Is Sportsmanship Gone?

This is an older draft of a piece I did right after we POV’ers collected our thoughts regarding Pitt athletics and sent it via email and in hard copy letter form to the AD.

“Sports is a moral undertaking because it requires of participants, and it schools spectators in the appreciation of, noble things – courage, grace under pressure, sportsmanship.”

~ George Will

In our Pitt POV letter to the Pitt Athletic Department sent last week one of the suggestions we fans made was this:

“Bring a feeling of sportsmanship back to Heinz and Pitt fans. As it is if one acknowledges a great play by an opponent he gets screamed at and degraded by other Pitt fans. Perhaps a small video about civility/sportsmanship would be a constant reminder. Maybe a 30-60 second video about Pitt’s history of the opponent? Something to acknowledge our football past with other school we are playing that day- Notre Dame, Penn State, Navy, WVU, etc. but also all opponents.  Maybe a Football alumni in a Public Service type video urging civility and sportsmanship among attendees?”

I feel very strongly about this issue and I’ll tell you why. It isn’t because I come from a different generation than most Pitt fans do – I’m 65 and attended Pitt starting back in 1974 – so I’m probably older than most but then again I’m younger than some also. It is because it has gotten to the point where it just isn’t that enjoyable to go to the games in person any longer. Don’t get me wrong – the tailgating is great and seeing old friends is also. But sitting in a seat surrounded by hundreds of loud, vile and oft times drunken idiots screaming not only at the day’s opponent and their fans, but also our own players and fans is killing what is left of my patience.

Let me give you some examples of how Pitt fans eat their own. These might be older examples but I’ve been told of some more recent ones – but because they aren’t first person I’ll use these.

I got to know Bill Stull’s father through The Pitt Blather when I was writing on there. We’d exchange emails during the off season and try to see each other once or twice at games. Not great friends but friendly acquaintances. His son Bill became our starter in 2008 and had a pretty rough time of it with only a 57% completion rate with 9 TDs to 10 INTs that season. However, LeSean McCoy ran roughshod over our opponents with 1,488 yards and we ended up with a 9-4 record (that we would kill for now.)

That year Pitt fans turned on Stull with a vengeance because, most probably I feel, he wasn’t Tyler Palko and they couldn’t give him much credit at all – but that was understandable as he was a hand-it-off QB primarily.

Then going into the 2009 season that negative feeling about Stull stuck with the fans no matter what he did out on the field as a senior starting QB. I clearly remember us going to the UCONN game that season – Pitt was 4-1 at the time and Stull had been playing lights out: 77/126 (61%) for 988 yards (13 YPC) with 11 TDs to 1 INT which was good for a great 154.20 QB rating.

Yet as I was discussing our plans to watch some of that game with Mr. Stull he asked if we could meet in the upper deck rail area so we did. After a bit I asked him why and he said,” Because no matter what Billy does people scream insults (things) at him… and, dammit, I just don’t want to hear it anymore.

Don’t believe it? I went back down to the lower level for the 2nd half , listened more closely and heard exactly what he was talking about. He wasn’t the only parent who experienced this.

Back around the same time I asked Pat Bostick, SR why his wife didn’t attend Pitt’s home games and he said virtually the same thing “She can’t stand the things the fans say about Pat so she stays home and listens on the radio.

Two true examples about two Pitt kids who gave their best out on the field, bled Blue and Gold, yet got crapped on by so-called Pitt fans regularly. Stull was 18-7 as a starter (or games where he took the majority of snaps) and if you ask Pitt fans about him today the majority still sneer at the mention of his name.

And we all know what Pitt fans feel about QB Tino Sunseri…

The above is incivility by fans toward Pitt’s own players – need we talk about what Pitt fans do with the opponents and the opponent’s fans? Here is perhaps the worse example of all…

We all remember Pat Narduzzi’s first big win against Penn State at Heinz back in 2016. I was at the game watching most of the 2nd half from the press box. When the game was over I started down the ramps with three older couples who were Penn State alumni. We were having a nice conversation about the game when all of a sudden running down behind us were about 10 drunken Pitt fans (from students to older men) who stopped specifically to yell obscenities directly into these peoples faces – older people who were being very gracious in their congratulations to me, a Pitt fan, and for our players for how well Pitt played to win.

I slammed one guy up against the wall and he ran off – still yelling sick crap over his shoulder. In 61 years of being a Pitt fan (yes, from birth) at that moment I felt damned ashamed to be associated with Pitt sports.

It still happens and has made it so I hardly want to drive up and attend games any longer.

Yes, I’m old school. I still value the efforts people put out to accomplish something special, most certainly if it has an affect on my enjoyment of their efforts and especially also if they are student/athletes. I applaud when an opponent’s player makes a great play out on the field; not just a touchdown or whatever, but when a kid does something athletically remarkable I believe he should hear appreciation from the fans of both schools.

Isn’t this really what makes sports all worthwhile? Isn’t the fact that we want to attend games in person, or to watch and listen to them if we can’t be there, and then take the time to discuss those games and the players who busted their asses during the matches so that we can cheer them on and have fun ourselves, proof that we care?

But how many times do we hear and read about how the ‘who, what, when and where‘ reasons Pitt had the lost the game without ever taking the time to look and see things from another point of view and acknowledge that the other team practiced and played just as hard, or harder, to get their victory? It’s not unreasonable folks. Let’s give credit where it is deserved. That is what mature and thinking adults do. We try our best see things as they are, not just how the we want them to be…

It sure as hell should be what we do – and if it isn’t that way for you personally then I pity you for continually slamming that sharp “poor sportsmanship” stick into your eye then whining so loudly about how much it hurts. Doing that at a game ruins the true fan’s enjoyment of the sport being played at the time. Just please stay home, crawl into your shell, and bitch to yourself about how bad life treats you. Otherwise why would you do what you do over and over again? If crapping on others is the best you can think of in how show your appreciation of Pitt’s teams, then you really are showing your true self, and that’s just too bad.


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  1. Yes it’s gone. And will never return. Will get much worse when players get paid.

    Some players actually deserve the boos. Tino sure the hell did.

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    1. Deserved them? For trying his hardest? Come on…the coach is the one that puts them out there. The coach is the one that didn’t have better options on the team. People were thrilled Tina signed with Pitt. His career numbers we’re among the best at Pitt. No kid deserves that crap.

      (Craig – while I agree with your thought here – the POV has a strict policy on swearing so I edited the last word…)


  2. 2 issues —. one pertinent to society, the other pertinent to Pitt

    (1). Society has definitely gotten meaner and there are no signs it’s getting better. There is no longer any constructive discourse, only ridicule. You see it everyday, whether it be sports, politics, communities … or the POV

    (2). As for Pitt. I have long believed Pitt fans suffer from an inferiority complex. Much has to do IMO with how other schools having passed Pitt in many sports programs, especially football. Due to a handful of reasons, a school like Pitt is not able to keep up with schools it used to be equal to, and it has created a lot of frustration and anxiety among Pitt fans

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  3. Reed — excellent article – but I confess I’m several years older than you. Many fans don’t realize, or certainly don’t appreciate all the work college athletes put in.

    I never yell at a player other than to encourage them. We had Dinucci’s Aunt seating near us – sometimes the comments are certainly cringe-worthy…

    It’s one reason I like the fan-engagement that the Women’s BB team does. If you get to know the players, even just a little bit, then you’re more all-in with them, come rain or come shine.

    Go Pitt.

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    1. That is a good point. But Pitt doesn’t help matters when players eat in separate mess halls and sleep in different athletic only dorms apart from the regular student body. Players are rarely seen on campus these days. 23 out of 24 hours are spent on the south side behind locked gates. You might however see a football player around a cathedral oak tree.


      1. Most of the athletes now live in an off campus luxury apartment building called the Bridge.


  4. I will only criticize stupid mistakes and then, only in front of my TV at home. Physical mistakes and bad play happen and I usually shrug.

    I will also at games criticize stupid coaching which I’ve seen way too much of with Duzzwhip!

    I will never forget the crowd sound when I dropped a TD pass in HS. I wouldn’t wish that on any player.

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  5. And it’s not just a pitt problem. I would say pitt fans are pretty tame compared to other fanbases.

    And it doesn’t come close to a Stiller game. I will never take my family to one of those games.

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    1. 100 percent true, Tex. Being at a Pitt game is quite tame compared to a Steelers game.


  6. Wow, Reed. Of all the great articles you have penned, this is your best, in my opinion. I couldn’t agree more. I had a similar experience. My football seats are eight rows behind the Pitt bench. The players’ parents are in the next section to my right. Years ago a young guy, maybe 20 years old, was seated in the seat directly behind me. He was a Pitt fan but not the season ticket holder for that seat. I hadn’t seen him before. He was nonstop ripping on the Pitt quarterback, I believe it was Tyler Palko, at the top of his lungs, from the kickoff. He clearly was annoying not just me but everyone around us. We politely asked him to shut up and he just blew us off. Before long, there was a serious confrontation between him and 20 or so other Pitt fans. Fortunately, a couple of ushers and a city police officer came down before the situation turned physical. They escorted him and the older gentleman with him out. I know some will say that if you bought a ticket you have the right to shout whatever you want at players or coaches. But there is probably some language on the back of the ticket that says you don’t have the right to be an a-hole.

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  7. Van Pelt with the famous quote after the 1989 game versus Rutgers in Ireland: “the people here cheered for us. Our fans boo us at home.”

    Proud to say I’ve never booed an amateur athlete. It is on the coaches who don’t bench a kid for not making a play. When attending Ohio State in the mid 90s I remember the fans loudly booing the Buckeyes heading to the locker room at halftime. I thought is was despicable.

    The pros? Different story. I ream guys on Sunday? When Minkah disappears on Sundays I rip him because I always hear or read he is the best safety in football. So I expect plays to be made. It’s only natural.

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    1. AVP was deserving of his boos. Let’s just say the kid was a jerk on campus. He was a punk kid and other things in my day. I have stories on him.

      One of the players I had utter disdain for. Grossman and Siracusa might have been a holes but they weren’t the p word.


      1. Wow another racist misogynist post from galaxy brain trashing a Pitt great

        This is why I come here


      1. Politicians steal even their words.

        In the Gospel of Mark 3:25, Jesus states, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” That is in response to the scribes’ claim that “by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils.”

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        1. So we should all love mediocrity and get off heathers back?

          No. I want this house to fall.

          Rebuild a new one. A better one.


  8. nice piece Reed

    my issue is always the profanities spewed loud and often with younger children around,

    a certain % of people ARE a-holes, a significantly higher %age of drunk people ARE

    might not be popular to mention here but attended the last Pitt/PSU game and sat amidst I’d guess 98% PSU fans and they couldn’t have been nicer

    if you remember, it was the non-rivalry rivalry game and THAT was the theme being promoted on the stadium large screen display,,,,, attempt to be rather dismissive but clearly not

    had the game turned out the other way, I’d have been really tested to match the PSU fans civility around my section…. 🙂
    damn, that would have felt good

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  9. As encouragement to geezers everywhere, Phil Michelson is leading the final round of the PGA Championship by 3 after 11 holes. At 50 years old, Lefty is trouncing the young guns. Hope he hangs on for the win. If for no other reason than to make up for his shortened life expectancy. 😀

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  10. Pitt is very much into sportsmanship. We lose almost 1/2 our games. How sporting does one need to be.

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    1. Pitt was one of the most penalized teams last year. Pitt football players sure arent good sports. Their undisciplined play is directly attributed to their mentally weak coach.


  11. The first time I went to see Pitt play, I was in high school and Pitt was playing WVU. Near to where my friends and I were sitting was about 10 guys chanting, “Eat (you know what) Pitt.” I assumed they were WVU students, maybe they were Pitt students. I hope I’m kidding.

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    1. In my day, the fights in the stands got more applause than the play on the field. I attended Pitt during the worst era of pitt football. It’s been verified as true. The early 90’s sucked. At least we had the pens and Pirates.


  12. Phil becomes the oldest golfer to win a Major Championship! A week or so ago, there was a brief discussion here about which sport has the most athletic athletes. Golfers were conspicuously absent in that discussion.

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    1. For good reason.

      When a guy my age wins a major, you know the overall talent level of the game has declined.


        1. Only in golf can a 53 year old beat a bunch of younger guys. Maybe pool and darts are the other two. Golfers aren’t athletes.

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  13. I never disliked PSU or WVU honestly playing against them or watching games. I honestly never really disliked many teams except
    maybe Villanova but not that much. Baseball is more of a game against yourself vs other sports.


    1. Really…you didn’t despise Georgetown back in the 1980’s ?

      Pedo State in any sport ? Ohio State.?….in the words of the great demented one.



      1. UConn, nova, g town and cuse were utterly despied in my day. Mainly for the coaches and an occasional player.

        I had no problems with pitt students waving money in front of Rollie.


  14. Any guesses where I stand on this subject? Have a friend take a picture of yourself while you’re booing and put it on your bathroom mirror where you can see it everyday. That way you can see how stoopid you look!

    Then came PITT baseball and their new found winning ways. Everyone was coming off the men’s soccer high and were practically dancing in the street shouting superlatives to their “TEAM” Oh the fun………. until the losing started. Yep, it was very easy now for some to pick-out the warts on the baseball team and just walk the other way singing SOP SOP SOP!!! LP version…….

    Yeah as soon as the PITT baseball team started playing the way they were predicted to at the start of the season, then all of a sudden not their team anymore.

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    1. Pitt baseball just didn’t fall down. They fell off the cliff. I don’t think you find this team until it washes ashore next fall. It’s pretty tough to do what pitt did at the beginning of the year. Even tougher to lose what 8 of the last 10 games?

      They aren’t worthy of being in the same sentence as soccer and volleyball.


    2. Pitts greatest hits are all on the SOP album.

      Side one features classics from many famous Narduzzi blowouts

      There’s a Miami game
      Va tech
      Central Florida
      Clemson twice
      Penn state twice
      Notre Dame
      Okie state

      And side two features a bunch of mind blowing losses to teams like BC, NC, NC State and three bowl games.

      It’s gone Platinum so you know Ike.


      1. This dude doesn’t even realize narduzzi has beaten every team on that blowout list except the last two… and really got robbed at ok st

        Ended #2 Miami’s national title run
        Crushed va tech multiple times
        Snapped UCf 20+ game reg season win streak
        Beat national champ Clemson in Death Valley
        Ultimately ruined psu’s only legit chance at aplayoff spot under Franklin

        All except va tech had markedly better talent than Pitt at the time

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        1. You’re Narduzzis dad right. Sometimes you just can’t excuse away the bad beats. Try again.


