Pitt vs Georgia Tech; 2/14/21; 4:00 pm

(Note: Basketball Game Day Threads will still be posted and a bit earlier than before.)

Here is the Gameday Thread for today’s Pitt Basketball game as we play the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets at home starting at 4:00 pm.

Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win.  These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Basketball Homepage

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Schedule

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Stats

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Roster

Sports-Reference.com Pitt Homepage (current & historical)

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

ACC Basketball 2020-21 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

GT Basketball – Sports-Reference 2020-21

I’ll try to keep these threads updated as far as actual days and opponents are jerked around due to C-19 rescheduling.  If you see something wrong with any post just email me at rkohberger@gmail.com and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.


104 thoughts on “Pitt vs Georgia Tech; 2/14/21; 4:00 pm

  1. since the POV days appeared to be numbered (but hopefully not), I wanted to alert you that college football returns next weekend

    Next Sunday, your YSU Penguins will play the Alabama of the FCS Division …. the North Dakota State Bisons. This will be the first of a 8-game spring football schedule in the Missouri Valley League

    But note that there are other CFB spring leagues. In fact, your Bobby Mo Colonials will head to Virginia to take on James Madison, in a non-conference in 2 weeks. This is actually a non-conference game between a Big South Conference Team and the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) … and the following week, both leagues will begin league play. (BTW, the CAA includes Tex’s favorite college team)

    If the snow melts, YSU will play a home game on Feb 27 and RMU will play its first home game on March 13..


    1. FT shooting coming along and I like the way he looks to have balance in his heads up dribble driving looking to score while also being able to see and find open guys

      I think he will progress to be very good, maybe even better in his 4 years if he is a gym rat because he appears to have some good fundamentals


  2. Big game today. Getting to double-digits in the win column is huge. I do see the Jackets winning even though it had a tough loss at Clemson on Friday. Need Horton to knock down four or five threes to have a chance at winning.


  3. I vote for Tex taking over the POV, although I disagree with many of opinions (sometimes just for fun), His passion for Pitt is off the charts, and he already spends more time and adds more words to the site than anyone.

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    1. interesting thought

      I’d hold my nose and pull that lever too ✋ 🙂

      would that be the equivalent of asking someone to drag their nails across a chalkboard? an infinite amount of times?

      I definitely get the vitreol but it just needs to stop, even my juvenile jabs,,,,, got to just say NO with that Post Comment oval below some times 😦

      life is generally too good and too short

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    2. I would also welcome that. I remember the days not too long ago when Tex would present very cogent arguments backed up by supportive data. Yet, lately, his posts seem to be mainly about meatballs and yellow blouses … I assume he also presented some valid posts but that seemed to be lost in the shuffle.

      There is no doubt of his passion for Pitt; that is undeniable.


      1. Listening to Billy today, Penny sat out twp days of practice with a hand injury, hope it was his left hand.

        Tex is ok but run the POV? Maybe then you guys will really appreciate Reed and Mike and what they have done for this Blog. Here’s an example if he does.

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  4. Alvarez missed 2 FT’s at the end in the loss that I think would’ve tied Clemson at the end. He’s tough and extremely quick. Will be an interesting matchup for our renewed defense.


    1. nope, with 8 sec left missed both that would’ve put them up by 3

      Clemson then hits a 3 with 1 sec left to win it


  5. in this crazy year, it is hard to tell what we will see today …. even more than usual. Pitt of course hasn’t played in 8 days while GT just played on Friday. Pitt should be rested but will they be rusty?

    I expect another slow start but hopefully the Panthers don’t get too far behind. But I also expect Champagnie to regain his form. He sat out a couple of practices at the beginning of the week; hopefully it was just was the doctor ordered.

    But to me …. for the rest the year, without Hugley and apparently Jeffress and Collier, X and Toney must become consistent. They don’t necessarily have to score 20+, but they can’t stink it up either.

    I certainly Pitt has a chance today but sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see just about anything


  6. Golf, Pens and Pitt hoops all on at the same time today…

    Taping all 3 and switching back and forth in an alcohol infused Dish Network clicker fest.
    I love a good multi media presentation…😎
    And for Valentines Day,
    #❤ Iek

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  7. Looks like the Wreck’s big man is 6’9” Senior, Moses Wright. He averages 16 points a game in 36 minutes. I would love to see Terrell Brown have some great games over the remainder of his senior year to give him good memories to take from his time here.


