Fun With Pitt POV’s Stats

My fellow Americans and POVers, this article has been sitting in the draft box for some time (since 2/24/21 actually) and I’m too busy to start a new piece so here it is.

On a whim I decided to take a look at The POV’s statistics since it’s conception on 16 June 2016 until today 24 Feb 2021 (1,714 days). If you every doubted just how deep in substance or how popular the POV is check this stuff out.

As for as output to the readers this table is complete to 2/24/21 (not sure what “Likes” are so I glossed over them):

What that adds up to is; Posts: 1,240; Average Words Per Post: 922; ; Total Words: 1,143,876; Total Comments: 175,421 and Average Comments per Post: 141. Add in Visitors: 319,560 and Views: 3,220,558 (that’s not a misprint). BTW, the average wordcount for a novel is around 90,000 words so POV writers have produced the equivalent of almost 13 novels in our four and one sixth years of existence. I guarantee you no other pure blog covering Pitt athletics has done anywhere near that. Nor even Pitt’s media/email/sites’ output I’d wager.

Now for reading traffic here is some amplifying information. The two main units of blogging traffic measurement are views and unique visitors. A view is counted when a visitor loads or reloads a page. A visitor is counted when we see a user or browser for the first time in a given period (day, week, month).

If one person reads three posts on your site, that would be counted as one visitor and three views. OK? So, the POV has had 3,220,558 Views or 2,598 views per post. In addition the POV has had 319,560 Visitors or 257 Visitors per post. Wow! Well over three million views…

To put in in time-based numbers we have had 1,879 Views and 186 Visitors (readers first entering the site) per day. I’m not the most adept at massaging stats and navigating WordPress wormholes to get all the info possible but I wanted to let you readers know what happens on here. I even got into a phone conversation with a WordPress tech guy to walk me through this before writing the article.

I have said many times that we have about 15-20 times more readers than commenters on average on POV posts throughout the year. Of course that number rises dramatically during the football time period. Here is an example of a recent reader to commenter ratio…

Tex’s well written “School Spirt – Follow Up” article last week had 153 comments in total from 21 separate commenters . However, there were 303 separate readers for that same post. So, that singular post had 279 other readers aside from the commenters – or 13.3 times as many non-commenter readers to commenters.

This is why I always try to caution you folks that just reading the comments is not a true gauge of what all the readers feel about the subject matter. When I mentioned that I get tons of emails regarding the POV and any issues it might be having the above is what I meant – I get emails from our most well known commenters but I get a ton more from readers who don’t comment at all – and there are a great many of those.

In another direction – if someone Googles “Pitt football blog” the POV comes up second behind Cardiac Hill, which is a profession business blog and not someone’s hobby like the POV.

This is what you guys have done for the POV and Pitt FB

Anyway I – thought this might open some eyes as to what The Pitt POV Blog is and does. I said before that when I first started the POV back in June of 2016 I allowed some advertising on it – and made around $60+ per month. But that was with me doing absolutely nothing to increase readers or make the site enticing for advertisers.

I’m sure if someone was adept at that sort of business one could make a decent amount of money on here. I finally stopped all advertising after a few months because I felt it detracted from how I wanted the POV to be projected to the reading public. I wanted it to be a conversation among Pitt fans and not a business with advertising thrown in your faces all the time.

So, now that the Final Four has now been completed and Spring Football is, well…. a bushel of misdirection wrapped in a veil of false promises and presented to the public by a completely bored professional media…how about getting in front of your writing machine and kick out some articles for publication?

And don’t tell me you can’t write either – some of the best written, longest, and detailed comments are put up by readers from whom I have never gotten an draft article. So get moving…and “Try It – You’ll Like It!”

171 thoughts on “Fun With Pitt POV’s Stats

  1. Reed – Just a piece of info. I believe the “Like” in your stats are sort of hidden. If you can check, you have 1 like to this article. It is mine.

    To find that “Like” button, you have to read or ignore article and jump to comments. The normal reader/commenter scrolls down to read the individual comments and replies. Instead scroll “UP” a few lines and right below the WordPress, Twitter, Facebook icons is the “Like” button you are looking for.

    It’s a “like” for the article not the :”like” of a comment/reply.


