New Discussion Thread; 6/17/21

Will be on the road for awhile…in PGH actually…so here is a new post to discuss things.

NCAA Softball Tournament will be held at and hosted by Pitt in 2022:

Softball fans in the Steel City are going to enjoy watching elite softball right here at Vartabedian Field,” Pitt coach Jodi Hermanek said in a statement. “Pitt is ready to host a first-class atmosphere that will make for a championship tournament experience for our teams and softball fans.”

Another defensive recruit:

In typical Pitt BB fashion, our best players bolts and good things happen with him:

Rich in SC has sent a couple good football articles that I’ll post closer to fall camp.

Enjoy, Reed

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  1. Pitt hosting is good to show off campus to visitors. But they will be disappointed in the venue. Pitt will need to build temporary bleachers for this event.

    If Pitt baseball would have hosted a regional, they would have gone into the record books as the smallest venue used in playoff history. When Pitt builds a 2000 seat park and fills it, they will be a real program. Until then, they are just a poser

    The pickup is a 5.6 star. He looks solid. Isn’t a smurf like the typical Pitt corner. He only visited Virginia and wvu. Most of his offers were posers.

    Still waiting for that four star and then at least three more. My over/under is two for this class.


    1. Pitt building a 2k seat baseball stadium would be idiotic. That would be like them building a 70k OCS for football. There is no market for it and never will be.


      1. And Pitt isn’t serious about football by playing in a off campus rental stadium. And you wonder why fans don’t donate.

        Shoot for excellence or shoot for the grave. If Pitt doesn’t go all in on a sport, they need to put it out to pasture.

        Worms gotta eat.


        1. Tex-“shoot for excellence or shoot for the grave, worms gotta eat.” Love it! Words for a one of those motivational posters.


      2. 45k is the right size football stadium for Pitt with plenty of open concourse areas and the ability to walk completely around it while inside. Seating is frankly optional.

        Stadiums these days have retractable roofs and hydraulic pitches. Those fields can be rolled back to reveal pits or subterranean areas where you can play a sport across the fields width with Configurable seating. Think hockey, volleyball, tennis and basketball.

        The pitch can also have two layers. A top layer of natural grass and a underneath layer of artificial. That technology exists today. Hydraulics make it possible.

        Heinz is so 1940’s. Some of you guys might actually remember that decade. 🤠


  2. Let’s say I owned four eating establishments. A dine in Mexican restaurant on personally owned land. A pizzeria in a strip mall. A small French bistro and coffee shop. A Greek gyro stand.

    The Mexican restaurant is my flagship. It’s my brand and identity. It also is the money maker helping to subsidize those other eateries

    I need someone to come in and manage this line of businesses, all four establishments. Who should I hire? What are the qualifications and criteria?

    Well I’d obviously want someone who has managed a large scale restaurant. I’d want someone familiar with Mexican cuisine. I’d want someone familiar with that restaurants clientele.

    I wouldn’t be hiring a burger flipper.

    That’s who pitt has today.


    1. Pitt’s a taco stand that thinks they are a big Mexican restaurant but will never be one because management won’t spend the money.


      1. That’s a good analogy. But sometimes pitt does make a pretty good fish taco.

        I actually do myself but would be totally unqualified to run a large scale restaurant. Pitt needs to find the right people. And then give them the budget and the freedom.


    2. Tex Panther, a side bar from football and mentioning Mexican restaurants, the best Mexican I have ever had in my 62 years on earth was a small mom and pop shop in Riesel Texas, I really miss that place, no one spoke english but the food was absolutely amazing.


      1. The authentic Mexican places are always the small joints with little English being spoken. Most of the big restaurants are chains now and TexMex. Posers.


  3. Kudos to Heather Lyke for landing the host role for the ACC Softball Championship! Another notch in the win column for her.

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    1. Another check in the box. I’m all for those checks because that means the sooner she is on her way out of town to Sparty. She’s using pitt to pad her resume. She has no loyalty. She will be states problem very soon. So yes kudos for heather – Pitts AD known for hiding in basements and vacationing at OBX. I won’t mention her attire.


