Pitt vs Wake Forest; 3/2/21 6pm

Here is the Gameday Thread for today’s Pitt Basketball game. Today we play the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at home starting at 6:00 pm.

Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win.  These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Basketball Homepage

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Schedule

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Stats

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Roster

Sports-Reference.com Pitt Homepage (current & historical)

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

ACC Basketball 2020-21 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

Wake Forest Basketball 2020-21

I’ll try to keep these threads updated as far as actual days and opponents are jerked around due to C-19 rescheduling.  If you see something wrong with any post just email me at rkohberger@gmail.com and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.


84 thoughts on “Pitt vs Wake Forest; 3/2/21 6pm

  1. Here is an article from the Trib on some ‘he’s starters…


    You know what? If we lose tonight I’d just play everyone who hadn’t got many minutes all season in the last game. If we stand at 9-11 (if we drop the game tonight) what does Capel have to lose? Get the kids ready for the off season and next year. Tell them all starting jobs are open (and make that true no matter how good Champs is).

    Roll the dice and screw the record…do what you aren’t supposed to do in sports – look past the opponent in front of you and build hope in the whole bench.

    Re: After last week’s defections the HC said this:

    This generation of young people,” Capel said, “a lot of times they don’t stick things out when things become difficult or adversity hits. They have been taught that it’s OK to run, to leave.

    “I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m not judging. It’s different. Gone are the days where you go through something really difficult and you stick it out and figure it out and felt better because of that.”

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    1. Right after I quit chorus in sixth grade, my dad told me to never quit again. “No one wants a quitter on their team.” Obviously, I’ve always remembered that short, but stern, lecture.


  2. Back to Tex’s article for a moment: I say take the $30 million check from the ACC and make sure that all minor sports are break even, so people will quit saying that they lose money. Then whatever is leftover give to FB and BB. They can withstand losing money and have the best chance of getting outside donations from the successful professional players and from TV. And while Pitt might not be able to fill a large stadium, good luck trying to lure a successful FB coach in the future with a stadium that seats 35,000.

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    1. 45k max capacity venues may become the standard with configurable seating.

      In pandemics, you may only be able to safely seat about 20,000 fans anyway.

      The ability to move around and view the game from different perspectives will also happen. Right now at the new ballpark in Arlington, you can walk completely around the baseball park while inside. Many open sections to view and then move on.

      Being stationary in a seat can be a health risk and the younger generation likes to move around anyway.


    2. $30 million would definitely cover the 17 sports at Pitt that lose money. But I doubt boosters would step up to pay fat cats like Narduzzi and Capel. I mean nobody with money likes Narduzzi. And Capel hasn’t earned anything yet.


  3. Reading between capels lines, he’s really saying that the two who left were disloyal, selfish, mentally weak, lazy and quitters.

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  4. Terrell Brown is being honored for senior night, but not Nike.

    Pitt must win this game. A loss would be pretty bad given Wake’s recent struggles. The Deacons have been a thorn in Pitt’s side since joining the ACC.


    1. I’ve been a thorn in Pitts side since the Blather days. 🤠

      Tex – a bug up your …. since 2015.


  5. Pitt favored by 7.5 tonight. We will see for the first time what a Pitt team playing together looks like.
    We will also see what our real talent level is. I thought XMan almost alone cost us that horrible loss vs. Wake. Hope we’ve practiced our foul shooting. H2P

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    1. I won’t touch this game money wise. But I got a feelin.


      Tex who’s Texan but remembers where he came from.


  6. Again, if we lose play these guys next game:


    Chayce Smith G
    Aidan Fisch F
    Curtis Aiken Jr. G
    Max Amadasun C
    Onyebuchi Ezeakudo G
    Gerald Drumgoole Jr. G
    Noah Collier F
    Terrell Brown F

    They all have10 min or less per game.. See what they can do!


    1. At least your talking to someone intelligent. I talk to someone who only sprouts numbers.


    1. POV expects a 1,000 word recap of this game within 90 minutes of final whistle.

      If these demands are not met you will be fired and banned on commenting for 4 hours…plus outed publicly for being “Not a very good Pitt fan.”