  15. Some of the worst fans I’ve met were Nitters and Hoopies. The older Nitters are just arrogant. The younger Nitters were the fresh zombies.

    But I felt bad when Johnny had his grandson at a way game in morganhole. He was sitting just a few yards away behind me. The Hoopies were all drunk and swearing. Pitt obviously lost that one. Wasn’t close.

    But there won’t be fans at games in 20 years anyway. The viewing experience is better at home or in a bar. Millennial, genz and the one after, don’t attend sporting events as a high percentage. My generation was probably the last one and even Xers aren’t into sports like you boomers


  16. Pitt baseball won their series with FL State & Miami. That was special and warranted a top 15 ranking. There were no players lost to injury and there were no players criticized by name that I read on the POV.

    The coach helped to capture that early season magic and received proper credit. He also helped to let it slip away and for that he should be heavily criticized.


    1. Pitt also took the series with UNC during that magical run. Tuesday night they square off with the Tar heels for what will probably be one last time in 2021.

      I’d start the pitcher who had the most success in that series, but who has had the right amount of rest. I’d also shake up the line-up and reward those who have contributed these past three weeks (about 3 players) with top of the order opportunities.

      During the magical run, the players were bunting well and stealing many bases. We saw none of that these last three weeks. That is coaching, or lack off…

      Go Pitt – erase the Tar Heels Tuesday night!

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  17. Reed, this will be my 25th year as a FB season ticket holder. I agree 100% on the bad behavior of some Pitt fans, let’s call them the vocal minority, towards our opponents fans. There is one exception: I have seen, and personally experienced, numerous unprovoked obnoxious verbal attacks directly to me from opposing fans both inside and outside the stadium. I can ignore one or two such comments, but not non-stop verbal abuse. When that happens, I have been known to respond to that specific fan or fans in kind.

    I also hate with a passion when PITT fans at games turn on our own players. That should never happen.

    Lastly, there have been many times over the years when I have made a comment to one of my seat mates that an opponents player “made a great play”. I love the game. But, I can’t and will never physically “applaud” an opponents play. I’m in the stadium to root for your Pittsburgh Panthers only.

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    1. You make an excellent point. We can respect our opponent. But I have never clapped for any opposition in any sport. I have congratulated fans of competing schools. Aggie fans are the best.

      I have both booed Pitt and the competing team. But mainly those boos were for the coaching staff. The adults out there. The kids are spared until they bad mouth pitt on the way out and join daddy’s team. You know who I’m talking about…ryhmes with back and berry.


  18. My husband and I attended the Pitt/PSU game the last time PSU played at Heinz. My daughter is a PSU grad; my youngest son is a Pitt/Johnstown grad. We bought season tickets that year, the only year we’ve ever bought season tickets, because we wanted to be assured seats for Pitt/PSU. It was rainy & miserable. When the PSU Blue Band came on to the field for the pre-game show, the Pitt fans around us booed them mercilessly. My husband was furious, & I wanted to crawl under my seat. We were high school marching band parents (daughter was in dance line, son played the tuba, & continued to play in concert band at Pitt/Johnstown), so we have a special affinity for marching bands. By the time halftime came around, Pitt was losing, the rain was blowing in our faces, & my husband said, “Do you want to leave?” And I, who never, ever leave a sporting event early, no matter how bad my team is losing, said, “YES!” We rode the T home with a bunch of inebriated Pitt students; my husband grabbed a paper bag off the floor of the T & offered it to a young girl who looked ready to barf. Pitt ended up losing by some awful, lopsided score. My husband hasn’t wanted to go to a Pitt game since, although I usually attend a few each season (we live in Dormont). What a debacle!

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    1. Debbie — Hard to find a more miserable night to attend a Pitt football game than that night. And to make matters even worse, we had many Pitt greats, including Iron Mike, Tony D. and Coach Majors, in attendance.

      Hope you make it to some games this season.

      Go Pitt.


    2. Thanks for sharing Debbie. I’ve never boo-ed others or argued with referees and/or umpire. I know, that doesn’t make me special also, I don’t pretend to know everything that goes on behind the scenes either like others. Just like I think I know why each and everyone of you-all post on the POV. I don’t!


  19. Unfortunately, this is an issue throughout the entire country. People are incredibly selfish and have zero respect for each other. I was eating breakfast with my wife in a small diner this past week. There were small children at a table next to us. At another table, four recent college grads dropping the F bomb every other word. Mostly by a female (she’ll be a fine one for some young man to take home to meet mom, lol). My wife was the first to speak up and tell them to cool it.

    If you don’t have the morals to respect a family sitting next to you, you are certainly not going to respect another fan, a player, a teacher, a cop, etc etc. We all know the reasons why this is happening.

    If my mom, who died a long time ago, would have been in that diner, that girl swearing would have been sorry she woke up that morning, lol. I am sure many of your parents would have had the same reaction.


  20. Thanks Reed, as one of the old guys, I don’t think this is a new thing. As a freshman, I remember whiskey bottles being thrown on the track from the disgusted student section.

    I do agree with your sentiment, and the Will quote that sports should be a Noble pursuit. I guess because as an athlete, I always had respect for the opposition, that didn’t mean I didn’t play angry, but when the contest was over, we would party together.

    I cringe every time the opposing team comes on to Heinz Field and the Fans boo them, how stupid and low class. It happens at the Pete too. But I don’t dwell on it because it won’t change. The jerks will always be there making asses out of themselves. Really feel bad for the players parents though. Their kids come to Pitt, work hard and try their best. They shouldn’t have to have their home crowd be jerks, especially from people that aren’t coordinated enough to walk up the stairs without tripping.

    Disagree that golfers aren’t athletes, no they aren’t as well conditioned or have the Cardio of basketball or soccer players, but trying to make that little white ball do want you want it to takes a great deal of athletic skill, and mental toughness.

    The stress level of competitive play is off the charts. To do what Phil accomplished this weekend is totally legendary. The Ocean Course is a work of art and diabolical in it’s level of difficulty.

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    1. I agree, Gordon, that golfers need great hand-eye coordination and the mental aspect is really tough. And guys like DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, Rory and others are taking golfer athleticism to a new level. But on the other hand, when you watch Angel Cabrera puffing on a cigarette as he waddles to a win at the U S Open, or John Daly playing anywhere, well, you gotta wonder.

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    2. Mental toughness yes. But try hitting a 95 mph fastball. When you do, you’ll know what an athlete feels like.


      1. Tex, hitting a 95 mph fastball isn’t difficult. The difficulty lies in hitting the curve and the straight change that backs up the 95 mph fastball.

        Cheered Phil on the entire time……awesome accomplishment!!

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        1. Well kids are trained to hit a fastball these days. Off speed pitches and motion pitches can’t be replicated by machines. It’s still damn tough to hit a fastball. Far easier to hit a golf ball on a tee with a club designed by nasa.


    3. In the golf world what Phil did is impressive. But let’s not equate that to what Tom Brady does at his age consistently in a far more athletic sport. Phil’s pedestal is a few rungs lower.


      1. truth is, NFL quarterbacks in some ways aren’t needing to be as great athletes with rule changes,
        they are becoming more MLB pitcher-like

        there ARE many exceptions


        1. That’s is true. But no sport has changed so drastically with technology than golf. Football rules have changed favoring the offense. But golf isn’t the same sport it was 50 years ago. Arnie used wood drivers and feather balls.


  21. But sometimes looks are deceiving. Babe Ruth. Charles Barkley. Craig Heyward. Heck who would have ever thought someone 6’4” could be so graceful on the ice before lemieux.

    But Daly is just a slob.


  22. I used to be an athlete. I used to be able to play any sport and in short time be able to develop proficiency.

    I would say an athlete is anyone who can play multiple sports and generate above average performance.

    But there’s a huge difference between being an athlete and elite. Elite athletes are one percenters.

    At my age now, I can’t compete against the 20 year olds unless it’s horseshoes, skeet, pool or darts. These young punks even beat me playing Pac-Man these days.


    1. I will say the difference between the great and the elite athlete, is the ability to visualize what is going to happen before it does, and then execute.

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      1. Exactly. Gretzky was like that. He knew where the puck was going. He knew where the open space was. He did own a Tardis huff. Just sayin.


  23. Reed, that was an excellent article on sportsmanship! I, too, am concerned about the attitudes and demeanor of the fans in the seats, and must say that I don’t take the grand kids to Pitt games because of the language used in the stands. Keeping it to the students section is one thing, but young kids don’t need to hear some of the obnoxious and obscene language used against Pitt’s opponents. One wonders what can be done about it, and how many more tickets could be sold if this problem was addressed.

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    1. Many parks have family sections. No alcohol sections. People still swear in those areas. You can’t police this stuff. It would be as bad as the mask police during that Domer game last fall.

      But alcohol does cause problems. And a long tailgate up to the game and alcohol served inside just pours gas on the fire. But you can’t ban tailgating. And you can’t ban bourbon or else you’d have the whiskey rebellion all over again.

      The solution is don’t take your grandkids to the game if you want them to have virgin ears. But they’d be missing out on life. Real life like people swearing. Vomiting in the stands. Fighting one another. All the bad side of human nature is exposed during sporting events.

      And with a Pitt game, there’s always ample teaching opportunities on how to accept defeat and deal with failure. 🤠


  24. I was surprised Lefty was able to hold it together for 4 rounds. But I was rooting for him from one lefty to one pseudo-lefty…

    Heard him say in an interview after the win that one thing he does to “reset” his body is to do a 36-hour fast every week.

    Go Pitt.


  25. Great article Reed however I don’t think PITT fans are unique. Not to excuse the behavior but it’s poor everywhere. I have been to a lot of games, both college and pros and witnessed the same behavior. It’s just the way it is, sorry to say that. I buy club seats at Heinz just to be near people I know but I still see the occasionally nutball around me. My favorite incident goes back to 80s at the Carrier dome. Our football team was winning big at the half with Randy McMillan running all over the Cuse. I feared for my life near the end of the second half. We were being bombarded with oranges. I went in the men’s room and reverse my shirt and jacket so I would be harder to identify while leaving. We managed to get out without injury. Ditto at PSU and WVU games. Had to give up going to WVU away games after a very long streak of them since I felt it was too dangerous. I have seen all PITT-PSU games home and away since early 70s. If we resume the series with them, not going there again. Maybe I’m just getting old.

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  26. Having gone to several Pitt away games in FB and BB, Pitt fans are tame compared to the fans at other schools. There will always be a few fans who seem to vent their life failings at sports events or who get caught up in a moment of craziness. Replays now at games have actually helped a bit to calm the hysteria.

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  27. The fans in the stands today are reflective of the demise of society and societal courtesies overall.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    People are even encouraged by the the various forms of media entertainment to act in the lowest common denominator.

    Look at a pic of a sporting event from the 1940’s or 1950’s. People in the stands are in suits and ties
    and women are in dresses and such.

    So if you’re going to blame anyone, blame those that program and condition and encourage people to behave like animals and slobs.

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  28. I didn’t mean this issue was confined to Pitt, but this is a Pitt blog.

    Personally, I feel that what has happened with sports- the win at any cost and the ” If you are not with us you are against us” mindset has bled over into, and corrupted, other aspects of our society.

    We see it writ large in politics and religious issues and it has been a most dividing action over the last 30 to 40 years.

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      1. Did reed hire those pitt students to moderate? 🤠

        I hear more cuss words from my 17 year old daughter than any navy midshipmen I ever knew.

        Salty is my daughters middle name.

        And I rarely swear. She picks it up from the boys at high school I’m sure. She’s an athletic trainer.


        1. Most of these posts would be deleted by the Pitt political correctness police. I stopped donating. Next will be adopting a new college team to follow.


  29. Sports is a reflection of society. Most fans are civil at games. There’s always the drunk, the guy looking for a fight, the obsessed fan, the loudmouth at every game regardless of the fanbase. However, Some take the game too seriously and personal. We should be thankful that the vast majority of pitt fans don’t use college sports to form their identity. But many fans elsewhere do. Look no further than 200 miles to the east.

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  30. I think Texas A&M fans are the best. My wife and I attended the Pitt/A&M game when Larry played. It was hotter than h and very humid. After arriving on campus and parking we had no idea where to go. We were dressed in Pitt garb. A Corp cadet dressed in full cadet harp came by and asked if he could help. I told him we needed to get to the Pitt reception. “Yes, I know where that is, please follow me sir.” And so he did. TD was there. A&M games are awesome. What tradition. Well, Pitt won! I was dreading the long walk back to the car. But no. As we walked away from the stadium A&M fans congratulated us. “Good game Pitt.” they would say. This happened over and over again. Obviously, something different going on here I thought. Years later my daughter was looking for colleges. She could have gone anywhere with her qualifications, but decided A&M was it. “A class place”, I said. No problem sending them all those checks. Attended a few more football games as she worked on her bachelor and the masters. Respect all over the place. Best-in-class in my book. Pitt fans should take note.

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    1. I was at that game with an Aggie friend. Their fans are the absolute best. It’s not debatable. Hands down the best.


    2. I was there and we walked with TD after the game. It was fun and they were very nice fans.


  31. Tex, do you include yourself with your comment: “Some take the game too seriously and personal”? Not to start a major brouhaha among POVers about comments made here, but some personal insults made toward Pitt coaches could fall into this category. If a few posters weren’t over the top, then Reed would have no need to filter out the bad stuff and silence the malcontents. The point is that, as Reed says, this stuff is permeating society and some people take verbal and written liberties when they can hide behind the cloak of anonymity…

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    1. I have no problem calling professional and well paid adults out.

      I rarely if ever say anything bad about a current player.

      When a guy makes 20 percent of the football revenues and doesn’t deserve it, I’ll call him whatever name I damn well please. Because you know whos paying for this jerk. It’s the students and fans.

      Pitt needs to start taking sports seriously. It’s a business after all.

      It’s also a matter of fairness and respect with me.

      And I never hide like some cowards who comment. When I say something, I want you to know it’s the bourbon drinking and vinegar Slav from Texas.

      I don’t expect more than one percent of pitt fans to agree with me. That’s fine.

      Tex – who doesn’t let Nitters, Hoopies or Domers in his fox hole.

      Seriously, I’d push the wife out.


      1. I don’t think anyone is suggesting censorship or stifling of speech. Just civility and respect is being asked.

        I won’t refrain from calling Narduzzi a meatball at games.

        Attend an Aggie game. They do it right. And Pitt again is lame and tame compared to other fanbases particularly West Virginia.


