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  1. Well if pitt goes to regional, there will be some good baseball talk.

    Anything uplifting like volleyball and soccer were this season

    But I can go all summer long talking about an OCS. 🤠


  2. Before everyone starts commenting on any of the suggested topics, a thank you to someone. A couple of weeks ago distilled adult beverages were being discussed and someone suggested I (a confirmed scotch drinker) should try Whistle Pig or Bullet rye. I’ve since tried Whistle Pig. Not sure it will replace my taste for scotch, but I like it. So thanks, whoever made the suggestion. I now have a bottle ready for future tastings. skaal.


  3. If I ever meet you Hobie, there will be a bottle of bourbon in my right and a bottle of rye in me left.

    Now if UPitt and I meet up at a baseball regional, there will be plenty of bourbon, vinegar and good times. I’m itchin to know where Pitt goes.


    1. I thought Texans wore big irons (not Iron City) on their hips. Big bourbon and big rye are better. PS. I’m smiling when saying this. If we do meet, I look forward to it, Tex.


  4. Freshman year at Pitt (1968)
    walking into the Student Union I can still hear BJ Thomas singing “Hooked on a Feeling”
    The rest of that year was a blur…haha.

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  5. The past month or so I enjoyed following /watching some excellent athletes and teams at Pitt.
    I couldn’t believe they lost the soccer semi after dominating all game, similar with the women volleyball team.

    The wrestling team had some excellent results as have the baseball team with some possible draftees.

    It seems like there has been some solid recruits in each of those sports. The two basketball teams continue to piece together a credible team for 2021-22 season. Each need a big score to move to the middle of the conference.

    Finally, I look forward to the football team this season with lots of hope withreturnees and a good class plus an easier sked. And June has been a good recruiting month.

    Check out the article in PSN on the number of Pitt alum as basketball coaches. Jamie Dixon seemed to recruit many smart and basketball savvy players committed to the game.

    it’s been a good and surprising diversion the past few months.

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    1. Amen to that, Mark. Definitely a surprising and good diversion. Still can’t get over how involved I got with women’s volleyball. Yoi and double yoi.

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      1. Too many people think womens volleyball is gym class volleyball- until they see it. They have tremendous athletes. I hope the vb team has nice crowds at their games in the fall.

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  6. I was out to dinner tonight for my wife’s birthday. Behind us in the next booth was a family who’s daughter had just returned from her freshman year at LSU. Mom and dad were talking about their experience attending an LSU football game. I was jealous with envy!

    Campers come in Friday eve for a Saturday game and stay free for the weekend. LSU sets up 20- 30 booths all over the parking lot for food and beverages. Many are gratis from the Alumni Committee. Events are planned every daylight half hour which include free breakfasts for parents and students on site. Their tailgates are an “event”. These folks were gushing over their experience.

    Compare that to our gathering under a bridge for a few hours. ( not that I don’t absolutely love all that attend and those that put in the hard set up work!). Pitt does so little for alums and parents. It’s no wonder our donations are last in the ACC.

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    1. I can introduce you guys to the Troll I know who lives under the Tarentum Bridge. He’s my Pitt insider.


  7. After the Ryan-Lewis-interception-beat-PSUcks game, I tailgated with a bunch of Nits under the overpass, next to a rusty chain link fence and a passed-out hobo.
    Some of our celebratory limitations are self-inflicted; others are not.
    And why we can’t be like other schools, with the full athletic support of the administration, remains an enigma.
    Still, H2P.
    And hail to the PittPOV family.

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  8. At those top programs RV’s come
    I’m on Tuesday and tailgates start Wednesday night. Worry not though captain compliance has a plan. This year you get 2 fantas if you buy a Dino cat drawing from Carrick Jr. High.


  9. Save a kitten from a tree and you might get free tickets.

    Pitt has a genius marketing staff.


  10. Looking for something positive to say but the gents have it right. Only the Pitt Administration can pull the wool over the eyes…..of the Pitt Administration. Most everyone else has caught on to the shenanigans and has turned a very good fan base into an excuse making fanbase that accepts mediocrity.

