2020 Year in Review


What. A. Year.

What a doggone year.

As we wrap it up, all I can say is thanks to all the readers and comments who make the POV what it is. Yes, traffic is down since the Reed Kohberger heyday, (partly a function of me not writing as much, but also probably a function of me not having as much piss and vinegar to spew about, and well Reed was also just a damn good writer), but traffic still pretty damn strong. This year we had over 525,000 page views, and over 55,000 visitors. Those visitors generated over 32,000 comments. That’s 87 comments a day on average, every day of the year. I don’t think there is another free Pitt Panthers sports site in the world that generates that kind of traffic and engagement. Kudos to you Pitt POV’ers.

We’ve had visitors from over 50 countries, from the far east (headlines by China, Malaysia and India) to the Old World (Portugal is actually our top European country, but UK, France and the Netherlands are not far behind), to Latin America (Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador), and of course Australia (perhaps Christodoulou friends and family tuning in?)

We’ve also had some really good content and discussion. And after all that’s what it’s all abut. Richard Hefner stepped up this year with his “Up Next” series as well as some hard hitting recruiting analysis and I’m happy to say that one of his post’s was the top post for 2020! Great Job Richard and I really appreciate your contributions! Here are the top five posts for the year, as measured by pageviews:

  1. Richard Hefner’s guest post about Power five recruiting (and Pitt) earned top honors with 5,877 views. 2020 Power Five Recruiting (and Pitt).

2. The passing of the “O” clearly resonated with Pitt POV readers as well. My “O”bituary came in at #2, with 4,940 views. An “O”bituary. Pitt mourns the passing of a Legend.

3. Quarterbacks and offensive linemen are always popular topics. A recruiting article about the commitments of QB Nate Yarnell and OL Marco Fugar grabbed the #3 spot with 3,490 views. A Texas (Panther) Quarterback…and Florida Protector.

4. No year would be complete without a robust discussion around an on-campus stadium. 2020 didn’t disappoint. My “Where to Put the Stadium” piece landed at #4 with 3,468 views. Where to Put the Stadium?

5. Rounding out the top 5 was a piece on Football Preseason All-ACC Selections. Spoiler alert, two of them didn’t even play, and one of them didn’t finish the season. 3,251 views. Ten Preseason All ACC Selections.

Honorable Mention: Also if you are looking to capture some of that old Reed Kohberger magic, here is his “Reading Between the Lines” guest post, post-Notre Dame edition. (Came in at #7 overall, but was the top Reading Between the Lines. 2,897 views) Reading Between the Lines – Post Notre Dame Edition.

Have fun reminiscing over these articles and have a safe and happy New Year everyone. Looking forward to hearing from you (and seeing you at some games) in 2021.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

361 thoughts on “2020 Year in Review

  1. I can’t thank you and the other posters enough for all the great, timely posts. Definitely keeps me interested in Pitt football.

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      1. He’s a strange guy for sure. Once the POV left his blog in the dust he got pretty nasty with me. Now in 2020 he posted exactly one article about who should be PN’s replacement. So – One post a year and he still calls himself a “Sportswriter”.

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        1. Dokish is a clown filled with his own sense of self importance. The POV is everything he wishes his site was. Many thanks to Reed and MM for providing this outlet.

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      2. Doke is a grade A jagoff…with an ego problem. He blocks anyone with a varying opinion. His excuse for closing his blog site was he wanted to look stupid on Twitter now 24/7.


  2. Let me get in on this one early.

    I’m a very seldom poster but always love the passion all of us have for Pitt athletics as I regularly read. Thanks to all of you for the great insights (some of which I agree, some of course I don’t), but nevertheless each has its own merits.

    Happy New Year to the most passionate Pitt fans I will ever know.

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  3. Thanks MM for hosting this – it’s a great part of my week. Happy New Year to everyone on here – stay happy and healthy this coming year.

    On Christmas, my middle daughter gave me a gift where inside was a note that “I have decided to commit to Pitt”! She is a sr in hs this year. Made me (us) really proud!

    H2P everyone!

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      1. My father (a Pitt grad) said he wasn’t paying for college if I wanted to go to WVU. I jokingly said I was considering it to get a reaction and I got one! 🤣 he went nuts. Called it going to a community college for the 13th grade. He didn’t see the humor in my joke.

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      1. Thanks all! Going pre-med and is the 4th generation to go. We are really proud of her. Looks like we will be getting season tickets to football!

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    1. Perhaps the start of a New Eve’s riot in Big D. Matters !

      Hopefully all rioting was done in 2020 and no more ! The country can’t survive much more.

      Happy New Year ! Better days ahead for Pitt and Pitt fans !


  4. big ugly fight after Tulsa and (3-7) Miss State. Cheap shots galore. at the Armed Forces Bowl in Tex’s hometown. Why this game was played is in the first place is beyond me


  5. There are few people on this earth that have the passion as a Pitt fan on this site! Thank you MM for so deftly dealing with all of us and for your superb writing. Many of us are of the age that we wonder if we’ll be on this earth this time next year. Thus our passion and wanting immediate success is even stronger.

    I am very content with Capel and the overall progress the basketball team is making. Losing Champ may be a Blessing in disguise as it will force others to step up their game. I believe Pitt makes the NCAAs this year.

    I’m not content with football or Duzz. But…I know he’s not going anywhere.

    Just once, for all of us, I’d like to see the Magic of 75-81 reappear.

    Happy and Healthy New Year to All POVers !

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  6. Dan, I hear ya…just hit 70 last week. Feel great but you never know.
    I like the Magic angle…maybe look to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for our next hire.

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  7. Michelangelo, Thanks for being a bright spot in a year made miserable by COVID. You do a fantastic job. It is great that you get other writers so involved so you don’t have to carry the whole load. You nevertheless carry a heavy load. Your writing is great.
    I like Tex’s angle of a stadium donor in Portugal. I spent 21 months there in the Air Force many years ago (in the Azores.)
    Large towns have their own stadiums–for bullfighting. Perhaps we’re going to be offered one of those. Humm the symbolism has huge potential H2P, Soccer Gramps

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  8. Happy New Year to all and a special thanks to MM for keeping it going when it could have easily disappeared.—-On Yarnell, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he turns out to be a diamond in the rough because I’m not too excited about the other 3 QB’s on the roster currently. By the way Yarnell might have been reason #2 for why Whipple was retained this year.

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    1. QBs who haven’t played much in HS are at a disadvantage. I think back to a guy like Kevin Smith who had all the tools but who had played only a dozen games at QB in HS career due to injuries. I’m not expecting much of anything from Yarnell for a couple years…

      Hanging my hat on Davis Beville to come around…

      Go Pitt.

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  9. must admit I’m shocked that either the game threads or post-game editions of the 1 point losses didn’t even make honorable mention list

    But as 2020 ends, I am very optimistic about the new year ….. 8 wins!


  10. Mike – you have done a great job and I’m so very glad the POV is in your hands. I meet Pitt fans here in MD all the time who say they read the POV – most don’t comment though. Funny, but I meet them mostly in Sams Club.

    How about telling the readers how many emails you received after my “Between the Lines” article and how fast and furious they came in? But hey – the POV needs shaking up at least once a year, right?🤦‍♂️

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  11. Thank you, Michaelangelo, for all that you do for this site and diehard Pitt fans everywhere. What impressed me almost as much as the quality articles you authored (which were excellent) was the way you kept two extraneous topics, politics and dealing with Covid, from commandeering the discussion this past year. I guess I have not been aware of the POV long enough to understand your “me not writing as much” comment. I can’t for the life of me understand how you find the time to write and monitor this thing the way you do. I look forward to seeing you again at a tailgate this coming year. Happy New Year to you, your family, and all the POVerts on this site!

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  12. Just wondering….if I use a VPN, does it register me visiting your sight from the US or whatever country the VPN is bouncing a signal through?
    Started the year with Barbara Walters in my head saying, “Welcome to 20/20.” Full with hope was I for many things. Now I hear Ah-nold saying, “Hasta la vista, baby.” Glad to see this year be terminated!

    H2P and good health to all this year!

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    1. Probably from the VPN country but in my experience most vpn’s just route me through a different state


  13. Thanks to MM and all the posters for making this a (mostly) fun read. Now if we could only get Tex to note his hatred of Narduzzi and Heather only one for each blog article, THAT would be a huge upgrade! 😉
    H2P and may we all have a happy, healthy and productive 2021!

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  14. Sitting here enjoying the bowl game!!! Which prompts the question… did Pat and Heather truly believe it was a trying year and the poor babies needed to go home for the holidays or were Duzz and Heather fearful of playing in a bowl game and losing??? After all, his bid names were quitting on the team so why just not lock the gates, close the door and quit on the PITT nation……
    I think Nard/ Lyme quit on us… these players are on scholarship that cost big bucks.. they are there to perform as well as get an education… IMO, they were bowl eligible and had an obligation to go… other schools are playing… why not PITT ….. quitters just like PRis Ford and Twyman….Duzz is gutless and fearful of going 6-6 with his best team to date….

    Anyone see the Texas AM – Tulsa brawl… get rid of that element… no place in sports for that behavior… hit the road… take that game to the streets…

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    1. I agree 100%. Lyke and Frauduzzi took a quitters Route. We would of lost and they were afraid. Simple as that. Capel wants to skip the season already. Just watch.


      1. Agree, Capel is laying the groundwork to say cancel the season.

        Watched WVU game, pissed me off Pitt was not playing.

