Grading the ‘Duzz

Pittsburgh Sports Now published a “Grading Pat Narduzzi” Poll yesterday. You can find it here if you haven’t seen it yet. By the time I wrote this 1180 people had voted. The majority of them (49% – well I guess technically that’s a plurality) gave Pat a “C”. The next most common grade was “B” (38%), followed by “D” (9%). “A” and “F” were tied at 2% each.

Pat has gone 18-16 in the ACC over the last four years, so a C grade seems about right. (The poll asked PSN’s readers to grade Pat over his full six years, but in all honesty, nobody remembers his first two), and really, do two 8-5 years with Paul Chryst’s players really change anything?

PSN also states that “Pitt’s recruiting in terms of team rankings has no doubt steadily improved under Narduzzi.” They then posted posted the following table:


This Season:  21st
2020:  44th
2019:  49th
2018:  36th
2017:  38th
2016:  29th

So about that. If you actually look at the data, it’s more accurate to say that Pitt’s recruiting in terms of team rankings has steadily declined under Narduzzi, especially if you throw out the 2021 class…because the 2021 recruiting cycle has not been completed yet.

Here is Pitt’s class rank progression expressed linearly in case anyone is interested:

But I’m not here to throw shade on anyone’s interpretation of the facts; I’m just here to comment on the state of Pitt football, and the truth is there are a lot of different factors that go into the Rivals ranking. Including an arcane weighting system that would leave pretty much any normal person scratching their head.

From Rivals (Note, unless your name is Richard Hefner, you should probably just skip this part and save yourself the headache):

Confused yet? Don’t worry, so am I.

If we put all the Rivals Bonus Points mumbo-jumbo aside, average rivals rating per class is probably the best way metric by which to evaluate recruiting. But still, there is some nuance. For example Pitt’s two best lineman and best linebacker last year were two-stars. Pitt’s best offensive lineman for the past three years (maybe four) has been a no-star walk on (although that may well be an indictment on the state of the offensive line…)

Nonetheless here are average rivals ratings per class since 2016:

  • 2016: 5.60
  • 2017: 5.58
  • 2018: 5.64
  • 2019: 5.56
  • 2020: 5.61
  • 2021: 5.60

Here is the progression expressed linearly, in case you are interested:

Pretty damn flat if you ask me.

What’s also noteworthy here is that 5.6 is just right about in the middle of the Rivals scale (which starts at 5.2 and goes to 6.1). Actually it’s slightly below center.

So far the wisdom of the crowd is holding.

Okay okay so what about player development? Pat Narduzzi has always propagated the “we like to coach em up” line. Well, there are two relatively easy ways to look at that.

Now it’s fair to say that Pitt will have at least four, if not five NFL draftees this season (I’m including Paris Ford because he was recruited by Narduzzi), and Pitt would probably have six if Kenny Pickett declared (Yes yes sixth round, I know. But still counts). But even if that’s the case how does Narduzzi manage to go six and five with what would be ostensibly the most talented team during his tenure? Yes yes COVID and one point losses to teams that weren’t on the schedule and all that, but still…

Alright so lets talk value. Pat made a $4.1M salary in 2019 (the last year in which there is reportable data) which would have put him top-four in the ACC. The prior year he made $3.2M which would have put him eighth. Unless Pitt shows marked improvement over the next few years it will be easy to label Narduzzi as overpaid. At $3.2 M (i.e. right in the middle of the ACC pack) you’d call Pat a fair value but nothing more. It should also be pointed out that some coaches were paid bonuses in 2019 that were not included in the final compensation. Pat Narduzzi’s $4.1M number includes $1.0 M in bonus money, according to the P-G article. (For what? Winning seven regular season games and the Quicklane Bowl?)

Last thing…and it’s something that the more rational posters will tend to point out. Pat runs a clean program, and generally the football team’s academic progress is strong. For example, Pitt football’s APR ranked 4th in the ACC in 2018 / 2019. Fans, of course, don’t care about this, but the Pitt administration does, and so there is that.

If one was going to break down the overall grade into parts, one might look at it like this:

  1. On field: C
  2. Recruiting: C-
  3. Overall Player Development: C
  4. Value for Money: D+
  5. Off Field: A-

Still a C folks, any way you slice it.

But…that’s just my analysis. What say you Pitt Fans? A B C D or F?

514 thoughts on “Grading the ‘Duzz

  1. Duzz has proven over 6 years that he flat out is an incompetent head coach. His game day coaching has cost Pitt 6-9 games, game prep under his reign has been below average vs results,
    Pitt leads or is close to the ACC lead in penalties every year. His attention to detail is among the worst I’ve seen as a HC. Yes recruiting has improved this year ….maybe….we’ll know in 2-3 years.
    D+ at best.

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    1. I pretty much agree with danh72, Narduzzi IMO is a below average game day coach. Almost no adjustments at half time seem to be the rule and as such you either succeed or fail on the game plan you entered the game with. And his use of the time outs and clock management alone gives him D rating on game day coaching alone.—-As for on the recruiting front that is getting much better and probably that has a lot to do with being around for 6 years and the relationships developed as well as the success of many of our recruits in certain positions in their NFL play. Narduzzi also on defense plays right into what the NFL is looking for if you prove your worth at Pitt. A good lock down CB and a solid pass rushing DLman can write his ticket in the NFL and thus recruiting to this Pitt D should be a lot easier for any HS senior that thinks the NFL is in his future. Overall all grade C plus at best considering some of the negatives tied to the Pitt dismal game day environment attached to the off campus stadium play at Heinz.


  2. First off, the 2017 team was mostly Chryst’s 2014 class and some from 2013. These were the redshirt seniors and juniors from PC’s last 2 classes … whereas the 2017 team would have had Narduzzi’s 2105 transition class, the sophs and redshirt frosh from 2016, and the incoming 2017 class.

    PN’s 1st 3 years: 21-17
    PN’s last 3 years: 21-17

    Now let’s talk of quality of opponents that PN faced compared to the only other 2 winning Pitt coaches of the past 30 years

    The first number is the amount each coach faced that finished in the Top 10 of the AP Poll. The 2nd is in the Top 25.

    Walt Harris (52-44 in 8 seasons) 6 24
    Dave Wannstedt (42-31 in 6 seasons) 4 12
    Pat Narduzzi (42-34 in 6 seasons) 11 24

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      1. It might be better to look at rankings when the two teams played each other. Slice and dice how you want to fit a narrative. Some might argue that if Wanny and Harris had the salaries, recruiting budget and coaches budget, their records would have been much better.

        Always look at the totality of the circumstances, not just a singular line.

        It will also be interesting to see if the off the field problems escalate, with the higher ranked classes. I’m not saying they will or they won’t, it’s just an interesting thing to keep an eye on, if again, we look at the totality. I see less improvement from Narduzzi with regard to gameday calls, penalties, and player evaluations, but do see improvement (this year only) in recruiting. Hard to really tell with recruiting because with covid, all recruiting changed. We might have some players that are worse then their rankings because they didn’t play at all this year, or we may have some that are better.


        1. Narduzzi is 1-13 against ranked teams in the past two years. Someone on pantherlair ran the numbers. It’s been verified. That’s flat out aweful.

          He’s a C coach. But is grossly overpaid so a very poor value or investment. Thanks heather for that wonderful extension.

          And he doesn’t run that clean of a program if the program is on two years probation for something stupid that he and his staff did and was caught Red handed.

          I don’t donate money to bragadocious jerks who get caught cheating and can’t even get his team ranked after 6 long and painful years.

          And in 2020 still manages to lose five games (all against teams with winning records) with all that nfl talent on the roster.

          He’s a loser. At least Tomlin made second half adjustments yesterday. He’d be getting my scorn today if not.

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          1. How in the world can rank him a C with all you say? Your words say F which makes you a 2 percenter.
            A C is a passing grade.


          2. We can talk all day about whether, or by how much, Narduzzi is overpaid. But it’s a pretty clearly proven fact that increasing someone’s pay does
            little-to-nothing to impact their long-term performance. Working conditions, the manager/supervisor, co-workers and subordinates are all more significant performance drivers than is salary/wages.
            So salary is not relevant to Duzz’s performance level. It is important only in terms of what is felt to be needed to retain him.

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  3. If there were ever a season that showed the fine line between winning and losing a football game, this was it. Sure the differential between Pitt and Clemson, Notre Dame, and Austin Peay are so great that it would take a monumental upset to have an unexpected outcome. But the rest of our games can swing with a call here, a drop there. And it doesn’t need to be the final play like a missed extra point kick or a dropped two point conversion. That key fumble or penalty earlier can completely change the dynamic of a game and put one team in a struggle to get out of a hole.

    How about this, if Kenny’s ankle injury had been season ending, how many believe we would have still beaten Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech? We could have easily finished 3-8 and everyone would have been screaming for Duzz to be fired. But fortunately Kenny came back. That had nothing to do with coaching ability or recruiting, just dumb luck. Of course the naysayers will say that we should have seasoned competent backups at every position, including quarterback. I maintain there aren’t many non-elites that have that luxury.

    I’ll give Coach Narduzzi a B. Mainly because I like watching a wide open, balls flying all over the field type of offense and I don’t think we will ever see that under Coach Duzz.


    1. Said this for years. EVERY play, changes the rest of how the game is called. Glad to see the contagious (not covid related) logic.

      Narduzzi and Pitt program are mediocre, hence a straight C- from me. I could see Pitt losing 2 games that they won and winning two games that they lost for the same 6-5 record.


  4. But wwb, if we throw out 6 of the Top 10 Teams, and 14 of the Top 25 Teams, you’ll have to agree that he really does have a C grade. 😉

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  5. I voted in that poll and gave Coach Duzz a C grade. I pretty much agree with your article, MM, though I’d give the Duzzer higher than a C- for recruiting. I think it’s tough to recruit to Pitt, but I’ve been impressed with the staff Duzz has assembled for recruiting (not so much for their coaching, with the exception of Coach Partridge).

    I think Coach Duzz has tried to improve the offense, but has failed badly. Though I must admit that aside from Watson, I thought Duzz actually had made decent picks when he hired his other offensive coordinators. But they sure haven’t worked out except for the Canada year…

    I think pretty much all college football coaches are way over paid, and Coach Duzz is no exception.

    Go Pitt.


  6. If I believed Duz was a B, I would be arguing for a contract extension. I am not. If I believed he was a D, I would be wanting him fired. I’m not (well, not any more🙄. Mid season was a different story).

    So by process of elimination, he gets a C from me.

    I would not argue with anything from B- to D+.

    But who on earth would give him an A? Did his mother cast a vote?

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    1. The AD, the Chancellor, and the 337 cutout season ticketholders voted for an A, after receiving free fantas. The pitt athletic department announced a sell out for all home games and heather will convince Gallagher to include a bonus for a 20% increase in attendance over this year. C- to D+ from the pigsty.

      Since he locked the gates again, and made foolish statements about playing on the road in hostile environments, eileen to the D+. He ain’t seen a hostile environment til he looks at the sty.


      1. The hostile environment comment is also a set up for the 2021 Tennessee away game – their stadium seats 102k, they have a 5 star QB and a 4 star RB who are studs with a full season of college experience.

        This is an SEC team that will be looking to right their ship and taking no early season, OOC opponents lightly.

        In Duzz’s mind, this game will mean nothing because he will focus on winning the ACC Coastal and the Vols won’t impact the pursuit of that goal. What he will miss is the momentum a win against an SEC team could have on his team.

        A 4-0 start to the 2021 season could propel the team to a magical season. The key word is “could”.

        In business, statistics show that 52% of all employees are disengaged at work. As the CEO, it is part of my job to see to it that the disengaged be reengaged & sift through the other (disengaged EE’s) to find their worth or move them out the door.


        1. Disengagement leads to apathy. Apathy kills.

          Pitt does very little to connect with and engage existing fans and potential new supporters.

          It really needs to take a page out of the premier league. It’s all a supporter centric approach.

          But Pitt has a compliance person running things instead and still cant avoid two probations for two programs.


  7. I also participated in the PSN poll and gave Duzz a C grade. I was one who thought this 2020 team could win 10 games with the D we had returning from 2019.

    Losing Twyman to the NFL combine and then the injuries to Mathias and Camp did not help. But in FB, injuries happen and depth is always a factor in a season. No doubt that Twyman & Camp would have been significantly better than any two Pitt DL players that started in their place during 2020.

    The offense never clicked after the Austin Peay game. Not having a RB nor TE created weaknesses that the O could never overcome. KP’s grit and determination were only part of the equation – his decision making, accuracy and injury were negative factors, to go along with Whips play calling, WR drops, penalties and the inability to score TD’s in the red zone.

    My C grade was generous and did cover the COVID-19 situation. A grade of D would have been given in any other year.

    While other schools have fired their HC for lesser reasons and are assembling their coaching staffs, Pitt remains behind locked gates, with basically the same mediocre offensive coaching staff and looking to replace the LB/recruiting coordinator.

    I’ll wait until March to consider my options on renewing my season tickets. I’m looking for some spark that gets me excited for 2021. KP returning with no changes to the O coaching staff after a 6-5 season does nothing for me.

    Maybe the Pitt will hold a golf outing that will spark some fan interest or create marketing pieces that show off the team’s strength(s). The proven talents are Addison and the Aussie. Sorry, I got nothing else…


  8. Is the Rivals 250 Bonus points similar to the esteemed ESPN Top 300? I can’t begin to tell you how Rivals know that EVERY year, there are exactly 250 players who deserve extra points while apparently No. 251 is much worse than No. 250 …. and the same goes for ESPN’s 300, where every year No. 301 is shamefully worse than No. 300?

    Here is the current esteemed ESPN FPI for college football. Note that Wisconsin with a record of 3-3 is ranked 8th (despite not even playing a team ranked in the current Top 10) and PSU at 4-5 is ranked 20th.

    Do you think there just may be a B10 bias here?

    And of course, a Rivals’ grade of 5.7 is definitely 15 points higher than 5.6, no doubt.

    I’ll leave you with this … Trey Anderson was raised from 0 to 2 stars a couple of weeks ago. Was it his recent performances? (Maybe he converted a few non-believers to Christianity) Once again, paralysis by analysis. We’re all guilty

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    1. So a 4-5 Virginia Tech is ranked 9 places higher than Pitt. And Pitt is ranked 15 places higher than BC and 23 places higher than an 8-3 NC State. Their analytical process is too complex for my feeble brain.


    2. You need to understand the rankings ww. If Rivals has not put eyes on him through camps or complete game film and not just highlights, recruits get a Zero. Once they see the performance, then they can give a higher ranking. So, he was a zero star. Then they reviewed him and gave him two stars.

      Again, zero stars equals no eyes on prospect.

      On the farm, we look at horses that way. No owner pays big money for breeding if they haven’t put their eyes on the athlete horse and study that horse and results. We don’t do that for my pig brethren, but horses who compete surely get evaluated before you pay for the services. Most horses are zero stars until they do something to qualify them as 2 stars or even 4. Make sense?


  9. This year dropped him to a D. Underachieved big time.

    Whipple will take him down to F after next year and most likely his firing.


    1. underachieved ‘big time”? 4 of the 5 losses were to teams currently ranked. It seems that a lot of people here are measuring this year’s actual results to what was expected of this team would do in the original 12 game schedule.

      If you go back to that schedule and see how Pitt fared this year, I think a 9-3 record right now would be very likely. 9-3 going into the bowl game …. hey, isn’t that the same record of the 2009 team?

      The 09 team …. the team alleged to be the crowning achievement of Pitt FB over the last 38 years. And that team played a total of 2 teams that finished ranked and lost both. Not to mention they lost to an NC State team that finished 5-7.

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      1. I have never seen a more undisciplined team. If you don’t have discipline, you don’t have a team. Narduzzi let the inmates run the asylum this year. The penalties and sloppy play are maddening. But the players love him.


      2. And Wanny was fired.

        I guess the new sheriff in town doesn’t want to admit she made a huge mistake with that ill advised extension.

        And the judge is just fine with the sheriff not enforcing grand larceny.


      3. At the very minimum, Pitt should have beat NC State and BC. Yes, they were expected to and they should have. This was PN’s year to prove he could lift this team a little higher than average. Losing to BC is a joke.


      4. Where a team “finishes by ranking” does not mean where they were ranked when you played them, due to key injuries, covid, poor coaching, or poor coaching, or poor coaching. The better analysis is where were the teams ranked when you played. Remember Narduzzi was so angry at Jerry for not ranking them in the top 25 after they beat an awful Louisville squad who was in the top 25 at time of game. We saw what Louisville was about. Awful. But so was Pitt, but to a lesser extent of awful, which was terribly mediocre.

        In your example of 2009, it was flawed/ Well, Rutgers and Navy finished in the AP top 25 in 2009 there, wwb. Pitt beat both of those teams and Navy and Rutgers were not ranked at time of play and we beat them. Further, when WV beat Pitt that year, WV was not ranked, but by beating Pitt 16-19, they moved into the top 25…..and that is what happened. So, Pitt was 2-2 against teams that finished in the top 25, not 0-2 as you report. Also, at time of play, Pitt was 2-1 against those teams since WV was not ranked.

        You can slice and dice stats however you want, but you can’t dice and slice 6-5. Mediocre. The next question that will be backed up by facts is what the ultimate talent scout (NFL) determines with how many from the Pitt roster are talented enough to have their names called for Sunday games.

        You want to slant towards end of season rankings, but that is hogwash in my opinion and I know a bit about that.


      5. You dismiss fact as coincidence. The 2009 was the best Pitt team since 2002 under Harris. Your arguments are based on a fantasy history. Wannstedt finished with the highest ranked Pitt team since the 1980s. Narduzzi is unable to field a ranked team. Your distortions are comical.


  10. Why look at anything espn publishes. They are trash

    Look at rpi. Look at saragin. I prefer rpi since it’s actually used by the NCAA in seedings across multiple sports.

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  11. Pitt is ranked number 49 in rpi

    In the past five years under the reign of king Pat the Terrible, pitt has ranked on average in the mid 50’s

    So the 25th highest paid coach is placing around a 50 ranking. Shows me that Pitt doesn’t care about how the money is being spent.

    Running a clean program doesn’t make up for that deficit. And remember pitt is on a two year probation. It’s not clean. And is stupid to get caught on something so minor that I question what the hell was Narduzzi thinking.


  12. Much of any evaluation has as much to do with expectations as any thing else. It looks like the PSN consensus is north of a C. So it looks like he is being graded on a curve rather than by percentage.
    I think this is fair and somewhat surprising considering the high expectations this year.

    In the heat of the battle I think we all would have graded him lower, but when the dust has settled and all things are considered a grade just above average is probably about right.

    I think the fact that Pitt won three of it’s last four was pretty impressive. I remember when Ford left wondering if he had lost the team. He obviously did not. No doubt losing to NCST and BC was totally frustrating but in retrospect not earth shattering looking at their final records.

    Like everyone I have my concerns about Whipple and Borbely, but think they deserve one more year for the way the offense finished the year.

    Finally, I think the fact that KP is coming back to Pitt rather than going to the NFL or entering the Portal tells me a lot about the coaches. The way Narduzzi and the players managed Covid with no major outbreaks like many other teams shows a certain amount of discipline. This and the strong recruiting performance this year makes me feel that a B- grade is warranted.

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    1. Too bad they didn’t have the mental toughness on the field. See evidence of sloppy play, dropped balls and penalties. Wasn’t pitt the most penalized team in the ACC? Didn’t pitt have more dropsies than the Steelers receivers?

      Yes I credit pitt for the discipline with covid. They followed the protocols and took it seriously with proper monitoring and execution. Many schools can also say that though.

      Where pitt is special is field related. And not special in a good way. This is what happens with poor practices and a players coach who doesn’t bench his favorites.


  13. Recruiting trend
    Based on percentage of the class rated 5.7 plus

    2016: 29
    2017: 25
    2018: 55
    2019: 16
    2020: 33
    2021: 30

    Average over 6 years is 31

    It’s flat to me


    1. Meaning roughly one third of a years recruits are rated 5.7 and above. A 5.8 rating is the start of a 4 star designation.

      The 2021 class had 23 recruits. Seven of them were rated 5.7 plus. Hence 30 percent.