    1. So – would it be better to realize there is a problem and then turn your back and walk away, or discuss it and try to make things better.

      Find the letter I send to the AD and reread it – if you think that is ‘complaining about every little thing’ and not constructive criticism then you see things differently than I do.


      1. So- equating a well reasoned and thoughtful response, that addressed numerous systemic problems, to attempt to bring needed change

        To: running to tell the teacher because someone said a bad word.

        not the same


  32. I feel bad for the parents/friends of players who hear cursing and have insults thrown at their loved one on the field by fans. No need to make personal attacks on people, especially over sports.

    Excluding PSU, ND, and Akron (boy were they poor winners) who I’ve seen have pretty abrasive fans at Heinz Field, I enjoy the college football experience for meeting people from different parts of the country and striking up conversation. When I used to sit in section 513 on the visitors side, I befriend an old farming couple from Iowa and drank with them after a win, I got a job offer after sitting next to VA Tech grads that owned a logistics business and we bonded over beers, and a group of Louisville fans taught me how to play blackjack at the Rivers after they destroyed the Panthers. Even traveling to away games at Georgia Tech and other places…fans have been super cool. Sports brings us together.

    I think some people are over sensitive in their disdain of booing. The sporting event is supposed to be fun for fans. If a fan wants to boo the opposing team, their band, or a bad call that a ref makes, have some fun and let it out. I don’t hate someone from an opposing band or team, they just aren’t our team…booing is fun and good natured.

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    1. Booing and cussing have been around forever. Embrace it. Roll with it. If you don’t like it, stay home. Nothing is personal. It’s business. But I do object to objects being thrown at me. The guys that do normally end up in the hospital.


      1. Says the individual threatening to fight people on the internet for saying people who are terrified of covid should stay home


        1. Dude since I don’t know your real name. I just got my j and j today. Not that I needed it. But I got 10 percent off groceries and a bunch of other free stuff. Seriously no side affects after 6 hours. Prick was no worse than a fire ant sting. Highly recommend if you haven’t already. Gave me incentive so I can go mask free. Believe me you don’t want to go through four weeks of natural immunity.


    2. We went to the ND game when Palko dropped the F bomb on TV. ND fans from the time we arrived at parking until we left could not have been nicer. I expected to hear crap while we were walking out of the stadium, but not a peep from any of them. They were trying to figure out how they lost the game. We sat in among ND fans too, bc that’s where my hubby’s friend had tickets. I’d go back there in a heartbeat.


    1. Those actions are rare indeed however. Any fan spit on or having objects thrown at him has an American and god given right to land a haymaker on the attacker.

      I’ve been spit on by lady Hoopies before. They were already toothless so I felt no need to retaliate. But seriously, spitting is downright vile.

      You need to have armed friends if you travel to a game in morganhole. It seriously is not safe. I have longhorn friends that say the same. I’m not delusional. Those Hoopies are the worst of the worst.

      Domer and Nitter fans will just look down upon you and tell you how great they are. I can deal with that. I can’t deal with physical assault.


      1. We had the worst experience in Hoopieland also. Will never give another dollar to that crap hole.


  33. Here is a copy of the text of that letter for reference to the discussions on this thread. I might have tweaked it a bit before I mailed it.

    Scheduling – we get our rivals back and it might be easier said for basketball though. Why can’t Pitt play UConn, Villanova, and Georgetown again in basketball and Navy (should be every year) and schools like Cincinnati, UCONN, and other old Big East teams?

    Can the students bring in banners or flags to the stadium?  Maybe have them drop them off the night before, have security bring them up to the entrance the players come out of, then the students go onto field, unfurl, and wave them before kickoff. Then security would take flags back and store them. Think about how the premier league soccer does it.

    For boosting the alumni and fans, has the university ever recognized a game specific tailgate crew or fans and families? Put a spotlight on these groups and individuals each week at Heinz.

    Have fans share their stories just like fans have on here (The POV). Questions like; what made you a Pitt fan? Which were your most memorable games? What schools are your personal rivals. Who is your favorite all time players? What was your best road trip to an away game? Which fans come in from the farthest for the game etc. 

    (Editor’s Note: I suggest you do a few of the above on the big scoreboard pre-game and during commercial breaks – might have to use a seven second delay or better yet record the bits as the fans cross the parking lot or at tailgates. But those TV timeouts are killers for keeping fans engaged and interested.)

    Drop by the POV tailgate one day.  Take the temperature of the fans and tailgaters and ask them serious questions where their own point of view is received. You will get honest feedback about how true fans see things.

    Engage with fans, alumni etc. via directed email and social media. The POV has about 700 “followers” on email who signed up to a message every time a new article is posted. Pitt could build an email address base to pass out smaller bits along with big press releases – written towards fans and not the media. You have already built a great website for Pitt athletics but how many everyday fans go and into it, especially when football and basketball are not playing. 

    Make specific daily (better weekly maybe) type of video and thousands of fans would receive word that you posted it. Send the link to interesting stuff you have done and get it right to who needs to be informed
    This way Pitt sports are in their face on a constant basis.  Make the emails so they cannot reply!

    Also, many have talked about those football chalkboard discussions. Open some up so to get some real and genuine meet and greets where reasonable questions get an honest answer. This does not have to be the head coach, but some football or basketball assistant coaches and/or staff members could answer questions about play calling offensive and defensive strategies and preparations.

    In some spots the AD or one of the Assistant ADs could explain in-depth how things happened behind the department scenes, scheduling for instance… or anything which could open some eyes and get people thinking about the whole of the athletic department and not just the teams themselves. Pat Bostick would be great at this, describing on field scenarios, why specific plays were called and coaching decisions that worked, or even did not work, in detail.

    Not sure what pre-game day or same game day traditions there really are. But reevaluate your songs, chants, and activities to get more people energized and involved. More than just Neil Diamond please… please!!
    Have the students and the student/athletes personally interact more.  Might be tough to do with football due to separate housing and cafeteria. Get athletes and students more involved in group community projects. It is far easier to attend matches and root for players when you know someone on the team.  If these are already being done, then get the word out better.  It is known that this already happens each normal year – this is where a dedicated fan email listing would be extremely helpful in getting the word of their good works out.  Maybe a way to wrap fans into this for word-of-mouth advertising.

    One POV reader wrote: “When I studied at the University of Richmond, defensive back Mike London was a dormitory hallmate, along with a few other football players. When you live near them, they become fellow students with you, and you see firsthand how much work they have on their plates. It makes you want to go to watch and support them.” Surely if you talk to alumni who were at Pitt before the players and students were in separated living, they will have stories like this of their own.

    How about the idea of a ‘Panthers Rewards Card’ to bribe the students to attend games? Once they earn enough attendance points, they can spend it on Pitt stuff at the University Store or the PITT Store. Once students attend an Olympic sport game, they could become hooked and tell others about the fun they had. That will give them a discount and sell more Pitt stuff.  Once students see other students using their rewards cards word will spread.

    Along those lines Create and pass out T-shirts to first time student attendees at our Olympic and minor sports matches captioned with something like “I finally went to a Pitt wrestling match and loved it!”  They wear it around campus, and you get good advertising for about a couple of bucks a shirt.

    Name a formal “Fan of the Game” at the home games. Get the cheerleaders to give him or her a Pitt gear gift bag, put them up on the Jumbotron and then ask a few questions on why they think “Pitt is It!” It can be hilarious and focused acknowledgement on them being a great Pitt fan.

    To get seats in the student section for basketball at the University of Virginia students must attend other school sporting events, excluding football games. The athletic department then gives points for that and one needs to hit a certain point level to get into the student section.  That might be tough with the Oakland Zoo being so popular… and now a business of its own.

    At each home game have a drawing for a random student, who has remained until the fourth quarter, to have a semester’s tuition waived. Not only might this attract more students but have them stay past halftime. Might have to have late busses from Heinz Field to the campus for this.

    To drum up fan support (and hopefully donations) Pitt should work with a hotel in Oakland and a hotel in Downtown to reserve a block of rooms and host mixers in the ballrooms etc. Get preferred pricing and develop packages with transportation local and national.

    Tie in tours of the campus and other entertainment. Market this to Pitt Clubs and other individual alumni and groups. If it is fun and affordable, people will come year after year.  How many groups are out there that would love to see old friends? Phi Epsilon Pi, a defunct fraternity had a reunion a few years back, they did it on their own. If Pitt would market and support these types of events they would happen more often.  Do this for the closer away games also. Could these be done at a reasonable cost to the attendees?

    Possibly reach out to local/state business who employ a good number of Pitt alumni and fans and draw them into attending the above annual events.

    Ohio State used to have Archie Griffin speak last at graduation imploring the grads to join the alumni association and to support Pitt athletics…but mainly the Alumni Association. We have many football stars that have played at Pitt who may consider it an honor to be asked.  Using a captive audience seems a great way to lead students to remain involved with the alma mater.

    Bring a feeling and practice of real sportsmanship back to Heinz and Pitt fans. As it is if one acknowledges a great play by an opponent, he gets screamed at by other Pitt fans. Perhaps a small pregame video about civility/sportsmanship would be a constant reminder and have them stress that “Just like Pitt fans want to have a great time and cheer on the Panthers when we travel to other school to play ball We welcome (name team) fans at Heinz today to have the same thing. Whatever happens on the field today let us all win the day with civility and respect!  Thank you and Let’s Go PITT!!”  I bet some of the less publicly know kids on the team’s roster would love to tape something like this – and all the other PSAs mentioned here.

    Maybe a football alumnus in a Public Service type video could say something like “I much as I wanted to beat the Hell out of Notre Dame every time, we played I still loved reading and learning about their long football tradition. When we played our away games at their stadium we were playing in “The House that Rock Built” that had some of college football’s biggest stars since 1930.”  Every opponent has something of interest to tie into.

    How about a 60 second video about Pitt’s football or basketball history with the opponent? Something to acknowledge our football past with other school – Notre Dame, Penn State, Navy, WVU, etc. but also all opponents. 

    Since the stadium is a public facility and Pitt plays there too, how about a Hall of Honor for past Pitt greats too like the Steelers have!  Maybe we could erect a statue or two of past Pitt Greats outside near the gates. We do have a Panther statue outside, but we should have more. Perhaps a better, less costly idea would be to have replicas of Pitt’s College Hall of Fame players’ bronze plaques set near the gates of Heinz – there are always walkers and joggers using that area plus Steeler fans waiting to go in will see them.  If any Pitt players do not want to do it or want a big paycheck then develop plaques that are targeting points in our grand football tradition. Plus, these are easy to remove to a new stadium or such.

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  34. I’m
    Thinking we need to send good vibes to baseball now. I really want to see pitt matchup against Texas or Tcu. But they need to beat nc and nc state first. I might be the only pitt fan in attendance. Maybe I have a run in with heather. That would be awkward. I’d be nice. I’d wish her luck in applying for that Sparty job.


  35. Reed, did you ever get any feedback from EJ or Heather regarding all those great ideas supplied by Pitt fans to help improve Pitt spirit?


      1. Disappointing maybe. Surprising no. I’ve come to temper expectations in life.

        But spirit can be found where you gather and celebrate. Or commensurate in Pitts case.

        Looking forward to the Fran tailgate in October for clemson. That might be the highlight of that day.

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  36. Some things are self inflicted. The Penn State game was an outlier and a game so hyped and with so much pent up anxiety after years of not playing each other that it was certainly understandable. I was at the game and had to deal with some unruly Penn State fans, too.

    I’m not a boo’er but you certainly have the right to if you pay for a ticket. I do think that you have to be respectful of the folks around you, however, and there are lines you can cross. The ebbs and flows of a game is what makes the in-person experience so great.

    I don’t like trashing college kids, especially ones that represent Pitt … I’m a firm believer in once a Pitt man, you’re always a Pitt man. I was rooting for Cam Johnson yesterday afternoon as a matter of fact and was firm believer in him leaving Pitt, too. He wasn’t going to be a lottery pick if he stayed.

    The sport is changing. College athletics are changing. I think for the good. Student athlete has been a joke for football and basketball for a long time … I would catch rides down the hill from football players in Sutherland who readily admitted their rides were gifts. That was in 97′-98′ on a team that needed 4 OT’s in the last game of the season to even make a bowl … the problem is so many people either look the other way or choose to be naive.

    Paying kids will only help a school like Pitt. It has the potential to level the playing field agains the booster money of state schools with the volume of businesses that can contribute to endorsements. Now, Pitt has to opt-in for the changes and actually take advantage of them … Pitt would actually have to make athletics the front porch … right now it’s still UPMC and they have a big a** canopy. Pitt athletics is the deck in the back that needs repaired and re-stained.

    Back to sportsmanship … I think it’s there. I have two kids in youth sports and I see it at every practice and game. I see it when I watch sports on TV. I saw it for Phil this weekend and I saw it in the Lakers Suns game that was also very intense at times.

    Some of the problems go back to coaching. Wanny did not put Stull in a great position to be respected by the fans. When you run conservative offenses, the mistakes are magnified and that made Stull a lightning rod. A conservative offense also inherently can make you ask “why are they so conservative? Do they not trust the QB?” … if you think yes, it just amplifies the situation.

    The best QB’s tend to be pricks for a reason … they have thick skin and expect those around them to as well. If your kid is going to play QB, you better be ready for him to be criticized. It comes with the territory … and that’s not something that’s developed over the last few years. You can go back to the legendary NFL films and see how hard fans can be on players. When you were younger, it just didn’t bother you as much. Now that you’re older and more mature, it stands out.


  37. The day a school pays a kid on top of his paid scholarship and all the free stuff they get today is the day I walk away.

    You pay kids, expect the most vile things to be said and expect far worse stuff from fans and boosters. This is Pandora’s box. And there won’t be even hope left.

    I might as well race armadillos for fun.


    1. Ran a spread on the incoming Pitt players, with one of this site’s tool.

      This Oladapo kid transfer from Oakland, appears to be a major defensive liability.
      His numbers defensively are more than double worse than Terrell Brown’s were.

      If that’s humanly possible. lol


    1. A broken clock is right twice a day. Pitts clock is beyond broken.

      Embarrassing at this point.

      My blind squirrel Sandy could find a top 100 nut.


    2. Voice, I’ve stopped questioning things at this juncture. It is what it is. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though.

      Tex – with Indiana Jones hat


  38. Had a former voice student visit this weekend from Pittsburgh. She’s a Pitt Grad 2017 in engineering and a huge Pitt Football fan. Never misses a home game. I was surprised to hear her say that most of the current and former student body loathes Narduzzi as Coach and thinks even worse of him as a human being! And I thought it was just POV, reporters and Alums!