  2. Reed, that was a great article, which once again shows your significant talent for managing and steering the PittPOV ship to even greater heights. We can only guess at the amount of time spent on posting, keeping clean and filtering the comments on the site. But please realize the loyalty and appreciation felt by all us POVers for the job you do to keep PittPOV at the top of the Pitt sites.

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  3. Another difference between the POV and Cardiac Hill is the coverage of other Pitt sports beside football. Cardiac Hill has coverage of Pitt’s wrestling, volleyball, baseball, soccer and basketball besides football.

    Dan did a very nice job of bringing his expertise to basketball. But I believe Rick (Erie Express) can bring his baseball knowledge to this site. “John in South Carolina” wrote terrific comments on the volleyball team not only on the POV but on Cardiac Hill. Maybe an article explaining all the technical terms in that sport. I played soccer in high school but I put that time in a shoe box that is now somewhere in one of my junk closets or maybe in the attic.

    I still get a thrill when I write an article and Reed uses it.

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  4. The POV has always been well run, and an enjoyment for many. Thanks Reed and well done.


    1. He has a nice jump shot with excellent form but it does look like he’s playing 8th graders. He’s at the perfect school, Pitt who excels at getting many undersized small forwards. Call me when we get a center or pg! Or anyone in the top 150. He’s 232nd and a reach by in-Capable!

      Also, I got really good at making films of HS B-ball players for College Coaches and Scouts and could make a 3rd team bench player look like Michael Jordan on a short snippet. Tricks in editing everywhere.


  5. The POV is a one of a kind blog let alone a PITT blog. Reed, then Mike and then Reed again have done a fantastic job of running the show. I believe every stat above and they are direct examples of how we all have flourished over here at the PO.

    The truth.. I really don’t remember any full blown meltdowns among this group and both Reed and the commenters should be congratulated for pulling this all off.

    Reed is a bit of a perfectionist though who takes pride with something that has his name on it. Good for him. Growing a small business is difficult as time goes on, so more kudos for keeping the POV together this long.

    I have been adamant with REED that the POV must stay afloat if for no other reason than it’s uniqueness. Let’s all help keep this going as long ass we can. Wouldn’t want to lose the year PITT wins 10 games plus their bowl game.

    Reed, didn’t know you were a gamer? I jump on every once in a while.

    IEK ………… We All We Need!

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    1. Where he joins former Panther 2G, Parker Stewart. And Josh Newkirk wound up in Hoosier(s)Land
      as well. Maybe they all liked the Movie.


  6. Reed — Interesting info about all the commenters and non-commenters on your POV.

    However, for me personally, your creation has allowed me to meet over 20 Pitt fans who I am truly honored to know.

    I remember back when you wanted the POV community to not only exchange thoughts about Pitt on the blog, but you also wanted POVers to get together in person. I remember you asking if anyone had a tailgate where POVers could meet. And boy did you hit the jackpot when Lastrow jumped up and volunteered his services.

    Then you suggested golf outings. And Erie jumped up and got it done.

    Here’s what still amuses me. I have sat in Section 536 for many years. When I went to the first POV tailgate, I’m looking at Fran and Scooter and I’m thinking where have I seen these guys before?

    Well, turned out they’ve had seats on one end of Section 536 and my seats were on the other end. And no one in that entire section, no one, could forget Scooter and his passionate rooting!

    Anyway, thank you Reed for giving me the opportunity to meet you and all these great Pitt fans.

    Go Pitt.

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    1. MajorMajors,
      Neil “Likes” your comment.
      *Via mobile I cannot “Like” a comment @wordpress unless I actually txt a “Like,” as with the above.
      Appreciate these observations. Feel the same.

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  7. Pitt baseball hosts #15 Miami this weekend beginning with tomorrow’s opening game at 3pm.

    The Panthers are 3-5 on their home diamond.

    The pitching staff may have found their missing 3rd starter in Chris Gomez who threw a one run gem at wvcc Tuesday afternoon in Pittsburgh. Sunday’s start for Gomez would be on 4 days rest.

    Go Pitt!


    1. That’s a good idea.

      And if Pitt had some brass, they would allow tailgating. Anything to contrast with the Pirates. A clear alternative.

      Would you rather watch the worst team in professional baseball and a bunch of players that should be playing in Single A or would you rather watch a top 25 team with three starting pitchers better than any In the Pirates rotation.

      And bring your dog.

      Free Fantas for everyone.

