Mike’s Take on the Spring Game

Spring Game Optimism

Michaelangelo Monteleone

You know it only takes a few months away from Pitt football for that old optimism to come creeping back in.  And all through spring camp I’ve been observing things from the casual fan’s perspective, which I’ll admit has been pretty damn nice, compared to the day-in-and-day-out grind of running the POV.  It all culminated yesterday when I found myself listening to Chris Peak’s “What did we learn from the spring game” podcast, because hey, I wanted to learn what he learned from the spring game.  (Link to Podcast here – worth a listen, even if the content is a tad bit optimistic). 

Peak spends most of his time talking about the offense.  Because lets admit it, that’s what we all care about.  (And lets also admit that’s where Pitt’s problems have been.)  And then he gets into the quarterbacks, Patti 7-for-10 and a couple of TD’s.  Beville 6-for-6 and a TD strike.  Yellen and The New Guy…well, not so good.

And it got me to thinking, hey the two backup QB’s who have spent two years (plus a spring) in Whipple’s system played pretty damn well.  The two guys who have spent a year or less played pretty damn poorly.  And it got me to thinking, maybe it just takes a few years for a QB to really learn Whip’s offense.

And so, the analyst in me decided to look at UMass to see if I could ferret out a trend.

Oh the optimism…

Here’s what Sports-Reference.com had to say about all the UMass QB’s who played under Whipple (2014 – 2018).

First, Marshall transfer Blake Frohnapfel:

So….transfer QB comes in with limited snaps at his prior stop, and his QB rating goes down significantly.  Sound familiar? 

Now, here are Pitt’s Joey Yellen’s stats:

Now Yellen played against two of Pitt’s tougher opponents last year (Miami and Notre Dame), so there is that.  But…the spring game.  He’s slow of foot, and his arm doesn’t seem all that strong.  He’s also just one year into Whipple’s system.  What does he look like after two?  After three?  Time shall tell.  Frohnapfel only had two years, so who knows what he could have done.

Meanwhile, Andrew Ford was a Whipple recruit who clearly progressed in year three. Here are his stats while at UMASS:

Andrew Ford

Case in point – Ford posted a very Kenny Pickett-esque 138 rating in 2016 (his second year under Whipple as a Sophomore).  In his third year?  Well that rating jumped up to 151.  It looks like Ford got hurt in year four, and his numbers regressed a bit, so maybe the theory doesn’t exactly hold.  Or does it?  Was Ford playing hurt before he went out after game 7?

Ford’s replacement was Senior Ross Comis, who incidentally was in his fourth year under Whipple, and looked to be in time share situation with Ford throughout the season, based on number of games played.  Comis’ 2018 QB rating?  A gaudy 161.5.

So look, there are a LOT of factors that go into QB rating.  Receivers and Tight Ends catching the ball is a big one.  Andrew Ford and Ross Comis enjoyed the services of ex-PSU Tight End Adam Breneman and 4th round NFL draft pick, WR Andy Isabella.  Kenny Pickett and company enjoy the services of no Tight End in particular and a ragtag bunch of three-star WR’s, the best of whom was a true freshman last season.  Perhaps that will change this year.  (Optimism?) 

Offensive line is another factor.  I corresponded with a UMASS sports journalist back when Whipple was hired, and the word on the street was that Whipple never had a good O Line.  Well guess what?  Until we see evidence to the contrary, neither does Pitt.  And as we all know, it all starts with those Big Palookas Up front.  So, here’s to optimism around that too.  May your summer be filled with visions of upright Pitt quarterbacks completing passes.  Preferably in the endzone.  At least until Reed writes his next article. 

Hail to Pitt

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  1. Nice to hear from you Michael. I respect your optimism but it’s gonna be another Vinegar year. The line is a big question mark. And the biggest problem still calls the plays.


    1. ….and the head coach washed his hands of the offense, you know, because he gets all the pay to just call the defense. Ugggh! A defensive coordinator with a head coach title.


      1. Few are astute as you. You state the obvious which is oblivious to 95 percent of Pitt fans.

        Seriously, Narduzzi is a career DC. He’s a good one with his players. But as HC, the role responsibilities expand. And unfortunately, the meatballs begin popping out.


  2. OK Mike – Point and Counter-Point time”

    I look at those passing numbers the two QB had under Whipple at UMASS and am somewhat impressed. Then I think “Well, how well did they do in wins and losses”. After finding out they sucked with an average W/L record of basically – 3 wins to 9 losses – I was reminded of our Panthers.

    Wow – so now I wonder why did Whipple’s team suck so badly when they could pass the ball OK? My answer is seen below where I figured the seasonal averages for their run game under Whippster:

    UMASS Rushing Nat’l Rank – 108th (Estimated)

    Stats Season Averages: 395 Attempts for 1,507 yards (3.8 YPC) and 16 TDs with 3 wins and 9 losses.

    Which – as we see what Pitt’s run game has done in Whipple’s two years as OC also sucks:

    Pitt Rushing Nat’l Rank – 115th (Estimated)

    Pitt’s Stats Season Averages: 415 Attempts for 1,431yards (3.4 YPC) and 15 TDs with 7.5 wins and 3.5 losses.

    Look – with our current OC it is and always has been pass first and the run is an after thought. Because Narduzzi abhors anything to do with offense he let’s the Whip have free rein – which is a mistake.

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    1. Oh I’m in no way saying Whipple is a good OC. I’m just saying his offense is so complicated that a qb needs three years to learn it. I make no claims about the running game.

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    2. The only input Coach Duzz should have in Pitt’s offense is telling the OC what Duzzer finds as the toughest plays to defend in different situations.

      For example, we haven’t covered a receiver out of the backfield in many moons. Yet does our offense try enough to take advantage of that play?

      I suspect an improved OLine and improved TE play will lead to more points by the Whipple offense…

      Go Pitt.


  3. Mike nice to have you back if even for a limited time.—So the first 4 comments to your piece came from the glass have empty team. And since Tex posts the most here by a long shot that negative posts will far out way the positive ones by a long shot going forward. We do need the return of a healthy Ike and some additional Kool Aide followers to balance out the ledger. I stated the other day there are 22 starters on a football team and if there are any weak links in that group they will be exposed by the opposition. I’m of the opinion that the 22 starters Pitt will put on the field this year just might be better than the 22 we started last year. How many wins that ends up being for this years Pitt squad remains to be seen. But I’m hopeful that they may surprise quite a few that post here in a positive way.

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  4. Also I threw this together in 45 mins so I apologize for the relatively poor quality of the prose


  5. 9 TD passes in 2018 for that umass qb is on the order with Pickett only having 13 TD passes along with 9 interceptions in both years with Charmin as OC.

    As we know, vast amounts of passing yardage between the 30’s doesn’t mean a thing, unless you can
    score points….preferably TD’s.


    1. As Mike stated in the article, UMass QB Andrew Ford was injured and only payed in 6 (of 12) games. UMass as a team threw for 27 TD’s & 10 ints. in 2018.

      It pays to read & understand and check stats.

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      1. Wow….snippy aren’t we. So are you saying Pickett will throw 27 TD’s and only 10 intercepts this year ?


  6. Optimism on the POV?? Remember, just last week , the POV turned the headline “Pitt is No. 1 in Community Service” into a negative.

    So with apologies to all …. I will tell Ike that I have spent most of the 2000s in health care and much of that in the Cleveland area … and the Clinic is just about as good as it gets

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Community service saving cats is for the dogs.

      All this service and gpa BS is a distraction.

      What does the on the field performance look like? I think a Hoopie coined it.


  7. Definitely nice to hear from you MOM.

    My observations in terms of quarterbacking:

    Pitt’s Joey Yellen is in way over his head to think about competing in any major conference. If you’ve seen a ‘statue’ in your yard (or your neighbor’s) then you’ve got a picture of the mobility here in this instance. It AIN’t happenin,’ folks. So please, everyone, move forward and give Beville a “chance.” A “chance” means more than one (1) “meaningful” series in Live action.

    As for Patti, I think he is a “good” backup QB. Not a starter, but yes, a “good enough” backup.

    Thanks for listening, Pitt Football Program.

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  8. New thread, same theme for Pitt hoops.

    Pittsburgh 2022 PF Kijani Wright (6-9, 215, 5★) has trimmed his list, and removed Pittsburgh from consideration.


  9. I can’t speak about Yarnell, as I have not watched the spring game. But I’m not excited about the idea that one of the QB’s currently on the roster will be our starter in 2022. None of them instill even a tiny bit of confidence. Beville would maybe be the best option, but he couldn’t win the backup job last year over Yellen. So what’s that tell you? So anyone who wishes that Kenny had moved on with his life’s work after last season, please let me know your thoughts on that after next year is complete. Not sure how many we win with Kenny this year, as that depends on other factors too. But without him in 2021, I would expect us to lose more than we win.

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  10. It’s all about the O becoming more balanced and they have to SCORE….and NARD-dog needs to re-gain his rep as aD guru… too many late scores and too many mistakes… Come-on Man!!!

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    1. Regain his rep? You’re assuming he had one. He needs to get on the first bus out of Pittsburgh to Youngstown. I hear a pizzeria is hiring there.


  11. MM – great to see you as a guest POV writer!

    In case anyone missed it, at Florida, TE Lucas Krull was playing behind the 4th overall pick in the NFL draft.

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Whipple is a dinosaur. No apologies to you dinosaurs. And you know who you are. But this is a young mans game. A meteror would be a good thing right now.

