Pitt vs Notre Dame (II); 1/30/21

Here is the Gameday Thread for today’s Pitt Basketball game. Today we play the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at home starting at 8:00 pm.

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Pitt Basketball Homepage

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ACC Basketball 2020-21 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

Notre Dame Basketball 2020-21

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210 thoughts on “Pitt vs Notre Dame (II); 1/30/21

  1. As a kid I listened to Nat Albright describe the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball games in real time using a ticker tape readout. I felt like I was at the game. A real talent long gone.


  2. Note to HCJC – ND has a 6’10” guy named Laszewski who shoots 55.1% from 3 point land. Make sure someone blankets him for 40 minutes tonight and dogs the life out of his game. My choice would be Toney and let Champ have an offensive explosion.

    If you are concerned about Toney getting in foul trouble, then unleash Erie Jeffress from your dog house and let him “wack a pole”.

    Not settling for another senseless loss…


    1. Toney is only 6’5″ tall….Laszewski will shoot right over him. Either Kareem and/or Brown are going to have to guard him. Doesn’t really matter if either are inside for rebounds, as Champ is a better rebounder.

      As we know Pitt struggles against any team with outside shooters, even small-time St. Francis.

      If you let these teams set up on the Offensive end, we’re in trouble. Pitt needs to press and take
      advantage of our smaller quicker lineup. Create some turnovers and easy transition points.


  3. Thanks Reed, I’ll be right beside you listening to Billy. The dude cracks me up a few times a game. Listen for Curtis to disregard Billy at times and move the game forward making Billy to pipe down and catch up.


  4. ND a deceptive 5-9. They’ve played OSU, Purdue and UVA tough. Beat Kentucky and UNC.
    They own Pitt! Hope we have our heads on straight and come out strong! H2P


  5. Not saying I don’t love Billy either, Living in Latrobe and I open a window, I can almost hear Dick yelling out “Oh No!” if I listen close enough.

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  6. We cannot lose this game !! But we are getting slaughtered down 13. When you play no defense, get no rebounds and shoot all contested 3s …. you get beat. What has happened to this team?? Just horrible play.


    1. To be honest…he really didn’t show much in the games he played. And there were not enough
      rent-a-win games to get him going or at least a contributor.


  7. As bad as Pitt has played in all facets, this game isn’t over. Need to move the ball and get some easier looks.

    Odd circumstance that Nike and Jeffress have played in this game.


    1. and the 3 steps back are in style of play mostly on offensive side of the ball

      no real team play and passing and movement without the ball, trying to run stuff through Justin but forcing things rather than creating open shots with ball movement

      missed most of last game but this is quite a reversion from Duke and even v WF


  8. I have ESPN Gamecast going and it tells me what happens about 7 seconds before the radio team does.

    32% from court with 22% from three point line. I guess we just have no bench talent at all, right? Tell me why Xman is playing with 2 points?


  9. Pitt down 12 at the half and the game isn’t that close. Worst half of basketball since St Francis 1st half and Wake 2nd half. Capel bringing players off the bench that have never played. Xman has been particularly putrid picking up stupid fouls hotdogging and 5 turnovers.

    Agree with Huff this games not over but 5 more minutes of this play and it will be!! What on Gods earth has happened to this once
    good team??

    As always ND owns us.


    1. Who have we really beaten besides a down year Duke. Syracuse twice and a horrid Miami team (2-9 in the ACC). I think we jumped the gun bigtime….thinking this team was any good.


  10. X man will need to take over the game as the floor general we need in the 2nd half. Keep feeding Champ and play some D. I did not see much D in the 1st half other than Champ and Toney on occasions – hopefully not too late to stop the slide.

    Everyone knew ND would pump the 3’s – somehow our team was not ready to defend the 3 –

    Dan72 – how does that happen? Lack of talent; coaches calling the wrong D; conditioning; other


    1. I have no idea why Pitt is playing this badly. I did see some angry faces with a couple of Xmans selfishness. Probably a combination of all things but right now ND is the much better team. This sometimes happens when a young team loses a few in a row. If they don’t fix it, this season is over!