      Elite teams are well above 70 percent.

      Pitt really needs to average around 40 percent to keep pace with other coastal teams particularly N.C. and both Techs.

      Recruiting is all relative. Never done in a vacuum. Pitt should always be compared against the Coastal baseline. Trend series analysis.


      1. Look at their offer sheets, definitely an upgrade over the last few years.
        No more competing with MAC schools that everyone whined about a few years ago.

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  14. So Pitt started the season unranked and finished unranked.
    LSU started at 4 finished unranked
    Oregon started 6 finished unranked
    PSU started 6 finished unranked
    Michigan 15 finished unranked


    1. And all those schools fired various coaches

      What did pitt do again

      Heather gave them all bonuses in their stockings

      So much for accountability.


        1. You don’t need to be a factory to demand some basic accountability. But Pitt rewards mediocrity. The difference is in mindsets. Those factories run sports like a business.

          And for your information, I got coal and onions in my stocking.


  15. I too graded a C on the PSN poll, and I too was surprised at their showing of recruiting team rankings, followed by the conclusion of recruiting having “steadily improved”??? It’s fair to say recruiting improved considerably in 2021, and maybe even speculate that this could be a sign of things to come due to a couple of good assistants (in the area of recruiting).

    I will also add that rating recruiting classes strictly on average rivals rating per recruit is valid statistic, but is just as misleading as looking at classes strictly based on total points. Pitt’s team rankings this year show this is Narudzzi’s best class by a fair amount, at least on paper. And what I like specifically for a change, is the OL class.

    But getting back to the Narduzzi assessment, I do think its important that he has apparently run a clean program in terms of off the field stuff and in the classroom, but I agree with dan72, that the on field discipline has been lacking relative to attention to detail and penalties, which is a poor reflection on Narduzzi. So yeah, all things considered, I’m still at a C.


  16. RPIs, FPIs, Rivals Rankings, 247 Rankings …. we all have fun using these to our advantage, But if history shows anything …. it’s that the only sure things are the elite teams will continue to win, and the elite players will continue to make plays. All else is up in the air

    Here’s something for you … Lincoln Riley is 44-8 at Oklahoma since taking over for Bob Stoops; Kirby Smart is 51-14 at Georgia since taking over for Mark Richt; and Ryan Day is 22-1 at Ohio St since replacing Urban Myer.

    None of these coaches had prior head coaching experience. Do you think that the programs have something to do with it?

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    1. You can’t tell me that Narduzzi would be anything more than a career 7 win head coach if he coached at those places

      Those places would have fired him at year 4 on his contract. Only at Pitt does the inexperienced AD extend him.

      Heather buys his pathetic excuses and is looking to cover her butt as well.


      1. Paul Chryst was 6-7, 7-6, and 6-6 at Pitt. He goes to Wisconsin and immediately is 10-3, 11-3, and 13-1. Did he suddenly become a genius on the trip to Wisky?

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        1. He hired a good staff

          And has an offensive system that works in the big ten. Power running game and ball control.

          Narduzzi still thinks he coaches in the big ten

          But let’s blame Pitt for narduzzis mediocrity. Let’s blame pitt for Chryst being so pedestrian here.

          It’s always the programs fault why coaches can’t succeed at Pitt

          Coaches have no excuses now given Pitts spend on football. A top third spend in the ACC despite not being able to truly afford it.

          Budget was a very valid excuse during Walt and Wanny.

          Narduzzi has a poor track record hiring staff. And doesn’t have the right systems to compete in the ACC.

          He’s been here six long years. He will never learn.


        2. PC is a decent coach but he absolutely has to have a school whose recent reputation/success and game atmosphere helps him recruit. PC was the most laid-back, no-pressure head coach with respect to recruiting that I can remember. It was like he discouraged every visiting recruit from committing to Pitt until they went home and thought about it for at least a couple weeks…

          Go Pitt.


  17. PN should not hire another LB coach. Bates was a LB coach, so he can handle both duties or let one of the DB coaches do it.
    Instead, hire a co-offensive coordinator/run game coordinator.

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    1. Not a bad idea. Bates would have the LBs flying… Hire an offensive coach who is a stickler for details and doesn’t tolerate penalties well…

      Go Pitt.


  18. Pitt was 4 points away from being an 8-3 team in this season of the Rona. But even so, you still have the two beat downs by a couple of the elite teams to contemplate while pondering how far away his program is from routinely competing for the glory of national recognition with the elite Big Boys of college football. So what we have with Narduzzi is an average coach producing mediocre on field results while running a clean program resulting in minimal off field incidences with his troops. So yeah he gets a solid C grade overall in his 1st half dozen years here. He gets a participation trophy then, the Master of Mediocrity Award. That is all.


    1. Sorry Doc, just catching up, prayers to you brother-

      With regard to the 2 beatdowns, they are important to me, and they tell me that we need more physicality on the Lines, and especially the offensive line. That may only be part of the story, but I do believe it’s a key part. Sure, the Steelers won with a sucky OLine and similar DLine set up as Pitt as well (without a lot of beef up front), but they are an exception and teams are now figuring out their gimmick.


    2. Could have also been 4-7 too. He is what the record says he is. Mediocre. He wasn’t good enough for 5 extra points in your scenario D Tom. 8 is the ceiling. Six years with a max of 8 wins so far. This year, perhaps with an abundance of nfl talent on the roster as pointed out above, with a mediocre 6-5 result.

      Kids want to go to the league so he can check that box most importantly. The second box is that kids want to win championships. Four and 5 stars want to win. He can’t check that box, but for one coastal championship and a blowout loss that followed in his 6 years. He is not an opportunist. When the coastal was down, he had bad recruiting. Now there is better coastal recruiting by miami and north caro as well as others so it may be more difficult, which provides little hope for anything other than mediocre. What do you all see that I am missing?

      Wait til next year for the 41st time in a row? We should get out of the pre-season at 3-1 at worst.


  19. OK Narduzzi a C+, whatever. When he was hired he spoke of bringing championships, including national titles, to Pitt. Has his expectations changed after being on the job for 7 years?

    What i’d really like to know is what grade does Pitt football get as a program.
    Is it a glorified mac program striving for power 5 status or a legit acc member.


    1. Georgia tech, BC and pitt are always at the bottom of the directors cup each year in the ACC. Those schools are the true outliers consistently. Those schools are the ones least deserving of the ACC handouts.

      I don’t even think pitt would be deserving of a Mac handout.

      Pitt has a poorly run sports department based on overall performance. That’s wins on the field across all sports. Hardware won. Donation rates. Revenue generation. Attendance as a percent of capacity. Financial subsidy to keep sports afloat. Gets F’s in all those categories.

      Yet most on here would give heather and Gallagher solid B grades. Love to see a poll on that.

      Most on here like the front porch that Gallagher promised and delivered.

      Pitt just slapped a new coat of paint on the old porch. Lipstick on a pig.


    2. We are a middle of the road ACC member. Sometimes a little more sometimes a little less.
      NCST got into the top twenty five because they didn’t play ND or Clemson.
      Our schedule as much as anything has kept us out of the top twenty five.

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  20. Rating Narduzzi is certainly a mixed bag. For starters, he came in as an assistant coach without ever being a HC (why no lower level HC gigs?). So staffing efferts were an initial weakness that had to be sorted out and improved on over 6 years. I’d give him a solid B on his current staff hiring based on their improvement in recruiting, and the staff stability (Whipple pulls this category down). But there were some big mistakes along the way.

    Second, he has done a better job of recruiting recently, although he has failed to recruit a top QB and TEs and OLs until this year. So I’d give him a C in this catgory. His on field coaching is poor and he gets a D in that category. And team discipline in the form of penalties and sideline antics, is bad but is somewhat offset by his strong coach/player relationships which caused Pickett to come back and has minimized transfers. And keeping the current staff together has been good, so his coaches apparently don’t hate him.

    Third, his public relations and public demeanor are really bad. His closed door policies and treatment of fans stinks. He is not someone who is capable of fund raising because he doesn’t treat boosters well. Although he has handled the COVID situation really well, his public statements, such as claiming Pitt was being disrespected in the pre-season, made him look foolish. This category gets an F.

    Lastly, his W-L record is okay but not great given the OOC schedule he’s had to deal with over 6 years. The coaches wwb mentions above came into their HC positions with leadership skills that Narduzzi was lacking, and maybe coaching at a smaller school first would have improved. If he is 1-13 against ranked teams recently, that sucks and is a reflection on recruiting as well as coaching in big games (still thinking about that ND capitulation).

    With all of the above in mind, I would agree with 1618mt that a C grade is probably warranted. But the coaching grade scale gets tougher in the coming year(s) since he should be learning these things and improving over 6 years. Similar performance will not be good enough..

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  21. This was the supposed to be the year. Lot’s of great senior players coming back, first year without 2 OOC losses pretty much penciled in. We did get unlucky with ND on the schedule this year, but Miami and UNC the only other real difficult games on the schedule. Then Covid hit, the ACC absolutely screws us with the schedule, Twyman opts out and the rest is history.

    Say what you will that has more than a little of a taint of the Pitt curse. SOP if you will. The one time Pitt has a good team coming back since it joined the ACC a global pandemic hits.


  22. I think it is funny that the same guys that criticize the stadium, fan support and administration, think that somehow magically Narduzzi should recruit better and win more games.

    There are good reasons (not excuses) why Pitt, Syracuse and BC have been less competitive in all sports in the ACC. All have had to develop new recruiting footprints, and convince kids to leave the warm sunshine and come to the frozen tundra, where the women are hidden under three or more layers of clothing and masks for the time being). Where everything is done indoors without sunshine for 3-5 months a year.

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    1. That’s a positive being indoors…..they won’t get skin cancer as easy ! And from my last visit to Walmart, thank god for 3 or more layers of clothing !

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    2. Excuses

      Syracuse kicks Pitts rear end in the directors cup each year. U ever been to Syracuse?

      Do you think Columbus has better weather than Pittsburgh?

      Pitt has recruited in Florida since Walt. Not a new footprint. Virginia is within a 500 mile radius of pitt. Virginia hasn’t moved further south since the big east days or Pittsburgh further north.

      And if weather is an issue, why does pitt even get one recruit from south of the mason Dixon?

      Syracuse rightly built a domed stadium but they begin getting lake effect in October. And it snows in feet there, not inches.

      Pitt has plenty to sell recruits. Narduzzi just doesn’t know how to sell…or coach for that matter. Recruits can see that.


    3. No no no GC. I tend to like basketball more than football and Dan should like this response as it will bring back memories. Over the weekend, I watched the 1981 Eastern 8 finals between Pitt and Duquesne. So sloppy but wow, could those panthers play some defense. Forced so many turnovers against duquesne and rhode island that weekend. Steigerwald was on the call.

      BC averaged over 20 wins per year in the acc during their first 6 years of membership in bball. They tried to get greedy ($$) and go to the next level for entertainment and got rid of al skinner, because their AD wanted a more exciting brand of bball (sound familiar). So their bad AD Defillippo hired some guy named steve donahue on the cheap and poof, basketball in BC was ruined, because of a poor AD decision. They have never rebounded since that time. Had zero to do with temperature, attractiveness of program etc. That is all fodder worth nothing. It all had to do with AD incompetence. Al Skinner got all his payout and returned for Kennesaw State and promptly went 125-41 in his first 4 years there for an average of nearly 32 wins per year. I think he is out of bball now. I always liked him as a coach.

      Syracuse was fine in the big east, and although many seem to think that they struggled in hoops since joining the ACC, Syracuse has averaged over 21 wins per year since joining. Not shabby. They also had a few scandals (sex, drugs, academics, recruiting)to deal with since joining the ACC and noone even mentions that because the weather is more convenient and a staple excuse. I don’t want to be acussatory, but I am just against poor excuses instead of just admitting it was poor performance and effort.

      Not directed at anyone in particular. I don’t care for excuses. My dad’s response to any proffered excuse was always, so what? Figure out how to do it better then your opponent. Beat them. Pitt Administration wont figure it out because they have the wrong people in place that have the ability to figure it out.


      1. I wasn’t just referring to basketball, Tex raised the director’s cup issue.
        I am in full agreement that Pitt has never valued athletics aside from Football and
        more recently basketball. But there is a strong reason the best Baseball, golf, tennis
        etc. is played in the South. It is the same with Football and more recently basketball.
        There are always outliers OKST golf etc. but Championships having been moving south for some time.
        Pitt is slowly becoming more competitive in a number of sports. Volleyball, soccer, wrestling etc.
        But it is an uphill battle, especially in Football and Basketball where the stakes are the highest.
        Does anyone think we will see a northern school win a Football or Basketball ACC champion in the next ten years, twenty, ever?


        1. For Pitt, not with the AD and Head coach currently employed.

          Since 2005, womens volleyball has been won by 10 universities that would be considered northern schools.

          Soccer – mens soccer has been a mixed bag with Indiana, ND, Akron, MD and Virginia seem to win alot

          Mens Ice Hockey seems to be northern schools. I put that in for professor Obvious.


  23. I never felt good about getting a “C” … I don’t feel good about Duzz so overall, he gets a “C.”

    Gallagher, Heather and Duzz all feel good about themselves and will continue to power on… they are more like self- serving politicians …


    1. They all need voted out. But the BoT controls things. Pitt doesn’t have enough wealthy boosters to call the shots. The BoT made sure of that when they killed the Golden Panthers and gave control back to the academic intelligentsia who live in their ivory towers and sip tea and eat Crumpets.

      Pitt needs beer drinkers and sausage eaters.


  24. Haven’t posted in awhile but this seems as good a subject as any.
    I look at the Duzz a little differently. People say he has a ceiling of x amount of wins, well, all I know is that he will loose a minimum of 5 games a year. That is fact, not opinion. After 6 years, he looses at least 5 games a year.His recruits, Paul’s recruits. Easy schedule, tough schedule. If he has a good team or a bad team. Mark it down. That certainly limits his potential win total.
    Given that track record, the question becomes “ Does Pitt accept 5 or more losses per year as the standard?”. I have no idea if they are satisfied with that. There is nothing, repeat, nothing in his head coaching history to indicate any other result. Sorry, that’s the truth, and that’s a fact.
    Now, if you want to be positive, hang on to my favorite authors most famous quoate, “ Wait and hope”
    Happy New Year.


  25. ACC screws us, Refs screw us, pitt screws us. Which of those is most appropriate? I’ll go with Pitt screwed us for 40 years and we took it. Tired of excuses. Tired of blaming the ACC, the Big East and before that, we blamed the Eastern 8. We were more accountable when we were an Independent because we needed to be!

    According to most here, we always have a good, experienced team coming back. Maybe next year. Ugggh.

    My thought is that Pickett came back so that he could show the nfl scouts that he can cut down on his turnovers. The td to turnover ratio is an important statistic and he has not done well in that category. I do think that Pickett would have gotten drafted this year. Not first round or anything, but likely in the early 6th. He only helps himself by coming back but it comes with a cost of stunting the development of the other qb’s. So how many qb’s transfer? 2? Many forget that narduzzi screwed pickett from a year of eligibility by playing him in the last game of his freshman year against miami. Nard has been apologizing ever since to him and let him approve the Charmin hire.


    1. That win allowed Narduzzi to get that generous extension.

      I’m still curious about that million dollar bonus payment though. Did he exceed his kitten saving quota?

      You want to come out of the basement and answer that one Heather?


    2. Sorry, but this is the first time we have had good, experienced team coming back since Wanny had one.

      The Canada team was as much of a surprise as any, and it was only half a team.


  26. Grading the Duzz !

    Overall Record 42-34 over 6 seasons. .553 winning %

    10 of those 42 wins are against Rent-A-Wins…so really 32-34 if we go by level playing field.
    Rental wins include: Youngstown State (twice & only winning by a TD each game), Akron, Villanova, Marshall, Rice, Albany, Ohio (by 10 pts) & Delaware (by a FG) & Austin Pee pee.

    32-34 against Non-Rental Wins = .48 winning %

    End of Season Top 25 Rankings = 0

    Bowl Record = 1 win** & 3 losses = .25 winning %

    In Game Coaching = F

    Weekly Preparation = F (one of the leaders each year in Penalties, 115 of 127 worst in 2020)

    QB Recruiting = F (most important position on the field)

    RB Recruiting = F (self explanatory)

    Halftime Adjustments = F (self explanatory)

    Energy Around the Program = F (Pitt football is hardly a hot ticket in Pgh)

    Probationary Factor = F (didn’t even garner a great team to remember for the Probation)

    Choices of Covid Facial Coverings = F (didn’t have the color coordinated blue/gold going to the
    last game of the season) (again very slow on the uptake) (couldn’t decide between mask or shield,
    suggests a very confused person)

    Direction of Program = F (self explanatory)

    Overall Grade = F (after 6 seasons it can only be F)

    ** the bowl win was against the last place team in the MAC East and it was a struggle to get the W

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  27. Rashad Weaver is named First Team AP All-American and Pat Jones is 2nd Team. The first due of Pitt players to do so since 1988 when Randy Dixon and Tony Woods,

    Guess what the record of that 1986 team was? 5-5-1


    1. Yes, but Woods and Dixon were 1st team All-Americans. Weaver was only 1st team AA. Jones was 2nd team.

      Pitt didn’t have ‘official’ Rental Wins on the schedule back then. Certainly no FCS- D2 schools.


      1. Exactly. Congemi was very average and played reckless, leading to injuries. It took Mike time to stabilize the QB spot because he passed on Major Harris and Genilla was pretty bad.


        1. Congemi was another average to below average 4 year starter for Pitt. We’ve been cursed pretty much with avg to below avg QB’s since one, Daniel Constantine Marino.

          Guess the best one, had to be fetched to Pitt via transfer. Nathan’s (peterman) Hot Dogs.


          1. All Pitt’s fault. Passed on Kosar, passed on Major, high admission standards to eliminate Charlie Batch, passed on Bulger. Would have changed a lot getting these guys. They are guys who make mediocre coaches look better than they are.


  28. QB Dwayne Haskins released(cut): Washington cuts ties with former first-round pick(#15) of 2019

    Another former Ohio Fake QB who is/was a dud in the NFL.

    One has to ask…….. why are they so so good in college and busts in the NFL ?

    His performance also earned him first team All–Big Ten honors, as well as six Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week awards, the Graham–George Offensive Player of the Year, the Griese–Brees Quarterback of the Year, the Chicago Tribune Silver Football, and the Male Ohio State Athlete of the Year awards.[16][17][18] He was also named as a semifinalist for the Maxwell Award, and finished third in the Heisman Trophy voting.[19][20] In January 2019, Haskins announced that we would forgo his remaining two years of college football and enter the 2019 NFL Draft.


    1. Because every guy on his team is better than the opponent.
      Plus better coaches .
      Plus being a better athlete himself can avoid rush against non NFL opponents
      Plus sees easy defensive because he is a constant threat to run
      Plus he can bide time and his more athletic receivers are open without having to read a defense


  29. Capel sent them home for the holidays. Nothing like spreading the Covid around amung the relatives as a gift from Pitt.


    1. Wow, battling Covid isn’t enough, now we have to worry about bitching “among ourselves, second guessing everyone’s decisions even if made with the best of intentions. sheesh… Merry Christmas.

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  30. 1618mt, I’m not going to get into a debate on this subject but you should read Capel’s comments today on his bout with Covid this past week. He was one step away from the hospital he claims. He also alluded to the possibility of Toney’s cousin on the Florida BB team(Johnson) that collapsed one the court this past week was very likely from the effects of Covid.

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    1. Covid does suck. It impacts everyone differently. But should be taken seriously. Best to be safe. I’m fine with Pitts decision.

      Tex – still waiting for my smell and taste to return

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      1. But you never lost your sense of smell as Mr. Meatball always stunk.

        I always told Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) that if I ever finished one of her home cooked meals that she should send me immediately to the Vet to be tested for COVID as I would have lost all sense of taste. Her cooking is awful. She responded by giving her pet terrier, Mignon, a few pickled pig ears to chew on. That made me nervous.


  31. 1986 team coached by another defensive minded guy, Foge Fazio who showed us ole timers “ how to do less with more!” They have more in common than being Italian… neither were made to be head coaches… they were meant to be life-time assistants…Hey, at least Foge was likeable!!!