    1. The student body that leaves at the end of the third quarter?

      No offense to any of these kids but they have zero credibility when it comes to discussing coaches. These kids are smart when it comes to phones and computers, not football.


      1. Nate, the concern is that if they don’t like the guy they won’t support the program. See my post below.


    2. Taking the word of one individual as gospel. I can’t imagine that the majority of Pitt students could agree on anything and would think most could care less about football, especially engineering students. Most of the Pitt engineers that I know have no interest in football. My guess is many of them have never heard of Narduzzi and couldn’t pick him out of a line up.


  39. I’m impressed that she knows most of the current and former student body…
    And loathe is a pretty strong word.

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  40. By all accounts, Pitt’s past and present football players seem to really like Narduzzi. He has very few transfers, and those are mostly for reasons of getting increased playing time which is understandable. Yet Dan reports that outside of that circle, the students and fans seem to really dislike him, both personally and professionally.

    I’m struggling to understand why, but it is not a good situation for the university if they expect people to come to games and donate to the program. If Pitt’s graduates dislike him so much, they are not about to open their wallets and give money to the program. I wonder what his coaching peers think of him…

    From my perspective, he does not come across as a warm person at pressers and interviews. His push for secrecy and apparent disdain for the fans is obvious, and in college football that can be fatal to the program. Pitt needs to do something about this serious image problem if they want to increase Pitt’s visibility, brand and attendance.


    1. Narduzzi is always joking around at those Thursday pressers and the pressers during spring ball. Gameday, that is different. I want my coach more serious because gameday is serious.

      In the moment, the most important people to please are the ones with the fat wallets, not the students who have zero to contribute.

      Damning article yesterday on the transfer portal and Fickell and other coaches say they need to do a better job forging relationships with their players because now kids can leave without penalty if they do not feel any love from the staff. I’d say Narduzzi and Co. have done a great job with building relationships and the players have admitted as much. There will still be transfers and our O-line has felt it recently, but it is good in the ever-changing game of college football that Narduzzi is well respected by his players.

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      1. Of course players love him. He demands no accountability. Did he ever bench anyone for taking all those stupid penalties.

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        1. They both need a DC. They are secretly hoping that HCPN gets fired so they can hire him on. 🤠


    1. Canadians make good hockey and lacrosse players. Might even find some good basketball and soccer players there.

      Pitt soccer is pretty much the United Nations team right now

      And Capel just might find his 7 foot center in the great white north.


  41. It does appear that most/all of the players leaving through the portal were not going to play much.

    Not the same with basketball where it seems other factors are involved.

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  42. Dan, are you saying that opposing coaches in the ACC really like him, or are you being sarcastic?


    1. Coaches love beating him and the fact he’s a self described defensive genius who’s defense gave up 71 to Syracuse. According to more than one source, that’s when the students turned on him.

      No I wasn’t being sarcastic. They love playing against him and recruiting against him. Everyone loves playing against a coach who’s arrogance heavily outweighs his ability. At best Pitt is 3-2 after 5 games. I guarantee a horrid loss vs Tennessee.


  43. If you have been to any of the Pitt Alumni events where the AD and Narduzzi attend to drum up support and donations you’d know exactly why students and alumni dislike him.

    I’ve been to five of them. After the first one I was hoping that Narduzzi was standoffish and arrogant because he was a brand new HC and had never been in the prime spotlight before. Then it happened again, and again…

    You have to understand that these meet and greets serve more than one purpose – one, as stated, is to drum up money donations. But as important is that the AD and HC build up more support among Pitt people – they try to generate positive word of mouth from the events so that more people will attend games and spread the word – thus more donations.

    They both have failed miserably in that area. Each one I’ve been to the attendees end up wondering what the hell just happened with short and rather condescending speeches. Look no further than Lyke’s months long disappearance and PN’s attitude towards the media if you want to see a big part of what is wrong with Pitt Football.

    He can’t seem to help it – He treats the program like it revolves around himself only and outside opinions, issues, commitments, etc. does not concern him one bit.

    I firmly believe that he does not consider the University of Pittsburgh, alumni, students and student groups, local media, and such to be actually connected with the football program in any way. If he did he’d understand that social media is not only here to stay but has major influence over what happens surrounding the football program and how it is viewed by others .

    I keep saying this, but if he allowed the local media news writers and the blog writers to attend and watch practices for more than the 15 minute player warm-up period at the start of practice and then two short interview sessions with Pitt-selected players afterward the programs interest would grow as soon as that happened.

    Wonder why Wannstedt was so popular? It wasn’t just because he was a football alumni – but because he understood that the Pitt football team needed to be embraced by alumni, students and the tri-state area sports fans who didn’t go to Pitt, which means giving them as much info about the team and program as possible and not just issuing canned press releases. Majors knew it, Harris, DW and Chryst knew it also.

    This is why, aside from his high player graduation and low (almost non-existent) arrest rates I don’t like him. To me, and this is my opinion, he has a way overblown image of himself without the constant winning and championship teams to go with that.

    $4.8M doesn’t help his ego a bit either.

    I believe we could get a HC from a smaller program and pay him half the rate and hold out the other half as an incentive bonus. Narduzzi has done nothing that any other HC couldn’t do here and fresh young blood might help land those 4* and 5* kids and not only the 4* recruits on defense as PN’s done.

    The old saw of “Oh no, we’d have to rebuild again.” is just that – a bunch of nothing because Narduzzi hasn’t “built” anything here at all in his six years. Maybe it’s time to look in a different direction.

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    1. Pitt needs money for better coordinators and assistants. The special teams guy at alabama makes the same coin as whipple.


    2. He’s built some pretty decent depth that would whittle away in the transfer portal if he was fired after a winning season. Also, when has Pitt shown confidence in anyone that it can hire a guy from a small school who’d succeed? You described Pitt’s problem when it comes to hiring football coaches: start low on a prove-it contract.

      If Pitt is serious, when it fires Narduzzi you start with what he is making now and go higher, so $5 million a year. That is how you attract strong candidates. Not what Gallagher did to the USC basketball coach who Pitt called and he said he wanted paid at least what Dixon was making and Pitt said no. What a great investment that would have been instead of now staring down at six consecutive losing seasons.


    3. For what its worth you folks better get used to seeing Narduzzi for a very long time as the Pitt FB coach because he ain’t getting fired anytime soon. He may well retire here as the Pitt HFBC in 2035.


  44. I’m thinking none of these guys will say anything bad publicly. In private, I think Narduzzi might only have a bad relationship with the georgia tech guy based on their previous jawing.

    But the most important relationship is with the AD and any big time booster. Sure it would be nice if the coach had strong relationships with fans and students and the media. But they aren’t his boss.


    1. Pitt has an early season game(#5) & 1st ACC game schedule with the Techsters.

      Pitt could be 4-0 going into that game. What with the 3 rent-a-wins at Mustard Jar
      and the not so daunting trip to Knoxville.

      Nardo & the Tech coach can wrestle at halftime in a Cage Match, to beef up ticket sales. haha


  45. I agree 100 percent Reed.

    But heather and Narduzzi have no incentive to change. At many schools, the boosters would force the changes in style and substance. Maybe even a more athletic and business savvy chancellor.

    But Pitt doesn’t have those boosters and the BoT is fine with Gallagher bringing up the front porch every once in a while for lip service but nothing really substantive.

    My hope is that heather wins AD of the year. That honor adds a bullet to her resume. She garners the attention of Sparty and she’s off back to the state of Michigan.

    Narduzzi then loses his protectorate. And hopefully a new AD (Riddick) is hired who understands what Wanny understood. Lou would instantly excite the fan base.


  46. Narduzzi runs a clean program. Is a .500 record a good enough result for the bot and chancellor? Apparently it is. Not expecting a change any time soon. Just sayin’.

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  47. Thanks for the insight, Reed. I think this goes beyond Narduzzi, and reflects the attitude of the Athletics Dept. in general. So why would he change? For example, Heather disappears for months without any fan contact, and then doesn’t even respond to what was a significant effort by POVers to provide some creative feedback on how to generate more fan interest.

    And as I wondered recently, why isn’t there a highly visible Publicist position on staff that could generate some enthusiasm and publicity for Pitt sports? They just don’t see that as important. Maybe it is fine to fill half a stadium when you can call a deep pocketed donor to stroke a check for a buyout. But those high rolling donors are getting fewer by the day…


  48. First RED flag. Talked with Narduzzi at one of those “meet and greets” right after he was hired.

    Told him I went to school with Cavanaugh and had known him pretty well. My thinking was they must have been in contact during the hiring process considering the Youngstown connection.

    It became obvious they had not which seemed strange. Even stranger was the fact that Narduzzi made it seem he really didn’t know Cavanaugh at all. He explained it as being a result of having gone to competing high schools.


    1. “He explained it as being a result of having gone to competing high schools.”

      That and Matt probably graduated 12 years ahead of Narduzzi.


  49. ACC baseball tourney in Charlotte this week, starting today.

    Pitt’s visits to the Queen City have had some ups & downs.

    2003 Tire Bowl, a major disappointment losing to a middling Virginia team, after being ranked
    as high as #9 during the season. Surprise, surprise….another season ended NOT BEING RANKED !
    And to top off the disappointment, this was Larry Fitzgerald’s final game as a Panther.

    Although we did accomplish the one 10 win season we’ve had in almost 40 years in Charlotte.
    2009 Muffler Bowl, ended up with Pitt beating the Tarholes and getting the ONLY Top 15 End of Season ranking in almost 40 years.

    And then there was the 2018 ACC Championship game, which was extremely forgettable.

    So one up and 2 downs. Tonight at 7pm, Pitt vs UNC. BE THERE !


    1. Not unless you get Bally Sports South ! lol

      7:00 PM
      College Baseball “ACC Tournament: Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina Tar Heels” 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM LIVE


  50. 67 dental schools in the US
    According to the American Dental Association, there are currently 67 pre-doctoral dental schools in the U.S.

    Here is the full list of schools with each city by state:
    (you will notice the Cow Field Community College in Creepy Valley does not)


    University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (Philadelphia)
    University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
    Temple University The Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry (Philadelphia)


    1. Yes, the kids who flunk out of Pitt’s Dental School….go to WVCC’s to finish up.

      Apparently more people in West Virginia have teeth, than Central Pennsylvania.


  51. I just got my answer from Mr. Google…yes. The cows in Happy Valley do not need a dentist.


  52. Coach Dambrot salary: $1million
    Coach Capel salary: $3.22 million



    1. Dambrot seems to be the better coach.

      He’s 65-47…a 58% winning % at Duquesne, never a losing season.

      Meanwhile the vastly overpaid Capel is a horrid 40-48, a 45% winning %.
      Never a winning season.


  53. ^^^ Look, this is just another dodge by Pitt so they won’t lose to a team everyone thinks they should beat.

    Reminds me of the crap season Pitt had last year. The decision not to play in a bowl game was, I’m convinced, to do everything possible to avoid another non-winning season. Pitt and fans can try to blame this on Covid as much as they want but that’s bull. We played 11 regular season games and all of a sudden it is too dangerous for the kids? Please…

    If you believe the Pitt players voted not to play without admin influence I’ve got land in Hawaii to sell you (that is actually true, drop me a line). They had Lyke, Narduzzi and everyone down to the water carriers saying they shouldn’t play in a bowl. The players sure as hell weren’t going to collectively say “That well may be, but we really want to play so get to booking the hotel rooms” Again, please…

    There were 25 separate bowl games last year not counting the championship series. At around at least 100 players and numerous staff, students, fans, per those 50 teams there were probably at least 30+K people actually participating in post-season play. That includes teams with losing seasons who wanted to compete for one more win.

    But as we now see with BB, the AD is just as nervous about public opinion and losing to the Dukes and has ended up doing the exact same thing Pitt fans bitterly complained about PSU doing while Paterno was there. That was “Play the games on our terms or not at all”


    1. Smart to keep the winning season in tact. Pitt was handed a hard schedule and had to travel the most of all the ACC teams. The conference said it would do what was best for the kids when it came to scheduling yet Pitt had four trips down south. Played two teams who made it into the college playoff.

      The reason given was the players were fatigued from all the testing, etc. and just wanted to go home to family for the holidays. Seemed like a good year to do that.

      What Pitt should have done was schedule UMass the week after GTech and used it as an exhibition for the younger players.


    2. Pitt stinks at The Pete since Dixon left anyway. So PPG Paintball Arena shouldn’t be a bother.

      It’s a Neutral Site and holds more peeps than the Pete as well, should either team become relative again.


    3. Here’s where ACC should have told Lyke to play in bowl. Pitt is making millions from conference. Now find your balls and play. Period.


    4. Reed, at the time the Detroit bowl was scheduled in 2019 I did not believe Lyke would go so far as to engineer a win for Narduzzi – a win which almost didn’t happen. Reading your comment leads me to believe she knew exactly what she was doing.


  54. Come on, man. It is not fair to compare the two programs. Capel has been through hell, trying to put out the Stallings dumpster fire with nothing much to sell right now. His task is much tougher, and face it, no one really thinks the current Duquesne program would get out of the cellar in the ACC. Football is a different situation, but anyone who thinks skipping Duquesne this year in basketball means anything is not being fair to Capel.

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    1. There’s no end to apologizing for Capel’s failures. Millions of dollars and millions of excuses for poor Capel.


  55. Pitt baseball up 1-0 in the bottom of the 2nd inning.

    HC Bell playing very conservative as the lead-off man in both innings walked – no stolen bases nor sac bunts to move the runner to scoring position.

    In the 1st the lead-off walk lead to the runner stranded at 1st. That is poor baseball – especially when you don’t shake up the line-up an leave your 2,3 & 4 hitters who have been poor in their spots.


  56. I can’t believe how totally disconnected from being young some are to not understand the stress and negative effect on the psyche of the youth playing through the season under COVID protocols. It absolutely sucked for them and to continue that for another few weeks with no let up for virtually NO FUN AT SOME CRAPPY DESTINATION,,,,,, WHY?!?!?!?!

    Do I think they were all compliant and perfect? No way, but SOME probably were and those that weren’t still weren’t able to be open and free to do whatever they wanted.

    IF it were for a mid level bowl, I’m still not sure you get everyone all in to play but a low level crap bowl and nothing else, no frickin’ way. You’d have to be an idiot to want to.

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    1. Pitts reasoning was that they wanted to be home with family. That’s bs.