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    2. Half the D declared for the draft. The bowl would have cost Pitt money. No fans would have been allowed. There would have been little upside. I’m fine with their decision. But it wasn’t because the players wanted to be home for the holidays.

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  15. Thanks Mike and Happy New Year to all .. most you peeps more than I missed the actual games this year…. we need a POVert road trip to ROCKY TOP TENNESSEE ROAD TRIP on September 11, 2021

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    1. Anyone know a good golf course near Univ. of Tenn?

      Reed & MM, thanks for this fine distraction from life’s stresses & frustrations called a blog. Even though Pitt sports can have their own frustrations, I try to compartmentalize them into my entertainment world, where Pitt sports should be…

      Richard, thanks for breaking down our opponents and sharing your perspective on twisted stats.

      2020 was probably my worst year in my short life on this earth. I was looking forward to more golf and a 10 win Pitt FB season. I can sure make one of those two entertainment goals happen in 2021.

      Be safe and remember to consume some pork and sauerkraut tomorrow for a prosperous 2021.

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        1. Thanks Major Major

          Same to you and your family.

          Hope to golf with you soon. Spring game?



  16. Best wishes to all for a Happy and Healthy 2021.

    2020 was a really poorly named year.

    Shout-out to ike – we’re rootin’ for you ike!

    Big thanks to MM for doing such a good job of continuing the enterprise that Commander Reed started. (Can’t you just see Commander Reed on the bridge of the Enterprise…)

    Agree with Annie that it would be nice to see less repetition of the same old comments/arguments, but I’m sure I’m guilty of it too…

    For example —- I like ike!

    Go Pitt.

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  17. Wow, just watched the brawl after the Miss State/Tulsa game. What a disgrace.

    Better than a Aliquippa/Beaver Falls brawl. Or Westinghouse/Schenley in Basketball.

    Happy New Year ! Stay Safe, stay home and lock your doors !


  18. I’ve been resting on the shores of the Outer Banks since Christmas with my Mrs’.

    I’ve enjoyed reading and occasionally commenting these past few months on this Pitt blog.

    As a fan of Pitt who lives in the mid-west, I’m hoping coach Duzz makes the next step up as a HC and not only wins a 2nd Coastal title in 2021, but makes a competitive showing in the ACC championship game and wins a higher tiered bowl game.

    My wife shouts out a H2P to all of you passionate Pitt fans –

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  19. Thought I shot blanks on the UT band videos but alas… there it is… worth the trip to see that band…

    Enjoying these bowl games… pissed that our team was a No Show.

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  20. Could the Duzz haters give it a break for awhile. Given the circumstances skipping a bowl game had nothing to do with not wanting to loose. A bowl game is supposed to be a reward for a decent season (maybe except if you are one of the 4). What a reward it would have been this year, Social distancing, staying in the hotel, no one at the game. Give them some credit for getting through the year with a minimal impact from Covid. None of us know what the players went through to play this year. I was not satisfied with the season but will give them a pass.

    Look what the bb team is going through.

    Being a 70s grad I just hope for the best but will still enjoy my tailgates with my fraternity brothers win or loose. Who knows maybe next year there will be a magic season. Will keep my season tickets as long as I can go. What else other than golf can you do on Saturday afternoons in the fall I rather golf on Sundays when the Steeler game is on. I missed the fab games and now missing bb that would get me through the winter.

    Happy New Year to the POV and MM great job. I read often but post seldom.

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    1. Yes. It would not have been fun for anyone.

      But Pitt always says those extra ten days of practice are critical for the young guys

      Then they say they cancelled because the kids wanted to be home with mommy and daddy.

      Pitt can’t have it both ways


  21. You are paid a scholarship to play JP. Let the players run the program and just play when you want. Like Capel. That is fine so give back your salaries. Then the narrative will change from these Selfish primadonnas.

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  22. Happy New Year to all POVers! Let’s all hope for some peace and good will in 2021. And many thanks to MM for agreeing to host this site. We are all very appreciative of your efforts to keep this site going!

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  23. Happy New Year and thanks to Maestro, and all the posters who make this blog and the football season so enjoyable. Here’s hoping for a more regular season next year with more opportunities to get together. H2P!

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  24. Men’s and Women’s BB games postponed — actually next 3 women’s games postponed.

    Would you want to be tested for Covid 3 or 4 times a week, so that you could play a meaningless football game?

    Go Pitt.

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  25. Down here on the farm, they give different types of tests, so it would be good to understand what type of testing they have undergone. At that point, each individual could decide whether they think the testing is ohhh sooo difficult. We get tested a lot here and although I must admit there was anxiety the first few times, now, it just doesn’t matter.

    I didn’t get to watch many bowl games because the antenna is a bit stuck pointing northwest, so reception is bad. What I did notice was a lot of college football players whoooopin it up, dancing, dumping gatorade and having a blast for the most part.

    Thanks Mike for giving your time to the site. Also, unlike the Pitt Administration, when a poster or two or ten says they need a break and won’t post for awhile, you don’t cave to those folks. It’s your site. Pitt could learn a bit about people believing they are bigger than the brand. The problem is that Pitt doesn’t have a brand, unless you call those grey uniforms, part of the brand.

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  26. Love all the bands…the pageantry is one of the things that helps make college fun! Definitely some great bands out there! I like watching the TBC bands as well- too cool for this fool.
    If Pitt were to have an away game against Alabama State, this is what you would get to see (the “golden girl” leading the pack…wow… 4:50 mark.)

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  27. Good morning to all and here is open 2021 turns out to be a Covid free year sooner rather than later.—Another football side not as I’m always looking(probably wishful thinking) for a potential bright spot for the Pitt FB team in 2021. I noticed the other day that the Florida TE Kyle Pitts was named a first team All America and is considered by many to be a very high draft choice this year. Thus my hope revolves around Lucas Krull the TE transfer from Florida that never had much of a chance to see the field for Pitt because of an injury. It’s perfectly understandable why he didn’t get to see the field much for Florida and here is hoping he may be that much needed TE we have been looking for at Pitt for a very long time.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up about Krull AGAIN… But Coach Whip has shown with Breneman, or whatever his name was, that he can use a good TE effectively….

      Third downs and Touchdowns — two weak areas for us…

      Go Pitt.


  28. Happy New Year POVers.

    Thanks MM for all the hard work.

    By the way, my daughter graduated from Penn State, my son is going to WVU. Yes, they both applied and were accepted to Pitt, PSU and WVU among other schools. I never gave my opinion, fun to watch them choose and follow their own path in life. Gives me an excuse to watch even more college football and makes for fun conversations. Makes watching Pitt even more frustrating.

    Here’s to a great 2021.

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    1. You are a greater man than me. I would have disowned my son if he chose those schools. Seriously I would have.

      Maybe your son can always ‘transfer’ back to Pitt. Narduzzi knows something about transfers.

      The only thing I told my son is to look at the rankings of your program (engineering) and consider the quality of student life (extracurriculars, etc)

      He only looked at three Texas schools. Made visits to all. And then he based his decision on what school gave him the best financial deal.

      He was one point away on his ACT from getting a full ride to Tech. Aggies didn’t do anything special financially. Longhorns gave him a full ride.

      I’m sure many athletic recruits go through a similar process. Do I receive an offer. Do I get to play my desired position. Do I start right away.

      Best of luck to your son. Remember my wife’s side are from West Virginia. I can’t hate that school or state too much.

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      1. Yep, program, finances, school environment preference all factored in. Thanks for the well wishes.


  29. Looks like I am blocked on Word Press. I am in the logging in/out protocol..

    I went to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Let us hope 2020 returns to normal.

    I was shocked & honored to see my article was #1 on the hit parade. Didn’t even remember writing it. It turns out it wasn’t the article itself but just that it was up for a week. (That was confirmed by Mike when he returned an email I sent him on my problem.)

    This teaches a lesson. Stats or a stat, without explanation or context, can be meaningless.

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    1. Sometimes the best ability is availability 🙂 Kidding kidding. It was a good article!


  30. Happy New Year to all! Looking forward to gathering with you again this year. I find that means more to me now than Pitt wins and losses. Sure hope it happens.

    Thank you, MM, for all the work you put in for us. In addition to the excellent articles you author, you do a great job of monitoring this site to maintain control and civility. It is very much appreciated!

    Special prayers and wishes that 2021 will see significant turnarounds for Ike and Rachel.

    My New Year’s resolution: I used to complain when they closed Hemingways between Christmas and New Years and we always had a home basketball game or two during that period. I’m not going to complain about that anymore.

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  31. Sitting hear drinking my first cup of coffee in 2021, I started thinking about what the Panthers line-up could be next season – I’ll post two comments, one for O and one for D:


    WR’s – coach Beatty may be in route to take a lateral position with South Carolina – except for the drops, this loss will hurt recruiting.

    Four receivers return with starters experience – T.Mack (+ C-19 yr), Shocky, J.Wayne and Addison – work the JUGS machine daily fellas. No 4 star WR’s on the roster that I know of…

    OL – coach Borbs returns and I’m not sure why – status quo makes no sense if Borbs strength is teaching run blocking and OC Whip doesn’t scheme for the run.

    Seven lineman have P5 starters experience – Warren, Kradel, Houy, Goncalves, Van Lynn, Zubovic and 4 star Minor (transfer from MD). Owen Drexel has been a good back-up Center and young Taylor looked very good as a back-up Tackle late in the season. That is nine guys with experience – we should find five to move the chains with. Wait, I keep forgetting the combo of Whips & Borbs…

    TE – we are told coach Salem can recruit, just not TE’s.