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  12. One more year where we hope the O-line has finally matured. I think if Izzy can take over the feature back spot and Vincent has more games like his last one, they use Sibley at the goal line, maybe we have a running game. The passing game should be better with talent, depth and a new coach.

    Not worried about the D, lots of guys with experience and young guns pushing them.

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  13. While I don’t like the QB shuffle to the sidelines, Whipple has some good plays in his playbook, probably too many which our guys aren’t capable of executing. Why waste time on the wildcat in practice to use it once or twice a game. Shorten the playbook to the plays that they execute best most of the time.
    I do agree that the timing of some of the calls make you go Huh?

    My beef is mostly with execution, making the necessary block, not dropping the pass, Kenny finding the open guy.

    In gymnastics you only put tricks in your routine that you can execute at a high percentage. I think this philosophy would help the offense. Its like a pitcher using a poor fast ball when the change up and curve ball are working well. Or like Billy Conn trying to knock out Joe Louis when he had him beat on points, stupid.

    In any sport you go after an opponents weakness, you don’t throw to Revis Island, or kick to Gilyard, Duh?

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  14. Answering Tex’ question on why Pitt doesn’t win like Alabama. Alabama had 6 guys picked yesterday.
    Pitt had zero.


    1. Its all those 2 stars Saban goes after…….

      Now, before everyone jumps on our occasional 2 stars that make it, stop. Most NFL talent is of the 3 star variety, but the winningest college football teams each and every year our populated with more 4 and 5 star players. Yes, there are occasional upsets when a 2 and 3 star team beat such a team, the fact remains that in college, the most populated 4 and 5 star teams win big. Recruit to win.


      1. I think there are only about 50 five stars and around 300. four stars each year. There are thousands of three stars and tens of thousands of unranked kids.

        Your percentage of being an all American or going pro is something like 4-5 times greater if you are a four compared to a two.

        There have been multiple links on this.

        3 stars outnumber four by something like 20 to one.

        Pitt needs elites in skilled positions. Solids threes everywhere else

        Pitt needs to get at least 40 percent of their class rated 5.7 and above. Or it won’t keep up with the rest of the division. And coaching isn’t going to develop this kids and make up for the talent shortfall.


    2. They have elite talent. But Pitts talent is pro caliber. Should not be winning just six games and being unranked. And then skipping your bowl because the players say they miss their mommies.

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  15. Congrats to Bostic. If he only executed as well when he was recruited to play QB at Pitt. I think you could have given him a grade F on that score.—-Chris Peak in his 3-2-1 Column today predicted Pitt would have a 3000 yard passer and a 1000 yard runner this coming season. Pitt has had that occur in only one season in the past. Anyone what to guess what season that was and who where the named players? No fair looking at the Peak column for the answer.

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    1. Dion played with Stull and then Sackseri.

      Palko played with a host of RB’s. The best of the lot was LaRod Stephen’s-Howling.


  16. And what was Pitts record in that sackseri year. These numbers don’t mean anything unless pitt wins ten games and finished ranked in the top 15.
    Tino has good career numbers but he’s not a good quarterback. Can’t just look at numbers. How often did a critical drive end with a stupid sack. How many fourth quarter comebacks did he lead.


    1. The record was 6 and 7 in 2012 with a 3000 yard passer and a 1000 yard rusher. The defense must have left a lot to be desired with that record.


      1. Coaching was the issue. That was the worst schedule in Pitt history as TCU and WVU left for the Big 12 and were replaced with easier teams. ND, Louisville and I think Cincy were good. Terrible losses to YSU, Syracuse and UConn (I thought Wannstedt only lost to UConn yet people forget so did Walt and Paulie).

        Chryst should have gone at worst 8-4 in each of his three seasons at Pitt and managed to win 6,7, and 6.


          1. Pitt needs to hire proven head coaches from a lower level. My list has those candidates. And all with an offense background. All from good coaching trees. But a track record of success as a head coach. Not as an assistant. And surely not defense.

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            1. Yes since the cheap skates won’t hire a proven HC from a high level school. But they are wasting a large amount of coin on Narsnoozy and Charmin. Charmin being an over the hill loser with a 1990’s West Coast offense who won’t even signal the plays in. Still thinks it’s 1940.

              Cincy hired Brian Kelly from a lower level MAC school. All he did was go 33-6 over 3 years and
              took the Bearcats to the Orange Bowl & the Sugar Bowl.

              The model is already there, Pitt still won’t use it. Hiring oafs with no HC experience and losing so
              many games a good experienced HC would have won.

              WHEN WILL IT END !!!!


                1. If that could ‘only’ be true. Truth is……that Tomorrow never comes for the today of Pitt football.


                  1. Seriously. There’s always some time distortion with Pitt football. I hop in my Tardis and go to the future. But the future is always a repeat of the past. No other sport works that way.


                    1. Pitt football is stuck in a temporal casuality loop…….which only Data can fix.

                      Whoops we don’t have a Data……well call me when we do !


        1. When is coaching not THE issue at Pitt?

          Thank goodness there are 5 out of 19 head coaches that actually earn their salaries at Pitt.


      2. Actually the Defense, was pretty good. 23rd in the Nation in Scoring defense at only 21 ppg.
        Better than last years supposedly vaunted defense which was 37th in the Nation allowing 24.5 ppg.

        Typical of Pitt, we lost a lot of tight games that year. As we all know Tiny was not a ‘clutch player’
        and never made any plays in the 4th Q of close games. Pitt NEVER won a game trailing in the
        4th Q with him as QB.

        13-14 vs. Syracuse
        26-29 vs Notre Dame
        17-24 vs Uconn


        1. Great research.

          I don’t know how pitt could have lost to Syracuse and UConn. In the same year. That’s a fireable offense imo.


            1. Think how bad 2016 would have been under Chryst with that schedule facing all those QBs who were drafted into the NFL. Throw in no Peterman and Voytik being the QB.

              Then there is GTech, who gashed Pitt for 465 yards with the triple option in Paulie’s last year in an embarrassing Homecoming game that Matt Galambos actually quit on a play when pursuing a Jacket running back.

              It wasn’t all Pitt. Chryst made some underwhelming staff hires. Remember the D-line coach, Ian Breckenfield, who offered 1,002 junior college defensive linemen and landed exactly zero of them.

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  17. Here is an article on five stars


    Yes about 50 per year are labeled

    70 percent now get drafted

    Compare that to thousands and thousands of labeled three stars. And only a very small percentage that get drafted

    But 70 percent of 50 is 35 pros each year

    5 percent of 2000 three stars is 150 pros

    Now you see why there are more three stars in the pros. Only because they are far greater in numbers coming out of high school.

    The success rate is tiny though if labeled a three in high school

    Your five stars are truly game changers and no national champion has ever won without at least one five star starter. Saw that mentioned in an article last year.


    1. No. And that’s a real problem.

      No stud backs…Conner was chryst? Or recruited as a de.

      Maybe a stud receiver…frosh last year
      Did uPitts fav boyd commit to Narduzzi?

      No stud o linemen particularly tackles

      And definitely no highly rated QB

      And how can I forget tight end unless you think Krull really is going to have a breakout year. And he’s a transfer anyway.

      Five of Alabama’s six first rounders last night were from the offense side. Tells me everything.

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  18. Does anyone believe new coach Brennan Marion will impact the offensive play calling by Whipple.
    If yes how so?


    1. None whatsoever. Pappy is in charge. He ain’t letting any young whippersnapper influence anything.

      This new hire is a bad fit. I really question why he was brought over. Because his ideas have no chance to get implemented. Diversion tactic? PC hire? There’s a reason.


        1. I am hoping that this is Whipple’s last year and Marion is the offensive coordinator in waiting. If that does not happen after this year, I do not see Marion sticking around into the 2022 season.


  19. Speaking of basketball, seems to me that Coach Capel is trying to do something that to my knowledge has only been done one-and-a-half times at Pitt – at least in my 60 years of being a fan. And that is to bring a legit center to Pitt. I’m talking about a center who can actually score in more ways than dunks and put backs.

    We’ve had some impact players like Blair and Clancy, but the one was Charles Smith (I know, really a forward) and the 1/2 was Aaron Gray.

    Yet having a center with impact at both ends of the court is what separates teams. You see the same thing happening with the women’s team – hoping their incoming grad transfer post player can have an impact. A good center makes everybody better…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Except when we had the 2nd or 3rd highest rated recruit in the Land (no. 1 Center)….Steven Adams.

      Who(Robinson) they wouldn’t pass too….until the last game of the season.

      And hey quite coincidentally Adams had his best game of the season against a legit foe.

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      1. Maybe to motivate Steven Adams, the approach was — if you want to touch the ball, get a rebound.

        That sure seemed to be the approach.

        And, I think, ended any chance of Dixon ever bringing in a “another” real center…

        Go Pitt.


  20. I really don’t think these great coaches at Pitt would ever want to help a loser such as Narduzzi. And I don’t think Narduzzi would ever ask them to stop by anyway. What a putz.


  21. Ok so let’s recap. Since Narsnoozy became HC.

    1) No First Round NFL Draft Picks (including this year)

    2) No Final Top 25 Rankings

    3) 1 Toilet Bowl last minute win over a scrub last place MAC team

    4) 2 players drafted that he recruited (over 6 years)

    5) Money Spent on him alone = $ 15. 6 Million approximately.


  22. Ike – relax. We only have 4 more months of this until the season starts. Then the REAL griping will begin.

    Mike – so good the read you again. Jump in again, soon. The water’s fine!

