Pitt Sports Bits & Pieces

Pitt picks up glass-cleaning transfer from Oakland University. From the Tribune-Review:

After losing a handful of players to the transfer portal since the end of the season, Pitt basketball showed Monday that the process is, in fact, a two-way street.

The Panthers received a commitment from Oakland University transfer Dan Oladapo, a 6-foot-7 forward best known for his prowess on the glass.

Oladapo, a Maryland native, averaged 12.9 points and 8.8 rebounds for Oakland last season, helping the Golden Grizzlies to the Horizon League championship game. He was first in the conference and ninth in the country with 3.8 offensive rebounds per game.

Oladapo had 25 points and 20 rebounds in a Feb. 12 game against Robert Morris, becoming the first Oakland player in 11 years to go 20-20. It was one of nine double-doubles he had during the season.

Oladapo will have two years of eligibility remaining. According to the Detroit News, he had also received interest from South Carolina, St. Bonaventure, Tulsa, George Mason and Florida Gulf Coast.

More from the Trib:

“Pitt came within a set — and, for brief moments, a point — of the athletic department’s first Final Four in 70 years.

Playing in its first NCAA regional final in program history, the Panthers women’s volleyball team lost an excruciating fashion to Washington in a five-set thriller Monday afternoon in Omaha, Neb.

Chinaza Ndee had 16 kills and Kayla Lund 13 for the Panthers, who took the first two sets with relative ease and were twice awarded points late in the fourth set that gave them match points that ended up being overturned by Huskies’ video-review challenges.

Washington won the deciding fifth set 15-9 to send them to Thursday’s national semifinal.”

Pitt men’s soccer falls to Clemson in ACC automatic qualifier match

Well, we ain’t dead yet…

“The No. 1-ranked Pitt men’s soccer team didn’t get an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament on Saturday night, but the Panthers can expect to have their name called during Monday’s tournament selection show.

Pitt dropped a 2-0 decision to No. 4-ranked Clemson in the ACC automatic qualifier match Saturday night at Historic Riggs Field in South Carolina.

Clemson (13-3-2) earned the conference’s automatic NCAA bid, while Pitt (13-3) will learn where it is seeded at noon Monday during the NCAA Men’s Soccer Selection Show. As the nation’s top-ranked team, Pitt is expected to be awarded an at-large bid.

Quinn McNeill (17th minute) and Isiah Reid (83rd minute) scored for Clemson.

Pitt, which also lost to Clemson, 2-1, in the ACC championship game Nov. 22, finished the game with 11 shots and eight corner kicks”

Keep your fingers crossed…

The Post-Gazette’s take on Pitt losing BB Players:

“Two weeks after the men’s college basketball season ended, Pitt’s roster is still mired in a state of uncertainty.

The Panthers have just six scholarship players definitively returning for the 2021-22 season and could have as many as seven scholarships to fill.

They’re not the only ones in a precarious spot. The transfer portal to which they lost five players is packed, with about 1,400 Division I players in it. With 357 Division I programs and 13 scholarship players per team, that represents roughly 30% of the sport. Pitt has lost players, sure, but it’s hardly alone.

P-G’s latest Pitt football chat:

John Walker: Which Avengers character would be the best college football recruiter? Multiple answers are acceptable.
John McGonigal: Oh jeez, that’s a good question. I would compare Nick Fury to Nick Saban in a way.”

OK, ’nuff said about that! Why you ask? Because that is what closed practices give the fans…year after year at Pitt.

From the Pitt News:

Wolter wins decathlon, baseball and softball pick up series wins

By Jason Glancy, Staff Writer
APRIL 19, 2021

“Pitt softball also came up with a series win over UNC this weekend. In game one, the Panthers won 6-5, thanks to a rally in the bottom of the seventh inning. Sophomore outfielder EC Taylor started it off with a single past the shortstop. Then sophomore infielder Kayla Lane hit a home run to score both her and Taylor. With two outs and the game tied up, senior outfielder Hunter Levesque ended it with a walk-off home run.”

Folks, these student writers some of the better Pitt sports reporters of all. I don’t read the Pitt News as much as I should but they cover these smaller sports in a lot more depth than any other media outlet, including the POV. So put them on your lists of sites to read.

Here is a longer Pitt News article on the baseball team.

No. 19 Pitt baseball (20-11, 14-10 ACC) took two of three games over the weekend against the North Carolina Tar Heels (19-15, 13-12) in a series that saw a little bit of everything. From a rain-induced postponement, to a pitchers duel on Saturday and a slugfest on Sunday, there was no shortage of action in the pivotal ACC matchup.

The series got off to a turbulent start, when game one was moved from its original Friday night timeslot to a Saturday afternoon first pitch. It would also be the first game of a double-header in which game two would begin 45 minutes after the final out of game one.”

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  1. Thanks Reed. Love the “Bits and Pieces” format. Always enjoyed it when Chas had his weekly roundup on the Lair and the Maestro (how are you buddy?!) did one as well.