      I never wanted to be with family during holiday. I wanted to be with friends. Drinking, smoking and raising hell.

      Pitt did not want a losing season. And Narduzzi probably got a $200k bonus as a result.


      1. of course you’re correct about them wanting to be around friends and that’s MOST of them but you know there are some families where the kids actually like hanging with everyone for the big events like opening THEIR gifts(they mostly want cash), sitting down to festive traditional family dinner(where a grandparent places money under all the kid’s plates), and all the rest of the treasured times that we all don’t quite appreciate as much during our youth but hopefully most come to that later


        1. I understand the covid hangover. But many other schools and players jumped at playing at a bowl respresenting their school. Pitt had little to gain and more to lose. But for pitt to say it was because the players wanted it. Is number one a lie. Disingenuous at best. And number two, who is running the program then.


  57. 3-2 bottom of the 5th with UNC runners at the corners and Smith in to relieve Myers


  58. Top of the 6th and the Pitt batter leading off hits a triple. The next batter is hitting .194 with no hits tonight in 2 trips to the plate. Bell leaves him in to bat and he strikes out, leaving the runner at third.

    No that is dumb baseball.

    I’m sorry to say, but I had to…

    Come on Pitt, despite the coaches poor game management, beat the Tar Heels.


  59. 3-2 top of 6th

    leadoff batter top of 6th for Pitt hits triple, then strikeout, then double play fly out to right with runner cut down at the plate so leadoff triple does not score


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  60. Something for Bell to be aware of next inning – relief Pitcher Smith is effective with less than 2 outs, but batters are hitting close to .360 with 2 outs.

    If runners are in base & Smith is on the mound with 2 outs, bring in another reliever.

    Go Pitt!


  61. Pitt with 3 straight swinging strikeouts in the top of the 7th.

    The bats continue to struggle. All 3 runs are the result of walks, pass balls and a UNC error.

    Come on Pitt – 9 more outs and you steal some magic back on the season.


  62. 3-2 top 8th

    tough situation bottom 7th with runner on 2nd but got fly out to end inning

    2 more at bats for UNC

    c’mon PITT, LETS GO PITT


  63. 2nd batter walked on a 3-2 pitch. Hess sticking with Chase Smith?

    Tie run coming to the plate with no outs.


  64. Announcers said that Pitt is 17-0 when leading after 7 innings and UNC is 0-21 when losing after 7 innings. Is that not the kiss of death or what?


  65. also makes leadoff in the bottom of the 9th for UNC their 9th place hitter rather than their leadoff guy who is 2-3 today and their best hitter for average all year


  66. Gave up one run and got the 3rd out by striking out the guy looking.

    Pitt leads 5-3

    One more inning to secure some hope and restore a little of the magic we enjoyed just a short month ago.

    Go Pitt!

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  67. Pitt’s bats go quietly 1-2-3 in the top of the 9th.

    Three outs and on to a revenge game with the Wolfpack on Thursday night.

    Go Pitt!


    1. That is what some would say, but I believe UNC will get a bid to a regional.

      The grit came back last night.

      Go Pitt!

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      1. UNC baseball has really dropped off…usually have a solid team. Let’s hope PITT can string a few wins together. The drought ends for the Panther’s and WE need a little rain down here in the Ole North State as we are experiencing a prolonged dry spell.


  68. Thanks to everyone for keeping us informed inning by inning for this nail biter! Much appreciated!


  69. I couldn’t watch it- don’t have cable anymore and couldn’t find it on HULU. I watched the stats.


  70. This was a critical win for pitt since both teams have similar rpis and are bubble teams. Pitt probably solidified a regional invite but most likely in a far destination. Highly doubtful pitt plays in Carolina or Tennessee.


  71. The baseball gods were indeed shining down on our Panthers last night.

    Pitt scored it’s first 3 runs without the benefit of a single hit.

    Fielders Choice
    Wild Pitch
    Sac Fly

    5 runs on just 5 hits.

    I’ll take it though and we need some more baseball gods help against our nemesis in every sport.
    The Wolfpack.

    Be There !

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  72. The top 50 in rpi from P5 schools generally receive an invite to regional. There are usually 15-20 G5 schools that get in due to auto qualifiers like winning their conference. All these schools are your four seeds in a pod. 17 are in the top 50 rpi.

    The ACC schools in the top 50 as of now are ND at 10, Miami at 19, Duke at 28, NC State at 32, GA Tech at 42, Virginia at 43, Florida State at 45, Pitt at 46, NC at 48. Louisville sits at 64 but they might host. More on that later.

    So right now Pitt is a bubble team. Probably one of the last 4 or 5 in. If Pitt can beat NC State, they most likely lock up a high three or even low two seed. Then the odds of them playing in Tennessee or Carolina just increased.


    1. There are multiple locations. I’ve listed at least 7 in the past. All in Oakland. And parking and transportation are issues with every venue. There are multiple solutions for every problem.

      There’s this thing called a bulldozer and crane that is very effective at creating locations. 🤠


  73. Serious question. Could this be a reason why he’s been at pitt for so long. And I’m sure pitt provides him with the best of care.


  74. Click on the underlined sentence around paragraph 6 that states “4 suicide attempts” to take you to a 4 minute video on Pitt Live Wire for a great video on this young man…I’m a bigger fan of him as a person now.

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  75. May 25, 2021​

    Tipton Honored with Wilma Rudolph Student-Athlete Achievement Award

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt wide receiver Tre Tipton has been named a recipient of the Wilma Rudolph Student-Athlete Achievement Award annually presented by the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals (N4A).

    The N4A Wilma Rudolph Student-Athlete Achievement Award honors student-athletes who have overcome great personal, academic and/or emotional odds to achieve academic success while participating in intercollegiate athletics.

    N4A is a diverse educational service and professional non-profit organization comprised of academic support and student services personnel who are committed to enhancing student-athlete opportunities for academic, athletic and personal success.

    Overcoming an array of injuries and subsequent battle with depression, Tipton (Apollo, Pa./Apollo-Ridge) graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in communication and is now pursuing graduate studies in Pitt’s School of Social Work.

    Inspired by his own challenges, he founded L.O.V.E. (Living Out Victoriously Everyday), a program that helps “empower, provide hope and build a community for collegiate student-athletes who are dealing with mental, emotional, and physical struggles” through fellowship and access to professional help.

    His commitment to others was recognized by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) when he was named to the organization’s Good Works Team. He additionally is a past recipient of the Freddie Solomon Community Spirit Award.

    As a “super senior,” Tipton’s return for the 2021 season provides the Panthers with a major asset at wide receiver. With 39 career games under his belt, he will be a leader on and off the field for Pitt.

    “I am extremely blessed and thankful to receive such a prestigious award in honor of the great Wilma Rudolph,” Tipton said. “My story is about how my life has changed over time. I hope that my story can help change the perspectives of people in their own lives. Adversity is a comma in the sentence of life, not a period.”

    “Tre has never allowed adversity, on or off the field, to get in the way of his high aspirations,” Coach Pat Narduzzi said. “His strength, courage and perseverance are an inspiration to our entire program. We are all incredibly proud of this recognition for Tre and know that he has even more great achievements in store for the future.”

    For more on Tipton’s personal journey, please watch this video.


    1. The city already has a team in Robert Morris. And they are pretty good.

      Pitt would need to support both men’s and women’s for that to happen. And Pitt struggles to raise money for victory Heights.

      Will never happen unless pitt builds a MPC.

      And replaces its current AD with someone whose initials are L.R.

      I’d like to have heather release publicly the findings of the NHL study on Pitt. Just another secret that Pitt keeps hidden.


    2. I had a phone conversation with someone high in the Athletics program just two weeks ago. SInce they spoke off the reocrd, I won’t share who. But we discussed this very topic.

      Hockey is not being looked at right now as the focus is on raising the performance of the existing programs. Its not in their plans at the moment. With monies currently directed at upgrading facilities, I get it, even if I think its a missed opportunity to grow the brand locally.


  76. The pergola Ice arena cost nearly $100 million after cost overrun. It’s a nice facility. Capacity at 6000.

    It would be cost prohibitive to retro fit the Pete for hockey. And it’s too costly a project for a single purpose venue.

    If Pitt wants hockey, the Pete would need imploded.


    1. Tex, you are comparing apples to crumbs here. The Penn State University of Farmers and Dairy HIgh had private money out the goal crease from Pergola, hence the $100M price tag. OSU is currently beginning the process of adding a second 5,000 seat ice arena for its hockey program and the cost is not even half of the $100M. Their first arena is part of the Schottenstein Center. They will also have a third sheet which may or may not get torn down. They currently use that for womens hockey and for community and student engagement..

      You know, why engage the students and get them interested in sports and getting them connected to the university for years to come? Stupid idea, wink!

      Our AD would not know how to run a solid hockey program. I was just talking to a President at another institution that is starting the process of getting his school to be a D1 hockey program. In an era where athletic departments are bellyaching for money, others are seeing opportunities and jumping on them. When I talked to this President, one of our discussion points involved title IX and we discussed either adding on womens hockey or womens lacrosse. He was all for it.

      Pitt is not smart and I can see other schools passing Pitt from lesser conferences but in typical Pitt fashion, we will continue to say we are better. It is sad. Will hockey generate 10 million in revenue/profit, probably not. Will it support itself financially and increase the reputation of the school….absolutely. From day one!


      1. Hockey is a sport that can break even. Penn state has proved it. Yes pitt doesn’t have a pergola. That’s why hockey would need to be part of a larger project benefiting multiple sports. Demo the Pete and build your football, basketball and hockey venue there. Again, stade Pierre mauroy concept. It’s no carrier dome.

        NHL did a study on five schools. Feasibility for college hockey. Why is pitt so afraid of sharing the conclusions. Easy explanation if you know leadership at Pitt and the culture.


  77. If they want hockey play at PPG and partner with Pens. It is easy to get there from campus.
    OT: I have to pay the Panthers to mail me my tickets.
    It is like they want to push you away.
    They have succeeded.


  78. Also for hockey. Go big or do not go. Hockey East or bust. Play in an elite conference or don’t waste the time or money. It will also make it easier to move ahead of Bobby Mo.


    1. To be done right, pitt needs their own venue. You can’t follow the football rental stadium approach. That’s proven to be a failure for the last 20 years and counting.


  79. Pitt doesn’t want to roll up their sleeves. And they have no interest in running a business.

    Pitt has all the wrong people in charge of sports. That’s why things are the way they are. The administration supported by the BoT wants to keep it that way.

    That’s why you get coaches like Narduzzi, half empty stadiums, low donation rates, poor revenue generation, a high degree of sports subsidy to keep sports afloat, apathy and disengagement, and a track record of mediocrity.

    Pitt is the Pirates, the Browns, the Sabres, and the Knicks combined. And it’s by design. So it’s utter genius.


  80. A shortage of college students on the horizon. Also, more will go to community college. Pitt needs to step up its physical structure and science teaching and on line studies. Sports money will be more important.

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  81. I see where it’s mostly rinse and repeat day today. Now where did I read such negative crap concerning PITT athletics? Thanks Tex, carry on. yawn………..


    1. Well we can always go with your approach and pretend mediocrity doesn’t exist and somehow things will get better. Are you really happy with the state of Pitts program?

      Poor donations
      Poor revenues
      Poor attendance
      Poor performance
      Poor finances
      Poor leadership
      Poor communication
      Poor transparency
      Poor fan engagement
      Poor product
      Poor scheduling
      Poor coaching
      Poor recruiting
      Poor brand
      Poor fantas
      Poor anthracite
      Poor…wait I’m going off track.

      Pitt may be ok in grad rates, grade point averages, staying out of trouble and very good at saving kittens.

      But that’s it.

      I want more.

      And I’ll beat that drum until heather is back in Michigan where she belongs.


  82. Robert Morris just eliminated men’s and women’s hockey. What an opportunity for Pitt. Empty stadium for use on Neville Isle


    1. Hockey is brutal for title 9. BU being a school with a hockey tradition dropped football in the 90’s.
      Football and Hockey together is a big load to carry.


      1. But there are plenty of schools that can. See every big ten school for starters. Save Rutgers and Maryland. 🤠

        And hockey doesn’t drain finances. It can break even and be self sustaining. Only two other sports can say that.


  83. Sorry Tex, I agree with Kman, play hockey at PPG, saves a ton of money.
    If there is a demand, maybe then you build a facility.

    The benefit of being a city school is that you have the resources of a city, makes sense to use them.

    Pitt and UPMC should be lobbying for a T line from the City to Oakland and beyond.

    That is what is missing, not an MPC.

    You are not thinking big enough. The U has outgrown Oakland, even the kids go to the South Side to party.

    The benefit of a City School is the City and all of it’s resources.

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    1. How do you play at Ppg. Logistics it’s a nightmare. Will the city and pens even allow it. Ice time is huge in this sport. They will not get the ice time. Where will they practice. And 500 fans in a 20,000 seat arena is worse than Heinz. Good luck building up the program in that environment.


  84. Neville Island Hockey rink seats 6000. Transfer all the Bobby Mo men’s and women’s women’s players and coaches and you have an instant top notch hockey team.
    6000 will be about the attendance for the New Hampshire football home coming game…. give everyone who comes free tickets to hockey !


    1. It is not top notch. It is a decent program in a bad conference. If you are going to play you need to get into Hockey East. It will be very expensive and will cost real money to compete, but you will be in a top conference.

      That gives the school instant credibility. Hockey East is currently looking for a team.

      The way Pitt operates I say no way. They are not capable of running what they have.


      1. If Pitt is going to get into hockey, their goal should be to play in the Big Ten along with Notre Dame from the ACC. They would sell out the arena when they played Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Penn State. For a start the PPG Arena would be the place to play their games but they would need to find another facility for practice. With the loss of the Robert Morris program, the Pens may be interested in forming an alliance with Pitt. Heather should at least give them a call. Pitt would have to field both a men’s and women’s team due to Title IX.


  85. So Robert Morris cut hockey? Serious

    Yet pitt can somehow continue to support 18 unprofitable programs and a grossly overpaid buffoon.


  86. Campus to me was always defined by where you attended class. Not where you lived. Not where you partied. Oakland is Pitt. Pittsburgh is not Pitt. Not fall into the Cornhole trap.


    1. Pitt moved to Oakland in 1908. Prior to then it was on the north side. There should be no restrictions on what defines the campus of Pitt based on where its current buildings occur. When I attended Pitt the “campus” had a much smaller footprint than it does now. Many of us on this blog remember when Forbes Field was the home of the Pirates and not part of the Pitt campus. Pitt will continue to expand its footprint in Oakland much to the dismay of those living there.

