Pitt’s 2021 Spring Game Recap

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See attached for stats from today’s Pitt Blue-Gold Spring Game presented by PNC Bank that finished Gold 30, Blue 0 at Heinz Field.

Photos for media from the game can be accessed and downloaded at this link:


Video of the postgame press conference is available at this link:


The postgame press conference included sessions with the following members of the Pitt football program:

·        Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

·        LB #24 Phil Campbell II (Gold Team captain)

·        TE #7 Lucas Krull (Gold Team Captain)

·        LB #0 John Petrishen (Blue Team, Conway Award winner)

·        RB #2 Israel Abanikanda (Blue Team, Conway Award winner)



Trib: Not Spring Game but interesting:


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Pitt’s Sports Page:


PITTSBURGH – The University of Pittsburgh football program hosted 5,000 fans on Saturday at Heinz Field for the 2021 Pitt Blue-Gold Spring Game presented by PNC Bank – and spectators witnessed a dominating performance by the Gold Team.

Gold shut out Blue, 30-0, with a comprehensive performance on both sides of the ball. The teams were selected by team captains earlier in the week in a draft-by-position format.

Gold Team captain Lucas Krull scored the first touchdown of the game on a 26-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Nick Patti, and they never looked back.

Also scoring for Gold, Jared Wayne caught a 25-yard TD from Davis Beville, who scored on a 1-yard rush as well. Todd Sibley Jr. completed the scoring for the victors.

Gold’s defense preserved the shutout thanks to two turnovers, with Dayon Hayes recovering a fumble and A.J. Woods hauling in a diving interception.

Pitt’s returning starting quarterback Kenny Pickett, one of the Blue Team captains, played just three snaps before exiting the game in a planned move.

Blue Team was sparked by running back Israel Abanikanda, who produced a game-high 77 rushing yards, including an electric 42-yard burst around the outside.

After the game, head coach Pat Narduzzi, the Gold Team’s winning captains – tight end Lucas Krull and linebacker Phil Campbell III – and Pitt’s Ed Conway Award winners as the most improved players of spring drills – running back Israel Abanikanda and linebacker John Petrishen – each met with the media.

Pitt begins its 2021 regular season at home against Massachusetts on Saturday, Sept. 4 at Heinz Field.”

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  1. I’m wondering who went to today’s game, and what did this team look like as a live performance vs, TV or radio? How big was the crowd? Did any QB step up to take the back up job? How did Devenshire and that new Frosh TE everyone is raving about do?


  2. -Patti reminds me of the infamous Troy Nunes. Kind of a strange throwing motion, but makes some plays with legs and arm.

    —Yellen looks like a terrible fit. A Pitt QB is going to have to have some decent mobility. I expect to see him in the portal…

    —Minor looks like a player on the Oline. He’s big and he can move.

    —I’ve been skeptical of Warren at OT, but he has gotten better.

    —When I sat down during warmups, first thing I saw was local guy Wil Gipson make a spectacular one-handed catch of a ball thrown high and behind him. But he has a bunch of WRs ahead of him.

    —Izzy looked darn fast and seemed to read a couple plays really well. Vincent Davis looked quick too. Sibley needs to play more.

    —Devonshire might be one of those players who “the-ball-finds-him.” At least it did today.

    —The new QB, Yarnell, seems to have a decent arm.

    —Nice catch of a low pass by Lucas Krull before he caught his TD pass. Krull was an enthusiastic supporter of his teammates all day.

    —Not a big crowd, but tough to gage the way they were spread out. My seats were in the lower endzone – really tough to see what’s going on from those seats – give me the upper deck!

    —The Freshman TE they have talked up looked a lot like a freshman TE. I don’t see him pushing Krull, but promising down the road.

    —The blocking on the sideway passes was generally awful. Nice to see some passes go down the field.

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Let me add:

      Ki Wright looked good on his two catches for 57 yards and can move. He looks much better.

      Devonshire’s size concerns me. I thought he was bigger.

      Collier looked good at 340 pounds. I’d like to see him push Kradel, or Zubovic do so. Center and right guard are concerning to me along the line. I think Rankl could be a good at center down the road. He just needs weight room work.

      I agree with Yellen. Not a pound added to his frame and Beville is bigger, looked better and seems more engaged with what is going on around him.

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  3. Forgot about commenting on our new place-kicker Saul. He’s a left-footer.

    Has a strong leg but has a tendency to “draw” his kicks. When his long FG try went straight, it ended up about a foot wide…

    The extra-point he missed was more like a pull-hook.

    Maybe Erie and Fran can work with him…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. I was there and think this was the most impressive Pitt roster I’ve seen in a long time. Big and athletic kids… and depth all around. Impressed for sure.

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  4. John, thanks for the summary.
    I needed something other than Myrtle Beach golf, seafood, bars and surf. Haha.
    52 guys down here and I know I’m the only one wondering what happened in Pitt’s spring game.
    As Popeye says, I yam what I yam…

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    1. Patti seems more game ready, but I just don’t see him as a starter.

      I like Beville but he still seems pretty green. He seems like the best combination of size and mobility, and he made some nice passes today.

      Seems like he still has to see a guy open instead of anticipating or throwing the guy open…

      Go Pitt.

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  5. Is Sauls the kid from Belle Vernon? If so, I was under the impression he was recruited to be the future punter and is doing the placekicking only to fill in. Of course, it would not be the first time my information was outdated.

    Also, I read that only 5000 seats were made available and that all seats were claimed…so I guess that’s a sell out… or should we call it a claimed out?


  6. Spring game is useless, especially the way PN does it. He stated himself that the scrimmage before the Spring game was the important one.


  7. How did the new freshman QB Nate Yarnall from Texas look John? In some of the Spring practice videos I saw he seemed to throw a beautiful deep spiral.


    1. He had no chance to show anything. The line for some reason when Nate dropped back to pass collapsed and he was either sacked or flushed out of the pocket and threw the ball away.

      There were also some snaps that went over his head. That was ironic as Rankl was the center making those snaps and those two enrolled early and have been thrown to the wolves and taking their lumps.

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      1. He’s 6’6’’

        Raw but high ceiling

        Three years away from even starting

        He just doesn’t have enough experience

        His arm will get even stronger with the weights, nutrition and optimizing his throwing motion

        Probably has the strongest arm since Rutherford.


        1. Strong arms are nice, all other things equal. Reading defenses is #1 attribute, some guys have it, some don’t. We’ll see where Yarnell falls. I’m rooting for him, no juggernauts ahead of him, hope he progresses quickly.


          1. Yarnell’s situation reminds me of Kevan Smith. Had the size, big arm, and mobility, but had only played a dozen games at QB in HS. Tough for these guys to make up for the experience lost from missing all those drop-back opportunities…

            So I agree that Yarnell will have to be patient – he’s not likely to be Kenny Pickett’s immediate successor…

            Go Pitt.


