why?

    We praise our most recent successful sports programs but then criticize plans to improve their facilities as foolish business decisions.

    I know we should not wish our lives away, especially at my age, but I cannot wait for September 4th! To get together again with Fran, Scooter, Bill and Lisa, Annie, Mark, John, Kathleen, John Jr., Richman, Joe, Al, Bernie, Rick and Rachel, Gordon, Doc, and many others, some of whom may post here but I haven’t linked the handle with the face. And of course if Ike and Angie were to appear, that would send the event into the stratosphere. And best of all, virtually all of the conversation will be positive and pro-Pitt. Can’t wait!

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    1. We can agree to disagree. But I can counter your hogwash. And I’ll call it that because most of you guys have these touchy feelie opinions that are not grounded in facts and reality. Step back and observe the forest and not the trees.

      Do you honestly think the board has served athletics well particularly the chancellor. If so, show me tangible specifics

      Really think recruiting is going well. Prove it.

      No cfo in America would approve a project generating negative cash flows which is financed 96 percent by debt.

      X is a cancer. Now he’s someone’s else’s problem. Capel even agrees.

      Reed sends EJ some great ideas to improve the pitt spirit and he gets crickets.

      All facts. If the messenger is negative as a result, what does that make Pitt.

      You guys are in an abusive relationship and don’t even know it. A wall of truth could hit some of y’all and you’d pass through it

      I’m at least grounded in reality


    2. Excellent post, Farmers! Lookin’ forward to that first tailgate big-time. 👍

      And I used to read every post on here — but not any more. I visit and scan thru the posts. If there’s something about the players I read it. I’ve heard all the rest too many times…

      Go Pitt.

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    3. I try not to be too negative … I still love Pitt football and basketball. I don’t think the University does them any favors is all. It’s why I don’t bash the coaches or this AD … Stevie was different – I bashed him … But, I’ll never bash the players. Once a Pitt man always a Pitt man in my eyes … It was nice seeing Cam Johnson have a good first game in the NBA Finals!


  98. Well, I was going to post my “way too early” 2-deep on the O side of the ball. Truth be told, it would have some negative content, so I’ll hold off for now.

    Golfing against some penn state grads tomorrow. I beat them all last Saturday by 5 strokes. I was down 1 after the front nine. I made a few halftime adjustments and pulled away on the back nine.

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    1. Send how you make halftime adjustments to PN Nd his OC —they are unfamiliar with the concept.


  99. I don’t see much negativity at all Farmer and GC and respect your decision to read elsewhere. I have yet to read one comment from a player that either committed to Pitt or de-committed, mention the POV as a deciding factor. That is just playing with feelings of readers. I get stuck on facts, I suppose, not feelings.

    It’s a pretty simple equation and as we get older we just don’t have the fight (except IKe! Keep fighting Ike). But therein lies the problem. If Pitt sports fans will not fight for something better, who will do it?? Is that what you all want from your university? I don’t. Who is happy beating out the 2 kansas schools and some othe awful school in P5 director cup points? That’s not being negative. It is being truthful.

    Look, I know Heather and she is really a nice person. I have said that all along. I have also said that she has been in over her head from day one and she has proven that to be true so far. I hope she turns the corner, but I just don’t see it. Again, not negative, but agree, a bit subjective based on what a successful AD looks like (not physically Richard), but the results.

    I think Xman was blasted by his coach and then continued to put himself ahead of the team. Get used to that with NIL. I don’t recall anyone blasting Champ. Now, I know I said I don’t think he will make it in the league because in my opinion he doesn’t do anything exceptionally well for an nba player. Would someone here suggest he dribbles, passes, jumps, shoots, possesses court vision or rebounds better than everyone eligible for the draft? What is he known for exactly? Possible rebounding but his frame will not allow it in the nba. He needs to sculpt himself better in my opinion, but I do expect him to play for a long time internationally. If there is negative in there, let me know.

    I do believe Capel and AD were at odds and the chancellor told them to make up and play nice and that was achieved once the duke coach in waiting was announced..and it wasn’t capel. Once that announcement was made, bball recruits started coming out of nowhere, and we no longer heard of coach otoole being the lead recruiter.


  100. Tex gave us this beauty.

    “True. Their brand should be dependent on a large part due to their performance on the field.

    They will now be getting into fights with teammates and coaches. I’m not getting enough carries or targets. This system doesn’t help elevate me. It’s all about me. The team concept is destroyed.”

    That’s my buddy Tex, makes something up out of nowhere and then rolls with it like it’s the truth that is already happening. If that’s not negative thinking I don’t know what is.