    Look forward to reading comments from a cople of or resident basketball folks on the new recruit.

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  2. Pitt soccer got an excellent draw as a number 2 seed. No draw or bracket of death.

    They are on a path that would have them face Washington in the quarters. Remember Omaha.

    Nothing on baseball? A top 15 team. Any reporter going to ask Narduzzi why he’s finding it so difficult to get his team ranked in the top 25.

    How is baseball with average facilities, few fans and fewer donors, bad weather, little tradition, non elite players and a real tough conference able to do it whereas football with all the resources and tradition in the world cannot?


  3. The problem is the 24/7 nature of sports (and news) in this era. Turn on ESPN the last month and there is a 90% chance you will see a discussion of who will be picks 2 thru 10 in the NFL draft

    All of these guys are on social media and feel like the public is interested in them. Yes public practice would help, but not nearly as much as you think

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    1. Ahh, go back through the Pitt Blather articles I wrote after attending spring and fall practices under DW and PC (if you can find them). They were long, detailed, and based on what I actually saw with my own two eyes – not the pablum that is shoved in our face now.

      Those pieces were very highly appreciated and read with tons of comments. The only time I got any blow-back from Pitt was when EJ (actually DW via EJ) asked me to edit out one small paragraph that was a detailed description of a couple of unique formations on offense.

      Other than that one time I had free reign, as did all the media writers, to observe closely and write specifically until PN closed the practices. His doing that has not helped the program, team, players, won/loss record and especially the Pitt fans who are starved for some actual news and reporting about the football team one bit.

      Wonder why Pitt is so bad at fund raising for football? The fact that there is nothing to read just keeps those prospective donor’s wallets in their pockets.

      It was a huge mistake to close practices at Pitt. Might not make a difference with the football behemoth program, but Pitt needs all the solid press they can get.

      Believe me – people in the Athletic dept. feel this to be true also.

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      1. Reed – last couple of times I’ve seen the printed version of the PG, there has been an article about PSU spring football but nothing about Pitt.

        I agree that Pitt is hurting itself with the lack of exposure. Some fans look forward to spring ball and would like to hear who’s progressing – even if it’s just coach-speak…

        Go Pitt.


      2. Bingo!
        It is a large part of his job. He ignores it without any repercussions from above. Who here has a large part of work that they can blow off?
        getting fans
        are right after winning
        He does a poor job at 1 and refuses to do he other 2. Yet he is comfortably employed.

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  4. And by the way, I happened to turn on NFL network yesterday and there was a discussion of how a cartoon named ‘Space Ghost’ was way ahead of its time. So if you think that it’s only the Pitt writers that don’t know what to do with their time, you need to rethink

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  5. Speaking of the Blather check out this State of the Program piece I did back in August of 2014…Those type articles were fun as hell to write:


    Of course I was wrong with some predictions – we went 6-7 that year. And yes, PC did enjoy being at Pitt. I based that on a rather long conversation I had with him at a function. His leaving was because his alma mater called, not because he wanted to leave Pitt.


  6. I think Narduzzi is just paranoid. Lock the gates is a very bad slogan. What’s there to hide? It’s no secret that Pitt football is mediocre.

    Again if these secondary sports can become highly ranked, reach elite 8’s, produce all these all Americans, why can’t Pitt football with all its resources and tradition?

    Does football play by a different set of rules? Isn’t the standard the same standard? Why does Narduzzi get a free pass?


  7. Well the Steelers just signed Tomlin to a 3 year extension

    I expect heather to be extending Narduzzi another 5 years very shortly. News at 6.


    1. Hopefully Ms. Lyke will not be allowed to extend Narduzzi ever again. Lyke may have been given a mulligan by the powers that be on the first extension. I still believe her job should be in jeopardy because of it. Capel has been a disappointment. Given the situation at the time, it seemed to be a very good hire. Capel resurrected his career during his time at Duke. He was especially known for his recruiting. We should have realized the Coach K was still the coaching mastermind there and Capel was just along for the ride.


  8. Pitt doesn’t need any more undersized small forwards! But…it seems all Capel is able to get. To me, this was simply someone Capel was able to get. A Warm body so to speak. Call me when we get a PG or Center or any scorer of ACC quality! .

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    1. dan72, our new recruit is undersized as a Center, but he has good rebounding stats and adds toughness which we desperately need. This is a good pickup, especially after losing Coulibaly, at least in my book. What it doesn’t do is address our Center problem, or shooting problem. And I agree, in addition to a Center and another shooter (besides Santos), we could really use a PG.

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      1. He’s just another guy. Maybe 3rd or 4th off the bench. I’ve watched his tape and seen the scouting reports. Pitt is in the ACC. That’s the major leagues. He’s no Chevy or Troutman! I’ll let you know if Capel brings in someone to get excited about.


  9. I’ve complained forever about Narduzzi’s closed practice policies. There is nothing to hide from a mediocre football program that people haven’t already seen. And the down side is that there is no publicity coming from that program that could be used to engender some excitement that could sell tickets and improve fund raising. Heather needs to take a hard look at why the fund raising is so poor, and make some changes.