      1. Of the guys playing…not so young anymore dan. X & Toney are Juniors. Champ & Kareem & Horton are Sophs. Brown is a senior. We dont play any freshmen much, so we can’t keep saying their young.
        Just another excuse for Capel’s bad coaching and really avg recruiting. No true PG recruited at all in 3 years. No true PF. 1 Center who is prolly off the team. The 2’s are below avg. But the killer is no real PG at all and nobody in year 4’s class and it’s getting late.


    1. It can’t hurt recruiting if he gets to the NBA quickly. And boy do we need some more players….like a true PG for one. A PF for another and a Center. Oh and a 2 guard. lol


  11. Actually we had good movement offensively on the last possession of the half and Champ had an uncontested 3, but went up not in a good shooting rhythm and missed.

    Again, we played bad in all facets, but the game is close. I think ND played a little better than expected. They know who they are. Pitt doesn’t have an identity yet. We don’t do any one thing excellently. Jay Bilas used to say that when you go and play Pitt, you know you need to strap up your helmet a little tighter.

    Will see how this shakes out. X was out of control a few times, and with very bad timing. I still prefer femi as the floor general until x gets under control.

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  12. So I guess the game plan coming out was to trade 3s? Not going to work when you can’t defend and you can’t hit any.

    Game over.


  13. ND opens a 19 point lead. Pitt playing utterly NO defense. Very hard to watch. Just easy basket after easy basket for ND. Hate to say it but this game is over.


  14. Come out of the locker room flat as a board. Sort of like a Dooz/whipple coached football team.

    Must be contagious


  15. got the game thru accnetwork and the announcers are not all ND. They have been fair in describing Pitts poor play.

    they need to step up the defensive effort.

    toney is struggling..yet thru all ths, we have a chance if we wake up


  16. Champ is a one man team – no one sets him up to score and no one is getting back on D. Down 21 points to a 5-9 ND team.



  17. No way ND blows this lead.

    I’m on to more entertaining things.

    Pitt sports are losing me – wrestling last night, basketball tonight and football shows no signs of rising above mediocrity.

    Blah, blah, blah


  18. ND gave up a layup to get a 3.

    The last three from the corner, there was not a pitt player within 7 feet of him. Of course he should bury that shot. I am starting to waver….

    My kids just asked me to turn on hockey game…decisions, decisions.


  19. If I’m coach I let Odukale and Sibande play A Lot. Let them build some confidence. I’m convinced Odukale is better than Johnson, he just needs to play more and get in a rhythm. And I like what I see from Sibande.


  20. lol with Reed. Back in the day, we always had an infusion of our biggest football players after their season finished and they wanted to stay in shape. They used to beat the snot out of opponents. I think hack a shaq was invented at that time.


  21. After a game like people say Capel needs more time. BB should be turned around by now. 3 years should show significant improvement. I don’t see it. No recruits for next year. This is worse than FB.


  22. Changing subjects. Anyone hear how the boys did at the Sr bowl? Looked like morrisey was at left guard. Weaver looked like he was in the backfield a bit and jibes had a sack.


  23. did xman just slap his junk from underneath and behind?
    x is not a smart player. I think he fouled out for a foul and a technical which should put him out. How does that happen???


  24. Everything ND puts up going in.
    They are masters of the step back shot. The next time I see a Pitt player take a step back 3 will be the first. ND not threatened by anything Pitt does. Yes we miss Hugley… a lot

    Getting blown out on our home court by a 5-9 team!

    Not only is this game over but like last years 13 game losing streak, this season may be over.


  25. sorry, i said 32. He is 31. They just said he has played 3 minutes this year in acc. We gotta have other players.

    His airball was a set shot


  26. Someone a while ago, many games prior, that Jeffress could not create a shot. I think we are seeing that may be true.


  27. Capel was a bust as a HC at OU. He is a lifelong assistant coach at a Program like Duke where Ike’s left but could Recruit. He is a basketball version of Frauduzzi.


  28. ND killing us even though their best player only has 7 points. 23 points off their bench to Pitt’s 6 point.
    This is the 3rd year Pitt has no bench to speak of. So nearly no progress on that front.