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    1. I do think that the team concept has been whittled away in college basketball. Look at Pitts implosion last year..one ball…3 guys wanting to control it. NBA started it and it trickled down. You never used to hear of an isolation move, now it is all about clearing out a side for the star to break down a defender and either score the pill or dish the rock. Team play wins, see Gonzaga, but the coach rules with an iron fist.

      These NIL kids will be compensated based on clicks of their plays. No plays equals no clicks, equals no cash. Are you going to go to Baierl Chevrolet to meet and greet a starting Pitt player that after 10 games has 2 receptions for 12 yards? The playing time and target arguments has led to a transfer portal boom. Imagine Kofi in NYC and the deals he has been promised. Look at Miami who already has a booster wanting to pay each player 500 bucks a month for active marketing. I don’t think it is negative to say the sport will change and dynamics will change, because it has been changing. NIL will make it happen publicly instead of within the locker rooms.

      For those that want the golden panthers back, they can be. There is zero that Pitt or anyone can do about it now. There are few rules to follow as outlined above. The playing field is now open to all participants. It is no longer dirty or bagmen so be done with that thinking. Now it is open endorsement and payment to players. So we should stop complaining about other teams alleged payoffs when it was really the coach as bagman. I expect coaches salaries to actually decrease since they no longer have to make 1:1 payments.


  101. My “way too early” 2-deep on the O side of the ball with only optimistic comments (starter 1st with back-up listed 2nd):

    QB – K.Pickett (5.5 Rivals ranking – tough as nails); D.Beville (4 star) OR N.Patti (5.7 Rivals ranking) OR J.Yellen (4 star)

    RB – D.Carter (4 star); Izzy OR T.Sibley
    FB –

    WR1 – J.Addison; Shocky
    WR2 – J.Wayne; T.Mack
    WR3 – J.Barlon; T.Tipton

    TE – L.Krull; D.Moraga OR K.Wright

    LT – M.Goncalves; C.Warren
    LG – M.Minor; K.Wilson
    C – J.Kradel; O.Drexel
    RG – B.Zubovic; K.Wilson
    RT – B.Taylor; G.Houy

    NOTE: The above are my opinions on who I believe are the best players per position. The best players don’t always show as the best practice guys, but when the game film starts, they play hard, with intensity and an edge. (See Q.Ollison and P.Ford)


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    1. I agree with D Carter at RB. He runs hard and is not easy to tackle. He needs a lot more reps IMO. I would not at all be surprised if Kradel is the starting Center. Goncalves should start also based on his late season performance. Jaylon Barden is a star in waiting. I see big things for him this year.


      1. Carter has fumbling issues. He needs to clean it up before he can be trusted. I hope Zubovic pushes Kradel at guard and Mack hopefully bounces back and starts over Wayne though both have the dropsies.


    2. Izzy, Carter and V. Davis should share the load. No more Sibley and AJ, they had their shot.
      TE Wright should get more touches. The kid is super athletic. Moraga not so much.
      I don’t see Owen losing the center job, warren and Goncalves as tackles. Zub is odd man out.


  102. 4 bowl wins in the last 17 years.
    Hoops hasn’t had a winning season in the last five.
    We have a rental stadium that by and large goes, at best, half-filled, unless Dome or the Nits are in town.
    And our current recruits give us a rating behind such powerhouses as Cincinnati, Boston College, Maryland and that bastion of education, WVU.
    That ain’t negative; that’s truth.

    Nevertheless, I want more for and from my alma mater.
    And while I bleed blue and gold, suffering and vocalizing during Pitt football’s slog through mediocrity the last 36 years doesn’t make me Johnny Raincloud; it only makes me a devoted fan.

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    1. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Like

      My like button hasn’t worked in years…


      Now let’s get better than 6-5; 7-7; 5-7 and 8-5


  103. From Twitter (if you dare to believe it):

    Kofi Cockburn to St Johns is a done deal. Huge pickup for the squad. Puts Johnnies in preseason Top 15.


  104. I agree with a few others. I don’t read this much anymore, way too negative for me. As another old timer I will just enjoy having the opportunity to be a Pitt alumni and life long fan for better or worse.

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  105. Jo, I see you have “6” likes to your comment and I personally know and love everyone of those guys who are regular contributors and great PITT supporters. From my perspective I see this as a forum where everyone can express their opinion within the Commander’s guidelines. After-all, we do live in a place where we are supposed to have freedom of speech. I respect the fans who look at PITT through a different lense,,,I appreciate their contributionI I drop in 4-5 times a day even when I have nothing to say. I only get upset when I see a personal attack on another poster (or when Reed pulls the plug and sends us into “time-out.) People are who they are. we can’t change each other. Why don’t you jump in more often. I haven’t seen a post from you in the past, You see something that is negative to you why don’t you add your POV. Just askin”.

    BigB whowas a fan of cowboys in white hats and black hats.

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