    Realignment may ultimately affect the outside checks coming in from the ACC or ESPN, but the fan base and alums will be there to support the program regardless if they are treated well. This is not the case now, and while Alabama can attract 47,000 to its Spring game, I would say that most Pitt fans are not even aware that there is Spring ball going on.


    1. Thinks about it, special K…. If POVers don’t even know when the Spring game is, then how can the average fan plan to attend?

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      1. Following a one-year absence, Pitt’s Blue-Gold Spring Game presented by PNC Bank returns to Heinz Field on Saturday, April 24, at 1 p.m.
        With Pennsylvania gathering limits recently expanded, Pitt Athletics plans to accommodate a maximum of 5,000 fans for the spring game. To ensure a safe environment, attendees will be required to wear masks and follow all Heinz Field protocols. Seats will be allocated in socially distant pods (two to six people) throughout the lower bowl.
        Spring game admission is free and all tickets will be digital.
        First priority will be given to Panther Club members (based on priority points), Pitt football season ticket holders and Pitt Varsity Letter Club members, who can request a maximum of six tickets beginning today, April 8.
        Use promo code “SPRING” and access ticket requests here.
        – Account Login
        – Mobile App

        SHOP NOW

        Sorry, not skilled enough to attached the graphic sent with the message.

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  10. Pitt can show me by

    1) conducting a feasibility study for a MPC
    2) reinstating the Golden Panthers booster club
    3) hiring million dollar coordinators who are young and innovative
    4) sponsoring camps and clinics in the south
    5) hiring Louis Riddick.


  11. Tex, why is Pitt so adverse to sports publicity? Why can’t Heather hire someone who knows how to promote its sports programs and improve fund raising? These are not stupid people, and so i think we are missing something here…


    1. I struggle to understand that. They should also be fundraising off the women’s volleyball team before penn state poaches fisher. And they need to get the marketing rolling on what promises to be a fun playoff run for soccer. And then there’s baseball. And some track guy that is a future Olympian.

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  12. Oh I see. Olympic sports having their day in the sun so lets change the subject to another coach who hasn’t had a game in 6 months.

    As far as Oladapo goes, I think he can help PITT. His body is a little like Chevy’s, don’t forget the 220lbs part.

    Fun stuff Reed. I do agree that Narduzzi needs to open it up a good bit. One open practice a week could do wonders for PITT’s exposure.

    Reid not choosing last week is a bad sign for PITT. PITT is the kind of place that you know you want to go there or not, right away.

    Hey Tex, Indiana can’t make it in the WPIAL. They need new coaches and a brand new AD!.

    ike who has lousy luck like only a PITT fan would.


    1. I think Indiana is 2A. Looks like their hockey team is going to states.


      I had no idea they are called the little Indians. How can they be called that these days. I mean this ain’t the 80’s unless you live in the Styx.

      IUP isn’t the Indians anymore. And Washington doesn’t even have a name. Isn’t Cleveland dropping their name? Florida state only keeps their name and mascot because they pay the Seminole nation for the rights.

      Only in Indiana.


      1. I went to high school with Agnello’s mom. We were pretty close. She has two sons on the team. I believe that they are undefeated.


    2. Ike, it all comes back to football because football pays the bills. Pitt football is not financially healthy. Moreover, The ACC is not financially healthy compared to other conferences.

      It would be a shame if pitt has to eliminate secondary sports because football couldn’t pull it’s fair share or because ACC leadership doesn’t have a strategic plan and vision to deal with the era of super conferences.

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  13. Maybe Pitt thinks they do not want to be known as a jock school rather than an academic school. That is baloney. Kids like both equally and base their thinking on both. All school and no fun is a detriment. The volleyball team proved that. No OCS hurts Pitt.


  14. So while I agree with the need for open practices, and that last year’s team disappointed, I think the trend is still positive. The quality of players and depth is improving over time. Will it result in more wins? Always a crap shoot.


  15. We are building depth but the same questions for me still exist.re: the O, mistakes and the not-so shut down D…and I think those same concerns exist because the HC is the question…either looking forward to a 10 win season or a re-run of ground-hog day……..Let’s hope it is the former….


  16. Just read on the Pitt athletic site that ticket requests must be in by tomorrow ( Wednesday) at 5 pm. Game is at 1 pm Saturday.


  17. ike, the real games don’t start for 6 months, but the Spring football practice is going on right now, and I bet most people don’t even know it. Publicity is the responsibility of the Athletics Dept., not the head coach. So Heather needs to do something about it, instead of caving in to what Narduzzi wants.

    Why don’t they start with a daily press release after each practice? They don’t need to reveal the big “secrets” that Narduzzi supposedly has hidden away to win 10 games this year. Daily updates on players, injuries, scrimmages, assistant coach interviews, depth charts, etc. could be provided that local papers and stations could use to inform the public and generate some interest.