      Seventh inning stretch consists of children with canes chasing local bureaucrats.

      So damn easy to sell Pitt baseball.

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  8. Its the night before the Military Bowl game and I’ve told a couple buddies who are meeting me in Annapolis that we are going on a pub crawl with some guy named Reed.

    Buddy 1 – “So, who is this Reed guy?”
    Me – ” A guy I chat with on a website.”
    Buddy 2 – “Really?” (eyes looking over his specs)

    I get to Annapolis first and head into Stan and Joe’s Saloon.
    A guy comes up to me and asks, “Are you Reed?”
    I say “No, but Im looking for him too.”
    The guys says, “Hi, I’m BigB.”
    “Big B!”, I say. “I’m JoeL”
    “JoeL! Nice to meet you! This is my wife, JeannieB”

    We compare notes and both eventually meet up with Reed there.
    My buddies finally show up and see that these web chat people aren’t some creepy, basement-dwelling dudes, but really nice people.

    Next thing I know we are in another bar having cocktails with Pat Bostick and his father. What a treat to get to talk to him. Reed’s in the booth having a deep discussion with Pat’s dad.

    It gets fuzzy after that, but I do recall some oyster shooters at McGarvey’s later.

    No need to discuss the game the next day, btw.

    The Red 5A tailgates, away games in NC and Virginia, Pinstripe Bowl, ACC Championship game, golf outings and a number of nice new friends…. all outgrowths of

    So, thanks Reed – and Maestro for creating an environment where some like-mnded folks have formed a social network. Its made the frustration of being a Pitt fan a heckuva lot more enjoyable.

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    1. JoeL, that was a great night and week-end…also ran into JoeKnew (Randy Medwid) and witnessed how hard-headed Duzz was when he shoulda benched Peterman who was stinking the place up and put Chad Voytik in there to QB -right Emel….???

      Military Bowl is a keeper… if PITT gets an invite count BigB and Jeanie B in !!!

      POV is a very very special place giving a medium to share/exchange thoughts while providing a happy place for all even when we disagree or bitch…and many have formed friendships- who woulda thunk ?…..It’s all good-all the time

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  9. Reed, sometimes I think you don’t realize the positive impact on so many lives!….you just proved it to yourself through numbers and all of them have a heart attached that love your creation….Thank you, Michael and all who contribute or read ….Hail To PITT

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      1. It’s at Heinz right. They can have 25 percent capacity and still have proper social distancing. That’s 17,000. But good luck getting that. Pitt fans have good practice at distancing themselves from Pitt football over the years.


    1. Good to hear that MM…people need to start moving forward with their lives as they see fit…we got us FB season fast approaching….Can’t wait to hear the Duzz’s take on the team following spring ball/summer camp….I’m guessing “shut-down D and an experienced O. with a few question marks????????????????) “Is that right Duzz?”


      1. ”The OL is really coming together. They look really strong out there…”


        “The new kid from Hawaii is stepping up. He’s a keeper.”


        “This might be the best LB corp we have had since I’ve been here.”

        Wait! He actually said that last one.


    2. Will they charge me 800 like Notre Dame? Will they dress in the monster crawls from the Mon Uniforms?
      Count me out


      1. I’m still peed about what I paid to come in for that game. But meeting old college friends and new POV buddies…priceless.


  10. Biggie and JoeL, I was also on that pub crawl but got there about an hour early.
    I remember meeting Reed and walking to the second bar with him.
    After that its all a blur…
    As it should be. 😎
    Anyone remember meeting me I’d appreciate hearing about it. Haha.

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  11. Biggie and JoeL, I was also on that pub crawl but got there about an hour early.
    I remember meeting Reed and walking to the second bar with him.
    After that its all a blur…
    As it should be. 😎
    Anyone remember meeting me I’d appreciate hearing about it. Haha.

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    1. Keep trying Hobie. You’ll get that head coach job one day. If Narduzzi can be head coach of a P5 school, you could probably be AD.


      1. HMMMMMMM. AD. That gives me something to think about, Tex. Hobie bobbleheads for everyone who attends Pitt sports. I like it.


  12. Interesting article about Baylor in the Wall St Journal this week. They actually had a player shoot and kill another player in 2003, and then the coach, AD and President all left. There were multiple instances of NCAA violations for football and basketball, including covering up for payments made to players. The first few years of Scott Drew’s tenure, he was having walk on tryouts to fill his roster, and it took something like 5 years before he reached .500.

