Happy 5th Birthday Pitt POV!

On June 23rd The Pitt POV turned five years old – which in the blogosphere is many lifetimes. I just read that the average lifespan of a blog is 100 days so we have lasted 18.5 times longer then average. Actually, and to be literal, we have been in existence for 1,461 days since we started on June 23rd of 2016 …so it is 14.6 times as long as the average blog.

Just for fun let’s look at some POV numbers as they are pretty interesting all around. Here are the Views and Visitors stats:


3,351,607 views is a ton. If you look at the number of visitors though you see why I keep repeating that the number of readers of the POV far exceeds the number of commenters. My email in-box shows that also – especially when something controversial is either posted or a comment.

We also have 329 “followers” on email who get a notification every time a new article is posted. The most popular day for reading is on Monday and most popular time is noon…so basically readers wait until lunchbreak at work to delve into the articles.

This year alone there have been 16,049 views by clicked links to the POV from Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo search engines entries for “Pitt Football”.

Also in this year, since I took over the blog again, I have received over 500 emails from readers regarding either the blog, articles or specific commenters (really, how hard is it to spell “Tex” correctly?)

Here is a detailed graph showing the Posts and Comments numbers breakdown by year then the yearly averages:

Wow – 1,195,49 comment words written over the time POV has been around. That equals 13.3 full length novels. You guys have been busy! Those numbers tire me out just looking at them.

Here is a graphic listing the most commented on articles.

In typical PITT fashion the three articles which received the most comments were written after these games:

9/28/18, lost to NC 38-35

10/7/17, lost to Syracuse 27-24

9/9/17, lost to Penn State 33-14.

Well, those last two games were in the 5-7 season so naturally POVers were pissed. Plus the North Carolina loss in 2018 came when we were 2-1 (the loss was 51-6 PSU) and we were hoping to be 3-1 to start the year.

Readers also share the POV with others rather a lot. In this month alone so far they have linked specific POV articles to Twitter 2,695 times and 2,465 to Facebook. That is only for the 26 days of June so far. The total shares over our five years must be sky high but I can’t find that specific stat.

Here is an interesting fact – this graphic is the Top Five countries by Views. Note that all the 32 pink shaded countries have had POV viewers since our beginning:

Well, that is a bunch of numbers and because of the popularity of the POV name recognition when I go to Pitt games and meet new people the name and face are recognized rather often. Hey – that ain’t bragging because half the time I’m getting yelled at by the Kool-Aid drinkers. It is fun though to get new readers onboard during our discussions.

Last stat and it is a weird one: there have been two job offers to me to write for national media outlets as a ‘stringer’ to cover the Panther football games since I started the POV. I had one earlier one when I was writing for the PITT Blather.

As a clarification to the above – those offers sound much better then the reality of it. Basically it was “Write xxx amount of words about the games and if we publish it you get $0.05 (a nickel) per word.

Let’s see…for a 1,000 word piece it would entail a nine hour round trip drive to Pittsburgh with $48 in tolls, a hotel room at the William Penn for $130 and four meals out of my pocket for around another $100 or so for the $50 I’d get for writing the article. How could I pass that up?

And don’t forget – that $50 is paid only if they publish it. I’d rather just panhandle at the pre-game tailgates.

Now that said, I have found national articles that have whole paragraphs which have been cut and pasted right out of the POV without attribution, so some get the work done for free. It really doesn’t bother me though and it is a rare instance when it happens.

What’s the bottom line here? Well, for me It is giving many, many thanks to each and every reader and especially those who contribute articles for all to enjoy. Couldn’t do it without you guys…

193 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Pitt POV!

  1. What? No Pitt fans in Greenland and West Africa?

    Seriously now, the reach of the POV is impressive, as is the quality of the content. Thanks,Reed. And thanks to Meistro Mike as well.


  2. Congratulations to Reed and the Maestro and many thanks to all our friends here that Hail Pitt.

    It’s 5:15 here in Maui, haven’t adjusted yet.

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    1. If you get over to Oahu please check to see if the tree house a block from the beach on Kailua Road is still there. Best apartment I ever had albeit no running water or bathroom (had to use the big house for that).

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  3. Some very interesting stats and data points Reed. It’s very uncommon to have a blog last this long. I attribute the longevity and success to the value added content. There’s topics discussed on this forum that you can’t find elsewhere. And the quality of thought and in depth analysis on many articles is at a professional level. No press credentials, no journalism degrees, no sports writing career, no financial reward yet you and other contributors have managed to consistently produce solid content.

    It takes dedication, hard work and sometimes a helping hand (thank you Michael) to make it work. And of course passion.

    I knew Chas from the Blather. He was part of my tailgate crew. I was introduced to you through your well written articles. You branched off with the POV and Chas lost interest in keeping the Blather going. I’m glad the POV is still around since it provides at least me with a connection to Pitt and has allowed me to share thoughts, opinions, and insights on a variety of topics and to more importantly learn from listening and reading about Pitt and Pittsburgh from others.

    Although this blog steers towards football and really heats up come Fall, there have been some very good discussions around other Pitt sports and things related to Pitt like the recent Oakland article. I enjoy those things the most actually since they can be uplifting unlike the SOP experienced with Pitt football. I’ve had a bad case of heartburn these past six years.

    Keep up the good work Reed. You and this blog are a credit to Pitt. A great achievement. Happy birthday. 🎂

    Tex – whose drafting a MPC article for the dog days of summer

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    1. Geez, Tex. You’re a pretty thoughtful man. Who would have guessed.
      Nice to see and hear it from ya. —N


  4. Well said, Reed. With the publicity that the POV gets, maybe you should run for office? Or at least claim a spot on the Pitt BoT! Maybe you could do a one-on-one sit down interview with Heather Lyke, who should be aware by now what clout the PittPOV has with Pitt fans. Or maybe interview Tom Richards to get his take on BoT support for Pitt sports. I’m willing to bet that the POV gets more viewers than the Pitt coverage in the Post Gazette.

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  5. Congrats, Commander! Your creation — it’s alive!

    (Course if you took out the long runs, er, high volume of Tex-posts… Just kidding…)

    OT — On a local high school baseball/softball note, the PG listed their Pittsburgh The-Best-of-the-Best All-Star teams.