        1. Every sports writer in town requested interviews, submitted questions for over a year. Not a sound from heather. I know because I follow these writers on twitter and read their articles. They all point out this fact. Then a few weeks ago she comes out of hiding and botches the message. Every 30 words was an ‘um’ and most educated fans got nothing noteworthy than she spoke to Narduzzi about those dastardly penalties. That’s who pitt has in charge of a $100 million dollar business. She’s in way over her head. IUP wouldn’t even hire her at this point.


    2. Farmers – I think this is a rotating thing so every school at some point hosts it. Pitts softball team is pretty bad. They might not even qualify for the ACC tourney. That would be embarrassing. Unless the host is guaranteed. Then it would be a stroke of genius. But genius and pitt should never be used in the same sentence.


  4. My prediction now is that Champ will be a Mav. He would excel playing with Luka. And Cuban knows Pitt. He owes us after failing to buy out the ‘O’


    1. Champ has no more chance of making the NBA than I do!

      Skinny shooter w no power game.
      He’ll be lucky if a European Team takes a chance on him.

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      1. Does Champ have the option of returning to college ball this coming season or is he locked into only a professional basketball career? I thought originally when he declared that he had the option of coming back to college ball at Pitt.


  5. Luka, he lives on the second floor, right?
    Hearing on ESPN U radio today that Arizona State U and Herm Edwards in hot water for bringing in recruits during the COVID recruiting dead period. Calling ASU “Always Something University “. That must be their version of SOP.

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  6. New alternative uniform referred to on Twitter as “ICY”×900

    Trying to figure how Vegas comes up with 7 wins:

    UMass – W
    Tennessee – L
    W.Michigan – L
    NH – W
    GTech – L

    VA Tech – L
    Clemson – L
    Miami – L
    Duke – W
    NC – W
    Virginia – W
    Cuse – W

    I came up with 6-6 (maybe swap W.Michigan L to a W and UNC W to a L in some circles).

    My thought is Tennessee is on a downward trend – Duzz will struggle with his game plan and that conservative nature causes Pitt to lose. The next week, the team is overconfident and lose a close one to a MAC team, which to date, most claim Duzz hasn’t lost a game he should have won. I tend to disagree with that thinking…(NW, Stanford, Virginia to start the 2019 season, BC to end the 2019 season)

    At least we have the tailgating fun – Go Pitt!


    1. Let’s do our best to look like penn state. Just as bad as anthracite.

      I’d go all yellow. Pitt could have a yellow out and they wouldn’t need any fans in attendance.


  7. Major, I hope you didn’t stay up too late last night…you have a big golf outing today.
    Richman is counting on you!

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  8. It seems that with Ike on the injured reserve the Pitt Bashers have driven off any interesting Pitt sports discussion. There are still some really good athletes at Pitt and new ones considering Pitt, who obviously don’t feel so negatively to the coaches and administration.

    No I don’t expect nine football wins and BBall will have another year of transition, but I think both teams will be entertaining and some great and good plays will be made along with the stinkers. Kind of like my golf game where I enjoy the good shots and try to quickly forget the duffs.

    There have been and are some good stories, but all we hear is the bashing of all things Pitt.

    I agree that Champ probably made a mistake. Not sure what position he can play in the NBA where all that matters is three point shooting. His skills around the basket won’t translate to the pros, he is too small to be a forward and not skilled enough to be a guard. But Femi and Hugley are back and other guys will get their chance. The coaches have not quit and recruits seem interested.

    The Schifino story is interesting, he verbals then declines, is coming for a visit then rejected by Pitt, love to know what really is going on.

    The football team should be a lot better than people think and should be very entertaining, lots of good stories.
    Guys that have been back-ups will get their chance. A lot of very good players, plus a most experience QB, with an improved line, loaded with receivers and maybe a running game. Should be a very solid defense.

    But all we hear is how Narduzzi and Capel stink and need to go or are leaving. Seriously they aren’t going anywhere for a while. Fans are supposed to get behind their teams. Sure there are lots of flaws and weaknesses, but it is all not dire, nor life or death.

    The bashing has driven many Pitt Fans away from this site, which is too bad because there are far too few of us.

    But where would we be without the incessant ranting about the stadium and an OCS which is never going to happen.

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    1. Only use the word never when describing Narduzzi.