    And one day a week the practice should be open to the public. PN could have a vanilla practice with no “secrets” revealed (maybe practice some things like a full house backfield that they will never use).

    Ticket sales and fund raising just can’t happen without better marketing. I’m surprised that Heather puts up with this.


    1. How about during an “open to public session” they work on fundamentals that seem to cost us games –


      Receivers catching the ball.

      Live refs for snap count practice to eliminate false starts (O) and off sides (D).

      Punt & KO team coverages.

      DB jump ball situations.

      FG snaps, holds and kicks.

      Wheel route coverage for the LB/S of the RB out of the backfield.

      Clean up the messes we so often see on game day.


  18. Ed, if you remember the past few years, Narduzzi did an after practice presser and had 3 players address reporters.

    I’m not sure, other than donations, that there is much of a difference the way PITT’s athletic dept conducts business in comparison. How do we know how Illinois < (random team) runs their football program?


  19. Any sort of publicity helps. Being open helps. Engaging fans. Generating interest. Allowing fans to see and touch the product. Pitt acts like they are guarding the secret formula to Coke.

    I say cut the lock on the gates and allow fans and media in

    I say tarp those yellow seats in the upper corners and high end zone.

    I say have some public pressers about Pitt sports. Anyone with a passion for Pitt can do it. Talk up the recent secondary sports success. Fundraise off it. Help build up your brand equity. Challenge that meathead to win more than 8 games for once.


  20. Seems to me the Pitt Women’s BB team does the best job of engaging with their fans. Maybe it’s easier for them because the number of fans is low.

    —They have “Chalk Talks” for season ticket holders before a handful of games where a coach talks about the opponent, the Pitt team and takes questions.

    —After games the players talk with fans and even come up into the stands.

    —They had a “Practice with the Panthers” event where, on the floor of the Pete, season-ticket holders actually went thru some drills which were directed by the players. And we got to see some behind the scenes facilities…

    The problem — this team hasn’t been winning enough games. The talent has been significantly upgraded by Coach White and staff. Next season they will be Juniors and Sophs — the “they-are-too-young” reasoning will be gone, and they will be expected to move up to at least the middle of the ACC pack.

    BTW, Bridget Mitchell, who has been an assistant at Pitt, was just hired as the new BB head coach at Northeastern.

    Go Pitt.

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  21. Pitt women’s basketball does a great job at connecting with fans and keeping them engaged. All the secondary sports need to do that. Not just with fans but with students. Did EJ get that idea for Pitt spirit?

    I’m sure it’s more difficult with football but the south side isn’t Area 52.


  22. Pitt had ample opportunity over the past 30 years to build up their brand and grow supporters.

    However, They chose to ignore what they needed to do to build sustained success and achieve broad athletic excellence.

    The cost of doing these things might have be an extra 10 percent on a $70 million dollar operating budget. So an extra $7 million a year over 30 years. That’s $210 million.

    Pitt now stands to lose out on roughly an extra $80 million per year in revenues by not being invited to a super conference.

    You do the math.


  23. Well, I don’t get it, ike. I’ve seen maybe a total of 3 player interviews since Spring ball started. Most days there is nothing in the paper about the previous day’s Spring practice. I follow it about as close as anyone, checking both the Trib and PG every day. How many scrimmages have they had? Who is winning the #2 QB spot? There is almost no talk of the upcoming Spring game. What will the format be? Will the players pick the teams? These things all generate interest, but are apparently not worth PN or the athletic dept.’s time to promote.

    Tex, I like what Heather has done with the minor sports, but Pitt doesn’t run their athletics dept like a team worthy of playing in a super conference.


    1. Need to run it like a business. Be accountable.

      The details matter and there are consequences.

      You’re right.

      It’s all driven by finances. Greed. The role and mission of football at the school

      It’s more than the front porch


  24. Is the Spring Game on TV? I thought the ACC Network was going to televise the April 17 game.


  25. OK – here is the difference between open and closed practices.


    *We could get into discussions with the players, parents and, importantly, the local HS coaches who all had open access just like the media.

    The media was treated with respect. Look, I was damn critical of Dave Wannstedt toward the end during his 2009 and 2010 seasons – but he took the time to answer my questions in detail and without blowing smoke or anywhere near the arrogance Narduzzi has shown the press corps and bloggers.
    I was lucky enough that a lot of the player’s parents read my stuff in the Blather – so I became pretty good friends with Pat Bostick, SR and his son Pat JR, Ron Byham (awesome!!), Scott Orndoff (over some beers) and Bill Stull’s dad – among others. We met first at the spring practices and then also at the fall camp and we’d share stories and sometimes they would give me deeper background on what their kids were like as HS players and how much they liked (or didn’t like ) Pitt.