    Crazy thing is that LSU is no different than many many other institutions in the P5 and unfortunately for us, Pitt is in the minority of universities where it just doesn’t matter. Awful. Hubris is the drink of ineptitude.


  11. I refuse to believe that the Pitt Athletics Dept. is incompetent, inept or even lazy. Something else is at work here. It doesn’t take a genius to get on a plane and go see how the top programs operate. I just think THEY DON’T WANT TO KNOW. It’s not money. It must be wrapped up in their relationships with the Steelers and the City. Don’t upstage the Steelers or the City…


      1. You sayin Pitt will win about 5 games this season? I count 3 of 4 OOC games – Pitt hasn’t gone undefeated in non-conference since I was in school.

        I then see this as a down year in the ACC for Pitt with the Panthers winning 2 regular season ACC games and missing a bowl game.

        Attendance will be at an all time low and COVID will be the blame.

        I hope I’m wrong, but that is what I see, feel and predict.

        My expectations are much higher in that I expect 9 or 10 wins.

        I am looking forward to the tailgating at home games. If Pitt gets to 6-0 (2-0 in the ACC), I’ll consider traveling to an away game as my predictions will be surpassed and my expectations within reach.

        Finishing 3-4 would be so SOP…


          1. Is that auto driver or golf club driver?


            Enjoy your Memorial Day with family and friends.

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  12. I’m thinking Ockham with this one. Pitts mediocrity is best explained by a desire to be mediocre and nothing exceptional. Therefore, you don’t need smart and hard working people running the show. Now why the desire for mediocrity? I have several hypothesis. But from a culture standpoint, pitt abhores athletics. It’s dirty and smelly. But so was coal and steel in the day. Pitt fails to grasp the economics. It refuses to run sports as a business. It’s a non profit institution of higher learning for the masses. Honor the mission statement. Pitt can choke on that statement. I see heather at regionals, I’ll tell her that personally.

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  13. Come on, people. We’re smarter than this, right? While I agree with Dan and am jealous of those universities who own parking lots and even cow pastures surrounding their football stadium, that is not an option for Pitt. Most all lots throughout Pittsburgh are owned or managed by ALCO Parking. They set the rules. I feel fortunate that they allow Pitt to determine, through donations and priority points, parking lot pass assignments so that friends can park and tailgate together. Of course someone will fabricate some clout that the Pitt Administration has or should have to bring ALCO to their knees if they wanted to. If so, apparently the Steelers have chosen not to exercise their clout over ALCO, as their fans have the same restrictions as Pitt fans.

    ALCO’s current rules for parking for Heinz Field lots are as follows:
    Lots open 2 hours before kickoff.
    Attendants will direct you to the next spot in order.
    No tailgating
    No port-a-johns
    No campers, RVs, motorhomes.
    City Police Officer assigned to enforce their rules.
    Leave immediately following game. No tailgating or loitering allowed.

    Of course these are pandemic rules. Hopefully they will be rescinded by September but would anyone be surprised if they weren’t?

    At best, we will return to the old rules of lots opening 5 hours before kickoff. No canopies. No purchase of an empty space to set up tables. No grills or chafing dishes in garages, etc.

    I’m not sure what we expect the Pitt Administration to do. Surely not purchase parking lots or other property around Heinz Field for 7 tailgate events a year?

    Why does every topic need to be twisted to form a criticism of the Pitt Administration or coaches? We are Pitt fans, right?

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    1. That’s the set up Farmer’s. If you compare Pitt with any SEC team’s tailgating you are doomed to failure.
      But if you compare Pitt’s old pre-game at all of the Oakland Bars to the new line-up of establishments on the North Side not much of a difference other than the students can no longer walk home. The interaction between students and alum and other fans wasn’t that much of a connection anyway.

      While tailgating and barhopping are great ways for fans to connect, the most important factor that differentiates Pitt from the Football factories is the quality of play.

      Making fun of Fantas, logos, jersey colors, off campus stadium are all just frustration with the product on the field. Correct that and everything changes.