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  23. Great to hear from you, Maestro. Hope your business and family are doing well. Any chance of you getting to a game at Heinz this fall?


  24. Concerning Yellen’s stats.

    He played very well in the 1 game he started at Arizona State vs USC,

    He threw for almost 300 yards with 4 TD passes against a good team(USC was ranked #21 at the time). Had a 140 rating for the game.

    Has Pickett EVER thrown 4 TD passes in one game in 39 games he’s played in ?
    And the answer to that is ……No.

    Must be the coaching the great one Whipple gave him when he arrived at Pitt. And/or the stupid
    West Coast offense of the 1990’s.

    Or the other possibility is, Yellen is just dogging it, until Pickett leaves town as to not create
    any competition for the job. Giving Pickett free reign.


    1. Right…we were all told by Narsnoozy, we had 2 1st Rounders…at least 2nd Rounders.

      Well were into the 3rd Round.

      Meanwhile our pedo state friendly business partners…the Stillers took a pedo state TE with their 2nd pick.


  25. By all accounts, Twyman is a good kid. Many on here commented at the time that they didn’t blame him for opting out. Perhaps that was because several pre-season mock NFL drafts had him going late first round. One even had him going around pick 23. The kid has to be sick to his stomach that he will be at best a fourth round pick. I am even starting to wonder if he will go that high. I haven’t heard any draft gurus mentioning him as one of the best available. Jim Miller mentioned Weaver, but no other Panthers.

    Despite my feelings for the opt-outs…I wish all these kids well. I know I wish I had been able to come as close as they are to realizing a dream and I’ll always root for Pitt guys to represent.

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  26. If I in charge of drafting for a team the criteria I would follow would be film review, physical attributes, FB intelligence(however that is measured), experience and mental attitude. The draft is a meat market and if I am in charge I am not going to spend a ton of money on a player with one year of experience and a guy who quits the team in the middle of the season. Hopefully, it works out for them in life. If you can’t make in the NFL come to the OBX- help wanted signs everywhere. Employers can’t find people to work as a ton of people sitting on there a$$e$ collecting free $$$ from the govt.

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  27. For whatever reason his pro day at Pitt was less than great. I’m guessing he didn’t use his time off to get in pro day shape. It will cost him plenty.


  28. I watched some of the draft last night and i think a DE from LaTech got drafted before Jones/Weaver…someone explain how the book-end 1st team All-Americans are not the first picked at their positions ? doesn’t 1st team All-American mean the best in the land ?


    1. DE from Wake Forest got taken ahead of Jones as well some kid from Vanderbilt.

      All told….. 7 DE’s went before Jones. Word on these sites, was his lack of size, as in height
      hindered him. Weaver’s size went against him as well. Of course they can use various
      things to drop them down….if they want.

      All-America usually works to help, not hinder. except for Pitt kids.


  29. Twyman listened to an agent. Used covid as an excuse and is paying the price. The entire covid scare for college football was a joke.

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  30. Agree BigB. Weaver and Jones will be very productive NFL players. Not sure how many teams play four down DLs any more. Maybe that hurts them. 3-4 DL are usually bigger.

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  31. Jones and Weaver are the size of Bud Dupree. They are probably seen by some teams as LBs. That requires a transition period and development time. That doesn’t equate to high draft pick unless you are a total stud.


    1. Correct. Jones will be an outside linebacker.

      Weaver and Twyman project to be situational players. They aren’t three down lineman. I bet both go today though.

      Hargrove will be picked as well

      I really like Hamlin as a Steeler.

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  32. A few days ago some where questioning how Pitt doesn’t win more because we had all of this NFL talent.
    Today the whiners are complaining that they aren’t good enough to get drafted higher. Even more funny questioning their Covid decisions and how that may have affected their draft.

    Funny, it didn’t affect Micah Parsons or other studs who opted out.

    The NFL knows talent, sure they miss on occasion, Tom Brady, Dan Marino, but for the most part they get it right. All- America is given for how you produced in college, not necessarily how you will do in the pros.


    1. And whipple is trying to run a pro offense in college

      Seriously if I was Pitt I’d do RPO all day long. I’d have two interchangeable quarterbacks.


  33. So you are admitting Frauduzzi cannot recruit real NFL game changing talent then. Thanks Gordon. His greatest array of talent and we barely have a third rounder so far. Between Capel and his whole family on the staff. Frauduzzi stealing 3.5M a year or Lyke running this carnival not sure who is the worst. Sad sad days at Pitt. Same thing for 30 years.

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  34. Twyman signed with an agent because he needed the money to support his family. Can you blame him. It may hurt him in the long run but he did what he had to do. So many of you can criticize him but learn the facts first.


    1. Yes you can blame him if he couldn’t wait for 12 months as the ROI would be way better. I guess the Pitt person Lyke hired didn’t do his job and showed him the real world view of the draft vs. Narduzzi’ slack of judgement that he was a first rounder. More waste in the athletic dept. if you can’t wait 12 months for a large payday then that is on him.

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  35. My guess is the thing that’s hurting Twyman is his size. When I met him I was surprised.

    Scouts probably are figuring there just aren’t that many Aaron Donald’s our there…

    Hoping Twyman makes it…

    Go Pitt.


  36. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2021-nfl-draft-picks-by-college-team-school-georgia-leads-sec-on-day-2-notre-dame-and-ohio-state-shine/

    Scroll down to the list of draft picks by school.

    I am totally willing to admit that Pitt’s recruiting is nowhere near the Big Boys. I have been saying all along that it is hard to recruit to Pitt in the major sports. I have said that recruiting has been getting better.

    There are two major facts in play, after the Big Boys get their picks, there isn’t that much left, and secondly Pitt doesn’t pay players or take those that can’t make it as students. Of course the third obstacle is the dearth of D-1 talent in the WPIAL.

    So is it the coach or the school?


  37. Gottfried didn’t have a problem tecruiting. I remember at least three number ones. But I know 3-4 is the dominant D now.

    Pitt has tweeners. That’s why they dropped. I think weaver or Twyman look good as Steelers. Fourth or fifth round.


  38. I really don’t think bama pays players or takes bad students. The Steelers wouldn’t be interested in stupid or low character kids.

    Kids want to play for great coaches. Want a chance to play for championships.

    Pitt might as well drop to division two if it continues to play off campus and hire arrogant bozos.


    1. Theo Bell, Ernie Holmes and Antonio Brown come to mind. Among others.

      Only Najee I know, plays the Sax


    2. I think Bama kids don’t have to worry about school and spend most of their time working on their craft as Saran likes to say. The university leaders and faculty have always loved football, so there is a path for the players to go through. I wish Pitt operated that way.

      Seems like player arrests get buried and don’t make the news. No way can Bama be clean all these years with player transgressions.


  39. GC – I think it is both. I don’t believe much on the money thing anymore. Maybe I’m naive. I think if you are good the money comes. But I do think Pitt needs to make a internal decision whether they care about being good. The relationship with Steelers could help but not leveraged right. I think college kids want to play on campus and have a true college atmosphere where Pitt will always lack with the leaders in place. If I ran Pitt, I’d buy up South Oakland, slums practically and build a real campus with trees and buildings and athletic fields and housing.


    1. I think the internal decision has already been made and it is pretty obvious, there is no demand to compete at the highest level. Pitt is happy with appearing reasonably competitive with its peers, and avoiding negative headlines.

      Not a bad idea to buy up South Oakland but it would have to done quietly over time since Eminent Domain won’t work.

      Pitt missed a big opportunity to buy the Hazelwood site for future expansion. Could have had a second campus like WVU.

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  40. On recruiting, it seems to me that PSU gets 4 star kids committed almost immediately at the start of recruiting season. Are they predetermined PSU kids or is there something else going on? PSU has 7 4 stars already in 2022. We seem to start out behind the 8 ball. Are we doing something wrong?


      1. I’m not a big fan of his either, Mark. But his players seem to love him. Bigger issue is that kids would rather play in front of 100,000, have a chance to win something important, and/or play in a meaningful bowl game. We offer none of those. Of course, Nard is part of that problem.

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        1. MissingWlat – you nailed it. I’ve been on the field near recruits for pre-game warm-ups. There’s nothing there to get the elite recruits excited…

          Go Pitt.


    1. Obviously. And it’s been that way for six years. Y’all want to point at other things. Excuses. It’s the head coach. You don’t need to look any further or try to rationalize with bs.


  41. Could use eminent domain like Jerry did. All those slums off Collins and division were razed. Owners got over three times the market price

    Those slums in south Oakland can’t be worth more than 100k per property. But many are rentals so that has to be factored in. You’d probably need to buy up at least three city blocks. Over 120 buildings. Semple to Atwood. Bates to Louisa.

    I figure at least $50 million for land acquisition. Then you’ve got demo, city lines and streets. Maybe another $20 million on top.

    (Ed Note: I deleted some insulting text here)


  42. How much would Twyman get from an agent for signing to help his family? The question of being able to maintain physical fitness while opting out is one factor, and a big one. But I also think there is some philosophy at play here.

    I think back to the hiring process when I worked. If I received a resume from someone who had been laid off 6 months or 1 year earlier and was seeing that resume for the first time, I immediately suspected that that individuals unemployment payments had run out or were about to run out, depending on the State and rules at that time. I wanted no part of that person’s work ethic in my group. That resume went straight into the trash.

    A similar line of thinking could come into play for those opting out to avoid injury. You are applying for a job that is extremely physical with a high degree of risk of injury. If a college player abandons his University and his teammates to avoid the risk of injury, would you not expect that player to play the game in a manner so as to minimize his risk of injury in the pros? And if you don’t think they are playing all-out, do you want that player on your team?