    Three TE’s have limited starters experience – Krull, Moraga and Wright – work the JUGS machine daily fellas. No 4 star TE’s on the roster that I know of…

    QB – no coach designated to the QB position that I am aware of and the OC is not up in the booth to see the whole field. I believe DC Bates gives the on field coaches some insight, but then that takes away from his in game adjustment planning time. IKR…

    Picket is coming back to start. Yellen & Patti with starters experience, yet Beville is listed as the back-up on the depth chart most of 2020. About as confusing as Whips play calling. Two 4 stars and two 3 star slingers.

    RB – Five Guys, Burgers & Fries. Two 4 stars and five 3 star backs (according to Rivals). Practice you pass blocking, bulk up and you might see the field. Reminder to self – OC Whip is returning for another sideline marathon.

    Note: Burgers = Newton (5’11” 215lbs) and Fries = Hammond (5’10” 185lbs) recently signed recruits. Hoping one or both can have an immediate impact.

    Realistic expectation from me – much the same as 2019 & 2020 – ave. 15 TD passes with 11 INT’s, poor red zone scoring and no 1,000 yard rusher.

    Mediocre offense in 2021


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    1. Erie, always like analyzing the roster.

      WR – Jaylon Bareden is a kid to watch. I don’t like the return of Mack or any other mediocre player. Blocks opportunities for kids with high potential like Bareden.

      OL – you hit the nail on the head. Whipple and Borbs are oil and water. WMG. The talent is there IMO. The fact that they both are returning makes my blood boil.

      TE – Wright has all the athletic ability. Throw the damn ball to him.

      RB – best RBs sat on the bench all year. Another example of Whipple misusing talent.

      QB – Pickett isn’t getting any better. Not in this offense.

      Agree, get ready for less than 30 points per game again.

      If you watch a lot of college ball, Whipple’s play calling and scheme are puzzling, frustrating to watch, bizarre, etc. Pitt has no offensive identity besides they can’t score TDs and they can’t run the ball.


  32. I agree with Big B regarding the decision not to play in the Bowl game. If we would have played and lost that game it would mean that three out of the last four seasons were non-winning ones. This is what it would have looked like:

    2020: 6-6 (with two horrible blow-out losses by the score of 20-97 and the butt of jokes)

    2019: 8-5

    2018: 7-7

    2017: 5-7

    Folks – HCs and ADs look first and foremost at the PERCEPTION of the football program. Pitt was getting mocked on national broadcasts and killed in the national and local press. That is bad enough.

    But when you look at what Narduzzi has done since the (unjustified IMO) decision by Lyke & Pitt to drastically raise his pay and extend his contract he would have been 26-25 with two out of three bowl losses – the only win coming against powerhouse Eastern Michigan.

    Is that what Pitt wants to project to the masses and media? This referenced time period is the 3rd through the 6th seasons he’s been here. Those are the years good HCs build their program into perennial winners.

    He inherited talent, great on offense, which gave him a good two seasons start but it’s been downhill since then really. As it is with a standing 6-5 2020 season this year HL & PN can puff out their chests and state “Hey – look at us. We only had one losing season in the last four…and two winning seasons in a row!” Well, avoiding any risk of changing that is a gameplan in itself.

    Again, perception is everything in college ball especially at a mid-level at best program like Pitt. Why – because the positive perceptions of a well run, steadily winning program is what attracts bigger donors and sold out season ticket holders…and that is something Pitt aint ever going to get with near zero enthusiasm for the team and HC. Folks – really only the die-hard Pitt fans like or care about the team much at all. Outside that circle it’s like “Meh”.

    … oh Hell – look how I started a new year 😉 Happy new one anyway (seriously) and thanks for been the great POV family you are!

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    1. In this millennium, Pitt is 6 – 11 in bowl games. Since 1990, Pitt is 6-12. The 6 wins consist of ,,,,,
      — 2 close wins versus MAC teams in Detroit
      — a win vs a 6-6 Kentucky that was 2-7 in SEC
      — a 2 point win to an 8-5 UNC team that was 4-4 in ACC
      and the only 2 wins to be proud of IMO was 2001 vs NC State and 2002 vs Ore St (a while ago)

      The losses include
      — in 2014 when Houston scored 29 pts in the 4th quarter,
      — a 38-17 loss in 2013,
      — a 28-6 loss in 2011,
      — a 35-7 loss n 2004
      — and of course 3-0 in the 2008 Sun Bowl. … and
      — the only 90s appearance was a 41-7 loss to Southern Miss

      Just more evidence of the mediocrity of this program for most of the last 30 years


      1. But mediocrity doesn’t need to define you

        We all know history

        The future isn’t preordained. We can still write it


    1. It shows they are smart to cancel to some extent. A bowl game this year has really little upside. And it would not be fun for anyone in this covid environment. But what I don’t like by pitt and this is part of a continued pattern: their lies.

      Please don’t tell me that this decision to forgoe bowling was because the players wanted to spend time with their families during break.

      This administration takes us fans for fools. But many fans believe everything heather says. I question everything that comes out of her mouth. She can’t be trusted.


      1. I believe it was Partridge who first told us that 90% of the players did not want to play in a bowl game.

        Is Charlie the main liar?

        By the way, I am in the camp that Reed points out – the AD, HC and program could not afford another bowl game loss.


        1. The Pitt message to the public was it was the players decision. It’s the AD’s decision guys and gals.

          If Charlie broke the news it was because heather is still hiding in the basement.

          What school lets the inmates run the asylum?

          Answer: Pitt


            1. What other school said publicly that this decision was so that the kids could go home and spend time with mommy and daddy. Name one.

              The only other person who said this was coach k. And we all know he was full of it. They got blown out by two big ten teams at home. He didn’t want another blowout

              Just like pitt didn’t want another loss

              Again, I agree with the decision. But Pitt, this ain’t my first rodeo. Don’t take me for a fool. I don’t love Pitt that much to believe everything pitt says. I’d be a Nitter zombie if that were the case.


          1. I see no conspiracy, no one wanted to play a costly meaningless game in a pandemic that continues to get worse. So they asked the players what they wanted to do, so what! The coaches wanted to play, no they didn’t, they had to say that gung ho etc.

            Although as a fan I am glad they played this year, but the whole thing was stupid and only done because of money. The bowl game meant losing money so guess what. When you are bleeding cash you don’t look to burn more for no reason.

            Inmates running the asylum is total BS.

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            1. So pitt could have just said the truth

              But no, they blow smoke

              It would have placed a financial burden on the program
              Fans would not be allowed to attend most likely
              And nothing is fun during a pandemic with places shut down

              All those reasons are the truth

              Pitt didn’t have to say other truths like half the D already declared for the draft. Or pitt didn’t want to risk losing a game to finish .500. Or these extra ten practice days are really overrated. Or there would have been extra challenges keeping everyone safe. Or we just want to forget about a disappointing 2020 and move as quickly to 2021.

              I can respect a leader who is a straight shooter. Doesn’t sugar coat things. Tells me the truth and doesn’t hide the bad.


              1. My inside source says it was a player decision. Sorry Tex but you’re just flat out wrong on the conspiracy stuff. Fun to speculate though…

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        2. All I read about is how bowl games are exhibitions, a reward for the players, etc. Yet for some reason on here to some a bowl game loss is the end all be all for a coach and his staff. What a joke.

          Didn’t Don Nehlan lose seven straight bowl games? Is he a joke? Should WVU had fired him after 1994 when he went 11-0 but lost the Sugar Bowl by 35 points?

          A bowl game win is great momentum heading into the offseason and a loss is cause for concern and maybe time for a change?


          1. No reward for players if they have to stay in a hotel all week, get a swab jammed up their noses every day then play in front of no one.


      2. All about $$$$. The bubble, three tests per week have to be expensive to maintain for the entire staff and players. I think they wanted to stop the money loss.
        Maybe it is also the reason for Whipple’s return. They don’t want to buy out any coaches….or PN is a complete moron hanging on to Whipple as a life raft as his ship sinks.
        Will they step up for Beatty?


  33. Pitt’s schedule is like a 15 handicap playing a 2 handicap without getting any strokes. With friends who laugh and ridicule him when he comes up short every time. Of course never any credit when he comes close or miraculously wins one. The 2 handicap had a bum shoulder etc.

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    1. Use the iPhone

      I never log in anymore. And I have that great looking avatar of the Cathedral ejaculatimg a blue stream.


      1. Well every school has won the Coastal

        And what lucky Coastal school gets to play Syracuse every year as their crossover.

        Answer tonite at 11


        1. And Clemson’s crossover game is GT. What is the difference?

          You play the cards you are dealt – some are better at understanding and manipulating the game being played…


          1. Syracuse is an automatic win for Pitt

            Tech will challenge clemson if it recruits just half decent

            Georgia is a recruits goldmine

            Plus my money is on the tech coach over Narduzzi any day


            1. This rivalry goes in cycles if one looks at the overall results.

              More recently they owned us from 1984 to 2001 , going 16-1-1 against Pitt.

              Since 2002, Pitt has owned the Orangemen, going 16-3 against them.

              It’s looks like another cycle could start, coinciding with Pitt’s decline under Heather/Duzz.


        1. There is no home field advantage at Heinz. Every empty yellow seat handicaps Pitt by .005 points per Vegas.


  34. DEFENSE 2021

    DL – hopefully Pitt can keep coach Partridge on the staff…

    Assuming K.Camp does not return (+ C-19 yr), there will be four with starters experience – D.Alexander, Bentley, Danielson and Green. DE’s Morgan, Baldonado and Hayes have valuable playing experience as does DT Kancey. That gives us four each with very good experience at DT and DE positions. On top of that, the three new WPIAL recruits will add depth beyond 2021.