  8. According to Jeff Feruzza on Pitt Fan Fanatics, Brennan Marion likely to be named Pitt’s WR coach this week. He said that Fontel Mines of ECU was also in the mix. Scott McKillop and Dorin Dickerson were stumping for Mike Shanahan but supposedly he wasn’t given serious consideration.


    1. pretty impressive stuff. I like the fact that he is young and eager, and local. He is also supposed to be a good recruiter.

      He was the guy Dokish pointed to the day that Beatty announced he was leaving. Dokish must have had some inside info. Also like that he’s leaving Fraud Graham to come here …. if he comes, that is


  9. Frankly i don’t think the game will be close. GT still has a shot at making the NCAA tournament and Pitt doesn’t. GT by 10 plus.


  10. Some posting on the Lair he is being promised OC in waiting…hard to believe.
    Kman, no chance I hurt my clicker hand. I train all off season for these moments.


  11. From the article’s discussion of Brennan’s time as an offensive coordinator, it appears that his offense requires a quarterback who can act as a third running back. Do we have anyone in our quarterback room or recruits who fit that description?


  12. I’m hoping that special fan who gives us a game link to watch on our PC will be here today…..His link has never failed!!!! If you’er out there——–please link us up! Thanks ahead of time.


  13. Coulibaly hedges so much better than most of our big guys ever in the past

    moves well and has good hands, another Pitt guy who will likely get better throughout his 4 years


  14. Hi folks – listening to the game on the radio for awhile anyway…its our 40th anniversary and She Who Must Be Obeyed is going to put me to work for big dinner tonight.

    Pitt leads though.


    1. now we are continuing our sloppy while they are starting to shoot

      Toney is not helping on offensive end,,,,until that follow but foul before his finish


  15. I apologize in advance to all the POVers on here. Love you all.
    I bleed blue and gold. It was genetics really as my parents and their parents all attended and graduated from Pitt. This fall, my daughter will be the 5th generation to attend our great university. I have my own experiences and memories as well as the stories from my parents and grandparents about their time at and relationships with Pitt. I hope and know my daughter will create her own memories and build on the genetic legacy come this fall.

    My days are consumed with balancing work and family and my posting and reading of the blog is sporadic at best. The amount of energy and work (I can only imagine) that goes into this site must be all consuming. I love even knowing that the POV even exists and that I can read and comment when I can and feel like I have caught up quickly. And even though I have yet to personally meet any of you, I feel a bond with your names, posts and passionate love of all things Pitt. That’s the the bond between us all.

    I really felt a strong disappointment and even loss when I saw Reed’s post about taking down the POV. I believe there would be a void in all of us Panthers if this didn’t exists.

    And knowing that no one knows a thing about me aside from the random comments, know that we all love the University, the sports and all else associated with Pitt.

    I ask all of us to keep to the rules laid out by Reed, think of the day without checking in on the POV and hope that this forum can continue long into the future.

    Thanks and H2P

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  16. Can’t make FT’s, not play D nor run a set offense.

    Recipe for a L. GT better than Pitt, but not by much.


  17. That was a bad first half performance by Pitt. Nothing flowed at all except the turnovers.

    The team did not finish the half well. Did I just see 2 points in the last ten minutes of the half?

    Golf will get my attention instead…


  18. Pittisit – thanks. It’s no secret that the POV is (was) the most popular Pitt sports blog – it used to be #1 in the search of Pitt Football Blogs…but Cardiac Hill just edged it out I see.

    Not bad for the only non-professional site listed.

    Here is the search.


    1. ^^^ Which should be a real attraction if anyone wanted to grab the POV and put advertising on it – might be able to make a real bundle if you know how to attract readers/sponsors… I just never wanted to do that – tried it for a few weeks then stopped.