    So it can be done with the right coaches, administration and commitment. In Pitt’s case, ranking #21 in budget is more than sufficient to fund FB and BB operations. So we are left with administration and coaching as the main reasons for mediocrity. Looking at how the administration and Athletics Dept. have gone about selecting head coaches, using consultants and committees, I think that is the major problem. There is some other agenda at work instead of hiring the best possible coach.

    I think Pitt may accept mediocrity rather than experience any soiling of its reputation as an academic institution. And it is also possible that they think having athletic success would somehow impact the amount of money they are allotted from the state. Maybe there are political considerations that dictate they should not challenge Pedo for PA sports supremacy…

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    1. Scott Barnes’, fiasco of losing Dixon , bringing in Stalling, and then leaving for Oregon State. That should not have happened. You have to question the character and honesty of the man you chose as AD. Maybe the whole system is that dishonest.


  13. Have to miss the spring game but only because I will be in Myrtle golfing with my Tuesday league…


    1. Attending a game is an iffy proposition for me, lastrowofsection4. But, not impossible. I’ll definitely attend a tailgate if I do attend. Would love to put faces with with nom de plumes.

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  14. one of my biggest thrills brought to me by “new friends” met through the POV/Red5A was sitting in the same section with Scooter, Annie and Fran….talk about RABID fans…that little section at Heinz woulda fit right into the atmosphere at Baton Rouge or Tuscaloosa !!!


  15. Well, I was hoping to get up for the Spring game but canned the idea -still too soon for me. Will get up for a fall camp practice and a couple games though.


    1. Understood Reed..sad to have lost rkb…every day that passes more peeps are getting vaccinated or have had the bug…hopefully, we approach herd immunity and can have our fall sports back…although life has been close to normal-at least that’s how BigB goes about his business.

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  16. So Sean Miller is reluctantly fired at Arizona with five Level 1 violations and all the school gets is a one year ban on post-season play? According to ESPN despite the allegations of wrong-doing and the arrest of an assistant coach, it’s a one year post-season ban? Why is Pitt following the rules so carefully. Seems like a fool’s game.


  17. 35 more so far today in The Porta Potty. Bringing the total up to approaching 1300 (1276)

    Including a 6’10” guy from Baylor who avg’d 15 ppg & 6 rpg 2 years ago.


  18. I will be in Myrtle from April 21 through April 29 with my Tuesday night league buddies…60 strong.
    That’s what I meant to say earlier. My bad.


    1. lol….i was just showing a gentler, kinder side lastrow. I’m kind of jealy. Enjoy your trip.


    2. Maybe you’ll find some of my lost golf balls while you’re there. Lots of em all over from Little River to Murrells Inlet.

      Bourbon bottles too !


    3. Stay out of the “ ballets” last row… ( cough, cough cough) if your 60 something strong needs a roady beer for the ride – stop by- you know the pavement in front of your house physically connects to my driveway!!! Have a great time… I will be coming to Pa next week-end… zzz


    4. I miss Myrtle. Good for you. We used to go last week of March every year as printer competitors, mortal enemies during the business years, best buds for four days at Myrtle.
      Much much drinking and by last day could barely stand up to hit a golf ball but Myrtle is golfers paradise. Have fun!


  19. Our #1 men’s soccer team beat Virginia tonight 5-0 to win the ACC Coastal championship. The ACC championship to determine the automatic NCAA bid will be next Saturday the 17th at Clemson. Our boys looking to get revenge for the loss to the Tigers in the fall. They looked really good tonight!

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    1. Finally pitt finds their offense. And Virginia is no West Virginia. Hopefully soccer like volleyball can move beyond round two. That would signify progress. I think both will. I’m more confident about volleyball though as long as they avoid injury.

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  20. I want to add that I appreciate the POV because not only does it give me information on Pitt’s various sports teams, but it gave me a family to hang with at football games. Now I don’t have to worry if my hubby doesn’t want to go to a game. I know I’ll have a good time, win or lose. Thanks
    to Reed and all my POVert friends- and H2P!

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  21. Let’s hope winning a division title produces different results than what happened when football won theirs. Hopefully the soccer team is peaking and will go on a long run in the playoffs.