    Three very young 4 star guys in this group.

    LB – DC Bates was a LB coach at NW prior to taking the coordinator position at Pitt – replacing coach Harley is an opportunity to upgrade and not a concern.

    Six guys return with starters experience – Campbell & Pine (+ C-19 yr), Bright, Sir V, W. Davis and George. The 2-deep should be the best in the Duzz era and the guys behind the 2-deep give hope beyond 2021.

    No 4 star guys in this group that I know of…

    DB – coaches Saunders and Collins are doing ok with recruiting – they have collectively landed a few 4 star guys.

    Pitt losses three starters and possibly a 4th is Mathias decides to opt out. Assuming Mathias returns, we will see five guys with starters experience – Mathias, Woods, Williams, Hallett and Hill.

    Safety Hill is the lone 4 star in the experienced starters category, but there are 3 CB’s who are ranked as 4-star talent in Battle, Royal and Devonshire.

    Overall Pitt will lose 2 All-American DE’s and 3 or 4 talented starters from the secondary.

    My confidence here lies in DC Bates’ ability to keep the intensity level high and balance a team effort to keep the D performing at a high level. Eliminating long TD passes will be a top priority.

    I’m expecting a slight drop off in national stat rankings, but still seeing a good defensive unit in 2021.

    Combining the O & D early reviews makes me think we will one extra regular season game to finish at 7-5 and going to a lower tiered bowl game. Duzz must win that game or his seat will be on fire for 2022.

    My expectations will continue to be 10 wins and a top 25 ranking. By the looks of things right now, golf will consume my entertainment dollars in 2020. I’ll watch closely with the coaching staff additions/subtractions through March to decide whether Heather gets my season ticket renewal money. Holding on to those $’s tightly for now.

    Happy New Year!

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    1. Good summaries, with only two sure losses, Tennessee and Clemson, and two probable, UNC and Miami, it will be an interesting season. 7-5 looks to be about right.


      1. If there’s one constant in life, it’s that Pitt football won’t win more than 8 games

        I think 7 wins is generous. Vegas will probably set the line at 5.5

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    2. Sure wish Coach Bates would come up with a way to defend receivers coming out of the backfield. These plays have killed us for years now.

      And why do we never seem to have a safety make a play on a deep ball.

      I’d make a donation to have a sit-down with Coach Bates…

      Go Pitt.


      1. I’d like to see them give Sir V. a try at MLB. I’m still not sold we have a big-time playmaker there. Looks like plenty of talent at the outside backer spots, though…

        Go Pitt.


      2. You have to have a really smart linebacker who can make the right read and then react super quickly. That’s like NFL stuff. Dennis good at shooting gaps but hasn’t delveoped the read side of it yet. George better at reading but too slow. Our best bet is for Dennis to get better mentally bc George probably isn’t going to get any faster.

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    3. Maybe if Camp returns he’ll get a full season worth of games in for his career. From an injury perspective he’s the Tre Tipton of the defense (no offense to Tre)


  35. Happy New Year, POV!

    I think we’re seeing the end of the tradition bowl season. I won’t say the beginning of the end because I’ve seen it trending this direction for a long time now. I think COVID is a catalyst and not a fluke.

    I’ve been saying for years that players hate bowl games and that they’re essentially the college equivalent of preseason game … exhibition with no value. COVID was an easy cop out this year but I think it’s telling that Coach Partridge said that 100% of the coaches voted to play in the bowl game and over 90% of the players did not want to. That’s not just COVID. That’s an indictment on the college postseason. And it wasn’t just Pitt. Players across the country put up a big middle finger to the crappy sponsored bowls whose sole purpose is to bring viewership and advertising dollars to ESPN … with no monetary distribution to the product playing on the field.

    The BCS and playoff have rendered the current post-season pointless. So much so, the primary argument for expanding the playoff isn’t for competitive reasons and giving more teams a shot at a championship (The top 2 or 3 teams is in another league from everyone else) … it’s to encourage kids to keep playing once the season ends and boost viewership. The argument is more teams in a playoff will mean less kids opting out and more star appeal to the tv audience. The 8 seed will never win a championship in college football. The disparity between the elite and second tier is remarkable.

    It started with NFL prospects opting out but I think you’re going to start seeing a lot more kids not wanting risk their health in games of no consequence … they’re not paid after all … and the reason the coaches love the bowl season is additional practice time with the core of the following season’s team … not for an extra game at the end of season that probably ended in disappointment since they’re not in the playoff … and signing day.

    There will be exceptions … There always are … Some non-P5 schools will embrace playing a P5 school. Some seniors who don’t want to hang up the cleats. Some ultra-competitors. But, make no mistake, the majority would rather be celebrating the holidays rather than working.


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    1. True

      But universities and the NCAA will never give control to the players. Nor should they. They are a business enterprise.

      Nor will they truly care what the ‘student’ athletes want

      It’s always been about the tv money. Always will be

      And bowl games aren’t fun in a pandemic for anyone. Anyone.

      You are right. Covid is a convenient excuse for everything this year.


  36. NCAA is losing a bunch of control. Just look at the transfer culture that has created free agency. Bowls will go on but it may be with “B” teams with stars sitting out … And if players are punished for sitting they can just transfer. I love it. Change is how things evolve and it could lead to a better system. I’m waiting for the day when the top 30 teams, forget 64 P5 schools, break off and form their own league and playoff. Then the next 30 form their own league and their own playoff. That’s where I see all this going in the future.


    1. I see that day as well. It’s inevitable.

      Tex – looking forward to an Eastern conference



        1. Over college football history, Syracuse has a better historical program than any of those you listed.


          1. Yes they do.

            But who remembers all of those great pitt teams in the 20’s and 30’s either.

            Sutherland and warner are ghosts.

            They don’t represent modern football yet pitt claims 8 championships that are not relevant.

            I do own a 44 jersey. And I lived in upstate so I know what you’re talking about.

            But seriously have you ever attended a game at the dome? Ever walked campus. Ever ate in downtown. Ever gone to the nys fair there.

            I have.


            1. I was in the Eastern Gymnastics championships at Manley Hall. It had a dirt floor and we all had reddish brown feet.


  37. OT – Oscar Tshiebwe transferring out of wvcc – my guess is his best landing spot is with Calipari at KY

    Huggy Bear on record as saying no room for a return to the hoopies.


    1. Capel had Tshiebwe on his wish list and in for an unofficial visit.

      Maybe the kid wants to be closer to Sharon and we luck out !

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  38. More OT…Watching the Chick fil a Bowl and noticed the C on Cincinnati helmets looks like the C on the 50 yard line Chick fil a logo…
    Told ya it was OT…haha.


    1. I’ve spent time in Cincy. On business many times. I like the town. It’s rated as a top ‘sin city’


      1. The Society of the Cincinnati took its name from the ancient Roman hero Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a hero of the Roman Republic. … The city of Cincinnati, Ohio, also took its name from Cincinnatus and the Society.

        Cincinnatus is also credited with creating Skyline Chili btw.


          1. No….I don’t get out of Rome much these days. Too many barbarians around.


  39. Thanks to Erie Express for the posts that were actually about Pitt football players!

    Radical stuff…

    Go Pitt.


  40. The 1960 Cotton Bowl Classic was the 24th edition of the college football bowl game, played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, January 1. Part of the 1959–60 bowl game season, it matched the independent and top-ranked Syracuse Orangemen and #4 Texas Longhorns of the Southwest Conference (SWC). The favored Orangemen won, 23–14


    1. Hey Aggie Fan. Your school is vastly overrated. I’m glad they got snubbed on the BCS. My son picked the better school and town.

      Syracuse is God’s armpit. College Station is a hole larger than Morganhole.

      You won’t win a debate in this. Don’t even try. I will destroy you.


  41. No doubt GT with the short end of the stick every year with Clemson.
    I do think the crossover game is stupid. Why not have a regular rotation
    of all the teams. Then you get to see more of the other division making for a more cohesive

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  42. Just found out another old staple, watering hole, restaurant and live music venue is no more in Western PA.
    Which I would hit when traveling up there on business.

    Tully’s in Sharon….shared the same parking lot with the original Quaker Steak and Lube.

    Saw the great local group, The Beached Whales there several times. And they could get down on
    some serious Thelonious Monk tunes. Yes Monk in Sharon, Pa !


  43. See – Erie thinks I’m semi-smart.

    I’m sure that this isn’t the only year players have not wanted to play in a bowl game. I’ve talked with ex-players from Pitt who have said that some of the bowl games and all the crap they have to do before hand wasn’t worth it. Especially the Sun bowls and those BVA compass bowls. A few times we went into a bowl with a 6-6 record – does anyone really believe that players are fired up to go to those bowls vice having extra vacation time with friends and family and putting a cap on a crappy season?

    Of course – that wouldn’t have mattered a bit if the players said they didn’t want to go back in those past seasons – Pitt wanted the bowl $$, national exposure for recruiting and a chance to tack another win onto the record- which most bowl games we failed to do.

    I don’t doubt that this year most of the the players didn’t want to go to a bowl – but my point is that Lyke and Narduzzi could have overridden that if they felt there was a solid gain to accepting the bowl but didn’t want to risk that 6th loss. Maybe not the sole reason but I’ll bet a $1 it was a big one. These HCs and ADs need to think about their next contract, job, etc. also and you can be sure that plays into decision making..