  32. “Wait and Hope” sounds like a song, joeknew. I used to think that Pitt not winning was due to external factors such as poor coach selection and some unfortunate coaching turnover (such as Sherrill leaving). After all, Majors left for his alma mater and Sherrill left for the best contract in the country. But after many years of waiting for Pitt to recapture the magic, I began to believe that Pitt didn’t necessarily want the baggage that goes with having top flight football and basketball programs.

    The academics and BoT must have felt that people would begin to think Pitt was a football factory, wasting taxpayer dollars on sports,and that rules would of course be broken, which would hurt its academic reputation. So after Sherrill, mediocrity was considered tolerable as long as no one embarrassed the school or asked questions. Foge would be the perfect coach. Pitt then began a long stretch of hiring assistant coaches with no HC track record but never a major HC hired from a big time program. But still they could not eliminate all forms of scandal, sexual or otherwise.

    But the golden years of Pitt basketball changed my thinking. Howland and Dixon might have convinced them that major programs can stay clean and still win. And that schools such as Virginia, Stanford and even Northwestern can win consistently without being labeled as sports dominated. Pitt began budgeting and paying competitive salaries to its head coaches (despite complainers like Tex), and joined the best sports conference, top to bottom, in the country.

    But the lack of administrative experience with winning programs has hurt them. They stumbled with Wanny who won but hurt the brand, and then the Haywood and Fraud debacles soon followed. And they are now in a conference that means business, both academically and athletically. Hopefully they may finally get it, though the Heather hire makes one wonder. But it’s understandable from past history that avoiding scandal is top priority while they wait for FB and BB to slowly begin to compete.

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    1. You don’t run a business being afraid of taking risks.

      Risk is the unknown but Risk can be calculated. There’s an entire discipline called Risk Management.

      Pitt has been historically cheap. That is no longer the case with football. With that comes fiscal responsibiiity and accountability. However Pitt lacks the business acumen to be a member of the ACC. They are an embarrassment.

      Pretty much last in donations
      Last in revenues
      Last in attendance as percent of capacity
      Last in directors cup
      Sub standard facilities…see Fitzgerald
      Very high subsidy

      But first in sleeping fans and Fanta sales

      Pitt will never get it with the current BoT composition and leadership. Don’t hope they get it. Hope wasn’t left in the box when Pitt opened it. All that was left was dog crap.

      That’s the Greek tragedy and is uniquely Pitt.

      Tex – who knew Pandora.

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  33. 1986 was Gottfried’s first year

    Foge 82-85: 25-18-3

    Gottfried 86-89: 27-16-2

    Hackett 89-92; 13-20-1

    Majors II 93-96: 12-32

    Harris 97-04: 52-44

    Wannstedt 05-10: 42-31

    Fraud 11: 6-7

    Chryst 12-14: 19-20

    Narduzzi 15-20: 42-34


    1. apparently, Pitt tends to let go its winning coaches. Foge, Gottfried, Harris and Wanny were all fired or pushed out — total record 146-109-5


      1. FWIW, the 146 wins was accumulated over 23 seasons which averages out to 6.347 wins per season …. and these are the winning coaches over the past 38 years. What makes you people so certain that Pitt is entitled to have 10 wins seasons?


        1. Narduzzi is a 7 win coach. I’m entitled to more than one ranked season every ten years. Why? Because I gave Pitt 5 years of my life. That’s why. They owe me.


      2. But they were all fired for different reasons

        Foge had the talent. Just was not HC material. Great DC though. Boosters forced him out

        Gottfried could recruit. Wasn’t a good coach. Recruited some thugs and banged the cheerleader coach. Pitt decided to deemphasize football and raise academic standards. Mike pushed back and lost.

        Walt had hit the ceiling with 8 wins. His agent did him no favors. It was time to move on. Walt did help stabilize the program though.

        Wanny had a power struggle with Steve. Steve was backed by nordenberg. Steve used the SI story to justify things and protect his butt. Nordenberg then extended his bud steve before he retired. But Wanny was also not a good coach. People in Chicago hate him to this day. Pitt hired him because he would work for peanuts. An emotional hire.

        Now with Narduzzi. He was initially hired on the cheap. He now makes good coin. He too has reached his ceiling. The writing is on the wall. But no booster is willing to bail out heather. So we fans are stuck with a mediocre overpaid jerk for a coach.

        I’m not hoping and praying. I’m just not giving my coin but will watch the train wreck unfold with great anticipation. And I don’t feel bad at all for thinking this way.

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    1. There was nothing scandalous about Walt and Wanny

      Pitt will try to use dirt on coaches to force them out. With Walt it was his supposed affair. But truly it was he had hit the ceiling and it was really just time to move on

      Wanny was railroaded. Despicable on how pitt allowed his ‘resignation’ to go down. But believe you me he deserved to be fired. Not for the SI article but for his horrible coaching.

      At least Wanny didn’t steal millions from Pitt.


      1. With Walt, the agent tried to hedge and leverage Pitt and they felt jobbed. Bad blood ensued and poof, he was gone. Not sure he wanted to go and was probably only using the threat of Stanford to get Pitt to pay and they said, so sorry. Your agent is the weakest link, goodbye.

        When I landed the green acres gig, my agent played hardball and it worked out well for a few years. Agents typically float the rumors that players won’t commit to a coach because the coach isn’t guaranteed that he will be there during a star players career. Kind of like my guy telling the execs that I was going to join Mr. Ed if they didn’t pay me.


  34. What some of you guys are failing to realize is Pitt is spending and supporting football 50% more under Narduzzi and Capel than they ever gave the other coaches. That actually matters. If I asked you to make me a steak and potatoes and give me a nice bottle of fine wine and gave you $35 dollars that is a tall order. If I gave you $150 I would think the task is much easier.


    1. It’s all about a plan and upitt hit it correctly and I have been touting this for years here, but also professionally. If leadership wants A results, than don’t give me D support. Pitt’s Administration was doing it that way for 35 years. Now Pitt says, emphasize says, that we want championships and we will give you funding for A support (in comparison to what they gave wanny, etc.) and the Pitt Athletic Department went out and got D coaching/recruiting based on the grades you all provided above. I think Narduzzi is a C- at best but trending to D because he took such a talented team allegedly and gave us 6-5.

      You get what you pay for. Give me D support, I will give you a D or F result, sometimes a C if things align. Like the Pirates, Pitt has duped its most ardent supporters for 40 years. Change starts at the top and so does mediocrity.

      Pitt has been unable to figure this out and has been wondering aimlessly through the Fog(e) for 40 years.


    2. Pitt does have a top third spend for football in the ACC behind only FSU, clemson, Miami and nc. But there’s only about a $2-3 million dollar difference between the top third and beginning of the bottom third. So it comes down to how best does pitt spend their money

      They may have a $150 dollar budget but they spend most of it on the steak leaving little left for a good bottle of wine, good sides, appetizers and desert.

      Pitt only pays their coordinators $500-$600k. Narduzzi hogs the budget at $4.1 million. Pitt is all steak. And it turns out it’s burnt without flavor.


      1. Yea…….and it’s not Filet Mignon, or a Ribeye or even a Sirloin. More like Chuck (the sub-prime) Steak !! meh


        1. Narduzzi is chopped liver

          A $150 dollar meal should buy us Pitt fans some better eats

          And we end up having to serve ourselves and we’re eating in a giant mess hall.

          That’s the Pitt experience for you.


    3. I could be wrong, but I think just about everybody realizes that, but that doesn’t change the grade; almost everyone gives a grade of C (there are always some outliers in everything). What you can do is say, “we’re paying A- money (or whatever), and that’s not good value for a C performance”- that’s fair.

      I still think we need to upgrade some of his staff with better choices. Maybe move Salem over to recruiting coordinator, bring in new LB & TE coaches who can also recruit but know how to coach, etc. It doesn’t look like Borbs is getting axed, but I think staying stagnant with the rest of the staff would be a mistake. I’m not saying I have a feel for what changes would be best, but I’m sure some of you do.


    1. This stability has gotten Pitt 7 win average seasons, no top 25 final rankings and one bowl win over the past 6 years.

      To some other schools, this stability would not be acceptable.

      Pitt has achieved a state of stable mediocrity.

      The administration is ok with it

      And any fan who voted Narduzzi a B grade is fine with it

      That’s why the thief will be around for another 6 years


      1. Pitt’s All-time Football winning percentage is 58%

        The Duzzer’s is only 55%.

        Even at that…. he’s BELOW AVG (Avg being a C), WHICH WOULD MERIT A D

        And most previous coaches didn’t have 2 or 3 Rental Wins per year.

        Throw that garbage out and the Duzzer’s winning % drops TO 48%.

        And in anyone’s book, that is thinking rationally/logically….that is an F !


  35. As far as Mike’s final grades in #1 and #2, (Weaver first team All-America and P Jones II second team.) I know that’s a short sample size but there have been many PITT players come and go over Narduzzi tenure that were not that highly ranked high school players. I think Narduzzi biggest problems to date have been bad decision made on asst coaches and the four star players that just don’t work out. I base this on the small amount of 4* players with all things compared……… yeah, I hit ya with a little ceteris paribus

    Calm down about Patty, he’s good for at least three more years. Keep that thought in mind as you fall into your long winters night slumber.

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  36. C from me and for what it’s worth I asked my old man what grade he would give Duzz without him reading the article and off the top of his head he said C


  37. Yo, Julius Ikeus throwing down some Latin…love it.

    I voted on the PSN poll and also gave Duzz a C.
    C- if that would have been an option.


    1. You only arrived at C for the Duzz….cause you are an A+ and the Duzz is an F.

      CC Mafia …..who loves you baby !

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  38. in response to Erie Express’s post above …. yes, with PSU losing its defensive linemen, they well could be in trouble facing Wisconsin and Iowa

    Both of these programs are known for something we envy …. big powerful OL. They breed them there to play for their home universities. They are all beef-fed, lift weights and push sleds. The deal is that we will maintain our power ground attack and you will play OL at home. And Western PA is the common thread …. Barry Alvarez and Kirk Ferentz

    There is a big part of me that wished Pitt would have maintained its 2018 image when they had two 1,000 yard rushers. Remember when Pitt beat Syracuse by running the ball every play (but one) in the 4th quarter and OT?

    The issue is that when those teams ran into Ohio State and Michigan which had DLs that could stand up to those OLs. Pitt had the same issue vs Miami and Clemson that year. When these teams are forced to pass is when they are in trouble.

    Now Pitt did a complete 180 and is run challenged, and 3rd and 4th downs and a yard to go are complete adventures. Pitt’s O needs an identity but I’m not sure what it should be

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    1. BTW, the OL that 2018 year included 3 Chryst recruits …. Bookser, Dintino and Herndon …. although the last two were brought over from the DL. Morrisey and Millin (a walk-on and a transfer) rounded out the starters. Thus, Bookser was the one recruited from high school as an OL


      1. and when Morrisey got hurt, which was a big blow leading into the final 3 games ….. Hargrove became the starter (yet another one brought from the DL)

        one further note …. Dorien Ford made the PA 5A All-State team … an an OL. (just sayin’)


  39. Food for Thought

    Pitt’s All-time Football winning percentage is 58%

    The Duzzer’s is only 55%.

    Even at that…. he’s BELOW AVG (Avg being a C), WHICH WOULD MERIT A D

    And most previous coaches didn’t have 2 or 3 Rental Wins per year.

    Throw that garbage out and the Duzzer’s winning % drops TO 48%.

    And in anyone’s book, that is thinking rationally/logically….that is an F !


  40. Most coaches didn’t have narduzzis budget. And that’s the rub. Why continue this level of spend for these results? What is your answer heather?


    1. Hey at least I got my old employer to lose to us in the bowl game. That’s gotta be worth something. Right?
      At least we can say Pat won a Bowl Game !!! ( one of those…. sort of a bowl games)


  41. so Tex states that Pitt has reached a stable state of mediocrity. Hey Tex, where in the hell have you been over the last 30 years?

    If you put together the wins of only 3 winning coaches (out of 8) since 1990, they total 136 wins in 20 seasons,,,, that’s 6.8 wins per year. Again, that’s WINNING coaches.

    The only 10 win season Pitt had in 38 years was when they played only 2 franked teams, and lost to them both. And while Cincy was in the Big East with Pitt (05-12), they had 3 different coaches who reached the 10 win level.

    I see someone comparing Foge to Narduzzi above. The comparison ends with they were both successful DCs. Narduzzi took over a team that had win totals in the previous 3 years of 6, 7 and 6. Foge took over a team that had 11, 11, and 11 … not to mention he acquired the greatest Pitt QB ever. Narduzzi acquired Voytik.

    Do not blame the current coach or admin for the state of mediocrity …. that was cemented back in the 90s. And by the way … did Narduzzi bolt for MSU last year … like Fraud and Paulie did? Mel Tucker makes ‘at least $5.5M’this year at MSU

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    1. Well…Foge was also considered one of the best DC’s in the NFL. And was a Pitt man.
      Who they frankly bailed on too soon.

      The Duzz won’t be and isn’t. And they should have !


  42. and one more thing, Narduzzi does not make $4M from Pitt, he makes $3.4M which puts him right in the middle of the ACC pack. The tax return includes external sources … investment income interest, etc

    Here Tex, read it and weep … pal! So enough with your BS!!

    Pitt releases list of 25 highest-paid non-officer employees – The Pitt News

    Narduzzi reported as highest-paid non-officer for third-straight year – The Pitt News

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      1. Campus newspapers are not a reliable source of news anymore. Only 1 viewpoint is allowed.
        Try Again !


    1. I posted an article yesterday. His pay as reported in the PG was $4.1 million for 2019 based on what pitt is required to disclose. I’m just reporting the facts.

      That makes Narduzzi among the top 30 most highly compensated coaches in all the land. His average rpi ranking is consistently around 50. So that tells me he is a poor value or investment.

      Pitt is spending the most in its history on football these days. Are you happy with these results? Pitt promises us filet mignon. We fans get chopped liver.


  43. I’m emailing heather every week until she refunds me the $100 I paid for a ticket to watch that 45-3 blowout at the hands of the Domers. The Pitt sports department is a den of thieves.


    1. Bill her for the Hotel Room, dining and other expenses as well ! How many times have we lost and/or
      got embarrassed in Homecoming game as well.

      Fraud of an Athletic dept who scams their own alumni and season ticket buyers. For 4 decades !


  44. Deciding to fire a coach who has not achieved the level of success you would like is easy. Identifying the current hot commodities in college coaching … piece of cake. Getting one of them to be willing to take over this program … good luck with that! And firing a coach with Duzz’s degree of success just makes us look like more of program where coaching careers go to die.

    Do those calling for Duzz to be replaced really think that a Stallings-type hire is not possible? If you sat through all of those games in the Pete over those two years, you might not be so opposed to walking into Heinz with no idea if your team will win or lose but fairly certain you will be competitive.

    The biggest thing that gives me hope that a coaching change might not be a disaster is that Heather managed to lure Coach Capel to come to Pitt. That still surprises me and gives me hope that we might get back to watching great basketball. But we are in the fifth season since letting Jamie go and who knows how far we are from returning to the NCAA Tourney. And this after we pushed out someone who consistently got us into the tournament but couldn’t get us past the top 16 in the country.

    If I didn’t invest so much time, money, and emotion into attending the games, I might think differently. But I doubt it.

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    1. I wouldn’t trust anyone currently employed at Pitt with the search.

      Yes it’s easy to come up with a list of viable and interested candidates. If you know what you want in a coach. And it’s not one with a defensive background who doesn’t have hc experience.

      But no coach wants to walk into a dumpster fire. This program could be one after next year

      Any coach hired by Pitt would be well compensated. The budget is clearly there to be competitive. At the very least it is a good stepping stone to something better.

      Most new coaches believe that no final rankings and only one bowl win in 6 years would also be unacceptable and grounds for termination

      Most know chopped liver when they see it.


      1. I don’t share your obsession with Coach Narduzzi’s salary, Tex. He receives a competitive salary and so would his successor. But that coach would be compensated competitively no matter where he goes. The decision would come down to, “Can I succeed there at the level of their expectations?” If not likely, I’m saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

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        1. My expectations are a top 25 ranking after three years and more than 7 win average seasons. Let’s say 8 wins with the occasional special ten win season once every 4-5 years. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. And I’m a fan with far greater expectations than most.


  45. According to Sports-Reference from 1976- 1986 Pitt never played more than 3 ranked teams, many times only two. This year Pitt played 4 ranked teams.

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      1. I think you meant three years, but isn’t that a hell of a lot of ranked teams for an average team to play.
        You seem to want it both ways. You want to say we stink and say we should beat ranked teams.
        Our win-loss record is a function of who we play. Who else has played 13 ranked teams in the last three years?


        1. What AD would be stupid enough to schedule Tennessee away next year. Oh that’s right. Pitts.

          And she had three years to break that contract at minimal financial repercussions. But she chose not.


  46. the Pitt News article includes the following …. The disclosure is required for all state-related universities by Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law.

    Here read it again ….

    So Pitt is reporting $3.4M salary as opposed to $4M per Narduzzi;s return (also from Right to Know). Now it is possible that Narduzzi got a (One-time) bonus for winning the Coastal which would have been reported on his 2019 return.

    But I believe this coaching survey is much more reasonable than what the USA Today had when it reported Narduzzi as the 27th highest paid and Franklin as 117th with his $6.3M … (I am not making that up … that USA article made no sense whatsoever!

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    1. He probably did get bonus monies

      An extra $700k for winning a meaningless participation trophy and rights to get blown out and embarrassed yet again on national tv.

      Probably will get more bonus money in 2020 for exceeding his kitten saving quota.


      1. That was also for 2018 and did not include supplemental pay as Tex points out and other pay from apparel companies. There may also be some deferred pay going on there as well. If you look at the top folks getting paid, several are not working at Pitt currently. Deferred payments are a great way to go in those tax brackets. You have to look deeper when discussing compensation.

        As an example, Brian Kelly’s salary is clearly under-reported because he gets his money from other sources. Look deeper fellas. You all take things as gospel because you googled it. Understand how it works behind the scenes. If Pitt was reporting $3.1 M in 2018, it was most likely in the $3.4M range in total compensation. Bobby Bonilla still gets over $1M per year from the Pirates/Mets and he hasn’t hit a baseball in many many years.


        1. Stallings will also be getting paid like Bonilla.

          How come pitt was able to find the money for Stallings buyout but can’t come up with the money for Narduzzi.

          I’m pretty sure they took a ‘loan’ out for KS. Why not go back to the ‘bank?’


  47. In 2018 Pitt played 5 ranked teams and in 2017 Pitt played 4 ranked teams.
    Narduzzi has played a much more difficult schedule of ranked teams and
    competitive conference games. In Pitt’s heyday they never played more than three
    in the regular season.


    1. In the 1970’s and 1980’s there were only 20 teams Ranked per week. Not 25.
      So naturally, there would be MORE ranked opponents now since then.

      A good example is Louisville was counted as a ranked opponent this year at #24.

      They would have not been counted as a ranked opponent in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

      L-ville like Pitt was a Top 25 fraud this year….ending up 4 wins & 7 losses.


        1. Yes…but the Wolfpack were ranked #24…so they would NOT HAVE been counted as a Ranked Opponent back in the ’70’s & 80’s and before whenever they went to a Top 25.

          Also Pitt didn’t play any FCS-D2 scubs back then. So their yearly record wasn’t inflated with cheap bought wins !!


            1. That’s a stretch….Navy beat us several times. Crushed us in the Military Bowl. Temple could and did beat us several times.

              Army is pretty good too. Certainly better than Austin Pee, Youngstown State, Delaware, and the other myriad of D2 schools that Frauduzzi has garned 10 wins of his 42 wins against.

              Tulane was in 4 Bowl Games (when they weren’t so fraudulent in the 1970’s).

              So your argument doesn’t belie the facts.

              Almost 25% of Fraduzzi’s wins are against FCS Rent-a Wins.