    1. Hopefully they will play better against Clemson thus time around. In the fall the team was entering the playoffs after a 2 week (I think) covid layoff, and had to play several games in a row to get to the championship game. I think the guys were gasses. Also, Clemson lost several players to the MLS draft since then. Pitt didn’t lose anyone (Kizza was gone before that).


  22. In spite of Heather, PITT men’s soccer perseveres. Seriously, I can see how Heather has improved PITT’s secondary sports.


    1. She didn’t make the hire of Coach Jay.

      Heathers biggest hire thus far has been a complete disaster.

      At least she knows enough to stay away from soccer. Look at how her middling in softball worked out.


      1. I think the softball coach was offered a better job and left for Louisville. She wasn’t fired. Maybe she did not want to stay despite getting an offer from HL to stay. Not sure what went on behind the scenes, but you can’t just blanket say that HL screwed it up.

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        1. Softball was Heather’s bread and butter. Played it in college I believe. There was a good coach in place and there was rumor the two didn’t hit it off. Either way, her new hire hasn’t been all that great unless I’m way off and someone can gladly correct me.


    1. Unbelievable. I’d sue the NCAA if I were an AD, coach or player. Does Pitt have the guts?

      I’m no lawyer but that’s a huge inequity. And a known one with intent. I’d file a discrimation suit.

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    1. Enjoyed those interviews.

      I was actually a bit surprised that Punter Kirk (love the Aussie accent) came back. I don’t know his stats, but he has seemed pretty solid the last two years and I’d guess he could make an NFL team. Unfortunately, not one question about how he’s hitting the ball or what he thinks he can improve on…
      With Kradel, I always wonder if he’s big enough to handle the big tackles. Interesting to hear him speak so highly of Drexel at center…
      John Petrishen has had quite a journey. Said he’s up to 225 pounds. Wonder how his speed compares to the other outside backers? Hope he plays as well as he interviews…

      Go Pitt.


      1. The reason he’s coming back might be — he’s an MBA student in the Katz business school. Sticking around on a scholarship for the degree; pretty smart.


  23. Pitt’s Blue-Gold Spring Game presented by PNC Bank Set for April 24

    PITTSBURGH—Following a one-year absence, Pitt’s Blue-Gold Spring Game presented by PNC Bank returns to Heinz Field on Saturday, April 24, at 1 p.m.

    With Pennsylvania gathering limits recently expanded, Pitt Athletics plans to accommodate a maximum of 5,000 fans for the spring game. To ensure a safe environment, attendees will be required to wear masks and follow all Heinz Field protocols. Seats will be allocated in socially distant pods (two to six people) throughout the lower bowl.

    Spring game admission is free and all tickets will be digital.

    First priority will be given to Panther Club members (based on priority points), Pitt football season ticket holders and Pitt Varsity Letter Club members, who can request a maximum of six tickets beginning today, April 8. Members of these groups will receive a separate email containing an exclusive promo code to use when making their ticket requests.

    The deadline for prioritized requests is Sunday, April 18, at 11:59 p.m. If seats still remain at that time, general public requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on Tuesday, April 20, at 10 a.m.

    The Pitt Team Store and concessions will be open on game day. Spring game parking will be available for $10 in the Gold lots on the east side of Heinz Field.

    Pitt football tickets for the 2021 season are now on sale. Fans can purchase full seven-game season ticket packages for as low as $175, while lower bowl seats are available starting at only $205. Flexible payment plans are available. For more information, click here or call (800) 643-7488.


  24. Season tickets for as low as $25 per game really speaks to the lack of demand for this product.

    I think $60 is the cheapest season ticket at Texas and doesn’t require a donation.


  25. It appears a local player will be committing to the football team. Football recruiting is so much more fun than basketball. Narduzzi is head of shoulders above Capel, and Jeff is in a sport where you only need seven players in your rotation to succeed. Three years in he should have had that by now, especially when you’re hired due to your perceived recruiting chops and being a name in the ACC.

    When Efton Reid picks someone other than Pitt on April 15, I guess I’ll read Capel will go back to his recruiting board and start over recruiting other players. Those guys will feel shunned and know they are Capel’s backup plan and will head elsewhere. When you’re then left bringing in marginal talent, you go 3-17 in the ACC.

    Capel should have been all over the three PSU kids: Lundy, Buttrick and Harrar from the get go.