    Fans have to understand that, as some on here have said, the business of college football is business. At larger schools with better programs, teams and consistently winning seasons then emotions and traditions might rule the day – but for many schools (and I include Pitt based on my 10+ years of having media passes and using them) pragmatism is the key.

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  44. Pitt would be down 45-3 by halftime against Georgia. We better hope Fickell moves on, or we’ll lose even more recruits in Ohio and other places, to besides OSU, UC as well.

    Bearcats 14 Georgia 10 at the half


  45. For the life of me, I can’t believe anyone taking issue with the players who didn’t want to play in a meaningless bowl this year. Six months without going home …. 19, 20 and 21 year olds. C’mon!!

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  46. to the person who continually changes his/her handle here to fit the post, I really appreciate your sense of humor as well as some of your obscure but pertinent use of names.

    We had a chance at Fickell back after Fraud left. Fickell interviewed at Pitt after he was asked to make room for Urban Meyer after his one year interim 1-year stint at OSU. He allegedly turned down an interview after Chryst left .. maybe because as OSU DC, he didn’t want to disrupt the team that was chosen for the Final 4 (they won it all that year) … or maybe because he wasn’t hired before


  47. Could it be anyone other than UPitt?

    The man is a creative genius.

    Pitt would indeed lose by at least 50 to Cincy

    And They don’t make pre game excuses why they will get blown out.


  48. don’t know if Cincy will maintain its first half lead against a good Georgia team …. but as I pointed out last week here, the Cincinnati program is one to behold.

    beginning in 2007, the Bearcats won 11. 11, 12, 4, 10 and 10 while in the Big East the same time as Pitt and WVU. under B Kelly and C Jones. Tuberville won 9, 9, 7, and 4. Fickell won 4, 11 and 11 and is currently 9-0 with a 11 pt 3rd period lead overUGa.

    Yes, they currently don’t play the hardest schedule in the AAC … but still

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  49. My two names are Upittbaseball and Bill Narduzzi.

    Billy and your Health Director are more qualified than Gorilla Calves to be Pitt’s HC over Frauduzzi who doesn’t even want to play. Shut them and basketball
    Down. Neither coach wants to play and just wants paid for nothing.


  50. Cincy is doing something that Narduzzi can and never will do with Pitt.

    And how does Luke sell Cincy

    What excuses does he make

    Most Pitt fans deserve the mediocrity. You enable it. I won’t back down from how I think.


  51. Thanks to Michaelangelo for your stewardship of the POV. Your articles and analyses amaze. Don’t know where you find the time to create such great content.

    Thanks to all contributors with a shout out to my fellow Texans and to my SAE’s — LV and Doc.

    I have been reading this blog for years and just recently began contributing with brief comments.

    I visit you folks daily. Love it.

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful 2021!

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  52. Cincy is to be commended but 3 grave tactical errors on Bearcats last drive. Twice the Cincy QB got the snack with > 10 seconds left on a running clock. Then the pass incompletion instead of a run on the 3rd down when UGa was out of TOs.

    If Cincy plays it right, UGa gets the ball deep in its own territory with about 40 seconds left instead of 1:28

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      1. Luke probably turned down the chance because he is smart enough to know how bad Pitt has mismanaged its football program for decades and no being all-in on winning.

        Lucky to have Narduzzi because he wants to be at Pitt and is busting his hump trying to add players. It took Mooselodge how long to move to Pittsburgh after getting the job? Then he delayed reaching out to Graham’s recruits he didn’t want so they could find another landing spot. Great guy. Chryst never sold Pitt because his heart never left Madison.


  53. Oh, well. Keeping playing in the AAC and register those wins, Cincy.

    Pitt fans pissed on its 10-3 team from 2009 for beating nobody, but you go Bearcats. Keep feasting on the AAC and Austin Peay.

    Oh, for you all holy Pitt fans. I saw Fickell and Vrabel in the fall of 1994 on a Thursday night beat the living daylights out of some guy in an ally at Ohio State. Luke is not Pitt material because of it because he would shed a negative light on the all holy Pitt Mission Statement if he ever walked the sidelines at Heinz Field.

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  54. Fickell pulled a Duzzy there. Why on Earth did he call a timeout with 15 seconds left when
    Georgia had no TO’s.

    Maybe he wants a job in the SEC. lol


  55. I thought Tshiebwe was getting a lot of playing time with the Hoopies. Why is he transferring? Another disgruntled player is not what Pitt needs now… But just think if he and Cockburn from Illinois, who Capel also wanted, had both come to Pitt. What a front court.


  56. Perri Page, Julius Page’s daughter, plays basketball at Char Valley. She just committed to play at Columbia.

    Pitt apparently showed interest, but I imagine it was complicated by Perri being JP’s daughter. Pitt does have a verbal from A. Malcolm who is Perri’s teammate and an elite HS shooter.

    Best wishes and congrats to Perri and Julius.

    Go Pitt.

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      1. Count me as someone who follows the Lady Panthers, John. Watched a couple of their games this year on the ACC Network and ACCNExtra. We wear our Pink the Petersen tee shirts proudly. Love taking my granddaughter to their games to show her that girls are athletes too.

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  57. The dude from Cincinnati that ran the 78 yd TD today is a transfer from Bama.
    Major, I appreciate the Women’s Hoops updates.

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  58. Just how stupid are the people at Rivals? Do they do any thinking before rating these kids other than height & weight?


  59. Major, I also like the lady Panther updates, and updates on all the minor sports at Pitt as well. Please keep them coming!

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    1. Incredible coach, unlimited spending, an entire state behind the program, academics nonexistent for the athletes: a true football paradise. Pitt will never have any of those benefits.

      If only the BoT had allowed Sherrill to run rampant through the 80s to have our time in college football history.


        1. I’m seriously considering leaving g college football over that call. Not joking. Although if the defender had been injured that’s a different story. He shouldn’t have been ejected over it though

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          1. I agree, as i think he did the damage with the shoulder and his helmet was to the side of the hit. Did he lead with his helmet down? Yes. but dod he hit him square on with the helmet? Absolutely not..—-With the rules today you can see how difficult it is to be a dominating defense without getting yourself in trouble with the officials. Excelling at offense should be the focus of all head coaches today. Unfortunately i don’t think Narduzzi will ever realize that fact.

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  60. How about those OSU TEs! It’s amazing what an offense can do with pass catching TEs. Maybe Pitt should try it. I never thought I’d hope for OSU to win a game, but that Clemson team needs humbled a little. Dabo tends to annoy a bit.

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  61. On a different topic: I think that Pitt never really got over the Golden Panther scandals of the 70s(?). Bob Heddleston’s questionable management of the GP fund raising and spending activities nearly cost Pitt big time, and I wonder if there is still a faint odor that the current administration senses when weighing a return to big time athletics.


    1. Pitt will never return. Those booster bodies are fine with the right oversight and supervision. Along with certain laid out rules that everyone understands without exception.

      But understand. People give monies for a reason. A major reason is to buy influence. And that is the root of corruption and scandal.

      The majority of sports boosters are focused on one thing…winning

      Pitt cares too much about saving kittens to relinquish any control. They are heretics in regards to the mission statement.


  62. MM, you rock. That was an awesome perspective piece. Most here aren’t privy to POV site hits and demographics. So it was enlightening to hear firsthand how many individuals – – fans and alum – – you’ve reached a potentially influenced to follow our Pitt Panthers. (in all honesty I shouldn’t be surprised by the following amassed here at POV; Reed K. founded and maintained an informative and attractive site for us to visit for the latest news and as I stated just yesterday, you’ve admirably carried the torch with equaled capability over these last couple years.
    Hope you’re taking some pride and enjoyment in it all, is what I mean, pal.
    Thanks again for your hard work. Your success is well deserved.


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  63. That targeting call is the rule in both college and the nfl. Can’t tackle with your crown of your helmet. Intent does not matter. It’s the defenders job to be in control. Like it or not that’s a rule that will never go away. It’s a part of the game at all levels. That gets called 10/10 times. Sucks but it’s the rule.

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    1. Wrong….he led with hit him with his shoulder initially and as the QB turned he got hit a little with his helmet. How can these guys tackle anyone now? I guess they prefer blown out knees instead.


      1. Jackagian … That’s 100% the right call based on the rules. Gets called every single time at all levels of football. He drilled him the back with the crown of his helmet. Intentional or not, it’s against the rules. I agree it’s a little lame but that gets called every time. I do agree wit the intent of the rule so I don’t get too upset. It’s even more dangerous for the tackler. The tackler bears the responsibility even if the runner caused it. He should not have lowered his head. It is really that simple.

        And the way you describe isn’t at all how it happened … https://twitter.com/GerrenPeterson/status/1345198370290356225?s=20


        1. Agreed it was a hot intended to disable the quarterback maybe end his career. And the Clemson player was thrown out of the playoff game the year before. No doubt a wife beater and alcoholic in waiting


  64. For the record for those posters that think Pitt didn’t want to play the bowl game for fear of another loss I think they are simply in search of anything that might cast another shadow on Narduzzi and Heather.

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    1. of course they do. Because they are the current whipping boys. Just like all of their predecessors for the past 38 years. But be assured …. the next two will get it all right … no doubt!


    2. That was a reason. Far better to finish with a winning game record than .500

      Was not the only reason. But it was a valid reason

      Very good chance pitt would have lost since half their D declared for the draft.