          1. Also there weren’t nearly as many powerhouse football programs back then. Eastern football was a joke. Syracuse tough in the early days, of course PSU, but not much else. The Big Ten was OSU and Michigan, The Pac was USC and UCLA. The ACC was nothing. The SEC was mostly Alabama. you had Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Not like now with many more competitive teams every year except at the very top. The Florida schools were just becoming formidable. Florida St with Bowden and Miami with JJ.
            So really 25 is equivalent of 20 back then.


        2. They finished in the top 25 because they beat us, most likely. That is why it makes more sense to look at rankings at time of play. Slice and dice, hmmm and hawww. Mediocre and average.


  48. Gordon Conn, thanks for bringing that up.

    When you consider …..

    — Pitt has been a mediocre program for the better part of the past 30 years now

    — it has played the most difficult schedule in the past 6 years maybe in its history (and for sure over the past 50 years)

    — and the quality of Western PA recruits are at an all-time low

    …. having the 3rd best ACC record in the past 6 years is quite the accomplishment

    The amount of Delusion of Grandeur that permeates this site is remarkable. And it is so far from REALITY it is laughable

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    1. I’m always Tex except for that one day I went crazy with handles

      I don’t need anyone’s support to validate how I think and feel

      I’d frankly prefer to never be liked. I walk alone.


  49. Excuses

    There is no excuse for only winning one bowl game in 6 years

    No excuse for not being ranked in the top 25 since Wanny

    No excuse for these results given Pitts spend on football

    All I want is a good sirloin steak. Pitt promises filet mignon and delivers chopped liver

    Why is it so difficult to get a good steak around here?


    1. When you accept mediocrity at best,,,,,,the excuses follow. Naturally.

      Most Americans accept mediocrity, which is why we’re at the point we’re at.

      And they make excuses for that as well. Excuse laden society, which is not willing
      to come to grips.


  50. So, here’s what I’ve learned from this POV:
    1.) Nard is a horrible game day coach, but a good DC;
    2.) Nard and staff can’t recruit;
    3.) Nard is grossly overpaid for the W-L record he produces;
    4.) There are no compensating reasons for his results;
    5.) Can’t discipline his players;
    6.) Has an 8-win ceiling. Deserves no better than a 2.0 grade (apparently generous)

    Did I miss anything?

    But, he keeps on putting garbage recruits in the NFL. So, who is screwed up worse:
    The NFL or Rivals??

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    1. There are 14 Pitt Players on current active NFL rosters. How many of them were recruited to Pitt by Narduzzi?


    2. All that past talk about how Narduzzi put Chryst’s players in the NFL and how it didn’t count is going to be blown up with C-4 come this draft with several of Pat’s own recruits getting picked in April.


      1. As a reader and sometimes commenter, I think the the assertion was made that Nard was putting alot of players in the nfl generally. That is false. Pitt will this year, hopefully. That should lead to a bunch of other questions if it plays out that way, and should be the subject of an article, like should Draft Picks equate to more Wins.

        Latching on to one year results however, doesn’t fix the glaring problem of mediocrity in all things Pitt Athletics. We see a lot of crazy stuff and have various sayings here on the farm and one of them is that a blind squirrel, is still blind. We have watched that squirrel for six years. One year, he finds a nut and that is good enough for the blind squirrel. All other years the blind squirrel mistakenly ate cow pooh. The pattern continues.

        We mock the squirrel and his supporters and wonder how it ever became acceptable to eat the pooh in the first place. Instead of figuring out a new way to hunt, the blind squirrel happily accepts the pooh results, continually hoping to find his next nut.

        Not for me and others on the farm here in Hooterville. We don’t accept crap.


  51. It seems to me that the first recruiting objective of any new program should be to build a top OL. Then get a couple of RBs that can get 3 yards in a cloud of dust. This is the quickest way to get competitive, and is the way Chryst approached things at Pitt. This is smart, since a ground game uses the clock on offense, keeps a rebuilding defense off the field, and compensates for average QB and WRs that can’t make big plays. It also improves red zone scoring. So why is it that 6 years into his tenure Narduzzi has not achieved the powerful OL that is characteristic of schools such as Wisconsin and Iowa? Why in year 6 is he relying on transfers and a walk on to man a 5 person OL? And why has he slipped so badly in recruiting RBs?

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    1. They don’t seem to value at all the benefit of shiftiness/quickness in a running back. About every back in the last 5 years is a straight-line, speed guy (or was supposed to be).

      Straight line guys work fine with a good Oline. Not so much with a poor one.

      We were spoiled be Shady, Dion, and Ray. That’s the model they should follow in RB recruiting.

      Go Pitt.

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    2. Even when you have a great QB you need a running game, just ask the Steelers. Ben was great, but they don’t win without Conner.


      1. Hedwig the owl flew by and indicated that he believes that Shady, Dion and Ray had more vision and quickness then raw speed. Leave it to Heddy to say vision is more important. I agree. Having great vision allows for the best rb’s to last longer because they do not take big hits generally.

        Conner runs with heart and conviction. Darrin Hall ran straight ahead really fast with maybe one shift or change of direction in his forte’. The greats had the vision to go with the quickness, like Barry Sanders, our own TD, Walt Peyton, Marc Allen, Curt Martin.

        You can be successful as a power back too and I would put Emmit Smitty, Jerome Bettis and Adrian Peterson in this group. Conner and Hall in the power group. Power backs aren’t successful with crap OL’s. Bettis didn’t make it until he ran behind an awesome OL. Conner is seeing that same thing with the Steelers, except the steeler OL run blocking is bad.


  52. For those that say Pitt’s schedules weren’t as tough in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Swear you are Pedo’s, cause that is what they did. And also I remember the Georgia Bulldog faithful did too. before we whupped up on them in the Sugar Bowl.

    So now in your misguided allegiance to Frauduzzi, you’re even willing to smear our great teams of the 1970’s and early 1980’s by attempting to smear their schedules. To make excuses for Chuck Steak Pat

    That’s some insane stuff.

    For Shame For Shame For Shame


    1. Nobody is saying those teams weren’t great, and they were great because they had great players that were better than whoever they played, but pretty much their only real competition was ND and PSU. WVU was also tough. They had better players than most of the other teams they played. So look at who beat those great Sherrill teams, PSU, ND and the fluke at Florida State.

      I have no allegiance to Narduzzi and recognize his flaws, but I don’t have to childishly call him names and can see that his win loss record is affected by who he has played.

      The teams of the late 70’s and early 80’s had many future NFL Hall of Famers. Narduzzi hasn’t had any yet, they are much harder to come by these days.

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  53. I would give Duzz a C–. He hopefully is still learning about head coaching so one day he may make it to a straight C, He is never going to be a great or even good coach. The best we can hope for is an average coach with a leaning toward good defenses. He does not seem to be a quick learner based on his many failures at hiring an offensive coordinator. If average is good enough, he can fill the bill. That means lots of 7-5 seasons with many bowl losses in the post season.

    Can Pitt do better? Yes!!! See the coaches in both men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, women’s volleyball, track and wrestling. Our football coaching staff is one of the weakest staffs at Pitt presently.

    So when are we going to make a change? Probably around 2023 or 2024. So more of the same for the foreseeable future.

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    1. For those who think program is the difference, look at what Coach Jay has done with pitt men’s soccer.

      It comes down to the head coach and his or her staff

      Pitt hadn’t made the playoffs in 51 years prior to last year. It has no tradition. No support. Facilities no better than most high schools.

      Yet coach Jay had three straight top 5-15 classes

      Pitt was ranked number 1 this year. And play in the toughest conference and it’s not debateable.

      The program had nothing to do with it. The coach makes the program. Jay knows how to sell recruits on Pitt.

      There is a coach Jay out there for Pitt football.

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      1. Don’t tell these boorish mediocre enablers that. It can’t be true. it kills their whole excuse laden childish behavior. Kids after all….always have excuses don’t they. Why they didn’t do their homework, why they didn’t clean their room, why they didn’t groom the dog/cat, why they didn’t cut the lawn, etc. etc.

        They call us childish….when their actions of excuses suggest they are the childish ones.


  54. Gordon, I think if you want to be fair about playing ranked teams you should realize that the AP only ranked top 20 programs in the 76-86 timeframe you referenced, not top 25. That most likely would make a difference. They didn’t go top 25 till 89, I believe. Old guys sometimes remember stuff ( but mostly don’t, lol)


    1. I recognize that and said above the top 25 is equivalent to top twenty back then. Many more strong programs these days. Also remember that the recruiting rules were changed because of Majors 1972 class and Bo Schembeckler cried how am I going to win if I can’t recruit more players. This change allowed many more schools to be more competitive. It is like ignoring the fact that WPA used to be loaded with great ballplayers making it much easier for Pitt to recruit.

      Narduzzi has plenty of flaws, but many of his obstacles are baked into the cake. Some want to call them excuses, I call them facts.

      The vast majority of football games are won by the team with better players. It is no secret why Clemson and Alabama are in the hunt every year. An easier schedule would result in more Pitt wins.

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  55. Miami plays their bowl game later today vs OK State.

    The canes are 1-9 in their last ten bowl games.

    Per ESPN College Sports XM Radio


  56. hey fellas, from 1976 thru 1979, WVU went 17 and 27 under Frank Cignetti Sr.
    From 1974 thru 1980, Syracuse went 32 and 46 under the legendary Frank Maloney?
    from 1975 thru 1980, Temple did go 36-28-2 under Wayne Hardin, with a ten win 1980 season.
    from 73 thru 82, Navy did go 55-46 under Geo Welsh, but Army went 26-46-3 under two different coaches.

    Face it, the only real challenges Pitt faced regularly was from PSU and ND in late 70s.

    and in 1979, Pitt’s only loss was to North Carolina … and in 1980, it was Florida St

    Su pulleeease, don’t tell me how tough the Eastern Indies were back then

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    1. Yea ….so what. Pitt won it’s games on the schedule. They beat, for the most part, who they were supposed to beat.

      25 % of Frauduzzi’s 42 wins are against D2 schools. PITT PLAYED NO D2 SCHOOLS BACK THEN.

      So pleeeeeeeeease….enough !


        1. Heather obviously thinks Narduzzi can beat those tougher teams in the ooc or why else would she allow that schedule

          So you have a choice. You either blame heather or you blame Narduzzi. You cannt give them both passes.

          Both share the blame if you ask me

          But both are never held accountable. Funny how that is.


          1. Someone obviously thinks that is the way to higher attendance. Doubt that it is Narduzzi.
            But we have many here who want those tougher games on the schedule and also criticize
            the win loss record. Funny how that is.


            1. Teams like ucf and okie state didn’t bring higher attendance. Pitt would have been better off scheduling Delaware.

              A school like Tennessee does nothing for pitt. Just like Nebraska, Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan state and Texas Aggies from previous seasons.

              If I was AD I’d buy four wins. That’s a total cost of around $6 million. Go into ACC play at 4-0. Only have to go 2-6 in ACC play to get a bowl. Just A .500 record in conference gets you a nice bowl and chance for 9 wins and a final ranking.

              Dixon was the master of this approach for basketball.

              But heather doesn’t think this way. That’s why she fails.


            2. Who is the many and what has their thinking brought Pitt the last 40 years? Better players, nope. Better attendance, nope. Better finances, nope. Better donations, nope. Loss of a generation or two of potential new fans and alumni donors, yes.


  57. Like most I am frustrated with the Pitt offense, but unlike most I think it is because of the quality or lack there of the players. It took Narduzzi 5 years to assemble a group of quality defenders. He has not been able to assemble anywhere near that in playmakers on the offense. Most want to blame Whipple, but he can only do so much. There just aren’t enough playmakers, especially at the skill positions.

    I liked the idea above that Narduzzi should forgo the linebackers coach and bring in an offensive minded recruiting coordinator/assistant head coach. Someone that can find the kinds of guys for the O-line that have been developed on the D-line. The lack of a running game has crushed this team for two years. The number of three and outs and lack of ball control has put too much pressure on the defense. When you leave them with a short field to defend to often, bad things are going to happen.

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  58. Count me in as a C as well. Although I was very close to a C- based upon how this season played out but the final game pushed him into C territory …barely.


  59. so 25% of Duzz’s wins are vs D2 teams? So you Nellies are now resorting to bald-faced lies

    here is a fact … .Unlike Walt, Wanny and Paulie, Nard hasn’t lost to a MAC team. In fact, in his 3rd season, Paulie, the great offensive guru, scored all of 10 points in a 21-10 home loss to Akron

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    1. 10 wins of 42 wins = 23.8% So rounding up would be 24%. And that is as close as you can get to 25%.

      What’s a bald face lie concerning that ? I’m assuming you weren’t a math major ! lol

      For $4 million a year he shouldn’t be beating D2 Delaware by a FG…..should he ?

      Paulie sucked to btw. Ain’t nobody defending his ‘on the job’ training at Pitt.

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  60. Funny, all this doesn’t matter. Narduzzi is going to lose AT LEAST 5 games, no matter how strong or weak the schedule, the recruits, or quality of Pitt’s team. Never lost less, ever. 6 years of results in coaching is a huge sample. He had what I consider 2 very good, not great, teams, and he still lost 5. And how he did it amazed me even more. Come on, it had to have you scratching you heads also.

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    1. the last time Pitt lost less than 5, was 2009 ….. when they played 2 ranked teams and lost them both.


      1. in fact, Pitt has lost less than 5 only 3 times in this entire millennium …. even when the schedules were much easier. In fact, Pitt has loss less than 5 only 3 times since the 80s

        This program is mediocre and has been that way for > 30 years ….. deal with it!

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  61. Louis Riddick solves all this arguing. How much do you think it would take to get him interested. Nfl GMs make around $2 million. Heather makes around $800k. I would think finding another $1.2 million should be easy.

    Louis would put a quick end to mediocrity.

    I’d personally hire him at $3 million and replace Narduzzi with a $3 million coach.


  62. Dedicated to you POVers …

    Well I don’t know why I post on this site
    I’ve got the feeling that something ain’t right
    I don’t know why the target is ten
    We’ve done it just once since I don’t know when
    Buckeyes to the left of me
    Lions to the right
    Here I am stuck in the 70s again.

    Yes I’m stuck in the 70s again
    Along with POVers who can only remember when
    It’s so hard to keep my sanity in tact
    When POVers just can’t accept the fact

    Buckeyes to the left of me
    Lions to the right
    Here I am stuck in the 70s again.

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    1. I knew the 90’s. I don’t want to go back. How about not being stuck in any decade, but redefining the 2020’s with new leadership. History doesn’t need to define you.


  63. Yup, but all of those coaches were fired or left. Problem is they simply make bad hires. Poor fits , whatever. Even then, Walt and Wanny managed to lose less than 5. You’d like to see some progress, alas, 5 or more after 6 years doesn’t bode well. Ya know what else cracks me up. We won the Coastal. Crap, EVERYONE has won the coastal. Do you know how embarrassing it would have been if we didn’t? And that hard OCS, well, we get Syracuse every year. That kinda makes up for a tough OCS game, doesn’t it? And even the year we won the Coastal, how many games did we lose?


    1. well at least take some pleasure that Pitt has won the 3rd most ACC games since 2015.

      But instead, you people would prefer the same old pattern …. fire this guy, and let’s see what next one can do


      1. Yes. Fire this guy. And replace the AD. It only works with Riddick. And of course my list of coach replacements. I have a plan. Not hope. 🤠


    2. Even lost to a Stanford team, with half it’s starters either skipping or injured in the Sun Bowl.

      So ended that season losing 3 straight. And two extremely pathetic losses of those 3 were on
      National TV. Pitt looked like a team that had never learned the game of football in those games.

      Just absolutely horrid and an embarrassment.


        1. which included the national champ, another team that made the final 4, a team that finished 11th, and 2 more that made the final Top 25.

          That’s more than Wanny faced in his last 3 years


          1. You mean your favorite team…Notre Dame. Yes who can forget some of these Duzz specials on National TV that year.

            Penn State 51 @ Pitt 6
            UCF 45 Pitt 14
            Clemson 42 Pitt 10

            I need to count up all the Duzz special Pitt blowout losses on National TV. Other than JM2 and Dave Hart he must be in the Top 3.


  64. I would give Duzz a C+. The C for results in the ACC games and the + is due to the fact that he is running the program clean, the players like him and the coaches, and because the recruiting is clearly improving. He also greatly improved the team facilities since he came here.


    1. The Duzz is 31 wins and 34 Losses against other P5 schools.

      And we’re on Probation !

      C is Average, so that would be an equal amount of wins & losses against other like P5 schools

      D for Duzz ! lol


      1. Pitt doesn’t run a clean program. Pitt is on a two year probation. All happened under heathers watchful eye. Even if Minor. Pitt got stupidly caught and is on probie.

        If you’re going to cheat, go big and get something more than a participation trophy out of it.

        Players might like him but that leads to undisciplined play. Leads to starting players who are his favs. Leads to little accountability. Tomlin and him are bossum buddies.

        One year of ok recruiting doesn’t make a trend. Only 30 percent of the class is rated 5.7 and above. 31 percent is his 6 year average. But at least I didn’t see as many Elon offers this year.

        I just don’t see how things are getting better after 6 years. It’s been flat to me. Stable mediocrity. Very predictable. Pitt has always been risk adverse.

        Expect more ho hum 7 win seasons to come. 40 percent of pitt fans are fine with that. That’s why things won’t change.


  65. Being the enabler that I am, I don’t want to see Narduzzi fired. What would be the point with the same AD, the same chancellor and the same BOT?

    Capel might be a good hire but he hasn’t fielded a competitive acc team yet, so who knows.

    Fire Narduzzi and start over with a new questionable choice, what’s the point?


  66. Since year 2 of the Narduzzi Era I’ve written 4 or 5 articles that were published on the POV entitled “Does Narduzzi Know What He is Doing?”. The POV discussion above shows just how frustrating this subject can be

    Yet, after this year, we do have some clarity. The program is mired in mediocrity — no one can fairly disagree with that unless that someone thinks that Pitt’s storied history entitles it to at least an 8 and 5 won/lost record every year. Maybe Narduzzi merits a C+, maybe a C. I don’t know how anyone can reasonably disagree with that grade because it is essentially definitional.

    There are some things he does better than C and some things worse. His game day coaching is poor. Actually, he embarrasses me sometimes. Why I should be embarrassed over some dumb decision he makes is hard to figure. I must be insecure about the status of my alma mater.

    Those that say he has not done well recruiting are being unfair to him because they choose to discount the significance of the decline of WPA football over the past several years. To my mind, Narduzzi made a strategic decision (by necessity? doesn’t matter to me) to focus his recruiting efforts in the South and DVMNJ. And that decision was brilliant. Yes, attributing brilliance to Narduzzi seems incongruent but I think the word is appropriate.

    I also think that he can evaluate talent fairly well (he doesn’t get the “brilliant” descriptor on this one though) especially on defense. I don’t know if we can say he can’t evaluate talent on offense just because of the teams poor offensive performance over the last several years).

    Much of the discussion above concerns the wisdom of playing a weaker schedule to build up wins. I remember when Narduzzi was first hired Dokish suggested (not saying no one else didn’t also) that the cure for ending mediocrity is building 9 and 3 won/lost records which will result in better recruiting (see Clemson) though it is not unfair to ask how that served Syracuse from 2019 to 2020. I get the impression from watching and listening to Narduzzi that he actually wants the tougher schedule. That’s commendable if we are hooked on Ancient Greek ethics but in this day and age it seems to me that a weaker schedule is the easiest and fastest way to develop a reputation as a desirable program destination for recruits. Of course, then Pitt would have to win a bowl game against a good team and with Narduzzi’s poor game day coaching skills the odds are against that.

    Here is what I would do if I were in charge of Pitt athletics: Weaken the schedule and as soon as Pitt gets those 9 wins, fire Narduzzi.

    One last thought. In my opinion ACC football is better than it has been since Narduzzi came to town. And its not going to get weaker in the next few years.

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    1. Narduzzi is going to praise whatever the current AD does, because she signs his check. Dokish took the scheduling idea from several of us many moons ago.

      Here is an F for Farduzzi – He washes his hands of the offense!! F, F, F. He is the CEO of the team and has no say so in 40% of the operations??? I believe Farduzzi when he said those things. It was not tongue in cheek. He wasn’t messing with the media. I actually believe it because he said it in answer to a serious question. Maybe we all gotta “go back and look at the tape.”