  8. A couple observations from the Box Score. The difference was the QB’s Not a fair fight.
    Pitt is still a first half team, only six points scored in the second half.
    As was said, a pick up game really hurts line play and I am sure the game rules favor the offense.
    Typical of Narduzzi to not want anything meaningful on film or whatever you call it now.
    Good to see Izzy have a good day, we need a guy that can break tackles and run down hill.
    Kind of disappointing to see Petrishen be the most improved defensive player. Would have liked to see it be one of the young linemen or d-backs, since we are already deep at linebacker.

    I assume all of the players have their shots, what a difference a year makes, a long tough one at that.


  9. Regarding Sauls as the PK. ACCN showed our real PK’er, but said he had a foot or leg injury, and was held out of the game. They made it sound like he was almost recovered, but not yet ready for prime time. Forgot his name (me, not him).


    1. Scarton is the other kicker who is a walk-on. His older brother was a Pitt walk-on who transferred to Stanford to back-up their starter.

      Pitt will miss Kessman.

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  10. Another thing that stood out to me – not hardly any drops yesterday. I think our receivers have of work to do, if they are to match last year’s drop output!

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  11. Tough to get excited over a meaningless scrimmage just like a meaningless bowl game. I’ll get excited when Pitt can actually beat BC.

    I had a hard time making out the 5000 fans in attendance. They weren’t dressed in yellow seat camaflouge were they.


    1. Meanwhile Narduzzi is paranoid that scouts all over the college landscape will send spy’s here to scout out our explosive offense at practice….lol.


  12. Agree about Collier. I watched him some at left guard and he seemed to do well.

    I generally don’t like the 340-pound type Olinemen because they tend to be slow, but we have several Olinemen this size and Stratham is listed as 370!

    I fear the 400-pound Oline is not that far in the future…


  13. It just seems strange that the rankings people are placing Pitt football so far down in the ACC and Coastal predictions this Fall. One would think they would be respected more due to the significant number of players coming back. I suspect this lack of respect is caused by so little success for Pitt’s football program over the past 30 years. It is hard to break the cycle of mediocrity that afflicts Pitt football, but when expectations are low a team can be taken for granted by its opponents. Who knows, Narduzzi could be named Coach of the Year with a 9 win season! 🙂

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    1. Jack – that shows that in addition to skill at building a team, that luck plays a role. Getting Polamalu was huge for the Steelers.

      Likewise, watching Big Ben drop to them with the Houston Texans taking Dunta Robinson the pick before. The Texans turned down a trade for the sopt with the Bills who wanted a QB and then had to settle for Tulane QB JP Losman.


  14. Tex – I think Narduzzi and team surprised a bunch of people with that 8-5 season in 2019 after going 5-7 then 7-7 the previous two years. I figured another .500 season was on its way.

    2021 – not very optimistic again. I think the OL is going to get Pickett hurt again, our passing game will put up yards but not points – Pickett’s trademark unfortunately, and our DB will again stink the joint out.

    6-6 or 7-5 again


  15. Pitt must do better scoring in the red zone. This requires a more substantial running game including a power short yardage capability. Sibley could fill this role if the OL could put those 340 and 370 pound roadgraders to work.

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  16. Soccer was good because half the country didn’t play and conferences sat out. If not, Pitt would be a top 40 team at best.


    1. Well you have a point. Many conferences didn’t play or had abbreviated seasons or just a spring and no fall. But I think soccer would still be top ten. They aren’t the number three team in the country. Overrated I believe. Rpi had them around 7-8. But when they bring their A game, few schools can beat them. I just don’t think they arent physical enough. Too many soft euros. Need some English and South Americans. They can play a skilled and dirty game.


  17. Sad what our football program has become. Reading this thread, it’s clear that interest in the spring game is underwhelming, to say the least.

    I used to enjoy it. I wrote a summary for the POV, of the spring game during Kenny Pickett’s freshman year. I enjoyed the game, and writing the article. (Reed, still have the link?)

    But I can’t get excited anymore. We can’t delude ourselves any longer. We aren’t winning 11 or 12 games. We’re lucky to win 8. 6 is a more reasonable expectation. We had lots of NFL talent and went 6-5. The last time we had that much talent (Peterman, Conner, etc.) in 2016, we lost 5 games.

    We are a 6-8 win program as long as Narduzzi is our coach and our current athletic administrators remain in place.

    Sad but true. I am not OK with it. But I have got to the point where I understand that it is our reality.


    1. Until Pitt has a new head coach and a new AD. But by then, we’ll have another round of conference realignment.

      The right coach can get Pitt over the hump. As long as the budget is there for recruiting and top assistants.


    2. I was not able to attend this year and if I could, I may not have. Primarily because the pre-scrimmage tailgate is a highlight. Nice to see folks who one hasnt seen since the fall.

      Actually thought the best one Ive attended was at Highmark Stadium on the Southside. Packed stadium and really close to the action, along with great spots for pre and postgame.

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  18. Wow, crickets indeed! Thought there’d be loads of response to the Spring game.
    Looks like Olympic sports may take over:(


    1. Pitts german decathlete might just medal in Tokyo this summer.

      Pitt is so marketing not savvy.

      I’m reading to donate money to track with matching Deutschmarks.


    2. If men’s soccer can get to the finals and men’s baseball can get to the college World Series of 8? Teams, I really could care less about football. I was only in it for the tailgates anyway. And the nice tail.


  19. 32 comments about the spring game. The other 32 comments are about something else. This is writing on the wall. It will lead to apathy and we might already be there. Apathy is a program killer.

    Have I mentioned that football pays the bills. There would be no volleyball or soccer or wrestling or baseball without football making money to subsidize all those money losing secondary sports.

    I want to lock Narduzzi behind a gate permanently.


  20. I’m somewhat more optimistic than Reed is concerning the upcoming football season. After reading the local coverage of the Spring game, I think that if they can correct the problems in the running game they can get to 9 wins. Everything must go right to hit 10 wins, but since SOP could show its ugly face and they lose a game they are supposed to win, 9 wins may be the ceiling.

    There is much to be said about the number of NFL prospects that produced only a 6-5 season this year, but the offense struggled and you need to score points to win at the college game. The WR group should be somewhat better this year, and if the OL improves to the point where the running game is at least average they should achieve a 30 pt scoring average per game. This could be sufficient to get to 9 wins.

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    1. We finally have some numbers and a bit of experience along the Oline. Drexel looks set at center, though I worry about him holding up against big tackles.

      We should be able to find two adequate tackles out of Goncalves, Houy, Warren and Van Lynn.

      Minor is set at one guard. Kradel, Zubovic, Collier, and one of the beat-out tackles will battle for the other spot.

      Deepest Oline group we’ve had in many moons.

      Go Pitt.

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      1. While I hope you are correct. Every D1 P5 teams can list a bunch of names and say they have depth.

        Depth at what ? Good, avg or bad ?

        Go Pitt !


  21. It is hard to get excited about a glorified scrimmage. Pitt football is at the point where they have to prove to me that they are worth the effort of caring about them. I, for one, was not thrilled that Kenny Pickett came back for another year.

    Why didn’t Whipple get fired? How can a coach that required his injured quarterback run over to him between plays, not get fired? That was inexcusable!!!

    It is going to take more than Pitt winning the 4 of the first 5 games of the season for me to get excited. That assumes they can even do that! I may start taking notice if they can finally beat Miami. I will watch the games but I will be a passive observer.

