Pitt vs FSU Basketball; 2/20/21

Here is the Gameday Thread for PITT Basketball as we play the Florida State Seminoles at home at 4:00 pm. Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win.  These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Basketball Homepage

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Schedule

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Stats

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Roster

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

ACC Basketball 2020-21 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

Florida State Sports Reference Homepage (current & historical info)

I’ll try to keep these threads correctly updated because actual days and opponents are being jerked around due to C-19 rescheduling.  If you see something wrong with any posts just email me at rkohberger@gmail.com and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

EDITORS NOTE: Please watch this video posted below – I volunteer with this hospice doing end-of-life ‘Salutes to Veterans’ to acknowledge to the veteran and their families their past military service and accomplishments. This is a powerful time and it is important to all who partake.

This particular video invites all Vietnam Era veterans to celebrate with us. Normally this is done in person at a big conference hall with food, speeches, music and museum exhibits and gets over 700 attendees each year – due to Covid this year’s will be virtual. I will remind all again as the date gets closer...


133 thoughts on “Pitt vs FSU Basketball; 2/20/21

    1. Sharon Herald?

      Sarkisian’s terms just released. Between his salary and Herman’s buy-out, expect an increase in your son’s tuition


      1. He’s on scholie for tuition but I think I’m on the hook for student fees. Well with Texas freezing over, I’ve now seen everything…except a Pitt Final 4. 🤠


          1. Exactly!

            What place on earth can have a low of negative 4 and a high of 108 in the same year.

            And throw in hurricanes and twisters for good measure.


  1. I think Pitt wins this one. This is only the Seminoles third away game all year. Pitt can out rebound them and get easy second shots. Need to hustle and play good D. Don’t turn the ball over. Noles like to play up tempo. They should be high from their big Virginia win. Could be underestimating the Panthers.

    Pitt 75
    Noles 72

    Spread is 6.5. Easy money.



  2. Pitt is playing either the best or 2nd best team in the ACC today. But take heart … while we just lost our 12th straight to NCS, we are playing a team that we beat each of the last 2 years.


  3. Line is Fla State by 6.5. Wouldn’t touch it! Pitt kinda owns Florida State at Pitt with upsets the last two years. But….Pitt is playing so bad right now and simply doesn’t have the horses to match FSU.
    If I were betting I’d lean FSU. Pitt has been playing “look at me” street ball. If they do again today,it will be a FSU rout.


  4. Jerry DiPaola@JDiPaola_Trib
    Sophomore Justin Champagnie on Pitt’s scheduled game next season against St. John’s where his twin brother Julian plays: “I’ve been wanting that game since freshman year. I talk to coach about it all the time. I can’t wait to get out there and hoop against him.”

    guess he’s coming back for sure …. we’ll take any good news we can get


  5. Pitt baseball losing 2-1 to Indiana State in the top of the 5th. IS has a 3 hit 1 run game going after a 4-0 five hit shutout of our Mike Bell coached little leaguers.


    1. We have one – his name is Jeff Capel. He wants to be the big man and he wants X man to be the man on the court.

      Recipe for a 7 point loss today.


  6. really good effort defensively, FSU getting good shooting late in the clock after great 28 seconds

    and good patience on the offensive end by Pitt keeping them close

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    1. Your money is in jealousy. X-man will run wild with five more TO’s and a T to secure your funds.

      I’m listening to George Thorogood’s “get a real job”.

      Several Pitt players and coaches need to take that to heart.


  7. After today, if Pitt would lose, they will be seated in 13th place in the ACC standings right behind NC St and ND.

    Just where the ACC media pundits placed them pre-season.


  8. Pitt is BEST with Odukale at Point. Johnson is just too HYPER. There’s a reason why he never played Point in High School.

    Johnson’s best is attacking from the edge. Capel would be smart to just let him FOCUS on that!