      Some day though Pitt will form multiple campuses in the city of Pittsburgh. There have been Pitt classes held in off-campus sites around the city on an ongoing basis. If and when Pitt builds a football stadium or multipurpose facility I can guarantee you it will not be within the current confines of what is now considered Pitt’s campus. It certainly will not be built in Oakland! Presently Pitt’s football team uses two different areas of the city for practice and as their home stadium. The cross country team has a home track also not located on campus. Pitt will continue to extend itself throughout the city and I think it is very positive for both Pitt and the city.


      1. Well let’s just call ourselves university of Phoenix then. The heart of campus is the Cathedral. Always will be. But why does pitt call itself pitt and not Pittsburgh?Why are Pitts colors blue and gold and not black. You guys over analyze everything. It’s real simple.

        Pitt is Oakland and some of the surrounding neighborhoods. It is not the north or south side.


  87. For those blaming HCPN & ADHL for passing on the 2020 bowl season, here is a list of teams that also opted out of 2020 bowl games;

    List of College Football Teams Opting Out of Bowl Games 2020-21 (

    Here is Boston College’s reason. Quite similar to Pitt’s

    BC Opts Out of Bowl Game, Finishes Season 6-5 – BC Interruption

    I also read an article from either Virginia or Va. Tech that echoed Pitt’s.


    1. About 17 P5 schools opted out for various reasons. Few if any used the mommy and daddy excuse like Pitt.

      The hard truth is that few of these schools would have been allowed to have large numbers of fans at these games. The schools would have lost money. Travel and entertaining is expensive. And none of these schools had much to play for. More downside in losing relative to winning.

      But I hear from all you guys and pitt that these games are important for practice time, it rewards the kids, you expose your brand on national tv, the kids want to compete, they like being with each other. Blah blah.

      So you’re telling me that covid changed all that. That’s ludicrous. And hypocritical.

      Pitt would have lost money. Pitt would have most likely lost the game. Pitt would have finished .500. Pitt would have beeen sent to a cold and crappy destination. Pitt would be ridiculed nationally for losing to a Mac school. Narduzzi and staff would not have gotten bonus monies.

      But it had nothing to do with the players wanting to go home to spend time with their parents.


      1. Both BC & Virginia used the same excuse as Pitt. Mendenhall of Virginia said the team voted to opt-out and explained in his statement that the team was “emotionally spent”. Sounds like a mommy & daddy excuse to me.

        It would not surprise me at all that the remaining teams on the list of teams opting-out used a mommy & daddy excuse. But there was more teams that probably opted-out. Of the 50 teams (of 127) who did attend a bowl game. 8 had a losing record. Normally none of them would sniff a bowl game. Yes-covid changed the bowl equation.

        Most teams lose money on bowls but want to attend bowls for the prestige, as a reward to their players and for the extra practice time. That is why most teams with a 6-6 record or better attend a bowl in a normal year. Once again, Yes- covid changed the bowl equation.

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  88. hmmmm, who knew that was coming? There was a reason for the shift to college hockey chatter. Pitt can be successful. As I mentioned, I did speak to a college President in great detail about college hockey and the associated expenses. Keep scholarships at 20 per team, so 40 schollies for mens and womens.

    Pitt can cut non-revenue generating sports. Pitt can make money with advertising and the Penguins would surely support them just for the sheer fact that the pens would be able to reduce their scouting budget as they would see the best players in the country… their same building even. What a concept.

    I think the ice time would be fine as the pens mainly practice up north at mario’s place. If you have never attended a Pens practice, I would suggest you go….if they still allow it. Took my kids a couple of years ago because we traveled to Pgh for a hockey tournament and we got to go in and watch. Most impressive player in practice was Rust. He was on ice working his edges a full two hours before practice started. Dedicated!

    Ike, I don’t think this was negative at all. There is an opportunity presented. The AD stays quiet. The potential fans and alumni want an answer. AD stays quiet. Why not be transparent? Share the feasibility study that is referenced. Share the budgets and expenses for each team. If the AD is so great at her job, show us in real dollars how great she is. Why hide?


    1. Sorry Huff the Third. I tried to word my comment so people would know the specific commenters it was referencing. You were actually the one poster I was hoping to get it wasn’t about you.

      I recognize mediocrity runs in the PITT sports family and I’m not happy nor satisfied about it. Couple things. I don’t think football is in as bad of shape as depicted in some minds. Two, there is nothing I can do except keep on keeping on. If you were on my team you played hard until the very end. I always factor in how the game was played by PITT, win or lose, you play to the end with respect and your head held High..

      Syracuse uses this tune by one of their alum to promote the school.

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    2. Because they want to avoid answering tough questions.

      Because they don’t have good news to share

      Because they don’t have answers and solutions to certain problems and issues

      Because it shows their true colors

      Because it’s their nature

      I can go on but you get the point.


  89. I wonder if Narduzzi is helping coach the Penguins defense tonight?

    Not to be negative….


  90. The Pens would be wise to blow up the team. Keep Crosby but everyone else is potential trade bait.

    Pitt should do the same with football. Pitt doesn’t have the coach. Pitt doesn’t have the players to beat elites outside of getting lucky. Pitt can’t evem beat BC and nc state. They need all new personnel and a new system. Complete reboot.

    But no let’s give Narduzzi more time because it worked out for Beamer. Some of you guys are comedians.

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  91. RMU cancelling one of their better programs is travesty. I can guarantee the decision was not fully financial. Their fundraising has been great. They just announced facility upgrades for track and field. I can’t state the reason I heard because it will cause a discussion not appropriate for this blog. Pretty easy to figure out. RMU had hockey and lacrosse. Throw in rowing. Sad.


    1. They seem to raise money far easier than Pitt. In my day back in buffalo, Niagara and canesius and genneseo had programs. All these smaller schools made it work. All had well respected programs that were the pride of their school.


  92. I believe the above to relevant to a thread on sportsmanship as PSU put winning above all else.


    1. Winning and protecting their brand. Their brand took an initial hit but it’s now stronger than ever. It gave their fanbase something to unite and rally around. I don’t think many Nitters to this day blame joe knew in any way.


  93. Pitt needs a win tonight to move on to the semi finals

    I think even with a loss, pitt gets a regional invite. But they probably end up playing in Eugene or Spokane.


  94. Not on the ACC network until 2025 I hear because the ACC didn’t buy out the old tv contract from the current provider. What’s the purpose of the ACC network then.


  95. Shockingly, I find myself agreeing with Tex that Pitt should add men’s and women’s ice hockey, and the logical location is a new MPC in Oakland. Playing hockey at PPG Arena is not much different than playing football at Heinz. There would be no college atmosphere, and the students would not adequately support the program if they had to travel to PPG to see a game. Imagine if some Pitt social group had to visit PPG before each game just to hang banners and “attempt” to transform it into something resembling a Pitt home facility. This is a formula for getting 500 or so rabid Pitt hockey fans to a game, but would never generate widespread community interest in college hockey.

    There are places in Oakland where a new MPC could be built if the Pitt administration would bother to get creative. And the timing might be good to acquire some new federal funding for infrastructure, parking, and maybe a new exit ramp onto the Parkway, if Pitt actually had a plan in place to build the MPC. We just don’t see much creative energy coming from the Pitt Athletics Dept. on any front other than a half hearted, inadequate and delayed Victory Heights initiative.


    1. Now is the time to think big given soon to be federal infrastructure monies, near zero rate bonds and the fact that the nhl wants more colleges to support hockey. And the pens are still a hot demand team with Crosby. Hockey fever isn’t going away soon but it might if you wait too long.

      Ppg would be just like Heinz. Students wouldn’t like being bussed, players wouldn’t like the logistics for practicing, the venue is way too big. At least black seats.

      The beauty of a MPC is that it’s configurable. If you want 2000 for hockey, you can do in the pit. If you want more, you open the seats above and around.

      Basketball would work the same way. Can be very intimate for 10-15k capacity. But if you want to host a big event or just get greedy, you can push a max capacity of 25k.

      Look at the transformation videos for stade Pierre mauroy.


    2. But Pitt doesn’t have a big hockey booster. Has many football boosters and some just waiting in the shadows for a big time project involving football. That’s your MPC. And that would help basketball, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and hold concerts and graduation.

      Got to help the money maker program. Got to build something that pays for itself with cash flows from revenue streams. Got to think smart on space and functionality or purpose. Many programs can call MPC home. Efficient use of debt. Could get major donor interest. Probably take five years to raise the funds needs. 50 percent down on a $700 million venue.

      So can pitt raise $350 million over five years via private and public donations, naming rights, pre sold tickets, license fees and other upfront monies via commitments


  96. I just spoke with our good friend Iek and he will be having surgery to remove the tumor on June 23.
    Please keep our friend in your prayers.

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  97. We need you Ike for football season commentary. I’m sure the surgery will go fine and if you stay away from sweet things during recovery, you’ll be back in form come kickoff. I swear by vinegar and bourbon. I’ll bring both to the Fran tailgate in October for clemson.

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  98. The ACC are idiots for not televising these games. All because they didn’t buy out the previous contracts. How stupid is that. Comments are good on this if you bother to read.


  99. The deepest hockey pockets in Pittsburgh are Burkle and Mario. The only way the deal works is if the Pens partner with Pitt.
    A real partnership not the Steelers robbing them blind.

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    1. Whats in it for Mario, Burkle and the Pens?
      Good PR for being coood citizens helping out the local school perhaps.

      And what does a real partnership look like vs the one with the Steelers?


  100. May 27, 2021​

    Initial Pitt Football Kickoff Times Announced

    PITTSBURGH—The Atlantic Coast Conference and ESPN announced kickoff times for four Pitt football games today.

    The Panthers’ 2021 season opener against Massachusetts at Heinz Field on Sept. 4 will kick off at 4 p.m., and be televised by ACC Network.

    Pitt’s Sept. 11 road opener at Tennessee—the Panthers’ first visit to Knoxville since 1983—will be a noon ESPN national telecast.

    The Panthers will host Western Michigan on Sept. 18. The game will have a noon start and be a Regional Sports Network (RSN) production.

    Additionally, the Panthers’ Nov. 11 home game against North Carolina will be a Thursday night ESPN telecast that will start at 7:30 p.m.

    Pitt football season tickets are now on sale. Fans can purchase full seven-game season ticket packages for as low as $135 with our mobile pass or choose from an array of three-game mini packages. For more information, click here or call (800) 643-7488.

    Pitt’s announced kickoff times and television arrangements to date:

    Sept. 4: Massachusetts, 4 p.m. (ACC Network)

    Sept. 11: at Tennessee, Noon (ESPN)

    Sept. 18: Western Michigan, Noon (RSN)

    Sept. 25: New Hampshire

    Oct. 2: at Georgia Tech*

    Oct. 16: at Virginia Tech*

    Oct. 23: Clemson*

    Oct. 30: Miami*

    Nov. 6: at Duke*

    Nov. 11 (Thurs.): North Carolina*, 7:30 p.m. (ESPN)

    Nov. 20: Virginia*

    Nov. 27: at Syracuse*

    *ACC game


    1. Win, loss, win, win, loss, loss, loss, loss, win, loss, loss, win.

      5-7 and Duzzwhipp gets another raise!


  101. Too bad that the game in Knoxville isn’t 330p or 7p for those of us going. That said, not surprised… not exactly “can’t miss TV”


  102. If there’s one thing you can count on here, it’s to be told what a “real” fan is.

    Personally, I agree with Reed on about 55% of his thoughts here.. In other words, I’m felling “Narduzzi” about the whole thing.


    1. Jay, you are one of the true real Pitt Football fans left. You really care, as do I, about Pitt Football being elite. Miss you on here!


  103. Some things I think I think….

    REED’S POST – a thoughtful topic you posted. I’m a Bill Stull fan. Not because of his talent level, but his grit and determination. Love seeing kids that realize their potential through hard work, even if they aren’t a first round draft pick or deliver a conference title. Hated the way he was treated during his junior year by fans – lots of them. Thought he had a very good senior year and was very happy for him. By very good, I mean he improved, was a gamer, fought for yards and used the talent he had to help the team win. I’m sorry his parents had to endure that.

    Hate to say this but our fanbase does not compare well to many other schools. There are plenty of really nice fanbases other than A&M… Nebraska folks are unbelievably hospitable and positive. Same with Oklahoma. I had very nice interaction with Utah fans at the Fiesta Bowl. A lot of the southern schools are hospitable and Pitt fans should be received well in Knoxville. Could go on for a while here. Parents of kids looking to go to Pitt can see the differences as well.

    ICE HOCKEY – I noted earlier that I had a conversation with a highly placed individual at the university on this very topic. I initiated the discussion because I wanted to know if they had even contemplated it. The focus right now is on improving the programs they have to be competitive in the ACC. That’s it. I understand the rationale because Pitt is actually the ACC and it needs to perform better in ACC sports. Its pretty straightforward and one can argue the merits of that approach – as a few of you have…. Endlessly in some cases I might add.

    That RMU decision really caught me off guard. That program was starting to give the school an image in the northeast… a nice piece of front porch furniture. What a BS announcement from the school. If I were an alum, they’d be hearing from me – not as much for the decision, but for the lack of transparency in it. If it’s purely financial, OK. Explain that and what would have to have been cut if the programs were retained. In my mind, they just took a step back from RMU to RMJC. I have a friend who is a trustee and will get some insight.

    PITT BASEBALL – A fair assessment of the program is to say they improved and had a better season than a reasonable person would have expected. Appreciate the disappointment during the losing streak, but… chin up. Between volleyball, soccer, and baseball, it’s been a much better spring than in recent memory. And thank goodness for that because this place can get really miserable when its just about recruiting, spring practice and so on. Its been fun – take some time to appreciate that.

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  104. I see where Pitt volleyball is getting a “decorated transfer” from Oklahoma. She was All Big-12 First Team as a freshman…

    Go Pitt.

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  105. Pitt baseball needs to win a close 7-6 type game tonight. Gilbertson needs to give us 6 strong innings and leave with the lead.

    Go Pitt!

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  106. RMU Men’s Hockey Head coach was on 93.7 The Fan today. He is at a loss to explain the decision and was told no more than what the press release revealed to the public. He also talked about how many people reached out to him with offers of “substantial” financial backing. He said that if it was a money issue, he wishes somebody at RMU would tell him that and what the number is because he could move on it immediately.