    I am looking forward to Pitt’s sport this fall for a number of other reasons. Pitt’s volleyball should be a top 10 team right from the beginning of the season. It will be interesting to see how Coach Fisher introduces Russ into the lineup. (One of our problems this year was that we were vertically challenged compared to the elite teams such as Washington, Kentucky and Texas.) Who will be our second setter? Louisville and Notre Dame will be strong as well making league play interesting. Hopefully Pitt will schedule another home and away with PSU so both teams will get early season tests before league play. (This is really the only sport where both Pitt and Penn State benefit from playing each other.) With Pitt’s recent showing in the tournament, they may be able to schedule another elite opponent prior to the beginning of league play. Volleyball elite teams prefer to play each other in the preseason in direct contrast to college football teams.

    Pitt’s women’s lacrosse starts playing for real in the ACC! Hopefully they win one or two games. Do not expect them to be world beaters right out of the box. It will take several years to get competitive. I think we have a good coach that will develop us into something special.

    I know several on you were upset that tennis was discontinued. I will take lacrosse over tennis anytime. I bet there will be higher attendance at this year’s lacrosse matches than the last three years of tennis combined.


    1. Well it’s a shame that pitt didn’t support tennis. They should not have been in a position to cut one sport in order to add another. That’s financial misfeasance. But I agree. Lacrosse is another fun sport to watch. Pitt really needs to recruit Canada hard.

      I probably won’t watch much Pitt football. Too stressful. But I’ll fly in for clemson.

      Be at Frans tailgate and with my college roommate and tailgate bud Sweeney who’s running for Allegheny judge.

      Looking forward to a long run in the soccer playoffs. And traveling to a regional in baseball. Looks like Knoxville or Lubbock in the latest projections. Lubbock is a scene from Mad Max. I hate it. And so would you.


    2. I’m all for a smack down with Penn State.

      I’d attend the game in person just to chant Penn State Sucks, Penn State Sucks, P…E…N…N. ST SUKS!!!!

      And Joe Knew. Rot in Hell Poopy Pants.

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      1. Pitt does not have a men’s lacrosse team. The women’s team was due to Title IX considerations. To add a men’s lacrosse team, Pitt would have to add Women’s field hockey. Don’t exactly know what that is but it takes enough bodies to balance out a men’s lacrosse team. The ACC is an elite lacrosse conference. The ACC was very happy and very supportive when Pitt announced their decision. The same level of support would be there for a men’s team.

        Per Wikipedia: “Prior to the team being formed, the Pitt women’s lacrosse club team played in Division 1 of Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA) as a member of the East division of the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse League (WCLL). The club was founded in 1992 and played its home games in the Pitt Sports Dome. Since its founding, Pitt won the WCLL six times (2006, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2019).” Pitt continues to have a men’s club lacrosse team.

        Pitt could add both men’s and women’s hockey without worrying about Title IX as they would balance each other out. Unfortunately that will never happen in my life time. We need to have a hockey arena in the OCS plan.


    3. I really like watching lacrosse.Never saw it til I moved to Carolina…wish PITT had a men’s lacrosse team along with a Div 1 hockey ice hockey squad. PITT had club hockey back in the 70’s when I was on campus..I remember defensive tackle Glenn Hyde as one of the hockey players. Glenn made it to the NFL. He would have been a load on the ice !!!

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        1. Pitt would need to find the money for men’s lacrosse and then support another women’s sport or cut a men’s sport for Title 9.

          I figure lacrosse costs around $2 million per year to support. So it will lose Pitt $2 million every year.

          Football better sell $2 million of those anthracite jerseys then.

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      1. I saw him play hockey a couple of times, very intimidating, guys would just get out of his way.
        Was there for the championship (club) vs. CMU. Pitt won by the way.

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      2. Pitt has club hockey and do pretty well last I checked two years ago/pre covid. Good group of kids. The uni’s were nice that’s for sure. They play in Harmar, about 25 minutes from campus, instead of at PPG which is a five minute commute.

        Pitt is located in a perfect area for recruiting high end talent. That is why Robert Morris, OSU, State Penn, Mercyhurst and several others are really successful recruiting D1 talent. PPG arena is within 2 miles of campus. Pens might enjoy some rent……steelers don’t.

        CMU has a club team that plays at shady side academy. Pitt Greensburg Bobcats won the national M4 Championship in 2020.


          1. Nice!! Hockey is strong in the burgh. We also have 5-6 AAA teams which are basically high school all star teams for each age group. That’s 120 elite skaters just on those teams with many more in cleveland, cbus, buffalo, detroit, etc.

            No wonder the ND’s, OSU’s, PSU’s, Bobby MO’s do so well. This is a sport where your talent comes mainly from the northern cities, yet we focus on golf. Funny thing. Start watching states like florida, arizona and california to start producing more nhl talent. Demograpics play a part in this as well, but the numbers of kids playing hockey in the north is definitely more than bball and probably as much as football.

            Many hockey players also play lacrosse to stay in shape and work their craft. These are complimentary and growing sports, yet Pitt concentrates on sports that don’t help their brand. Hockey and lacrosse are no brainers in the burgh.


    1. And that’s with a 5th year post-senior QB and 8 starters on offense coming back.

      The shame, the shame. Even below Boise State and South Carolina.


  22. Here are a few scenarios for yunz…
    1)Whipple was brought back either because Pickett made that request to return or Pitt wanted to save some dough due to low Covid revenues


  23. After underachieving last year skepticism is justified, but winning the close ones is always the difference between a good vs. bad season. The two one point losses were devastating. The other three losses were to be expected, but again disappointing because Pitt didn’t put up much of a fight.

    The fact that Pitt didn’t absolutely collapse at the end and finished with convincing wins is a little bit of a positive.

    I think that Pitt can have a decent season, no not ten or eleven wins, a bar which some have set, but there are a lot of solid players coming back, and young players pushing for playing time. Hopefully Covid will be knocked out enough to have fans and tailgates, Yay. Students will be vaccinated and ready to scream.

    The offense has almost everyone back plus minor and Krull, two guys that should make a difference.

    Even though the defense lost a lot to the NFL, there is a lot of experience coming back, and a lot of young guys that are ready to go.

    Hey it’s college football, no guarantees, except at Alabama and Clemson, tOSU and ND.

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  24. So Pitt has it’s three toughest games at home, Clemson, Miami and UNC, so yuns that like a tough schedule should be happy Clemson and Miami back to back. Too bad we don’t finish with those guys in ice and snow, too much to ask from the ACC.

    So it could be a bad year with those three, Tennessee, an away game at VT which we usually lose and other improving ACC teams.

    Need to win the close ones and get an upset or two.

    I get the lack of enthusiasm.


    1. Good point: Pitt fans want tough teams coming to Heinz Field. Not this year in the OOC and thank heavens for that, but drawing Clemson and the other two Coastal teams should mean huge crowds by these avid Pitt fans who want good teams.


  25. So Pitt had to go to the deep south four times last year during Covid. Furthest south is to Atlanta this year.


  26. One thing we do know. Narduzzi finally looks willing to play a back who now realizes that the game is about more than just “carrying the ball and scoring touchdowns.”