    The baseball player of the year is a shortstop and a Duke commit. The softball POY, a pitcher, is a VT recruit.

    Two of the baseballers are headed to Pitt. Catcher Luke Lambert (West Allegheny) and Pitcher Kyle Demi (North Allegheny). One player is headed to ND; another to WVU.

    For softball, two players are headed to Pitt. Catcher Sandra Soltes ( a Junior at Bethel Park) and third baseman Haylie Brunson (Mount Pleasant). A shortstop is going to Ohio State.

    Go Pitt

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  6. So if my math is right, pitt can take roughly $80 million each year from this quasi endowment based on their bylaws.

    And Pitt lost $40 million given covid. I really would like the details behind that one. Peel that onion to better understand the drivers. I doubt sports losses (loss of football and basketball revenues) are included in this figure.

    Moreover, this shows me pitt has $2.6 billion that they can touch. All I’m asking for is $250 million spread over five years. You see where I’m going with this.


    1. Pitt also just receives around a 6 percent subsidy from the state. Back in the 60’s and early 70’s, pitt received close to half their funds for their operating budget from taxpayer dollars.

      For all intents and purposes, pitt is a private school. Should start acting like one.


      1. Thanks Reed…. You have created something super special. Michael and all have written article a big thumbs up!!!


    1. Hmm, shall we trust the staff in their evaluation?
      They have that going for them as this point.


  7. Thank you Reed,

    I have some small idea how much work goes into the maintenance of this site! Really appreciate.

    Just back from golf. My knee repair and single plain swing (see DeChambeau) have me playing the best golf of my life! No back pain and no stress. Putting still sucks!

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  8. Looks like the speedster from Manor, Texas, committed as well. Looks like a Q Henderson clone. Also a GPA of 3.7 for those wanting bookworm athletes.

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    1. He’s from a tiny suburb of Austin. Not sure what class manor is in. Highly doubtful its 6A or even 5

      Our competition was Marshall for this kid.
      I’ll pass.


      1. You don’t ever pass on speed. Lol. His 100 and 200 times would have won PIAA. I don’t care if he just returns kick offs or is a gunner on the coverage teams … fast is fast and not even worth worrying what the scouting services rate him with that acceleration … the old adage you can’t teach speed is very true.

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        1. Lee McRae

          Remember him

          Couldn’t run a post route or catch a ball. But he was the fastest indoor sprinter in the world.


          1. Except, his guy is a football player … never turn down speed. Even if it means he’s just there on the scout team to practice against.


  9. One huge improvement in recruiting under Duzz. Each recruit is announced on front Sports Page of PG and Trib like they are the second coming of Pitt’s greatest jocks! Used to have to go to page 5 to find them if they were published at all! H2P and get well soon Ike!

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  10. PSN has a 6-3 WR from Florida committing. Like to see that kind of size at WR. He’s a 3-star.

    Coach Marion has offered so many WRs – two have committed…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Not really impressed by his highlights. Looks like a slow receiver with decent hands though but can’t break tackles. Doesn’t wow me.


      1. Wonder why Rivals has him as a 5.7? And Coach Marion seems to be a speed freak. Maybe this guy is a future TE?

        The WR from Texas has an impressive offer list but is ranked as a 5.5… The recruiting gurus just can’t get them all right…

        Go Pitt.


    1. Should have flexed Mathews to a TE with innovation around usage, inside screens, etc. He was too slow for a WR and too skinny for a TE. Could have had some good packages and mismatches for him.

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  11. The two comments above are interesting. This caught my eye:

    To increase the time people spend on your blog posts:

    Add as much value into a post as possible. People don’t read blog posts simply for entertainment—they read to find a solution to a particular problem.
    Create skimmable content. In other words, break up your text into easily digestible chunks.
    Utilize a combination of written content, images, embedded video and audio to keep readers engaged (and appeal to the learning styles of more people).

    I use to do that 3rd one all the time back when I as interested in the minutiae of Pitt football. Podcasts, group discussion videos, etc. Now I just try to lead discussions in writing.

    However, now that I am experienced in leading Zoom meetings (over 70 since pandemic began) I’m thinking about doing a weekly one starting in August. Maybe I’ll do some video podcasts first.

    So, If I do that one evening week would you readers like that and attend and contribute to the discussion?

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    1. Some interesting tidbits

      Video, images and pictures help

      Certain titles

      And no harm in 2000 word articles

      Helpful stuff for my MPC piece. Need to make it manageable. I could write 10,000 words easy on that topic.


  12. Reed, Tex has been discussing the problem of Narduzzi for years, but has found no solution so far. Yet he keeps coming back!

    Is it me, or was Narduzzi doing a better recruiting job during the pandemic? Maybe the problem is that these kids couldn’t travel last year, and they want to take more on site visits on the college dole. Once they commit the trips are over, unless they decommit..

    I still think a one-on-one interview with Tom Richards would be a good get. He could tell us straight up if the BoT would ever support a MPC, and maybe take over the RMU hockey team.


  13. Happy 5″th for the POV. Thanks Reed for all you have done. Thanks to all the POV readers. Thanks to all the POV commenters. Thanks to the all the guest writers who brought a different perspective to a football centric blog.

    Happy Birthday!!!

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  14. Ahhh, voice. The solution is found in your first sentence. There is no solution for Narduzzi as a coach. The solution is him not as the coach.

    All successful blogs are solutions driven. We all have different backgrounds and a blog comes back to ideas on how best to be successful, or what people have experienced to be successful and then sharing it. It doesn’t mean every solution fits for every issue.

    At my current place of employment, when a few people get stuck on an issue, we float out a similar circumstance via blog and watch the replies. Free advice and typically very good advice. Yes, there is some awful advice too, but easily detected. This is why you need competent people who are not afraid that someone else might actually have a better idea than those running the show. Problem with our AD is that she was never qualified for the position to start and has had millions of free consultants (according to your numbers) addressing the problems with Pitt athletics and she won’t acknowledge that a fan actually had/has the answer….or admit that a fan may have experience with something similar and handled it better. Instead she follows what Gene Smith did because Gene Smith is so successful. Problem is, Gene Smith has resources because the Board bought-in to the dream and he executed. Heather isn’t Gene. She is nice.The Board doesn’t trust her to execute. They have to say they do, but when push comes to shove, they don’t.