    Additionally, he says that he met with the AD only one month ago. The conversation was positive regarding several new sponsors that were likely to come on board. They both were excited that plans for a new arena had really picked up steam and seemed inevitable. When he was called to the meeting, and learned the women’s coach was to also have a meeting when his was over, he thought that it might be definitive news about the new arena being approved. Talk about shock city!

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  107. I think the delay benefits Pitt the underdog.

    The reason at Robert Morris is not money. That’s the wishy washy excuse that they tell the public. There’s more to this story.


    1. They actually didn’t say money in that pathetic statement.

      There is definitely more to this story. It’s being kept under very tight wraps.


  108. The GT- Louisville game finally finished. According to my computer ( ESPN) the Pitt game is blacked out. WTH?


  109. ESPN is now showing the game start time as 9:08 pm. I think ACCN Extra is blacked out in the Pittsburgh market because AT&T Network is broadcasting the game there.


    1. Ugh, I finally got rid of my cable package and went strictly with HULU (saved $125/mth). Just my luck. Have to watch the stinking stats again. The GT-‘ville game was exciting though.


  110. Ok good man Ike, continue being the fighter that you are. Know you have the whole POV praying for you. And us Greensburg folks are tough cookies!

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    1. Annie, like you I got the blackout notification when I tried to click on ACCn extra. But in the ESPN app I clicked on the three bars in the lower right hand corner, went to More Sports and found NCAA baseball. Thinking I would check the score of the game, I found there was a “Watch” button there. I clicked on that and the game broadcast came on. I am now streaming it to my tv. Try that.


      1. It’s still showing blacked out on my phone. I thought I had it since it looked like what you did to get it to stream. Just my luck.


  111. In the bottom of the 2nd Pitt’s starter just walked 2 bottom of the order wolves with 2 outs.

    Need more grit…


  112. Both wolves scored when their #9 hitter who is batting .236 on the season hit his 1st triple.


    Pitt down 2-1


  113. Wheels are falling off….a triple by the #9 batter in the order scores 2 and a wild pitch scores another.

    Pitt is 1 win, 12 losses all-time against NCSU.


  114. Three runs in for NCS with 2 outs and runners at the corners with the ACC’s best hitter at the plate.


  115. Pitt batters go quietly in their half of the 2nd 1-2-3.

    Down 3-1 in the top of the 3rd.

    Go Pitt!


  116. Bases Loaded for Pitt, 1 out…and the cleanup hitter, Washington up to bat.
    We manage to score a run on a fielders choice, but missed a big opportunity to
    get several runs with Pitt’s #4 & 5 hitters up.

    Pack 3
    Pitt 2


  117. I’m in Virginia and the game was nowhere to be found.

    Great game by our starter Gilbertson except for one poor inning where he let the bottom of their order beat us with 2 outs and no one on base by walking the 7th & 8th hitters, then proceeded to let a .236 hitter crush his 1st triple of the season.

    He went on to shut down the hot hitting Wolfpack and threw 132 pitches. That is grit.

    The batters continued their silence – the 2 thru 4 hitters were 2 for 11 (below the Mendoza line again – par for the past 4 weeks) and they stranded many runners. To boot, the #5 hitter was 0 for 3.

    Line-ups are meant to be shaken up to boost production. Bell is a pitching coach who Pitt hired as a HC – he needs to learn the art of coaching hitters – key to his future as to whether he settles for mediocrity or greatness.

    I don’t expect Pitt to receive a regional bid, but if they get one, the grit of the pitching staff could eek out a victory or two. The number 2 is the key – win 2 and the season could advance – less than that the season looks similar to #2


  118. You can only get so far with pitching and defense. Pitts bats have been silent for three weeks now.

    Pitts RPI is 48. That should be good enough for an invite and a location in Washington or Oregon. But I can also see a snub because this team carries zero momentum into the tournament.

    If Pitt somehow goes to one of the three or four Texas locations, I’ll do on site reporting.


    1. Pitt has several guys in the starting lineup that are really weak hitters. Which is why they were last in the ACC in runs scored by 30 runs. UNC was 3rd lowest, so good we got them in the 1st game

      Without naming them, the CF & the Catcher & the Shortstop are 3 of the worst.
      Between the 3 of them, they had a total of 1 HR & 24 rbi’s for the Season.
      And a cumulative batting Average of .219

      They should be playing Division 3.


      1. You need power out of your catcher and center fielder. Pitt definitely doesn’t have ACC talent in key positions. I don’t even think IUP talent. I’m serious.

        Pitching and defense was going to carry this team but only so far.

        Pitts early season success appears to be a function of scheduling and covid. They would get swept by both FSU and Miami right now.

        I still think pitt is one of the last 4 in. Good luck in Spokane.


  119. Selection Monday is when we’ll know

    Games then begin later that week

    Do you think the team would decline an invite because they want to go back home to spend some summer time with mommy and daddy?

    Is Narduzzi coaching this team. 🤠


    1. Basketball is a train wreck too. 2-20 all-time. 1-12 since joining the Acc.

      It was nice of them to lay down though, for our 1st ACC win….way back in 2013-2014.

      Payback is a biotch !


      1. Just proves why you should cheat in hoops.

        Pitt doesn’t want to cheat, NC State has no issues doing it. Gottfried got dinged, the coach now learned from Pitino.

        Maybe if Mack caught that two-pointer Pitt would have won last year. Or if Pinnock makes a play on fourth down. Pitt players just don’t make plays. When they get to NFL though they do.


        1. The NCAA allows more than just cheating. See penn state. If there was ever a program that should have gotten the death penalty, it was them. And to this day, Nitter fans still think joepa is a Saint. I have no respect for anyone who attended and graduated or is a subway fan from that cesspool. Because that cult mentality continues to this day. In fact it became stronger since Nittany nation united and rallied around ‘the world is against us.’ I’d rather hang with a toothless Hoopie who has a sheep fetish than toast with any arrogant jagoff Nitter. Any freakin day. Do I need to make myself more clear? I can if needed when I see you at baseball regional play.

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  120. What would the pitt example be. The kickoff return by giliyard. The decision to kick a field goal at the goal line and then botched against penn state. Walt Harris and the Aggie swinging gate.

    Peak says pitt has a 35 game losing streak against nc state in all sports.


    1. Man, that Tristan Jarry give-a-way (basically he assisted on the goal) reminded me of the Neil O’Donnell give-a-way pick 7 vs the Cowgirls in the 1995 Super Bowl.

      Wonder if Jarry will get a nice payday somewhere ala Neil. lol


  121. Saw some of the game. A gutsy performance by Gilbertson. He’ll have a sore arm today. He left some pitches up, but changed speeds effectively. Excellent pitching.

    Go Pitt.

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  122. In what ended up being the decisive play(or call) of the game….in that 3 run inning for them. 2 outs…the next batter (#7 in the lineup) the count got to 3-2. Gilbertson thought what he and the entire Pitt team thought was strike 3 and they started leaving the field with Out Number 3.

    Wait a minute said the umpire…that was ball 4. Batter walked.

    Could of be outta of that inning. Gilbertson maybe pitches a shutout.

    I’m sure the home plate umpire wasn’t from North of the Mason/Dixon !


    1. In my opinion, this scenario goes directly to the mentality of the game. When a pitcher is struggling to find the plate (as evidenced by multiple walks), the strike zone shrinks for the pitcher and for the umpire. The umpire will not give a pitch to a pitcher if it is borderline in those situations because the immediate control trend is that the pitcher has lost his direction.

      Just my 3 cents (inflation) as I only played baseball for 20+ years and that was my experience.

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      1. Well…that might all be true. But in this instance up to that batter….Gilbertson had thrown 10 strikes compared to only 8 balls. So he was hardly struggling to find the plate.


  123. Annie, what can you tell us about that ladies volleyball transfer from Oklahoma? Is she a top player? How do you assess the team’s prospects for next year?


  124. So easy to go to bowls. I dont think Narduzzi gets bonuses for bowls. Saving kitten yes. Bowls no.

    Kitten count at 459. Averaging a cat every 1.5 weeks. Kudos boys.


    1. He is wrong in stating 88 of 130 FBS teams will make a bowl game. The correct answer is 84 of 130 FBS team will make a bowl game. There are 44 games scheduled but 1 game is the CFP championship game and both of those teams played in an earlier playoff game.

      The other game is the Celebration Bowl played between the champions of the SWAC and MEAC conferences. The SWAC & MEAC conferences represent the HBCU’s that do not participate (like the Ivy) in the FCS playoffs.

      What do you expect from a Psu beat writer – truth and critical thinking?

      If the weather is bad and I can not get outside, I will have a lot of those games on but only for the noise and glancing up to watch replays as needed.


    1. That would be ‘has Faded. ‘ As in past tense. Being from a City known for it’s bullsh8tters….Capel is fooling no one. Except the suckers.


  125. Pitt playing local teams does nothing or them. It’s all risk and no reward. It doesn’t put fans in the seats. It doesn’t improve recruiting. If they lose, they get crushed. If they win, it’s expected. Pitt fans do not care about playing these local schools. It’s not like Penn State and West Virginia, which does help attendance and overall interest in the program. This is to help the “other” Pittsburgh schools … remember when Duquesne blocked McConnell from transferring to Pitt and sent him out west to AZ instead? Yeah, good times. Nice to see the goodwill was built up from playng them annually. F the local colleges. Pitt plays Duke, UNC and ND … how does Duquesne and Robert Morris help? It doesn’t. It helps Duquesne and Robert Morris … I wouldn’t play them either. Do you think Penn State cares about Shippensburg? Lol.

    If Pitt agrees to play them, there should be something in return. Pitt gives them a big name on the schedule to drum up excitement … What can Duquesne and Robert Morris do for Pitt? I’m guessing neither has come to the table with anything worth considering.

    All risk, no reward is precisely the predicaments that a big time school should avoid. It’s why Penn State avoid Pitt. Penn State already has the Pitt market without playing us. Losing to Pitt just gives Pitt more momentum in the recruiting wars. Not playing Pitt leaves the battles neutral.

    I have no sympathy for Duquesne and Robert Morris fans. Fine collegiate institutions but Pitt should not be helping them. That’s their jobs … and if you want Pitt come to the table with something that doesn’t ‘t make it all risk.

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    1. Huge Pitt fan here since forever…..I enjoy us playing the Dukes.

      So don’t write, like ALL Pitt fans don’t want to play the Dukes.

      It’s one of the few non-con games anyone cares about and that actually draws a crowd of
      more than 5,000 people anymore.

      I’d rather play the Dukes than the Hoopies or the sickening Pedo’s. Not even close.


  126. I get what you’re saying. Risk and little upside for Pitt. But this is for the city. And yes it benefits those smaller schools more so I’d ask for some payback behind the scenes or work on some joint academic or athletic ventures of interest.

    Like maybe on the sports side, combine resources for a hockey team and venue. 🤠

    Or on the football side, you need to buy 500 pitt football tickets because even our fans don’t want them.

    I would definitely ask for things but not a 2 for 1. I like the idea of a city wide tournament every year. Doesn’t philly have that?


    1. Yes, or at least the Philly schools play eachother.

      The last season that wasn’t corona effected, Temple of the AAC played:

      Drexel of the CAA
      St. Joe’s of the A-10
      LaSalle of the A-10
      Penn of the Ivy

      Temple apparently isn’t worried about losing to any of them and that it might really effect
      recruiting. Since Philly produces many more Top hoop players than Pittsburgh and
      they are putting much more at risk. Regardless they play em.


      1. And they usually play Villanova as well, as the 2 have played 65 games against each other.

        So Temple is not scared or petty…..unlike Capel and Heather.


  127. If they blocked McConnell from coming to Pitt that does indeed tick me off royally. As far as risk and reward, we keep hearing about the need for athletic programs to generate revenue. Pitt v Duquesne will generate much more revenue than Pitt vs Alcorn State. Also, the risk versus reward as far as winning or losing is like playing scared. Bring your A-Game and win. Lose and the coach deserves to be on the hot seat. If Capel can survive losing to a bad Local St Francis team, it could survive losing to Duquesne.


    1. It was a shock that Duquesne took McConnell out of high school as he was 5’8” 140 pounds when he graduated. A growth spurt launched his career and I don’t blame the Dukes for blocking that transfer. As awesome as it would have been having TJ a Panther because he is a great player and would have continued the point guard tradition at Pitt, it was just how the game was played then it came to transfers. We know TJ wanted to be a Panther, too.

      TJ, Lamar and Talib together on that 2013-14 team would have been outstanding.


  128. I’m 100% with Tossing on this. There is no rational reason for Pitt to play Duquesne or RMU in any sport. Nothing to gain for Pitt, and with Pitt’s recent basketball record, it is possible that Duquesne could beat them again, which is not good for local recruiting by Pitt of that occasional top D1 recruit. Even with a packed house, splitting the ticket sales plus overhead costs at PPG would not really bring in much money. Paul Zeise is totally wrong if he thinks Pitt would get anything at all, except maybe a football win, out of it.


  129. Tex,

    The city does not need help. The Pirates don’t help Pitt when we want a night game against PSU. The Pens and Steelers and Pirates don’t help each other. Why would Pitt help other institutions? Pitt has a strategic alliance with CMU and their science program … because Pitt has money. Money and grants for access. Maybe if Duquesne and Robert Morris could help Pitt academically … but, no, Pitt is better academically and athletically. I don’t get that argument even a little. Duquesne and Robert Morris would split the gate so it is probably about the same as Alcorn State and without the risk and bad branding locally. We lose to Alcorn State and it’s forgotten. We lose to Duquesne and it comes up the next few years. Duquesne and Robert Morris are fine, too. I could understand if they NEEDED our help … but they don’t. When Robert Morris opened their new arena, Pitt graciously said yes … I’m assuming because Robert Morris needed to open with a bang. So, I see Pitt already being there when they should be … when the shouldn’t be, they should stay the he’ll (bypass the curse filter 🤣) away.


  130. Was not aware of the McConnell story, but if true, enough reason to never play them again.

    They had absolutely no legit reason to block the transfer. Pure spite.

    I was all for the City game, even worth the risk of the loss for the benefit of Pittsburgh basketball,
    but the one time they could do a solid for Pitt they give us the finger.

    Back to sportsmanship for a moment, why play WV, when it is dangerous for our fans to go there?
    Remember when they were throwing coins etc. at our players? They yell Eat s$%t Pitt at our venues.
    Seriously for a few extra fans at Heinz we are going to put up with this?

    We are now in the ACC, it is time to move on and form new rivalries.

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    1. It’s been 8 years…,how’s that rivalry thing working out ?