    Don’t get me wrong, I support all student athletes who commit to my alma mater and I wish them nothing but the best. And I don’t personally know any of them, don’t know their specific family situations, and I am just speaking about the situation in general. But I think many of these students are getting some really questionable advice. But it’s their decision and they reap the benefits or consequences.

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    1. Farmer…. can I hire you to write my speeches- that’s one of the points I was trying to make in a previous comment… superb….kinda like when I get a resume from a therapist who only wants to work for big bucks at one of our beach offices and treats 6-7 patients a day to pursue a balanced life-style……..that gets filed in the garbage can

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      1. Exactly, Bernie! I used to tell employees (jokingly, of course) that, “I’m a huge believer in balancing work and home life. There are 168 hours in a week. So 84 spent at home and 84 spent at work would be a perfect balance.”

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        1. I am glad you pointed out this was joking. I would say we only have 112 hours to work with if you go for 8 hours of sleep a day. So is the real balance in 28 home sleep hours, 28 work sleep hours, 56 home other hours, and 56 work working hours (the whole 84 at home and 84 at work)?

          But wow, I am glad it is a joke because even this outline has a 56-hour work week. (I would do different math with six day work weeks—but can’t bring up religion or 5 day work weeks— but can’t bring up politics).


  43. ….DE from Wake Forest got taken ahead of Patrick Jones as well some kid from Vanderbilt.

    All told….. 7 DE’s went before Jones. Word on these sites, was his lack of size, as in height
    hindered him. Weaver’s size went against him as well. Of course they can use various
    things to drop them down….if they want.

    All-America usually works to help, not hinder. except for Pitt kids.


  44. Prove that Narduzzi stinks as a coach. They will get developed in the pros. And they will become stronger with more muscle. Pitts conditioning is horrible. Remember the tubbies at kennywood. The cramps in the central Florida game.


    1. This is an interesting point. Remember that game when Jones II went down and it locked like it may have been gamemanship prompted by coaching to slow down the other team (was it indeed the UCF blow out game)?

      Let us presume it was not gamemanship at all. Half empty: Your best player who went first in this draft was not conditioned well. Half full: Look how far the conditioning has come already.


  45. Stillers take another undersized Linebacker, and he’s an Inside Linebacker which makes it even worse.


    1. But he’s fast. And inside backers need to cover backs and receivers when the outside backers blitz. He’s got good tackles for loss and hits hard. There’s no such thing as big inside backers these days unless you run a 4-3.


      1. There’s only a Middle Linebacker in the 4-3.

        And I don’t think you want any linebackers covering receivers unless they’re TE’s. And even that
        is not an optimum thing.

        We shall see on this kid. Me thinks you like him cause he’s from Texas. lol


        1. Steelers go for fast and tackles for loss. Both linebackers fit the bill they selected. Both appear to be aggressive playmakers and leaders. Need instinct, quickness and solid tacklers. Outside is their bread and butter in that 3-4 anyway.


  46. Yinz can complain about the lack of star recruits, no top 25 finishes, one measly bowl win (against a middling MAC team), HCPN’s salary and the complete disregard of marketing and fan enthusiasm, but the players luv Coach Pat.
    So when we are getting our clocks cleaned by Clemson, Dome, The Nits and probably a few more teams this coming season, I’ll take great solace in knowing that in the locker room Coach Pat will be consoling the players with hugs and cupcakes and maybe even shadow-puppets.


    1. Sounds like Pat either needs to toughen up the players and not be so likeable or treat the Panther Nation more “personally.” PITT is PITTiful at marketing the FB program to their fans….look how so many of us would feel more like we are +part of something” if Reed had an open door….Narduzzi is not a salesman…and by his result mediocre as the operator/coach/CEO.


  47. Strange… almost identical number of spots both Jones and Weaver fell from their pre-draft ESPN overall rankings, to where they finally got drafted.

    Jones dropped 22 spots (68 to 90)
    Weaver dropped 21 spots (114 to 135)


  48. Now another fun segment on the POV. The continuing Saga of Pitt Basketball.

    Per PSN

    It appears that Jeff Capel isn’t finished trying to add guards to his teams roster.

    Coastal Carolina guard DeVante’ Jones, who was the Sun Belt Player of the Year, tells Pittsburgh Sports Now that he’s been in contact with the Pitt coaching staff. Back on April 20,

    5/1/2021 – 2017 PG DeVante’ Jones (6-1, 200, 2★) is transferring to Michigan from Coastal Carolina.


  49. Capel couldn’t sell me a Shiner for a peso after a hard day of yard work. Guy is flat out aweful at sales. What’s his elevator pitch

    Narduzzi at least cooks up some meatballs and shows off his calves.


  50. How is pitt gonna spin this draft.

    It’s very bad so far given the blowhard Narduzzi and heathers approved twitter feeds. Setting high expectations.

    Penn state very good

    Pitt just sucks. Admit there is a problem you sugar drinkers. Otherwise you get what you get. Six wins and made up awards for service projects and grades.


    1. Last week you were complaining we can’t win with all these good guys, this week your complaining that they aren’t that good. The only thing that is consistent is you’re complaining about something.

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      1. You are right. Can’t win with defense in the ACC and college. Offense wins

        And these guys aren’t good enough for the pros

        So must be the coaching

        When will you guys realize that.


        1. None of pitt guys will receive a second contract. After their four years of rookie money, I doubt any get a real deal. So good enough for a fifth rounder but not good enough to stay in the league. But if they don’t blow their money, they should be set to take on their second career financially secure.

          Again why is pitt paying Narduzzi four million a year?

          Many of you think ten wins and real recruits means poor grades, bagmen, killing kittens, throwing people through glass and other bad stuff

          That’s delusional thinking.


      2. I’ll complain until overpaid and incompetent people are gone. I haven’t been proven wrong yet with meatballs. Not yet despite all you sugar drinkers luving the man and coming up with lame excuses

        Because of service and grades we ignore performance. Because you sure can’t luv him for mediocre and six wins.

        I’ll coach a bunch of Elon guys and could win every match against king pat and his overrated guys. And I don’t know football other than tv. It would be easy like taking a cheap yellow blouse from goodwill.


        1. Tex – I’m still hoping at some point you will identify all the “sugar drinkers” on here. It just puzzles me which POVers you are railing at… I don’t see anyone claiming Duzzer is some kind of savior – most posters on here seem pretty realistic to me about Pitt’s situation.

          Go Pitt.

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  51. My apologies, Reed, for trying to submit a post with flagged words. (It is nothing inappropriate as you will see if it does get approved).

    I do apologize, however, because I do not want you wasting time since we successfully made it through the stage in which it looked like PITT POV would possibly no longer be a reality.

    I don’t watch the draft, but at least we are at three persons selected at this point it seems.


  52. What a real good coach and some real good players tomorrow at 8

    Sandy will be there

    I don’t send her to report on losers


  53. Hamlin must really be sweating by now. Hope the Steelers bring in Ford as a FA if he’s not picked, or take him in round 7 (they have 2 picks). He would be a good replacement for Hilton.


  54. Any Pitt connections on the Vikings coaching staff? Minnesota seems to have an affinity for Pitt players.


    1. Andrew Janocko is their QB Coach.

      A 3-year letter winner at Pitt, Janocko served as a backup QB and holder on special teams. Janocko spent his 1st 2 seasons as a walk-on before earning a scholarship his final 2 seasons. A 3-time member of the Big East All-Academic Team, he graduated from Pitt in 2010 with a degree in history and minor in political science.

      Kennedy Polamalu – RB coach

      Polamalu’s nephew, Troy Polamalu, played 12 seasons and won 2 Super Bowls with the Steelers; his brother, Ao Polamalu, played football at Penn State (1985-87

      Sam Siefkes – Defensive Quality control (knows former Pitt HC Potato Paulie)

      In 2015, Siefkes served as a graduate assistant defensive coach for the University of Wisconsin Badgers. While with the Badgers, he worked directly with former defensive coordinator and current Baylor head coach Dave Aranda and the defensive line during practice and team meetings.

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    2. …….Andrew Janocko is their QB Coach.

      A 3-year letter winner at Pitt, Janocko served as a backup QB and holder on special teams. Janocko spent his 1st 2 seasons as a walk-on before earning a scholarship his final 2 seasons. A 3-time member of the Big East All-Academic Team, he graduated from Pitt in 2010 with a degree in history and minor in p o l i t i c a l science.

      Kennedy Polamalu – RB coach

      Polamalu’s nephew, Troy Polamalu, played 12 seasons and won 2 Super Bowls with the Steelers; his brother.

      Sam Siefkes – Defensive Quality control (knows former Pitt HC Potato Paulie)

      In 2015, Siefkes served as a graduate assistant defensive coach for the University of Wisconsin Badgers. While with the Badgers, he worked directly with former defensive coordinator and current Baylor head coach Dave Aranda and the defensive line during practice and team meetings.

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      1. Siefkes most recently served as the defensive coordinator and inside linebackers coach at Wofford College (2018-20).

        Wofford’s HC during 2018 & 2019 was former Pitt DC Josh Conklin.

        Conklin had to be in on the recruiting of Patrick Jones to Pitt, since he was DC then.

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        1. Janocko also the holder on the muffed extra point in the Pitt-Cincinnati BE Championship game. Not quite Francisco Cabrera, but close.

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          1. That’s true, I didn’t want to bring back that horrible memory. Like mentioning 1981 Psux game.