    By accident, she scheduled football OOC correctly. Minimum 3-1. Should be 4-0. Anything less and the coach should be in trouble. Pitt should be at minimum 8-4 every year in football. In a catch fire and everything aligns year should be 10-2 and national ranking.

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  15. I think the fact that I (The POV) heard absolutely nothing in response to that three page suggestions letter we sent to her and EJ speaks volumes about how she views anyone outside her direct sphere of influence.

    To not even acknowledge it existed sends the clear message that there is an arrogance regarding the FB and BB programs so strong that she (and certainly Narduzzi) look down their noses at fans, alumni, media, etc.

    To me it screams “Hey, we are getting paid no matter what so why should we care what you think?”

    I’ve talked with many college football fans whose teams are even less successful than Pitt’s but the school engages the fans so well everyone is happy and has fun being a fan.

    Not so much at Pitt though. Here SOP is so ingrained in a corporate way that happy fans are way down the list of importance.

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    1. Gallagher, Heather and Duzz are getting what they want outta their deal… to heck with the multitudes of PITT fans…. It’s all about control and the Benjamin’s to the rulers while they fill our bowls with mediocrity!!!


  16. Reed, I had forgotten about the letter, but you definitely nailed it. The arrogance of not even replying or thanking the POV for showing interest is unbelievable. It’s pretty bad when an organization is so insular that they convince themselves they have all the answers, despite the outcome.

    I wonder what Tom Richards would think if you sent him a copy of the list and mentioned you didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply. Maybe they are willing to lose $10 million a year just to have things Heather’s way. I would like to believe that EJ would have responded, but maybe was told to stand down by Heather.

    Not responding to the POV suggestion list says all we need to know about the AD. It would be great if the Chancellor and BoT were more involved. As Huff says, the BoT needs to buy in to the dream…

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  17. Really exciting and terrific read. Thanks Reed for starting and coming back and the maestro for carrying the torch.
    It’s a bright point in the day to read and on occasion comment, knowing there is a common thread among us all on this site.

    Thanks Reed again and also to all the Blather brothers and sisters here that certainly feel like friends.


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  18. If anyone here would have a handle on what the Pitt Athletic Department thinks of the POV (and fans in general) beyond what their lack of response to the suggestion letter tells us, it would be Richman, since he spent a year on the Fan Committee.

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  19. The problems at Pitt are systematic. Pitt is not trying to be elite. Pitt is trying to be competitive. Pitt has the worst donating alumni for athletics. Why would they attempt outreach and spend more money when it does not work? The Pitt administration understands that the only way to pack stadiums and arenas in Pittsburgh is to field a winner … and they’ve decided that it’s too expensive and the risk/reward of going for it is not worth the investment. If Pitt had a hierarchy where the President was more influential, then maybe the tides would turn but the corporate board will always be about the bottom line. UMPC, real estate and academic donors are Pitt’s wheelhouse. Heather, Duzz, Capel … all pawns.

    Back to sports, Pitt has a chance to overachieve this season. 5th year senior QB, “easy” schedule, a decent defense and the third year running the same offensive system gives me some hope. If the running game improves and the wide receivers actually catch the ball, Pitt is in prime position to be a “surprise” team … or, more likely, they could be the same team we’ve seen the better part of 40 years.

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      1. When you can run a poor to mediocre sports program and always transfer monies from the general slush fund to balance the books or can if needed hit that $2.6 billion touchable endowment piece, there is no accountability. No incentive to care about fans. No incentive to become excellent. Pitt is a good example of Soviet Russia.


          1. I tend to avoid campus these days.

            I’m a marked man.

            If the Pitt secret police see me, I’ll be detained in one of those cells deep in the Cathedral basement.

            I’ll be served Koolaid and Fantas. Be forced to sing Sweet Caroline. Be dressed from head to toe in bright Pitt yellow and not mustard. Be required to make gate locks. Be forced to watch season two of Stallings…all 18 episodes of losing to ACC teams. And I’ll be served a plate of cold meatballs each evening by my most favorite coach in the whole world. They would try to break me and take all my vinegar.

            I’d take the gulags over that.

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          1. They should hire Pitt academic bureaucrats as KGB. Perfect mesh of mindset and skill set.

            The Pitt gulags are far worse. Pitt tortures you for over 40 years. In Siberia prison camps your lifespan is under five years.


  20. The only surprise we’re gonna get is heather giving Narduzzi a lifetime contract after he wins 8 games this year. And the team sets ACC highs in graduation rates and GPA’s. Oh and can’t forget a record number of kittens saved. 🐱

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      1. Heather will credit Narduzzi for 50 percent capacity at Heinz. 30 percent if you use the eye test. I can think of at least 100 things I’d rather do than watch a Narduzzi coached team. I literally could rattle off an easy 100. I’m as apathetic as there is. And heather, apathy is the killer of programs. But go on with your Fanta giveaways and scheduling your vet appreciation day for an evening. My parents not pleased.


        1. I totally understand that because I felt the same way about Chryst … I just did not like the aesthetic of the program under him. It’s hard to root for the team when you don’t like the coach. But, replacing Chryst, got me the exact same results lol.


  21. They fill our bowls with 💩

    When was the last time you went to a nice bowl against a quality opponent and it meaned something?

    Heather and Gallagher have no clothes.


  22. I can tell you right now that the HC, and so in turn the AD, hate the POV and what I write. This is why there was no reply to the letter.

    EJ as the Public Affairs Assistant AD is a different story because he realizes the numbers of readers the POV has and that is important to the program.

    Not sure Richman is the one to talk about the blog. As nice a guy as he is he thinks I’m ” So negative!”

    Well, I pretty much am and there are solid reasons for that.


    1. Well the feeling is mutual. They get zero respect from me. And zero dollars for football. I like coach Fisher and Coach Jay.

      I also like Lou


  23. Of import, how are graduation rates tracked for the athlete students that use the portal and go elsewhere? I can think of many panthers that have transferred a couple of times already. Are the ones with marginal d1 talent and marginal grades given the old “transfer talk” to “find a place they can play” and further their respective careers, or are they politely shown the door, with the advantages to the institution as a freed up schollie and a N/A answer for the graduation rate “self promotion”. Inquiring minds want to know.