      There was no brilliant strategy for shifting recruiting. He only needed to copy the more successful teams in college to understand the practice. He didn’t do anything in that space that splits him apart as an innovator. Now, if he goes and starts recruiting a bunch of Samoans for the OL and DL, that might be a bit innovative since we are not Hawaii or USC. WPA has been low on talent for years and will continue in that regard for years to come. That is a 10 minute read on high school demographics.

      Good grief!!!


  67. Heather and the BoT are delighted by this poll. It’s going to be business as usual and validates their decisions. Even among those who rated Narduzzi a C, I bet half wouldn’t do anything about it. Doing something means cancelling season tickets and stopping donations.

    I’ll continue negotiations with the Detroit Lions.


    1. If I’m in charge, those not purchasing season tickets and/or making donations places them on the ignore list. Isn’t that the cardinal rule of sales? Easier to keep customers than to create new ones? I want input from those buying tickets and attending games. One of the benefits of improved technology is that not only do they know who purchases tickets and donates, they even know exactly which tickets were used for a given game. I promptly get an email after each game thanking me for attending. I would think that is your primary source of feedback. Those who buy tickets and attend the games.

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  68. Personally. I’m tired of C grade football. Just because I gave Dooz a C- doesn’t mean I don’t want an upgrade.


  69. Are Pitt QB’s better than OSU QB’s?

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  70. Aside from some perennial complainers on this site, just how many Pittsburghers and alums are truly upset with the football W-L record over the past 6 years? With basketball, it was different, since the fans failed to show up and it was a really bad look on TV. Dixon was losing steam, and Stallings had to go. But in football, these 6-7 win seasons and mediocre bowl bids seem okay with most people, who really just vent their spleens over the Steelers in this town.

    The administration and BoT can’t be happy with the ND and Clemson blowouts, which were sort of humiliating losses on TV, but one or two bad losses each year seem to be acceptable. Given that the BB and FB programs continue to stay clean and graduate players in the future, please weigh in on what you think it would take for Pitt to upgrade these programs? Where is the red line that produces major change?


    1. You have that poll. 40 percent are fine. And a large percent of the 50 that gave a C probably wouldn’t do anything for Pitt to notice. They notice money…cash flows. Until 70-80 percent of fans stop sending Pitt money, pitt won’t do a damn thing.


  71. Maybe the lightbulb is starting to illuminate the darkened.

    That is what happens when you recruit a bunch of 4 and 5 star players across the board. At the end of the day, the masses cover up for the weakest parts of the team because of the totality in numbers of great high school players. That is why some of us push for better recruiting. The more 4 and 5 star players you have, the better your team will be. Recruiting sites bear that out for the most part every year. You can dominate college sport while doing so within the rules. It is a simple strategy and actually executable for Pitt with a different administration. Pitt doesn’t have anyone with the pedigree to do it.

    Many will blow that off and say Pitt never wants to be like OSU, but academically, and in the rankings OSU is higher than Pitt, have just as many hospitals in their system and most importantly, understand that superior athletics (done within the rules), enhances the collegiate experience for students, increases the endowment and is a source of pride for half a million alumni. You can have it all. Just need to work harder.

    Mr. Ed just chucked a pigskin past my head to get my attention, so I gotta split. I will throw some glue on his stall to get him back.


  72. PSN’s Vukovkan suggesting Dooz look at former Pitt players Jarred Holley or Eric Kasperowicz to replace Rob Harley.


  73. It is all pretty much a mute point since there is a long term contract and after the Stallings debacle the BoT isn’t going to do a thing, especially with Covid dragging down revenues even worse than normal.

    The good news is that because of the long term contract Narduzzi was able to recruit a pretty good class, at least on paper.


  74. In answer to VOR’s question above, I would change the process by trying a long term stability direction. Look for incremental improvements in funding the program. Look for incremental improvements in recruiting. Expect a gradual improvement in won-loss record, even if it means enduring an occasional setback. We have tried the alternative. It’s been forty years. How many more do you need to witness before concluding that does not work.

    One other option is catching lightning in a bottle. Looking at your peers across the college football landscape, you see that happens about once every thirty Head Coach hires (just made up a number). That would take us out about 150 years if we keep hiring and firing every five years.


  75. If I’m going to see that “lightning in a bottle” season in my lifetime then we need to start the coaching carousel now. The clock is ticking.

    I know, I know. Not gonna happen.

    I didn’t realize at the time how fortunate I was to witness the ’76 national title run. A lifetime of memories in just a few amazing months.

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  76. The question is what is the fastest way to get to a nine or 10 win season. Is it staying the course or starting over? Obviously an easier OOC helps either way you choose to go. Having ND, Clemson, Tennessee, WV, just makes it more difficult. Face it, either way can fail.

    We are not alone in our misery, Syracuse, Nebraska, Michigan, Texas, Miami, FLST. VATech, WV, Tenn. and many others that are proud programs have had more success than us and have fallen on harder times. Some of it is cyclical, with Pitt it largely self imposed but with a shrinking recruiting base. Look at the Pac, once a juggernaut conference struggles to get a team in the playoffs.

    Many of these schools have large on campus stadiums, rabid large fan base, supportive administrations and still can’t get it done to varying degrees.
    I’m just pointing out that it is not that easy, if it was there would be a lot more teams doing it.

    It’s like trying to break into the automotive industry. it takes great resources. Tesla might make it. The Koreans are the last to do it in a big way. But the odds are against it.

    In the ACC you have all teams other than Clemson, trying to get to the next level, what makes Pitt any more worthy than any of them? What gives Pitt a major advantage over any of them?

    Good thing Tex has a plan.

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    1. It’s not easy. But it’s not easy as what only one of four P5 schools to have at least three losses every year for the past 40 years. Pitt had a plan to be mediocre and has stuck to it for 40 years. They should be commended for the execution.


  77. One complaint is that Pitt is overpaying Duzz. For years the complaint was that no HC will stay or come here because Pitt is cheap paying their coaches. I wish Pitt was paying him 20 mil a year with a raise every year.

    We would have our choice of any coach in the nation…. 😉

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  78. Recruiting good players is necessary, but it will place even more pressure on Narduzzi to win. When the recruiting lags, the normal explanations are given that WPA is weak, the weather and stadium are the problem, etc. But with good recruiting classes come the expectation that Narduzzi will win, or everyone will know where the problem lies.


  79. Just for what it’s worth regarding the potential value of continuity….Frank Beamer coached rather successfully at Virginia Tech for 29 years. His overall record there was 238-121-2. After his first 6 years at VT his record was a sterling 24-40. (And he inherited a team that averaged about 8 wins a year (out of 11 games) for the preceding 5 years.

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    1. Beamer turned it around starting in 1993 in the BigEast, just about the same time Pitt was again in a deemphasis mode. Getting his first 9 win season that year.

      So you could make a correlation that VT filled the void that Pitt created with it’s deemphasis football.

      And you could also see that in the time period of 1983/1984, with Pitt’s sudden drop off the National scene……who appeared to fill that void. The Miami Hurricanes, who brought in Jimmy Johnson(who had Pitt ties), in 1984. In 3 years Miami would be National Champions. Pitt(Ed Bozik) chose Foge to lead the program, but the bigger problem was who was leading the Athletic Dept and that was Ed Bozik.

      From the University Times.

      “Bozik became Pitt athletics director on Sept. 1, 1982, retiring from the post on July 1, 1991. Those years saw a number of controversies in the athletics department as well as the decline of Pitt’s football teams from perennial top 10 contenders to also-rans.

      Bozik was criticized for extending football coach Foge Fazio’s contract in 1984 only to fire him a year later. Bozik later hired former football coaches Mike Gottfried and Paul Hackett, both of whom would resign under pressure, and basketball coach Paul Evans, whose contract was not renewed this year.

      Within months after Bozik became athletic director, the NCAA reprimanded Pitt for a recruiting violation involving an all-state high school basketball player. In 1992, one of Bozik’s aides, Bob Heddleston, was sentenced to four years of probation after pleading guilty to misapplication of funds and commercial bribery. Heddleston had been executive director of the Golden Panthers booster organization.”

      Bozik pretty much had a Free Hand at Pitt, since he and Uncle Wesley Posvar were old Air Force buddies. both pilots and Posvar even rose to the height of General in the Air Force. Both also
      taught at the Air Force Academy.

      When Posvar stepped down as Chancellor in 1991, so did Bozik. But the damage was already done, to the point where Pitt even thought of dropping down to D2 status. Pitt’s booster program never recovered.

      There-in likes the Root of the last 40 years

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  80. Devonshire has 6 tackles at UK in 2 seasons. Never saw the field. So transfers to Pitt and we think he is Revis. Let me guess, wait till next year right? It is gonna be our year. Said every year after 6-7 wins. Lock the Gates.


    1. I have to agree with upitt, a 4 star recruit that played only 76 snaps on defense for Kentucky as a red shirt freshman doesn’t qualify for a current 4 star rating. Pitt has had a number of high stars transfer in and play at less than a 2 star level. We can always hope that this time will be different but I’m not counting on a 76 snap contributor at Kentucky being much of an upgrade for Pitt.


    2. If nothing else, Devonshire adds two things:

      The Quip pipeline is partially reconnected, and
      MJ adds depth to a previously thin CB position (prior to 2021 recruiting)

      Woods and M.Williams started at times in 2020 alongside Pinnock. Former starter Mathias may return and Pitt has two 4 star CB’s in Battle & Royal who were trueFR in 2020.

      Pitt will have a hard time matching SC’s money 💰 when trying to keep WR coach Beatty. In the short time he has been at Pitt, Beatty has been an upgrade to the recruiting team.

      The wrong coaches are exiting stage left.


    3. Unless you know the circumstances of Devonshire’s time at Kentucky, it isn’t appropriate to assume anything about his skills. One year was a redshirt year (without the ability to participate in 4 games) and, as for the second year, who knows? I don’t.


  81. I’d prefer a 4 star WR, maybe 2….who can actually catch the ball ! A TE that could catch would be beneficial as well. A QB, for after Pickett would also seem to be a necessity. Offense is the name of the game in the 21st century.

    The Dooz will never admit to; the best Defense is a Good Offense.

    And there-in lies our immediate future.


  82. Oy vey…


    1. Oy vey is right. We will find out more about Duzz’s mettle for building an offensive staff by the way he handles this.

      FInd a way to keep him – he is the future.


  83. Just read in the Trib live article on Devonshire… “ PITT finished last in the ACC allowing 23TD passes.” Duzz D was LAST….. let’s discuss that stat….


    1. That stat passes the “eye” test in my book – in other words, that is exactly what I saw. A lot of those TD passes were long ones to boot.

      Duke is the only coastal opponent that will not have a returning starter at QB in 2021. More of the same?

      It will be a long offseason and ticket renewals looming in the background. I’m with Annie, I don’t get thank you e-mails either from the Pitt administration – and I’ve been a ticket holder since the move to Heinz and a consistent money donor.


      1. You and Annie have me questioning my own sanity, Rick. Unfortunately, the last game would have been in 2019 and those discarded messages are long gone. I just assumed that scanning the ticket on the way in told them the seat was occupied and they generated canned “thank you” messages the next day. Weird. Anyway my point was just to question whether refusing to buy tickets or donate was the best way to influence the Athletic Admin. You would be a good one to answer that. Which would have more impact on you in your business? A scathing email from an existing customer or a scathing email from someone who does not do business with you? I’ve never been in sales so I am just speculating.


          1. Thanks, Mark Thinking back I believe many of my Pitt email messages come from the Account Rep to whom my account has been assigned. Might be a difference in initiative between Account Reps. I’m puzzled. But not puzzled enough to look into it.


        1. Any financial impact gets their attention so yes a decline in season ticket renewals and donations definitely will. Pitt tracks those metrics closely. But being a covid year and covid having some influence on attendance in 2021, pitt already has a built in excuse and cover. And again, that poll tells me everything. Fans are generally fine with the state of the program. There is no impetus for change at the moment.

          Pitts lack of connecting with fans and engaging them will lead to lost supporters and apathy.


    2. I suspect some of that ranking (in addition to having a less-than-stellar pass defense) is due to having a terrific run defense. Seems like if teams can’t run it in, they will
      pass more. Would be interesting to see the stats on run vs. pass percentages for our opponents compared to their other games.


      1. Correct, just like Pitt’s passing statistics are much better than their running statistics, If you can’t run the ball you have to pass. And last year our opponents didn’t run very well and so they passed a lot. Also Pitt’s plays at high risk in the defensive backfield with their man on man coverage.


  84. So, if Narduzzi wants to keep Beatty for his recruiting and thinks he has the chops to be OC, I would promote him to co-OC with Whipple with a bump in pay, and then make him OC next year, thanking Whipple for his service.

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  85. My thoughts on Duzz from back in early Oct after the BC loss:

    A DC turned HC always thinks “his defense” will win the game for them. Which is not a Narduzzi specific shortcoming. Its a Wannstedian mindset as well. Hell, the Stache may have invented that mindset. We all saw Jurkovec make an excellent throw on 3rd down to take the lead in OT, so whay would anyone not assume it could happen again? There are tmes to simply go for it and that was one of those.

    More troubling was watching the OL again struggle throughout the game. Fix that units alone and this team looks a whole lot better. The position they have been putting Kenny in – and the defense for that matter – is tough. Not just tonight. This season and last.

    Folks, I’ve been a wait and see guy with Wannstedt, Chryst and Duzz. There came a point in Wannstedt’s time when it was 100% clear to me he was not up to the job as HC. I came to that same conclusion tonight with Narduzzi. The OL is atrocious, we can’t recruit TE’s and neither the OC or the OL coaches are inspiring young recruits to join the Panthers (and thank god for Chris Beatty btw). And did I mention the OL is not good. The problem is large and Lyke has her hands full. With the current economic situation as well as COVID, her possible moves are limited. Best we could hope for I suppose is Borbely to retire and replace him someone who has both great (i.e. better than good) recruiting skills and is a great positional coach.

    I think we will win some more game this year, but its going to go down as a year when the team could have made a nice showing but was hamstrung by the nearsightedness of a HC who couldn’t see past his DL.

    Back to today – nothing I saw since then changed my view.

    Weeks later, we lose 3 OL to COVID and their replacements did a better job. Duzz admitted being surprised and deflected bny suggesting that the lack of a spring game impaired the staff’s ability to see what they had. The kids then got more playing time in the following weeks.

    Based on what I was told by two Pitt OL following the last game at UVA, Borbeley has no problem challenging Narduzzi and Narduzzi listens. So, between those two, one of them didn’t know what they had. Look, I don’t think a HC can be on top of everey single detail – there are a lot of moving pieces after all – but he should have coaches tell him who is ready to go….particularly for the biggest single weaknees on the team.

    Grade? Pick anything you want below a B.

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    1. but isn’t i something that in the last 30 years, that conclusion you speak of was thought about every coach Pitt had. The only 3 winning coaches were

      — Walt who resurrected the program from the dead but then lost steam the final 2 years;

      — Wanny who started slow but ended fast, but apparently not fast enough as his dismissal was applauded by many

      — and now Duzz

      Is it possible that it’s the program with its natural constraints that has the ceiling and not the coaches?

      But who knows, maybe another 2 coaches or so, we will get a 9 win season

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      1. How can a program hit the ceiling? The Pitt football program today is vastly better than the days of walt and Wanny.

        The Southside facilities have been upgraded and renovated. The money is their for recruiting and coaching salaries…if Narduzzi chooses to spend it.

        Pitt will have reached the ceiling only when they move their home back to Oakland.


    2. Good post. That’s the area I’ve been harping on for the last 2 years, questioning Borbely & as a result, Narduzzi. Pitt’s OLine got pummeled AGAIN this year, with the exception of the tail end of the season, and it was shocking that the replacements looked better than the starters, and how the heck to do you not know who your best players are? I would’ve fired Borbely on that point alone. The only thing that gives me pause is that I think we finally brought in a decent OL class for the first time in years, plus a really nice transfer that I expect to start from day one, so maybe the OL is turning the corner. But football is won and lost on the line of scrimmage, don’t pay any attention to the Steelers winning with a horrendous Oline, that is by far the exception, not the rule. Sorry, just ranting on this topic, but again, good post.


  86. “— Wanny who started slow but ended fast, but apparently not fast enough as his dismissal was applauded by many”

    Those many are those awful Pitt fans who thought they were entitled to a championship because Dorsett and Marino once played for the program. In a litany of bad decisions by Pitt in its history, that firing ranks right up there.


    1. Disagree. Love Wanny, but not as a head football coach, I wouldn’t even want him as a defensive coordinator; heck he didn’t even make it as a LB coach for the Bills. Recruiting coordinator? Sure, bring him back any day.

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      1. Let me remind you that as a head coach of the Dolphins, Wanny was 42-31 (ironically the same as at Pitt)

        So apparently we have had only coordinators but no head coaches for decades …. Gottfried, Walt and Paulie were good OCs; Foge, Wanny and Duzz were great DCs …. but all were terrible head coaches.

        So the only real head coaches that Pitt had in the past 60 years or so was Majors (1st stint) and Sherill.


        1. And who hired all these bozos after Jackie? An even bigger bozo in the AD, some lawyer acting as AD, or some search committee. The hiring process at pitt is designed to provide cover to the chancellor and AD while absolving the BoT of any accountability.


    2. Wanny was a master choke artist. His teams disappointed and underperformed. He gave us some terrible and unforgivable losses. I’m not sad he was canned. I am mad at how it all went down. Totally classless and both sides have blame.


      1. But he did it on the cheap and didn’t resign after the two idiots sliced his recruiting budget after the 2008 season. He was, essentially, the administration’s dream coach.

        The problem was Pederson had no allegiance to the university and acted solely as a petty individual and fired Dave. No way do we endure what the 6 and 6-ers gave us those four seasons after Dave’s firing.

        Quintessential Pitt those four seasons from 2011-14. Professor Cyanide poisoned his wife and no one batted an eye across the country yet the BoT thought the SI article was going to burn the university buildings down due to the embarrassment.

        What a joke.


        1. The SI article was used for justification of the firing but after the fact. It gave Cornhole and nerdball some cover.

          What galls me is that Pitt didn’t fight back hard enough to discredit that piece of garbage reporting and obvious smear. I would have sued SI for slander and libel.

          Yet many hold up nerdberg as one of the greatest pitt leaders ever. Yep the guy that hired Cornhole and then extended him on his way out. And now I hear he collects a fat check for being some honorary chair of politics at Pitt

          But again to keep my sanity I remain grounded. Pitt has over a $2.1 billion dollar operating budget. Sports comprises only $100 million of that. Five percent.


          1. SI was long past it’s heyday…when that smear job was wrote. That in itself made that article of little importance, Did ESPN even pickup on the story….i can’t remember, but if they did, it was minimal coverage. But it did serve it’s purpose, as the ‘cover story’, shall we say.

            Wanny and more importantly Pitt would have been in great position to capitalize on the Creepy Valley Crimes. Wanny would have cleaned up recruiting wise, perhaps even back to the level of late ’70’s, early 80’s in both PA & NJ. Pitt could/would have become relevant again.

            And people up high did know that in investigation at Creepy Valley had been underway at that time, as we found out about at later date. Wanny was forced to resign after the 2010 season. However this was going on in secret a year earlier.

            ” In the case of Sandusky, the grand jury investigation began in 2009 under state attorney general and later-governor Tom Corbett. ”

            It didn’t become public knowledge until:
            The scandal broke in early November 2011 when Sandusky was indicted on 52 counts of child molestation, stemming from incidents that occurred between 1994 and 2009.[1]

            IMO, they needed to put Pitt in a position of disarray BEFORE the sH8t storm broke in Creepy Valley.
            And they did, Pitt was in more disarray than Pedo State. Which would have been almost impossible to be in that position. The odds of that happening are a Million to one.

            Things like Wanny > Heyward> Graham> Chryst in 2 years at the exact same time of Paterno>Tom Bradley> Bill O’Brien. Again a Million or more to one odds of that happening in that same 2 year time frame.


  87. Allow me to point out two current items of POV cynicism:

    1) MJ Devonshire We are now being pointed out of his modest stats at Kentucky (very true.) But can you imagine the criticism on this site (probably from the same ones) if Duzz would have lost him to PSU or WVU?