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      1. But using safari on my iPhone and it’s search engine, the pitt POV is first. Followed by Pittsburgh sports now, cardiac hill, inside Pittsburgh sports, Pitts official athletic site, and panther-lair

        Also very funny. I searched for pitt sports Koolaid as well. The POV was top of the list. However POV wasn’t on page one or page two for vinegar. 🤠


          1. Right you are Reed, we won’t go down that realistic road right now. I never proclaimed to be a positive poster, others have pegged me as one (I’m the real realistic poster) but the posters claiming to be realistic have to announce it to others as it’s not obvious to the naked eye. Often mistaken for being negative. 😉

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  19. The good news. Pitt should be down by 29 but only down nine!

    Pitt with 16 turnovers, 6-12 from the line, looks like this is their first game of the year! Tech w 3 games in 5 days a much sharper team. Maybe they’ll tire 4th quarter.

    Xman getting his lunch eaten by Alverado spent the last 10 minutes on the bench. Champ is hurt. Maybe bad. Ugh!!


  20. Pitt was outscored 16-4 in the last 9:32 of the 1st half. Coach Capel just let them play the half out, poorly at that. That’s not coaching, that’s babysitting.

    Free throws must not be worked on at practice as Pitt is 4-10 in the 1st half.


  21. Pitt just standing around on offense. Terrible no call on Alverado charge but this is ACC.

    Really need good X to show up.


  22. So they look at Xman and a hook but don’t look at Alverado charge.
    Xman w 2 horrible unnecessary
    fouls on the bench w 4.

    Pitt in deep trouble.


  23. The big three for Pitt playing bad today. Champ hurting his NBA draft status today. Playing very pedestrian.

    Need someone to step up to steel a win.


  24. A horrible terrible awful effort by Pitt. They are a better team than Tech but mistake after mistake and turnover after turnover just killed Pitt. Maybe our worst game since St Francis! That could be the beginning of the end for Pitt!

    And coaching shares much of the blame!


  25. Turnovers, poor foul shooting, bad refs. Champ and X with poor games.
    Don’t know how we kept it close. A good game by Horton not enough.


    1. I switched at halftime to watch golf. Glad I did too.

      That’s two losses in a row that Capel started X and Horton after the good win when they both came off the bench to lead a much better offensive effort. Coach is struggling and has consistently let the team take a season ending swoon dive in each of his seasons at Pitt.

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  26. I noticed that the GT bench outscored the Pitt bench 13-4. Glad to see Jeffress get some minutes … but what’s up with Sibande? Especially with X sitting much of the game


  27. Alvarado really got the benefit of the officials calls today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen refs reverse a foul call during a timeout after a player, in this case Alvarado, complained about the call. Then Horton gets a T for asking where the foul was on Champ. Two possessions later, Alvarado is seen smacking his own arm and complaining to the refs that he had been fouled. No T there. We lost the game in a lot of ways but free throws was clearly one of them. We made 8, they made 21.

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  28. JC post presser said he saw effort and fight

    I didn’t see enough, maybe decent on defense end but maybe it is just not a motion offense like I’d want to see more

    reffing was not balanced but we do need to finish through contact and never seem to


  29. I’m still trying to give Capel the benefit of the doubt in his third year but this team is very careless with the ball and makes way too many bad decisions. Previous Pitt teams (minus Stallings) were very disciplined and played above their talent level.


  30. With COVID you don’t know what is going on in these kids’ heads. Coaching can only do so much. Calipari and Coach K will tell you this as well. Look how many losses these other teams have.

    We need to face the fact that Pitt is just an average team that is slowly improving, and this year is different than most.

    Other teams are focusing on Champ and there aren’t enough good players to pick up the slack.

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  31. As far as other takeaways from the game…

    Impressed with Odukale. Not so much with Jeffress.

    Capel needs to commit to Femi as the Point Guard at this point. He’ll only get BETTER!


  32. Seems like Pitt BB keeps playing the same game over and over. Get behind, come back, fall short…

    I think we are one more decent player from winning these types of games. Coach needs to hit on one of those difference-makers who we’re always in the running for but fall short…

    Go Pitt.

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  33. Champagnie, Toney and Coulibaly all played at least 36 minutes today. I would guess it’s tough to play aggressive defense when playing that many minutes.

    But GT’s bench out-scored our bench 13-4.

    Go Pitt.


  34. @Major – the problem with that thinking is that every opponent is one similar person away from blowing us out. Just dis-jointed efforts. We can’t make the big stop, big score, big rebound, big win.