            I guess if you can’t play QB, you become a QB coach.

            I think the Siefkes connections came into play more, with the selection of Patrick Jones.


  55. Well, the players loved Paul Chryst and Dave Wannstedt also. It’s not hard for a Pitt HC to be respected and liked if they show the same back to the players and parents (parents especially).

    That is something Todd Graham couldn’t figure out while he was in Pittsburgh – we didn’t fall for his bullcrap like the other places he had been.


    1. He’s still a better coach than Narduzzi. His teams are entertaining. And his players graduate with good grades and stay out of trouble. Fraud would have won in the ACC. I don’t blame him for getting out of a bad situation. He owed Pitt and Cornhole nothing. The Pitt athletics department is the Cleveland Browns.


  56. Hamlin to Buffalo. Good playa very good team. Ford may not be drafted, attitude, SLOW time on pro day— failed to finish out the season. I think he will fall all the way to the CFL.


  57. That’s a funny name for a guy from the U …..the Stillers took at OLB. Roach spelled Roche

    Now that is a good sized LB at 245 lbs. Could be a steal since he was rated the 16th best OLB.

    Provided he stays off the roaches & the blunts. jk


      1. It’s really roach….but ro-shay sounds better with Quincy.

        If he makes the team I’ll just call him Quincy Jones. Make it simple.


  58. Yeah….Jimmy Morrissey..all around good kid…gets drafted by Vegas Raiders. Up 37 spots from his ranking.


  59. Well I’m surprised to find out that Narduzzi doesn’t just screw up his own team but can muck-up the entire NFL draft as well.

    Ford needs to be a free agent otherwise he would feel too empowered to be in a NFL camp.

    I think some of you are forgetting about the impact of Covid 19? Last week many were complaining about the lack of interest in the Spring game. Breaking news, the pandemic is not over yet. Some people have more important things to worry about right now. BTW, the game was a sellout and the PITT doom and gloomers are having a field day pointing fingers. PITT’s football program isn’t much different than 83.3% of all the D- programs.

    At least once a year I ponder the, what if PITT could buy the Schenley golf course, Panther Hollow and the lower portion of the park. PITT could have the best college campus in the nation.

    Tex, you keep up with your belly-aching. You have every right in the world to be wrong and a big pain in the butt several times daily. Your family should pay the POV for providing you an outlet for most of the day leaving your family sane in the meantime.

    What’s the count now? 6 or 7 players?

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    1. Narduzzi would screw up his own one way ticket out of town to Youngstown. The man has no brains. Meatballs don’t count.


    2. Ike
      I am rarely wrong and when so I am man enough to admit it. And more importantly understand why, so it never happens again.

      Narduzzi can learn much from me. And I never played the sport. He is a terrible head coach. Players loving him is wrong. They need to respect the sob. But he’s a nice guy and nice arrogant jerks finish with mediocre seasons and a crappy bowl invite.

      He can choke on his hairy meatballs.


    3. Love me some Ike. Fact-laden rebuttal of negativo hyperbole.

      That said, I really appreciate the POV of the informed, objective, stark light of day types.

      Dismissing any nice stories, news and the like because it doesn’t fit one’s narrative…well, That’s a shame.

      Jimmy Morrisey was a walk-on, earned a schollie, made All-ACC, was a team leader and got drafted by an NFL.

      That’s an American success story. But go ahead and paint to the shade you prefer.

      Well done, Jimmy. We (many of us) are proud of you.

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  60. Ford probably better off as a free agent at this point, he can pick the team he wants to go to.
    Probably end up with the Patriots.


  61. Until that last trio of pedo staters got picked……Pitt had more draft picks than the Pedos.

    Strange cause that trio could have all very well been FA’s too,


    1. So what doesn’t compute. Players get drafted but aren’t good enough to lose less than five games. None of these guys are elite. None will last beyond their rookie contract except for Jones possibly. Narduzzis recruiting is horrible and player development and conditioning the worst in P5. See cramps and kennywood tubbies. See second half’s of every game. Prosecution rests. Guilty as charged. Sentenced to a pizzeria in Youngstown.


      1. Totally computes. The players are the caliber of 80% of all college teams. Lots of players drafted is a good thing.


        1. Do you honestly think it will improve Narduzzis recruiting. I don’t see any four stars beating down those locked gates.


  62. Pitt could learn from slow to hire and quick to fire.

    Narduzzi hasn’t worked out since his first press conference.

    He’s hiding his incompetence by locking the gates. Shrewd Youngstown tactic.


  63. There were 2 huge Pittsburgh connections at Tennessee Titans. (Rashad Weaver)

    HC Mike Vrabel was drafted by and played for the Steelers.

    Pittsburgher Jim Haslett, former all-pro for the Bills, DC of the Steelers & HC of the Saints is a Defensive Coach for Tennessee. Hazlett followed Pitt’s Mike Ditka as HC of the Saints.


  64. Narduzzi has no connections to the pros. Wanny could call in favors. Narduzzi doesn’t have a phone and it comes up as a blocked number anyway.


  65. “None of these guys are elite.”

    Some perspective might be warranted here. There are roughly 5 million kids playing pee wee football in a given year. Of those, a little over 1 million go on to play high school football. Of those, approximately 73K go on to play college football at some level. Of those, about 250 get drafted by an NFL team per year. .So of the 5 million pee wee players, 0.005% get drafted. Not elite?

    Comparing that ratio to financial achievement in the US: the top 0.5% have a net worth starting around $100 M. So what would the net worth of the top 1% (0.005%) of those be? I can’t find that number but logic would say it must be somewhere between $500M and $1B.

    My point? Being in the top 0.005% of achievers at almost anything is elite in my book.

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    1. This is football and most guys drafted don’t last more than three years. They never play out their rookie contract. Most also end up broke with no degree. I’ll take the non athlete route to a real job anyday.


    2. That same logic would indicate that Narduzzi is also elite

      The greatest trick meatballs ever pulled was convincing miss cheap yellow blouse that he was worth $4 million for six win seasons.

      Tex – who knows the devil when he sees one.


  66. Congrats to @DiddyBop12_ for signing with the Rams‼️🔵🟡 #H2P
    8:03 PM · May 1, 2021

    From HCPN’s tweet 40 minutes ago

    Good landing spot – AD will take Paris under his wings and help make him a better player.


  67. Of course they did:

    Following the draft, Pittsburgh has signed Pittsburgh native, Clariton and Penn State alum Lamont Wade, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero announced via Twitter.


      1. How long has Tom Bradley’s brother been the stiller team doctor ?

        Steelers apparently even considered Poopy Pants for HC.


  68. It is great to see a lot of Pitt players drafted. That is a positive for the program. See if Nardstop recruits better.

    The negative is that with all of the draft picks since 2016 (17 or 18 of em), this team of nfl studs was 34-29. To me, it is a very poor team result with wins and losses. Tells me that the head coaching is awful. The coach can’t get them to win, which is the reason they play the game and the coaches responsibility.

    Talk about being foolish and see through, Pitt honored PJones and RWeaver a couple of weeks ago. Pitt honored them so that they would give back with their draft money. Slick move as it worked with AD, but awfully transparent.

    PFord will latch on as a special teams guy. A little humble pie will do him well.

    I do agree to a certain extent about being on an nfl roster typically means you are elite. Unless of course you are dinucci and the only reason you are on a roster is because you leveraged an existing relationship to get drafted late by a friend of the family head coach. I see that in the hockey world. Every year, rosters and teams shrink for the most part. Interesting stuff.


  69. Good article on Pitt soccer and the quick transformation from dumpster fire to elite.

    Coach J has changed the culture. A good coach can do that.

    10 of the 11 starters are internationals. Hopefully they won’t play as soft euros. The playoffs are more a grind with less talented teams playing a physical and defensive game.

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  70. For what its worth Pitt had the most drafted from the ACC 6 outside of ND’s 9. But can anyone really count ND as an ACC team? They were only ACC last year when they needed a conference to compete in for playoff purposes.—-So go ahead all you POV downbeats and criticize the draft for Pitt. Three undrafted players are likely to be signed today, Kessman, Ford and the guard who’s name escapes me at the moment. All three drafted will be signed to some contract and will be cashing their checks shortly


    1. Pitt’s number of draft picks matched it’s win total for 2020. Think about that.

      And it was only 1 game short of a regular season with 11 games instead of 12. Would have been
      12, but Narsnoozy didn’t want to risk the ‘winning season’ on a bowl game.


  71. Six players drafted. That is awesome!

    That being said, Pitt’s record should be better if that happens. Whipple is killing Pitt, Narduzzi’s choice to keep him was not smart and will be his downfall.

    I hope Whip proves me wrong, but his history says otherwise.

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    1. Whipple is killing Pitt, but those two one-point losses were due to not making plays. Great for Pinnock getting drafted, but how about not giving up a fourth-down completion on NC State’s game-winning drive.

      The secondary was abused and confused versus BC getting dinged deep.

      We knew Pitt’s problem a few years ago: OL recruiting. It killed us last year but appears to be getting better now.


  72. Here’s a snippet from a draft article explaining what some NFL teams are looking for at OLB if they run a 3-4 defense. I’m not sure how many NFL teams run a 3-4, but if half do it limits who will draft DE from a college team playing a 4-3. Weaver and Jones.