    2) Chris Beatty We may well lose him to SEC money, and if so, of course Duzz and Heather will be crucified here. But how about some praise for snatching him up immediately when he became available a couple of years ago? Same thing when Partridge became available 3 years ago.

    Fact is that with the exception of Addison, Pitt has only begun to realize the fruits of Beatty’s labor. Good and bad coaches come and go … for different reasons. And the thought that a program like Pitt could hold on to the really good coaches is just another delusion

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  88. You can talk head coach salaries because it is somewhat reported, but not one person outside the program truly knows what the football budget is and what universities spend.
    There are no rules or standard across universities for reporting expenditures. Each school hides some spending from the public.
    PN does not have a bottomless wallet for the program. When they have a resort like facility for the players like Clemson, I will expect them to recruit and hire equally. It will never happen.
    That being said, no reason Pitt can’t be an occasional top 25 team. Covid saved PN this year. He won’t win more than seven games next year, he will never reach nine or ten.
    Next year will be his last.


    1. Position coaches are paid half of coordinators.

      Both pitt coordinators make around $500-$600k. Those figures have been reported in various articles from Pitt filings and investigative work by the media

      Sec schools pay their coordinators $1-$2 million. Their position coaches make what pitt pays their coordinators.

      If Pitt wants to keep him, find an extra $250k and make him co OC

      And Narduzzi did make $4.1 million in 2019 placing him in the top 30 of all head coaches. A very poor value indeed.

      Bottom line is that Narduzzi doesn’t share in the horde. He hogs all the money for himself. And gets heather to bonus him for winning participation trophies and meeting his kitten saving quota. I wouldn’t doubt if Narduzzi has incentive laden clauses in his contract for gpa’s, graduation rates and community service involvement.

      Only at Pitt can you create a contract with improper incentives.

      Wins are the only thing that matters

      And Narduzzi steals $700k for each win


      1. Its not “stealing” and any argument that PN does not deserve what he gets paid is undermined by using such hyperbole.


  89. I would care less if he went to PSU and or WVU because he is a combination of quitter and non performer. If you are good you play and find a way to get on the field after 2 seasons. Simple as that. Not to mention it is a case of the kid wanting to go home. How many other D1 programs in Pittsburgh.


    1. He broke his wrist and took a red shirt. Kentucky’s backfield is loaded with players.
      Hope he is like our last SEC transfer Kylan Johnson.


    2. On the June 15th date of the article he loves everything at Kentucky. Fast forward to December 2020 he is not so much in love with Kentucky anymore.


  90. So explain why he rode the bench in his Sophomore season. Like many he just isn’t that good and quit. Kinda like the Bum TE 5 Star’s Narduzzi brings in.


  91. Beatty can obviously recruit but can he coach? One word describes his coaching….DROPS.
    He has to take a lot of blame for that.


    1. He can’t coach any worse than whipple. Maybe by combining two bad coaches into the OC, pitt gets something less bad. There has to be a law of diminishing badness pertaining to college football.


  92. Frauduzzis over reliance on transfers to fill holes caused by poor recruiting and poor player development is troubling. Just like a nfl team relying on expensive free agents each year.


    1. Transfer portal is huge this year. You’d be an idiot not to grab what you can get. If they don’t pan out, so be it. The portal will keep growing as it should. Coaches can leave, let the players move.


  93. at noon on ESPN, Wisconsin (3-3) plays Wake Forest (4-4) in the Duke Mayo Bowl. Yes WF played just 8 games despite the fact it too had an 11 game schedule, while UW had games against Nebraska and Purdue cancelled.

    There is another interesting dynamic at play here. Wisconsin was pre-season AP No. 12 while Wake Forest was the pre-ranked 10th by the ACC Media (Pitt was selected 8th)

    (In fairness, Pitt was picked as high as 4th but most polls had them somewhere in the middle.)

    You would think UW would win easily here but then again, in this season, who knows? Of course, if UW loses, it will be because PC is just a glorified OC posing as HC ….despite his 55-19 record at UW)


    1. Schools really are negligent for playing these meaningless games. But I guess one could argue the players are safer in their bubble than if they were just sent home for the holidays.

      I still don’t see the upside in playing these games. Does the extra ten days of practice really make that much of a difference? Particularly when spring drills are 3 months away.

      Would those schools forfeit money from the conference by declining their invitations?

      No fans at most bowls. No fun excursions for the players at fancy restaurants or tourist places.

      A game here just got cancelled because Tcu had positive cases. So much for that bubble.


  94. Pat Narduzzi has coached Pitt to the 3rd best record in the ACC over his six years, despite an off-campus stadium, a student body smaller than many other ACC schools, a mediocre local high school talent base, and a garbage fan base that doesn’t donate money and doesn’t show up to games.
    Pitt has no business being third best in the ACC over a 6 year stretch. Narduzzi gets an A.

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    1. And that’s exactly how the BoT sees things. Add in graduation rates, gpa’s, no thugs, no Major violations, a participation trophy, a bowl win

      Since you’re giving out A’s on a major curve, might as well give heather an A plus. That contract extension was a genius move on her part.


      1. You’re right, Heather is awful. She should have built new Pitt Stadium with her bare hands and funded it with her own money. How dare she!
        Pitt is 4th in the ACC in football under her tenure. GROSS INCOMPETENCE! FIRE HER!!!

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    2. Ronette, welcome and thank you for the astute comments. Always glad to have a fresh opinion here

      But perhaps as a Twin Peaks alum, you may have misunderstood the mission here. This is a Pitt blog …. where cynicism is the order of the day … and has been for decades.

      While I personally would love to here from you again, I think you are better served in participating in blogs closer to your home …. Boise St or Utah maybe. You would be much better appreciated there

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  95. The opportunity to use the Transfer portal to improve you position is a good thing. It is also a good thing for players that get a second chance and may find a more suitable situation. It is a second bite at the recruiting apple for both player and school.

    Tex, Eric Ebron has been a definite plus for the Steelers.
    Without Peterman, Pitt doesn’t have its best offense in 30 years.
    Joe Burrows?

    Sometimes you just sound foolish.

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    1. Over reliance is a cause for concern. The Steelers and other good teams are successful by drafting well. Steelers are never big free agent players. They draft and develop. I don’t mind the occasional transfer or agent to fill a need. But going to the well every year is a problem. Narduzzi always does this with o lineman and QB’s. The well is more dry than wet. And it does create some bad team chemistry with these guns for hire.


      1. I’m less of a fool than you think if you ever bother to read what I write and probably reread again for clarity. I’m very rationale in my thought process. You may disagree with what I think. But that doesn’t make me a fool.

        You selectively pick and chose those transfers and agents that make your case while conveniently ignoring all those who wash out.

        The Steelers are far more picky on agents. Narduzzi will open the doors (ahem gates) to any washed up four or five star. Pitt is littered with them. How did those recent five star tight-ends and quarterback transfers work out for pitt?


        1. Just like any recruit, some are good and some are bad, some get injured.
          criticizing Narduzzi for trying to make his team better is foolish. Criticizing him for what all coaches do is taking it too far. Getting Devonshire to come to Pitt is a good thing, there are no guarantees that come with him. Just the same as any player, anywhere.

          Making a foolish statement, doesn’t make you a fool, I do it all the time.

          Don’t put words in my mouth, I would never call you a fool, or think you are a fool.

          Rationale people don’t have to tell people they are rationale.

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    2. Like when Tex says Narduzzi is stealing by allowing himself to be paid as much as he is paid whatever that amount may be. And I want it to be clear that I consider Tex to be as adroit a commentator as we have on the POV. He just goes too far sometimes. I don’t get why.


  96. Can’t say what would have happened if Peterman doesn’t embrace the Canada scheme. We may have been better. May have been worse, or may have been about the same. Silly prognostication.

    Same with Burreaux. LSU had 14 players drafted off the 2020 team. It wasn’t just him and who is to say they would not have been a bit better with someone else.

    Can’t predict that which can never be solved or answered. I wouldn’t say it sounds foolish to try, just a bit of a stretch in any direction.


    1. Really? So your saying we had another QB that would have done what Peterman did?
      C’mon man LSU without Joe is the same as Clemson without Lawrence, or Wisconsin without Russell Wilson.
      So we may have been better without Peterman? talk about a stretch.

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      1. I can tell you Pitt would have won ten games that year if our defensive genius of a coach actually had an average defense.


        1. On that we can agree, but while Chryst left him with a wealth of players on offense, not so much on defense. Even in the great Clemson victory, Pitt gave up over 500 yds passing that day.


        2. ….by what was placed in the league from that defense (one 7th rounder), we probably weren’t very talented. That said, I would agree that our defensive coordinator was not good.

          If anyone watched the oklahoma/florida game last night, Nick Saban was quoted often. Of import, Saban has said he needed to adapt over the last 5-7 years from a defense wins championships philosophy to an offense wins championships. The best defenses are getting owned by evolving, innovative offenses. He says it is an offensive game now and you need to score. Meanwhile, our head coach washes his hands of the offense and the AD pays for him being in control of the entire team.

          Nard is a 2/3rds coach getting paid a 3/3 salary.


      2. You just can’t say Gordon. Did Clemson win national championships before trevor lawrence?

        Was NCState great with russ wilson?? Why not?

        Same with LSU. LSU was 13-1 twice without burreaux. It’s nonsensical to make statements when they can’t be proven, because you never know. You can keep arguing a nonsense point, but you can’t prove it, which makes it fodder.


  97. Koolaid and Puppy Dogs all while Gorilla Calves has the most support ever at Pitt and he wins 6-7 games and some of you are happy. Take Frauduzzi and Capel and fire both of them. Neither have done a thing. You guys have zero accountability. Capel has been here 3-4 years and we still suck. Football wins 6-7 games but lock the gates and wait till next year. Why even bring up Lyke, she hasn’t showed up to work since February.


    1. You can make up stuff all you want but nobody is happy. This is Capel’s third year, just started.
      He had an empty closet when he got here when recruiting season was virtually over. But little UPitt wants to call people names and pout because he can.

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    2. I just got a postcard from OBX

      But seriously she hasn’t made a public appearance with media present since July

      Doesn’t anyone else find this highly unusual?

      Has there been any fake heather sitings recently?


      1. What is you obsession with Heather? What is it that you think she should be saying right now?
        I don’t remember Myslinski saying a word.

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        1. She could be connecting and engaging with General fans

          How about an update on Victory Heights

          How about the annual state of the program address

          How about something on what pitt learned in mitigating the spread of covid

          How about what’s new and different for 2021 to excite us all

          Those are just the things I thought of in ten seconds

          You can see she fails


          1. All those thing would just give you more opportunities to take shots at her.
            Nothing she would say would satisfy you.


            1. If she was honest, I would respect her. Just provide me with straight talk and no bull.

              She is an aweful communicator. That’s a major responsibility for an AD or any leader.

              Get me excited in pitt again. Give me a reason to donate. To attend. To say nice things.

              It’s far too easy being mean Tex when Pitts leaders are incompetent and disingenuous.


          2. Tex, you crack me up. All the things you listed you would just bitch about. You are reaching on her silence.

            The only thing it may signal is she is leaving, which ironically would make you happy.


            1. Well, she did copy her Pitt job acceptance speech that she used when she got her initial athletics job at the michigan school. I guess that was communication, even if it was from a speech from two years earlier. I would make fun of anyone who did that.

              Make a speech. Say what you are going to do. Map your progress. Report on your progress. Advise of potential barriers to progress up front, and then execute. It’s basic project management. She does not want to be accountable for all the things she says, so she doesn’t say anything. A proven sign of weakness. “We will not play any football games without our student body in full attendance….hahahaha!

              She should have said that she pushed for no football games without the student body and we will see where that goes. Pretty simple stuff, but she tried to show the local media that she was in control and carried a big stick, when she just doesn’t.


  98. Wolfe, I didn’t receive any emails from Pitt either. Must be something your rep did extra…like a good salesman would do.

    Read that Devonshire thought he was going to Ky to play man press d…and that didn’t happen.

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    1. But again I ask how come he loved Kentucky on June 15th(article date) after one year in their program but in his second year he found out they don’t play man coverage. Frankly I think he is just making up any excuse to get out of there after he wasn’t even listed on their two deep CB roster.


      1. Narduzzi loves hiring former disgruntled employees. Seriously, I hope a change for the kid is good. I hope it works out for both sides.

        Heck the kid will soon learn that being on an island in coverage will produce those ugly defensive stats mentioned above

        He’ll fit right in at Pitt


        1. Your constant negative spin on everything gets exhausting.
          Getting a potential shut down corner, who was also wanted by PSU and WV is a good thing.
          It helps with the Alliquippa/Beaver Valley connection.
          While it is true that he may not work out, you have to take a shot at Narduzzi for doing his job and doing it well.

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          1. I notice a pattern with who Narduzzi hires

            I notice a pattern with who transfers

            Patterns help predict the future

            I see more 7 win seasons and bowl losses ahead.

            More bickering on this site and pantherlair.


            1. C’mon man, you could say that everyone that enters the portal is disgruntled to some degree. Otherwise they wouldn’t be leaving. Narduzzi has good and bad hires, as most do.


      2. That may be, but the only thing that matters now is will he make an impact at Pitt?
        There is a large quality gap between the SEC and the ACC, so while he may not be good enough
        as a redshirt frosh in the SEC, he may be great in the ACC. Time will tell.


        1. Let’s hope he is like Kylan Johnson. Plus he is young and has 4 years of eligibility.
          Could fit right in next year.


          1. Gordon, excellent! So you are coming around to my way of thinking here. You have evolved in just under 5 comments. You now say, time will tell and that tex can’t predict how devonshire will perform. I agree. We can’t say devonshire will wash out or be a star, but to predict one way or the other, is not correct. Same with saying if player x played they would or wouldn’t have won a championship.

            Also, I agree that Devonshire should have done his homework before the initial commitment….like watch a few games, specific to his position. I also agree that he should have realized the press coverage or lack thereof, should have been recognized earlier than 2years in.

            I like bringing the kid in because in order to be a 4 or 5 star, you have to be an elite athlete and test well physically. If he doesn’t work out, he would be like 20 other kids on the team. If he helps them win games by contributing, that would be great. Contribution comes in many ways. If he is only good enough to push his competition to get better and not start, than great.

            The negative. Narduzzi recruiting. Kentucky was obviously in the mix during recruiting, yet Narduzzi must not have pulled tape together of how they use their CB’s and prove to Devonshire that KY would not be a good fit. Lazy recruiting effort if scheme/concepts were not contrasted between teams.


  99. Capel is doing fine. He inherited the worst program in P5 and his first top 20 class are just true freshmen. Year one was a desperation class that found some hidden talent in X and Toney … both of whom reclassified and would not have been playing D1 their freshman year. X peaked as a freshman and probably why he wasn’t over-recruited. McGowens didn’t work. Year two found a college star in Champagnie. Year 3 recruiting was top 20 and looks very solid so far. This top 20 class is the foundation for the next 3-4 years and should get some results. You don’t just go into the ACC and turn around a program. There are like 8 hall of fame coaches. Lol. It takes time. If Capel doesn’t have a top 25 team in 2 years then you move on but the team is progressing just fine for a rebuild right now. If you don’t’ like the results stop watching. It always was going to be a frustrating couple of years. It’s just not a good team yet because of depth and experience but it’s getting there.

    Howland won pretty quickly because he inherited a veteran team and they bought in. Dixon just continued developing experienced players. Capel had 90% roster turnover and built the team from scratch. He also swings big and is getting closer to landing some top 50 talent. The blueprint for CBB is two top 50 players with a mix of vets and top 100 players is a Final 4 team. He’s getting the top 100 talent now, he just needs a couple top 50 kids and it’s a completely different program. It just takes time to develop that culture and vets getting freshman integrated into the culture.

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      1. I’m not saying Capel is perfect either. He has his flaws but this is a team that I think will skip a level in the rebuild. It could go from bottom half of the ACC to top 15 program pretty quickly now that he has a foundation. Capel was known as a recruiter not a teacher … you’re going to have to wait for the talent to arrive for that type of coach. That’s who we hired so we should be patient with it. He’s recruiting better every class so far and has a top 30 prospect still thinking about Pitt next year.

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      1. 10000% … X gets dumped on a bit but he was needed as a scorer the first few years. I wish he was more of a facilitator but Pitt would have been even worse with him in that role the first two years IMO.


    1. LOL Maybe he can focus on coaching a team to a .500 record vs his other hobbies. He is a bad hire and a lifelong assistant. Face it.


  100. Devonshire only had 13 offers out of HS, per Rivals, but they did include USC and Ohio State. The rest were the usual Mich States, WVUs, and Marylands — and Howard.

    I was surprised that PSU was after him now. He could turn into a starter but we have several young DBs. I’d rather have seen us go for someone who could help the offense – it’s a numbers game.

    But apparently I’m happy… 😊

    Go Pitt.

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  101. Upittbaseball, nice to see you on the site.

    Besides the mistakes made by Pederson and Barnes and the chancellors in control at the time, the whole landscape of college football has changed over the last over 20 -30 years as the geographic make up of the population has changed. PITT can’t RECRUIT with the big boys. You need a super recruiter to get us there and Narduzzi is not the guy. Just watch Boston College and Rutgers during the next few years and see how it is done. UNC found a way to recruit. We will remain middle of the road and we will have to adjust to the results

    Turning to Basketball. I don’t think Capel is right for us. With the exception of a few players (Champagnie and Toney) the team is undisciplined. They don’t play defense. Not fun to watch. Again watch what is happening at Rutgers. Watching them is looking at the teams Howland and Chipman put on the floor for PITT in years past. Bring Brandon Knight back to PITT if we can.


    1. Old Pitt Grad, I was starting to wonder the same thing about Capel due to his non-structured offensive ‘sets’ and horrendous team defense this year the first few games, but the defense has played well starting I believe the second half of the Northern Illinois game and has been solid ever since; the last game they even played good defense against Louisville but were missing our 2 best rebounders and lost the game on the boards. So the team defense is no longer an issue, and even our offense has come along, I think the bigger issue is guard play right now. So the jury is still out on Capel, and I will be routing for him to succeed. These days it seems Pitt has been missing guards with moxy to lead their teams, though Odukale shows some signs the last game.


  102. Just tuned into the Wake Forest vs Wisconsin bowl game. I expected to see Wisconsin’s road graders plowing through WF. It’s almost all passing. Wake up 14-7. Wake with 13 yards rushing, 144 passing. Wisky with 22 on 10 carries and 68 on 8 passes.


    1. I can’t imagine the players or coaches wanting to play in a meaningless bowl where the prize is a bucket of mayo.


    1. We don’t have to even go even farther than Pitt itself for a great example

      HC John Michelosen turned Pitt around immediately in 1955, taking a program that had
      only 4 winning seasons in the previous 20 years, to it’s most wins since 1938.

      And a Sugar Bowl Bid. Pitt was nationally relevant again, after not being so…. since 1938

      Coaches can obviously make an extreme impact immediately,


  103. Quickest way to fix mediocrity is with a new coach

    If that new coach doesn’t use excuses as to why he can’t

    If that new coach can see past constraints and overcome obstacles

    If that new coach finds a way to win

    Pitt football may never be elite. Heck only about ten schools are at this level. But they can do far better than three top 25 finishes in 40 years

    And being one of only a literal handful of schools that has lost at least three games every year for the past 40.

    Again look at what the Rutgers basketball coach and Pitts own soccer coach have done. They both inherited bad situations. But They both found a way to succeed

    They didn’t use excuses like no local recruits or bad weather or poor attendance or low budget or bad facilities or no tradition.

    So why tolerate a C coach who is overpaid and has already reached his ceiling. Has a loving boss. Has a competitive budget. Plays and practices in pro facilities. Still has plenty of solid recruits to target within 500 miles (8 hour drive for any parent). Plays in a weak division with the worst ACC team as your cross over each year. And has tradition and history. Clean program without major scandal.

    A new coach would have a far easier time succeeding than a coach at a worse situation…see Rutgers.