    I would use that info on the honor basis so as not to get anyone in hot water but that was really what made those long ago Blather articles so popular. And the kids talked honestly… and BTW all read The Blather and recognized my name when I introduced myself – that’s not a brag, but it showed the openness the kids were able to have. Some times the kids even suggested what subjects would make good reading on the blog.
    I would drive up for every pro day, alumni fete and any football functions there were because the conversations about the players and team were honest and good. The last function I went to Narduzzi had an ass’t coach follow me around and sit across from me at any table I went to – it was so friggin’ obvious that I asked the guy if he got paid extra to be an informant. Needless to say that was part and parcel of PN’s paranoia.


    No reporting at all. Just rehashing of what the Athletic Dept and the HC wants us to hear. Back under DW and PC the kids weren’t coached at all before they gave us interviews – not so much now. I ask anyone on here to look back over all the spring practices and fall camps under PN, from 2015 on, and try to find any true in-depth reporting, mainstream media or blogs, on anything to do with the players or the team itself.

    You won’t find anything because PN controls the flow of info like drops out of a faucet – where DW and PC just opened the faucet and trusted the writers to be professional about what they wrote.

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  26. Reed, I agree 100%.
    Especially when you need to market the program in a city with many other sports options.
    Although winning will fill seats, positive media can do even more. It can change the mindset, and
    Help to bury SOP.
    The negative media spin will only go away with winning and transparency.
    Unlock those freaking gates.

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  27. Narduzzi being so paranoid is hard to understand. It is not like he has a genius as an offensive coordinator. As for Pitt’s defense, everyone in the stadium knows what Pitt plays.

    I understand all fans attending Pitt’s spring game have to sign a non-disclosure form to not divulge what they see at the game. The game will also be broadcast on a 5 minute tape delay so Pitt can edit out their offensive splash plays.

    I hope the soccer and baseball teams make long runs in the playoffs. We need something positive to talk about instead of dwelling on our football and men’s basketball woes.

    I found out there are 11 players per side in soccer after consulting Google. (I seriously did not know that!) Only the guy that hangs around the net is allowed to touch the ball. There are a bunch of different formations and they all add up to 10 so I guess you cannot pull that guy by the net. They use a volleyball for their ball but call it a soccer ball instead.

    One baseball site has Pitt playing in the South Carolina regional which would be great. John will get to get out of the house!


  28. Reed, Pitt should be begging you to attend practices and the Spring game. They should know it would be the best pipeline to communicate information to ardent Pitt fans through PittPOV. Your story about a Pitt assistant tracking you all over is proof enough that Narduzzi is the problem here, and as I said before, this is an area where the AD should step in and tell him how it will go.


  29. Remember Covid?

    I hear ya VoR, not this year though. I wonder why?

    Narduzzi would hold post practice Q and A after almost every practice a couple years ago.

    Narduzzi isn’t the only coach to hold closed practices and not by a long shot. These are different times.

    Yes HCPN is way too cautious in his lock the gates approach.

    The spring game is free, parking is free……….. << The ultimate advertisement in luring fans to games. I don’t know how much PITT really cares about fans attending the spring game.

    Remember Covid?


    1. The parking is NOT free. From the Pitt announcement—
      Spring game parking will be available for $10 in the Gold lots on the east side of Heinz Field.


  30. Should be OK to have some closed practices regarding scheme but it sure would be good to generate some buzz with some engagement with key players.


      1. You never know with Pitt. I hate all this secrecy. This is how conspiracy theories start. What could be going on behind those locked gates? I can imagine a lot or very little depending on your perspective.

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  31. Pitt just picked up a PG from Texas Tech, Jamarius Burton 6’4″ committed just in the last 30 minutes.

    While he didn’t do much this year, last year he avg’d 10.3 ppg and 3.4 apg while at Wichita State.

    He was a 3 star coming out of HS.

    So 2 for today, neither appear to be game changers however.


  32. I watched his highlights. He was good at Wichita State as a FR. That is a good program. Much better shooter than X will ever be. Not nearly as quick but he uses his size well.
    I think he is a really good addition.


  33. I don’t know how good an addition Burton will be. But if he could play for Wichita State and Texas Tech, he should be able to play for Pitt. Because both Wichita & TT have had better teams and programs over the last 5 years, than Pitt…as we all know.

    The question is…… can he compete in the ACC, since that had to be in his mind, playing HS ball in Charlotte, NC. The heart of ACC country.

    But they do need another PG, and he’s not from Elon. I know a ringing endorsement.


      1. The numbers are better, but it was in the AAC, not the ACC. The bottom half of the AAC is
        pretty dreadful.

        But at this point, Felton just needs enough bodies to hold a practice.


  34. 3 schools in 3 years. Like our bum TE’s we keep giving homes to. All talk and they do nothing on the field. Capel is an utter embarrassment. Said it 3 years ago. Yet again I was told
    Give him time to build his team. Comical.


    1. Only this kid is tough as nails and Pitt benefits from Beard leaving TT.

      Beard doesn’t recruit whimps. Capel needed attitude on the team so there is that.

      Capel should be fired for cause simply due to his recruiting at the five. Still no one and Reid isn’t coming here. Pathetic.


      1. The University of N(o)C(lasses) is now in on the Reid recruiting from my understanding.

        He’d probably be another one with little impact, as in Adams & Taylor….any way.