  29. Okay, i give up. Pitt cannot win this game.

    Somebody with the number of 35 is in the lineup and short-armed a shot from the t. Is that edmondtonsunbun or colliers? Looks out of shape.

    jeffress will be okay. He doesn’t look like he weighs 175. Better start the late night peanut butter samiches.


  30. Mike Brey is rumored to be on the hot seat with his string of losing seasons, yet his team is embarrassing Pitt tonight.

    That should put Capel on the hot seat and if this 3 game skid turns to 13, he must go.

    A 27 point loss to a 5-9 hated rival in ND needs to be dealt with.


  31. And people think Heather will find a good football coach. She officially has failed with the Capel hire.

    This university just sucks when it comes to athletics. It has dating back to the freaking late 1930s.

    They want your money though.


      1. I am? Just speaking the truth. Care to paint a pretty picture after tonight?

        You’re the one constantly pointing out Narduzzi’s flaws and time for a change. Why point the finger at me?


    1. You must not have watched Stallings coach at Pitt.

      Why did Horton leave the court and go to the locker room?


  32. I know i am viewed as a pitt optimist on this site, so we still have a chance……

    just kidding. we cannot win.

    capels players getting t’d upp. I think capel just chased him off the court. Not a good sign. Who is running this mess? I think he wants to be their friends, not their coach.


  33. That was an hour and 48 minutes I will never get back.

    Cant wait for Dan”s synopsis. Expect that he will comment on lack of identity as a team, no defensive effort, sloppy everything. Loss of mental acuity with technicals, etc.

    For those that didn’t see it, Capel actually chased after one of his players (horton)…literally chased him off the bench and into the locker room. How do you lose control of players like that? This reminds me of how narduzzi taunted Gerry about not voting pitt into top 25 and then pitt pooped the bed.

    Pitt bball was at a similar point where they were playing well and some could actually see them getting to the tourney and doing damage.

    Pitt as a university is afraid of success which is more dangerous than being afraid of failure. It is a bunch of incompetents that are afraid of their shadows. From admin to coaches. They know their experience isn’t good enough to be great and they are afraid. You can see it in their eyes and in their actions. They aren’t afraid to fail because they are expect to fail because they shouldn’t be leaders. They are afraid of success.


  34. it’s officially embarrassing to be a Pitt fan

    no matter how negative your view, you couldn’t have seen this collapse

    no way this gets pulled back together with the display of garbage attitudes out of nearly everyone other than Coulibaly and Champ

    I actually think X gets no calls, but the way he plays with so little control, he doesn’t deserve them

    Horton? just wtf

    watched a bunch of ACC basketball today and Pitt very likely to not win another game

    but, hey, we have an ACC POY candidate


    1. With no teammates, although AKC and Toney are serviceable 4th and 5th best players on a good team. Unfortunately they are the 2nd and 3rd best players on a bad team.


  35. I don’t really understand what Pitt’s game plan was tonight. Did Capel actually think Pitt could compete with them, by shooting 3 pointers ???

    Going into the game ND led the ACC in 3 pointers made with 124. They made 13 of 24 tonite.

    Pitt was Next to last with 78. Pitt was horrible as usual with 8 of 26.

    How can you have 3 other HC’s on the staff and come up with a game plan like that ???


    1. Good chance we lose the last 12 games. So in a shortened season….comparable to that deplorable team and deplorable HC of 2017.


  36. ACC network commentator just said pitt was a joke and had a pathetic defensive effort. How dare him give an objective honest assessment. I expect everyone on here to write a complaint letter and express their feelings and call him names. Cuz that’s how it’s done here. This was Stallingsesque!

    Forget the facts. Reed, I had a belly laugh after reading that you had a belly laugh. It is gonna hurt as if i did a hundred sit-ups for my presidents award i got as a youth. Remember those in elementary school or am I old?

    Pitt has no identity in football or basketball. We are soft, but show good feelings. We let players dictate to the coaches if they want to go to bowl games or cuss at refs and coaches and play out of control….who is running the show?

    They better wake up.