    1. Heathers contract must be heavily laden with clauses based on academic metrics like graduation rates and gpa’s. Hence her constant obsession with these figures. Given her compliance background I’m sure she’s learned a thing or two from her years at Ohio state on how best to manipulate numbers to her advantage.


  24. Pitt has no incentive to innovate, care about its customers or achieve excellence. The worst thing that could have happened is getting accepted into the ACC. The hunger and desire left when Steve picked up the phone and said yes. Complacency set in almost immediately.

    Pitt has no more incentive to be anything more than mediocre. They will do the minimum required to remain in the ACC. That’s it. Don’t expect any more effort than that.

    Pitt receives $30 million each year for being part of this exclusive club with high barriers to entry. Pitt receives that money if they win one football game or ten games. Pitt really doesn’t need a full capacity Heinz or wealthy boosters to survive. That check and future monies from the ACC network can sustain athletics.

    So pitt doesn’t have to focus on providing a good product and exceptional customer experience. Pitt doesn’t have to work too hard on delivering industry leading customer service. Pitt doesn’t have to worry about finding creative and smart ways to increase pitt spirit and connect fans, students and alumni back to campus.

    Pitt can therefore act in an insular way. A non transparent way. A reactive way. A protective way. A non caring way. An arrogant way.

    All these years of neglect and hubris will come back to bite them when Pitt doesn’t receive an invite to this super football league. Pitt will see a severe reduction in that ACC check and will be forced to cut programs and jettison overpaid coaches.

    Everything pitt does is by design though. Their actions are mainly calculated and very risk adverse. I truly think even to this day, with a BoT now mainly comprised of Pitt graduates and being led by a former Pitt scholar athlete, that the objective is to ensure athletics never gets more attention than academics.

    Pitt still thinks sports is dirty and an embarrassment. It’s something that requires too much hard work and brains to do right. So it’s ignored and neglected in practice. The front porch is just lip service. Slap on a new coat of paint every few years. Play fans for fools. Pretend to listen to what students want.

    I jest that Pitt is very similar to the old Soviet regime. But it’s probably in reality closer today to the Russian oligarchy system. It’s not a democracy that for sure.


    1. Tex, the fat cat’s are happy in their rolls…no outside pressure or threat perceived…so why not continue with mediocrity and ignore the public…seems so familiar these days…..


      1. Exactly

        And Pitt always reacts. Never is proactive.

        They reacted when Jackie became successful

        They reacted when the Steelers built a shiny new stadium across town

        They reacted when pitt basketball became a dumpster fire

        They reacted when they needed to build ball fields to gain membership in the ACC

        They reacted when Wanny wanted a bigger role and more influence

        They reacted when Chryst was done with his on the job training

        They reacted when Fraud ubruptly left town

        They reacted after nordenberg stuck Pitt with Steve’s golden parachute

        Pitt will again react when the Heinz lease expires in ten years

        Pitt will again react when a super league is created

        When you react it is generally too late and you’ve lost most ability to control and shape events.

        Reacting is part of the Pitt dna.


          1. Reacted when gottfried got hot and heavy with the cheerleader coach and had some discipline and academic issues with players

            Reacted when Paul couldn’t hack it and Johnny was available after getting canned by rocky top. Let’s go back to the future.

            No I want to go forward to the past. Jackie’s three straight 11-1 seasons. Pitt ushered in modern college Day football.


            1. Reacting to Hackett was one of the few positives. That guy was total garbage who backstabbed his boss and duped an incompetent administration. He hadn’t a care in the world for his players either. He just wanted to have control of running his offense as the top dog.


              1. I’m glad they got rid of him. But Pitt should never have hired him in the first place. Then Pitt makes the mistake of bringing back Majors for sentimentality reasons.

                I don’t think Curtis Martin was a big fan either of Paul.


  25. One thing the POV has been careful about is to avoid publicly creating a controversy over athletics at Pitt. There has been no publicity campaign through letters to the press, Chancellor or members of the BoT to voice unhappiness over the state of athletics at Pitt. Reed’s list was an attempt to go through proper channels to provide constructive ideas as to how to increase interest. It has obviously failed. Maybe some letters of criticism coming from support groups, past athletes, etc. would get their attention.


    1. What will get their attention will be non renewals of season ticket holders. That’s really the only thing fans can do.

      And maybe publish letters to the editor, call talk shows, hire someone to fly a plane around Heinz with a banner. Comment on blogs like this to get under their skin. But we’re no more than an irritating fly around a dinner plate.

      And the ACC brass of course will get their attention if they aren’t meeting their membership requirements or service level agreements.

      Now Former athletes and coaches have powerful voices but they won’t rock the boat. Far too much risk of being labeled a vinegar drinker and then having your privileges yanked and being ostracized.

      Change has to come from within. You really think Tom is an agent of change? He will most likely follow. I highly doubt he will lead the transformation of culture and mindset. And even if he tried, who on the BoT would follow?


    2. As a courtesy you go through proper channels. When that fails, you take more aggressive actions.

      Again, that’s prinarilly financial but shaming can also work. And you can get mean and nasty. I personally have no problem going there.

      Tex – whose filthy.


    3. Maybe the POV shouldn’t be so careful. I sometimes think the best lamp chops can be found in the POV marketplace.


  26. Just a quick note of thanks to Reed from a regular reader and seldom contributor, your efforts in starting the blog and for snatching the ball up and scoring a TD when MM had to leave is GREATLY appreciated. I don’t usually agree with your views of the program, but I always appreciate the time, talent, and effort you put into the blog.

    God bless you and God Bless America.

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  27. I stumbled across this. So a 4-star Pro-style QB, from Arizona, who had been committed to FSU, and who had his pick of 27 other top schools, is now committed to……….WVU…

    Strange but true.

    Go Pitt.


    1. A good read, Tex. Especially loved the part about bloated (my word) bureaucracies, which I expect are PC administrators and their assistants. Yoi and double yoi.

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  28. Last comment for the day. Any stats how how your viewership skews from a sports ideology?