    “Today, outside linebackers in a 3-4 are highly sought after players. Because very few colleges play in the 3-4 however, it is a bit tricky for teams to scout. What is generally looked for are smaller defensive ends that have speed coming off the edge, are able to hold up against the run, and are able to drop back effectively in pass coverage. The evaluation process for defensive ends that are considered OLB prospects is extremely tricky as it involves evaluating certain skills that won’t be on a lot of game tape.”

    Think Steeler OLB. So any team like the Steelers, will look at a smaller DE and have to evaluate if they can play standing up or if they can beef up and play as a gap stuffer.

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    1. Who was a far better coach. But who like Narduzzi had a 8 win ceiling. He was pushed out.

      Why is Narduzzi still here

      Walt’s players stayed out of trouble and got good grades to.


      1. Walt got eight years, so maybe after 2022 Pat will be gone.

        The roof was about to collapse under Harris though. My god those porous lines and slow defense Wannstedt inherited. I don’t see the roof collapsing under Pat because he’s recruiting better up front and on defense.

        Recruiting Georgia is much better than those two-star kids Walt and his Ohio Mania recruiting coordinator did in the 2000s.


          1. No doubt. Being loyal to his O-line coach, Tom Freeman, also did Walt in. Jim Sweeney wanted that job badly but loyalty to a below average coach made Pitt weak in the trenches.


  73. Pitt players getting a shot at pro ball is a positive, full stop. Whether they make it or not is on them and luck that they don’t get injured. Saying that this somehow has a negative relationship to Narduzzi is just spin and nonsense.
    Saying that the Steelers like PSU better than Pitt is also nonsense. Just like every pro team, they pick the guys they think will help them win.

    The fact is that Pitt had more guys drafted than they have in a long time, how is that a negative? Let’s hope that it starts a trend.

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    1. I highly doubt this will help recruiting. Much like winning that participation trophy helped recruiting. It didn’t.


  74. I would say Paris Ford’s poor showing on his Pro Day, hurt him more than quitting during the season, but both were negatives. It is up to him now to prove his worth.


    1. Hamlin had far better numbers. That is surprising since I thought Ford was some great athlete. He was slow without hops.


  75. According to PSN write-ups, Ford and Twyman both had poor showings on Pro Day with the exception of Twyman’s bench press number.

    The fact that both opted out of play in 2020 added to their drop in draft status. Both have huge potential – desire and work are needed to make it at the next level. Unfortunate for both, the pay will be minimal to start.

    Go Pitt!


    1. I think the lack of size also hurt both Ford and Twyman in the draft. You can see that Ford is quick just watching him play (despite the poor 40s he ran…). But if you see him in person, he’s not an imposing figure at all (unlike Hamlin, who fully looks the part with an NFL body).

      Same problem with Twyman. These guys are going to struggle against the huge bodies in the NFL, IMHO.

      Go Pitt.


    1. Now I know why Pitt doesn’t have a track. Nobody gives a longhorns butt.

      Not one nibble did I receive. Pathetic.


    1. And the first question that outsiders will ask. Why did pitt only win 6 games?

      Digging deeper.

      It was defensive guys getting the call. Offense wins games. Defense keeps you in them.

      And no elites. Nobody on Pitt graded out as a first or even second rounder

      So recruiting and coaching are still issues at Pitt

      This draft doesn’t wipe them away. It magnifies it.


      1. Yea but Virginia played in the 2019 Orange Bowl, while Pitt played in the Quick Flush Toilet Bowl.

        If zero drafted gets you an Orange Bowl bid….i’m all for it.


  76. Tex, while I agree with your first few points, I don’t agree with your conclusions.
    Recruiting is getting better, sure still a ways to go, especially on the offensive side.

    Only six wins in a shorter season with a much tougher schedule and two one point losses.
    In any other year that was an eight team minimum win team.

    There are enough weaknesses without you having to spin positives into negatives.

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    1. Everyone dealt with covid. Other teams lost by only one or one possession. They, other fans and real sports schools, don’t qualify things. They are who the record says. A six win team. Mediocre at best.

      And I look at 5.7 rated and above. The most recent class was no higher than previous ones. Recruiting is below where it needs to be. It’s become stable stagnant.

      And far too heavy on the defense side. Still no stud QB or stud RB. Or even capable O linemen.

      He’s on year seven right?

      The man must be like a cat with nine lives hence his penchant for kitten saving.

      He’s on his seventh life now. I guess two more seasons of mediocrity.


    2. It was a ‘shorter season’ by 1 game, come on man. You make it sound like it was an 7 or 8 game season.

      Also Pitt could have played 1 more game, but refused to participate,so that Nardo could have his
      ‘winning season’ to proclaim.

      If we don’t win 9 or 10 games this year given the easy non-con schedule of 3 Rent-a-scrubs and
      a middling, below avg Tennessee with a brand new coach and players bailing out of that program,
      left and right, Nardo needs to be given a passenger fee back to Y-town.


    3. shoulda, woulda, coulda. As much as we lost games by one, you could also probably argue that Pitt also won a game by a slim margin.

      W’s and L’s are all that matter at the end of the day.

      Excuses are made for losing programs.

      So we beat Austin Peay and a 1-10 Syracuse Team, a 3-7 Gtech team, a 4-7 Louisville Team, a 3-6 FSU team, a 5-6 VTech team, for the 6 wins. Who wouldn’t expect that of a team with all those draft picks? That’s not being negative here.

      Not sure how difficult of a schedule when also losing to BC. We didn’t beat a team with a winning record with all those draft picks. Would anyone dare to say we did very little with sooo much?

      Ford to me tried to make big plays to help his draft stock instead of the right plays to help the team, hence an improvement when he left. I wish him well. He surely didn’t use the time away to build muscle. Twyman did.


  77. My soccer playoff prediction tonight is Pitt 4, Monmouth 1

    Round 1 in Greensboro.

    Pitt has far too much talent and has superior coaching.

    I expect Pitt to come out fast and not flat. Plenty of free kicks and counter attacks. The flood gates will eventually break.

    Coach J doesn’t lock the gates


  78. Narduzzi is one hairy human puppeteer. He has the ability to make doubters talk out of both sides of their mouths.

    I need instructions to follow the bouncing goalposts constantly being moved around here. Can’t say I’m hating it. Before we put a pin in it I believe I will be laughing last. You know, like PITT, Heather and Narduzzi will be.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. C’mon Tex, stop the juvenile insults to Narduzzi. Grow up, will ya? The guy can’t help what his body hair growth is. You CAN help what personal insults you write about others. You’re just a big bully- and if you come to the ‘burgh I’ll day it to your face. You don’t scare me.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I will promise you Annie and not any of the guys that I will refrain from anything to do with hair, meatballs and blouses for three weeks. I do that because 99 percent of pitt fans could care less about wrestling, volleyball, baseball and soccer. I’m part of the one percent. You are also part of the one.


  79. I could care less if Pitt had 10 players drafted or 1.

    Just win 10 games and get to a decent bowl game.

    Or are we just sort of an NFL farm team.

    Liked by 1 person

  80. Now for our daily comic relief update on Pitt basketball.

    Per PSN

    After losing three players to the transfer portal in the past month, Pitt has been looking for some positive news regarding next year’s potential roster and recruiting.

    The Panthers took one step towards a recruiting win on Monday, when Antonio Daye, a point guard out of Florida International, listed them in his top four schools list.

    ”Pitt made my top four 4 because I think that Coach Capel and his staff are a really great coaching staff and being able to compete in one of the best conferences in the world would be really cool,” Daye told PSN.

    Apparently it wasn’t cool enough. And we know they aren’t a great coaching staff.

    FIU transfer Antonio Daye Jr has just committed to Fordham. Averaged 17.1 PPG, 4.3 RPG, and 4.7 APG this past season


  81. I am not a fan of the personal attacks on Narduzzi. Say what you want about his coaching and performance, but really, the personal attacks should stop. PittPT, ike, Annie and maybe some others may agree with me. I don’t see how it advances any positive objective for Pitt athletics to make racial slurs, refer to his Italian heritage, or use other demeaning language when commenting on Narduzzi. It certainly won’t encourage the Athletics Dept to take the opinions on this blog site seriously.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Same thing should apply then when referencing Notre Dame and their affiliation. I find it highly offensive.
      And I’m sure others do to.


    2. I don’t expect anyone in pitt athletics to take me seriously. I don’t stroke million dollar checks. I’m not naive. I’m sure many former big time boosters say worse than me directly to heathers face.

      Tepper would never give to these bozos in charge. And for these results


  82. Let’s see VoR, I think it’s dumb, not the least bit funny, repetitive and childish. I’m also in favor of allowing the insulting comments so I can point out the ridiculousness of them.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. If Narduzzi ever wins ten games, I’ll personally shave his hairy back. That would rank up there as the grossest thing I’ve ever done.


  83. Does anyone really believe that Heather or even EJ, when seeing some of the degrading remarks about Narduzzi would take this site seriously? I won’t even repeat some of the demeaning comments that are made.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If an AD took anyone commenting on a forum seriously, they should lose their job. They take big money boosters seriously. And boosters say far meaner things directly to those who think they are in charge. At most schools you answer to the boosters.


      1. Farmers makes a solid point. If we are only here for a short time, why would you want that time to be supporting mediocrity, let alone convincing yourself how enjoyable it is. I haven’t seen many a fan walk out of steeler stadium after a loss with big happy smiling faces yelling about how we gave it the old college try. Many others, me included, have said hogwash to that theory and understand time is money and time is of the essence. Still waiting for the time is mediocrity campaign, but that might be coming.