  26. If only we had a Pitt fan with a Marketing/Advertising business who could promise Efton Reid that he would put Reid’s image/likeness on every client’s product for the duration he plays here.


    1. Why does it take a Pitt fan. We have paid professionals in the athletic department making six figures. They surely can earn their salaries.

      And I have not heard of any layoffs or salary reductions in Pitts sports department. Correct me if wrong. But there has been on the academic side. And that does rub me the wrong way.

      I believe in shared sacrifice.


    1. We need offense

      A QB and a O line first

      Pitt had the greatest DL ever and did what

      Pitt might have three DL drafted in the first two rounds. How did that work out.

      A football team is both sides and 22 players not just 4.

      But you know that. I’m speaking to the cats in the Cathedral trees.

      Baseball and soccer dogs are taking notice


      1. Well it was nowhere better than the D-Line of 1976, 1979 or 1980.
        Watch some of those games and you’ll see great players and a shutdown defense.

        I dont see any mocks with Pitt guys going in the first round. Hope some do !


        1. Nor was it as great as the late 80’s and early 90’s



  27. Pitt has landed the commitment of Class of 2022 Central Valley defensive lineman Sean FitzSimmons, he announced on Friday.

    FitzSimmons is the third player to commit to Pat Narduzzi in the Class of 2022 and the first local player to give his pledge to the Panthers.

    A 6-foot-3, 275-pound defensive lineman, FitzSimmons is rated as a consensus three-star recruit, the No. 21 player in the state and fourth-best player in Southwestern Pa.


  28. PSU already has 4 2022 4 stars from eastern PA. Do our coaches know that eastern PA exists? You can take a train, car, bus or balloon (prevailing west wind) to get there in a couple of hours.


    1. But if the wind is calm and you go up in a balloon, then come back down three hours later, you will be in California due to the rotation of the earth. Right?


    2. Those kids will go to Pitt over PSU? One school all in versus the other who crosses its fingers with hopes that it wins but has the conference checks rolling in as its fallback?


    3. Nor do they know jersey anymore. And have forgotten Ohio

      But let’s get someone from Hawaii instead.


  29. Yet Narduzzi can’t sell Pitt to just 5 four star recruits each year. That’s all you need. And preferably three of those on offense.

    Again 40 percent of your class rated 5.7 and above. That should be the goal. Narduzzis high water mark has been around 30 percent. That’s over 6 years. That’s not cutting it.

    No top 25 finishes proves it. And let’s not blame the ooc schedule or come up with any other lame excuse.

    Masters looking entertaining today


  30. Pitt baseball down 5-3 in the top of the 6th to #15 miami.

    The starting pitcher Mitch Meyers gave up a 3 run homer on his 100th pitch to a bottom of the order guy hitting .247. Coach not comfortable with the bullpen.

    The dogs are barking…


  31. Back-up catcher Padilla with a 2-run jack to extend Pitt’s lead to 10-5 over the canes.

    The canes with a solo homer in the top of the 8th to pull within 4. Pitt’s speedy & flashy CF Anderson robbed the canes of a 2nd solo shot. Possible ESPN top 10 plays of the day.

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    1. Pitt is probably better than the Pirates.

      Heather should arrange a game vs the Schmuccos.


  32. Pitt baseball would clobber the Pirates. That might not be saying much. But this squad is far more entertaining than the buccos.

    Ike – this has been a good hire. So heather is batting .200. That might be good for a pitcher but that’s it.


  33. Price and Ollie are pleased with the win.

    The Cathedral is lit and the hounds have been released and barking well into the night.



  34. I do like the idea of, instead of a spring scrimmage, a spring game against Temple, Rutgers, Navy…any team we would definitely clobber.
    Come on HCPN and in-hiding AD Heather, make it happen.


    1. Maybe scrimmage Edinboro…those 3 would probably beat us. They all have before.


    2. To much liability. Risk of injury. These spring games aren’t even games anymore either. They are glorified practices and a soft scrimmage. No wonder why fans don’t attend.

      And to top it off, you still can’t tailgate. You still need to stay in your seating pod or get yelled at by the ushers. Not my idea of a fun day.


  35. According to some on here this kid doesn’t fit in with the others on the Pitt FB roster…he’s too much a great student.

    Lyons called Fitzsimmons the face of his program.