  65. I assure you that Ohio St beat Clemson with a lot more than just TEs and RBs. How about an elite OL and DL … and WR and a QB, etc. ..

    What Pitt needs to beat these teams are 2 or 3 five stars, and at least a dozen four stars …. every year! And even that doesn’t guarantee great success. Ask Michigan and PSU fans…. hell, ask ND fans!

    This is the 3rd time this decade that Notre Dame made the CFP playoffs … the undefeated Irish lost to Bama 42-10 in 2012 in national finals. The undefeated Irish lost Clemson 30-3 in 2018 semis …. and yesterday must have seemed like a reprieve, losing only 31-14.

    Of course, ND got there because they’re ND. Michigan and PSU haven’t gotten there. Maybe indeed Texas A&M should have been there instead … yet the Aggies still lost to Bama 52-24 earlier this year

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    1. Pitt can’t even beat Nc state and BC with its two star Elon recruits

      Pitt would have lost 72-0 to tOSU just like majors did in the 90’s

      Nothing has changed


    2. I’m glad Notre Dame was stomped. They are in the closed fraternity of CFP contenders. However, it is always entertaining to watch Alabama compete. Disciplined play outstanding plays and no clown act on sidelines. In other words the antithesis of a Narduzzi coached team.


  66. while I was writing the above, I was watching a 1942 movie that took place in 1940 France. And the John Wayne character was explaining to the Joan Crawford about his native Pennsylvania …. and said “do you ever see Pittsburgh play Carnegie Tech?” (not making it up … movie is called ‘Reunion in France’

    For many of you here, maybe you should be watching old movies

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    1. Was that the movie called Pittsburgh? Haven’t seen that one for a while.
      Carnegie Tech was big time as was Washington and Jefferson back in the day.


    2. WBB, Pitt vs Carnegie Tech used to be a rivalry game back in the 60s…in hoops.

      It was a different age in Pitt sports. Frankie Gustine was QB on the football team and point guard on the basketball team.


  67. HAPPY New Year everyone!

    My 2021 wishes and dreams list for my family & friends (including all friends on the POV)

    Good health for all in 2021 in this intense environment.
    2.. A new O.Coordinator for Pitt. #WMG …(remember we have until 12/31/2021)
    A new Tight End Coach for Pitt. (same as above)
    More discipline & and less drops (i.e., make it to the 50th percentile on penalties & drops)) for this HIGHLY UNDISCIPLINED & UNFOCUSED Pitt football team.
    Assuming that it is the SOP….(6-7-8 wins)…more playing time for backup QB (development time) …so Pitt can identify the clear front runner for the starting QB in 2022.
    A new O.Coordinator for the Steelers.
    A new O.Line Coach for the Steelers + replacement for Alejandro V
    A new owner for the Pirates (yes…I am delirious at this point) 🙂
    Coach Capel finds it in his heart (or finds the courage) to schedule the “mighty” Duquesne Dukes on an annual basis; ….9A: Coach Capel finally recruits a true point guard……..and 9B: Really dreaming: Pitt, Duquesne, RMU & WVU/State Penn create an annual City Christmas tourney
    The Duquesne Dukes make the NCAA tourney for the first time in about 100 years!


    1. My apologies….when I typed the above….there were numbers inserted for each of the 10 items (above)….when I hit SEND……..they disappeared…..except for #2!

      Go figure //sigh //


      1. that has happened to me before. You should never start your post with a number … and always then never leaver a number by itself after that


        — this is why I normally put –at the beginning of each item I list


      2. But number 2 was the most important imo. Regarding pitt sports that is

        Good health is always number 1. Hoping Ike is kicking butt and taking names. Hoping nobody gets covid


  68. I was wondering last night what impact if any playing 12 games vs. six games had last night.
    The announcers were saying that tOSU was affected more because they wouldn’t have hit their stride or some such nonsense. Clemson definitely appeared worn out, but their lines were no match either way.
    In any case Fields a little pissed about the Heisman, I’d say, he was pretty flawless. Plus never saw Lawrence under that much pressure, even affects the best.

    In the first game, it was refreshing seeing few penalties, They said it was because of two well coached teams, true but refs that don’t call every little thing help a lot.

    Alabama looks like a Pro team, they had a few stars on the sidelines but their depth is extremely solid. They look so much bigger stronger and athletic than the others.

    Let’s hope the lightbulb goes off in Narduzzi’s head that while defense is important, offense wins football games. The losers had no answers and could not stop the passing or running of the winners. The teams with the dominant O-lines are the winners.

    While we blame the coaches, it is pretty obvious that the team with the best players won yesterday and usually do.

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    1. Was surprised by the poor tackling by Clemson – though I didn’t watch the whole game.

      And while the Ohio S. TE looked great, the QB threw a perfect pass on the one Touchdown where that TE was pretty well covered.

      Go Pitt.


  69. Gordon, it’s just not tOSU …. have you noticed just how overwhelming the B1G has been in the last few days? Apparently, playing only a half of season is the key for being successful in the post season.

    Fresh bodies and fresh minds (especially this year)


  70. Concerning Pitt and Carnegie Tech …. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/10/19/18001148/ap-top-25-poll-history

    from above … here is the very first AP Football poll from Oct 19, 1936. Note that Pitt is 9 and Duquesne is 11

    Notre Dame
    Texas A&M
    Holy Cross

    Back in 2009, AP had its 1000 weekly poll … and the trivia question was … which was the only school to appear in the Top 10 on the first and 1000 polls?

    As luck would have it, Pitt was 8th in the 1000th poll back in early November 2009. They were there for 2 weeks before losing to WVU (and then Cincy). They haven’t been there since


    1. and also note that the numbers are missing in front the teams …. see my post above @ 9:40 am


  71. Out of all the football I watched yesterday I really enjoyed watching the army and Cincinnati football teams… Shame they both lost as I felt they all played their opponents… Both of them could beat PITT …

    Narduzzi needs to go to Cincinnati and shadow for a while to learn how to play defense… I did not see any Georgia receivers running wide-open… Did not see stupid mistakes… Really good tackling…

    Gotta love the service academies… No fifth and six year seniors on those teams… No four or five stars either… But man do they play as a team… Pure college football…

    The Clemson defense of line show their age in last nights game… Most of them are freshman…

    They need to change the rule on targeting… That was a BS call last night and takes away from the game of football… The rule should be head versus head contact. Too many rules, too many TV timeouts… All ruin the game…

    Happy new year to all of you…

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  72. Anyone notice in his pregame interview Dabo was asked something to the effect of, since his OC wasn’t available would he be involved in the offense/play calling. Dabo replied that he’s always involved in the offense and play calling. Quite different from the Duzzi school of coaching.


      1. Not unwarranted
        Deserved with a cherry on top

        Snaggletooth is pointing out the difference between greatness and mediocrity

        It’s those details that matter

        Narduzzi is aloof

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    1. “A man has to know his limitations”
      This is why the budget needs increased for An Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator


      1. The budget is there. Narduzzi could very easily tell his boss he needs one million to find a good OC. But no

        He’s fine with retreads because he doesn’t want a future replacement. He doesn’t want someone to outshine him. He wants to hog all the money for himself

        Pitt can find an extra $500k for a quality OC

        They just saved millions by not going bowling this year


        1. I’m glad Notre Dame was stomped. They are in the closed fraternity of CFP contenders. However, it is always entertaining to watch Alabama compete. Disciplined play outstanding plays and no clown act on sidelines. In other words the antithesis of a Narduzzi coached team. Great comment


  73. If I were the father of the OSU QB, I would have gone on to the field Friday during the game to pull my son out of the game after his injury. Horrible display of win at all cost.

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  74. Hi all and Happy New Year.

    A couple refelctions on the above.

    First and foremost, thanks Maestro for helping to keep the sanity during the past year. Sorry we were not able to meet up at an away game this year – or a home game!

    Second, thanks to RIchard for putting together the next opponent pieces.

    Third, thanks to Dan for the great analysis during basketball games. Love the passion.

    Fourth, thank to Fran, Gordon and our member at Willowbrook GC for a nice outing.

    Regarding the stats of views and responses….if you think we have a POV reader from Lund or MalmoSwedenb I have bad news for you. Thats me when I use the my company’s overseas gateway due to whatever is goin on with the US one. I really doibt there is anyone in southern Sweden who is a Pitt fan. (And BTW, “Pitt” is a Swedish slang word. Go look it up in Google Translate. You will not be happy) Im a bit skeptical of the extent of the global reach of PItt POV that Reed touted when at the bridge.

    Have to winder what the post level is if Tex took the year off. (which Im not advocating, btw).

    Regarding this nonsense about who decided what about a bowl game. Its a crazy year and everyone gets a pass for whatever decisions made out of caution, compasion or business pragmatism. Its a free country and you are welcome to your views about who running the programs.

    The real POV highlight of 2020 (fr me at least) was this:

    Finally, best wishes for our friends Ike and Rachel and hope 2021 brings much health. The same for anyone else here who is also dealing with a health issue.

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    1. Another flashy University of Houston successful football coach flung off the ladder of success on the next step up. First Sumlin then Hermann. Both guys exit as millionaires a couple times over.

      But what Texas did is obscene. Raising tuition, cutting positions and salaries all to hire a guy who’s 10 games over. 500?

      It’s as absurd as it is doomed to fail.


  75. Don’t mess with Texas. Seriously, he should have been fired. They have a real AD. And influential boosters. They admit mistakes. They pull the trigger on change. They take risks for a payoff. Total opposite approach for pitt.