    1. He needs to worry about his coaches.

      Do they call a running play when it’s third and long.

      Do they call for a three yard sideline pass when they need six.

      Do they punt on fourth and goal?


  27. Someone on the Lair posted that for every 3 and out Whipple should have to do pushups…😀

    I think Davis Beville should alter his last name to BeVille…he could then be “Coupe BeVille”
    The Cadillac of quarterbacks.

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  28. I stopped going to Blue-Gold games years ago. I remember coming out of the stadium thinking, wow, we really have a good offense. Only to find out by mid-September that, nope, we just don’t have a defense. First time that happened, shame on them. Second time, shame on me.

    I watched the Spring game on TV. Two things I noted. One, the Boston College spring game televised right before our game did not allow tackling. When contact was made, the whistle blew and the play stopped. So I was surprised that we allowed full contact.

    Second, I did not see a single offensive play using Brennan Marion’s Go-Go offense. At no time did they have two running backs along side the QB with options galore for the QB based on what he read of the defense. Of course from the film I watched of the Go-Go, if Coach Whipple’s offense is algebra, Coach Brennan’s is calculus from the QB standpoint. Dive, sweep, keep, pass … going to take a lot of study to perfect that sucker. But I think it would be really fun to watch. A lot like Coach Canada’s multiple shifts and guys in motion at the snap offense. Give our second-best backup QB that Marion playbook and squirrel him away in some study room somewhere. Start getting him ready for next year.


    1. Farmer…is Marion’s “O” HCFG’s “Hi Octane” but with a different name ???
      Would be great to see an “O” that can put points on the board (more than 30 per game) and a shut-down “D” that can make the big stop when the game is on the line- thinking back to the 2019 Miami game and 2020 NCSU game..giving up very late scores in both games. I don’t care how they get in the end-zone but they better score points if PITT is to win 8-9 games. Have a good chance to start 4-0 this year. We should expect it..
      question: would an AD set the bar for the HC “Coach, you need to win 8-9 games this year or…..”


      1. Heather needs to set the bar for herself first. Like top 50 in the Final directors cup standings in a non covid year. Half the conferences didn’t play various sports during covid. I won’t cut her that huge break.

        I plan on personally introducing myself to her at regionals assuming she’s not on vacation or still hiding in the basement.

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      2. From the articles I’ve read and videos I’ve watched, I think Brennan was influenced more by Gus Malzahn, his OC at Tulsa, than Fraud. But the Go-Go appears to be a creation of Coach Marion putting together a triple option, read passing, and fast-paced hurry up. Both running backs line up on one side of the QB. But I’m not adept at picking out the details on the videos. That’s MajorMajors’ forte. I would defer to him.


        1. Farmers — Sorry, but your last comment is completely wrong. I like the details but am ignorant of them. That’s why I want Pitt football to have “chalk talks,” so I can learn some details.

          I actually thought Pitt lined up with 2 backs to one side of the QB a couple times. But they just ran a normal looking play… I could be wrong, those endzone seats are awful. (Might be why the students leave early…😊.)

          Go Pitt.

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          1. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is impressed with your attention to detail, John. And the fact that you noticed Pitt line up with two backs to one side just confirms it.


            1. Was that Coach Marion calling plays for the Blue team? If so, he may have a ways to go before taking over the offense…

              If I remember correctly, the Blues Brothers went for it on a 4th and 4, and the play call was a sweep to the right. Huh?

              Go Pitt.


        2. Hard to run any kind of hurry up when your offense uses a “Harry High School” method of communicating plays to QB by having him run to Whipple on the side to get plays. Only FB team in D1,D2,D3 to do that.

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  29. I’m looking for some creativity to score more points this year. They have some decent back up QBs who can run. Maybe they put in Marion’s new offense with a second QB as one of the backs. More run/throw options could really throw a defense off, and this could work in the red zone where the sole RB is Sibley. Think of the confusion it would bring to a defense!! 🙂

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  30. If Pitt had a better than average OL they wouldn’t need any go go offense. There is enough talent on this years offensive squad to score 30 plus a game IF the OL can at least give our RB’s a little room to run with the ball. The OL has been Pitt’s downfall the past two seasons and it’s likely to be the same this year if we get a repeat of their play for the past two seasons.


    1. Van Lynn was being listed as #4 on our OL for the tackle position. He started 3 games last season but I guess we will never know if he also was losing some ground for the #4 spot from some of our younger candidates on the roster. Freshman Taylor is one that comes to mind that might have been giving hime some competition at OT.


    2. Sorry to hear that. I’ve been a fan of his because he moves laterally really well in pass coverage. I thought he should have been playing last season over Warren and Houy.

      Just when we start getting some depth on the Oline…

      Go Pitt.


  31. Was he one of the tubbies in that kennywood picture?

    I remember people snickering saying that fat, no muscle and out of shape doesn’t matter for guys on the OL

    That’s aged well


      1. America has become one fat and out of shape country. Been that way for some time.

        Hasn’t Pitt gone through like three strength and conditioning coaches in Narduzzis six years. What are they feeding those boys in the south side.

        Are they lifting anything more than 5 pounds. My Mexican dog weighs that.


  32. Of course the Spring Game means nothing, but still nice to hear that some of Pitt’s biggest weaknesses last year show a “chance” of improving, namely RB and TE productivity.

    Like always, the game is won in the trenches and Pitt will only be as good as it’s OL plays. WMG if this offense has any chance of improving, the game has passed the old man by. It’s irresponsible for Nardummy to not have insisted that if he wanted to keep the OC job he had to learn how to signal plays into the game.

    Logical to wait for fall camp before making predictions, however anyone ever predicting 9-10 wins with Whipple’s offense is likely not getting interviewed for sports book jobs in Vegas.


    1. I’ve used my Tardis and already know the answer. I won’t spoil it for anyone. If I see you at the baseball regionals, I’ll spill the beans. But really I have little interest in Pitt football with meatballs as the head coach. I’d rather support and watch winners like wrestling, soccer, volleyball and baseball.


  33. Just on a tangent. The ACC was built on basketball. Hasn’t been good in some time. But football pays the bills and clemson came to the rescue. But nobody considers the ACC a football conference. So what sports does the ACC achieve excellence.

    Wrestling based on only 6? Schools

    Any others?

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  34. Hey Pitt got 3 new recruits today !!! Momma peregrine said they’re all Pitt Birds from birth.

    Three peregrine falcons hatched Sunday in the nest atop the Cathedral of Learning, according to Pittsburgh’s National Aviary.

    The first chick hatched around 3 a.m., according to social media posts from the Aviary. The second and third had emerged by about 10:45 a.m. A fourth egg remains.

    Morela, a female peregrine falcon, laid the four eggs in March, and she and mate Ecco have been incubating them for the past month. The National Aviary operates a nest cam, so viewers can watch Morela and mate Ecco care for the chicks.

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  35. To be honest, steve did a commendable job his first stint at Pitt. I remember shaking his hand at a Pitt football game his first week or so on the job. It’s tough to walk old Pitt stadium and small talk with complete strangers. I was not known as Tex then.