      Of course some guys will always complain unless you win a National Championship…


      1. Wouldn’t it be good to see this current HC win more games than they lose on a consistent basis. At 42-34 he is averaging 7 wins and 5.67 loses per season. In four of his seasons, his team has lost 5 games and in the other two, Pitt has lost 7.

        In season seven, does anyone believe this team will replace six NFL drafted players and finally have a breakthrough 9+ win season.

        By the way, in six seasons, the bowl record is 1-3, with losses to Navy (great year for the Midshipmen), Northwestern (mediocre Wildcat season)and Stanford (mediocre Cardinal season). The lone win is vs MAC
        E. Michigan who was 6-6 and 3-5 in the MAC.


    1. Does Fearbry hold an offer from Pitt? The article indicates NO, he does not.

      The WPIAL has sparse talent and you would think Pitt could find a way to attract the best of the best.


  14. The big differentiator is that sports is part of the culture and the fabric of the campus experience. It’s not that way at Pitt.

    Sports is used as a brand and identity at most schools. Not at Pitt.

    Sports is embraced and supported. Not at Pitt

    Sports has their own separate mission statement. See university of Texas. Not at Pitt

    Sports is treated like a business with a customer focus. Not at Pitt

    Seriously, these factories would have never bribed students to stay with free fantas. Would have never messed up the uniforms with some hideous anthracite. Would have never allowed elementary kids from carrick to draw the Pitt at the 50. Would never bus their own students to games.

    There is plenty that separates Pitt from these other schools. It’s mindset. It’s leadership. It’s actions. It’s culture.

    It’s more than just wins or lack of on the field.

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    1. While I agree with most of what you say, look at the Pete when Pitt was winning 20 plus games yearly.
      Yes there were still complaints about Jamie Ball, but for the most part winning cures a lot of problems.

      Sure that the factories don’t bribe with Fantas, they just bribe, players, families, handlers to get the players to come. There are many teams with unusual uniform choices.

      I agree with the culture argument, but the one thing you always forget is that it works both ways, organizations react to their constituents, there is no demand for change. Basic economics of supply and demand, there will never be an OCS because the constituents don’t demand it, just a few voices in the wilderness.


  15. Tailgating with Scooter several years ago we plugged in a small space heater and a crock pot in the Red Garage.
    It was bitterly cold and you are not allowed to grill.
    The Garage Gendarme quickly told us we were forbidden to use the electric outlets available near our vehicles.
    Of course as soon as he left we re-plugged and promptly tripped the circuit breaker on the entire one side of the garage! No power.

    We avoided eviction only because they couldn’t prove it was us…😎

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  16. College Baseball selection Monday –

    There are 30 Division I Conferences which will receive an automatic berth in the field of 64, along with 34 at-large selections. The Men’s College World Series begins play Saturday, June 19, at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska.


    Southeastern 7 (Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi St., Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt)

    Big 12 3 (TCU, Texas, Texas Tech)

    Pac-12 3 (Arizona, Oregon, Stanford)

    Conference USA 1 (Louisiana Tech)

    Atlantic Coast 1 (Notre Dame)

    American Athletic 1 (East Carolina)

    Not a good indicator for ACC bubble teams – 30 automatic selections, 12 regional hosts (of 16) will be part of the at-large bid number, leaving 22 spots left to be filled. I figure 3 more SEC teams, 2 more each from PAC 12, BIG12 and five each from the ACC, Big Joke and other smaller conference teams (MAC, Big East, Conf-USA, etc). Pitt was seeded #10 in the ACC tournament (4 spots outside of a bid).

    A bid will be far reaching, but our Q1 win total is top 5 in the country.

    Go Pitt!


  17. I think Pitt gets in. They will be the lowest three seed. P5 schools never get 4 seeds. Those are the conference winners. The auto qualifiers from the Minor conferences. But I think they get placed in the toughest brackets. Who are your top five ranked teams. Arkansas and Texas are the ones I know. I’m thinking Fayetteville or Austin. Never been to Fayetteville. 6 hour drive for me.


    1. Vandy for sure in the top 5. Texas Tech, TCU and Tennessee could contend for top five honors.

      That puts Pitt in Texas or Tennessee by your logic.