    But Texas does have money to burn. They can take more risks

    Good chance Texas interviews someone from my list

    But you know who they are targeting. It’s no coincidence it happened today.


  76. Snagglepuss, you need to end your posts with “exit, stage left” like in the cartoons.
    JoeL, thanks for the fishing video…what a great time with Biggies posse.

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  77. Texas is so desperate for a recruiter they will look past Sarkesian’s past drinking issues to fire Herman.

    And Cincy and ISU will keep its coaches. Amazing.


    1. Steve is their top pick. But as yoda said in Star Wars,’ no, there is another ‘

      Three guesses

      And it’s not urban, Luke or Matt


    1. Tossing, I was a Bro back in the Cretaceous Era when Dinosaurs roamed Oakland and North Bellfield. The Luna, Haddon Hall, The Keg, Chiefs, Pitt Stadium, TD, Billy Knight. Peace, love, and ___.


      1. Well, five apples, brother … UPitt’s bro, Jay91 (I think that was his screen name), is SAE as well. He doesn’t come around much anymore.


  78. looked at the targeting call again and while I am often highly critical of the refs and even more of the replay booth getting things wrong(where there is virtually no excuse), I have changed my opinion

    I’d be surprised if Skalski didn’t know what he was doing and even though obviously not hitting Field’s helmet or launching was certainly head down/chin tucked position

    imo proper call and only becomes questionable if it were a more glancing hit with the crown and NEVER would get called if a head down MISS then hit with shoulder

    obviously the rule is to protect the player tackled but ?maybe? as obvious to protect the tackler too


    1. After reviewing it again … looking at some thing. I agree this form of the rule is more about player protection. He puts his face mask in the rib cage then no issue / no call (I would hope). On the other hand if Fields doesn’t spin then it’s a clean hit with the shoulder pad even though Skalaki technically led with the helmet.

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      1. The differing opinions on this are based on the name of the foul, “targeting”. Since intent is not supposed to have any bearing on the call they should call it “accidental helmet contact”. Targeting shows intent. It’s like calling an accidental death premeditated murder.

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    2. Skalski knew exactly what he was doing. He should be banned from the sport. It’s actors like Skalski who will ruin college football by discouraging helicopter mothers from letting their little boys start in mini me leagues.


  79. I’m a Capel fan, but I’m a bit concerned about his attitude toward COVID. Say what you want about Narduzzi, but he was determined to get the season in. Capel doesn’t seem to care, and instead of looking at the situation as a potential opportunity, he seems to be caving in to the potential negative impact of COVID.

    I watched the Maryland-Wisconsin game last week, and the announcers were discussing how those two teams both quarantined over Christmas and came out strong and ready to play. Capel sends the team home for Christmas, and someone brings back COVID, which has delayed 2 games so far. Normally, I’d say send the kids home if the schedule permits, but these are not normal times.

    He seems to be listening to coach K too much. Maybe he was smart to delay two losses until Champ gets back, but I’m not sure that was the plan.


    1. Totally agree about Capel. I heard his one press conference going off about covid and he sounded way too soft. These kids want to play and if they don’t then they probably shouldn’t be earning a scholarship to play basketball. I played some college basketball and Canceling my season would have been the biggest possible disappointment. I would have given up seeing my girlfriend and gotten a porn subscription and been happy about it if it meant I could play basketball.

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      1. There’s good value in a porn subscription. And you don’t have to deal with typical girlfriend relationship stuff. Less stress. More fun.

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    2. There is some sincerity to it but recruits are seeing him talk about player entitlement and not being professionals and hinting at them being allowed to make money … I, personally, think he’s setting the stage for the future … “Send your kids to me … I’ll have their best interest at heart …”

      The team is not there yet and without Champagnie it is a lost season. The best thing Capel can do now, is be landing folks for the future. It’s not like it’s hurting attendance.


    3. We don’t play again until Jan. 10 and that game could be canceled. We also don’t know how bad of a case Capel had. Unlike some of our politicians who pooh-pooh the disease, he could be one of those who suffer long lasting effects and loss of smell and taste.

      He’ s running scarred and maybe for good reason.


  80. Capel and pitt can only do so much. Unless you keep the kids in a bubble, there’s a chance you’ll get covid. And I’m not advocating a bubble for anyone. But covid is really easy to catch. All you have to do is let your guard down once. I know.

    It’s going to be tough to have a basketball season when the next wave hits in about two weeks. Darkest days truly are ahead.


    1. I don’t blame capel for the player getting Covid. That’s just going to happen. And I don’t mind him letting the players go home for Christmas. I just think he has sounded very soft regarding the whole Covid thing. He and the team should be 100% committed to playing basketball. It wasn’t a problem for the football team.


  81. just read Herman’s firing will cost Texas a $15M buyout for him and $24M for his staff.

    This is for a team that finished 7-3 and just won it bowl game 55-23


    1. Tex would know better, but I would imagine they are tired of seeing Texas A&M be successful while they remain pretty stagnant.


      1. Different performance standards At Texas and at Texas A&M than at Pitt. They expect results…..and are sometimes maniacal with their deep pockets.


      2. Not just the Aggies. But Oklahoma. That’s the measuring stick.

        And $24 million is a drop in the bucket. They have the highest revenues of any school. Allows them to take greater risks and make change.

        Pitt didn’t have wealthy boosters to buy Narduzzi out. Pitt took out a loan to buyout Stallings.

        Expectations are just bigger like everything else in Texas.


      3. When you become a Longhorn, your real hatred is for Oklahoma. And now that the Aggies are in the SEC, the hatred doesn’t burn as deep. I think most Longhorn fans truly respect the Aggie fan and 12th man. Sooners fans are like Hoopies.


    2. Like I said, it’s obscene when Texas has eliminated positions and cut salaries in the athletic department. Despite the legion of Texas fans in Houston, the Horns are hated for their ridiculous Longhorn network no one watches and their choice to anchor the Big 12 which they never can win! As far as football intelligence is concerned, Texas A&M reaps endless benefit from fleeing its rivalry with Texas and setting up with the best conference in college football the SEC. The SEC and A&M are out recruiting the Longhorns in Texas.


  82. Just want to formally express my appreciation for this site that MM so amazingly has perpetuated(of course meant in the most positive sense) after Reed’s launch and stewardship. I can’t imagine it being in any better hands.

    And as Reed has repeatedly stated, nearly as important it is equally great here through contributions of most of the posters and article writers too. Intelligent, accurate, perceptive and well written thoughts from some guys and at least one lady here that I find extremely entertaining. Now note that I did say MOST as some day I aspire to be one of those good contributors,,,,and hope Tex gets closer to be one some day too. 😉

    Funny thing, I’ve mentioned POV to several of my Pitt buddies but pretty sure none of them post. Several very smart and accomplished people all proud Pitt alum. Maybe I’ll remind them again. Seems at least lately there are a couple new posters,,,,or the aliases used at times may just make me think so.

    Happy new year and best wishes for health to all. Maybe we’ll get there through Pitt football or basketball or wrestling or…. but more importantly through family and friends.

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  83. Of College Football Days gone past…..to have lived back then !

    Duquesne even played in the Orange Bowl, beating Mississippi State 13-12.
    Carnegie Tech played in the Sugar Bowl

    Pitt played in 3 Rose Bowls

    So in the 1930’s, Pittsburgh was sort of the epicenter of college football, with not one great program,
    Pitt…..but also Carnegie Tech & Duquesne.

    Time Machine back to 1930 would be the ticket.


  84. Hey Tex, I’m hearing that Texas, specifically Austin, is being infiltrated by West Coast Progressives who are starting to overwhelm the University of Texas with far left liberal ideas, including the choice of the next football coach. I hear they are starting to teach a class in tree cat removal at UT Austin, and that they want to dominate the Board of Trustees with people who prefer basket weaving to football. How are you going to stop this? Is it also true that the locals want to slightly change the Longhorn colors to chartreuse and pantone, and be the first P5 team to have the cheer leading coach take over football?


    1. too late …. SXSW is a reknown music / film /(mostly) liberal speakers agenda that has been going on in Austin for 33 years. (cancelled this year for 1st time). The start ….. In July 1986, the organizers of the New York City music festival New Music Seminar contacted Roland Swenson, a staffer at the alternative weekly The Austin Chronicle, to talk about organizing an extension of that festival into Austin.

      so it was the East Coast Liberals that got the ball rolling

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    2. Austin has always been liberal. But that meaning is different here in Texas. I have noticed more people from Cali and Chicago in my over 20 years down here. If anything, Texas is becoming more cosmopolitan and frankly more like the World. And that’s a good thing.

      Tex – being serious for a change.

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      1. Sorry to be the fun police….I know the original post was made i jest about east coast liberalism influencing college coaching selection. Let’s make sure we don’t take a turn for the serious


  85. The 1963 Cotton Bowl Classic was the 27th edition of the college football bowl game, played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday, January 1. Part of the 1962–63 bowl game season, the game featured the fourth-ranked Texas Longhorns of the Southwest Conference (SWC) and the #7 LSU Tigers of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).[1] LSU shut out the Longhorns, 13–0.


      1. Only in the Winter.,….when the trees are leaf-less.

        Make sure it’s white toilet paper please…..we have community codes !
        And it’s got to be autographed by Mr Whipple !


        1. UNC may make it 0-6

          Pitt would probably not contribute positively if they played in a bowl game.

          They just don’t pass the eye test from the games I saw.