      1. Really, how could you have been so wrong Dan? They certainly peaked in the Duke game but it’s been down hill from there. After the Duke game I thought Pitt would have a legimate shot at some high starred recruits this year. I think Capel will be lucky to get some MAC quality recruits to commit now.


  37. Are they better now. Other than Champ who do they have that was better than Stallings players. All we heard last year was how good Horton was. He looks like a total bust. Better off to recruit basketball players instead of athletes that have no basketball IQ. Give me a couple of shooters who know how to play the game. Most of these guys have ever been coached on fundamentals. Hire Dan D as our next head coach. He can come out of retirement at 70.


    1. I’ve never ever called my team or my teams efforts deplorable….even if they were. You can lose an entire team that way! Really surprised at Knight….I mean Capel.

      JP, there are times I want to run thru the TV and just grab and shake Xman. If I was coaching this team, they may lose but they would not play this way.


  38. Capel’s mid season slide is coming early. Crash and burn. Heather is too busy looking at GameStop to care. What a waste of an AD. I’m out. When this lost-in-the-hedges coach puts together a 3 game win streak I’ll return.


    1. Reed, you may want to check to see if James is in the POV portal.

      I like James, and wouldn’t fault him for entering the portal. I feel bad for all the POV’ers that suffered through a loss like that. When I was put out to pasture, Stallings was f’ you’ing Ryan Luther on the court, during play. Capel’s action reminded me of that.

      To be clear for the language interpreters, stallings outburst was while Luther was dribbling ball past him. Capel’s was during a timeout. I said it reminded me, not that it was the same thing. It would also appear that Jeffress and Collier finished serving their punishment for perhaps partying unmasked with the car key bandit when they should have been in the bubble. Could have used the bandit tonight to give some inside presence. Let him play.


  39. I picked.a good night to visit my daughter in Raleigh. Had the game on but my back was to the TV. Smart move and good timing on my part. Sorry you all had to suffer through that.


  40. Pitt needs to learn a 3-2 matchup zone vs these teams killing them with threes but no one player can be a weakness in that defense and we have Xman!


    1. First you need to teach the 3-2 to Capel !!! Guy has to be nuts, getting into a 3 point shooting contest with the best 3 point shooting team in the ACC…..when you have the worst. lol


  41. There’s always next year or bourbon. That’s what I like about Pitt.

    Good nite Y’all. I’ll sleep like a baby since I didn’t watch or listen to the abomination. I’m sorry for those that did. A blanky helps for the inevitable nightmares you’ll have.


  42. X and Horton should sit the entire first half for their deplorable representation of Pitt basketball. Coach Capel should be suspended by the University for his postgame comments about his team.

    X and Horton should have been reprimanded privately for their actions, not the entire team publicly for the actions on the court by X and Horton. Coach Capel was wrong to do that the way he did and should be reprimanded himself.


  43. Looks like pitt basketball is quickly becoming a crap show.

    At least Pitt has soccer.

    Bourbon tastes so much better when you don’t mentally and emotionally invest yourself in these games.

    Tex with boots up and sipping some baby blue while listening to howling coyotes and the occasional goat.


  44. OK folks Narduzzi was blasted by a few named posters after getting blown out by a top 5 ND team. Anyone want to take a shot at Capel after Pitt got blasted by a 5 win and 9 loss ND top 75 tea?


    1. for me this is worse looking at this point by Capel potentially precipitating the general atmosphere that allows Horton and X’s behavior and really the effort on both ends of the court

      St Frances was a sign but hard to be critical both because it was the first game and with what this year has been of course I do believe St Frances and every other school in the nation had a similar previous several months and also had to face a first game

      you guys all go off on X and his out of control turnovers, poor shooting technique and selfishness, I give him credit for his high energy which is of course TOO HIGH at times on the offensive end and somewhat inconsistent and also low basketball IQ on the defensive end and of course last night’s technical IS INEXCUSABLE! but face it, he is not a point guard and he is the only Pitt player that can pretend to be one,,,,THAT is on Capel

      nearly everyone complains about HCPN and his being stupid and creating an undisciplined, error prone team but in no way does he seem to lose the team the way Capel might have happening here

      and I’m not saying JC can’t get this back together but his post game after WF and of course last night doesn’t give me confidence,,,, the lack of recruits makes me wonder far more


  45. First off, Capel didn’t call his guys deplorable, he said their performance was deplorable which is completely accurate. He is obviously a very frustrated man, who is not sure what to do next.