      Fingers crossed for East Carolina or Louisiana Tech…


      1. I would take Nashville and Vandy over Arkansas any day.

        Arkansas is more redneck than West Virginia.


  18. A good AD would be calling in favors right now. Grease the wheel. I don’t consider that tampering or cheating. That’s how business is done. But does she have any influence. If not, why is she around.


  19. What Dan described at LSU was a yearly “Parents Weekend”, mainly attended by the parents of incoming freshmen. U of SC has one but no special arrangements are made for parents at the 3 miles off campus stadium. U of SC controls a small percentage of available parking in the stadium area and you pay to park in one. We paid $800 for two side by spaces. I could write a dissertation on U of SC and other SEC stadiums football parking & tailgating but I won’t.

    I actually love the Red 5A spot. Convenient to stadium for attendees either walking or taking the T. The bridge shields you from the elements. The wall give you a place to either sit, lean against or set a beverage. After all, tailgating is about the people who gather at them. I plan to attend one Pitt home and away game this year.

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  20. My fav tailgate spot was by the Clark building. Underneather the overpasses. Right by that hillside. I always tried to tailgate there. That was back in the 90’s.


  21. Pitt’s pandering is actually embarrassing on Twitter. One post find but 23 posts is borderline no one wants to dance with you and you are throwing a fit.

    Arkansas is progressive and beautiful in the cities. I was there last summer and it was beautiful and clean and great people. It rivaled my part of Texas Tex. Lots of jobs also.

    As far as Pitt, I think Louisville edges them out. Storied program and no way losing 9 of 10 games deserves to get in.


  22. Farmers is right about ALCO Parking. And this proves my point that the City controls the circumstances involving parking rules and so many other Pitt related things that it is impossible to run an athletics program that matches the elaborate programs of the top universities.

    I think the real issue is that the City is unhappy with the status of Pitt being a non-taxable entity within the City limits, and they are not able to suck huge property taxes out of the University, or even UPMC’s substantial property holdings. The highest paid university professional is the head of UPMC, and I believe he lives comfortably in Fox Chapel, which benefits from his sizable personable income taxes instead of the City. Even Mike Tomlin lives within the City limits, which is probably a contractual requirement for any Steelers head coach.

    It would be difficult to overcome this tax hostility between Pitt and the City unless Pitt somehow puts some skin in the game, something that the City really wants. For example, what if Pitt were to offer 100 free tuition scholarships each year to graduates of the City schools? Or maybe offer City employees favorable pricing for UPMC’s medical insurance? There are probably many other things to offer up. City schools could determine the criteria for warding the scholarships. Pitt in turn could get some favorable treatment with MPC siting and permit fees, and the City would not oppose the MPC. Things work better using a carrot rather than a stick..

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  23. Halfway through the ncaa baseball selections and no Pitt yet. Alabama and UNC are both bubble teams who received bids that I thought Pitt should beat out for a seat at the table.

    Uh oh!


    1. I listened to XM 84 College Sports radio from 11am to noon. The “experts” have us on the bubble but say our end of season skid will probably keep us out.


  24. L’Ville will get the other one. My opinion and end of season absolute crash hurt them.


  25. Can the Twitter posts stop now please. Heather has as much pull as everyone’s drunk uncle who knows a guy. You can’t start talking about hosting a regional and absolutely choke away a seed to even make it. It got to their heads.


  26. Pitt is out

    Late season crash and burn did them in

    First four out

    Baylor Georgia didn’t make it

    Said struggle at end of year was reason why

    Pitt wasn’t playing well


  27. Ouch! Pitt passed over and just a few short weeks ago they were ranked #14 and considered to host a regional.

    No Louisville, VA Tech and Pitt – all with late season skids.

    I’ll beat HC Bell wishes he had shaken that up that line-up.

    Pitt was one of the first four out according to the selection committee chair.

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  28. To be ranked as high as 14

    Nine weeks in. The rankings

    And then not to get a bid

    Is epic collapse

    Heather gives bell an extension


  29. Never saw such an absolute crash from a host to not even making it. 3 for 12 will do it every time. A real AD with clout would have helped.