        Capel has shown no ability to coach big men. And other than Champ, not many others as well.


      2. Beard is now recruiting Longhorns. I’ll be at that nice new venue on campus next year when it opens.

        Texas is a city school yet they find room for these things


  35. College basketball is in the crapper. Over 1000 in the transfer portal. This is like being a free agent and then go to the team that will pay you the best. It will never be the same. No more than30 players will go to the NBA yearly but it seems that those are the ones catered to. Just wait until they start NIL it will get worse. Most of these players should be thankful that they can get a free education but will screw themselves through the transfer portal and end up without degrees.


    1. But the players aren’t being paid, are they unless the bag men work the school. If universities paid athletes, would they still be moving around as much as now with the portal? Just wondering.


  36. Burton’s highlights have nice music 🙂

    funny how much of highlights were with Wichita State down HUGE in games, at least for first 4-5 minutes, didn’t watch all but pretty sure his blow by moves are far less frequent while they were heading toward those big deficits

    I bet you can put together a great 9 minutes on X, yet his chest push shot will NEVER change no matter how many times it’s been mentioned here that’s on coaching

    I’m converted, JC, PN, HL and Pitt all SUCK

    in fact just took a ride in my tardis and they suck forever, which makes me wonder how stupid I am for trying to post here about them and changing anything,,,,, LOLOL


  37. Tabac – Capel Does. Narduzzi is pretty average at best. Lyke has done some good things but overall body hasn’t done much for Football or Basketball. Baseball seems on upward trajectory. But an AD’s job with fundraising and turning your bell cows to winners is not happening. For all the layers the AD Dept has they sure do little to create any energy around football or basketball. You know my feelings for Narduzzi but he gets a C+ while Capel is a solid F. How long can she let that continue. These new recruits are better suited for Point Park, not ACC and Pitt.

    Ike – Glad to see you have found your stride again and are doing better.

    Tex – I drove through Mansfield last weekend to see bluebonnets.

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      1. tbh(my kids phrase), JC might suck as I don’t see his in game or game prep coaching looking like much of anything and Pitt surely won’t allow anything outside the box happen with recruiting and WE ARE NOT DUKE!

        upitt, would you want Jamie back? if not, who is on your list?

        if fundraising is the key, wtf hope do we have with HL?

        this upcoming seismic shift in conferences in a few years will include PSU and leave Pitt on the outside looking in if not BLIND far worse off than a red headed stepchild

        maybe kinda depressing for all the realists, us optimists thankfully will paint whatever picture we want 🙂


        1. You have my list

          I can whip out a list on practically anything in less than 6 hours

          I also have one for football

          But the list for AD only has one name.


    1. Mansfield’s a nice suburb. I like this side of town. Sandy has her 20 acres in Rendon nearby. And I keep the Tardis in the back next to the chicken coop. Neighbors all have horses and goats and some longhorns. It’s a little slice of country in a suburban sea.


    1. OUR Girls didn’t have messages, others did

      I like our GVB too!

      not sure of their record but they were pretty good when I was at Pitt, went to a few games and they won all the ones I attended
      had a really good looking setter 🙂 , not Iirc, IRC!


  38. If Pitt doesn’t make it into this supposed future Super Conference…we might as well pack up shop.

    We need to become Top 20 now & for several years and hopefully ‘luck in’ to the Super Conference as we ‘lucked in’ to the ACC.

    And Nodoze & Whipple taking us to being a Top 20 team seems a real stretch. Capel even a bigger
    stretch…..if you can imagine being more less than average than Doze Man.


    1. Pitt won’t be invited

      Not a national or even regional brand

      Share a tv market with penn state and West Virginia

      Small and apathetic fanbase

      You can’t change all those things in the next five years and some are real immovable constraints

      But I look forward to that day when pitt plays historical rivals that share a similar sports mindset. I don’t need to see Pitt play clemson or Miami or Notre Dame every year. I’m fine with seeing Pitt play Rutgers, BC and Maryland.

      The playing field will be more competitive. Pitt should have an advantage given its facilities.


      1. Beating or for that matter even playing Buttgers, BC or Maryland….is not very exciting. And you’re saying those are the choice historical games ????

        The non-choice games should be even that much less interesting, let alone exiting.

        I will pass on that whole mess.

        What facilities btw…..Pickle Jar on the Nort Side ?


        1. It’s fun when you win. Doesn’t matter who you play. Clemson does nothing for me. Same goes for all those Florida schools. I’d rather play BC, Rutgers, cuse, temple, Maryland, Hoopies and va tech. Wouldn’t mind playing buffalo either.

          Pitt has a 1-4 record against those elite schools on average. I did a rivals article a while back. I think Pitts winning percentage against Miami was around .250 historically meaning one win out of every four to five games played. That doesn’t get me excited.


          1. I know you went to the U of Buff…..however playing them is a lose/lose. sorry slim.

            And nobody got excited playing Cuse now or in the past, Temple never, Buttgers never. Maryland and BC are a small step up.

