Enough of the Fair Warnings

I told everyone on here that when I took The Pitt POV back blog from Mike a few months ago so that it wouldn’t be discontinued  I had to think long and hard before I made the decision to do so.  I’m not sure readers on here truly understand that what I wrote back then was actually how I felt about getting back into administering and writing for this blog.

Let me reiterate the history of this venue and my current my personal outlook about it so there is no confusion.  I started the POV back in June of 2016 because I felt that there wasn’t a Pitt football blog that was 1) run by non-professionals for Pitt fans and 2) could be a place where a family style atmosphere could grow to the point that the blog administrators, writers, readers and commenters would treat each other with respect in each and every way.

That worked well for two years until my other personal interests in life took me away for the POV and Pitt sports – so Mike was gracious enough to take the helm.  I’m grateful that he did but I also remember the comments made about my decisions to slow down the comments or freeze the blog when I felt that respect  wasn’t being held uppermost in importance.

I asked very simple things from you all and the bottom line was to not use this blog to denigrate or insult others. I didn’t mean only those others on the POV – but all others. Instead I read comments on here time and again that are just the opposite of what I asked you to do and I’m not going to use my time and my energy any longer policing this.

You readers do not see the comments that are automatically flagged for my approval to post.  They are continual, mean spirited and childish – but every day they show up in numbers in my email so I have to address them.

Well, all that that stops now. I was not joking around when I said that the only – the sole and only – reason I kept the blog alive was for you all to keep enjoying it.  But the fact is that I really don’t care any longer.

I will not post anything other than already scheduled posts for some time.  I do not care any longer that it may be one or two bad apples. I do not care any longer if these actions piss you off or not.  I really just don’t care.

Apparently when I asked that people respect the fact that this blog was created and run under my name and thus my reputation it wasn’t as important to you to do so as it was to me to have you do it.

Two years ago I asked if anyone wanted to take the POV over – not one damn person showed any interest in that what so ever – none – until about a month later when Mike finally called me.   That in itself shows me the true worth that you hold for this.  I will not offer it to anyone again.

What I will do is help with the technicalities for anyone who wants to create their own Pitt athletics blog. I’m sure that if someone really commits to putting in the time (lots) and effort (tons) in doing their own venue the readers will follow you and enjoy what you do.

So – I have scheduled the rest of the Basketball Game Threads ready to auto-post 90 minutes or so before tip off.  I’ll keep those going and then allow a few hours for comments on the games then I’ll close comments after that.

Finally – I’m going back to university to complete my Masters degree starting on March 17th and I’ll make a choice on which way to proceed by then, but as said above – things will be sparse on The POV from now on.