      Like Narduzzi will never win more than 8 games

      Like Narduzzi will never win another participation trophy

      Like Narduzzi will never understand a modern day college offense

      Like Narduzzi will never open the gates

      Like Narduzzi will never have a humble and warm personality

      But never use the word never when discussing a OCS or MPC. Never is a long time in regards to facilities

      Never is a blink of an eye with coaches who come and go like a fart in the wind.


  9. Actually GC, the readership numbers are just about the same and so are the comment numbers. Your point about the negativity is justified though. However, coming off the major disappointment of the 2020 FB season and with the losses and player defections of the BB season I can see why there isn’t a lot of optimism for either program.

    Seems like Paul Ziese writes the same article about PN every 18 months or so:

    Here is an interview with Pickett:


    1. About time pitt starting taking care of the neighborhood. Bates is one of the worst areas I’ve seen. And I’ve seen many a city slum.


  10. 2021 Althon College FB reviews out…. check out the section on PITT the next time you are in the grocery store….


  11. synopsis of the “O’s” 2020 season…no running game and Pickett with 13 TD passes, 9 ints. “ a foundation we can build on!!! Gotta score points….


  12. No doubt it was a terribly disappointing year for both major sports, but the good thing about sports is that there is always next year. Especially in college where players turn over every year. I get the history. What I don’t get is the unrealistic expectations. One would think that the fan base would be conditioned to the failure and not go apoplectic when things go south.

    A little surprised that the comment numbers are the same, Tex holding up his end. Are the number of commenters about the same? Seems like a lot of guys have disappeared.


    1. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect to win more than 7 games.

      I don’t think it’s unrealistic to win ten games and be ranked in the top 15.

      But it will never happen under this head coach

      That’s reality


  13. Attending a Pitt golf outing today…giant Hail to Pitt sign at the entrance.
    Plenty of positive vibes…wish you all were here to experience it.

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    1. Any sign of anthracite? I’m assuming pitt is in script and with the right colors.

      Any Pitt celebrity sightings?


  14. It’s summer time. Who really is talking pitt sports. Sports are done at Pitt until Fall. And few are excited about football. Vegas says 7 wins again. No different than the previous six seasons. Pitt places third in easy division, gets invite to crappy cold bowl, loses crappy bowl in front of 500 fans because Kenny trips and falls back at the goal line or the pitt kicker misses an extra point.

    The only thing to bring excitement back is a five star QB or a head coaching change

    At least we have soccer and volleyball to look forward to. Those programs are exciting. Pitt football will put fans to sleep. I feel another round of free fantas to beg fans to stay.

    And seriously my vinegar helps balance the copious amounts of Koolaid talk. Some of you guys would fit right in on a BWI board (Nitter forum). I would be banned after my first negative comment. That’s how they roll.


  15. Kenny came back to improve his draft grade.
    I like Patti but he never showed enough to beat out Kenny.
    Beville should be the qb getting experience this year, especially if 7 wins is the expected record.

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  16. Pitt loses out to Duke for a three-star center. Reading the kid can’t go wrong with a Duke degree. That I agree with. My question is I thought Pitt killed its football program in the 90s to become an academic power, so was it worth it?

    Not to me to be irrelevant in the last great decade of college football.


  17. I think that Vegas. like many jaundiced posters, tends to skew negative when discussing Pitt’s prospects for the upcoming season. And who could blame them? When has Pitt actually beaten expectations? (maybe Wanny’s 10 wins)

    But at the same time we POVers should try to look objectively at the situation, and based on the schedule and returnees, Pitt should win 9 games this year. Anything less would be unacceptable given the players and QB coming back. If Narduzzi doesn’t at least win 8 games, which would beat the Vegas over/under of 7 wins, then things are going to get very interesting in Oakland after the season is over. Tack on another bowl loss, and the Narduzzi seat could get very hot.


  18. Pitts academics are only slightly better now than in the 90’s. I don’t see a significant jump in the rankings if the BoT truly made an emphasis on academics and neglected athletic excellence in this pursuit. I mean the rankings don’t lie. Pitt moves up from around a 70 to a 55. Still outside the top 40 which is where they most likely set their goal.

    Heck isn’t florida state now on par with Pitt academically. They have really shot up.