        Tepper and all other billionaires didn’t sit back and say welp, let’s just get there when we get there. They executed. Me, I am a risk taker. Measured, but a risk taker. I do not get along with executives that don’t take risks because they will never get the organization rewarded. Pitt athletics, particularly the revenue producers is like putting your money in mellon bank savings accounts. Sure, you’ll get 0.1 percent interest. A Risk taker will get 6% and a huge risk taker will get 12% but also have some bad years where you lose a few. Pitt is getting passed up by informed and educated risk takers.

        Maybe Gallagher believes that the tortoise really wins the race each time. The tortoise makes great turtle soup. I’ll stick with the raskally rabbit.


  84. Here are the number of high school players from each State drafted in this year’s NFL draft…

    37 – FL
    33 – TX
    21 – GA
    19 – CA
    13 – LA
    10 – NC
    9 – OH
    8 – MI | PA
    7 – UT
    6 – AL | IN | MD | OR
    5 – MD | TN
    4 – KY | MO | MN | MS | NJ | WI

    BTW, none from WV…

    Go Pitt.

    Liked by 3 people

  85. Yet we want to schedule games against Massachuesetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Tennesssee, Wisconsin and WV, the football hotbeds of recruiting. Brilliant strategy for exposure to your recruiting base and growing a brand. Our athletic department is awful for this reason alone. They are the weakest link.

    I would imagine that prior drafts are not too different demographically.


    1. I’d pay someone a bourbon to research this. What numbers did jones and weaver put up against good lines and quality teams. I’m thinking not so good. And the pro scouts know it. That’s why they dropped.


    2. Scheduling Florida teams would be wise. But let’s schedule New England and Midwest teams instead. That’s pure unadulterated genius.


  86. #1 Clemson (soccer) was down 1-0 at the half but came back to win 2-1. Got a questionable call that gave them a penalty kick where they scored their game-winner. Announcers thought it was a crappy call by the refrigerator. Changed the game.


    1. Ha! In the words of Larry the Cable Guy, “now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.”


    1. Well if you did mean refrigerator and we got bad calls whilst playing against Clemson, it would make more sense. The refrigerator did play for them.


  87. Tex and everyone else here are entitled to their opinion and entitled to express it. That is the beauty of sites like this. But I feel fairly confident that no one gets as irate as I do when reading this crap. But maybe that is the goal. I don’t know.

    I’m just thankful that the powers that be, our AD, Chancellor, and others in administration, understand the situation in which we find ourselves, live in the real world, and take a measured approach to our athletic teams. I don’t care how many lists of potential candidates someone comes up with. If you have reason to believe that you are very unlikely to lure some miracle worker to your program, you need to stop with the knee-jerk fire, start from scratch, reach the same plateau, fire, start from scratch … You look for incremental progress, reward it, and support the opportunity for more progress. But if you only measure success in number of wins, well, it is probably safe to say you are going to be disappointed and rarely experience enjoyment. I am glad I’m not in that category. I will go to every home football game and every home basketball game and enjoy what life brings me. But maybe you don’t reach that point until you see the sand dwindling in your personal hourglass. And that’s a shame.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Good job Wolfe. No censorship intended Tex and others can shout it out from the rooftops. That’s basically what I’m doing myself, you know, to keep my sanity.


  88. I’m gonna try to be nice. Pitt doesn’t care what you and I think. Pitt cares about those who stroke million dollar checks. And those checks aren’t being stroked when you only win six games a year and go to crappy bowls in Detroit and Birmingham.

    I may say childish things but the things boosters are saying to heather and Gallagher directly to their faces are far far more severe and carry far far more weight

    I don’t apologize. Never will. But I will refrain for 20 days. Call it a fast. Because I have soccer and baseball to look forward to. And I sure don’t do it for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  89. What is this five substitution rule. We only got three in high school. Three in the pros. College is for the softies.

    Ike, I admit I was wrong. The final score will be 5-1 and not 4-1. But it feels good to be on the other side of a blowout. This is like a 35-7 football game.

    The superior talent won tonight. Next game will be more difficult. If Pitt wins, they should play Washington in the quarterfinals. Elite 8.

    I’ve never hated a dog more.


  90. 6-1 final. you missed that one too Tex! I did not predict a score bc I just don’t know enough about soccer and all the other teams. But I will be a good cheerleader for them! H2P!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Which is why you need to support winners and not wait for a bunch of losers to surprise you. See football and basketball. I’d go ‘all-in’ on cutting those programs if Pitt didn’t need the money. I’m happy. I’m drinking. I’m the life of the party when Pitt is more than mediocre. See wrestling, volleyball, soccer and baseball. But the brand is football and to a lesser extent basketball. You want to wait another 35 years for excellence. We’re all six feet under by then. I’m not waiting. I’ve moved on.


  91. I got lost along the way and ended up in Chattanooga instead of Greensboro. Apologies. I’ll make sure I make it to the Central Florida game. Some damn good pecan pie here in Tennessee.


  92. Just check out Zeise twitter feed. There are more Texans out there. This blog must contain all the yinzers. Truth hurts more than any fraternity spanking.


  93. It’s about time for Reed to put a STOP on all personal attack posts. And if the poster continues to do the same in the future its time to block him or her from the site. But because in Texas’ case he fills the void by submitting an article from time to time that’s not likely to happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t attack you. I don’t attack players. I don’t attack parents. I have bounds.

      But Narduzzi isn’t going untouched. Nor is heather. Again. Boosters call these bozos far worse to their faces.

      But I will restrain from any use of hair, blouse, meat products and the color of yellow.

      I don’t make promises for other folk who are just as disgusted as I am with actual people who run this clown show called pitt football from using a word deemed non serious and non adult like.

      If I wanted pitt to take me seriously, I would rob a Wells Fargo and donate millions to academics and athletics. Money talks.

      And right now money isn’t flowing into athletics. Season ticket sales are down. Boosters have turned their backs. Tepper won’t even return heathers frantic calls. And merchandise sales have taken a nose dive after the euphoria of the new colors wore off. Although I do like that classy soccer jersey.

      But I’ll stick to Narduzzi and heather. Informal nomenclature. There we handled it like adults


    2. Why?
      My gosh are you that soft?
      Go tattletale to the teacher? Just ignore Tex if you don’t like his post. A guy making 4 million a year does not need his mommy to protect him.


      1. Yes. Please ignore me. Pitt doesn’t listen cause I don’t stroke them million dollar checks. Koolaid drinkers don’t like me because I’m piss and vinegar. I’m not very likeable. I like it that way. You just need to get to know me. If anyone goes to regional, you will. I’m used to family bickering.

        Tex – who suggested to elimate control alt delete to bill gates. I was ahead of the cancel culture era.


  94. Oh by the way Narduzzi is likely to be Pitt’s head coach for a very long time absent some 3 win seasons. the return of Pickett for the 2021 season is likely to only stretch the time that Narduzzi remains Pitt’s head coach.


  95. The draft was a HUGE success for Pitt. Period.

    As for the name calling, I think Tex is trying to be funny with regular posters that go back and forth with each other. Unfortunately, as Reed points out regularly, many people read the POV and never post. While us regulars all know Tex is a douchebag, others may think he is a bigot using ethic stereotypes and stop reading. Probably best to stop the name calling. 🤣

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m every bad word in the book and have been called them all. But me intensely disliking heather does not make me sexist. And me not liking Narduzzi does not make me a bigot.

      If you saw me, you’d make fun of my hair, my mannerisms, my heritage and my home state.

      I think the hair comment might have crossed the line.


      1. Glad to see the cancel culture alive and well here. Someone types something you don’t like, ban them. Good grief. And please, don’t anyone on here type that they have never said anything that could be interpreted as a bad thing….ever. It is troubling to read such cancel type things, but I respect the fact that people took time to type their thoughts.

        Personally, I get a chuckle out of nicknames. I guess flea will be offensive next as it could be deemed identity bashing and body shaming. Tiny for Tino could be too. 5th grade carrick artists. The list could go on and on. So watch it. Moral high grounding attempts should be canceled. Or, let the perfect ones continue to type. See how that works. Tattletales.

        For me, my focus is on trying to figure out how Pitt can get Tre Tipton his 8th year of eligibility.

        It is this same high ground process that has kept Pitt in a rut for 35 years. Maybe next year. We just got some bad calls and breaks because we were so close. Yikes! wash, rinse, repeat.


  96. The most idiotic covid news I have ever read…

    The Pirates’ beloved racing pierogies have been forced out of the stadium because of MLB covid restrictions. They run on the Clemente bridge.

    Ah, they run outside, their entire bodies and heads are covered and they are not within 30 yards of a player. This is an appropriate time to name call. Complete morons. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  97. So to the guy(s) that set the success bar at 10 wins.

    In the last four years only three ACC teams plus ND have done it.

    Clemson of course every year.
    Syracuse once with a cake schedule.
    Miami once.

    So 10 wins is rarely achievable for any ACC team aside from Clemson.

    Especially if you want P-5 teams on your OOC.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You want consistent seasons of 8-9

      With the occasional 10-11

      Narduzzi gives you 6 win seasons and has a ceiling of 8 wins

      He’s also getting paid very good coin for these mediocre results.

      How often has his team been ranked come seasons end after six long years.

      I wouldn’t have a problem with these results if he was only paid $2 million


      1. I agree with Tex, with one caveat. Consistent 8-9 win seasons (not including a bowl win). 8-4 regular season should easily be achievable when you schedule correctly to support your recruiting efforts. As mentioned previously, if you are focusing recruiting on Florida and Georgia, you schedule games in those states to help the families come see their kids. What a novel idea.