    He does the right things in the classroom (where he has a 3.8 grade-point average) and in the community and he carries himself well,” Lyons said. “He’s a leader in every aspect of what we do, in the locker room, on the practice field, in the school. He sets the bar very high for our guys.”

    Fitzsimmons has offers from all three service academies — Army, Navy and Air Force — plus Princeton and Penn from the Ivy League and ACC schools Duke, Syracuse and Wake Forest.”

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  36. The face of the program had better become all American then.

    Personally the obsession that pitt has over grade point averages is a bit disturbing. Pitt wasn’t Ivy League last I checked.

    Pitts job is to win on the field.

    C and B grade kids are just fine as long as they stay out of major trouble like stealing cars.

    Their scholarship is an athletic one. I expect them to live up to it by being more than just mediocre each year.

    Pitt needs more Siragusas. He wasn’t the best student. He was a trouble maker. But he did just fine in life and is a great ambassador for Pitt.


    1. Well, if we are continually capped at eight or less wins as has been case save for three years over the last 30! seasons then I say go for the real student/athletes as much as possible. Some of our best players have made All-Academic teams in the past

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    2. Hey Tex if you don’t trust Partridge and his choices for the DL recruits then I don’t if any of Pitt’s other picks will satisfy you unless they come in with 5 stars.


      1. A team consists of 22 players and both sides of the ball. Only 4 d linemen can play at any time. How much depth does Pitt need. And those D trench guys don’t win you championships in modern football. It’s the guys on the offense side. Pitts offense is horrible for many reasons. That’s where the focus should be.


        1. You are correct Amarillo Slim,er Tex. The game is all about offense.

          Last 2 NC games.

          Alabama 52 Ohio State 24 (Bama Avg’d 48 ppg in 2020)
          LSU 42 Clemson 25 (semi was LSU/Okla 62-28, in season LSU 46 Bama 41)
          LSU avg’d 48.4 ppg that year
          Clemson avg’d 44 ppg the year before that.

          Pitt is running an archaic offense, that is also boring to watch. WAC teams run better offenses.


          1. I heard from my crack insider that Whipple is working on the T-formation for Spring ball. Can’t wait…


      2. I like partridge. He’d make a better head coach than meathead. He’s at least smart enough to fire mister Whipple and burn his charmin playbook.


        1. Doozer must have to hire all these old relics of the fraternal coaching society, No other explanation for keeping or even hiring Whippet. Whippet bad.


  37. Here is another P-G article on projected two-deep:

    Not real encouraging news about the QB2 spot. Lets hope KP doesn’t twist a knee turning to go back to the huddle after running to the sideline to get the play from Grandpa Wiffle.

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  38. Heather gets a gold star from me for at least the hiring of Pitt’s mens soccer coach. A number #1 in the country in any sport is not shared by many other schools in any given year.


    1. She did not hire him. Her best hires out of ten so far are Gavin and Bell. Wrestling after one week on the job and santoro falling through. Bell came highly recommended from FSU.

      And she didn’t hire the volleyball coach either. And he is Pitts best coach.

      I do like coach Jay but he’s succeeding with talent. Fisher isn’t landing top 10 classes but has a very good team. That’s a reflection of his coaching.

      Bell I’ll give her credit.

      Capel is her worst hire so far. The Narduzzi extension is also bad. The softball coach she hired is also horrible. But heather played softball at Michigan so she thought she knew better.

      Barnes lucked out with a recently released coach Jay from the non college ranks but had the brass to make an offer. His western connection found coach fisher. His search firm buddy found us Rockports. That was criminal.


  39. Couple things while many of you chase that little white pill around the golf course:

    Big Dan, hoping your friend’s recovery is going great and he’s feeling much better. Prayers to him!

    Lot’s of missing posters lately, hoping you all are doing fine. TommyMac, Warren Panther and of course Emel and many more that skips my mind. wwb, get posting again. RIP RKB. What a shame to lose him and everyone else.

    I call BS on the premise that if a coach is hired by a different athletic director it doesn’t count. Stevie Wonder can see that the secondary sports are rapidly improving. Turn the page and sing a different tune.

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    1. Sorry Ike. She gets zero credit for Coach Jay. And zero for fisher. All the credit goes to Barnes.

      But, She’s at least smart enough to leave those coaches alone and not micro manage and muck up things.