            I’m more than OK with the Hillbillies & the Gobblers.

            So Pitt is only going to gain respect by beating good teams, not the dregs.

            So you’re wrong on that schedule selection. And they don’t draw flies to Ketchup bottle.


            1. Pitt won’t have the chance to beat elite teams in the future. And even in the past, how often does pitt beat the Miami’s and penny states and Clemson’s and Notre dames. One out of three or one out of four or even five games. That’s it. That’s a ton of blow out losses. That game I attended last year stunk. I would have rather watched pitt play temple and win 38-27


              1. Pitt needs to beat the UNC’s, NC States, Wake, Duke, Cuse, VT, UVA and 3 scrub non-cons per year
                and you win 9 to 10 games a year. Then you can handle losing to Clemscum & ND, maybe
                like you said win one of every 3 games or so.

                You start winning 9 or 10 a year, you can recruit better. At least you should be able to.

                Miami is no great shakes anymore, more reputation than anything.


    1. Pitt would be wise not to schedule Elon as a football opponent. Football talent on that team is on par with Pitt. But better coaching is what truly separates them from Pitt.


  39. Ike, you are correct in that the preceeding HCs would close 2 or 3 practices during those 4-5 weeks of the camps. All have closed the week before the opening game and no open practices during the season…that makes sense.

    However, I did a bit of digging a couple of years ago about which P5 teams closed camp practices and almost all were the biggest programs with no donation problems. And, from what I could tell, almost all I saw of those had sold out season tickets years in advance.

    Most schools like Pitt in the 40-75 national ranking group were open. One thing people overlook is that when alumni and fans feel truly engaged with the program and team, even the average FB schools like Pitt they buy more school “gear” like jerseys, caps, souvenirs, etc. That is a forgotten and a big money maker for schools.

    Again, that was a quick and dirty research bit but I feel hits the mark. There is absolutely no concrete reason for Pitt to have closed camps.

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  40. Trib: “PN sees improvement”

    Gee, just like last year…

    “Narduzzi said Pitt’s running game as a whole has improved. While Davis and Abanikanda are the frontrunners, Daniel Carter and Todd Sibley Jr. have impressed the coaches.”

    Wait a minute, wasn’t it two years ago he was touting Sibley as the next Big Thing! I’m surprised the kid is still on roster. But then again we have a WR who is in his 7th year at Pitt (and still hasn’t done anything for us).



  41. I don’t think anyone would care about closed practices if PN actually produced. Another 6 or 7 wins await us this fall. Then what?

    Capel’s revamped team will have the same results.

    I root for them to bring in good new players for the next coaching staff. 😀


  42. More:

    I’ve never seen them block the way they are blocking right now,” Narduzzi said. “They are playing their tail off for coach Marion, and he’s coaching his butt off. I can see the receivers playing with a little bit more of an attitude out there. They are making some contested catches.”

    Hey coach, how are the WRs doing on, you know, the regular catches where they actually touch the ball – then hold on to it. We already know they are good at playing Hot Potato when someone throws something at them.

    I’m just waiting for a WR sitting at the training table yells down “Hey Yellen, pass the salt will ya!” and loses an eye.

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  43. Open practices allow scrutiny. Allow hard questions to be asked. Narduzzi can’t hide things. He can’t fake it. It forces accountability on him. That’s why he doesn’t like them. He’ll claim he doesn’t want to tip off opponents. But that line is a bunch of longhorn. The man has skin thinner than a French crepe.


  44. Pitt’s Head Coach talking about his NEWLY discovered tailback Izzy Abanikanda.

    … Narduzzi said the former New York state Gatorade Player of the Year has started to understand it isn’t just about carrying the ball and scoring touchdowns (Greg Macafee Triblive).

    Now personally I always thought that was a good place to start.

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    1. NoDoze isn’t into scoring TD’s. Which is why he hired the Whippster and brought Pickett back for a 5th year.

      You’ve heard of Fordham’s Seven Blocks of Granite from yesteryear.

      Introducing Pitt’s 2 Blockheads of Coaching


  45. Here is a tweet by Craig Meyer on who hired the current Pitt coaches in each sport. Lyke needs to have an asterisk by Narduzzi’s name for extending him.


    1. Would be interesting to see the list of all the coaches these ADs hired! Pederson hired Haywood and Barnes hired Stallings so that wipes out any pluses they get for their best hires.

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      1. And heather hired Capel. That doesn’t look good right now

        Most important hire is always football. Football is responsible for roughly 80 percent of the ACC check. Plus football generates millions in profit each year.

        It’s just that the other 17 programs at pitt each generate millions in losses each year.


        1. And has there been a football season generating as little enthusiasm as the upcoming one? I think most of us expect four or five losses. We haven’t been ranked in the preseason since Wannstedt’s last season in 2010. Reading the discussion of closed practices doesn’t help. But shouldn’t we be talking it up? Western Michigan, UMass, and New Hampshire gives us room to drop 3 ACC games – guessing Miami, Clemson, and North Carolina – and finish 9-3 and a ranking in the top 25? But no one is feeling it.