  30. That was painful to watch. Alabama got in with winning only 3 series in the SEC – all against the bottom 3 teams.

    Other than that one case, Pitt has no reason to complain other than the poor play and coaching to finish the season.


  31. SOP

    When things didn’t work, Coach Bell needed to change things up. He didn’t.

    When Pitt sports isn’t working, the BoT needs to change things up. They won’t.

    Out of 18 programs, only three made the playoffs. Men’s soccer. Volleyball. Wrestling…two wrestlers made the finals.

    Yes track and swimming and even wrestling are a bit different and don’t fit the traditional format. So I look at how programs did in the ACC. Middle to Bottom tier they did.

    At least pitt had very good swimming and track teams in my day and the big east. Football about the same. Basketball better. Wrestling and volleyball always good or solid. Not elite. Baseball decent. Soccer stunk.

    So have things gotten better since joining the ACC?

    I don’t see much evidence of that. And if the ACC is too tough a conference, maybe pitt needs to get out.

    Real disappointed in how sports is run at pitt. Pitt had a chance to renew school spirit but they fumbled the ball yet again.

    Anything come out of the great runs by soccer and volleyball. Pitt wanted that success quickly forgotten. Pitt fans might catch some crazy pitt fever. Fans might demand the same of football and basketball. My goodness pitt might become excellent in sports. We can’t have that.

    It’s by design that pitt is this bad and mediocre.

    I was really looking forward to traveling and watching pitt baseball.

    Epic choke job.


  32. Tex – That’s what I’m saying. You blame the coaches and AD’s but it’s by design. Pitt has the money to spend but they choose not to. They have the endowment. I don’t want to hear excuses about earmarks. You can rob from Peter to pay Paul … everyone does it. They have local businesses and boosters who can and will chip in when necessary … but the focus is not Pitt athletics. The porch is still academics. Pitt leadership, at the highest levels, have to make a commitment to Pitt being a nationally renowned athletic university. It’s a choice they make. You want elite and nationally ranked programs … then you have to put up the money to match the expectations. Anything and everything else is a moot point. Investment, first. Enhancements, second. Like the old adage says, you have to spend money to make money. Pitt has decided they don’t want to spend money. I love Pitt. Still root for Pitt and watch as many games as possible. But, I won’t trust Pitt until they make the proper and necessary commitment to compete at a national level let alone a regional level.


    1. Well no self respecting coach or AD settles for mediocrity.

      The Pitt BoT sure knows how to hire those who will be compliant.

      I don’t trust Pitt either. They betrayed their trust and bond with fans when the Killer B’s took charge.

      Athletics is only around so the chancellor and his academic cronies can drink tea in nice settings with high end school presidents.

      It helps hide the truth that overall pitt is just a middling academic school. But it wants to play dress up and pretend it’s ivy.


      1. Tex,

        I think you completely misunderstand the business part of sports. Lol. I have this discussion with people all the time. Winning isn’t the only thing that matters when money is involved. A lot of people (players, coaches, AD’s, Administrators) see money > winning. In professional sports, just watch how players move … they follow the money … until they’re in the twilight of their careers and can go ring chasing.

        Sports are entertainment, and have been for a very long time. You have organizations committed to winning and you have others that are not. Pitt is basically the equivalent of a mid-market team in professional sports. They don’t think they can win, so they don’t try. What they do try to do is develop big time talent before they leave and shine elsewhere … See Pitt’s 8 NFL HoF’s with more on the way …


        1. Pitt doesn’t have the revenues to be elite. I don’t want elite. I want top 25 in both football and basketball. You can do that with the right coaches and the right scheduling.

          But today, pitt over spends on football for mediocre results. And basketball is just a financial drain.

          Pitt needs new leaders and a new culture. It starts with the BoT.

          Need two boards. One academic. One athletic. Each has their own mission statement. That’s how it begins.


  33. Pitt got jobbed again. UNC got their slot in Lubbuck as Baseball America had Pitt in Lubbock.
    Even though Pitt beats them in the ACC Tournament.