      I do give her credit for Gavin and bell. That’s batting .200 Ike. That gets you sent back to the minors.

      Time for her to go on another vacation. A permanent one.

      I do agree on your well wishes and thoughts on prior commentators.

      But cats and dogs would be living together in perfect harmony if you and I ever agreed on much. The earth would stop spinning if that happened.

      Military time would be 13:09 forever. 🤠


        1. Pretty much a no brainer. She also extended fisher before he longed for Cali. Is that common sense worth a $1 million comp?

          Mind you the average tenured prof at Pitt makes around $150k. And their departments don’t lose millions.


        2. She also extended Capel….when the guy hasn’t even produced a winning season yet.

          And now that program is another dumpster fire.

          So that’s a MAJOR disaster move of the 2 major programs. Dooz to a lesser degree on his extension.


  40. No brainer but it shows a desire to win and not be cheap.

    Some of those profs don’t deserve that much. I worked at a University for two years. Many had huge egos and were complete jagoffs. 😁

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    1. Very similar to Narduzzi then. But I know a thing or two of profs and I concur.

      But heather doesn’t control the budget. Gallagher who reports to the BoT does. They are giving her the money. And enough rope to hang. Cuts both ways.

      She’s accountable. No excuses.

      She literally promised championships. When…in my lifetime?


  41. I’m sure Pitt professors are paid competitive salaries for their industry and Pitt coaches are paid competitive salaries for their profession. It’s like comparing CEO salaries to worker bees. Apples and oranges.

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    1. But profs have been laid off. Name me one person in sports that even received a salary reduction. You can’t.


  42. Only Capel’s futility somewhat raises Doozie’s results perception. Which are pretty avg at best.

    Let’s take a closer look see.

    The last 4 years the Dooz has 26 wins. Avg’g out to 6.5 wins per year. Which is not very good.

    Over same time he has 24 losses. Avg’g out to 6 losses per year.

    So he’s barely above water. Very close to avg’g 6 & 6, which sux for the money he’s paid.


  43. Plus he’s lost every bowl game except the miracle finish against the last place team in the MAC East.

    Even if you factor in his first 2 years wins, he’s brings that 6.5 wins per year to a whopping 7 wins per year.

    It’s kind of embarrassing actually, if he doesn’t win 9 or 10 this year(especially with the easy non-con)….he should be shown the door.


  44. Pitt baseball is winning in the 4th inning over #15 Miami 4-3

    Two good starters roughed up early – Bell stuck with Pitt’s starter and Miami is into their bullpen.

    Master’s is on a weather delay and Pitt baseball will be my entertainment until dinner out with Mrs. Erie tonight.

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  45. ACCN

    Pitt’s started just breezed through the meat of the cane’s order. Bell may get another 2 innings out of his starter today.

    The Panthers lead 5-3 in the bottom of the 5th.


  46. The Miami relief pitcher just struck out 4 batters in the 5th inning – one batter reached on a swinging strike that got by the catcher – the other 3 were looking at the 3rd strike – the meat of Pitt’s order too.


    1. If psycho Gates gets his way……Pitt’s batting order will be meat-less. Everyone else’s too !


  47. The canes with a solo HR to close to within 1 run.

    Not much left in the tank for Pitt’s starter Gilbertson. Gutsy performance – Bell might get one more inning out of the lad.


  48. Gilbertson with a quick 1-2-3 inning in the 7th – we may see him for one more inning in the 8th – not quite to 100 pitches.

    Pitt winning 6-4 in the bottom of the 7th.

    They are letting dogs run the bases today – Pitt with 5 stolen bases and 1 Chevy Caprice.


    1. Bases are now loaded and Bell just made a pitching change with no outs. Off to dinner with the Mrs.’s – sorry all.

      I’ll be peaking when she visits the ladies room (at the score idiots).


  49. Pitt baseball wins. This might just be the year for a regional. The first since ‘95. That would be impressive. Hopefully heather does extend coach bell. I mean what is she waiting for? She personally got extended after only 15 months on the job. Look it up.


    1. You just made my dinner that much more enjoyable.

      Let’s get the brooms out and sweep the canes.



  50. Since we’re on baseball, saw this while looking at the old site of Fiorucci Brothers Restaurant on 28th street.
    About 5 blocks up (33rd street) over on Penn Ave is the Roberto Clemente museum. New to me !


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