    Does Pitt ever ponder was it worth it.

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    1. And if you want to make friends, tell all the Nitter golfers on the course that Joe Knew. 🤠

      💩 pants.


  19. Pitt isn’t going to beat out for many (any) players, just like Pitt Football won’t beat out the factories for many or any that they really want. Doesn’t matter who the coach is.

    All I’m saying is I’d rather be discussing an individual player’s or prospects talents rather than whether Narduzzi should be fired ad infinitum.

    Pitt just got verbals from a running back and receiver, one or two comments. Our new wide receivers coach seems to be having an immediate positive impact. Clancy gets noticed, but not much by the POV.

    Expecting 8,9 or 10 wins without earning them on the field is doomed to failure and discounting the quality of our opponents who want to win as badly and have approximately the same talent level.

    When we were winning all those games in the late 70’s and early eighties we had overwhelmingly better talent on the level that Clemson and Alabama enjoy now. We are nowhere near to that next level either.

    You will never be a top twenty team without top twenty talent, on both sides of the ball.

    Last year Narduzzi had top twenty talent on defense. Probably not top 50 talent on offense.

    No one denies he needs to recruit better on that side of the ball.

    Once again we are hoping that the O-line comes through and that a running back steps forward.

    If that happens we may get those 8 or 9 wins with a little luck and some well timed plays.

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  20. With Narduzzi the yearly record numbers usually include an 8 and/or a 5. Sometimes one of those numbers are wins, sometimes they are losses.


        1. You know that the number 8 is a significant number in biblical times and for the Chinese. Maybe if pitt pays Narduzzi $8 million, we’ll finally see ten wins.

          Numbers 8 and 10 might go together.


  21. Looking at the schedule there are only two sure victories and one sure loss.
    While some are tougher than others all the rest of the games can be won or lost
    depending on who comes to play and how the ball bounces.

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  22. He’s the type of player Pitt needs to reel in like a steelhead trout from Walnut Creek.


  23. A recruit like this could get the monkey off Capels back. It’s very significant in the long game. We’ll know in less than three hours. Saying a Saint Jude prayer now. He owes me after the Domer game.


  24. Yep that ankle injury that was worse than most thought. Remarkable that he came back so quickly. I personally would have ended his season. Wasn’t worth the risk to get 6 wins and no bowl.


    1. To answer a question you posed earlier Gordon….Per Zeise, Mintz’ commitment is the reason that the Schifino visit was cancelled. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t take both of them. But that’s what Zeise openly reported Gordon.


  25. Another football decommit, Grose, the DB from Ohio. The two earliest commits have now decommitted.

    More room to add someone better I suppose.


    1. Did he eat a bad meatball?

      My recipe never fails.

      But I listen. I learn. I experiment. I fail. And I improve.

      Now you can’t best my meatballs.

      But Don’t rest on your meatballs. There’s always a meatball eager to beat your meatball.

      You’re only as good as your last game for you non Italians and Sicilians. Or your last meatball.

      I’m neither. But I listen and try and learn from the wise.

      Good fatherly advice for upcoming father’s day. In my opinion the more important Day over mothers. I make no apologies to moms or wives. None.


  26. So what happened with Hood-Schifino? Even with the Judah Mintz commitment there is room for 2 point/shooting guards. Is there another recruit out there that we don’t know about, or is it payback for his previous de-commit?


    1. That is a real good question, but I doubt it is payback or they wouldn’t have scheduled the visit in the first place. Would love to know the reasoning though.

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    2. Now that’s a good question. Mintz was a really nice get, but he sounds like more of a 2 guard, and even if he was going to play point, Capel would still want 2 guards in 2022 anyway, right? I’d bet there’s either another unknown verbal, or Capel found out that HS was not that serious about his interest. I also wonder if, after the Reid buyout, that maybe spending too much time for elite recruits is not a good strategy at this juncture of his tenure.

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      1. I’m hoping that Coach Capel just decided that enough is enough when it comes to the drama of trying to convince high-level recruits to come to Pitt. JHS had what, a year and a half, to decide whether Pitt is It. Time to move on… My guess, Coach sensed he wasn’t coming to Pitt and it was time to move on.