    Additionally the Holes were only 2 games above .500, Pitt was 3 games over .500

    Pitt had more Q1 wins. Pitt took 2 of 3 from them, plus the one in the Tourney so 3-1 head to head.

    The RPi’s were nearly identical.

    The late season collapse didn’t help, but we still got jobbed.


      1. It’s the same deal in Bowl Bids. We always get the lower trash bowl or none at all. So there is precedence here.

        Also Pitt, when it got Basketball bids usually got sent to far away destinations, so nobody could go.
        Sans a couple of exceptions.

        I remember a couple, Pullman, Washington and Boise, Idaho. LOL

        So you have a good regular season and you still get jobbed come Tourney time.

        Some things never change with Pitt. And this is one of them.


    1. UNC was competitive down the stretch and is also a regular participant of postseason play. The selection committee members knew of Pitt as losers of their last 7 regular season games – that was a huge negative. Especially the season ending series sweep by last place W_F. That smell never went away.

      It lingers still today…


      1. Yep. Losing to state is one thing. But to wake is inexcusable. And the games weren’t even close.

        So what explains the late season collapse. Did pitt tank on purpose. Sure looks that way to me.


          1. That’s what happens when you hire assistants that have never been head coach. Pitt should have hired a proven head coach from one of the three mid major southern conferences. But no. They went looking in Florida in the ACC for a pitching coach at a rival.

            Pitchers, goalies and quarterbacks make terrible coaches in my experience. I have various thoughts why.


              1. And when she left, eastern Michigan had to cut four programs given their financial dire straits.

                I think 20/20 did an expose on this school while heather was in charge. I’ve seen the video. It is damning and heather looks clueless in it with her answers. I think she was dressed in white.

                Pitt knew the shenanigans they were playing just to keep the football program afloat. Yet they still hired her. She’s only using pitt for her resume. Michigan is her home state.

                Pitt needs someone who knows football. Someone who knows Pitt. Someone who doesn’t say um over fifty times in a 15 minute zoom call.


  34. Bama also got in. And they didn’t deserve it. Guy on tv said strength of schedule was the only reason.

    Nc state was also sent far. They deserved to be close to home.

    This will probably be the closest Pitt gets to a regional in another 25 years

    Dogs will have plenty of bleacher space for games next season


    1. Bama has a pretty high RPi of 31.

      Here’s two that got in that definitely shouldn’t have.

      Maryland at 60 RPi
      Michigan at 88 RPi

      Big Farce


      1. They needed more teams from the big ten. I think the ACC got 8 teams. They took from the ACC.

        The ACC is just a joke conference always getting pushed around.

        Pitt fits right in


  35. So for the next three months, I really don’t think there is anything positive to talk about regarding Pitt athletics. Damn shame.

    Guess heather can go on her annual three month vacation at OBX then.

    I guess Narduzzi can tweet to his 50 followers.


  36. Pitt stadium and forbes field were once in Oakland. Just sayin.


    1. Actually drinking a crack berry from bishop cider co

      Texas product

      It really does say crack
      Motto: One sip and you’re hooked
      Tart and balanced
      It’s definitely not Koolaid. 🤠


  37. Pitt now provides the footprint for mediocrity and NO academic or athletic program aspires to be them. Our AD is awful. She should have been on those phones leveraging her contacts (oh she doesn’t have them), to get the team in. She should have been working the phones weeks ago.

    +1 at TT. You can’t trust Pitt with anything they say, because what they say and what they do are completely at odds with each other. I know many of you like the sports information guy. At some point, you have to tell the truth and stop perpetuating the lies that are Pitt sports. Trust me, people have tuned out Pitt for the very reason TT states. No trust in the product or the people.


    1. He’s pretty long and will help immensely on defense. Pitt won’t be a bully-ball team, but defense is where this team must excel and has big guards in Femi, Sabade and Burton to defend the perimeter. Hugley, with offseason conditioning, should improve. The key will be Will’s development but he is still so young.


    2. Tex, he’s just another “guy”. He has no offense and playing for Stoneybrook vs Pitt and ACC is the difference between playing Pony League Baseball and the Majors…. not that I’m trying to be negative!