    Do you know Reed what percentage of viewers consider themselves Koolaid drinkers, vinegar drinkers or just plain Allegheny water.

    Might be a good poll question.

    Tex – whose fine being in the one percent. 🤠. But y’all know I’m a big fan of soccer, volleyball and wrestling. And I’m the MPC Guy. And has Riddicks number on speed dial.

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    1. practically worthless poll imo

      I’d think what a reader would self identify with/as is NOT how YOU’D identify them


      1. I personally think
        Most viewers side with Pitts efforts to promote mediocrity. Few are like me. I can name less than ten commenters out of over 300 regulars. So I’d say no more than 5 percent are vinegar. And that is why Pitt fails. Because the fan has the power in the pocket. And chooses to not use it. 🐑


  29. WVU stole some leadership talent from OSU when Gordon Gee left. Interestingly, he never made an employment play for the current Pitt AD or another potential candidate in Ben Jay. The reasons were simple. Those two, (although working under AD Gene Smith), never had the opportunity to actually run anything athletics. Smith ran the show. They had titles, but not true experience. Pitt couldn’t figure that out. Hawaii did and fired, eh hmm, Ben Jay resigned pretty quickly (2 years). They cut their losses.

    Gee understands the overall importance of highly ranked and highly visible sports teams as it helps build the brand faster than any researcher or faculty member. Pitt is still trying to live off of Jonas for pete’s sake. Not saying what Salk did was a small feat, it was just a very long time ago and we get nothing out of it. Watch the WVU mens soccer team improve dramatically in the next three years, why? Gee saw what Pitt is doing and copied it. Their newer head coach has the same european contacts as our coach, so it will be an interesting couple of years to watch how the move works out.

    The point is that Gee and the AD evaluated what is working in the landscape and moved on the opportunity. Gee waited until he found someone better than Holgorsen for football and again, became opportunistic. Didn’t extend Holgy for no good reason. Gee has grown the academic side of the house too. You need to surround yourself with leaders who can execute a plan, not be happy that they have a plan.

    WVU 11 out of 22 recruits (50%) at 5.7 or higher for 2020. Pitt 6 out of 18 (33%)
    WVU 7 out of 17 recruits (41%) 2021. Pitt 7 out of 23 (30%)
    WVU 4 out of 10 in 2022 (40%). Pitt 2 out of 10 (20%) Both have 2 players out of their 10, not yet rated.

    Add-in pre and post season rankings over the last 20 years and it should make you puke!

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    1. Wvu might be toothless but they are sports and business savvy. Now they would never get into a super league but I respect how they run things. Pitt has a chance if they build the MPC. And of course bring in Lou.

      Tex – who lied
      Great croatia and Spain game on now.


    2. Gee changed the fortunes of Ohio State’s academics and the plan was in place while I was attending school there in the 90s. Now, Ohio State attracts the top students in Ohio and even off-campus housing was upgraded years ago to accommodate these bright individuals.

      I read on the Lair how much Nordy improved Pitt’s academic reputation. E. Gordon Gee did the same and then some by allowing football to take the next step. Pitt had it all in place entering the 90s until 12.14.89 came and Gottfried was fired.


      1. Was the man actually fired on my birthday. I think Fraud left Pitt on my birthday as well. Or maybe Wanny resigned that day. Just bad juju.


      2. Ahhh Nate, the 90’s. That is when OSU began getting competitive for its students. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, if you graduated from an ohio high school, you were admitted to OSU, no questions asked….kind of. That drove up numbers, revenue generation and ultimately helped build and solidify the brand.

        By that time, OSU created their market by branding and putting athletics first in the 70’s and 80’s paid off. People wanted to go there because of success in sports and then academics came later. Inside scoop, the medical center was upside down for years and the academic side bailed them out. Now Medical Center is over 50% revenue and supports all things, including athletics, firing on all pistons including research. Would love to understand how Pitt allows UPMC to run separately as an academic hospital. They charge more as an academic hospital, yet the university does not benefit financially?? Is this true? Bunch of shenannigans. Pitt could be great. They choose to be mediocre.

        The recent new housing strategy cost $375M to execute, which they did. The state, seeking to support the President Gee, also enacted through its legislature, a requirement that all first first and second year students that lived more than 25 miles from campus must stay in those new facilities so they could pay it off more quickly. Gotta have people running the place that know how to execute a great business plan. Done.

        Those that say Pitt couldn’t be or shouldn’t want to be as excellent as OSU are just lazy thinking. You need leadership, vision, and the will to become excellent, neither of which Pitt currently possesses.

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    1. Did Heather get to you? She promised you a vacation house on the beach in Duck didn’t she? 🤠

      I’m pretty sure Narduzzi couldn’t or wouldn’t offer you anything. Well maybe a 🔒 to a gate.


    1. The PSU game was disappointing but Adam walker had a 50-yard TD run called back by a block in the back when Adam was about to walk it in and the Pitt linemen gave a PSU defender a cheapy push back around the 40. Not sure if Pitt still wins, but PSU only found the end zone one time that day.

      Of course playing Miami and ND the same season when both were really dominant was bad scheduling. Oh, Miami is good, let’s play them because there is honor in doing so.

      Then the QB flunks out before the season because he failed an algebra class. Only at Pitt does a football player need to take Algebra.


    1. More incredible was after Bozik/Posvar came an even worse duo with that AD who came from Auburn and chancellor O’Conner. Yikes. Football never had a chance. Too bad ex-players didn’t riot like PSU’s players and alums did after the sanctions. It’s like Pitt alums are programmed to leave it alone and accept the program’s fate.


    2. It makes more sense now. The article states Gottfried feuded with Dean John Bolvin.

      I read his obit. He was the Dean of the College of General Studies, a major I seem to recall a lot of football players were in. When Dickerson was deemed ineligible, I bet that was when the confrontations really started to get heated.


      1. These academic nerds are jealous of the athletic jocks. I’m not for special treatment. But these eggheads have football envy.


  30. That mentality hasn’t changed since 1989

    Recruiting and wins don’t matter

    You need to graduate players, have good gpa’s, stay out of trouble, be a yes man, not make waves, know your place, say nice things about your employer, keep your zipper zipped.

    Do 95 percent of you not see it this way?