        Back to 8-4 regular seasons. At a minimum, you schedule 3 easy OOC games and one game with ND or whomever. In a great year where everything aligns, you are 4-0 going into conference play. Go 6-2 and you have a special year at 10-2 going into bowl game. Go 4-4 and you hit a respectable 8-4. You get a decent bowl with a chance at 9 wins. This isn’t difficult.

        This year lines up for such a scenario, playing the recruiting hotbeds of massachuesetts, western michigan and new hampshire. They schedule Tennessee which is winnable this year because of the tennessee turmoil. Normally, that would be a loss. But 3-1 minimum. Go mediocre in ACC at 4-4 and you under achieve at 7-5. Go 5-3 in ACC which is slightly better than average and you hit 8 wins.

        Good luck next year with two difficult OOC and in 2023 when our esteemed AD scheduled Cincinnati, ND and WV in the OOC. Her way of getting rid of coach and giving her an extension as she brings in new coach for a couple years. Good plan personally. Awful plan for the university. Someone should step in to protect the brand.


  98. Tamping down expectations already gc? Some predict 10 or 11 wins or bust every year and then start making excuses at first loss. Last year, not beating a team with an above .500 record was celebrated. It’s like me beating my 12 year old and his friends at 1 on 1 every time and feeling good about it, but when I play someone my own age, I just can’t seem to win, I get close though, so that should be enough to create a wait til next game stir, only to be repeated!

    The ACC has not finished over .500 in bowl games during 6 of the last 8 years. I use that as a way to thwart the argument that the ACC is so good that we keep beating each other up all year. It’s really the opposite. The ACC is so bad that any team can win the division each year and has. But go outside the conference and the truth comes out. The ACC was 0-6 last year in bowls. Actually, look at the link and you will see the ACC is mediocre at football generally, but really bad in bowls. Their bowl winning percentage only beat their regular conference winning percentage twice, in 15 years. Conference weakness.


    But for Clemson, the ACC is awful and has been awful for many years. Pitt may have missed their opportunity to establish itself as a coastal power because we have the wrong folks leading the charge. We have benefited from other coastals also struggling to get the right coaches in place, so there is that. Unfortunately, Miami made a recent change and so has UNC. There is buzz around their programs.


    1. And don’t forget Georgia tech. Recruiting hot bed. Now I think they run the RPO. They are a sleeping giant. I think Pitt missed their chance to be that.


    2. I’m just stating facts, you can spin them anyway you want. After the the top ten programs 10 win seasons come very seldom in any conference. I am not tamping down anything just saying if you have unreasonable expectations, you can complain about not reaching goals every year.

      By the way pretty sure I never said the ACC was good or bad, it is our conference however and therefore our peers. History does show that outside Clemson there is parity in the ACC, but somehow you think that it is Pitt’s divine right to be a coastal power. What makes us have any leg up on any coastal team? Or any ACC team for that matter? Do you think that they want to win any less than us? Is their commitment any less than ours?

      So getting a new coach makes you have buzz, is that all we’re looking for?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ten wins is a marker. Look at the very good coaches out there. 95 percent of them achieved ten wins within their first 4-5 years.

        Narduzzi is not a very good coach. He’s mediocre. He might be very good defensively. But he’s an overpaid head coach right now.

        I don’t think he’ll ever win more than 8 much like Walt. I can’t see how Pitt can afford to pay for results like this. Don’t they look at ROI.

        That should mean wins primarily and final rankings. And then interest and excitement in the program. Entertainment value. And of course running a clean program with high character kids. And if you want to throw in players graduating or getting drafted.


        1. I’d venture to guess that few of those “good coaches” won those ten games at a school with all the obstacles of Pitt.

          I seriously don’t know if Narduzzi or Lyke have what it takes, but Pitt’s problems have always been at a higher level.

          How many of those “Good Coaches have won with no fan base, poor fund raising, poor administrative support, in Cities with major sports teams and no recruiting base?

          Getting elite players is almost impossible at Pitt, too much incentive for Today’s Dorsett’s and Marino’s to go elsewhere and far too few of them locally.

          Capel is finding out the same thing, it is not a level playing field by any means.

          By the way, when those “Good Coaches have that “Good Season” they are gone the next year.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. What real obstacles does Pitt have. Narduzzi inherited a very stable program. And has the budget. The only obstacle is himself.


            1. They have done well, they also recruit a substantial number of players within 100 miles of Cinci and get the cast-offs from tOSU.

              Name another one.


              1. All it takes is one. Cincy is the validation. It can be done.

                It’s all about the hiring process and staff development. You want your coaches to be successful and move on. You want your assistants to keep rising in the ranks. Outsiders see that success and want to be part of it.

                Pitt doesn’t have a good succession plan. All good companies do and they don’t miss a beat. Plug and replace. But you need a plan and practice.

                Pitt doesn’t think like a business. Hence it fails.


      2. Don’t get dramatic on me here gc. Not a divine right, just an opportunity when others were struggling to capitalize. Pitt didn’t get a leg up because Pitt lacked leadership. We will see how this continues to play out but my thought is that Miami may be righting their ship and UNC is recruiting better under 87 year old Mack Brown. I don’t see GT or VTech accepting mediocre, or losing. That is why they made changes. They see an opportunity to come into the coastal and clemsonize it. It is and has been, ripe for the taking.

        So, are you saying that you think the conference is above average, average, or below average? I view the conference overall as average and the conference bowl record and national sports talking heads seem to agree. I think the coastal division has been below average for years, not one year.

        I never said Pitt doesn’t want to win. Every competitor wants to win and every player and coach wants to win. Pitt just doesn’t have an established culture of winning and doesn’t know how to build one. You don’t build a culture of competition and winning by letting players decide whether or not to go to a bowl game. Leadership decides. You don’t let Paris Ford play out of position in hopes of getting an interception for his stats, above the team goal of better team defense. Ford was like our basketball point guard X. Leadership didn’t fix ford or X (although capel didn’t start him once), the players quit which let leadership not have to make a decision. Those are differences.

        I regrettably suggested that Pitt extend Narduzzi after year one. I was wrong. That shouldn’t have happened. The others schools are trying because they see what everyone else sees in the coastal….mediocrity. Pitt execs play in this space and am comfortable with it, sort of like Duke, with Cutcliffe.


        1. I agree with most of what you are saying. I think the conference is average, certainly below when it comes to the bowl games. When you look at the numbers drafted the conference holds its own.

          Nobody wanted to go to that bowl game, least of all administration.

          Ford was an anomaly, all that talent but obviously not coachable, look at all those head shots he made.

          Coaching is much different than what we remember, going to be even worse with the portal.


  99. Winning the Coastal was poo pooed around here proving there is nothing Narduzzi and/or Heather can do to win favor with the Tressel lovers.


    1. You know I luv me some Tressel.

      Tressel fries. Tressel shakes. Tressel burgers. Tressel steaks. Fried Tressel. Baked Tressel. Mashed Tressel. Tressel cake.

      He’s a full course meal.

      I’d come up with a name for him to. If he did well, it would be a good name.


    2. The odds suggest you should win the coastal once every six years just by fielding a team. That would mean you are average. If you are above average, you win more than once every six years. Our coach, met the average. Other teams in the coastal aren’t accepting of the one out of six mentality and made changes.

      When he won the coastal, remember that his overall record was 7-7. Still won it, so congrats again to the coach. Maybe some poo poo for the overall record?


  100. I got an email today, concerning the Upgrades at the Pete. Padded seats, cocktail bars, upscale dining, etc.

    All we need now is some more players to fill out next year’s last place team roster.

    Oh and a new coach that can actually coach and recruit a little. Then maybe we can get some folks
    into those new padded seats and cocktail bars/upscale dining.

    Calling Heather !!!


  101. Tex must be going thru withdrawal…..breathe deeply. Also when you find out the big Pitt News today….stay away from bridges and skyscrapers.


  102. I think the posters on the POV need much more accountability. It’s hard to police our own when we don’t know who we are. Time to stop with the multiple screen names and/or sign your real screen name at the bottom of the comment. Of course I can slip up and post something a little sketchy once in a while and I will be called on it. How and why? They know it’s me that messed up. If it was up to me I would delete every comment that didn’t identify themselves properly.

    Liked by 3 people

  103. Reed – I will try to pen an article on Pitt baseball today.

    While drinking my morning coffee I came across a 2021 top college FB QB list by “big game boomer”- KP was not on the list, but (7) ACC QB’s were, including GT’s Sims and BC’s Jurkovic, MD and wvcc QB’s were on the list along with several non-P5 QB’s.

    While many of us on the POV believe 2021 will be the same old…, many in the media have been right over and over in the last 30 years. There is optimism about KP coming back, a RB stepping up, depth on the OL (ikr), a deep WR group and Krull – all led by OC Whipple. That seems to me as same old…

    Baseball, soccer, wVB and track don’t fill the void of FB and BB, but it is good to see Pitt winning at some sports.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. When one throws only 13 TD passes, in you play in a so-called ‘passing offense’, how could anyone consider you a top college QB.

      Except some on the POV.


  104. Took this from a tweet on tonight’s Backyard Brawl baseball game –

    “All fans at tonight’s game can get a FREE 12 oz. Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola Zero by showing your game ticket at the nearest concession stand, courtesy of tonight’s game sponsor, @CocaCola! Limit 1 per ticket. #HailWV
    Twitter · 2 hours ago”

    Is that better than free Fantas at a Pitt FB game?

    Liked by 1 person

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