  46. How did Cornhole find fisher. I thought it was Barnes.

    Pitt has a policy of extending new hires after about two to three years. Not sure on the philosophy behind this approach.

    Low ball offer and then market adjustment after ‘proving’ oneself?

    Capel got extended come year two. Narduzzi after two. Even heather after a mere two years on the job.

    Fisher got extended a few years ago

    Not sure with coach Jay.

    But these extensions won’t keep a coach if he or she really wants out and if a bigger school comes calling.

    Like penn state for fisher or a Cali school

    Pitt news has a good archive article on fisher and his background. Wasn’t an elite athlete. Only 6-1 and skinny. But played professionally and nationally. Particularly beach. Great motivator was mentioned. And he appears very cerebral and a hard worker. Players pick up on that.

    My take is once you extend someone, you are now 100 percent responsible for what happens next. You take the good with the bad. I’d think you want to hit on at least 70-80 percent.

    Pitt is hitting on bell, waldrum, fisher, coach j, Gavin. But that’s about it for now based on results

    That’s batting around .250


  47. Nate – I’d say Tipton is doing pretty well…

    “PERSONAL: Charles Fitzgerald Tipton, born 7/12/96, is the son of Charles Tipton Sr. and Kim Tipton…earned his bachelor’s degree in communication and is now pursuing graduate studies in Pitt’s School of Social Work.”

    I’m sure there are some schools that have undergrads who have been on the team 5 or 6 years and haven’t gotten a degree yet.

    May I ask why you are so negative about Pitt players actually being academically astute and well as good athletes? It seems rather strange.


    1. I know Apollo and that one bridge. Crossed it on several times heading to the parents using the backwoods route or long way. Was always worried about taking the wrong turn. Reminded me too much of West virginny.


  48. Capel is bringing in some decent warm bodies to shore up the roster for 21-22. Let’s give credit where credit is due. We still need the big man, but if Champ comes back this roster is at least mid-ACC level serviceable.


  49. Ike, I’m 65 and in my 30th year of college – although I’m seriously thinking of bagging the current attempt for another degree.

    If we could actually attend classes and interact with professors and other students I’d enjoy it. But its all online now and isn’t fun at all. So, not trying out for the school’s over 60 years old FB team.


    1. Reed, with your very impressive military background along with your degree from the school of hard knocks you have all the education you will need to survive your (ahem).. “Golden Years”

      All that’s left for you to do now Reed, is take care of the POV and breakout your X-Box One and start playing Skyrim.


  50. FYI. Pitt Spring Game 2021 is on the ACC Network at 1 P.M. this Saturday according to my Spectrum TV schedule Guide here in Northeast Ohio.

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  51. Couple more things:

    Right you are Pete, $10.00 a car for a parking space.

    Thanks Mark M. Doing my best to keep my head above water here. The 15 feet from my chair to my cpu isn’t getting any easier though. Surgery coming up soon, the Doc said he will rip out the dam cancer or something to that effect.


  52. For those wanting the full list of coaches hired by Pitt AD’s since Pederson #1: click on Craig Myers twitter that John in South Carolina provided in his comment at 11:34 am. he provided an expanded list about 2 1/2 hours ago.

    If you find, click on the list and get all the names and the sports they were hired to coach.

    BTW, Pederman #1 hired 7 coaches. Boehm (interim) – 3. Long – 1, Pederman #2 – 9, Juhl (acting)- 1, Barnes – 3, Lyle – 9.

    While I am no mere mortal (I read Reed’s linked article on fund raising & understood), I am a mortal on on getting that list to the POV.

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    1. What was Lyke’s beef with Holly Aprile? She guided Pitt to the ACC championship game as well as an NCAA tournament berth! I was very upset when she left. I thought Louisville just poached her away.


      1. John – Thanks for sharing your expertise on volleyball. I enjoyed reading your articles and comments during the games. Probably money on Aprile and Louisville’s desire to make all Olympic sports completive. Was this around the same time as firing of football / basketball / AD firings?

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        1. July 2018 was when she was hired by Louisville. At the time she was the 2018 ACC coach of the year in softball for what she did at Pitt that year.


  53. Even if it is a minor sport, Aprile leaving for Louisville was a bad look. Outsiders will wonder what happened, and find it hard to believe Pitt couldn’t match any money offer for a minor sport coach. So that leaves other issues, unless Aprile cleared the air with some explanation that it wasn’t about Pitt.


  54. Holly had been coach for what seven years at Pitt. Only one tourney appearance. And then she left a gassed pitcher in too long to only give up the game winning home run and cost Pitt a chance of the playoffs. She deserved to go. But heathers replacement is aweful.


  55. Tex, you are talking about giving the boot to the ACC Coach of the Year after she finally gets them to a tournament. And for making a tactical coaching error… This is not good. By this standard, no coach is safe from being fired.


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