        New motto “Much more hard work – much less drama!”

        Go Pitt.

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    1. I agree. I’m drinking English gin. Should be scotch but I can’t stand the stuff. Nil to nil thus far.

      Free 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


  27. I think they might have found out that Pitt was a fallback if someone else didn’t offer. So Hood-Schifino wanted to keep up the image by making a visit. Pitt may have been willing to accept that arrangement until they locked up Mintz. If that is the case, then I applaud Capel for cancelling the kid.

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  28. As far as football recruiting, some of these early commits are perhaps anxious over where they will end up, or worried if they will get a P5 offer. So they may be committing early to have a spot, and then they bail on that college if they get a better offer. It’s better that they are GONE!

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  29. Some loaded teams in this Pitt outing today…
    I think we finished 13 or 14 under and finished in 7th place.
    2 teams tied at 19 under.

    Nice conversation with Walt Harris…he really likes Kenny at qb.

    Great time with Richman and Major Majors!

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        1. Given gottfried, Walt and Evans liaisons, I think an overwhelming criteria in coach selection is family man. They want a married man with kids. Point of emphasis on married. Sometimes they fail to honor that criteria…see mike haymaker Haywood.


          1. At any other school that wants to win the admins could care less if the coach is screwing around with coeds. I know for a fact Gary Williams at Maryland screwed a lot of female coeds to make any man jealous. His face isn’t covered in team photos at Cole Fieldhouse I’m quite sure.

            That wasn’t the sole reason for Gottfried’s dismissal, but if it was a factor I have less respect for Posvar, the guy who killed football in 1982 and ‘89, with the stake through the heart by canning Gottfried and raising academic standards for athletics.


            1. And what did those raised academic standards get Pitt? The worst decade of Pitt football. And then stable mediocrity.

              It gave the academic eggheads who live in their ivory towers a win. A win over the stupid jocks.

              These people are still around Pitt today exerting influence.

              The same people who think doctor Naismith invented the potato chip.


    1. I’d be a little suspect of a team recording 19 under. 17 birdies and an eagle? Some combination of multiple eagles, birdies and pars? Hmmmm.


      1. This was an unusual scramble in that each group had six players – that’s why the scores were so low.

        This was a great event. The Shadow Lakes course is really nice, the food was good, but the best thing was the company. It was a privilege to join Richman’s team. Everybody contributed. Fran hit many terrific shots, Richman bombed some drives, and we all made a few birdie putts. I even had some decent shots until I ran out of gas on the back nine.

        Talking to Walt was great. Said hello to Sam Clancy. Also chatted a bit with Coach Fisher, who spoke before dinner about the volleyball team. Sounds like maybe another transfer may be on the way…

        Chas Bonasorte gave a hilarious speech where he talked about his days of playing for Johnny Majors and how he became the Kamikaze Kid.

        Anytime you get to share a golf cart with Lastrow is a very good day!

        Go Pitt.

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  30. The ACC network is showing reruns of classic Pitt football games starting at 2:00PM today. Starts with both Sugar bowls with Georgia. Then 2003 Texas A&M game. & 1982 WVU.

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  31. Pitt should be buying up more condemned properties in south Oakland and the City should be aggressive with the demo of the slums. Fine the owners and if they can’t pay for improvements to bring up to code, auction off the property. Bates is a horrible entrance to Oakland.


  32. I always talk about UPMC being Pitt’s money maker, that I completely forgot about the real estate … just another reason why Pitt does not need a nationally ranked athletics program … it’s not even a large part of the Pitt experience that the University sells. You have to spend money to make money and Pitt does not believe the expense necessary to build a national program is worth the risk or the reward … Pitt is a financially secure school that doesn’t have to worry about the ebbs and flows of a successful program. It is what it is. Athletics legitimizes Pitt so they invest what is necessary … just not more.


    1. Pitt found financial security in the ACC but they still heavily subsidize sports. Pitt likes the national attention and credentials of being a division one school. It will only do the minimum to stay within this club.

      Pitt will probably put up a parking lot where those buildings stand. South Oakland paradise.