  9. With Toney out, need Xman and Horton to step up. Instead they are no-shows. Disappointing, especially for Xman. What a waste of a career year for Champ. Absolutely no depth on this team,

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  10. Does x have 5 TO’s this half yet?

    Sit him or we lose this game for sure. Let’s see what the other players can do.

    I’m sick of losing…


    1. Getting good shots and not making them is a sign of a bad team with a bad coach who is responsible for recruiting.

      We can’t make free throws either.


  11. Pitt with no shooting touch

    Dan – your money is safe

    Do we have any big men or 3 point shooters (that are D1 talents)?


    1. Let’s add coaching to that question.

      Springsteen is telling me he is “going down, down, down”

      Pitt is showing me…


    1. That’s like me looking down at a soccer ball or hockey puck. These kids were never coached properly and still aren’t to this day. Good pickup. I didn’t watch. Only listened. Then saw digits go away from the bank account.


  12. Like so many games this year, playing just good enough to lose. Champ is generally the only player they have who is a difference maker, and a few of those types is what it takes to win close games.


  13. not really close but far better effort overall and IF a couple bunnies and/or little better shooting on some open shots maybe

    really looks like FSU has 2 teams that can handle Pitt, like the announcers mentioned, subs come in like a hockey line switch and no drop in quality of players


      1. Heather can’t be feeling too good right now. I might just send her a bucket. Comes in handy for vomiting. 🤢

        I’m trying my best to find my Pitt spirit today.


        1. Heather is plotting her escape to the B1G, Biding her time in the basement, ordering more yellow
          clothes. That maybe can be switched out with the Michigan Wolverine logo.


          1. Please green and Sparty. I’m a Michigan subway alum to this day. I wore a Michigan hat, navy blue with a gold M, my freshman year at Pitt. Never wore a Pitt hat until my senior year.


    1. Wait, that is exactly where Pitt bb is at this moment in time.

      Capel – the coach with mucho bucks but no wins in February for three straight years.

      March? Who needs March when you get paid handsomely to lose in February.


      1. No good swimmers are coming to Pitt after they look at antiquated 60 year old Trees Pool.

        It was ok when Pitt swam in the ECAC, way back when when the facility was only 10-20 years old.


  14. I thought Sibande played pretty decent considering how little he has played. Seemed like a decent effort by Pitt — I was expecting a 20-point loss…

    As lousy as we are, if Capel had gotten any one of those higher-level post players to come to Pitt, this team would be decent…

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be anything in the pipeline in that department…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Well, Captain Car Keys should be available until the legal process plays out………but isn’t because somebody is trying to send a message about compliant behavior. Let him play for now.


  15. The difference in this game was the lack of anything in the way of a threat by Pitt from beyond the three-point arc.

    If NOT hitting threes, Horton is showing himself to be a total LIABILITY at this level.


  16. Good effort by Pitt. Missed Toney. Still way too inconsistent in making the wide open intermediate jump shot. Pet peeve. Coulibaly, big guys should not put the ball on the floor when they get the pass under the hoop. You lose a second to go up and sink the shot/dunk or get the foul. Bounce the ball and bad things happen. Tie up, steal, blocked shot, wild missed shot, zero production all because of that one bounce dribble. Still a good effort by the kids. Too many good players on the FSU team.

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    1. Sorry at this point, he’s not a true point guard. he has no outside shot and he can’t make FT’s.
      Much like X….he’s a slasher/driver to the basket, but in no way is he the finisher as X.

      He’s only being used at PG, cause there is no one else….when X-man gets into foul trouble or
      get’s yanked for stupidity.

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        1. Well disagree with Rivals and the other sites. Cause he didn’t play PG in HS, so hardly
          a NATURAL….wouldn’t you say. Note his ranking is at Small Forward.

          From Rivals:

          Sitting as one of the top available wing prospects in the 2020 class, Femi Odukale decided to end his college recruitment on Tuesday. After navigating a rather tardy recruitment, Odukale gave his verbal commitment to Pitt and plans to sign during the later period next month.