      1. That is the worst conference in America or close. BU left because it was so bad. BU sports makes Pitt look like Alabama.


  38. Trust. That’s the key word. Do we trust the leadership at Pitt.

    I do trust them to continue the cycle of mediocrity

    I do trust them to market bad to mediocre products

    I do trust them to continue failing at finding ways to generate more revenues

    I do trust them to continue subsidizing athletics at one of the highest levels in all P5

    I do trust them to be reactive, non accountable, non transparent, and untimely in all their communications and interactions with stakeholders.

    I do trust them to continue lying about attendance figures

    I do trust them to pick the ugliest alternative uniforms for our players

    I do trust them to keep hiring unproven assistant coaches for head coach positions

    I do trust them to continue botching the ooc scheduling for football by playing New England teams

    I do trust them to keep extending mediocre coaches and grossly ocverpay for incompetence.

    I do trust them to go massively into debt building facilities that generate negative cash flows

    I do trust them to continue being near dead last in the directors cup every year among P5 schools

    Pitts Big Lie is the front porch

    Pitt will do just enough to keep fans from revolting. Pitt is only interested in doing the bare minimum to stay a member in the ACC.

    They must think Pitt fans are idiots. They must think we’re low information. They must think we don’t care. They must think we aren’t critical thinkers.

    They think wrong.


    1. Tex, you just sound like broken record. Can you please give it a rest? Do you have to ruin every discussion with your repetitive negativity? Try to have some restraint so.we don’t have to listen to you drone on about the same things…. over and over and over.

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      1. Truth hurts.

        And Pitt will do nothing about it until fans like you decide to take a stand.

        That stand is a fininacial one. The only one they understand.

        You can’t just go on pretending things are great or things will just magically get better. They won’t.


  39. He’s the type of player that Pitt needs to recruit and develop over 4 years. That’s how pitt can be successful in the ACC. I like the NYC pipeline. Pitt also needs to lay some pipes to Philly and DC/Baltimore.


  40. Does anyone know if there will be a Summer league for these players so that we can get a look at them? They need some Summer competition to get ready for Fall practice and to get to know each other.


  41. Have not heard about a summer league. Since Pitt lost it’s three top scorers it will be interesting to see where the offense comes from. At least it seems better now than it did two months ago.


    1. Also top rebounders. Really sad that we won’t see another season of Champ. I rank him pretty high on Pitt’s list of best players, even though he played on some poor teams.


      1. He’s probably outside the top ten


        But another year at Pitt and he could have been cracking the top 5


  42. And Pitts problem isn’t unique. How many northeastern and Midwest schools made the 64? Maybe 4 right. Baseball is a southern and western sport.

    If Pitt can’t be competitive in the ACC, they really should drop baseball. Saves them probably $4 million per year and frees up facility space.


  43. Annie,
    I stopped gifting when pitt fired Wanny. Not that I didn’t agree with the decision but how it was handled. Then Pitt hires this guy that beats his baby momma. Then Pitt hires this guy that is a complete fraud. Then Pitt hires this guy who’s getting on the job training. Then Pitt hires this guy who…I won’t say.

    You telling me I should trust the BoT, trust the chancellor and trust the AD.

    I wasn’t born yesterday.


  44. Wow, does Capel realize we play in the ACC.

    Some stiff from Stony Something….who didn’t even average 10 ppg.

    We are definitely going down the Stony End.


    1. Stony is a good SUNY school. I have to defend my SUNY brothers. Heck, he could have come from SUNY Brockport. Jock school. Stony kids at least have brains.


      1. Use to drink and chase girls at SUNY-Fredonia.

        Even brought one back to the Burgh. lol

        They still are all 3rd rate hoops schools.


          1. From my understanding Oats was not interested in coming to Pitt.

            Almost a lateral move what with Pitt’s bball implosion.

            And he probably wanted no parts of Blouse or Atom Counter. Would you ?