      1. Yep, we’re in agreement. It’s why I don’t get too upset over football and basketball. I know a lot of luck is needed for national relevance because Pitt isn’t necessarily trying to ascend to the top. If we had more peaks like the Dixon era teams I’d probably agree more with you on the coaches and AD’s making a difference … but literally everyone (regardless of sport) has the same results outside of those early Dixon years the last 40 years. Pitt divested too much in the 90’s but they learned what the floor is and now understand what line they can’t cross before it all bottoms out. The reward for reaching the pinnacle of athletics isn’t worth the investment when you look at the University as a business. It’s expensive, takes commitment and resources, and it would be a long term project … and if Pitt doesn’t get there a huge waste of money … and if they do get there, the profit won’t be significant since you have to spend even more money to remain at that level.

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        1. They could at the very least have a self sustaining athletics program without having to raid the general fund each year.

          Raking in the big time profit of Texas or A&M is another story. No two schools do it better. Must be a Texas thing. 🤠


  33. First off Tex, there are very few condemned properties in Oakland, they are too valuable.
    Those condemned on Bates St. were waiting for the government to redo the Allies and Bates St. intersection.
    If you read the article it says that Pitt plans to turn that area into green space for a more presentable entrance to Oakland. However there is only so much that can be done because you still have to enter Oakland on single lane through the residential area.

    The only way you change that is through eminent domain which won’t happen in our lifetime.

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    1. Plenty of slums though that would never pass code here in Texas. One thing I do like about my area – it’s clean, it’s new and has excellent enforcement of code. With code standards being very high. Why is a city playing by lower standards. I know but won’t say publicly.

      I’d do everything legally possible and then some to rid south Oakland of delapidated and frankly unsafe properties. I’d aggressively target the slumlords. Pitts pockets and the city’s pockets are bigger. Make it a court battle. I have utter disdain for those property owners. Students deserve far better. South Oakland is no different than places in Calcutta or Rio. And this is America.

      And happy Juneteenth today. We Texans gave y’all a federal holiday and this one does have real significance unlike Columbus Day.


    2. Gordo, you will like this. Since we’re in the lazy days of summer pattern, I’ll begin working on an article examining why Pitt needs to build a MPC. You’ll become convinced. I’ll make a believer out of you. However, Ike may have a good laugh.


  34. Just finished watching Mintz tapes. Found 10. Based on what I saw, he is the best player on the Pitt BBall team as we start the season!


    1. Don’t build up my hopes just to dash them. Say something like his tapes are decent. There’s some potential there. Could have a high ceiling.

      But now you got me thinking ACC all American and first round nba draft pick.

      Dan , why did you have to go there. 🤠


        1. I trust your report. Makes me want to down an extra shot of Texas bourbon. There’s no debate on that one. I will. Thanks Dan.


  35. Just heard Pomp say that the Steeler’s receivers had 43 drops last season. Yikes!

    Hoping Coach Marion is working on this problem on the Panther’s side of the practice facility…

    Go Pitt.


  36. Tex, I’m looking forward to that article on the MPC. By the way, I spoke with a past Pitt player today who I think is in a position to know. He feels that the Rooney family is controlling things and could possibly threaten to leave the North Side if Pitt doesn’t share the facility. He believes that the Rooneys control City Hall, and could make matters difficult for Pitt if they tried to build a new MPC, which could draw events from Heinz.

    We have seen with the recent purchase of Oakland property that Pitt can get its hands on land if it wants to. They have a constant search process always going on and will grab up available property if it suits them. Not many people knew about the Bates St. purchase ahead of time because they do things through 3rd party buyers to keep the costs down. If big pockets Pitt, or any big corporation like UPMC, makes an offer on a property, the cost immediately goes up.


    1. Agreed. All these land transactions are through third parties. I think they all have Cyprus accounts.


  37. Enjoying watching the US Open. The big names are lurking but the no names are leading.

    I beat up my psuX competitors this morning – the golf course was in excellent shape and the rough was thick. My competitive self showed up with my Pitt colors – nothing ICEY.

    Hearing that Walt Harris is smitten with KP at QB makes me think just maybe year five of the Pickett charge will produce a 9 plus win season. Then I remember who the OC and HC are and I go back to watching the US Open.

    EE who is very competitive, hates to lose and struggles to be a post-1983 Pitt FB fan.

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