      If Pitt can’t beat Duquesne, they should leave the ACC and join the A-10 and see
      if they can finish above Fordham (who they keep losing recruits too).

      Fordham btw has the oldest basketball facility in college basketball.


  131. Funny thing…..Pitt and Duquesne, separated by a scant few miles, will still be around, long after
    the current hucksters at Pitt are long gone.

    And they can’t destroy 67 years of memories and tradition.


    1. They sure came close when they destroyed Pitt Stadium. It’s just shortsightedness. Heather is building a resume for her next gig. I don’t think she’s up at night thinking about her Pitt legacy. It’s how do I get out of here.


  132. Pitt could help the city out. And Pitt needs city help for infrastructure and safety for campus. So I would not only ask for something from the two schools but I’d ask the city for something as well. Pitt has a bargaining chip. They should use it wisely.


  133. From the Washington Post (it won’t let me post the link) But in essence Pitt showed no interest
    in the initial recruiting of McConnell. As these attests too. And he showed no interest in Pitt
    when he wanted to transfer. His 2nd choice was Virginia.

    T.J. McConnell had been nothing but a Pittsburgh kid all his life, and nobody knew he wanted to be anything more. He scored 1,000 points his senior season for his father, Coach Tim McConnell, at Chartiers Valley High in a suburb of Pittsburgh. He played point guard for two years at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. One day in March 2012, he settled into the stands next to his dad for an NCAA tournament game at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

    McConnell watched Ohio State play Gonzaga in the Round of 32, with a particular focus on Buckeyes point guard Aaron Craft. McConnell envied the players on the court. He believed he belonged. He felt incomplete as a spectator. He turned to his father.

    “I think I want to play at a higher level,” McConnell told him. “This is what I want. I want to play in the NCAA tournament. I’m going to try to transfer.”

    His son’s declaration shocked Tim McConnell. T.J. had never broached the subject before. Tim believed Duquesne fit his son’s talent level just fine, and he worried the talent at a larger school might swallow T.J. The thought that came into his head was, “Whoa.” The words that came out of his mouth were, “We got to talk about this.”

    McConnell sprouted to a whopping 6-1 by the time he enrolled at Duquesne. As a freshman, he averaged 10.8 points and 4.4 assists per game, ranked fourth in the nation in steals and won the Atlantic 10 freshman of the year award. As a sophomore, he ranked third in the nation with 2.8 steals per game and averaged 11.4 points.

    And then McConnell watched Ohio State play Gonzaga and he had his epiphany. His father and mother took him out to dinner that night. Tim McConnell asked his son if he was sure. Things were going well at Duquesne, even if the school had fired Everhart. McConnell had made up his mind. “Nothing against Duquesne,” he told his father, “but I don’t see myself ever going to the NCAA tournament and winning a national championship there.”

    ***Once he made his intentions clear, calls poured in from coaches. The McConnells visited Virginia first, and they loved it. Then came Arizona and Sean Miller, a Pittsburgh kid himself. Tim McConnell had known Miller’s father, a high school coaching legend in Pennsylvania, for years. The program offered exactly what McConnell wanted. Once he returned home, he decided he would transfer to Arizona.


    1. The article simply did not state that he was blocked from going to Pitt. No need to rehash it I guess. His high school years coincided with terrific Pitt teams. I’d be shocked to read he was not a Pitt fan and had no interest in playing for the Panthers if given the choice out of high school and then as a transfer.


      1. The article says he accepted a scholarship to Duquesne after his sophomore year in HS. And Pitt didn’t even bother to try to pry him away from that commitment.

        So one would imagine if he was shunned by Pitt the first time around, he would have no interest
        in transferring to a school that shunned him. Plus he wanted a legit chance to win a National
        Championship. By 2012 Pitt’s program was clearly in the decline. That season 2011-2012, they
        went 22-17, 5-13 in the BigEast for 13th place. Did not go to the NCAA’s…only got to 22 wins
        by playing in the 3rd rate CBi tournament, where they won 5 additional games.

        So besides Sean Miller having an ‘in’ with the family, Arizona had a legit shot at a NC, Pitt did not.

        Bleacher Report article also says had he chose to play in the ACC, it would have been at Virginia.
        Who in that time period were gearing up for back to back 30 win seasons.

        Both Arizona & Virginia clearly gave him a better opportunity to win a NC.


        1. Pitt had no interest when TJ was coming out of high school because he was 5’8” 140 pounds according to his Rivals page. Neither did WVU, PSU or Ohio State. Surprised to hear Duquesne offered him so young.

          Pitt wanted TJ when he announced he was transferring but Duquesne blocked it.

          Pitt’s last good team was in 2013-14. TJ, Lamar and Talib would have been a terrific trio. I imagine those Pitt teams from 2011-12 thru 2013-14 would have been so much better with TJ running the show. If only he was offered by Dixon.


          1. The Washington Post article clearly states after he visited Arizona, he chose them. For 2 reasons.

            In either order, he wanted a chance to win a NC. (clearly not happening at Pitt)

            The Miller’s knew the McConnell’s since both fathers were in the Western PA. HS
            coaching fraternity and had the additional commonality of having PG playing sons.

            If you can find any documentation stating Duquesne blocked it, please post it…cause I can’t.


        2. By the way, both AZ & UVa were ranked in the Top 10, (Top 5) the entire year(s), the 2 years McConnell played after transferring. Arizona was ranked #1 for 8 weeks, ended that season ranked #4.
          The next season, they finished ranked #5.

          UVa ended the one season ranked #3 and the other #6.

          And both years, AZ & UVA were #1 seeds or #2 seeds in the NCAA’s.

          AZ got beat in the Elite 8 both years

          Pitt on the other hand, was only ranked a total of 4 weeks in those 2 years. Didn’t make the
          Tournament one year and was a #9 seed the other and got trounced in the 2nd round.


  134. I don’t know what the truth is but I would believe Tossing Thabeets more than a guy that keeps changing his name.

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  135. Pitt is clearly being the bad sport here. Thinking for purely selfish and petty reasons. Heather gets an F in sportsmanship. Or sportswomanship. But that’s our AD of the year.


  136. Capel is just scared and sports some petty grudge with the Dukes.

    Pitt is behaving so much like Penn State right now. It’s embarrassing.


  137. I’m guessing Duquesne offered McConnell because his Aunt was the women’s coach at the time and wasn’t his dad a HS coach? Smart move to engender good will locally.

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  138. And Pitt engenders good will by hosting a tournament of city schools. But who would the fourth school be?

    Philly has 7 legit ‘city’ schools.


    1. How about alternating regional schools like St. Bonaventure, St. Francis, Cleveland St, WVU, etc.


          1. Right ike! Make Youngwood State the 4th school and they could all play for rhe coveted Blanda Trophy!


      1. If you make this a state thing, states get involved. Givernores. City thing gets the majors. Then you get bravado and bets. And I have ample supply of jokes and sarcasm for all those bureaucrats. But mainly this is for fans. Big schools versus little schools. Privates vs public’s. It would be a better version of the NCAA big dance but to begin the season. I’d limit it to 16 schools though. So it might just end up being a city school invite only thing.

        Bobby mo
        Cleveland state
        Saint joes
        Seton hall
        Saint johns

        Find five more


  139. Makes sense. Gather local schools. Preferably division one only. Extend regional if need be.

    Maybe square off pa schools versus Ohio versus New York. Make it fun.

    Or just invite all regional city schools to a tourney.

    Slap some marketing label on it. Create some lame trophy.

    But that just might increase school spirit. And heather wants nothing to do with that.

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  140. Again, they should get an invite but a low seed. The committee doesn’t look highly on late season collapses. Hopefully Pitt can reboot from their virus.


  141. Virus doesn’t effect 18-22 year olds let alone baseball players. Maybe the inactive ness but come on man. It’s baseball. You run 10 times a game. If they get in they deserve a 4th spot. Nothing more. They have played bad baseball for 6 weeks.


    1. No P5 gets slotted as a four. I disagree with that but that’s how the NCAA rolls. Pitts rpi is around 50. That should be good enough. They will be a very low three seed though. And they will be playing west of the Mississippi. I’m hoping it’s Texas.

      I’m thinking covid impacted the baseball team more than what’s been told. So why aren’t pitt players vaccinated by now?

      Only half of all athletes are. That’s on heather. Inexcusable.


      1. Their age group was not allowed to get the vaccine until recently. Older age groups went first. Surely you aren’t advocating special treatment c or athletes are you, Tex? After all, you constantly gripe about the special treatment they get for housing and meals.

        Heather had no power to move them to the front of the line. The state health department made the rules on that.

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        1. Annie, some people can do no right in others minds. It seems to me that most PITT people are happy with the infrastructure of the Athletic Department?

          My wish list for the University of Pittsburgh..

          To build the “T” out to the campus. It’s time downtown and Oakland meet each other.

          Expand and fix Bates street, it’s an embarrassment for the neighborhood of Oakland and PITT.

          Somehow grow a connection with CMU and start to nurture a better friendship and bond with our next door neighbor.

          Make the uniform colors blue and gold darker. There the first complaint about uniform colors. I’ll leave the complaints for a new, covered. on campus stadium to Tex.

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        2. Yes I am advocating special treatment. They are high risk. Think about it. Contact sports. Traveling. They aren’t kids.


          1. They also aren’t 60 years old… I had to wait to get mine behind SMOKERS! SMOKERS- WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN BAD HEALTH! I take care of myself but was slotted behind people who were aware of the risks of smoking, but went ahead and did it anyway. Burns my butt….

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  142. I will go if within 4-5 hours of us. Arkansas is my guess. Arkansas would beat the Pirates. Ha

    Again the Corona excuse doesn’t carry weight with me. Football yes , basketball yes but Baseball?!? No chance.


  143. Duquesne definitely blocked TJ from transferring to Pitt but he could still have chosen AZ over Pitt. You can believe me or not but Duquesne would not let TJ go to Pitt. That doesn’t mean Pitt was 100% going to get him or even likely. That I do not know.

    My main point being that goodwill only goes so far. Pitt should not involve itself with lesser athletic institutions locally. It does not benefit Pitt in any way. The only people with memories from the city game are people with kids or sibling or friends who went to the other school so it’s fun. A very niche group.

    My favorite game every year is UVA/Pitt because and I was bummed when MD left the ACC because I live in the DC metro area and know a ton of alumni from those schools so it’s fun … but I would never expect Pitt to make scheduling decision around my niche interest in those games that I consider a rivalry but most would not.

    It does not help Pitt with getting more fans or more goodwill with the city or more money or recruiting or public relations … it just helps the competing local schools. If Pitt wants to play them I do not care but to argue that it benefits Pitt in any way is really shortsighted.

    Pitt needs to invest heavily in athletics. That’s all the goodwill they need. Until then, everything else is just ancillary to keep the lights on and the athletic programs moving forward … but not on a trajectory to anywhere significant.

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    1. It may not benefit pitt but Pitt holds the cards. They can extract concessions from these schools and the city. They need to be savvy about this. Right now pitt is the bad guy. Negotiate behind the scenes and make it happen. Business people do this every day. Pitt needs to stop thinking like an egghead dressed in yellow.


      1. Tex – But who cares if Pitt is the bad guy? Only people who think Pitt is the bad guy is Duquesne and Robert Morris grads. Local and historic rivalries have been dying in collegiate athletes for the last 25 years … it’s not a new story nor one can sympathize with. Locals already know the Pitt – PSU and Pitt – WVU stories. Those are much bigger stories and there is still not real momentum to sustain either. PSU is the bad guy in the PITT – PSU rivalry and Pitt is the bud guy in the WVU rivalry … both are the same argument but different sides of the coin. Hypocrisy is expected. Lol. We’ve been conditioned for it. Pitt looking bad has zero affect on the University outside of the day a story is published. Pitt will look bad for a few days a year with zero long term consequences. I cannot see a world where Pitt will ever need anything from Duquesne or Robert Morris. If there was something mutually beneficial like Pitt’s relationship with CMU then maybe but those two schools cannot match the academics or money that Pitt and CMU generate.


  144. Money and winning is how Pitt builds its brand. All the community outreach stuff along with game day experiences, campus stadiums, etc. are not how you build a program. The first thing you have to do is put out a good product. Everything else is secondary. Pitt is not a mom and pop shop in a local neighborhood that you want the locals to gush over. A mom and pop shop may be able to stay in business keeping the neighborhood happy but Pitt is part of the ACC and has to scale at a corporate level. 34% of the enrollment is out of state and less than 50% of the in-state is from the Pittsburgh area … 75% of the University will not see this stuff or care about it. Once you put out a good product, then you shine it up with the game day experiences and community outreach to keep people coming back … but you have to have the product first. Any other approach is backwards and/or thinking too small. I say all this understanding what Pitt is. I’ve said numerous times that I can find stories and players to root for with Pitt … but my expectations are always going to be tempered until Pitt invests at an appropriate level to compete at a national level. You can strike lightning once in a while like the heyday of Jamie Dixon … but it’s not sustainable unless the investment matches the expectations … Dixon’s program tapered off because Pitt’s investment did not rise with the expectations and success. Dixon couldn’t afford assistants anymore. The Pete was kept up to ACC standards and started showing its age.

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    1. Then do you think a reason behind the football mediocrity is due to Narduzzi hogging all the slop and not leaving anything for his assistants.

      Whipple makes less than the special teams coach at Alabama.

      I personally think pitt should pay a head coach no more than twice the base of his coordinators. And then heavily invent the head coach with certain bonus monies. Like top 25 finishes, grad rates, etc

      But a dc and OC need to be paid more than $500k per year. Quality applicants begin at one million otherwise you get adversely selected with washed up guys who drink old pappy.


      1. I think Pitt should pay a head coach the salary of what ranking Pitt desires. If they want to be top 10, pay 10 salaries. Anything else, and you’re just hoping to strike lightning for a few years. It’s not my money so I don’t really care what Pitt spends on anything.


  145. I am reading the new Grisham about a Sudanese basketball player’s story. Good fiction with some reality thrown in. Touches on some points that we discuss routinely.


  146. Duke won 12 straight in winning the ACC baseball tournament championship as a 9 seed over NC State 1-0 (nil).

    Duke gets an automatic bid while Pitt bites nails in anticipation of a bid or not.

    I hate penn state!


  147. Bid is tomorrow late morn. Got my days messed up. That’s what happens when you time travel.

    I won’t spoil things.


  148. On a sad note, singer BJ Thomas passed away today. “Another somebody done some body wrong song”

    Classic 60’s and 70’s guy!


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