  31. Did anyone else read that article recently about the richest and poorest athletic schools out of the power 5 conferences?

    The data was from 2019 and the story showed up this past week on my Google homepage.

    I think Pitt was like 56th poorest out of 65 schools.

    Texas of course was the richest.


    1. Pitt is more poor than that. It steals $10 million in monies from the general fund each year. That money shouldn’t count since it wasn’t earmarked for football specifically. Pitt is very revenue poor and has one of the highest subsidies in all P5. Poor leadership and no business acumen.


  32. Also, thanks again Reed for all of your hard work and dedication. You have provided us all regularly with a daily dose of Pitt and a place to share our insights.

    Thank you, and thank you all.


  33. Funny thing about recruiting last year and this year. The kids weren’t evaluated the way they used to be due to C19 and many didn’t have enough full game film or camp footage. So recruiting is a mish mash more than ever. This may also be part of the reason you see so many in the portal. Coaches couldn’t evaluate as well until they were in uniform, and as such, many more talent misses. Just an observation from an old dude that studies why things happen and why people do dumb stuff.

    The term you will be reading about in the coming years is “decisional psychology”. That will be the new medical and academic phrase for the study of why people do dumb things……and sometimes, why they do it again.


    1. I thought the same early in tracking the portal entries. But I was wrong (or at least for the ACC). Only 18 of 163 Rivals ranked were 2020 recruits. That is out of 163 ACC TP entrees this year – 11%.

      There is 39 entries into the portal from the 2019 class – 24%.


    1. Not dumb or dumb stuff

      Pitt has relied on suckers and sheep for over 40 years

      I know there’s more to the game. And my highlight is always meeting friends, new fans and tailgating. I rarely have fun watching a Pitt football game. It’s poor entertainment and a very bad value for my dollar.

      But I made a decision years before Narduzzi to never give another dime to Pitt football. I break that promise once a year when I come in for a game. But I’ll be damned if pitt ever receives a monetary gift from me.

      That is the only one way a fan like me can hurt them. And I do want to hurt because they’ve hurt me and countless others with their lies, actions and pure utter BS and disrespect.


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  35. Jeff Hafley at Boston College is lighting it up with his recruiting. 18 players including four 4stars for the class of 2022. Schiano at Rutgers has 13 players with with four 4stars.


  36. Pitt is network TV and we want them to be cable TV. Pitt is your basic, safe, serialized and formulaic CBS show and we want blue and gold meth being cooked in an RV on Breaking Bad. Every Pitt episode tries too hard to keep us guessing whodunit. I’d rather watch a show that has a full story arc with closure at the end of the season rather than every episode be a stand alone episode or end on a cliffhanger … including the final episode. We never know what we’re going to get game to game let alone what the next season will bring …

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    1. Isaiah Montgomery has some nice offers – looks like a good get for Pitt. Got to keep the numbers up on Oline recruits since many of them don’t work out.

      Oline recruiting seems to have picked up a bit after several years of signing low numbers and not-so-highly regarded guys…

      Go Pitt.


  37. Cincinnati FB ranked 25th with 12 verbal commits; one 4 star

    Pitt ranked 42nd with 11 commits; no 4 stars

    Fickel has figured out how to win not only on the field as a HC, but also on the recruiting trail. He learned under Tressel, has a Tressel on his staff and had a brief stint as a HC before taking the bearcat job.

    Duzz is still trying to figure out how win on the field and recruiting trial, all the while trying to figure out how to be a HC, with no HC-ing experience.

    As Huff III pointed out, the wvcc HC has already passed the Duzz in his short run with the hoopies. He too had HC-ing experience.

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  38. I just don’t see quality depth in the 11 recruits signed by Pitt so far. There are a few good ones there, but overall, the class looks weak to me so far.

    I don’t know how far back the Rivals or any other recruit ranking publications go, but I wonder how highly ranked Pitt’s recruiting classes were under Majors and Sherrill. Majors had the big numbers which could skew things a bit, but were the Pitt recruiting classes generally considered good back then? Were the many great Pitt players back then highly ranked when they committed to Pitt, or was it great coaching that produced those great Majors and Sherrill teams?


    1. You can’t tell what any recruiting class looks like until they are a few years in. Tons of examples like Patrick Jones and Weaver, that weren’t big time recruits but ended up good players. Partridge has an eye for talent that will develop. Many coaches do not.

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    2. Would be nice if there was a comparative history in recruiting and how recruiting was done back in the day compared to the modern day ranking systems (Rivals, 247) with the players marketing themselves through video/FB camps or leaving their hometown school and attending HS programs with the notoriety of being FB factories….guess we will never see a PITT FB team nick-named “the fighting dentists.”


      1. It’s simple to me – rankings in the polls, wins and losses and # drafted each year. Pitt has fallen short on all three measurable points in most of the last 35+ years.

        Last season we had six guys drafted (good year), 1st player drafted was 4th round (not so good), 6-5 record (not so good) and not ranked nor received a consideration vote (bad).


  39. Tex, you said “These academic nerds are jealous of the athletic jocks. I’m not for special treatment.”

    I’ll disagree. My experience is that the egg heads really don’t care about athletics or the athletes at all unless the sports programs specifically drain money away from their own academic department.

    Which, from what I can see doesn’t happen.

    The ‘problem’ at Pitt is that almost across the university on the whole no one cares about football. Maybe a small percentage of students…a smaller percentage of alumni and very few teachers/professors.

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    1. You don’t think there is jealously with what Narduzzi makes. Or that athletics wasn’t forced to cut but many academic departments were.

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  40. notrocketscience, I agree that you cannot say for sure that a recruiting class is good for a few years. But it works both ways. Some 2 stars may do well, but there will be 4 stars that don’t work out for many reasons, they flunk out, they are lazy, they transfer or are injured, etc., etc. And some are just head cases (like Ford who never reached his potential at Pitt). When a recruiting class includes only 3 or 4 4 stars, a couple of 4 star wash outs can ruin the class.

    So I think that a current evaluation of a current class makes sense since there will be surprises and disappointments in every class, and it can show recruiting trends by the current coaching staff.