    But he was an abomination on his comeback tour. He ripped a piece of my Pitt spirit out when he demolished Pitt stadium. That’s unforgivable.

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    1. Yea but he destroyed Pitt stadium in his first stint. Almost as soon as he got into town. But that order had to come from the top. Nerdy and whoever(or whomever) he answered to.

      And Nerdy only became Chancellor in 1996. And Pitt Stadium was history in 3 years.

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      1. It’s only crappy for three months out of the year. But I won’t retire here. Only four states on my list. Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee and western Carolina.


          1. And when they start counting fake Texans like me who moved in from out of state (New York), there’s another two.

            Austin will soon be capital of the world. 🤠


  36. I’d really like to know what their thinking was when they made the choice to demolish Pitt Stadium. I guess they felt that going into a new Heinz stadium would save on maintenance costs while enabling them to build a new BB arena. And practicing next to the Steelers was probably considered a plus for recruiting purposes.

    There were some existing examples of college teams playing in off campus stadiums, and most were average programs with modest attendance. But I don’t really see this decision as a mistake given the circumstances at the time, including the fact that Pitt Stadium had been completely neglected and would have needed big bucks to refurbish. But now is the time to move on and move back to an on campus multi-purpose facility, even if the Steelers connection becomes less emphasized.


    1. Well Steve laid it all out. A new stadium with cheap rent became available with all the pro amenities and the association with the Steelers. Pitts stadium was a costly albatross and renovating it would have been cost prohibitive.

      The economics and opportunity made sense at the time. The other justifications used were outright lies.


  37. On a campus with little room to expand, the Major Mistake was using that precious centralized location for just a Basketball arena. A sport that is a clear 2nd to football in Revenue.

    And for what they ended up spending on that. And the 2nd roof.
    So if they were intent on demolishing Pitt Stadium.

    It should/could have been a MPS. Very poor planning and very shortsighted.

    And why you would want to play 2nd fiddle, with HS grade logos on 50 yard line, 20,000 bright yellow empty seats. is beyond me.


    1. And the nothing painted in the End zones but diagonal lines. Bush League all around.

      On the Cheap, gets you cheap mediocre results. And Quick Lane and BBVa Kumquat Bowls.


    2. Back then, I was hoping Pitt would get rid of the track, lower the field, bring the stands down close, and put the enclosed, swanky boxes around the rim…

      Go Pitt.

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      1. Yep, that would have been great. Chopping that top off and putting better concessions and more restrooms and a complete overhaul of the press box. Had Sherrill stayed and ran things that likely would have happened but Pitt wasn’t going to let a football coach determine those things.

        And here we are decades later. Fans are apathetic while the BoT is rainbows and sunshine despite the dark cloud of a professor poisoning his wife a few years ago.


  38. The city and the Steelers will probably be having talks about Heinz in the not to distant future as these things take years to hash out. Will Pitt have a seat at the table? I guess Pitt can take a chance rather than be in control of its own destiny.


  39. The 30 minute wait for concessions. The porcelain piss troughs. The hike up the hill. The fights in the student section. And the beatdown losses. I remember that well in the 90’s.


    1. Oh yes, I was there for all of that. Great memories. It was part of growing up then. Cannot be replicated in the pro stadiums.
      (I hate you, Steve Pederson.)


  40. Those opposed to non-revenue sports news, please skip the following: Looks like a big-time grad transfer into Pitt Women’s Volleyball. I wonder if that courtship was in the works before Lund and Ndee decided to return? Should be an even stronger lineup next year. I believe the VB team finished 8th in the rankings this season.


      1. I am a bit perplexed why Pitt recruited and signed this transfer. Unless I am missing something she is listed as a 5’8″ OH. I had to verify that height several places just to make sure the first one was not a typo. I do not know what she can add that we do not all ready possess. She is small for an OH at the level Pitt wants to maintain.


      1. But we do need more real women on here. Particularly I think for the women sports. Only a woman can put me in my place. And sometimes I need a timeout in that corner.


    1. I was more excited about this transfer than any football news!
      Now, if the ladies can get one or two 6 5” tall spikers, next year could be very special! H2P

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  41. Farmers, we love the minor sports news! I was planning to ask Annie or John how they think the ladies would have done against Kentucky. Would that have been a good matchup for Pitt?

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    1. Pitt would probably have lost in three sets to Kentucky. Kentucky took out Washington 3-1.

      The championship game between Kentucky and Texas was really at a high level. There were very few errors by either team. Texas hit 0.417 in the third set of the match and LOST! Kentucky hit 0.429 in the third set. Based on how the tournament played out, the Big Ten was overrated. Wisconsin was supposed to be world beaters and, as Tex pointed out, Texas took them out in three sets. Minnesota was supposed to be almost as good and Pitt took them out 3-2.

      This fall the teams from the various conferences will be playing each other in tournaments and individually prior to conference play. This will give a more fair representation of where each conference stands in relationship to each other.

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      1. I really thought pitt would get to play Kentucky. But I saw a 3-1 defeat. Texas did surprise me. Kentucky was the best team. Texas even admitted. But still to be ranked 8 at seasons end is quite an accomplishment. Next year I see them as as preseason top 5 team. If only Pitt football could be this good. Does Coach Fisher know 🏈.

        I really want to have a stress free 2021. So I won’t be watching much football.

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  42. From “RB U” to “DL U”. CBS Sports top 32 players in the Draft.

    Rashad Weaver, DL, Pitt: After missing all of 2019 due to injury, Weaver returned to lead the ACC in sacks per game and tackles for loss per game en route to consensus All-American honors. Pitt has become known for its defensive line development, and Weaver adds to the narrative, arriving as one of the top two-way talents (defensive line, tight end) coming out of 7A ball in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area and leaving college as a pro-ready edge threat.



    1. But he’s probably late second or third round. Jones might go before him. And then theres Twyman.

      Back in my day there was grossman, siragusa, spindler, Hamilton and Gilbert.

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      1. What a group you mention there Tex- Gottfried had a ton of superstars- Saw them play the East Carolina Pirates in Greenville with that team that entered the game 5-0 I think and they lost. Jeff Blake was the QB for ECU and the only big name I can remember. VanPelt, Israel, Dan Moore were other big names on that team who got some NFL time.


        1. That was the game where Askew caught the ball and didn’t go out of bounds and the clock ran out or else Kaplan could have tried a kick for the win. The Pirates had a middle linebacker, Robert Jones, who was a first-round pick by the Cowboys in 1992.

          The Pirates had a good receiver who caught four TDs versus Pitt in the 1989 shoot-out at Pitt Stadium.

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        2. Most of those guys were bad boys. Pitt would never recruit those types of guys today.

          They’d get into too much trouble and drag that precious grade point average down.

          And I don’t think they’d like saving kittens from trees.


          1. Siragusa tackled the Christmas tree at the hotel Pitt stayed at in El Paso. If that happened today, Gallagher would lock himself in his home and close all the shudders. Heather would inform the NCAA and accept any punishment coming its way.

            Heck, Posvar must not have liked those guys and ran Gottfried out of town because of it.