    The Pitt job is very attractive and at the very least a stepping stone

    The expectation should be consistent top 25 rankings and more than a 7-5 average record after 6 seasons. Very reasonable to expect. Particularly when a good coach makes a good program and the pitt situation is far better than most unless you’re a Narduzzi supporter and blame the program and excuse away the mediocrity.


    1. Now before anyone jumps on me. Can heather do more? Heck yes

      Give the new coach an even larger budget so he doesn’t feel he has to hire old retreads at hefty price discounts. Mind you the money was there for Canada. There aren’t many good coordinators out there to be had for less than one million.

      Tarp those yellow seats. Improve the ambiance of Heinz. make it look and feel more intimate. Every sports team in the world uses tarps to downsize, to advertise, to brand. There is little negative stigma or connotation.

      Stop scheduling schools like Tennessee and buy more rent a wins. These big name schools don’t significantly improve home attendance anyway. But I’d get the rival Hoopies back on the schedule.

      Do a better job marketing by connecting with and engaging with fans and new supporters. Help get a true 40k fans into that stadium and not a fake number masked by pumped in crowd noise and annoying music.

      So really having a better coach and AD can break the chains of mediocrity. Always comes down to people.

      Again why go through life being average


  104. Wisconsin is another of these Enormous Land Grant abominations…the B1G is littered with.

    Henceforth the incessant 24/7/365 media hype.

    You have to be pulling for Little Wake Forest playing the ugly behemoth.


  105. After watching that Wisky FB, just plow into the endzone after the short pass.

    Does Pitt even have a Fullback anymore ? Might be another reason, with no lead blocker, we don’t rush very well……or can power the ball into the Endzone from the 5 yard line in for a TD, instead of settling for a FG.
    Which would have been the difference this year from being 6-5 to 8-3.

    Whipple doesn’t believe in FB’s with his dink & dunk West Coast crap offense. WMG !

    I want a PITT FB !!!


      1. Personally, I love a good fullback in the right offense, but heck, we don’t even know how to use a Tight End, so I would guess a fullback is out of the question.


      2. I think you’ll find I scored 10 TD’s for the blue & gold in my last season.

        You obviously weren’t watching Pitt struggle to score from the 5 yard line in this year Since it had no power running game and no fullback, even in goal line situations.

        Pitt would have went 8-3 this year, had they had a power fullback to either bludgeon the ball in or be the
        lead blocker in the Red Zone.


  106. FWIW, OLB Phil Campbell just announced he is returning. So, I believe all 4 leading LB tacklers returning …. Dennis, Bright, Campbell and Pine. And I guess CB Mathis is also returning.

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    1. Who is coming back on the O side besides Whipple, KP & TE Krull?

      WR’s T.Mack & T.Tipton?
      RB AJ Davis?

      Are any of them difference makers?

      Sorry for all the questions…

      We’ve heard WR DJ Turner, C Morrissey and LG Hargrove are leaving for the NFL – not sure any of these three get drafted – maybe FA’s.


  107. Louis Riddick to coach candidate from Tex’s list:

    ‘I’ll pay for three rent a wins every year. Outside Notre Dame and West Virginia, you’ll never play a P5 school in the ooc. My Indeed posting for coordinators lists a starting salary of one million with added bonus monies and incentives. The money will be there for recruiting. Tell me what you need. Certain sections of the upper deck will be tarped. And I’ll get you the fan support and the local media off your back.’

    Coaching candidate: ‘where do I sign?’


    1. Coaching candidate replies:
      “Great about the tarps but can you guaranty that the stadium will look packed?”
      “What can you do to assure that we won’t lose a year or more of recruiting momentum?”
      “Sounds good, but what about our bagmen, because Louis you do know that we need bagmen, right?”
      And question for Tex:
      If the new AD can guaranty three rent a wins which will allow Pitt to achieve a 9 win season, why do we need a new HC – just get Narduzzi the three rent a wins – Boom!?
      Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Tex about Narduzzi’s limitations (mostly because of his game day coaching) but my problem with Narduzzi is not that he can’t achieve 9 wins, its that he can’t achieve 10 or more.
      No comments substituting basketball for football allowed – we call that “bait and switch” in these parts.


      1. My son, the stadium will be packed because fans flock to a winner. Your teams will win and play an entertaining game of ball. The Steeler coaches will be envious. Note to self: need to keep those gates locked

        Son if you’re wondering if we’ll lose any Elon recruits during the transition, leave that to me to worry about. You should have no trouble selling Pitt and building a 500 mile radius wall around Pittsburgh. I prefer an invisible fence. Recruits will be zapped…I mean trapped.

        Son, we don’t need any bagmen. We recruit three stars and some 4’s. A primantis sandwich, IC Light and some Pens tickets will be more than enough. Capel has those guys but I think his currency must be Rubles because it doesn’t seem to be working.

        And remember you still need to win five games in the ACC to go along with those three wins against the sisters of the poor. Winning your bowl game makes nine. Haven’t done that since the guy with the Stache who ate fish samiches.

        And just so you know, I’ve acquired the money to conduct that feasibility study to bring football back home to campus. This Tex guy told me to start with the Stade Pierre Mauroy concept. I think that’s French for OCS.


  108. It’s crazy that narduzzi gets basically a mulligan to try and have a breakout year next year. With Kenny back and our depth all over we have a chance to be pretty good (for Pitt).


  109. Got in on this late

    On field: D

    How many mind numbing similar idiotic decisions have we witnessed year in and year out

    Recruiting: C

    Defensive recruiting is better than offensive recruiting.

    Overall Player Development: B-

    Mostly on the defensive side of the ball

    Value for Money: F

    No home field advantage, game day atmosphere is bad, no real widespread interest in Pitt football.

    Off Field: B

    Team members contribute through hospital visits, community involvement, no major mistake made that would require the criminal justice system.

    We are treading water as a program C- overall, Narduzzi will continue the mediocrity that the administration expects


  110. Only on this site do we hear the nonsensical, convoluted logic whereby a 4 star player actually wanting to transfer to Pitt is considered a bad thing, despite the endless complaints that PN doesn’t get enough 4 star recruits. Some people just look for things to complain about. Tex simply hates everything that is Pitt these days, and his unending litany of problems with Pitt athletics defies understanding. While fair criticism can be constructive, constantly spewing venom and name calling with a single aim of driving Narduzzi and Capel off is not in Pitt’s best interest. I think that reality is setting in for some people that Narduzzi is starting to recruit and staff better, and he will be here for a while, at least until his contract runs out.

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    1. A 4 star two years removed from high school is no longer a 4 star in my book. I’d be willing to bet that the rating services today would be downgrading him now based on his past two years at Kentucky. Do you happen to remember the dismal play we got out of the 5 star TE from New England and the 5 star QB from California that transfered to Pitt in recent years?


    2. Do you read me hating soccer, volleyball or wrestling? Wonder why that is.

      And I don’t touch basketball because it was a dumpster fire.


    3. You’re confusing me with my Texas cousin. I don’t touch Capel. I’ve been wanting narduzzi fired ever since that extension. And my hate for heather grew out of that ill advised decision. I don’t hate either personally. I hate how they perform their jobs and the lack of results commensurate with their pay and budget.

      It appears that 95 percent of posters also don’t like narduzzis reign. But you aren’t calling them haters are you? I also gave the man a C grade. I give his boss an F.


  111. Narduzzi may have passed a tipping point where Pitt is perceived as a defense destination for decent defensive recruits. Narduzzi gets credit for that just like he gets demerits for his game day coaching.

    Question for the POVers? Why didn’t Daniel Carter get more snaps. He has good acceleration for a RB his size and the power you would expect from a RB with that acceleration and size. Was his injury that debilitating?


    1. Because Whipple’s offense is so archaic that RBs only play based on pass blocking ability. Not running ability. Moronic.


  112. Pitt Women’s Basketball had a Zoom chalk-Talk for season-ticket holders tonight. Wish the men’s FB and BB could find some way to connect with the fans like this.

    Coach Bridget Mitchell handled it and did a nice job of answering questions about the team and providing a scouting report on BC, their next opponent.

    Go Pitt.

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  113. Tex – The quickest way out of mediocrity is not a new coach. We’ve had plenty of new coaches with the same results.

    The quickest way is cheating. The second quickest way is money. Neither of which is an option.

    A lot of people complain about Duzz (he’s had plenty of time so fair game), Capel (I think he is still TBD so relax), Heather (I’ve seen a lot of good but she has to fix football) … but none of them are really the problem.

    Pitt has to commit to athletics for there to be any sustained success. Heather’s bosses have not done that.

    You can bring in all the coaches and AD’s you want but if the school is not 100% in you won’t get the success.

    Pitt basketball became a top 10 program and that didn’t even sway the school to invest more.

    So, no, I don’t get upset when we don’t have instant gratification success. You get what you pay for. So getting mad does nothing. The coaches are not the problem. They can wear out their welcome ,and Duzz is precariously close to doing it, but us replacing Duzz will not magically turn into sustained winning.

    Pitt has a complicated hierarchy. We have the infamous BoT, a Chancellor which is the equivalent of a VP not a president, and a huge endowment that is basically a cookie jar to the athletic department that mom keeps slapping their hands away from.

    Pitt could be a huge power but there are forces against it happening.

    I would not mind fresh blood leading the football team but I also understand the next hire will not be able to waive a magic wand and make the barriers just disappear.

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    1. How does pitt not support Narduzzi

      How are they not committed

      He has the budget for recruiting and staff

      He has the facilities

      He’s already cheated

      A single man can make all the difference. It happens all the time

      You think pitt was ever committed to soccer. Barnes lucked out and hired a great coach who knew how to recruit and had a track record of success

      Now pitt is the number one team in the nation without having a huge budget or having to cheat. And having little local talent and a high school field.

      All I want are top 25 seasons for football


      1. He’s the 40th highest paid coach lol … and we’re about the 40th ranked team every year. You want top 25 football, you need Pitt to pay top 25 money. You want top 10 football, you need Pitt to pay top 10 money. You want Playoff caliber football, you have to pay top 5 money … and not just pay the coaches … you have to invest in the athletic department.

        Yes, you can have outlier years and some pop up success … but it’s not sustainable unless the school invests in it …

        … and you don’t see it all the time. That’s hyperbole.


  114. I think a better question is : would Pitt be allowed to become a National Power again ?

    We seem to have a vast array of forces, as mentioned above and hidden figures determined to
    see it doesn’t happen.

    And this stmt is vindicated by the near 40 year level of consistent mediocrity and wetting the bed
    on most National TV broadcasts. Yes we can have some great players. No, we can not have
    any Great teams.

    Pitt football….still one of the biggest enigmas going.


    1. The first road block would be the national rankings which is run by biased B1G writers and other clowns who want the status quo to stay in place so TV ratings are up.


  115. Well, didn’t Pitt BB have an impressive run with the incompetent Pitt athletic administration in place?

    I do think it is easier for Pitt to be successful in BB than in FB, because we have good crowd support for BB, BB players might care less about the weather, lots of BB players are used to an urban setting, and you only need a couple of the right players if the coaches are decent…

    I just remain skeptical that the infamous BOT is to blame. I admit I know nothing about the BOT, nor do I care to. I’m sure those of you in the know, know, but seems to me that the AD hires and fires and is the key person. Pitt certainly seems to be paying coaches at decent rates.

    I gave Coach Duzz a C. I want to see us do better, and just to be clear, I’m not happy with the results we have gotten the last couple years. I admit that I thought Coach Duzz was on a good track in his first couple years and then when he improved (I thought) the staff. But this season was a major-major disappointment.

    Had we won 8 or 9 and been competitive in the losses, I’d be feeling pretty good about where we are right now. We didn’t, so l’m not…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Here’s how the BoT influences things. Gallagher reports to it. That’s his boss.

      And Gallagher represents the BoT. The chancellor sets in motion the search for an AD. The AD typically directly hires the head coaches.

      Outside Posvar who actually knew something about sports, Pitts chancellors have all been geeks. And Pitt had some very rotten AD’s who made some horrible hiring decisions.

      But remember, posvar despite his sports knowledge did give us bozik and pitt did deemphasize football in the 90’s. That was a BoT decision.

      The BoT is a 36 member board. One third is appointed by bureaucrats/politicians. There is no Pitt diploma requirement.


  116. I’m still shocked Whipple is returning for another torturous season. Next years team will perform EXACTLY like this past year. It is insanity.


  117. Majors – Just like professional sports, the organization is as important as the coach. Without a committed ownership you won’t have a successful team. Same with college. The school has to be committed.

    I agree coaches have accountability, regardless. I just think there are bigger problems. 40 years of mediocrity would tell you it’s an institutional problem and not a coaching or AD problem.

    Basketball had a good run but it didn’t lead to enhancing Pitt athletics. When Capel came on board the first thing he did was trash the state of Pete. Dixon built a program in depth and experience not recruiting and money … and it wasn’t a sustainable model. Especially, in the ACC.

    Historically, when Pitt is all in they’re a national power. Historically, when Pitt emphasizes academics they’re not. The 2K’s have seen Pitt balance it a little by going halfway in … but we’ve also gotten halfway results.

    Give Heather a budget like Clemson and see what happens. Crack open that endowment money and go all in on athletics and see what happens to Pitt and who we can hire. That’s where the BoT comes in.

    Firing Duzz may be warranted but it doesn’t make Pitt a football school. Only money and investment will do that.

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    1. You only need clemson money if you want to be elite. Being elite means to sacrifice the mission statement and most likely cheat. Nobody on here is talking about being elite. But if Pitt has the facilities and has the budget, what is holding Narduzzi back

      Nothing is holding back the pitt men’s soccer coach. Or the volleyball coach. Or the wrestling coach. And they don’t have the facilities or the budget

      Yet somehow they succeed. Despite the uncaring BoT. Despite Gallagher not knowing the difference between a soccer ball and volleyball. Despite little fan support, little tradition and tough as nails competition.

      Answer me that. I know the answer.


      1. What is holding Pitt back?: Narduzzi seems to me to be average human smart. To succeed as an ACC Head Coach, you need to be smarter than than that or at least recognize that you are not smart enough so you hire others who are able to assist you and then follow their advice. Of course that’s not the better way to achieve success but if you aren’t that smart that is the only way.


        1. Bingo

          Get that man a beer

          If he was a better coach in all aspects and hired a better staff, he would not have been given a C grade

          Who you pick to surround you is important. How you assemble a team. Your hiring process.

          Saban is smart enough to realize this. The Alabama program was crap before him. He brought the program back.

          Will pitt ever be able to hire and retain $2 million dollar coordinators? No but they don’t have to

          The money for the budget is there for quality coordinators at $1 million

          Again, pitt only has to compare against other coastal teams. You don’t benchmark against Alabama.

          People make the difference

          That’s why I say the chancellor should not be the one influencing any AD search. There has to be a separate board for sports. You pick the right AD. There is a good chance your AD picks the right coaches.

          For all Barnes faults, he picked the soccer and volleyball coaches. Pitt then allowed him to have a search from pick KS. Wrong.

          Personally I’m ok with heathers pick of Capel. Oats was my guy though. Buffalo guy who coaches bama now.


          1. I cannot believe I am nodding my head to agree with Tex on two separate occasions in one day.
            I owe you beer, mate. Concur with all of the above.
            Happy New Year!


      2. Tex – We’ll see how sustainable the success in soccer and volleyball is. I do not know how our investment in those sports compare to other schools either. I do know Pitt went out and got one of the best men’s soccer coaches in the nation, so I’m assuming they’re paying top dollar for the sport comparatively … but that’s only an assumption. You can have pop up success. You can have luck. Is it sustainable without a monetary commitment? History tells you NO.

        Yes, you only need Clemson money if you want to be elite. Agreed. But you need top 25 money if you want to be top 25, too … and Duzz gets top 40 money and we get top 40 results.


    2. Oh geez, TB

      You articulated your point on the macro here, but really (and incredulously) gotta side with Tex in his comment In Reply below


  118. Heya MM,
    PSN, really? How about a word to the wise and disclaimer whenever referencing our esteemed colleagues

    Mike Vukovcan & Alan Saunders are nearly illiterate even with the inclusion of spellcheck. So basing a column off their gleaned knowledge and DIEHARD contributions is sorta like picking on the smallest kid in the classroom, Lol!

    In any event, you are, as always, MM, a damned entertaining read. You’ve got a great sense of humor and I appreciate your dedication to keeping this blog afloat throughout the years, —N

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  119. Seems to me that at any one time there are only about a dozen people in the US who are really, really good at the job of being head-coach of a college football team. I don’t see any of those hot dozen or so coming to Pitt, which has football limitations way worse than way more than a dozen other schools.

    So you need to catch and ride an up-and-comer coach, like Pitt did with Johnny Majors/ Jackie Sherrill, or you have to go the Frank Beamer route. (I don’t expect one of the hot dozen coaches to fall into Pitt’s lap like the Soccer Coach did…)

    I suspect Heather has gambled on Coach Duzz for the Beamer approach. Coach Duzz certainly has warts, but he also has good qualities, topped by his passion for his job at Pitt.

    That said, we have to get out of this rut where the news during our football off-seasons is clearly better than the news during our football seasons…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. A good AD has a keen eye for potential and fit. I’m not saying I’m the next tressel but there were at least ten viable and interested candidates in the Pitt job 6 weeks ago. A coach from that list has a better than 50 percent chance to get this program ranked within three years. That percentage goes down each year Narduzzi remains as coach.


  120. I’m with you John….Beamer, Ferencz, Dantonio, etc. I guess the question is how much more time do we give Narduzzi, to get to that level?


  121. Someone define “emphasizing academics” please….and since we have emphasized academics over the past 30 plus years, how do we stack up against Power 5 schools…what kind of awards or notoriety does it bring to PITT…how has the academic priorty set PITT apart from other institutions??? (Can’t count UPMC as it is a separate corporation)


  122. HCPN receives at best a C. Anything else is grade inflation, misguided exuberance or alcohol-driven craziness.
    One bowl win (against a MAC team) and beat-downs too numerous to count.
    And no ability to generate football dollars from alumni.
    He is the poster child for mediocrity, and Pitt seems to want that.

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  123. I am not talking about athletics…but more in the line of academic bragging rights compared to the masses. I would guess to say we are a midling amonst the Power 5 from an academic perspective.


  124. So Tex, if being elite is not the goal, and I do agree with that, what is the goal? If it is to win 2 or three more games a year, an easier OOC helps to achieve that. Higher assistant salaries and recruiting budgets would help. More and better marketing of the product. Opening the practices to the media would be a positive thing in some respects a distraction in other respects.

    Changing a the coach is a last resort, it means you have given up and are willing to role the dice. New coaches that have immediate and lasting success are extremely rare. I had to chuckle when someone mentioned Michelosen and 1955. Even Johnny Majors had to bring in massive numbers of recruits which changed the rules. The odds are certainly against any new coach unless he is taking over a successful program, even then many more fail than succeed.

    Pitt has far from hit bottom. This was Narduzzi’s first class of recruits that was above the line in terms of quality, mostly on the defensive side of the ball. Only 6 wins and 5 losses, but against a stacked deck with extreme external circumstances. While I agree he is far from perfect and this year was disappointing, I still think things are moving in the right direction.

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    1. I’ve given up on Narduzzi. Even with a better staff, his ceiling is 9 wins. So far I’ve been proven right and I don’t need another 6 years to validate what I already know.

      I’d rather make a clean break. Assemble a brand new staff. And work on some soft constraints like ooc, budget and game day atmosphere.

      Corporate board rooms and stockholders do this all the time. They throw the ceo out. New ceo brings in brand new team. Sometimes things get better

      But I don’t want today’s board to have anything to do with sports. Gallagher should stick with academics

      Do you want me to give a call to Riddick. Tressel is plan B.

      My sports board would be a ten person composition. All pitt grads. One third ex athletes. One third business people. One third ex coaches and boosters. From multiple sports. Terms are three years. Turnover every two years for one third of board. New position called president of athletics is created. Reports to this board. He or she hires the AD. AD then hires all head coaches.

      The president obviously sets the strategy and overall budget. The AD develops the tactics supporting the strategies across marketing, operations, finance, compliance, personnel.

      The hiring process has not changed in 40 years at Pitt. That’s the problem. Pitt hires inexperienced people who are not good fits and don’t have high ceilings.