          A native of Brooklyn, New York, that finished his high school career at Springfield Commonwealth Academy, he sits as a solid three-star prospect and as the 47th best small forward in his class nationally,


  17. Horton and Sibande were a combined 7 for 26 FG’s or 27% FG. That is horrendous at any level basketball.
    Both need recruited OVER at the 2 Guard. No Freshmen was/is a 2 Guard and nobody in the recruiting

    So we got no 5, no 4, no true 1 and no good 2’s. Wtf

    Seems like we’re getting played, scammed or whatever you’d like to call it.


    1. Thanks Heather. I really didn’t think basketball could sink deeper into the abyss. I’m all for a go fund me campaign to pretty up her resume for Sparty. I’ll chip in the first $100. I’m deadly serious. My Pitt spirit is dying each day. It’s on battery power right now.


        1. The lady who hides in the basement and takes vacations at OBX. In other words, Pitt’s athletic director going on year 5.

          Did I mention Pitt finished dead last in the Directors Cup last year

          Is nearly dead last in revenue generation among P5 schools

          And she extended Narduzzi and hired this Duke guy.


  18. If Champagnie goes pro, this team will be just God awful next year, then that’s year 4 under Capel with virtually no success. You gotta start winning at some point


      1. Nebraska ending their 26 game B1G losing streak against the Pedo’s the other night in
        Creepy Valley, was a basketball highlight of the year so far.

        Hope Jerry and the other Pedo’s in Pittsburgh media enjoyed it. I know I did !

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    1. I think we’re paying Capel more than Oat$.

      Alabama men’s basketball coach Nate Oats has agreed to a contract extension through the end of the 2026-27 season, the school announced Thursday.

      Oats also received a salary increase to $3.225 million annually.

      In only YEAR 2…..Oats has Alabama ranked at Number 8, with 17 wins and 5 losses.

      Alabama is getting their money$ worth, Pitt is clearly NOT !


    2. I did…

      Big miss by Pitt on the guy just north of Erie on I-90 just a few years back.

      Bama got a good one 🤨 Pitt got the “Shaft”.


  19. Men against boys today. Coulibaly and Brown are cannon fodder vs. their many and strong athletic big men.
    Hope Toney isn’t out for long although he wouldn’t have made much difference today.


  20. According to an article in dukebasketballreport.com

    Capel is the 5th highest paid HC in the ACC and 23rd Nationally, as of Feb 2020.

    Sheesh he’s making a Million more per than Leonard Hamilton of FSU, 1.2 Mil more than Mike
    Young of VT. He’s even make over a 1/2 mil more than the legendary Jim Boeheim and over
    a Mil more than Final 4 HC Jim Larranaga of Miami.

    Would post the link, but most just cause the whole comment not to be posted.


    1. Forget the salary. It’s noted he was given a 2-year extension. An extension that was not picked up by the press. Was it even announced or was it quietly done by Lyke et al?


      1. UGH!!!

        I can’t dole out another nickel to this pathetic athletic department and University.

        How dumb can they be to extend this guys contract.

        Hopefully he leaves because he knows he is not earning his keep.


      2. Yea you’re right AQuirk. I sort of glossed over the article and went to the chart. Upon re-reading it
        and seeing Heather gave him an extension already….(based on what ?)….and that the
        worthless Pittsburgh media didn’t even ask Pitt or Heather…how much money is involved.

        Makes you wonder how crooked the whole process is and how many scoundrels in the press
        just go along……because…….


  21. Needless to say before someone brings it up. My Horns lost to those toothless Hoopies today. It’s been a very bad week in Texas.


  22. I didn’t see the game but was following the Live Stats from the Pitt website. It must be exhausting to constantly be playing from behind. If Pitt could avoid getting down by 8-10 points they wouldn’t have to work to get back in the game. Duh, I know but there seems to be a motivation problem out of the gate each game.


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