    Funny right after Reed says the basketball team loses close games or something to that effect….

    We have problems and they are many.

    As I said before, this is the ACC and there are no easy games, records mean little.

    The false sense of euphoria has descended to utter doom.

    Pitt obviously has no answers to teams that can shoot the three and have bigs that can work inside.

    The lack of point guard, true big men, and poor three point shooting cannot be disguised. Overcoming it with solid defense has disappeared the last three games, and probably for the rest of the year.

    The transition from the bottom to the middle has been put on hold.

    Doubtful this can be turned around the way Narduzzi won three of his last four.

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    1. agree, and to be clear, last night LOOKS worse due to the X and Horton display

      a basketball team with its smaller individual numbers makes one or two guys and situations stick out more like a sore thumb

      so just to be clear, I’m not DOWN totally on Capel but there are some signs of issues and while I am more than willing to give him time, this moment in his Pitt tenure has quickly become HUGE(ly) 😉


  46. No doubt Capel is looking pretty bad right now ,,,, oh what a difference a couple of weeks can make. The downfall of his upperclassmen (Toney and Johnson) in this period is puzzling; these are the guys who should be steadying the ship

    As for you Dis-Lykers ….. note that when she was hiring Capel, she had to find a HC who was willing to take on what had become a joke of a program ….. 0-18 in the ACC. She had inquiries with up and comers ….. Oats, Hurley, etc .. as well as established candidates like Crean, She did her due diligence and many thought she made a home run hire under the circumstances


    She did not have the advantage that Barnes had a few years earlier. Dixon was pushed out after an NCAA team with 6 of the 7 top scorers returning ….but had left the program in pretty good shape. His last 3 year records at Pitt were … 26-10, 19-15, 21-12. Surely, there would be a lot of really good candidate interested. But did he interview any of them ……… NOT ONE, NOT A FREAKIN’ ONE!!!!

    Barnes/Stallings destroyed this program. I was one who thought Capel would bring back this program to respectability. I knew it would take a while and I am as disappointed as are all of you with the lack of progress in his 3rd year.

    What hurts even more is unlike the football team which had finished in the Top 25 rankings only thrice on the last 30 years, Pitt BB was a mainstay in the rankings from 2002 thru 2016 … with 2 No. 1 seedings in recent memory. As one who had season tickets in the first 5 years of the Pete and watched the Panthers frequently beat one Top 10 team after another, this hurts me so much more

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  47. The Box Score is the worst I have seen. Brown obviously in the dog house, he played 3 minutes. Pitt only took 5 foul shots, how is that even possible? Shooting percentages were ridiculously bad.


  48. Two games in a row that Champ has disappeared in the second half, what’s up with that?

    Even though they did little is was good to see Jeffress and Collier back, it looks like the double secret probation is over.


  49. The way to start that turnaround is to bench the two players who acted immature last night. It happens, our frustrations get the best of us and we do something stupid. Without accountability, we probably never learn from that mistake and are prone to repeat it at some point.

    With good accountability, we have reasons to not repeat the action and thus become better for it. Consistency is important when leaders dish out punishment/consequences for our actions.

    The starters for the next game should be IMO:

    AKC – 5
    Champ – 3/4
    Toney – 3/4
    Nike – 2
    Okadale – 1

    AKC is turning into a very good player and adding Okadale’d D and calmer floor presence should help his game continue to improve.

    Champ – All American start – needs the line-up change to finish as an AA.

    Toney – needs better players around him so he can play to his strengths and not mask other’s weaknesses.

    Nike – needs to play to see if he can elevate this team with an infusion of maturity.

    Okadale – can he be the missing PG – let’s find out and enjoy his D while we watch.

    I think Capel should in trouble but because he is touted as HL’s prized hire, he has a free pass until she leaves Pitt.

    Thank goodness that game was on the ACCN.