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  41. Why are so many of the comments on this site negative? PITT is what it is. It will not be a #1 football team in what remains of my life. It can’t recruit enough elite players. So what! (That’s not to say PITT doesn’t need better recruiting.)

    I get a lot of satisfaction and pride following the women’s volleyball and soccer teams. As I do following the men’s wrestling, soccer, and baseball teams. Ya, minor sports do count, and are important to a schools overall success. AD Heather Lyke is doing good work in that direction.

    I wonder with the “new pay to play” direction, will the elite players be actual “real” students of the schools they play for, or will they be just be hired guns?

    Maybe PITT needs to reevaluate what it expects to get out of playing division I sports. I kind of like the reputations of schools like Ga Tech and Wake Forest and am not impressed with Louisville or WVU

    The administration needs to do more work.

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  42. What are the parallels between college and Olympic sports? When the long ago argument for letting Olympic athletes become paid players was that the competition (mostly renegades like Russia) was getting paid, they decided to let professionals represent the US. It hasn’t caused the end of Olympic sports. Some participants will be paid and others won’t. College sports will survive.

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  43. OPG – I agree. I still find entertainment in watching Pitt. I just know what Pitt is and that for there to be real progress the changes have to happen at a much higher level than coach and AD. I love following Pitt football and basketball … it’s fun to see other programs do well like soccer and volleyball but I’ll never gravitate that way. I’m not a club sport type of fan. I’ve said several times that I can find story lines and players that keep me engaged to the program. Like you, I accept Pitt for what it is. The Pitt leadership hierarchy is such that outside influence will be mitigated. Until that changes, it’s not worth my effort.


    1. I agree, Tossing. Love following Pitt too, but that love is mostly unrequited. There are a few victories over name opponents here and there that serve as occasional hook-ups to sustain hope, but no lasting return of affection ever seems to occur, unfortunately. Yoi and double yoi.


        1. But it doesn’t have to be ugly. It wasn’t born ugly. It chose to be ugly. I know what lies underneath that unwashed face, greasy long hair, ratty clothes and foul stench.


          1. I agree … that is the frustrating part … Every time in Pitt’s history it decided to make sports relevant it was a national powerhouse … but … it’s not meant to be …


            1. They pull back when sports becomes successful and is nearing excellence. For many reasons. None of which are rational and always near sighted and reactionary.


      1. Unrequited – “love that is unreciprocated”

        I had a few of those while at Pitt!
        What a perfect description of us Pitt fans! And …. it would be so easy for Pitt to fix!

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  44. Two really highly regarded local women’s basketball players in the 2023 recruiting class: Pine-Richland’s Eve Fiala and North Allegheny’s Jasmine Timmerson. Eve is a 6-5 Center; Jasmine is a point guard.

    They have been doing some school visits together. Interest from UConn, Baylor, Ohio State, etc…

    Pitt has offered. If they both came to Pitt, Pitt would jump into the upper level of the ACC, IMHO…

    Go Pitt

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    1. I think Jasmine is the best player coming out of the Pittsburgh area. Women’s BBall same as men’s. You need a top point guard and center to be elite.
      Coach White is gaining traction across the country in recruiting. I’m hopeful for both unless UConn offers.


  45. PITT just signed a TE out of Maryland for the next recruiting class……nice !!!! OL and TE are positions of need. Good to see the up-tick in recruiting to add to these positions.

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  46. Reed,
    You have presented, offered. and continued a valuable service to ALL of us who are slaves to the Pitt Athletic Department.
    Take pride in your success amongst us.

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  47. I have always thought you should monetize this site to pay your dues, Reed.
    Make it worth your while whilst paid for the headache of responsibility.
    Regardless, your achievements are showing for themselves.
    Thanks for continuing the blog. We’ll all remember.

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    1. If you monetize the site you will be doing countless Pitt fans a favor.

      You’ll have booster like influence with all that coin and could buyout Narduzzis contract so we are rid of him for good. 🤠


  48. It seems as if the POV has been around a lot longer. I was amazed that the blog has only been in existence for only one Pitt football coach. That being of course, Pat Narduzzi. In my mind I thought it was around a lot longer but the transition from Chaz’s Pitt Blather to this blog is seamless in my mind. Most of those who complained there simply moved to this blog. I am not saying they are not correct, only what is what transpired. I hope you continue to nurture this bastion of sanity in the Pitt universe for as long as possible Reed!

    if we could all go back in time, it would have been interesting to see what would have been posted in a Pitt blog during the Majors/Sherrill era There would have been a ton more ‘Ikes’ and a lot less ‘Texs”.


    1. More to like about the on the field product. But much not to like about university leadership and their vision. Would have been plenty of vitriol towards the Killer B’s and delapidated facilities and cheapness.


  49. Pitt football generates about $40 million in revenues once you allocate their share of the ACC check. One of the lowest in all P5.

    Several department chairs at Pitt are responsible for overseeing multi millions in federal research and grant monies. They also have students paying a high priced tuition for the priviedge of being taught in their classrooms.

    So I would venture to say there are several departments at Pitt that make significantly more than the football revenue streams. Particularly when you include academic donations. Do recall that the entire sports budget at Pitt is just 4 percent of Pitts total operating budget

    Pitt football has around 12 salaried coaches. An academic department may have only four professors with tenure.

    There are lowly position coaches at Pitt making more coin than the most esteemed department chairs.

    Academics does care about athletics. They care about athletics special treatment, their exorbitant salaries, their financial mismanagement and their deviation from the mission statement. The animosity is there. More so in Pitts case and it’s all well documented. It’s part of Pitt history. That hasn’t changed. It’s a cultural and structural thing.

    My solution – pay your professors based in part on the federal monies they receive and the tuition dollars collected. There would then be several professors who have earned their fair compensation and would surpass Pitts overpaid and mediocre football coach.

    More equitable system. Based on merit and business financials. Each department at Pitt should be considered a strategic business unit.


  50. Someone mentioned that we might not see a Pitt football national championship again in our lifetimes (those of us over 40). That is probably true, and it is a sad irony that the best Pitt fans are aging rapidly and may never be rewarded for so many years of loyalty to Pitt. It is a real tragedy that the university has let the program slip so far, for so long, while many of us have spent our adult years thinking that it was “when” not “if” Pitt would see another championship.

