Advice From Our Parents

I was picking up my mail the other day – we have a communal mailbox down the street – and as I got out of the car I did as I always do; walked around the rear of the car to get to the mailbox. I did this because I kept the car running while I walked over to the box.

When I got back home I was woolgathering and wondered how I learned to avoid killing myself if the car jumped a gear like that. Then I remembered my father taught me that back we I was a little kid.

That got me wondering about how many other small tidbits of advice and wisdom I received from my parents, teachers and other adults as I grew up. So – I thought maybe this would be a good topic to comment on so that we might learn some valuable advice that we, or our kids and grandkids, might benefit from.

Here are a couple from my parents:

When I was 13 years old my dad sat me down and said this; “If you want to be popular with girls here is what you do – every time you are at a party walk straight up to the prettiest girl and introduce yourself then ask her name. Other boys won’t do that because they are shy or whatever – but that girl will probably be grateful you did it because everyone else is scared of her.”

Here is the kicker to that, then he said: Start a conversation with her and let her talk. When she does, listen to her like she’s an actual human being (love that part) – don’t talk about yourself but ask her follow up questions about what she’s saying.”

Worked pretty damn well if I do say so…

Also, my mother told me once “Beware of small minded people with small power.” How right she was! Her belief was that sometimes those in a lower bureaucratic position who can say yes or no to simple requests will many times say “no” just because they can. It is the only power they hold over others. I’ve found that to be true many times also.

When I was about six my oldest brother told me “Don’t eat yellow snow” but I thought he was joking so I asked if that was true. Then he slapped me on the head and called me an idiot but that wasn’t anything new.

Have any of these bits of advice to share? Please do…

Also on a separate note – this is a follow up to the incident I was involved in a while back. The Howard County police sent me these nice things:

Now – I asked if my future traffic citations could be tossed for 2021 and got a resounding “NO!”.