    Let’s hear about and see some changes – excite the fans with a plan Pitt instead of SOP.

    Come on!


  50. Who to start
    Who to recruit
    What positions they play
    How the team prepares
    How they adjust
    Match ups
    Schemes and systems
    X’s and O’s

    I’ve reserved criticism. I know what he’s going through. Pitt basketball had lost 26 straight ACC games over two seasons. It was a dumpster fire.

    But unless he makes some significant changes, I really don’t see any difference between him and the football coach. And he’ll be getting a non flattering name real soon.


  51. Misssed the game and sounds like I was lucky.

    Was watching the HBO mini-series “The Night Of” with the Mrs instead….. two thumbs up, btw.

    Calling out the team as Capel did is the nuclear option. WIll make sure I catch the next one to see how he and the team respond.

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  52. Public shame is a good tactic but often reserved as a last resort sort of thing. It can be effective but there is only one shot.

    If that doesn’t work and I personally only think it will have short term gains, he’s gonna need some new players that buy into what he’s selling.

    Evidently you’ve got players with selfish attitudes, players with anger issues, players who are lazy at practice and players who steal cars. That sounds like a deplorable group to me.


  53. I was listening to Hillgrove and he said “I’ve never heard a coach call his team deplorable before.” That is a direct quote.

    I wish I could watch the games but in listening it very much sounded like Pitt never takes the time to pull back a bit and set up baskets inside. Not every steal or defensive rebound has to begin a full court break. Sounds like Xman does that every time he touches the ball in the opponent’s territory and with crap results.

    Xman finished with 5 points on 2-6 shooting and had only 3 assists. Isn’t he our point guard who is supposed to be the field general who directs plays instead of trying to score himself each time? Sounds like he’s a ball hog without the talent to be a successful one.

    Also wonder if Capel is a HC who sticks strictly to the premise if you are starters you have to play horribly to lose the job. But that way you never really see if your bench is any good at all. He should have had some 2nd string guys playing early when it was 73-48 with about seven minutes to play.

    We were not going to win at that point so why not see if your bench has some kids who can get into the flow of a game instead of just a relief player for tired starters. The game was already an embarrassment at that point anyway.


  54. Most of Pitts athletic programs are embarrassments at this point.

    Pitt has 19? Programs. What sports besides men and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball and wrestling are considered above average?

    80 percent of Pitt sporting teams are mediocre or flat out stink.

    Wasn’t our new AD supposed to change the culture to winning and excellence across all sports?

    Still waiting.


    1. Hasn’t it been this way for, like, forever? Only the program I’d grow up to root for would look down at athletics due to academic snobs.

      Quite the run for basketball under the current chancellor.


  55. Again, listen to what Capel actually said not how Hillgrove interpreted it. He said the play was deplorable which it absolutely was. Not that the players are deplorable.

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  56. So Pitt was winning with defense, turnovers and rebounds, turning into easier buckets. When a team makes a high percent of threes it puts much more pressure on the half court offense. This has caused stress and panic to set in and guys trying to make things happen individually and it hasn’t gone well.

    Champ had also been carrying the team offensively and with rebounding. I am not sure whether is poor second halves the last two games are a cause or an effect.

    Most certainly Pitt will only win if they turn the defense and rebounding around and be much more conservative with the three point shooting.


  57. A couple of games ago I hoped we were not entering the February swoon. Reality sets in.
    As other teams begin to mold into cohesive units, we run around like chickens running from the ghost of a fox.


  58. Both VA Tech and NC State won yesterday dispute each losing their best player last week. VA Tech beat previously unbeaten (in the ACC) UVA.

    In Capel’s 3 years at Pitt, he has upgraded the talent, but has not improved the level of play, IMO. If he happens to right the ship and avoid the poor finish of the past two years, I will take back this statement. There is no evidence that he is capable of the needed turnaround.


  59. “deplorable” Dumb! A poor statement regardless how the sentence was worded. I just can’t get my head around Capel. He doesn’t play the game the way I watched PITT play over the winning years. No discipline.
    Lack of team play. Do these guys practice together? Get a coach like Rutgers has or see if Brandon Knight will come back.


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