Pitt vs NC State; 2/17/21

Here is the Gameday Thread for PITT Basketball as we play the North Carolina State Wolfpack at home at 4:30 pm. Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win.  These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Basketball Homepage

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Schedule

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Stats

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Roster

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

ACC Basketball 2020-21 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

NC State Sports Reference Homepage (current & historical info)

I’ll try to keep these threads correctly updated because actual days and opponents are being jerked around due to C-19 rescheduling.  If you see something wrong with any posts just email me at rkohberger@gmail.com and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.


73 thoughts on “Pitt vs NC State; 2/17/21

  1. Pitt favored by 4 points versus NC State today. Not sure I’d by giving up any points to any ACC team right now. I do believe NC State has beat Pitt in their last 10 matches. I guess you could say Pitt is due for win for a change.


  2. If memory serves … Pitt beat NC State in its first-ever ACC game back in 2014. And that may have been the last time they beat the Wolfpack. NCS appears to have Pitt’s number in BB and FB … and maybe even wrestling based on last month’s match


  3. First day of Lent…I gave up losing basketball.
    Hope that helps…

    Tex, great article…and great thoughts by the POVerts.
    Hopefully Texas warms up soon.

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    1. My friend, the groundhog, suggests six more weeks of bad to mediocre basketball from this team.

      Eileen towards your thought process lastrow, but the groundhog has predicted accurately regarding sports at pitt for nearly 40 years.


  4. NC State has two quality big men in 6’11’ Bates and 6’10” Funderburk. Between them they average 21 points and 11 rebounds a game. I expect we will struggle to defend them.


    1. Seems to me we have consistently struggled against NC State because it always looks like men against boys when you look at their centers and forwards versus ours…

      Go Pitt.


  5. Bryce McGowens a 5 STAR Recruit, a 6’6″ Shooting 2 Guard, is following his brother, Trey to Nebraska.

    Not a smart move by Capel, letting Trey walk…..as you lost him and his 5 star brother.
    Besides that, as we’ve seen by the collapse of this year’s team, McGowen’s was not the problem.

    Unless X-man has a 5 star brother, Capel let the wrong player walk,


  6. For all of you considering a Pitt wager consider this: Pitt is 2-18 vs NCST! Pitt has lost their last 10 to NCST snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on 6 occasions including last year. Good luck

    I give Pitt little chance tonight because of the mismatch inside and the fact that the season is cratering. Hard to stop that downward slide. Hope they surprise us. H2P


  7. NC State has lost another guard to injury at practice this week. They have apparently lost both starting guards now, and will be starting Freshman guards today. If we can get them to play with 4 players, maybe we could sneak away with a win.


  8. I am at the store stocking up for coming 12 inches of snow and will miss the first 15 minutes. Will be eyeing your comments. That’s good news on NCST frosh guards. Still, we just don’t seem to be able to beat these guys.


  9. Tex’s post speaks loudly today. No TV, Comcast., no radio. Cook andPoni. Just awesome display of fans feeling meh! Add to that we’re playing like crapes their2nd team. Ugh!


  10. NCSTs 2nd team has led from the beginning and now has opened an 8 point lead. I’m watching on Gamecast. This is disgraceful and I am about to give up on this season.


  11. Dan – the game can be heard on the Pitt app. Just checked – its on.

    I dumped Comcast for YourTube TV – has ACCn. Watching now and not missing COmcast one bit..


  12. Champ not playing as if he is ready for the NBA.

    Probably the reason along with Capel we lose this game.

    Pitt owned by NC St – ugh!


    1. You can root for my RIchmond Spiders – they play sound ball and are fun to watch.
      Big game vs VCU – crosstown rival – tonight at 7pm on CBS Sports Network


  13. What a horrible loss. Now 2-19 vs NCST losing 11 in a row! Well deserved. Really starting to doubt Capels coaching ability. That last play chaos typical of his teams.


  14. We keep losing to teams with losing records – this team really is bad and the coaching is horrendous.

    Dan – I saw the whole P(SH)itt show – I don’t need to read about it tomorrow – if you want my insight, Capel has a very undisciplined team (himself included) with one player to guard – you hack Champ and you beat Pitt.


  15. Pitt is now 6 wins and 22 losses in Feb & March under can’t Coach Capel.

    If your teams don’t improve during the season, you have to question the coaching ability.
    Doozie has the same problem.

    Pitt teams normally regress as the season goes along.


    1. Zeise and his guest were talking about Capel’s team’s falling apart late in the season. The FB team too, and for that matter so do the Steelers. Must be something in the water around here…


    1. Dan – you could lead off with those lines by MissingWlat. Capel is missing a lot – PG/C/recruiting/in game adjustments/self discipline/9.3 second end of game play calling

      NC St’s JV team looked pretty good against Pitt’s varsity team.

      Anyone believe Pitt’s men’s team could beat NC St’s women’s team?

      EE who needs to sit out the next Capel coached game.


  16. Tough game for Champ yet he gets another double – double (18-10) – 68% from the free throw line and 28% from the floor.

    Pitt with three unnecessary technicals – 6 freebies for the NC St JV team…


  17. I am so glad I couldn’t watch this one. Looking at the stat sheet, Coulibaly with 1 rebound, Brown with 25 minutes and 6 points, X Man with 19 minutes and 3 assists. If Sibande starts, there must be something going on, maybe some disciplinary action with X. Champ can’t do it all, the word must be to shut Champ down and let X Man self destruct trying to in the game. And Coulibaly could be morphing into another Brown. With no announced recruits lined up for next year, I don’t know where the improvement will come from.


    1. Dixon was run out of town to allow former AD Barnes to bring in Stallings.

      Stallings was just horrible and thrown out by AD Lyke.

      Lyke brought in Capel who has been a big disappointment with recruiting, discipline and in season improvement.


      1. I expect better from the school that tore down Pitt Stadium to build The Pete and became a very good BB program.

        It is sad that the school allowed such a downward spiral to a very good program.


  18. No power for 3 day with 2 kids and a newborn and working from home is so terrible but not as terrible as Pitt Football and Pitt Basketball and Heather Lyke’s Leadership.

    I said Capel was overated 2 years ago. Everyone had his back because he worked for Duke. He should run for politics because headcoaching isn’t his thing.


  19. Looking at the box score, the technical fouls were the difference. Pretty evenly matched otherwise.

    Just like with Wake, not being able to finish.


  20. player’s playing time seems like a mystery.

    — Sibande played 2 minutes vs Ga Tech on Sunday but he started today.
    — Jeffress played 9 minutes on Sunday but sat today like he has mostly been doing for the past 6 weeks or so.
    — Horton was Pitt’s best player on Sunday; he didn’t start today

    like it’s a grand experiment, or sending messages that aren’t getting across

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    1. Also odd that Brown played so much, he did play a little better, but those hands and lack of physicality hurt on several plays.


  21. In 19 minutes X scored 14, in 22 minutes Femi scored 4 and Sibande in 14 minutes scored 3.

    X sure is frustrating but no comparison in talent level.


  22. In a one point game, Femi and Coulibaly were both -9. Ouch.

    X was plus 6 and Brown, of all people, was plus 8.

    How many more games would we have won this season if we had our opponents centers instead of our own? Seems to me a bunch…

    Go Pitt.


  23. watching the Pitt game on accnetwork. I wasnt going towatch, but since there wasnt a whole lot of play by play on the pov, thought I would get a good look and compare comments to play. Good grief. We are awful. Losing 16-23. I think we can get to within 1 at the end of game. Wow, this is hard to watch. Turned to Alaska’s Great Frontier or something like that in order to honor our cold shooting.


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