    Didnt watch game as per the usual weekend hockey. Kid in Dallas this weekend and they have had the coldest weather since 1983???? Just my kids luck. Sounds like femi did well. I have pushed him as a starter for many months. He sees the court, understands time and space, and competes. He may not be a good free throw shooter, but that comes with confidence and a good shooting coach. I was always taught to have my index finger on the air hole so the ball felt the same way, every shot.

    I wonder if the Athletic Department will ever just communicate with its fanbase about whether we are seeing violation of team rule penalties for the car key incident, or whether it has nothing to do car keys and everything to do with not good enough talent. Asking for someone who might be willing to buy season tickets, but won’t without knowing who the players are or will be….


  35. Ok so the box score tells us a lot, 18 TO’s really hurt but GT had 16. The real killer was the refs and our foul shooting vs GT’s. we went 8-15 and the went 21-23, but the real story was that in the second half we went 4-5 and they went 17-19, terribly lopsided calls in a game where GT played very physical defense and got away with a lot, while Pitt seemed to get only the most obvious calls.

    I thought Femi played OK but in 22 minutes he had 2 points, 4 assists, 3 TO’s and 2 steals. In 20 minutes X had 13 points, 4 assists, 7 TO’s and 2 steals. So X had 11 more points and 3 more TO’s in a poor game for him. I like Femi but he is no where near the player that X is even in a poor game for X.

    I also think Jeffress is on a short leash and is playing very cautiously, passing immediately, afraid to shoot or make a mistake, it almost looks like Jamie is coaching him.

    The center position is a killer, Coulibaly had 2 points playing almost the whole game. Coach has no confidence in Brown nor does he deserve any playing his two minutes.

    Same with Sibande who looks to be very disappointing.

    And yes, Champ does not look to be 100%.

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    1. Pitt should have got a few more plus ones yesterday and a Pitt guy should have hammered their point guard on one of his drives like they were hammering us on ours.


      1. Alvarado is a good player but I can’t remember a player being protected by the refs like he was yesterday. He would complain. They would respond.

        The comments by Horton in the Trib this morning show the frustration of the Pitt players with the officiating last night. That kind of officiating wouldn’t surprise me if it were Duke or UNC fighting to make the NCAA tournament. But Georgia Tech is in the same boat as us, on the outside looking in.


  36. FWIW I agree with the concept of Femi being the primary PG. This would move X to the 2. Yes, Horton had one of its best games yesterday but those are even rarer than X having a good game. Horton gets more minutes if he is hot; meanwhile X would alternate at PG in a 3 man rotation …. but mostly it would be Femi and X

    Right now, it seems t me that Jeffress and Femi (and possibly Collier) should see more PT. What is there to lose?


  37. Was only able to catch a bit of the game – mostly at the end – and a bit more of the Pens.

    Looked like “bad X” showed up yesterday?

    Question to the coaches out there – when a team allows opponents the kinds of runs we saw yesterday and earlier this season, what can a coach do other than calling TO’s to get the kids back in the game? DOes it just develop with team maturity or is it simply that we don’t have the right guys?


  38. I may be old school but IMO there are 2 ways to combat these cold spells when the team can’t seemingly can’t buy a basket

    1) Inside presence …. get the ball into the low post and hopefully draw a foul or get a basket. Or, offensive rebounds and putbacks

    2) increase defensive intensity … create turnovers, use your best defenders

    You may remember that Pitt went through these cold spells in the Stallings era also. That is because there was not a premium on either offensive rebounds or defense. Earlier this season, Pitt was playing good defense and Champagnie was scoring a lot on 2nd chance points. Not sure if the short bench now hurts Pitt’s defense but Champ just got 6 rebounds yesterday


    1. Good points. Capel needs to find ways to get fresh legs in the game with Champ and Toney getting 30 to 33 minutes.

      When Pitt pressured GT full court, they had several times where the ten second rule should have been applied.

      The type of D will contribute to better offense.


  39. Someone at the Lair said he hearing was postponed to April.—-As for BB does Pitt really have any inside presence? Unless you want to count the multiple times X attempts to force his way in to the bucket that is.


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