            1. Buffalo countered. Gave him a raise. Bought time. Next year he was off to bammy. Oats didn’t want to work for heather. He also didn’t want to walk into a dumpster fire unless he was paid $4 million and had some free reigns. Pitt wasn’t it for him. Don’t blame him. My three booster sources at UB all highly recommended him. They all also hated Hurley when he was there as coach. One actually got into trouble with the admin for saying things. I hate that Hurley clan.


  45. 1642 players in the Portal. And this is the best Capel could do.

    2 guys from lower Tier Conferences, that are the Conferences all the P5 schools
    schedule for all their non-con basketball rent-a-wins.

    A guy from a Community College.
    Only one that’s actually played in a legit program. (TT & Wichita State)

    Unless that Freshman class from last year, really gets good quick, this is looking to be a last place


  46. My crystal ball says 7 ACC wins. 18 wins total. Just missed on a NIT invite.

    Average attendance at 6500. 60 percent capacity.

    $4 million dollars lost.


    1. Are you doing triple bourbon shots ? lol

      We only had 6 ACC wins this year. And that was with the leading scorer & rebounder in the
      conference and runnerup ACC POY. Plus X & Toney, who rated out fairly high on
      that website you posted the other day.

      I don’t see more than 2 ACC wins and 10 total.

      But I do like you see $4 Million Dollars lost !


  47. I do not think Champ was anywhere near the top 25 all-time Pitt hoopers. The guy was the best player on awful teams. In order to be successful at the next level he needs to immediately change his body. Add 15 pounds of muscle, work on hs ball handling, passing and perimeter shooting against guys that are as big or bigger than him.

    He seemed to play well against inferior athletes.

    I wish him well and hope he gets drafted. He may do well in Europe where they can only have so many USA players on their roster. He will do well against lesser players from other countries. Again, I wish him well.

    Agree with Dan. This new recruit from the potty is mix n match. Take em or leave em. I will support him but see nothing that helps Pitt win other than some fouls to give. It’s getting late in the recruiting season and it would have been a bigger disaster to go into the season with one kid on the team that is 6’9″ or more.

    Guess what folks, it’s next year again! Maybe this is the one……lol. Pick a sport!


    1. He’s definitely top 20

      he would surely crack the top ten if he came back.

      Pitt has had only five elite basketball players in history.

      Football has over 30

      Champ is worth at least three Pitt wins


  48. Another top Pitt Forward of all-time played on mostly horrible teams.

    That would be Larry Harris who played after Billy Knight and before Sam Clancy.

    Larry avg’d 23 & 22 ppg and holds 5th & 6th spots on Pitt’s all-time PPG list.

    Other Elite Pitt Players include:

    Charlie Hyatt
    Don Hennon
    Billy Knight
    Sam Clancy
    Clyde Vaughn
    Charlie Smith
    Jerome Lane
    Brian Shorter
    DeJuan Blair
    Sam Young
    Steven Adams
    Lamar Patterson


    1. Adams did nothing at Pitt. And if you add Lamar, might as well add Mobley, Gray, Wanamaker, vonteego

      Some guys went on to the pros. I guess that would be considered elite.

      But my definition is just a bit different. All American in college and you make the pros

      Pitt basketball hasn’t had much success there.

      Maybe one player per decade

      Football however is in a dry spell. No rain in the forecast.


      1. Yea I know what you’re saying, but all-american status can involve sports p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s.

        And all those guys you mentioned, played in the NBA.

        I missed Aaron Gray, who was 3rd team All-American, drafted in Round 2 and 7 seasons in the NBA
        Wanamaker was Honorable Mention All-American (does that count ?) Amazing, took Brad a long
        time but he finally made the NBA in 2018 and is still NBA playing.

        Lamar Patterson was also All-American Honorable
        And he was drafted by the NBA, when they only have 2 rounds and played some in the NBA.

        Adams, well….a NBA Lottery pick regardless….so he’s gotta be on there.


        1. I agree. That all American status is who you know and how much did you pay him for the vote. But I still think if Champ came back, he would most definitely be one of pitt basketballs top ten greats. I wish him well. Good City kid. I’m 25 percent New Yorker so I’m biased.


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