    1. But Sark(isian) has a career record of 46-35 at Washington and USC. His best season was going 9-4 with the Trojans in 2014, which by USC standards is somewhere between ho and hum. He’s never had a team finish a season ranked higher than 20th. He also was fired as offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons in 2018.

      That’s the guy triggering a $50 million decision?


      1. Texas is gambling big that Sarkisian will recruit better than Herman. This decision was based off on all the fabulous talent is leaving the state and not matriculating to Austin.


  86. Alabama makes everyone good. He was awful as the Falcons OC and an average HC. Having number 1 pics at QB, RB and WR make an offense click.


  87. And he’ll probably lead Texas to their first NC since Mack Brown within three years. My sons senior year. Funny how that will work out. Pays to know the Devil.


  88. so you guys in Texas always want the coaches and ADs fired because you live in a water cooler state …. who knew? No wonder you are the way you are


  89. Well if I don’t say so myself….a below .500 SEC also ran beat the 2nd highest ranked team in the B1G !

    Rebels 26
    Indiana 20


  90. Happy New Year POVers

    For the couple of folks on here that follow Pitt wrestling – Pitt’s first dual meet of the abbreviated season is tomorrow vs Navy and can be viewed live on ESPN+ at noon eastern time. Despite losing a couple of wrestlers to graduation, Pitt should be solid/decent. Pitt’s second dual meet vs Lehigh will also be on ESPN+.

    Sarkisian may not last as long as Herman at Texass. And, he will have an inexperienced QB in his first season as well, I believe.


    1. That will pretty much solidify ND as staying independent. At least for now – bad look for the conference on many fronts.

      UNC played without their top three playmakers on offense and looked very good against a top 5 team.

      Miami and UNC will be the early favorites to win the Coastal.

      Switching to Texas – I’m not sure who the major “influencers” were in the Sark decision, but it is a head scratcher to me. I’m hoping the Sark pulls his own head scratcher and snags Whip as his OC 😉

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  91. This is twice now that Texas has fired a head football coach and within a couple of hours announced the replacement. You just know they had to have had the new guy signed, sealed and delivered before cutting the old one loose. Even had an agreement with Saban that Sark would be allowed to remain to coach through the National Champ game. Sure wish we could do that. We fire, form a committee, weeks go by, rumors fly, we get our hopes up then dashed …. then usually make what looks like a desperation hire. It’s good to have ethics. But it sure makes life hard sometimes.

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    1. too bad Steve P made that mistake twice. It’s one thing to fire a losing coach, but when you fire a winning one like he twice did … you better damn know who is coming in

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      1. Always have a bird or two in hand

        Most good AD’s carry with them a list of coaching candidates. The AD alone can then give the order to hire.

        They are like nuclear codes stored in a suitcase tied by handcuff to the wrist of an agent.

        In Texas, having a coaching Arsenal is more important than nukes.


      1. I agree with what you are saying, Gordon. My issue is the philosophy of quietly searching and negotiating behind the scenes while your current coach is still on board. I imagine it is hard to do without word leaking out and rendering your current coach as a dead man walking. All it would take is one of your contacted candidates using your inquiry as leverage to get a better deal with his present school and the whole thing blows up in your face. Maybe your administration handles that by saying that they are constantly doing their due diligence to ensure they have the best leaders for every sport or even every position in the University, yadda yadda yadda.

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      2. Having money helps. Pitt can’t even afford a $10 million buyout. $25 million grows on the Live Oak outside the Engineering Hall at Texas.

        But these AD’s don’t rely on committees. The university trusts the AD. The AD is then fully accountable.

        Pitts approach is vastly different. Less transparency. Less accountability. Less risk taking.

        Frankly, it’s refreshing to follow and support a school that thinks like me.


        1. But I would have made an offer to Darth Franklin. If Sark has conquered his demons, Texas might just give the Sooners a run. But rest assured, the AD won’t be stupid enough to extend him if the results aren’t there.


          1. Five years and counting where Franklin was supposed to leave PSU for greener pastures. The Texans should hire him since the health care for James’ daughter is top notch in Houston compared to where he lives currently.


  92. Herman to Tennessee rumor? Seems that Tennessee has not been happy with HC Jeremy Pruitt. As a Pitt fan, I’d much rather face the Vols’ 5 star QB and 4 star RB with Pruitt than Herman next September.

    Pitt seems content to do nothing coaching-wise, sit back while LB coach leaves (for a promotion mind you, good for Harley) and possibly the two best recruiters in Beatty & Partridge getting poached for lateral positions in the SEC or B1G.

    Perhaps we need to find ways to peak behind the “Locked Gates of Pitt Football”. In our first episode we find HC Duzz and KP playing a competitive game of foosball while RB’s coach Powell practices his long snapping skills in the hallway.

    In our next episode, the TE’s learn how to eat with chop sticks…


    1. And Whipple is in his office, drawing up new…3 yard plays…. for 3rd down and 5 yards to go situations.


  93. a few notes …

    1) Pitt wrestling team is ranked 14th

    2) not only was UNC without its top 3 playmakers on offense and its MLB, NC State had 4 defensive starters out and had to use its 3rd team QB. Miami lost starter QB King in the 2md quarter (lost by 3)

    3) but take heart …. with the ACC bowl teams all losing, Pitt is now tied with Va Tech, Louisville and FSU with the conference’s longest win streak going into 2021 …. 1 game


  94. Dec 12: Texas AD confirms Tom Herman will be coach in 2021

    Dec 16: Texas signs top-20 class including 5-star & 8 4-stars

    Jan 2: Texas fires Herman.

    Bait & Switch.


  95. Don’t forget to copy your comment before you post, I just got screwed a second day in a row.
    It was another good one too.


    1. It is funny that during the Chryst era I complained that we had no pass rush and that we needed better linebackers and D-Ends. Now under Narduzzi it is just the opposite.
      The only thing that has been consistent has been the need for a star QB. More than any position it is the difference maker.

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      1. Yeah, we always seem to be okay on one side of the ball and poor on the other. Which is why I’d like to see a Head Coach for offense and a Head Coach for defense. Try a model of spending the big bucks on the coordinators and see how it works without the high-paid figurehead Head Coach…

        Go Pitt.


  96. The problem is offense rules the roost. When teams are scoring 30 plus vs Alabama proves you can not win with defense.
    I am sure Bama’s players as a whole are way better the Pitt and yet they still give up points in bunches.
    They game today is all about scoring.

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    1. there is no question this is true, and to Tex’s credit, he has been championing that here for a while. Heck, the SEC title game this year was 54 to 46.

      And I have been trying to tell all here that when you run into some of these great offenses, you are not going to have much success when they bring their A or B game. Clemson, even after the recent shellacking, finished 15th on total defense ,,, but was helpless vs OSU

      On the other hand, are you aware that Bama is 32nd in defense, OSU is 41st and Florida is 83rd? All loaded with 4 / 5 stars on defense also. Pitt is 20th

      However, can Pitt ever come near in bringing the offensive talent in to compete with the biggies? I guess we did it in 2016 with a great OLine and Peterman but of course it also had the 100th ranked defense.

      It is one thig to know what the issues are, and another thing to correct them And there are many programs with a lot more assets than Pitt that haven’t quite figured it out either

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      1. But don’t get fooled by high octane. There’s offense. And then there’s offense.

        Where is Penny these days. I guess with her relatives in Hawaii now.


  97. Right, which requires a dominant O-line, great QB, and outstanding wide receivers and solid running back.
    Looking at these bowl games those are the positions that separate the winners from losers.

    The thing that can’t be disputed is that Alabama and tOSU have the most dominant lines on both sides of the ball. They put the most pressure on the opposing QB and gave the most time to their QB’s and opened the bigger holes for their backs to run through.

    Pitt’s poor O-line recruiting has been the biggest weakness of the Narduzzi era.

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  98. Nick Saban had to re-think his entire philosophy from defense wins championships, to offense wins championships. Narduzzi never changed his thought processes. Another shortcoming. This is a career limiting revelation, or should be. At a time when coaches like Saban, Day/Myer, Swinney etc are so focused on offense, our head coach washes his hands of all offensive decisioning. Saban came to this realization 7-10 years ago and changed. Our guy was just a coordinator at the time and never got the memo.

    Washing your hands of a strategy that wins, is by itself, a reason to move on. Awful.


    1. Saban bring in 4 / 5 stars …. and his offensive coordinators are considered geniuses.

      Duzz’s first OC hire, in 2 years of leaving, would be the OC that lost the National Championship game in overtime.

      His 2nd OC hire became the NCAA;s highest paid OC the year he left

      His 3rd OC hire would direct a team that had two 1,000 yard rushers, yet was fired …

      for a guy who was deemed as a passing guru with a heck of a resume.

      The hires were fine … as Gordon pointed out, the talent is the issue … especially the OL

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    2. Meatballs is lucky to have enough grey matter….to concentrate on D-Lineman. Cause the Linebacking is marginal and the Secondary is a mess. (most TD passes given up in the entire country) (and it’s mostly stunk in 5 of the 6 years of Meatball era)


  99. 2020 ACL College Cornhole Championship on ESPN

    Pitt needs to drop a sport, like girl’s bingo and add Cornhole.

    No, not the chump AD, but the sport (can we call it that ?)
    It’s a drinking sport, so we should be pretty good at it ! (well at least the alumi are)


  100. Guys, can you please stop the juvenile name-calling? It’s ok to voice facts and/or opinions, but IMO the name-calling delegitimizes anything you write. Grow up and voice your big boy thoughts and not your third grade attitudes! How about we try to make 2021 a little more civilized?????

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