      A separate athletic BoT changes that

      But in reality that won’t happen. So you need a AD making good coach hire decisions. And then those coaches making good staff hires.


      1. Yeah and if I were King I would do things differently too. You admit your plan isn’t realistic.
        I think you should go ahead and make the calls to Riddick and Tressel if it makes you feel better.

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  125. It all comes back to what does the BoT want. They call the shots, and won’t be influenced by comments made on this site. There is obviously a conscious decision made that having a winning season with some good OOC match ups is preferred over having a cupcake OOC that gets Pitt to 9-10 wins. Tex, UPitt and some others should try to understand why this is so.

    Narduzzi will not be able to change this reality, at least not at this point, so national rankings will take time to achieve. National TV embarrassments are not desired, but are tolerated since getting these games on TV is most important. They have been patient with Narduzzi, and it appears he is getting somewhat better as a coach, which must irritate some boosters and POVers. So I think if the BoT sees its football team starts achieving an average of 8 wins per year, that is good enough and Narduzzi will probably get another extension soon.


  126. It is a viscous cycle. To have stability at Pitt you need an average to poor coach. A good coach would just leave after 9 wins for a better job.

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  127. How embarrassing is it to get crushed by Clemson when they did the same thing to ND? How embarrassing is it to get crushed by ND with your second string QB? The guys that react with their panties in a bunch are the same ones that are looking under every rock to make negative comments about the program.

    While I am opposed to having more than one OOC per year and this would include ND, the least people should recognize is the effect on wins and losses in a given year. Playing PSU with OKST, UCF, ND, or Clemson on the schedule surely makes wins tougher to come by. 1-3 with PSU, ofer with OKST, 1-1 with UCF, ofer with ND and 1-3 with Clemson. That is a lot of losses that are pretty much baked in.

    Next year Tennessee and Clemson and then add WV.

    Makes it tough to get to 9 or 10 wins that everyone wants and some think we are entitled to, or that should be the bar of success.

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      1. You have heather to blame for Tennessee.

        She had three years to break that contract with minimal financial repercussions and still have plenty of time to find a rent a win.

        Heinz won’t be a sellout for this game. Pitt doesn’t recruit in that state. They are not a rival.

        It’s so Gallagher can sip tea and have cocktails with the Tennessee President and being able to write it off.

        My explanation is just as good as any other conspiracy theory

        Games like this do nothing for Pitt. What Pitt fan cares about Rocky Top.

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        1. I think these inter-conference games are great as long as we recognize their impact on wins and losses.
          Football is also a game of attrition. More players are likely to get injured when you play tougher teams.
          We have seen Pitt fade down the stretch in a number of seasons. Just another excuse, right?


        2. Money
          No cash out to loose.
          Wins only thing that matter in P5 football. If you get to 6/0 playing austin Pea every week you are in the top 10.


    1. Come on man…..get off it. Pitt was crushed after One Q against Clemson. It was over….31-zip after the 1st Q.

      Even Syracuse gave Clemson a tougher game. Nobody Clemson played the WHOLE FREAKIN YEAR WAS DOWN 31-0 ….AFTER THE 1st Q.


  128. It is quite likely that the Administration and Bot believe the football program is getting to the point where it should win some of these tougher OOC games, at least teams like Oklahoma State and UCF. Tennessee was beatable this year. Pitt football may be getting closer, which I think is sufficient progress for the BoT to extend Narduzzi.

    I watched GT beat UNC last night (I love their PG). GT had all of the energy, and this can happen in basketball where you are right no ACC team is a pushover. Capel is on track to bring the program back, and the blue bloods seem to be slipping a bit as their one and done approach to recruiting may no longer be working (see Kentucky).

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    1. Did you just say Narduzzi deserves another extension if he can reach the 8 win plateau?

      So if the next three years under contract, he can go 8-4, you’d be fine with another extension

      I just want to be clear.


  129. Tex, what’s wrong a 9-win ceiling? That is a tie for second best with only a few other years since 1982?


    1. What’s wrong with being one of only four schools to lose at least three games every year for the past 40

      What’s wrong with only having four top 25 finishes in the last 40

      Pitt has the budget and facilities for far better results.

      I would expect a new coach to do something like this

      Year 1: 6-6 with bowl win
      Year 2: 7-5
      Year 3: 9-3
      Year 4: 10-2
      Years 5-10: between 7 and 11 wins, multiple bowl wins, multiple top 25 rankings

      Maybe one special year every five…ten win season plus bowl win makes 11 and a top ten ranking.

      Narduzzi is a 7 win coach and never got the team ranked after 6 years. Now some of you are saying if he becomes a 8 win coach, his grade improves from a C to an A?

      What am I missing

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  130. I think some fail to realize…..THE ONLY REASON PITT’S BASKETBALL PROGRAM…became
    the juggernaut it became was the money and inve$tment Pitt made in The Pete.

    To the tune of a couple hundred Million($$$$$$), including the 2nd roof re-install.



    Money talks……… the rest is BS !


  131. They are saying his grade goes to B and that is good enough. That’s not an unreasonable position. I don’t really disagree with that. I’d prefer 9 wins but 8 is much better than 7. Just my two cents.


  132. Tex – Even if you don’t care about being elite … which I don’t believe for a minute … that 3rd straight season of being ranked #23, you’re going to be demanding top 15. I saw it with basketball. Not necessarily from you but the Final 4 crowd.

    But … you have to spend top 25 money to stay in the top 25. Sure, you can get lucky and crack it … but to sustain a top 25 team you have to spend top 25 money … Pitt spends top 40 money and we get top 40 results.

    Duzz is what he is … I don’t disagree he’s worn out his welcome (with you much longer ago) but we’re not going to have sustained success if Pitt only pays the next coach top 40 money, too … and that’s not on Heather. That’s on Pitt.


    1. Pitt is far beyond…just paying a Top Salary for a Top HC. it’s needs to make a CAPITAL INVESTMENT LIKE IT DID IN BASKETBALL !

      Be a Renter a Heinz ain’t gonna cut it …pal.


      1. Go through my comments above … that’s exactly my point. I just narrowed it to football for this comment.


        1. … and coaching … but I 1000% agree that Pitt has to make top a 25 capital investment into the entire athletic department to be a top 25 school … but if you’re going to go top 25 you might as well just go all the way and try to become elite. Don’t go halfway. Make a full investment into being great. Pitt has the endowment to protect itself if it fails but it’s not without risk.


    2. Yes. Expectations would increase. And yes you need to spend the money (mind you correctly) to get results. Pitt is spending the money now. Top third spend. But it’s not getting the results.

      And here’s how I think: I always want my coaches to earn A grades. I never settled for a B grade as an athlete or when I coached

      That’s why I won league titles and the other coaches didn’t.


    3. Pitt has a top 30 paid coach and gets top 50-55 results per RPI

      Pitt has a top third spend in the ACC

      But yes it’s not sustainable with Pitts revenues. You can only borrow and subsidize so much for so long.

      Hence my revenue engine concept – MPC


  133. I don’t know about anyone else here….but I am not happy that Pitt was laughed at, on National TV. (and it wasn’t the 1st time)

    Ridiculed, laughed at…made a mockery of….and you don’t want any change ? You don’t see a problem here

    Maybe cause some of you didn’t go to school when Pitt was the Best, has something to do with it.
    Or maybe you’ve been beaten down in Life. And are willing to accept ..whatever. I don’t know.

    I’m not giving a dime to a University that accepts being ridiculed, mocked and laughed at on National TV !

    Any of you enablers that do….deserve continued laughter, mockery and ridicule.



    1. What are you talking about, the Stallings Debacle. Pitt deserved to be laughed at about that.
      But that is in the rear view mirror. Barnes and Stallings are history.

      Pitt built the Pete because it was long overdue, and after basketball had resurged.

      Building an OCS will have little or no impact on the program.

      And yes, I was there when Pitt was great, the stadium stunk way worse than Heinz and still wasn’t sold out except for the big games with opposing fans, same as today.

      I was also there for Dave Hart and Carl DePasqua so extreme highs and lows.

      Pitt could afford to buy a championship team back then, pretty much impossible today.


      1. Why do I find it not surprising….you would make the absurd comment.

        That a Capital Investment on the order of what Pitt did for it’s basketball program,

        would not do the same for the Football program.


          1. Well let me spell this out to you. The Pirates were threatening to leave town number one, ja.

            And number 2 the Pirates ownership group didn’t have 4 Billion dollars and another billion in Real Estate.,



          2. Building pnc Park did increase the value of the franchise. The initial owners made out like bandits on the sale. The existing ownership does use pnc as a revenue engine. But they fail to make the needed investments. Pirates are very profitable. The owners run it as a business instead of as a love.


        1. The Pete increased revenue by doubling the number of seats. A new OCS at 30,000 seats would just reduce revenue and raise overhead. The Pete also wouldn’t have worked if the product on the court wasn’t good enough to fill the stands, eg Stallings. Take Heinz, they were able to add seats because of demand. That is the problem with a new stadium, there is no demand. Unlike Field of Dreams.


          1. Pitt could always play the Domers, the only guaranteed sellout, in the Steelers new retractable roof stadium in cranberry.

            A 45k venue for pitt is the right size. I doubt you’d be able to buy a $2 dollar ticket anymore.


            1. Or the Hillbillies. or the Pedos. Schedule Suckeyes would get another sellout. and another L


    2. I lived through the 90’s as a student. Makes me all the more resolved to change Pitt. I do what little I can – advocate a MPC, get published, irritate most of y’all with my comments.

      But the sad truth is that Pitt doesn’t have enough fans or influential boosters who think like me

      Structures and processes are set up that enable sports mediocrity. The hiring process often doesn’t lead to finding the best person for the job and the one with the most upside.

      I’ve preached about finding your identity. Building the right structures. Creating sound systems and processes. Hiring the right people. And accountability.

      That will never happen at Pitt. It really needs to go private first. Then the mindset begins to change. Pitt will be forced to make tough decisions. Right now much is just ignored. Things fester. Bad situations get worse.

      Fans can make a difference. Money does talk. But again when I hear a coach gets a B grade for 8 wins given the spend and resources I toss my hands and give up.

      A MPC will show everyone how serious pitt is about competing successfully in sports. It is that revenue engine. It only puts pitt on a path of financial and revenue sustainability.

      It will not necessarily lead to higher attendance, more wins, or better recruits for football.

      I commend pitt for achieving stable and predictable mediocrity with Pitt football.


      1. Pitt would get them if they opened up the endowment and made Pitt a top 10 team. It’s not going to be the other way around. Pitt winning and converting a fan base just won’t happen. Grass roots movement is not the solution. It has to be at the top.


  134. Pitt loses a little bit of their loyal fan base every year as they continue to wonder aimlessly through the athletic landscape. How has this become acceptable? They get closer to irrelevant than to relevant with each passing year.

    I responded to yesterdays comments this morning. The big takeaway from my Narduzzi comments are that Saban came out in the last few days and said that defense no longer wins championships. Innovative offenses are beating even the best defenses and he has had to change his thinking since coming to Alabama. That is an amazing statement and if you watched the oklahoma v florida game last night, the announcers talked of his philosophical change. Shows you how great of a coach he is and how awful, ours is. Saban had that aha moment 7 years ago. Narduzzi still doesn’t get it.

    I trust Sabans thoughts on football philosophy over our coach, every day. What’s worse is that our coach is too stubborn to change his philosophies and has washed his hands of 45% of the game, which is offense. Yet, he gets paid as a full time coach.

    Lastly on Narduzzi and Devonshire. Narduzzi should have known he was competing against KY for the recruit and showed Devonshire that KY did not play the system they were selling, or Devonshire got it all wrong. Commented on Devonshire above as well.

    Well, it’s next year again…..


    1. I do agree that Narduzzi has to focus on the offense, needs better recruiting on that side of the ball.
      But face it the new offense is all dependent on QB play, which is the most competitive to recruit.
      All the great offenses have great QB’s. The most impactful thing Heather could do is to get Narduzzi a budget for an OC/Assistant Head Coach to recruit at a higher level and implement today’s offense.
      Someone capable of being the next head coach.


  135. Pitt pays a coach top 30 money and gives him a top third ACC budget because it knows there are some inherent program weaknesses, such as no OCS, coming in. This is a conservative approach that the BoT can live with. What if they invested 300 million in a new OCS and the program never rose to the top 10 level? All of the second guessers would be screaming at how they wasted the money. And then they would want Tressel and Saban to come in and turn the program around. Pitt doesn’t want this high powered approach to athletics, and will instead go with the Purdue, VA and VTech approach, where the program has a steady but good coach and occasionally has a top 15 year.


    1. I have never heard a recruit say that Heinz is a dump. Most love playing in a pro stadium

      Yes the yellow seats are a bad look. Wins will pack the stadium. At least 50k. Still too large a venue. Hence tarp sections

      A MPC is a revenue engine. It will not be the savior for attendance or recruiting. It should if designed right, provide a better game day atmosphere and provide a real home field advantage

      But Pitt is revenue poor. It needs revenues to keep up with other coastal teams. A MPC provides multiple revenue streams 365 days a year.

      And yes every single coach on my list has an offensive background. Great minds think alike.


    2. Purdue ???

      Purdue hasn’t finished a season ranked in the Top 25 in SEVENTEEN (17) years. lol

      UVA ???

      Virginia hasn’t finished a season ranked in the Top 25 for SIXTEEN (16) years.
      You have to go back 26 years for a UVA Top 15 ranking.

      That’s what your problem is, you aspire to be other mediocre or worse than mediocre programs.


      1. — Purdue pays Brohm > $6M, he is higher paid than the Ohio St HC. Purdue has an OCS and enrollment twice of what Pitt has …. and Big 10 money.

        — UVa paid $3.5M to bring in a successful HC 5 years ago; he has a sub 500 record.

        — Va Tech did the same but paid Fuente >$4M. Has an > 60k stadium which often fills up

        What good is any of this? Yet, you expect so much more from Pitt. Why?

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        1. Pitt ivory tower inhabitants proclaim Pitt is playing for Championships !

          And when was the last time if EVER Purdue or UVA won a NC in Football ?

          Why don’t you expect more…is the better question ?


        2. Why should anyone be happy with mediocrity that is paid for using borrowed money

          Do you think Purdue and tech fans are happy

          But no. We are pitt fans. We deserve this. I don’t deserve this level of entertainment.

          If I wanted to see blowout losses, I’d become a Bengals fan.


  136. And Tossing was right about basketball. There was a lot of complaining that Pitt never made it past an Elite 8, and should get rid of Dixon. So it never ends… The point is that Pitt should field competitive teams that are fun to watch, with good coaches and minimal turnover, that occasionally exceed expectations. This is in keeping with the mission of the university.

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    1. No it never ends…with enablers like you. Who accept mediocrity or worse.

      Getting rid of Dixon was also wanted by Pitt, which is why they brought the hired gun Barnes in, to
      do the dirty work.

      AND NOBODY (well maybe you) WANTED STALLINGS HIRED !


    2. It’s mission or annual Christmas gift to us fans has been to provide mediocre football, some real bad basketball recently and a sports department with a heavy subsidy given its poor revenue generation and gifting rates. Olympic facilities no better than most high schools in Texas. And outside three of 19 programs, mediocre to very poor results on the field.

      But yes running a clean program, graduation rates, gpa’s, community service projects trumps all those business and sports metrics.

      Yes pitt players and coaches are all a bunch of winners because they try hard and believe in academics first.

      Allow me to throw up.


    3. Dixon had Pitt BB in the toilet when he got canned. He was being out recruited the pedos. If he was a FB HC he would have been running the wishbone offense and a 4-3 defense. He’s a dinosaur. You need shooters to get anywhere in the NCAA Tournament.

      I’m guessing the dinocat was his idea too 😉


  137. Purdue sucks
    Anyway, it is the academics that like loosing. It is like a badge of honor for them.
    BU basically dismantled the sports department to make the professors happy.
    Loosing shows academic integrity to those in the bubble.


    1. Well we have quite a few of those types, that post on this blog.

      Atom counters and academics who have the audacity to think they know anything about business.
      The Real World and the business of Sports.


  138. kman..the way you describe it sounds like the etiology of “cancel culture”- academic elitists subduing sports…..I only have PITT to base my opinions on but didn’t seem like anything special academically as an undergrad. Luckily, I was able to get into Physical Therapy school…now that was a special experience.

    Wouldn’t it be great if PITT got all hands on deck and made a push to be great in FB…some of us were lucky to have experienced it…just one more time for all of us…For the faithful the clock is ticking and time remaining to catch the lightning in the bottle grows shorter everyday.


  139. 2pm: sip tea and eat crumpets

    4pm: sip gin and tonics

    5pm: watercress salad

    6pm: roast duck

    8pm: check bank account for latest deposit of the ACC welfare check while smoking a Cuban

    9pm: play with your atom counting set

    10pm: watch reruns of I love Lucy.

    11pm: go to bed and begin dreaming of living the good life and providing mediocrity to the masses

    9am: meet with other eggheads to conspire about how to retain power and keep sports down

    10am: make a prank call to Wanny

    11am: check to see how heather is doing in the basement

    Noon: turn on the BBC

    1pm: look into mirror and admire myself

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    1. 20 a year in 89.
      What a joke. Got to listen to Howard Zinn live in person for that amount of cash.
      He wrote many of the textbooks used today.
      I listened but did not believe a word.
      I guess my private school education at least taught me to think critically.
      It was easier just
      To go along but not my style.
      Happy new year Fran and the rest of you.
      To the woke and umwoke alike

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  140. It Never Ends with Enablers, I’m not sure who you are (maybe another Tex pseudonym), but you don’t know what you are talking about. Like BigB, I have been following Pitt athletics for nearly 40 years, through the Majors and Sherrill highs and the DePasqua and Mike Haywood lows, but loyalty to the university that helped support my family remains strong in the face of a generation of suffering through athletics mediocrity.

    We know success as well as mediocrity when we see it, so save your pompous attitude for some other site. Of course we want Pitt athletics to be great, but not at all costs. Pitt will not cheat or buy its way to national championships. If you prefer a football factory, go find the Alabama blog site..

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    1. Hey VoR, Just think …. if you, ike and me all start calling for changes, it will all change just like that … and Pitt will win 10 games every year, except when they win 12


      1. 5% of the population was responsible for America becoming a country ! Change begins with 1 man.

        You have a defeatist attitude.


    2. All I want is that front porch that Gallagher promised

      I don’t like being lied to

      I don’t like lipstick on a pig

      I want a real front porch

      Pitt soccer, volleyball and wrestling have nice rooms inside

      But football is the porch.

      And you don’t need to break the bank or cheat to get a well designed porch that is attractive.

      Maybe you need to call a different contractor.


        1. Investment in people. People make the porch.

          The face of that front porch is national blowouts and Narduzzi huffing and puffing on the sidelines

          Gallagher is fine with that look

          But don’t tell me I have to like the color and design

          Gallagher delivered sure enough


          1. The more money you spend on the porch the better it will be regardless of who builds it. Better materials, equipment, more hands to help … better pool of builders …


  141. Some on the POV wanted Narduzzi fired before he coached his first game for Pitt. Little has changed.

    Our university will never go all in for sports, ain’t gonna happen!

    Worms gotta eat too, said Jose Wales.


      1. 20 years ago … and only in the facility that they let age instead of continually re-investing. One time investments do not last.


  142. Help me understand. No fans are allowed at Heinz yet Casinos can open in PA.

    I didn’t get my covid from being outdoors. And frankly I thought pitt could have gone to 15k capacity for that Domer game and it still would have been very safe.

    So what gives now


  143. Tex, its time you just rolled over and enjoyed it! If you lowered your standards to, say 6 win seasons, then maybe you would be pleasantly surprised from time to time! Isn’t it better being pleasantly surprised from time to time than being constantly disappointed?


  144. Sadly, we only have half a HC. One who clearly knows how to build a defense, even if it took a long time to accomplish, but is blind to the faults of the other half of his team. It will ultimately lead to his ruination.

    Beatty needs to be promoted to co-OC, it’s a win-win. Sends the right message to a horrific WMG and a better message to one of Pitt’s best recruiters. Also, please find a WR coach who can teach the skill of catching the ball.

    Happy New Year to all on this site.


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