  43. Some background on the upcoming soccer playoffs.


    All games are in North Carolina. Those who live there and in surrounding states should come out to support Pitt if you can. Pitt has a very good chance of going to the final 4.

    I’ve chosen to watch Pitt baseball in a regional instead. I luv soccer but baseball is as American as apple pie and Iron City.

    Hope to see some pitt fan there. Wherever there is.


  44. From a 2015 UMass football article…

    “After his team threw the ball over 100 times more than it ran it last year, UMass coach Mark Whipple hopes to have a more balanced offense in 2015.”

    Six years later and he is still trying. It is NOT the O line talent. It is Whipple’s scheme and philosophy. He goes on to talk about pass protection being the most important thing for his running backs. Sound familiar?

    How can your team possibly have a good run game when the OC makes pass protection his number one priority?

    Whipple had success at UMass being pass first. Naturally he reverts back to what worked for him in the past. Pitt’s run game will improve until conference play starts.


    1. Bingo….the O-line run blocks poorly because they’re on their heels to pass block most of the time.
      Running the ball is a mentality first and foremost….you’re going to shove their line back.



  45. Pitt could have 8 players drafted this weekend in Cleveland.

    Maybe one in the late second. A few in rounds three and four. The rest fifth and later.

    8 would be bama like. So how do they win 12 and pitt only wins 6?


    1. The last time I looked there are 22 players that start for every team. If eight are being drafted and 8 should be playing in the MAC you can get to a 6 win season very easily. Our OL had several playing at the MAC level or below.


    2. Maybe because ours are mostly on defense and their QB and running back will be high draft choices, not to mention O-linemen and receivers.


  46. Developing the passing game seems to be a more complicated process than the running game. So it seems logical that Pitt would hire an OC that specializes in this area of offense. But hiring someone who dislikes the running game and actually avoids it is another matter. If a TE is important to the running game, then convert an OL to move some bodies. Pitt sure hasn’t selected TEs for their catching ability. Narduzzi should have stepped in long ago and forced Whipple to focus more on running game development.


    1. Great Pitt DB who played on 2 of the best Pitt Defenses EVER. 1979 & 1980

      He had 5 interceptions on that great 1980 Defense, which I consider either the best or 2nd best Pitt Defense EVER. This is the Hugh Green, Ricky Jackson led D that only allowed 10.8 ppg.

      Pitt finished the Season ranked #2 in the County. NY Times had Pitt #1 with some other

      Speaking of Hugh Green, I believe Lynn helped to recruit Hugh to Pitt. Lynn being from
      Pascagoula, Mississippi, same as Hugh. Lynn’s brother, Pappy Thomas also played DB on
      Pitt’s team. Or Jackie Sherrill, saw these guys playing, when he was in Miss to recruit
      former Pitt TB, Rooster Jones. All these guys were from little Pascagoula and came to Pitt.

      Lynn was drafted in the 5th round by the SF 49’ers and played for them for a couple seasons.
      Lynn played with fellow Pitt DB(safety), Carlton Williamson, not only at Pitt but with the 49’ers too.

      RiP Lynn….we’ll miss you bro !

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      1. Speaking of green. Why isn’t there a statue of that man? As a kid, I remember him in the 80’s. I was too young for Dorsett. But green and not Marino was Pitt. Sorry Danny.


        1. Green would be the first player I’d draft 100 percent of the time on any Pitt team. I’m speaking college and not pros.


          1. No doubt….on defense. But I’d take Dorsett first overall.

            Ricky Jackson I’d take with my 3rd pick. Who was the better pro with the Saints and 49’ers.

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  47. Among P5 schools, there are I believe 11 located within city limits. And another ten G5 schools in urban areas. Based on records over the past decade and rankings, I think Pitt is right in the middle.

    Just pondering because it’s a slightly different recruit for concrete and you don’t have that small town college vibe. And of course a pro team competing for fans.

    Cincy, Louisville, Memphis, TCU, SMU, south Florida, Miami, Georgia tech, vandy, Texas, northwestern, Minnesota, Washington, usc, UCLA, Houston, Tulane, rice, temple

    Am I missing any.

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  48. Despite losing one game, the Panthers were named national champion by NCAA-designated major selectors DeVold System, Football Research, and The New York Times), while also named co-national champion by Rothman (FACT) and Sagarin.[1] The university does not claim a national championship for this season, nor are the Panthers popularly recognized for winning that year’s national championship. Pitt was awarded the Lambert-Meadowlands Trophy as the champion of the East.

    Selectors that named Pitt the 1980 national champion:[2]

    Angelo Louisa
    ARGH Power Ratings
    College Football Researchers Association
    Foundation for the Analysis of Competitions and Tournaments
    Harry DeVold
    James Howell
    Jeff Self
    The New York Times
    Quality Champions
    Sagarin Ratings
    Steve Eck
    The Fleming System


    1. We got ‘jobbed’ by the Bowls that year. Seems to be a Pitt thing…getting ‘jobbed’ by Bowls, etc.
      Like the 1963 #4 ranked team among others.

      In 1980, there was no way we could move up to #1 playing in the Gator Bowl against #18 South Carolina.


      1. At least #1 in the 2 main polls at that time. AP & UPI. As you can see from the other post, plenty of ranking systems thought Pitt should have been #1.

        Those ranking systems pretty much took sports politics out of the equation. The AP & UPi and the Bowls did not.


  49. Pitt doesn’t grease the wheel. Pitt never really cared about sports. Thank god my daughter wants to go to a school that cares about sports. My son just picked a school based on the best financial package. He’s such a nerd.


  50. It was even a slap in the face, imo. Since they also matched us against South Carolina’s George Rodgers who had beaten out (wrongly) Hugh Green for the Heisman that year.

    Hugh Green won the Lombardi, the Maxwell and the Camp Awards that year. Also should have won the Heisman.

    If you look at all the Heisman winners from 1968 to 1980. They were all on top-ranked teams

    And after that from 1981 to 2020, again all the winners were on top ranked teams. The worst
    being #21 Louisville who was 9-4 that year, with Heisman winner Lamar Jackson.

    The 1980 South Carolina team was the worst team of all the Heisman winners in 52 years,
    with only 8 wins that year. And the only team in those 52 years to finish unranked.

    Most unusual Heisman pick ever. And belies all the others being on top-ranked teams.


    1. Pitt even then was regarded as a school without fans who traveled well. We got the Sugar Bowl in 76 and ’81 because we were #1 when bowl bids were issued.


  51. Pitt gets no respect because they don’t respect sports and the front porch. Pitt might as well have sheep on their front lawn and a ratty couch to be burned on the porch. I really despise the Pitt BOT and administration. My kids think I’m a fool for following these idiots. I am.

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  52. Someone gave me a Pitt COVID mask that was handed out at the Spring game. It was blue with the trademarked Pitt Panther on the front. I opened the package and found that it was poorly made, and it was made in China. I promptly tossed it in the trash. If a fellow POVer happens to know who in the Pitt athletics administration is responsible for this garbage, could you please pass on my belief that trademarked products such as this should be of higher quality and should be made in the U.S.A.? Thanks!