    I just wish that some of those dead heads in the Athletics Department could understand that they have let their most ardent lifelong supporters down. If Heather really meant what she said when hired about bringing back Pitt’s football tradition, then she should have resigned by now. Sadly, she may have already succumbed to the SOP mindset at Pitt and become part of the problem. Not even responding to Reed’s list tells me that it may already be too late for her to remember why she came to Pitt in the first place.

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    1. She knows damn well why she came. To build her resume and get back to the big ten.

      She’s a carpetbagger.


  51. Thanks again Reed for starting this site and now continuing to keep the lights on here. Its really the only site I check multiple times a day and night. While I have only once met a handful of posters, I feel like I know most of them personally. Whether it’s kool aid or vinegar both serve a purpose and are appropriate at one time or another. Thank you Commander!

    Let’s Go IKE!!!!!

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    1. Pitt’s D-line not ranked in the top 3 of the ACC – the Panthers play all three of the top rated ACC D-lines.

      Clemson #1
      Miami #2
      VTech #3


  52. Heather should be worried that at some point some tired old Pitt fans might pursue a scorched earth policy and go really negative. If this upcoming football season goes South the blowback could be huge. She actually encourages this by refusing to communicate with the fans.


    1. If this football season goes South? Are you kidding me?
      Every season since Narduzzi’s been here has gone south. Why would this one be different.

      Heather doesn’t care nor does the BOT


      1. They do care. But they care in a different way. About their wallets and careers. They sure the Hell don’t care like a Pitt fan.

        Heather has no loyalty to Pitt. She is gone in two years. Back to the Big Ten. She’s building a resume now. Using Pitt as a stepping stone. And trying not to do anything controversial or truly risk taking.


  53. Suggested theme song for the end of POV threads:

    Gloom, despair, and agony on me
    Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
    If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all
    Gloom, despair, and agony on me

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Pitt gives Pitt fans little reason for optimism and hope. When apathy sets in, the program is dead. Heather is counting on sheep


  54. Bernie, it looks like there is no respect for Pitt’s DL. One pre-season All American is not enough to satisfy folks and even get a mention. Just like the Vegas over/under of 7 wins. Once again, low expectations.


    1. PITT’s D will be solid…I just want to see a D that can take over a game when we have a lead late in the game…Miami game of a couple of years ago and last year’s NCSU game come to mind….tough to lose them so late in the game…that is where Duzz and his “expertise” should earn his pay.

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      1. Not being reanked is the expectation for this Panther fan…that’s the way the cookie crumbles when you remain back in the pack for 38 years…..if PITT was a racehorse….you get the picture


  55. The Pitt d-line will be very solid even with three drafted players, even if not in the top three.
    Nothing to fret over.


    1. Pitt will play Clemson, Miami and VATech, the 3 top rated D-lines in the ACC. We get these 3 teams back to back to back in October coming off of an open date.

      Those will be true, undeniable tests for our 5th year senior QB who is not rated in the top 50 of college QB’s in any preseason rankings, by the so called experts, that I have read.

      We are under 70 days until the first kickoff to our 2021 season.

      The excitement is building in many college towns across America. Pitt has multiple players mentioned as pre-season All-Americans, albeit two of the three are on Special Teams.

      OC Whipple was on Twitter in the off-season saying he is fired up to unleash this 2021 offense and he tells us Duzz is paying attention to the O for the first time is his (Whips) time at Pitt.

      Four big questions I have –

       -1. Can we move the ball on the ground other than with KP?
       - 2. Can the O-line pass & run block against a P-5 D.
       - 3. Can our O score when they get to the Redzone.
       - 4. Can our new left footed FG kicker be consistent with PAT’s and non-Redzone opportunities.

      Welcome back Ike! I sure hope we all enjoy a Pitt season we can all be proud of.


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      1. Good questions, Erie. Saw a video of Better-Call-Saul kicking a straight ball. In the spring game he had a slight draw on his kicks… Good for golf shots; maybe not so good for field goals…

        And Pitt flat-out needs to score a lot more touchdowns. A lot more. Last season Pitt ranked 97th in TDs per game at 2.7. Tied with Duke and just ahead of Tennessee and WVU. Bama scored 6.1; UNC 5,4 and Clemson 5.3 TDs per game.

        In the previous season, we were ranked 116th with 2.2 TDs per game. Tied with Stanford. Mich St., Tennessee and RICE.

        We need to practically double our TD scoring to be a decent offensive team. And it sure would add a lot more fun to watching the games… 😊

        Go Pitt.

        Go Pitt.

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        1. BTW, in the 2016 season, Pitt was ranked 7th in the nation in TDs per game at 5.1.

          Go Pitt.


          1. So are you telling us we can do this?

            S O P (Sarcastic Optimistic Poetry)

            I just want to see Pitt win football games. If our D rises to be the #1 ranked unit in the land and holds teams to 2 TD’s per game and our O only scores 2.5 TD’s per game and we WIN, I’ll be satisfied and maybe even electrified. If on the other hand that stout D is battling 1 point loss after loss, I’ll be greatly disappointed and probably become disjointed…

            EE – hoping our Whipple O becomes poetry in motion. (Remember, hope is not a plan). What is the Pitt FB plan, besides “Lock the Gates”?


  56. How can it possibly be that Pickett is not rated among the top 50 QBs in the nation? I think there are some one legged QBs on that list. Seriously, is he that bad and so disrespected?


    1. VoR – I am with you brother. I am a fan of KP. He has toughness, desire and determination to win. His surrounding cast has been below par, except on the D side of the ball.

      Coaching, skilled personnel, hogs up front, dropped balls, missed FG’s and PAT’s have diminished KP’s stature. IMHO…

      EE – who is ready for some FB after watching the final game of the college World Series tonight, when Mississippi State will start their ace pitcher who was born & raised in Pittsburgh, PA (RHP Will Bednar from Mars HS)

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    2. Does the QB make the system or does the system make the QB.

      Kenny is an average QB in this system. And average places him ranked around 80

      Put Kenny in an RPO and he’s a top 30 QB.


    3. I’m sure Kenny’s poor stats on passing TDs keeps him off the QB radar – as they should. Hopefully that changes in a big, positive way this season…

      Go ike!


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