POV on Pause for Awhile…

My family and I are caregivers for an old friend of ours who has had terrible health problems and many surgeries. So, we have rearranged our home so that we can give him the care he needs (he’s single) and he can have privacy at the same time In a semi-apartment. That will be ongoing and will take precedence…

He wanted to show his gratitude by offering to buy Pitt FB season tickets for all us so I almost kicked him out. Just kidding! (Kind of)!

So, I will be super busy and I’ll ask more readers to kick in some articles to post. Maybe one on baseball?

Tex really stepped up and delivered on the soccer front – we all thank you for that great insight Mike. I also have some reader’s articles already drafted so I’ll pop one of those up soon.

BTW – I banned three new commenters (trolls) and have had to delete some comments that WordPress sent me to moderate. All were either political or racial. I can’t stress enough that the standards I set will be enforced. No sex, politics, racial or religious issues will be on here.

There are tons of things to discuss besides those.

Thanks and I’ll try to get a post up tomorrow.