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  53. That pic of fries made me stop at 5 Guys and get a bag full and of course a Bacon Double Burger.
    On a regular Fry order they give you like the O use to. An enormous amount. Well almost like the O.

    I hate you Tex !


  54. Once again I posted a comment that included a link to a written article and shortly thereafter my comment was deleted. This is an article in the National Review that talks about faculty and administration in US universities attempting to eliminate all sports at their universities. The article is titled, “When the Faculty Lounge Goes After College Sports”. Maybe someone else can link it if you think it worthwhile.

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    1. Know what u mean Farmers. I sometimes try posting the link separately….as a Reply.

      It’s a real shame censorship like old Soviet Union and current China/Iran has come to America.
      Never did I ever fathom, we would see that in the USA.

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    2. When there is no longer a game to attend we all meet in Red5A,,,eat a little…drink a little…then pick-up teams…we can make our own entertainment…we can be kids again!!!

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    1. In my opinion, I believe this was a big role in Pine-Richland High School firing former Pitt safety Eric Kasper…you know how to say it. Admin did not like the football program getting a ton of publicity over academics, a few minor incidents of bullying that occurred years ago were blown way out of proportion to scapegoat the coaching staff, and now one of the best football programs in the state of PA will quickly return to mediocrity like in the early 90’s when I was in grade school and we just hoped the Rams would get one touchdown in a game.


        1. His wife just retired from coaching girls vb at North Allegheny. They won 4 straight PA state champiobships and lost I think 2 or 3 games during those 4 years. Both he and his wife are great people. I doubt he had anything to do with that. It’s a school board thing. I don’t think that falls under his jurisdiction.

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      1. I remember playing against kids from just Richland HS on the North Park basketball courts.

        I think they were just a 2A or 3A sized school then. Who would have known how Pine Twp.would
        have blown up and was put in with Richland. Cause Pine Twp is right next to North Allegheny HS in


      2. I remember when Richland was an A classification school playing in the AIC. My Alma mater beat them regularly until the Rama went big time. Richlabd is a good study of population trends in Western Pa


      1. Growing up I patterned my game after Claude lemieux from the Canadians. I always loved to agitate and get in front of the net.

        Named my son Bryan as Mathieu as middle name in honor of Mario. Québécois


  55. I’m thinking offensive line. If they cannt push lineman down field, there won’t be a running game. Doesn’t matter how good the back is.


    1. I’m skeptical about the secondary.

      We give up way too many big pass plays. And if we did that with two potentially draftable guys at safety, what happens now???

      Plus CB Marquis Williams is a heck of an athlete, but he’s another Avonte Maddox in size (on a good day). Like Maddox, he can have his guy “covered” but still lose the jump balls…

      Go Pitt.

      Go Pitt.

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      1. As well you should be. For some unknown reason Pitt’s secondary is always susceptible to big pass plays, no matter who is playing back there. Future NFL stars, future NFL starters, future NFL made the team, future janitors, future broadcasters or just plain scrubs.

        Opposing QB’s also tend to have either their best game of the season, or their best game of their career.

        Something is just not right in Oakland. The stars and/or planets are out of alignment.

        Maybe Pitt should resort to an Astrologer.

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    2. Charmin’s last stint as HC, his team was 16 wins & 44 losses in 5 years. 27% winning %.

      His teams Rushing Yardage avg per carry:

      2014 – 3.4 ypc
      2015- 4.4 ypc
      2016 – 3.3 ypc
      2017 – 3.9 ypc
      2018- 4.1 ypc

      Then he came to Pitt at Narsnoozy’s request.

      2019 – 3.5 ypc
      2020- 3.4 ypc

      Would this then, be in accurate descriptor ?

      Past performance is a reliable indicator of future results


      1. Thank you for bringing statistics into the equation. Why can’t we just go on gut, feel good feelings or a Koolaid high.

        You party pooper.

        Where’s my bourbon.


        1. Well i made the comment before Noon. You know….the party hadn’t started yet.

          Happy Hour is fast approaching though !!!

          My gut feeling is : your bourbon is awaiting you !


      2. When Tex talks people listen. I believe that false narrative. Maybe a few others agree.

        And I believe in a MPC on campus

        Riddick as AD

        Narduzzi as a pizza topper in Youngstown

        Hobie as whatever title he bestows upon himself.

        And Ike, that you will win the battle.


  56. The biggest X factor for Pitt was OC. Charmins back. Offense is going nowhere. And the D will take a step back. Probably another 6 win season and a crappy bowl in anchorage.


    1. If it wasn’t for that highly unlikely Flea last game performance of 247 yards and a even more unlikely ypc of 9.9. I would think Pitt’s team ypc for the year of 2020 would have been below 3 ypc into something on the order of 2.8 or 2.9 ypc.

      What did the Pizza Bowl become the Eskimo Pie Bowl ?


      1. I just want a California, Arizona or Florida bowl for once. I attended the fiesta. And made the mistake of attending one in Memphis but Beal street was fun.


        1. Use your tardis and go back to the 1930’s, and Pitt’s Rose Bowl’s. 1936 would be preferable.

          Pitt has never been in an Orange Bowl, the only one of the old 4 Major Bowls, Pitt hasn’t been in.

          Would love to see it, before I exit Stage Left off this plane of existence.


          1. I’ll definitely do that after replacing the transmission. It’s in the shop now. I just want to have fun at warm destinations with strangers.

            GD neighbors just got a donkey and I’m hearing hee haw every 15 minutes.


    2. That’s pretty much what the prognosticators are saying. Maybe another 8 win season with the non-con and a crappy bowlwin


  57. ^^ John, I kind of agree with you about the corners, not because of a lack of talent but the nature of the position in general. The good news here is the D-Line should once again be formidable and put quick pressure on the opposing QB’s or at least that’s one I’m hoping for. Looking for Habba to go off on the D-Line.

    I’m worried about PITT’s place kickers. PITT cannot afford to lose one dam game due to a flub-up in the kicking game.

    New plans, off to Cleveland Clinic. It’s my toughest off-season to date. I rubbed dirt on it and took a lap but that didn’t work.

    ike, who doesn’t want to go Home yet.


  58. You’re in good hands at Cleveland. Even though it’s cleveland. Just don’t eat any fish from the rivers or lake around there. I’m not sure what food stuff that cleveland is famous for. To be safe, I’d pack a lunch. 🤠

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  59. And a goat with chickens to come for a newly created coop. I didn’t have to travel this far to be in West Virginia.

    Tex – waiting for the sheep to arrive.


  60. If there is a pick-up game in Red 5A, count me out. If I’m the last one picked out of THAT group …. and I probably would be ….. my ego would take such a hit, I would never recover.

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    1. there is no shame. Don’t worry about ego. You can’t do worse than Pitt football in the last 35 years. Showing up is half the battle. Pitt fails to show up in half its games against quality opponents.

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  61. Wolfe, you can be a team captain…pick the team yourself.
    Ike, good luck my friend…the Cleveland Clinic is gold standard in some areas.

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  62. ike, we’re all thinking about you buddy. Just do what you have to do, even if it is Cleveland. Seriously, Cleveland Clinic is a great hospital and you should be in good hands there. All the best.