  7. Interesting that Champagnie wasn’t on the floor coming out of the timeout with about 56 secs in the half.


  8. Wake only shooting 31% on 3’s. Can that continue in the second half? Also only 7 total fouls called in the first half.


  9. Team Stats

    WF. Pitt
    FG 11-31 12-29
    Field Goal % 35.5 41.4
    3PT 6-19 3-8
    Three Point % 31.6 37.5
    FT 1-2 3-4
    Free Throw % 50.0 75.0
    Rebounds 13 22
    Offensive Rebounds 3 6
    Defensive Rebounds 10 16
    Team Rebounds 0 0
    Assists 8 9
    Steals 3 2
    Blocks 0 4
    Turnovers 3 7
    Team Turnovers 0 1
    Total Turnovers 3 7
    Fouls 4 3
    Technical Fouls 0 0
    Flagrant Fouls 0 0
    Largest Lead 3 7


  10. We lead in almost every category but turnovers. We are killing them on the boards. Sure seems like we should be up more than 1.


  11. Question for Dan, maybe in a brief wrap up. Do you think the chemistry between Champ, X, and Toney was able to get the ball to Champ in position to score? Now he seems he has to manufacture almost every basket he makes. Just appears that way to my eyes.


    1. Again, this is a brand new lineup that’s hardly played together. Your eyes are correct. I like this lineups ability to share the ball with everyone. Not so with X and Co.


  12. Free throw shooting is horrendous!

    Refs stink too! Pitt whacked, no call. W_F touched foul called.

    I’ve got this as a loss in the books. Capel’s does not know how to defend the three.

    Staying tuned…


  13. FT misses and turnovers…

    Coach Dan – is the TO issue due to undeveloped chemistry, sloppiness, or? And what can Capel to to help reduce those next year?


    1. This is only the second game with this new lineup and the beginning of the season was very short as well. I think it’s a combination of all those things.


  14. It may be ugly Dan, but it is more palatable to me when Pitt has the lead. And at least they are playing as a team!


  15. I think everyone has gotten in but Drumgoole. At least scholarship players.


  16. I actually can make a free throw. Pitt, not so much…

    The first year players are doing ok today. The future may be ok…


  17. I just saw the picture of Heather and Capel before the game honoring Johnson. She has a blue sweater on!! It looked good! What will Tex complain about now?

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  18. thanks for the stream link, dropped ACCN this past week off my DirecTV package because of the Pitt disaster

    will resume with this effort and win

    Pitt basketball is great when we compete and Wake isn’t good but we have a team again that plays hard
    good enough for now,,,

    If this is what a team looks like, getting rid of X and Toney, maybe should have made that happen sooner


  19. OT – JJ Watt to wear 99 for the AZ Cardinals- Marshall Goldberg’s number will be unretired so he can wear it. Goldberg’s daughter supports it.

    We’re the Cardinals inChicago when Goldberg played in the NFL?


  20. Wake isn’t very good, but I thought Pitt played TEAM basketball and was under control. Contributions from many rather than just one or two players. Definitely a game to build on.

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  21. Great win. Glad Brown wins his last one at home.

    Capel said after the game there is “a chance” Nike comes back. He just didn’t want to participate in senior festivities. Pitt sure can use him next year. Great game from him tonight.

    I sure hope the BC game can be made up but I’m hearing nothing about makeup games this late in the season.

    Jeffress played well and will look totally different next season at still just 18 years old.


  22. —Nice energy on defense by Pitt today – at least for what I saw in the second half.

    —Heck of a numbers line by Sibande. Course he did get a couple of breaks, but still an impressive game for him.

    —Nice to see Jeffress get so many minutes – and Coach said he played well…

    Go Pitt.


  23. Max Amadasun also did not get into the game tonight. And I think he is on scholarship.

    Seems pretty clear that Coach Capel made player moves that he thought would win the game, not to start preparing for the future. Which is as you would expect. That’s probably more a fan thing than a coach thing.


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