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  63. Regarding the “should have been a 10th National Championship” discussion. I remember reading an article shortly after Saban won his first or second NC at Alabama. I don’t remember all the specifics- perhaps someone more research inclined than myself can break it down, but I will try to provide the gist of the article…

    Alabama had only “claimed” a certain number of football championships prior to Saban winning. Afterwards, there was a considerable jump in the number they claimed. Turns out, they started claiming championships awarded through various publications such as the ones listed earlier in this thread. If I remember correctly, 2 of those were awarded by some scientist guy who did a football publication for about 5 years and awarded championships based on scientific analysis. One he awarded to Alabama was a season that the Tide went 6-4. The other one was just as bogus. No surprise that the guy was from the South. Didn’t stop Alabama from currently claiming those titles.


    1. I know it is a joke, but why would tOSU have to pay players to head to Columbus?

      The program has like three losing seasons since 1950 and offers everything, including a nice campus.


      1. Well everyone doesn’t get paid. But kids like that qb from Jeanette who was like many osu players, a bust in the NFL…..get some coin. Usage of a car and other perks.


        1. That happens at a lot of schools, but not at All Holy Pitt. Those perks have to be met if you want elite players.


          1. The Administration at Pitt has always been slightly deranged(some might even say more than slightly), as to their Academic place among universities.

            Which plays a large part in the mediocrity, lack of continued success or worse… the 2 Major sports programs have gone thru over many decades going back to the late 1930’s.


            1. Pitt thinks of themselves as Ivy League. They aren’t even close.

              I do see Pitt going private. Tuition is already at private levels. My son can get a better education at Texas for half the cost.

              PA sucks. One of the reasons why I left. And NY sucks to.

              And again, lots to like about both those states, one being a commonwealth, but lots to dislike as well. Texas ain’t perfect either. But I landed in a good spot.

              Dreams led me to Texas. Don’t discount your dreams. I’m serious.


              1. Wow…funny you mention how dreams led you to Texas.

                I call them premonitions (dreams that materialize) that led me to the Carolinas.

                I don’t have them as much now as when I was younger. But many strange things do
                happen still when I’m out and about.


              2. I agree about Texas. My tiny little house in Austin currently has me sitting at $500,000 in equity and will continue to grow with every tech company that is moving here. I have my complaints about the city, but it has been good to me, too.


    2. Suckeyes suck

      That whole state sucks and I thought Jersey was bad.

      I don’t consider West Virginia a state. It’s a land lost in time.


      1. You’ll like this historical tidbit Tex.

        Westsylvania was a proposed state of the United States located in what is now West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, and small parts of Kentucky, Maryland, and Virginia. First proposed early in the American Revolution, Westsylvania would have been the fourteenth state in the newly formed United States, had it been recognized.


        1. But there’s no mention of ohio is there?

          I would have liked that state. Maybe the Hoopies would have full sets of teeth had that proposal become law. Sheeps would have been safe. And the inbreeding would have stopped. The world would be a better place.

          My wife is half a Hoopie. I’m all for a better Appalachia.


          1. No Ohio….Westsylvania’s one border was the Ohio River.

            It’s northern most point would have been Kittanning and most eastern point was Altoona

            I imagine Pittsburgh would have been the Capital of Westsylvania.

            Sort of like a Greater Appalachia.


              1. Yes since Altoona is east of Indiana, it would have been part of it.

                The idea was pretty much killed by Pittsburgh mover & shaker, lawyer Hugh Brackenridge, who came up with the idea to label anyone promoting Westsylvania, as an act of treason. The Pennsylvania gov’t even sent secret agents into the area to work against the movement. And threatened those with losing their
                property or being declared a treasonist and subject to the death penalty.

                Some things never change with gooberments…eh.


          1. I know Tex would have participated in that. lol

            Yep Brackenridge, being the mover & shaker power broker he was, was involved in helping put down the Whiskey Rebellion too.


    1. Nobody in the 1st Round however. Even though I’m seeing a DE Edge Rusher from Wake Forest being mentioned in 1st Round by Mock drafts. One from Pedo State too.

      Agree on the coaching, which shows itself after halftime adjustments just about every game.

      Also shows in the month long prep for Bowl games.


  64. With so many bodies still in the transfer portal, it’s possible that both Narduzzi and Capel could add a player or two. Capel needs at least two more players if he wants to conduct competitive practices, and Narduzzi should be able to fill the Van Lynn opening. Wonder when Center Efton Reid will make his decision.

    I read where OC Whipple is not available to speak to the press, now. If must be totally humiliating for a previous head coach who was once in charge of such things to now be muzzled by his current boss. I guess they can’t trust him to say the correct things, and he might embarrass the program (as if Narduzzi doesn’t do that on a regular basis). Maybe he might slip up and reveal that the running game sucks, or that he hates the running game and does not plan to practice it in fall camp! Maybe he would be asked why he refuses to recruit on the road! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  65. Steelers will pick a running back, tackle or center, edge rusher, corner and tight end for their first five picks. In that order.

    Pitt will have five players selected in the first five rounds. That will be more than Penn State.


  66. There was a William Whipple that was one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

    Our Charmin, even though he moved out to Arizona from NY, came back east and went to Ivy League,
    Brown University.

    I wonder……….


  67. Per PSN

    PITT BB RECRUITING April 26th ….Pitt Once Again Pursuing Duke Transfer Henry Coleman
    According to sources close to Pittsburgh Sports Now, the Pitt basketball staff has its eyes set on another prospect in the transfer portal that it had previously recruited out of high school.

    The prospect is Henry Coleman, a former four-star recruit who just finished up his first season with the Duke Blue Devils.

    **That didn’t last long…..Coleman signed with Texas A & M today. **


  68. Poopy Pants went to Brown University as well. Both Charmin & Poopy played QB there

    And Rip Engle who was Poopy’s predecessor at Pedo State was the HC at Brown U, when
    Poopy played there. And offered him a job at Creepy Valley when he got the gig at Pedo st.

    Interesting(and more than strange) that Paterno has almost no Coaching Tree of guys who went on to be HC’s at other colleges. Even though he was HC for 46 years(1966 to 2011) at Psux.
    A measly two.

    Coaching tree
    Assistant coaches under Paterno that became NFL or NCAA head coaches:

    Greg Gattuso: Duquesne (1993-2004), Albany (2014-Present)
    Greg Schiano: Rutgers (2001-2011, 2020-present)

    Strange isn’t it.


    1. Not really. Sandusky was on staff since the 70’s. Everyone knew what was going on. Everyone enabled. Everyone covered for themselves. Everyone was protected except the children.


      1. Well it gives more credence to the Cult status of the creepy place. Not many in 46 years wanted to leave or maybe wanted to, but couldn’t leave. Except for the 2 Greg’s.

        You probably meant, everyone covered for each other, like some sort of creepy blood oath.

        Has to the be the smallest Coaching Tree of any HC ever over that period of time.


          1. No doubt. And wonder how many actually participated. Just didn’t know.

            There had to be a reason why it went on for decades. More than just Jerry was one of the guys.


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